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The video discusses how the creator received an unexpected $5,000,000 by putting her name in Psalm 23 and praying for it once a week. She emphasizes the importance of believing in the power of prayer and using one's real name when making the request.
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The speaker shares how she received unexpected money by putting her name in Psalm 23.
She has done this before on her channel.
Many people took it for granted because they thought she only wanted money.
She believes that prayer is different from other content on her channel.
There have been many testimonies of people who have received money by doing this prayer.
She encourages people to try it and see the difference in their lives.
By writing your real name and surname in Psalm 23, you can receive unexpected financial favor and blessings.
Writing your real name and surname in Psalm 23 can bring financial favor.
This method has worked for the speaker, who has received large sums of money without labor.
The Bible is emphasized as a powerful tool, and having a physical copy is recommended.
Following the instructions and using your real name can lead to positive results in terms of financial blessings.
The video suggests writing down the exact amount of money needed and the purpose, and then doing a prayer once a week for abundant financial flow.
Write down your name, surname, the amount of money needed, and the purpose.
Use a different Bible each week for the prayer.
If you don't receive the money, throw away the paper and write a fresh request.
Praying with Psalm 23 to receive blessings and abundance.
Praying for God to bless with all needs and abundance.
Asking for overflowing words, cup, and bank account.
Believing that enemies cannot stop the blessings and that they will be visible.
The speaker suggests a prayer method involving writing a prayer on paper, leaving it in the sun for a week, and reading Psalm 23 daily for financial blessings.
Write a prayer on paper and leave it in the sun for one week.
Read Psalm 23 or any other psalm daily.
Thank God for the money you are asking for.
After seven days, discard the paper and write another one.
00:00how I received unexpected 5 million
00:03by putting my name in Psalm 23. I've
00:07done this before on this channel
00:10many people took it for granted because
00:13you always feel that
00:14and she's a content creator with just a
00:17Content because she wants money no
00:19when it comes to prayer Channel it is a
00:22different booking this is not a skincare
00:24Channel or a beauty Channel or hair
00:27growth Channel
00:29I can't call me and joke with you
00:31spiritually there are things that has
00:33worked for me
00:35I come here to share with you these
00:37things that has worked for me for so
00:40even the people who consult me doesn't
00:43work for them this one there are many
00:47that has come out of this prayer in this
00:50channel in this channel so I still
00:52wonder why people tell me they are broke
00:54you don't have money to parent
00:58a man actually testified that he put his
01:01name in psalm 23.
01:03and he got the money to pay his rent
01:06you can scroll down my community post
01:10I screenshot it and place it there
01:13Even in our live stream you can play our
01:16live stream and see many testimonies on
01:19our different prayers
01:21even this
01:22so when I come here to tell you do this
01:24don't think I'm just telling you if it
01:27does not work for you because you don't
01:28believe because there are many people
01:30you tell them
01:32to carry out a spiritual exercise
01:34they dubbed and dubbed they don't
01:37believe why would you expect this to
01:39work for you when you don't believe I
01:40cannot have faith for you if you know
01:43you need money badly instead of you to
01:46go begging and borrowing it is
01:49to start begging and borrowing
01:52they look down on you they intimidate
01:55you don't even have a say why not do
01:58this so in case you miss that video I'm
02:00going to tell you how to do it again do
02:03it and see the difference in your life
02:06I do it once every week and whenever I
02:09do it I receive money but the reason why
02:11I came here
02:13to share this because I received five
02:15million free without labor this is huge
02:19in Nigeria now you should know that 5
02:22million is huge amount of money with
02:26tough label I receive more than that
02:28from my business at times but I labeled
02:30for that
02:33but these I did not label for it just as
02:36a free gift from unexpected Source a
02:39person that has forgotten me for years
02:42this is one thing about this do not play
02:45with the words of the Lord everything in
02:46the Bible do not joke with it so if you
02:49don't have hard copy go and get
02:51Internet Bible cannot do this I also
02:54have a Bible on my laptop
02:56yes on my phone but that is not it it
03:00cannot replace this
03:02get a Bible no matter how expensive it
03:05is in your country it's worth it
03:07in words of the Lord see even if you
03:10can't take this to a pastor or a man of
03:12God to bless it because God's word is in
03:16this it is best
03:18the only connection the only way you can
03:20hear from God most times is through your
03:22Bible except you are spiritually
03:24inclined and God can give you Revelation
03:27I hope you understand so do this please
03:31do not doubt get a sheet of paper or any
03:35kind of paper at all
03:36write your name
03:39write your name your real name and your
03:44please if you are married you can use
03:46your name and your husband's surname but
03:48if you are divorced use your father's
03:50name follow instructions to get to get
03:53your results
03:55write your name and your surname not
03:57your business name most times when I do
03:59this every week I get loss of financial
04:01favor you see customers coming to buy
04:04they will tell you take this take this
04:07take that this is beautiful when you
04:09enjoy without too much labor you must
04:11not kill yourself don't think it is too
04:14much label that makes you rich
04:16the money can also come from your
04:18business but use your name whenever you
04:20are free to God use your name from birth
04:24not your guy's name your stage name your
04:27work name your business name use the
04:30name that your parents gave to you on
04:31the day of your name is ceremony that is
04:34the name okay so write your name and
04:36your surname then under it you write
04:39down the exact amount of money you need
04:41and for what purpose don't tell God I
04:44need 100 million
04:47don't tell God I need 100 million
04:48because that is a greedy prayer know
04:51that God cannot bless you with 100
04:53million or above foot if you need
04:55something urgently before you do this
04:57prayer take your pen and paper
05:00I'm not with my pen calculate everything
