πŸ’« Summary
This video tutorial demonstrates how to use the Mage.Space website to create AI art by adjusting settings, inputting prompts, and re-imagining images. It covers basic settings, saving creations, advanced settings like prompt strength scale, and the process of enhancing and re-imaging images.
✨ HighlightsπŸ“Š Transcript
This section provides a quick rundown of how to make AI art on Mage.Space.
The narrator suggests creating an account and logging in with Google for convenience.
The narrator explains the basic settings, including aspect ratio, image quality, and guidance scale.
The narrator demonstrates how to input prompts, such as specifying the desired image subject, background, and style.
The narrator emphasizes using high definition and high resolution settings for clear and detailed images.
This section explains how to save and manage your creations on Mage.Space.
You can save your creations and view them in the "Saved" section.
You can rerun your creations using the saved prompts.
Remixing a creation turns it into a seed that can be viewed in the bottom left corner.
Re-imaging allows you to use the image or model seed as a reference when rerunning with a prompt.
This section explains how to enhance and save images using Mage.Space.
You can enhance the image quality depending on the desired outcome.
The AI sometimes merges people and characters in the image.
It takes a few seconds for the fully enhanced image to show up.
Advanced settings include a quality gauge, with "insane" being the highest option.
This section explains the prompt strength scale and how to adjust it for different effects.
The prompt strength scale determines the strength of the image compared to the text.
A low prompt strength value makes the image the main influence on the re-imaging process.
Higher prompt strength values allow for tweaking shapes, individual things, and styles.
The sweet spot for a big change but not completely different is around 40 on the prompt strength scale.
The video demonstrates how to re-roll and re-image a hand in Mage.Space.
The hand is re-rolled to enhance the image.
The hand is re-imaged to create a completely different result.
The shape of the hand can be changed by re-rolling.
When re-imaging or painting, there is a decrease in image quality, but there are workarounds.
Editing multiple areas at once is possible, but it is recommended to have contiguous areas or a maximum of three separate contiguous areas.
Adding too many separate areas can cause the AI to crash.
The AI's interpretation of the prompt can result in interesting and unexpected outcomes.
This section shows the speaker experimenting with different settings and options in the program, trying to generate different images and faces.
The speaker tries different settings and values to see the effects.
They experiment with different options like art style and photography.
The generated images have some issues with the legs and arms but the background looks beautiful.
00:00all right Katie I'm gonna give you uh
00:05all right Katie I'm gonna give you a
00:06really quick uh rundown of how to make
00:08AI art so I'm over here in Mage dot
00:12space that's the website and uh
00:15makes you make an account
00:17and uh
00:19I just uh went and selected a
00:21to log in with Google that's the easiest
00:23thing because otherwise they send you an
00:25email that you have to log in through
00:26all the time which is a pain so I just
00:27log in through Google and uh here are
00:30the basic settings right here on this
00:32screen so it gives you a
00:34and the aspect ratio is basically a
00:38what kind what size and shape do you
00:40want the uh the picture to be the image
00:42to be you got low and high quality over
00:45here depending on what you want to use
00:46if you want to generate images faster go
00:49with low
00:51um High takes a little bit more time
00:54same with the image settings too like
00:57square is going to generate the fastest
00:58all the other is going to take longer
01:01and then guidance scale this is
01:04basically a how strict it's going to be
01:06with um the the prompt which are the
01:09words that you put up here so let's say
01:12we want a picture of a Katie Hamilton
01:17so let's type in
01:22Katie Hamilton Sam and Katie Hamilton's
01:26we get well it's not gonna show me how
01:27many but
01:28see Katie Hamilton and then
01:31what do we want to be happening in the
01:34let's have her uh
01:37riding a magic carpet
01:43and uh
01:44to run a detailed background or no
01:48um yeah we'll do detailed
01:57background environment
02:03do you want to be a photo painting
02:04illustration let's do painting what kind
02:07of painting we want it to be a beautiful
02:09fantasy painting right so let's type
