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The video demonstrates how to play NBA 2K23 MyCareer offline with two different methods: by playing as a female character in The W mode or by creating a customized player in MyCareer for men. The tutorial shows how to customize attributes, accessories, and even import player DNA to simulate playing as NBA stars.
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This section explains how to play MyCareer offline in NBA 2K23.
You can access MyCareer offline by going to the W and selecting the Creative Player mode.
Creative Player mode allows you to play MyCareer with a female character.
You can customize your player's attributes and play online in Creative Player mode.
The video explains how to play NBA 2K23 MyCareer offline, including leveling up, challenges, and the option to play as a female character or a male character.
Leveling up only increases the overall by one point.
There are various activities available such as contact workouts and freestyle scrimmages.
Playing as a female character provides a more authentic MyCareer experience.
There is a workaround to play MyCareer for men without entering the park.
The video explains how to customize your player and import player DNA in NBA 2K23 MyCareer offline.
Customize your player's appearance, gear, and accessories.
You can import player DNA to make your player play exactly like any NBA player.
You can also change the attributes of your player by yourself.
My NBA errors allow you to create a different player.
To play NBA 2K23 MyCareer offline, choose a team, create a player, copy the team and put them on a team of your choice, make the player 18 years old, and use player lock to choose your player.
Back to the basket is illegal in the game.
The Raptors and Grizzlies won't join the league until 1995.
You can use the 1992 draft class or create your own player.
To make this feel like MyCareer, use player lock to choose your player.
The speaker prefers playing NBA 2K23 MyCareer offline as it allows playing in any generation and has good graphics.
Can play in any generation and stop Jordan from winning six rings.
Graphics are good, especially for the 90s era.
Can only control the player, not the ball.
MyCareer camera angle is not available anymore.
00:00what is up YouTube uh I'm about to show
00:03you how you can play my career on 2k23
00:06next gen this also works for last gen so
00:09don't worry even if you want to PS4 or
00:11the PS5 or or the Xboxes you're good to
00:14go all right so
00:16um if you click my career this is what
00:18happens you must be online to enter my
00:21career now
00:22you can't play 2K My Career but I'm
00:25gonna show you guys two simple tricks
00:28all right I'm gonna show you two
00:30different things okay
00:31so first thing first is you can come
00:34over to the W and you can come over to
00:40the W and creative player now this is
00:44basically my career but just for females
00:48so you won't be able to play with a dude
00:50but you're gonna see that just let me
00:52show you how this real quick we're gonna
00:53get to the dude but this is basically my
00:56career you can play this offline I'm
00:58looking for a team like I really give a
01:00[ __ ]
01:01all right boys I'll just choose this
01:04sharing features required please check
01:06your network okay okay
01:09um and I I don't really care so I'll
01:11just choose anybody
01:14so boom basically it's just like my
01:16career as you can see uh
01:21you know what I'm saying
01:24let me let me let me just hurry up and
01:26choose some some [ __ ] Bro Adams
01:29all right so let me just go ahead and
01:31choose some [ __ ]
01:34um as you can see you got different play
01:36making builds that uh offer different
01:38badges things like that all that stuff
01:41is pretty cool pretty hot definitely
01:43think y'all shouldn't overlooked that I
01:44don't like I said I'm not really gonna
01:46be playing with this bill so you can
01:48change the height all that the Takeover
01:50as you can see it's very much similar uh
01:54to my career for their men the only
01:57difference is you playing with a female
01:59character the good thing about this is
02:01you can actually play online if you ever
02:03get some internet in the future it's
02:06still a vet like and take the same
02:08character off the same character so
02:10that's that's pretty hot
02:12um the thing about this though is you
02:14don't need any VC because of upgrades
02:16your player automatically like as you
02:18can see if you look at the attributes
02:20and stuff like that it tells you some of
02:21this stuff but a lot of this stuff you
02:23can't actually put up it goes up by
02:25itself if you look on the right and you
02:28see under 75 overall it's just level and
02:31it shows you your level and stuff like
02:32that yes um once you get level one to
02:35level two you'll go up like five
02:37overalls or something like that but it's
02:38like 10 overalls once you get to the end
02:40you only level up like one time but you
02:43only go up like one overall
02:45um I think it's ten levels I'm not 100
02:47sure I never finished it so
02:51but um no VC you gotta spin you got
02:54contact uh challenges contact workout
02:56freestyle scrimmages freestyle was
02:58pretty cool because you could just come
03:00in and test your player out as you can
03:02see just like that you can get you can
03:04get a chance to learn a shot
03:06um stuff like that
03:07you feel me all this [ __ ] is hot you
