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Mark Harmon will no longer appear in NCIS as Gibbs, with his character now staying in Alaska, but there is still hope for his return in future seasons as a special guest; fans have mixed reactions to his departure, with some loving the new credits while others miss him dearly; the final episode marked Gibbs' farewell, with hints throughout the episode indicating his departure.
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Mark Harmon will no longer appear in NCIS as Gibbs, as he decided to stay in Alaska while the others went back to work in episode 4 of season 19.
Harmon's character has not retired but is now just staying in Alaska.
Sean Murray has replaced Harmon in the role of McGee in season 20.
Fan reactions to the replacement of Harmon were mixed, with some being okay with the decision and others wanting to see more of Harmon in the series.
Mark Harmon's departure from NCIS has left fans devastated and questioning the future of the show.
Fans expressed their disappointment and some even mentioned that they may stop watching the show.
Mark Harmon's name has been removed from the credits, indicating his departure.
Harmon himself mentioned that his decision to leave was based on his desire to keep the character fresh and challenging.
In the final episode, Gibbs decides to stay in a new city, indicating that the character has not retired but has moved on.
Mark Harmon's character, Gibbs, has not retired from his job, leaving hope for a possible return as a special guest in future seasons of NCIS.
Mark Harmon's character, Gibbs, is no longer linked with the show and has been removed from the credits.
It is suggested that Gibbs may make a return as a special guest in future seasons.
The episode titled "Great Wide Open" marked the end of Gibbs' journey with the crew, where he and McGee traveled to Alaska for an investigation.
The section reveals that Mark Harmon's character, Gibbs, had to leave NCIS and the episode seemed like a farewell tour.
The episode hinted at Gibbs' departure with lines suggesting he won't be coming back and the episode being a farewell tour.
Gibbs expressed his pain over losing his wife and daughter and mentioned that the pain never leaves your heart.
Flashbacks showed Gibbs saying goodbye to other characters, indicating his departure.
The character of Gibbs had a long history and had evolved throughout the years, and it was time for him to say goodbye and be alone somewhere.
00:00four years Mark Harmon has been the face
00:02of NCIS and there wasn't a day when
00:04anyone thought that the show would be
00:06able to work without him but now he
00:08won't be a part of it for over 20 years
00:10the actor starred in the police series
00:11as Leroy Jethro Gibbs but well let's
00:14find out the fate of this character and
00:16the actor himself in this video let's
00:18get started first up here's what
00:20happened with Harman over the years NCIS
00:22has seen several of its characters leave
00:24but at the same time many new ones
00:26joined in too but one character that we
00:28all thought would never leave has now
00:29been removed from the show yep you heard
00:31that right Harmon will no longer appear
00:33in NCIS as Gibbs he's 71 years old right
00:37now and maybe it was the right time to
00:39finally say goodbye to a character he's
00:41played for the last two decades
00:42apparently he said goodbye to the show
00:44while he was already four episodes into
00:46the 19th season if you've already
00:48watched episode 4 of season 19 you
00:51already know that Gibbs has decided to
00:53stay in Alaska while the others went
00:55back to work he had said that he would
00:56not be returning to work this made
00:58everyone think that he's retired tired
01:00but the actor has confirmed that his
01:02character has not retired instead he's
01:04now just staying in Alaska and this made
01:06everyone believe that he might return
01:07after an episode or two up next the
01:10actor has now been replaced after
01:12leaving the show in season 19. the actor
01:14was still in the credits of the show up
01:15until the final season this was another
01:17reason why everyone thought that he
01:19might be back but now with season 20
01:21premiering the show has now officially
01:23replaced Harman with Sean Murray who's
01:25playing the role of McGee many fans of
01:27the series also talked about this
01:28happening and the reactions were mostly
01:30mixed some were really okay with the
01:32decision While others wanted to see more
01:34of Harman in the series one fan wrote
01:36that the new NCIS credits are amazing
01:38and they love them not just that they
01:40also mentioned that they love and miss
01:42Gibbs as well but him being in the
01:44credits of the last season also felt
01:46weird not just that another fan said
01:48that after 20 years of watching the NCIS
01:50opening credits without Harmon's name