05:03you truly need you check your rent maybe
05:06your children's school fees may be your
05:09feeding calculate everything you truly
05:11need not once
05:13not because you want to buy a car you
05:15can live without a car except you want
05:17that car for commercial purpose your
05:19need not want please follow instructions
05:22there are other prayers you can pray to
05:24get your wants then God will bless you
05:27at his own time but this is for urgent
05:29need that's kind of urgent need that
05:32makes you to borrow and beg okay write
05:35down the exact amount of money that you
05:40under your name and your surname so your
05:43name your surname on the same line
05:46this is not lined they under it the
05:49amount you need they under that what you
05:51need them for write them down yes and
05:55when you are done you get your Bible
05:58do this once every week
06:00for abundant Financial flow
06:05I'm going to use the good news version
06:07but use any version of the Bible that
06:10you have okay so when you write it down
06:13when you write it down you open your
06:14Bible see if you are doing this once in
06:16a week do not use the same one you used
06:19last week for this week every new week
06:22with different need whether you got the
06:24money or not if you did not get the
06:27after the end of the week bone this
06:30paper throw it away and write a fresh
06:33one a fresh request
06:35okay so when you write it down then
06:38you get some 20 table I read the Lord is
06:42my shepherd
06:44I have everything that I need it lets me
06:46rest in Feast of green grass and leads
06:50me to quiet pools of fresh water he
06:52gives me new Strength he guides me in
06:54the right part as he has promised even
06:57if I go through the deepest Darkness I
07:00will not be afraid Lord for you are with
07:02me your Chef has rod and staff protect
07:06you prepare it backward for me where all
07:08my enemies can see me you welcome me as
07:11an honored guest and feel my cup to the
07:13brain I know that your goodness and love
07:16will be with me all my life and your
07:18house will be my home as long as I live
07:20this is good news the better
07:24version for this is King James
07:27you start praying
07:29you hold this and start praying oh Lord
07:33you are my shepherd
07:35you are my shepherd
07:37you are my king
07:39because you are my king
07:42oh Lord bless me with all that I need
07:44all this bless me with all that I need
07:47oh Lord bless me with all that I need in
07:51the name of Jesus all of that pray that
07:53you bless me with all I need bless me
07:56with all I need oh Lord this is what I
07:58need I cannot lack
08:00you promise to lie me down in green
08:03pasture oh Lord lie me down in our
08:05borders oh Lord send me overflowing
08:08words oh Lord send me overflowing words
08:10oh Lord make my cup overflow oh Lord
08:13make my bank account overflow Allah send
08:16me more than enough in the name of Jesus
08:19and we have enough for myself and to
08:21help people in need oh Lord send me
08:24overflowing with you are my shepherd I
08:27can never lack anything good I can never
08:29lack and start borrowing oh Lord help me
08:32out oh Lord prepare my blessing
08:35in the presence of my enemy meaning that
08:37God will give you a blessing that your
08:39enemies cannot stop
08:41he prepares a table before you in the
08:44presence of your enemy yes that means
08:48that table represents your blessing
08:51and no enemy can stop it they will see
08:53it in their present but they cannot stop
08:55it give me O Lord Unstoppable blessing
08:58in the name of Jesus
09:01oil oil of weight oil of prosperity all
09:06of her brothers
09:07oh Lord send me money
09:09oh Lord give me a modern blessing in the
09:12name of Jesus Amen please you must not
09:14use my words don't try to cram what I'm
09:18don't try it use your words okay then
09:21when you are done you drop it on the sun
09:23and cover it up do this prayer just once
09:26but leave this on the Sun for one week
09:28for seven days so if you started Tuesday
09:32this week
09:33they will remove it Tuesday next week
09:36seven days
09:38and when you remove it you put another
09:40you write another okay that does not
09:43mean that you will not read your Bible
09:44again you can open it of course open it
09:46read your Bible Psalm 23 or any other
09:50psalm when you are done put it back let
09:53it be understand for one week
09:56but always like to thank God for that
09:59money you are asking for thanking God
10:01shows that you believe you will get it
10:02let it be like this for seven days
10:04before that seven days something will
10:07happen if you believe in God God does
10:09not joke with this words
10:11the word of the Lord is a covenant he
10:14does not go back on his waist so do this
10:16and see how things will change in your
10:17life you will see drastic changes in
10:20your life we see money coming to you
10:21once every week so that that week will
10:24be full of about us and financial
10:26blessing money will come from different
10:28direction I don't know how the money
10:30will come but it will come God knows how
10:33he will bless you do this and you will
10:35never borrow again anytime you need
10:37money do this this is what I do and I
10:40have other prayers for our brothers but
10:42this one is sure okay pray on it once in
10:46a week and leave the paper on the Sun
10:48read other Scriptures it doesn't mean
10:50you have to focus on only that Psalm but
10:53make sure it is here after seven days
10:55discard it and write another you will
10:57see how you improve financially you will
11:00improve financially thank you so much
11:02for watching please subscribe if you
11:04have not make sure you turn on the Bell
11:05notification beside the Subscribe button
11:08give this video a thumbs up and share
11:10with your friends God bless
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FAQs about This YouTube Video

1. How did the creator receive an unexpected $5,000,000?

The creator received an unexpected $5,000,000 by putting her name in Psalm 23 and praying for it once a week.

2. What does the video emphasize about the power of prayer?

The video emphasizes the importance of believing in the power of prayer and its ability to bring unexpected blessings.

3. Why does the creator emphasize using one's real name when making the request?

The creator emphasizes using one's real name when making the request to demonstrate sincerity and authenticity.

4. What is the significance of putting the name in Psalm 23?

Putting the name in Psalm 23 is significant as it symbolizes seeking blessings within the context of faith and spirituality.

5. How often did the creator pray for the $5,000,000?

The creator prayed for the $5,000,000 once a week, highlighting the consistency and dedication in seeking the blessing.

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