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This video provides a step-by-step technique on how to win the lottery using the Law of Attraction, including creating intentions, visualizing the desired outcome, and detaching from the outcome to manifest the desired jackpot. The speaker emphasizes the importance of routines, repetition, and impressing the subconscious mind to create the desired reality.
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This section discusses the importance of creating an intention and having routines when using the Law of Attraction to win the lottery.
Reality is malleable and can be changed by changing imagination.
Quantum physics shows the existence of different realities.
Create an intention and decide how much you want to win.
Establish routines, such as buying lottery tickets regularly.
The speaker explains the importance of visualizing the end result, releasing attachment, and avoiding the need to constantly check lottery tickets.
Visualize the end result, such as being at the lottery office and having the car.
Release attachment and avoid the state of need.
Avoid constantly checking lottery tickets to avoid reinforcing the belief that it won't happen.
To win the lottery using the Law of Attraction, fill out the ticket as if you've already won, decide whether to claim it individually or through a corporation, and find a good tax lawyer or attorney.
Fill out the ticket as if you've already won and leave the date blank.
Decide whether to claim the prize individually or through a corporation.
Be careful when signing the ticket to maintain anonymity.
Find a good tax lawyer or attorney to prepare for winning.
The Law of Attraction can help you win the lottery by impressing your subconscious mind with visualizations and creating your personal reality through electromagnetic frequency waves.
We live in a multi-verse with infinite versions of reality.
The subconscious mind has access to infinite dimensions, while the conscious mind is limited.
Creating reality involves using electromagnetic frequency waves generated by the brain.
Detachment from the outcome and expecting to win in divine timing are important for manifesting the lottery.
00:00hey how's everybody doing
00:02okay so let's get into it so get a lot
00:04of questions and this is one video I've
00:06been getting tons and tons to make how
00:08to win the lottery using the Law of
00:11Attraction so I'm gonna just get right
00:13into it to you for you today as you know
00:15my name is Mark Haughton I've won the
00:17lottery a lot of times I've written
00:19books on it so you can go check it out
00:21and I'm gonna share my method my
00:23technique right now we're just going to
00:25run right into it so you can see it
00:26because a lot of you want or desire to
00:28win the lottery and yes you can use your
00:30mind and your subconscious so before we
00:32begin let's talk about reality and show
00:33you how it works because you have to
00:35have the mindset to do this stuff rule
00:38number one your reality is not real it's
00:41malleable you can change your Reality by
00:44changing your imagination what you think
00:46about you'll get so keep that in mind
00:48how do I know that we use quantum
00:50mechanics quantum physics shows that
00:51there exists multiple layers or
00:53different reality and these realities
00:55are what we call compactified in
00:58different dimensions your Consciousness
01:00can permeate through these different
01:01tensions and bring them into this
01:03reality for you to experience I know it
01:05sounds crazy you don't have to have the
01:07mind to to process it or to get it but
01:09just know it works I'm going to cheat
01:11you right now rule number one if you
01:13decide you want to manifest a lottery
01:15win the first thing you have to do
01:17and decide how much you'd like to win
01:20what do you want to win it for you have
01:22to create an intention to drive when I
01:24want it it was for my car my M3 and
01:26other stuff so I had an intention to get
01:28it find your intention once you decide
01:30how much you want to win you get your
01:32ballpark figure now we have to create
01:34routines we have to have routines
01:37unpredictability doesn't work what's a
01:40routine buy your tickets regularly if
01:43you got them every week if you have two
01:45bucks five bucks create a budget stick
01:47to your budget okay got that next thing
01:49this is so important because this is the
01:51secret right here visualize I would
01:54visualize every night winning and
01:58driving my car next thing if you want to
02:01win the lottery to buy a house to buy a
02:03car just to do something have something
02:05tangible to show for it for example when
02:08I won I wanted to win was for a car I
02:11bought something for a car I didn't have
02:12I bought a steering wheel cover or some
02:15kind of uh smelly uh what do you call it
02:17freshener buy it because your
02:19subconscious mind doesn't know the
02:22difference between real or imagine so if
02:23you manifest a car you want to buy a
02:25lottery when to buy a Bugatti a Porsche
02:27or whatever it is you want buy something
02:29that you're going to put in the car and
02:30have it around so your subconscious mind
02:32can see it and get impressed got that so
02:35I visualize that I buy something
02:36tangible next part about the
02:39visualization process is this
02:41when I visualize it I always go directly
02:45to the end I visualize me at the lottery
02:48office check in the ticket and then have
02:51in the car I don't go with the beginning
02:52or a middle and why do I do that let's
02:55go into the laws of Neuroscience and
02:57physics you're have you have a higher
03:00mind it's a higher subconscious mind it
03:03only wants to know the intention it will
03:05create the means okay got that next
03:07thing I do is I release all attachment
03:11okay so what does it mean I don't get
03:13into the state of need how do I do that
03:15for me personally when I bought my
03:18tickets I would only check my tickets
03:21every month I wanted to send a signal to
03:24my subconscious mind that Mark has
03:27already won therefore he would need to
03:29check and look at it like this let's say
03:31if you have a thousand dollars in your
03:33bank account you know it's there do you
03:36go every day to check your thousand