01:52popping up is a Bittersweet feeling but
01:54at the same time seeing how Murray has
01:56evolved is also amazing another one said
01:58that they're happy that Harman is now
02:00out of there as they are now fully ready
02:02for the crossover but at the same time
02:03many fans were feeling hurt since it was
02:05their favorite character that has left
02:07the show One stated that their mother is
02:09devastated because of this decision and
02:11might not even watch the show anymore
02:13well that's a loss following up some
02:15fans got to know about it a while later
02:17another fan Austin bechtold also points
02:20out that the name has been removed from
02:22the credits and well that's where the
02:23whole Saga began even though some were
02:25late when it came to finding out about
02:27the news it was still clear that Harman
02:28would surely be missed no matter what
02:30people might say he had a place in the
02:32show that no one else could ever have
02:34he's been the heart of the show for too
02:36long now a while back the actor himself
02:37also talked about it and said that all
02:39these years one thing kept him going
02:41back to the show and that was his
02:43willingness and passion for keeping the
02:45character fresh and challenging and the
02:46plot has put the character on a path
02:48where he has to do it all he stated that
02:50he thought it was honest and okay with
02:52him up next let's look into the way he's
02:54addressed his exit we know for a fact
02:56that it must have been a hard call for
02:57the actor to Bid Farewell to a character
02:59that had been come his personality trait
03:01he starred in the series since it
03:03debuted back in 2003 and he shared that
03:05his beloved character has not retired
03:07according to him Gibbs just decided to
03:09stay in a new city in the final episode
03:11in NCIS the character made it clear that
03:14he had no plans to leave Alaska Gibbs
03:16has said that he wasn't going back while
03:18talking to Tim about it at the time the
03:19two were on a fishing trip together he
03:21then told me Geet that he couldn't have
03:23hoped for anyone better since he's
03:24worked with him for the past 18 years
03:26and then the two hugged after this
03:28episode Steve binder the executive
03:30producer of the show addressed the
03:32matter and broke the news of Harman
03:33leaving the series he stated that as an
03:35executive producer and a friend Mark
03:37would continue to be part of the show he
03:39also stated that the North Star has
03:41always stayed true to the character and
03:43the truth is what always guided the
03:44stories while talking to people The
03:46Producers stated that regarding the
03:48future of the character the fans should
03:49know that they'll never count him out
03:51not just that Kelly call CBS
03:53entertainment president told deadline
03:55that Mark has always been a part of the
03:56show and he'll always be a part of the
03:58series he also stated that his is on-air
04:00appearances will have to be decided in
04:02the future this was in 2021 but now it's
04:04clear that the actor will only stay
04:06connected with the show by working off
04:08air but we never know he might even
04:10return someday next let's see if we'll
04:12ever see Gibbs again for now he's been
04:14removed from the credits and is now not
04:16linked with the show at all in fact it's
04:18like the showrunners are making sure
04:20that no one keeps up with the delusion
04:21that the character might make a return
04:23but here's the deal Mark Harmon has said
04:25that his character only stayed behind
04:27and hasn't actually retired from his job
04:29what could that really mean for some
04:31reason it gives us hope to see the actor
04:33return as Gibbs yet once again yeah we
04:36understand that he might not be back as
04:37the main lead again but what if he
04:39appears as a special guest now many were
04:41hoping for Harman to return to the show
04:43in the 20th season but given that he
04:45isn't even mentioned in the opening
04:47credits anymore it's clear that this
04:48season would not see him at least but at
04:51the same time we don't think that NCIS
04:52is going anywhere from us anytime soon
04:55this means that the seasons in the
04:57future will have a big chance of his
04:58return so let's just see what happens
05:01now let's have a look back at the
05:02episode that ended up being a goodbye to
05:04the character the episode that marked
05:06the end of gibbs's Journey with the crew
05:08was titled Great Wide Open in the
05:10episode Gibson McGee traveled to Alaska
05:12as part of the investigation into the
05:14company that was accused of hiring The
05:16Hitman Paula Merle there the two find
05:18proof against Sonia Eberhart the CEO of
05:20the company and it turns out that she
05:22was the one who was behind all the mess
05:24after all the CEO was removing anyone
05:26who was coming in the way of sonova to