02:10that in beautiful fantasy
02:16then to make sure that we get a nice
02:19clear image we're gonna do uh
02:23we're going to write high definition
02:28Ultra HD which stands for high
02:30definition oh wait I want um high
02:32resolution sorry here high resolution
02:34and this one's ultra high definition 4
02:37case Ultra HD 4K and
02:41let's see what we what we get here we're
02:44going to switch this yeah we'll keep it
02:45at normal for first
02:47and after we do the basic uh run through
02:50then we'll uh get to a few of the uh
02:52slightly more advanced settings
02:54this isn't going to be a this is not
02:56going to be an advanced tutorial this is
02:58going to be the basics I'll show you a
03:00couple of other things later all right
03:02so here is a Katie Hamilton
03:04riding on a Magic Carpet that's very
03:08so let's uh enhance that
03:11kind of screwed up her face a little bit
03:13so we'll get we're going to run a couple
03:15of others but
03:16let's just keep this for now
03:18and the great thing about Mage is it's
03:20going to keep
03:21all the artwork that you make unless you
03:23uh go and delete it now I set my profile
03:26to a private so you want to make sure
03:27you go and you do that
03:28um unless you don't unless you want to
03:30share everything but I set mine to
03:31private and you can also make um
03:33individual images private too
03:36all right so now let's save this
03:39and I'm going to show you where it saves
03:40all that stuff so if you press over here
03:44it's going to keep all your creations
03:48and then uh it's like uh the one that I
03:51just made here you can go and you can
03:53rerun it it's going to basically use
03:54those prompts and you can see a prompt
03:56down here and you can copy The Prompt
03:59right from pressing that you can make it
04:01public or hide it and you can delete it
04:03right there because this is also like a
04:06social media type thing if you want it
04:07to be I don't know how to do any of that
04:10yet but I don't really connect with
04:11people on here I just do my own thing
04:13you can rerun the image it's basically
04:15in rerun same prompt
04:17um remix is going to
04:19basically the computer saves a model of
04:23this image on the back side and so if
04:25you remix it's going to turn that into a
04:27seed and you can actually see the seed
04:29down here in the bottom left corner
04:33and uh
04:34it also tells you like the dimensions
04:37um the model version of stable
04:39diffusions using and stuff so it's using
04:41oh 1.5 it hasn't upgraded to two yet
04:44that's okay that's good I kind of like
04:451.5 better
04:47um for reasons I could get into another
04:49time and then if you go to re-image what
04:51it's going to do is it's going to uh
04:53instead of using the model seed it's
04:57going to actually use the image itself
04:59to re-image which basically uses the
05:02image or the model seed either one
05:06whichever one you choose as the
05:09when you rerun it with a prompt so it's
05:12going to basically use the prompt in
05:14combination with the image and you can
05:16either do that through re-imaging which
05:18is using the image itself or you can do
05:20it through remixing which is using the
05:21back end model that creates the image
05:26so uh all right let's uh we could rerun
05:30it from there or I just kind of want to
05:31show that um if I press made space again
05:33it goes right back over here so I'm
05:36realizing that you can't see the things
05:37I'm touching so to get over to uh the
05:41screen with all my stuff I pressed the
05:44little icon on the top right that looks
05:46like a little circle with like a two
05:48circles in it kind of to look like a guy
05:51um and then to go back to the main
05:53screen I press on Mage space and saves
05:55everything right in here
05:56um I'm just in my Google browser
06:00and so uh let's run it again this time
06:02let's put it on strict and see what we
06:06and let's this time let's switch it to
06:08landscape mode
06:17all right so that's going to take a
06:26and while it's doing that I can already
06:29show you uh the advanced uh oh oh wow
06:33look at that
06:38no oh
06:40I like her water too fast I'm Gonna Save
06:42that and then I'm going to enhance it
06:44and press enhance
06:46um the reason why I say both images is
06:48so that I can um take either one to edit
06:51and other photo editors because um
06:55sometimes enhancing it will actually uh
06:57downgrade the quality depending on what
06:59kind of uh
07:01what kind of image and artwork you're
07:03looking for
07:04sometimes it can also greatly uh you
07:07know improve it so I always like to
07:09enhance it and see what we get
07:15now I guess she's sitting kind of
07:17cross-legged or she's got like hanging