03:37dollars no you just know it's there so
03:40my my method is why am I checking my
03:42tickets every day it's it's still in my
03:44mind that I don't have it and I need it
03:46and I create more like and then plus
03:47when I check it sometimes he says not a
03:48winner your mind gets into the loop and
03:50say it's not going to happen so I space
03:52my mind out next thing I do when I buy
03:55my ticket I don't go on the lottery
03:58websites to check because again I have
04:00to prove to my mind that I've already
04:02won get that so I always look ahead and
04:07assume I already won okay next thing I
04:11do when I do that during the daytime so
04:13at night I visualize it
04:16I see it in the morning when I get up
04:19I'll think about it again because first
04:22thing in the morning you're in that
04:23Theta State that's when your mind is
04:25really active to create so I think about
04:27it then I let it go during the day I
04:29don't think about it and again the next
04:30thing I do I keep my routine got that
04:32next thing I do I go get my claim forms
04:37and lotteries offices you can download
04:40or get a claim from I used to fill out
04:42the claim form how many times I'm going
04:44to win I fill it out as if I've already
04:46I'm already going to claim it you can
04:48actually do that I just leave the date
04:49blank again I'm impressing my
04:52subconscious mind
04:54seen I've already won got that the next
04:57thing I do now you decide if you're
04:59going to claim it as an individual or as
05:02a corporation or an LLC some people like
05:06to remain anonymous so be careful when
05:08you sign your tickets you can give up if
05:10you void the ability to remain anonymous
05:12in some states my state particularly in
05:15Florida if you signed a ticket you have
05:17to be known that's for the big ones of
05:19Powerball so
05:20if you want to be anonymous
05:23depend on your state don't sign if you
05:25want to claim it you sign got that next
05:27thing you do you look up a good tax
05:30lawyer or attorney you have to prepare
05:33to win you get in your mind to do all
05:34these things you expect to win and by
05:38repeating that process you will impress
05:41your subconscious mind that you've
05:44already won voila would you like me to
05:47do a quick run over because maybe some
05:49of you just got into this live let's do
05:50it let's do a quick review so you can
05:52see how it works number one you can use
05:55your mind to win the lottery your
05:56visualization reality is malleable
05:58number one number two decide how much
06:00you want why you want to win it what's
06:02the intention for once you get that you
06:04start to visualize that every night in
06:06the end always do end right before you
06:08go to bed number three become
06:10repetitious make a routine buy your
06:12ticket if you can only have food two
06:14bucks buy two bucks buy them every week
06:16don't check them all the time it's going
06:17to create needed desperation train your
06:19subconscious show you've already won I
06:21wait a month two months your tickets
06:22don't expire for six months I detach
06:24from all lottery stuff I don't check the
06:26website again I have to prove to my mind
06:28I've already won during the day I think
06:29about it in a fun way then I let it go
06:32next thing I use I share this one for
06:34you to I use powerful ask formations I
06:37used to go in my mirror and I look in
06:39the mirror and I would say this
06:40why am I consistently in the right place
06:43at the right time winning top tier
06:45Lottery jackpot prizes fuel in my
06:48subconscious again then I now use this
06:50one too I said how would it make me feel
06:52to have millions of dollars in my bank
06:54account what would my life look like as
06:57a multiple Lottery jackpot winner what
06:59would my life look like as a million
07:01dollar lottery jackpot winner I use all
07:03of those and I flood my subconscious and
07:06I repeat it and I repeat it and I got my
07:09mind into the state of manifesting that
07:12way so if you want to win the lottery
07:14and you want to use the Law of
07:16Attraction they're the tools to do it
07:18now why does this stuff work well let me
07:22show you some quick science so that you
07:23don't think like oh what this guy
07:24talking about loony stuff I said in the
07:26beginning and I'll say
07:28we live in a multi-verse it's not a
07:32universe anymore our reality is
07:38compact there are infinite infinite
07:39versions of
07:45your mind thing and you continue to
07:48visualize it you impress the
07:50subconscious which has access to those
07:52infinite Dimensions your conscience is
07:55known as your ego or the critic cannot
07:58assimilate those information because
08:00it's severely limited it's a frontal
08:02cortex of the brain and it's Pro its
08:04primary job is for survival it will
08:06always limit you but when you get the
08:08subconscious into it you create reality
08:10and how do you create this reality
08:12electromagnetic frequency waves your
08:14brain dispels and gives these waves that
08:17form images of reality images of you
08:20winning it and it becomes your personal
08:23reality the laws of quantum physics
08:25everything is entangled so so you are
08:28entangled with winning the lottery okay
08:31did you see how it works
08:34perfect so now you guys should have a
08:37clear indication on how to do this stuff
08:40and that's a quick video I want to leave
08:42you with and go out and do it just use
08:45your mind follow these little techniques
08:47and you will see the results but I would
08:48say one thing that's very important in
08:50the in the field to Manifest this
08:52Lottery when
08:54Detachment from the outcome is so
08:58never try to figure out when you are
09:01going to win you're going to create
09:02resistance expect to win and it will
09:04happen in the Divine timing for your
09:07mind remember that you have to be
09:10detached you have to convince the mind
09:12that this has already happened your
09:14subconscious works in the present and
09:16it's illogical the more you can prove to
09:18your mind that this is not big you
09:20already have it and it's a normal thing
09:22the faster you will manifest that big
09:27thank you guys
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FAQs about This YouTube Video