05:28build a copper mine in fact they also
05:30found out soon that one of the victim's
05:32husbands was also working alongside her
05:34after solving the case the two relaxed
05:36for a while and that's when Gibbs drops
05:38the bomb he announces that he isn't
05:40going back home and that he doesn't want
05:42the badge back either and that's how he
05:44stays behind and leaves NCIS but here's
05:46what we thought about the episode while
05:48many think that it came as a surprise in
05:50the episode we believe that the episode
05:51has given way too many hints from the
05:53very beginning that something big is yet
05:55to happen and well it actually did
05:57happen when the FBI special agent Parker
06:00LED his team into gibbs's house in order
06:02to arrest him he saw a hole in the wall
06:04and that's when he said that something
06:05tells me he isn't coming back not to
06:08mention the entire episode was a
06:09farewell tour if we look into it closely
06:12the entire episode looked like a
06:13farewell tour for the character
06:14especially with the line that said he is
06:17not okay he hasn't been since he lost
06:19his wife and daughter in fact we even
06:20get a visual representation of this when
06:22he spoke to one of the victim's fathers
06:24he said the pain never leaves your heart
06:26but neither will she and when he was
06:28asked about how he gets through the day
06:30he said that some days he just doesn't
06:31also when he arrived in Alaska we saw
06:34several flashbacks where he said goodbye
06:36to other characters in the show Vance
06:37also said something that felt like a
06:39hint the point where he said it had a
06:41good run to Gibbs when he put his phone
06:43in coffee so no one could track him not
06:45to mention he even thanked Leon when he
06:47saw his longtime former boss walk away
06:49from him ducky and Gibbs is scene in
06:51that episode was also making the
06:52upcoming events clear and lastly we
06:55think that it's good that Gibbs is gone
06:56now the character had a long long
06:58history and he evolved a lot throughout
07:00the years but there comes the point
07:02where one has to say goodbye it was the
07:04same kind of time for Gibbs as well he
07:06had endured a lot and being alone
07:07somewhere was something he deserved
07:09after all the years of service he was
07:11now on the Run almost so yeah it was
07:13something that should have happened we
07:15watched him grow from a newbie to a
07:17senior field agent and then a team
07:18leader this was something he knew
07:20himself as well he had said to McGee
07:22that he'll get there as well he needs to
07:24find his rhythm he also told him to be
07:26patient and Trust the process he stated
07:28that it's all about progress and not
07:30about perfection once he knows the
07:31basics the rest will come from the
07:33inside Gibbs was looking for something
07:35and when he was asked he said that his
07:37gut told him that he'll know once he
07:39finds it that leaves an open door for us
07:40to hope that we might get to see him at
07:42least one more time yeah I figured there
07:44had to be one
07:46it's the only way you would have pulled
07:47in one of my agents behind my back what
07:49and with that that's a wrap on today's
07:51video what do you think about harman's
07:53exit let us know in the comments below
07:55also don't forget to hit those like And
07:57subscribe buttons we'll be back with
07:59more amazing videos soon thanks for
08:00watching and we'll see you next time
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FAQs about This YouTube Video

1. Why is Mark Harmon leaving NCIS?

Mark Harmon's departure from NCIS was a personal decision, and his character, Gibbs, is now staying in Alaska. However, there is still hope for his return in future seasons as a special guest.

2. How was Gibbs' departure from NCIS portrayed in the final episode?

Gibbs' departure from NCIS was marked in the final episode, with hints throughout the episode indicating his farewell. The portrayal of his departure has sparked mixed reactions among fans.

3. What are the reactions of fans to Mark Harmon's departure from NCIS?

Fans have mixed reactions to Mark Harmon's departure from NCIS, with some loving the new credits while others miss him dearly. It has sparked a range of emotions within the fanbase.

4. Is there a possibility for Mark Harmon to return to NCIS in the future?

Despite Mark Harmon's departure, there is still hope for his return in future seasons as a special guest. This has brought a ray of hope to fans who are eager to see him back on the show.

5. What are the hints in the final NCIS episode that indicated Gibbs' departure?

The final NCIS episode had hints throughout that indicated Gibbs' departure, leaving fans to speculate about the future of his character. These subtle clues have sparked discussions among the fanbase.

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