07:18off or something because you don't see
07:20her legs the AI likes to kind of merge
07:23people and characters and stuff
07:27I want to give it a second because it
07:29can take a little bit for the fully
07:32enhanced image to show up so I kind of
07:34got to give it like a couple of seconds
07:37I think it's already set
07:42because even after it says that it's
07:45um I'll notice that the image will like
07:47still like change and improve and then
07:49all of a sudden it'll be finally done
07:50like 10 seconds later
07:53all right so I went and I saved that I
07:55got to save obviously I press hold and I
07:57press download image
08:00and that's it it's Maya my gallery my
08:03image gallery
08:04all right so now let's check out some of
08:06the more advanced settings so let's
08:07press on advanced mode
08:15so over here we have some some gauges
08:17and stuff right so we got quality so
08:21instead of having um
08:23like low quality high quality it gives
08:27you a gauge so the high quality is here
08:29so obviously we can take that to insane
08:34be a little careful with that just
08:37because you're using a Mages being very
08:39generous with the use of their servers
08:41this does cost them a lot of money for
08:42us running this and the service is
08:45completely free
08:46um so I like to try to be nice to them
08:48um so I don't do too many um with it
08:50fully maxed or Beyond just High I saved
08:53that for uh
08:55when I know I've got a final image
08:57sometimes I'll run it under a low prompt
08:59percentage I'll show that stuff um to
09:01you when I'm when I go into reimaging
09:03which will be another lesson all right
09:05but all right so let's just switch the
09:07quality all the way to insane and uh
09:11we're gonna leave the uh the god oh yeah
09:14I guess I can show you the gun scale so
09:16very strict is going to be I think it's
09:18closer to 20 or 17 right so let's just
09:20move it to 16.
09:22um so it's closer to very strict and
09:26then we're gonna press run which is that
09:28little orange button
09:33and let that run for a little bit this
09:35might take a little bit longer because
09:36we just really jacked up the quality of
09:39the image
09:43we're gonna see what we get oh here we
09:46okay so uh I did something funny with uh
09:50at least one of our hands
09:53um background is beautiful look at that
09:56that is very pretty so I'm gonna
09:58download it
10:00then I am going to
10:04I'll show you re-imaging really quick
10:06because re-imaging is where you can fix
10:08things so let's go into uh
10:12I'm always split on reimaging before or
10:15after I think if you re-image before
10:17enhancing it actually works out better
10:19because if you enhance it twice things
10:21can start looking really weird so all
10:23right so I pressed free image which goes
10:25and puts the image over there near the
10:27little Go Button if you press on that
10:30brings up this screen and so now the
10:33prompt strength scale is very important
10:35so that determines how strong the the
10:39image is
10:41I mean I'm how ah how weak the image is
10:44basically how strong the text is going
10:46to be compared to your image so if you
10:48want the image to be like the main
10:50influence on on like your re-imaging
10:53process which is basically re redoing it
10:57you want you want this low
10:59um I generally uh I'll go to like 10 if
11:02I just want to like tweak some things
11:03like just like the general colors and
11:05some definition without actually
11:07changing like the shapes of things too
11:09um when I want to start tweaking like
11:12the shapes and individual things and
11:14styles more I go to 20
11:17and then the sweet spot for a lot of
11:20things like if you want like
11:22a big change but not like if you want
11:25something that's like
11:26in this style
11:30in the style of like the image that
11:32you're using but you don't want to be
11:33like exactly the same image you want to
11:36like you want a big difference but not
11:38like completely different that you
11:41generally want to go to 40
11:44if you want like kind of like equal
11:45influence obviously you go to 50 and if
11:49you want to like completely uh change
11:51everything you can go to to you know one
11:54so right now I'm gonna I'm gonna show
11:57you how to like fix the hand that looks
11:59like a book
12:00and we're going to keep the prompt
12:02strength at about 10 for that and we're
12:03going to press on custom
12:05um don't play around back well I mean
12:08please do you can play around with
12:09anything you want um and have have fun
12:11with the thing but um
12:13I haven't really used much with the
12:14background foreground myself yet because
12:16I usually just go in and do it manually