03:10feel me um but some people might not
03:12want to play uh as a female
03:16so for the people who don't I'm gonna
03:18show y'all the man I'm gonna show you
03:20how to play uh demand version in just a
03:24but I will say if you really want the my
03:27career experience this is the only way
03:29you can get the full experience
03:34you know because I'll show you I'll show
03:37you the do the way to do it um from a
03:39dudes perspective in a second but like
03:42you got the cell phones you get the text
03:44messages you could check social media
03:46it's it's all that all right but anyway
03:49that's that it's pretty easy he's not
03:52really to say about that you guys will
03:54know how to do it if you want to do it
03:56all right so
03:58now that's that's the way to play with
04:01females and that's like a real my career
04:03authentic experience now if you click my
04:05career for men it won't come on so it's
04:07this little simple workaround trick that
04:08I figured out
04:10um that lets you play basically my
04:12career without all the [ __ ] so you
04:14won't be in park or nothing like that
04:16but what you do is you go over to create
04:18a player right and I'll just make this
04:20real simple
04:22um I'll just click add new player
04:25um I'll just keep the name as it is I
04:27just want to share the name Chucky
04:28Morris senior Junior what the hell
04:31all right so basically now this is where
04:33you can have fun this is where it's like
04:35I like this is customization but you can
04:37change anything you want signature
04:39badges Tendencies accessories shoot
04:41Girls tattoos I think tattoos is the
04:43hottest thing because tattoos wasn't
04:44always available but you could make
04:46these tattoos whatever you want you can
04:48get letters and spell your name out like
04:51you can do whatever you want keep that
04:53in mind all right this is this is pretty
04:55hot I'm gonna be honest with you all
04:58um psycho get no tattoos but I mean I
05:00guess I'll show you how to put one on
05:01it's not really hard a lot of these are
05:04like sleeves um some of these are like
05:06sleeves you just put on and um oops how
05:09you rotate
05:10oh okay all right so boom as you can see
05:13if I wanted to put this joint I could
05:15just expand it sounded like that
05:18you know it's pretty simple pretty you
05:21know what I mean boom right so I just
05:23want to show y'all that's how you make a
05:25player and stuff like that your shoes
05:27your gear whatever you want to wear you
05:29know I'm saying just how you do it they
05:30got them in some [ __ ] that's putting
05:32me some Nikes
05:33so I'm saying what is that I could put
05:36him in some jobs
05:41but um yes so as you can see make the
05:44player your own whatever change the
05:46accessories you do got some [ __ ] on
05:49um now this right here I recommend some
05:51people want to do might want not might
05:52not want to do but you can actually like
05:54get the player uh DNA so if you click
05:57import player DNA and you want to use
06:00NBA player I can make my player play
06:02exactly like any of these people
06:05so say I want to play like
06:07um James Harden oh this is is these G
06:10league teams
06:12yeah I never knew they had G League
06:13teams in here my [ __ ]
06:16[ __ ] but Sal won't play like James
06:19Harden so I clicked James Harden and I
06:21couldn't click I could get I could have
06:23his exact appearance which is kind of
06:25hot you could be like somebody twin or
06:27somebody like that or honestly what you
06:28could do is like take it back to during
06:30time I don't [ __ ] know bro do
06:31whatever you want anyway important
06:33attributes keep in pain so we want to
06:35import attributes but we want to keep
06:37our impairments so we go with that
06:39option right there so now he got heart
06:40in everything he played just like her
06:42and he 89 overall like heart and he got
06:45a three ball like hurting
06:48so you you can actually do that and just
06:51steal somebody Talent or you can um just
06:55move the talent you could change the
06:57attributes by yourself it's just much
06:58easier and quicker that way
07:00um so then you go over to
07:04um my NBA errors and it was hard about
07:06this now and days I mean well not now in
07:08the days but now you can actually create
07:11a um
07:15but being different uh
07:17generations and that's something that
07:19you can't even do in my career like this
07:21is hot you can either be a my career
07:24player and any of these Generations
07:27that's hot so let's say [ __ ] man
07:32Jordan able to do none of that [ __ ] see
07:33I'm on that type time right I'ma stop
07:36all that [ __ ] you feel me I go to this
07:39joint I'ma stop the Bulls from winning
07:40championships you feel me now this is a
07:43new addition that you couldn't do before
07:44which I mean some people will put it
07:46over my career because you cannot do
07:48this [ __ ] in my career you know what I
07:50mean so anyway you choose all your [ __ ]
07:54choose a team you want to play for I'll
07:57choose the Lakers
08:01just because
08:04and then like it tells you what's um
08:06what's legal and not this is the journey
08:08error back to the basket is illegal here
08:11in check-in
08:13um gets allowed in 1995 well back back
08:15is 1999. you see all this [ __ ] I ain't
08:17gotta read it yeah I get it the Raptors
08:19and Grizzlies won't join the league to
08:211995. like this is hot the Julie comes a
08:24thing 2001 and then they got special 90s
