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Manchester United are linked to several notable players including Victor Osman, Harry Kane, and Kylian Mbappe in their bid to strengthen their squad for the upcoming summer transfer window. The club is also rumored to be interested in signing Frankie de Jong and Declan Rice, among others. However, they may face strong competition from other clubs for these players.
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Manchester United is targeting Victor Osman and Harry Kane for the upcoming summer transfer window.
Victor Osman, Napoli's striker, is being considered by Man United as a potential world-class number nine.
Man United is interested in signing Harry Kane, who has a superb goal record in the Premier League.
Tottenham is demanding 100 million pounds for Kane, and Man United wants to get the deal done early in the window.
Manchester United targets for the summer transfer window include an England captain, a French striker, a Dutch midfielder, and a Portuguese striker.
The French striker has gained stardom after a successful World Cup and has a high goal contribution record.
The Dutch midfielder, Frankie de Jong, has been linked to Manchester United despite previously refusing to move.
The future of David de Gea is uncertain, with David Raya from Brentford being considered as a potential replacement.
Manchester United is rumored to have the strongest link to Portuguese striker, Goncalo Ramos, who has a release clause of £100 million.
Manchester United targets for the summer 2023 transfer window include Declan Rice, Jeremy Frimpong, Mason Mount, and Kalidou Koulibaly.
Arsenal is the favorite to sign Declan Rice, but Manchester United may still be interested.
Manchester United is looking to sign Jeremy Frimpong as another right-back option.
Mason Mount is rumored to be considering a move to Manchester United.
Kalidou Koulibaly has a low release clause and is a target for Manchester United, but they face competition from Liverpool.
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00:13Manchester United will be looking to
00:15bolster their ranks during the upcoming
00:16summer transfer window after a
00:18spellbinding first season with Eric
00:19tenhag at the helm
00:21the Red Devils enjoyed Rich success in
00:23the Dutchman's inaugural campaign but
00:25the aim is of course to win that elusive
00:27premier league title the silverware that
00:29they have not won since the Halcyon
00:31years of Sir Alex Ferguson of course
00:33being the club they are there are plenty
00:35of huge names being linked to the Old
00:36Trafford outfit
00:38we take you through 10 of the most
00:39notable names that man united have been
00:41linked to
00:42Victor Osman
00:43Napoli's Hitman has enjoyed his best
00:45season in Serie A emerging as one of the
00:47biggest stars in World football
00:49naturally man united are looking at him
00:51in their bid to find a world-class
00:53number nine
00:54the striker will have his pick of clubs
00:56to choose from Paris Sun Gemma director
00:58Luis Campos is also said to be a huge
01:00fan following his little days but tenhag
01:02may wish to push the boat in his quest
01:03to find an attacker who presses as well
01:05as scores goals
01:07Harry Kane
01:08Harry Kane is in the final year of his
01:10contract at Tottenham Club chairman
01:12Daniel Levi is a notoriously tough
01:14negotiator and man united will be
01:16wanting to get their business done early
01:17in the window as well as this Spurs are
01:19demanding 100 million pounds for their
01:21all-time goalscorer
01:23but man united will be attracted by
01:25Kane's superb goal record in the Premier
01:26League and know that I almost guaranteed
01:2825 goals plus should they sign the
01:30England captain
01:33is a man who may be on the move this
01:35summer window but Frankfurt are expected
01:37to demand a huge fee for the striker
01:40after a breathless World Cup the
01:42Frenchman has shot to stardom on the
01:43European stage
01:45he is notable given that he was a huge
01:46goal contribution record either finding
01:48the net himself or providing a teammate
01:50to do so
01:51might be a bit of an outside shot for
01:53Man United given colomwani would come at
01:55a similar cost to Kane
01:57Frankie de Jong
01:58are we set for another Saga involving 10
02:00hag and his former Ajax steward
02:02it was well known over the summer
02:04transfer window that a bid was accepted
02:06by Barcelona from Man United