12:18and press custom and then you got a
12:21gauge over here which is going to adjust
12:22your brush your brush size now very
12:25um you need to choose your prompt
12:27strength before you come into this
12:29screen because once you come into the
12:32if you want to change your prompt
12:33strength again you're going to have to
12:34remove any any of your uh your custom uh
12:37in painting so this is what's called in
12:39painting you can choose the brush size
12:41for you in painting and I'm going to
12:42choose something small because we're
12:43just selecting her hand right
12:46um so
12:47there we go create a little orange dot
12:50there I'm actually going to press on do
12:52so I can do it again and there we go I
12:55think I got a little bit better of a
12:56spot all right now I'm going to press
13:00and then I'm going to press ready
13:03and so now we're going to be changing
13:07just a hand and
13:10sound of advanced mode
13:15at this point I'm impressed strict but
13:17it's stricts but I mean we're just
13:19editing our hand so we're basically
13:22re-rolling it
13:23um so it shouldn't really matter now
13:26if this gives me trouble on just a
13:28regular remroll which I might um if it
13:30doesn't give me something that looks
13:31like a hand then I'm going to uh copy
13:34the current prompt that we're using yes
13:36he like to do something funny with her
13:37hand it just kind of like hit it or
13:38something so I'm going to copy the
13:40current prompt I'm using
13:42then this way I have that I mean I know
13:45I can go and get it from the thing but
13:46from uh my profile
13:49um because it saves that but it's just
13:50easier to grab that while I can and here
13:53I'm just going to type in
13:54and since that's the only thing we have
13:57highlighted for it to actually change so
13:59now we're going to be re-rolling on the
14:13and this is also how you can um
14:16see that did a little bit better there
14:18so now we'll enhance that
14:23doesn't look like a book
14:25it doesn't quite look like a hand but
14:26it's kind of like
14:28you know what would you call the
14:30expressionist or something I don't know
14:31that these these terms
14:35but it works it works for uh Works
14:37within its within its own art
14:41than Zone artistic style
14:44all right that's going to take a moment
14:59all right creation enhanced I've got to
15:02give it a couple seconds make sure
15:03finish is doing its job because it's
15:06finished enhancing the image but has it
15:07finished updating it on my end and I
15:10think they like to do this like fancy
15:11thing where they show you like
15:12the progress of it enhancing
15:15um maybe that works better on a computer
15:16than it does on my phone
15:20okay all right so that's looking pretty
15:22decent right all right so we fixed our
15:26now what if we just wanna uh completely
15:29re-image it make something completely
15:30different from that so I'll just go to
15:32re-image and we're going to re-image the
15:34whole thing but we just want to tweak it
15:36a little bit
15:39go to here
15:47put that in
15:49and we're going to re-image the whole
15:51thing see what we get
15:54thank you don't mind me I'm going to be
15:57letting data in
15:58so you're probably gonna hear some noise
15:59let's see it went and re-imaged the
16:01whole thing
16:02um but did change some of the shapes
16:04though so we see it Bell back up come on
16:08you need to change the shape of her hand
16:10back that's unfortunate um we'll rerun
16:12the whole thing
16:15let's see what we get
16:18we get
16:43but you see what I mean like you can go
16:45in there and keep re-rolling
16:47um so maybe I'd want to put it maybe
16:48it's like five percent
16:52and do like a
17:02high resolution
17:06let's do 4K
17:09we'll try using that just as kind of
17:12like an enhancing prompt because
17:13sometimes we put other stuff it like
17:14goes all crazy and gets confused
17:17uh no I'm not quite there let's go to
17:32it's looking a little bit better but we
17:34lost a lot of details on the face when
17:36you do re-imaging
17:38um of any kind in painting any of that
17:46well details um in general it really
17:49decreases the image quality but um
17:53there's a whole lot of way around it
17:54most of the time
17:56all right let's try to be running it
17:58again I guess or uh actually let's show
18:00you a couple of other things instead of
18:01fight showing you uh me fighting with it
18:04so like if we take this to 50 percent
18:16did that now uh
18:20oh my God she should a super plastic
18:24um that face
18:26um but the rest of it's kind of
18:29interesting let's run that again
18:56from this I'll show you some other tools
18:58another time
19:00it's taking a while to generate stuff