1. How can the Law of Attraction be used to win the lottery?

The Law of Attraction can be used to win the lottery by creating intentions, visualizing the desired outcome, and detaching from the outcome to manifest the desired jackpot. This video provides a step-by-step technique on how to use the Law of Attraction for winning the lottery.

2. What are the key steps in using the Law of Attraction to win the lottery?

The key steps in using the Law of Attraction to win the lottery include creating intentions, visualizing the desired outcome, and detaching from the outcome. Routines, repetition, and impressing the subconscious mind are also emphasized to create the desired reality.

3. Why is it important to impress the subconscious mind in winning the lottery using the Law of Attraction?

Impressing the subconscious mind is important in winning the lottery using the Law of Attraction because it helps create the desired reality. By impressing the subconscious mind, one can manifest the jackpot and attract wealth using the power of thoughts and visualization.

4. What role do routines play in using the Law of Attraction to win the lottery?

Routines play a crucial role in using the Law of Attraction to win the lottery as they help in imprinting and impressing the subconscious mind with the desired outcome. Consistent routines and repetition reinforce the intentions and visualization, leading to the manifestation of the desired jackpot.

5. How does detachment from the outcome contribute to winning the lottery through the Law of Attraction?

Detachment from the outcome contributes to winning the lottery through the Law of Attraction by allowing the manifestation process to unfold naturally. It involves letting go of any attachment or desperation, and trusting that the intended outcome will manifest in its perfect timing and form.

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