02:08but the player refused to move saying
02:10that he wanted to remain at his dream
02:12but the rumors have not yet died down
02:14and links persist between the Dutchman
02:16and the Red Devils
02:17David ryer the David de Gea question
02:20continues to divide fans
02:22some believe that the club should Fork
02:24out above 200 000 pounds a week for his
02:26new deal and others feel that he should
02:28be moved on
02:29one name linked to the goalkeeping role
02:31should the Spaniard leave is Brent
02:32Ford's David ryer who will come with
02:34some decent Premier League experience
02:35and is pushing for a move
02:37goncalo Ramos
02:39goncalo Ramos have a Wonderful World Cup
02:42for Portugal while at Benfica he has
02:43continued to shine
02:45the striker is rumored to be heading to
02:47the Premier League in the summer and man
02:48united have the strongest link so far
02:51the attacker would cost a huge 100
02:53million pounds which is his release
02:55Benfica are still dining out on the huge
02:57115 million pound fee they received for
03:00Enzo Fernandez and so will be selling
03:02every other player at maximum value
03:04Declan rice
03:06Arsenal are considered the strong
03:07favorites to land the West Ham Captain
03:09but Manchester United May yet fancy
03:11their chances as the Gunners and the
03:12Hammers continue to Wrangle over the
03:14player's transfer fee
03:16it is rumored that rice has agreed
03:17personal terms with several clubs one of
03:19which could be United and a late hijack
03:21of his Arsenal move could be possible
03:23with West Ham open to a swap deal and
03:24reportedly keen on Scott mctimini Jeremy
03:28man united have been linked to Jeremy
03:30frimpong ever since the World Cup
03:32he is a buyer Leverkusen star having
03:35performed tremendously in the Bundesliga
03:37despite the decent form of Diogo dallo
03:39and Aaron wa and basaka the word is that
03:41man united are after another right-back
03:43and frimpong certainly fits the bill for
03:4510 hacks blueprint in more ways than one
03:48Mason mount
03:49Mason Mount has been rumored to make an
03:51Old Trafford switch
03:53the attacker is still yet to pencil a
03:55fresh deal at Chelsea the club has been
03:56it since he was a boy and the links
03:58between him and a potential move to the
04:00Northwest have been strong
04:01he seems like he is hoping for a way out
04:03and man united could be the answer for
04:06Kim minichay Napoli's monster Defender
04:08is reported to have a low release clause
04:10for clubs outside of Italy his Club are
04:13traditionally astute when it comes to
04:14selling their prize assets but there is
04:16not much they can do if a club matches
04:17the Clause set
04:19Liverpool have been linked to the
04:20center-back as well so man united will
04:22face some stiff competition for his
04:25with these signings would United become
04:27favorites to win the next Premier League
04:29leave your opinion in the comments
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FAQs about This YouTube Video

1. Which players are Manchester United linked to for the upcoming summer transfer window?

Manchester United is linked to several notable players including Victor Osman, Harry Kane, and Kylian Mbappe in their bid to strengthen their squad for the upcoming summer transfer window.

2. Who are some of the players that Manchester United is rumored to be interested in signing?

The club is also rumored to be interested in signing Frankie de Jong and Declan Rice, among others. However, they may face strong competition from other clubs for these players.

3. What are the key targets for Manchester United in the summer transfer window?

The key targets for Manchester United in the summer transfer window include Victor Osman, Harry Kane, Kylian Mbappe, Frankie de Jong, and Declan Rice, as they aim to strengthen their squad.

4. Which clubs are likely to provide strong competition for Manchester United in signing these players?

Manchester United may face strong competition from other clubs in signing players like Victor Osman, Harry Kane, Kylian Mbappe, Frankie de Jong, and Declan Rice.

5. What is the focus of Manchester United's squad strengthening efforts for the upcoming season?

Manchester United's squad strengthening efforts for the upcoming season are focused on securing the services of Victor Osman, Harry Kane, Kylian Mbappe, Frankie de Jong, and Declan Rice among others.

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