08:27I think this [ __ ] is hot but anyway you
08:30can use the 1992 draft class or load it
08:32or bring your own so I just do that
08:37I actually made a mistake they're not
08:38gonna lie to you
08:40but I think I'll be up so
08:44oh my God bro
08:46they asked me all these questions
08:51if I come over down to options
08:54and go down to
09:00um let me see where it would be at
09:01creative player
09:03uh hold up go over down to create a
09:06player and then you create players
09:07should be right here I missed oh he's
09:10negative 10 because he born in 2020 well
09:14not burning in 2022. it's like that's
09:16hot heat negative 10 because
09:19that's hot so anyway you just could copy
09:22the team
09:24and like put them on a lick put them on
09:26whatever team you join so we put them on
09:28the Lakers so now
09:30when I go to our front office our roster
09:32boom there he is right there negative 10
09:35years old
09:36you could change that in quick edit I'm
09:39pretty sure
09:41yeah just make them like 18.
09:45yeah but boom you feel me you got him
09:48Chuck Murray senior play like hurting on
09:50the team now the way to make this feel
09:53like my career we're not done yet come
09:55over to
09:58controller I think there's a controller
10:00no I don't know
10:03position yeah and then go to player lock
10:06and then choose your player
10:08all right
10:13all right damn
10:16I know James Worthy and Magic was on his
10:19team I didn't really think about it but
10:22anyway boom once you got player locked
10:24now we basically playing my career all
10:27right so I'll show you how it is I'll
10:29play the first game but I really Rec
10:31like honestly bro I'm Gonna Keep it
10:33being with you
10:35oh wait let me give him some I do some
10:37minutes I had to give him some minutes
10:39um but I'm not gonna lie to you bro
10:41I I I I I might prefer playing this over
10:44the regular my career
10:46because you can play in any generation
10:49that [ __ ] is hot like you could play
10:52against Jordan and stop him from winning
10:53six rings like you can do whatever the
10:56[ __ ] you want you feel me bro this [ __ ]
10:58is hot now y'all ain't gotta like I know
11:01I went back in time it's the same thing
11:03no matter what area you go to so if you
11:05want to play in the current NBA like the
11:07regular my career you can do that I just
11:10it's the same exact thing that I just
11:13chose the error the errors don't matter
11:14uh if you see the graphics like 90
11:17Graphics this is hot like this whole
11:19[ __ ] is hot well they're like 90 not 90
11:22Graphics but like you watching the [ __ ]
11:25in the 90s you feel me
11:27um so I could only control my player as
11:30you can see if I pass the ball I don't
11:32control my player anymore it's just like
11:35my career you can take it a step farther
11:38and come over the camera but then go
11:40over to
11:42um where is that
11:45oh they took away uh
11:49I guess they took away
11:54they used to have
11:56I used to have like the actual
11:59my my team I mean they used to have like
12:02the actual
12:04I can't even think of the damn thing bro
12:06it's not important they used to have the
12:08actual like uh my career camera angle
12:11but I don't see it no more
12:13but uh you can play with this one or
12:14anyone you want
12:17yeah that's pretty much it man most
12:18people choose to play in 2K anyway so I
12:20guess it don't really matter
12:25yup I mean that's it man
12:28my career so I mean I I recommend you
12:31guys try this so I think it's hot and
12:34honestly somebody who got internet and
12:38got PS plus and all that I'm be honest
12:41with you I'm probably gonna hop on this
12:43[ __ ] I'm keeping it you you can't beat
12:45the errors like imagine being able to
12:48play against Jordan or playing against
12:50Kobe or maybe you join the Lakers with
12:53Kobe and Shaq like that [ __ ] is hot like
12:56I'm sorry bro that [ __ ] is hot
12:59that's hot you know what I mean but um
13:02yeah so that's pretty much it I hope you
13:04guys like the video how's you guys the
13:05next one I'm out peace guy
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FAQs about This YouTube Video

1. What are the two different methods demonstrated in the video for playing NBA 2K23 MyCareer offline?

The video demonstrates how to play NBA 2K23 MyCareer offline with two different methods: by playing as a female character in The W mode or by creating a customized player in MyCareer for men.

2. What customization options are shown in the tutorial for NBA 2K23 MyCareer?

The tutorial shows how to customize attributes, accessories, and even import player DNA to simulate playing as NBA stars.

3. How can I create a customized player in MyCareer for men in NBA 2K23?

The video provides a step-by-step guide on creating a customized player in MyCareer for men, allowing players to personalize their player's attributes and appearance.

4. What is the significance of playing as a female character in The W mode in NBA 2K23?

Playing as a female character in The W mode offers a unique and immersive gaming experience, and the video demonstrates the process of doing so in NBA 2K23.

5. How does importing player DNA enhance the gaming experience in NBA 2K23 MyCareer?

The tutorial showcases the process of importing player DNA, allowing players to simulate playing as NBA stars and enhancing the overall gaming experience in NBA 2K23 MyCareer.

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