19:04another thing if you're doing in
19:07um and editing uh features
19:10um you can edit more than one you can
19:12press like more than one like area at a
19:15time but if you have um you kind of want
19:17them to be contiguous most of the time
19:19or at least not have more than like uh
19:21three uh separate contiguous areas that
19:25you are editing
19:27um I can show you what I mean in a
19:28second because if you put too many in
19:30like separate areas it's a lot of work
19:33for the AI and it kind of just crashes
19:35breaks oh
19:38I guess she's got some kind of little
19:40table on her lap or something here
19:43that's uh interesting
19:51oh yeah because I didn't put in the
19:53prompt I just typed in a beautiful
19:54fantasy painting so it just kind of did
19:57whatever I wanted here but that's uh
20:01interesting interpretations very pretty
20:03all right and so what I was what I meant
20:07before so like um
20:10if you go like you can edit her face
20:14um just like I did with her hands so I
20:16want to edit this little figure it's in
20:17the background there
20:19and then I'm gonna edit this UFO thing
20:22now I think three is probably the most
20:25it's going to let you get away with and
20:27what I mean by contiguous is like you
20:29see how like the UFO I actually did like
20:32multiple spots but they're connected
20:34that's what I mean by contiguous so we
20:37got those three little spots that should
20:39be able to
20:40to change like I should that should be
20:42up to to run but if I started doing like
20:44okay and I want to change the tip of
20:46this and I want to do some things over
20:51yeah you you that's not gonna that's not
20:54gonna run this system's gonna end up
20:55crashing and giving you um it never
20:56message telling you that it's too busy
21:00um it's just an error message because it
21:02can't do it what you're asking
21:04um but uh
21:07yeah and then uh
21:09if we wanna see some more drastic change
21:11let's go
21:20close enough and
21:25select all paste we're going to put that
21:28prompt back in here with the image that
21:30we had before this time lapse let's
21:32press uh very strict and you know what
21:35for the hell of it
21:37let's go insane
21:48and that's going to take a while
21:49obviously because uh oh no that didn't
21:52take a while
21:54okay a uh huh
21:58yeah I'm not crazy about this one let's
22:01pick a
22:06now let's try something different let's
22:07do photography
22:19let's see if that does anything
22:25it should if we didn't have the
22:27background image I'm already in there I
22:30know often it will just like make you a
22:34so I'll give you kind of like a
22:35photorealistic person
22:37um but since we have it's getting
22:40something kind of close but
22:43I don't know what what's going on with
22:45our legs and arms there
22:50if you can figure that out but that
22:51background look at that background that
22:54is beautiful
22:56um if only it could have uh created a
22:59better human but my mom says the same
23:02thing about you know herself so sorry
23:04just joking
23:06I'll run it one more time just see what
23:09we get and uh then I'll uh
23:12I'll end this for now
23:15and that would be uh this short lesson
23:19it's not giving me a great face
23:22um so I'd have to like keep rerunning it
23:24um until I get one or just uh go and
23:27edit out her face now a lot of times I
23:29just rerun and rerun until I get like a
23:34close to Perfect Image or a perfect
23:37um if I when I get to one that's like
23:39either close to perfect or one that I
23:40just really really like then I'll go in
23:42in paint and then I'll like go and grind
23:44and like make a make sure that I make it
23:48work and make make the painting that I'm
23:50trying to make but uh
23:52this one's cute
23:54but yeah
23:57how's that oh my God it's the Disney
24:00castle in the background check that out
24:02I didn't even ask it to do that
24:05all right well
24:07I'll send this over to you and uh if you
24:10want you can uh
24:11go and you can take it in a
24:14play with it yourself and
24:16awesome I'll grab both versions
24:19all right
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FAQs about This YouTube Video

1. What is the process of creating AI art using the Mage.Space website?

The process of creating AI art using the Mage.Space website involves adjusting settings, inputting prompts, and re-imagining images. It covers basic settings, saving creations, and advanced settings like prompt strength scale.

2. What are the basic settings involved in creating AI art on Mage.Space?

The basic settings involved in creating AI art on Mage.Space include adjusting settings, inputting prompts, and re-imagining images. These settings form the foundation for creating AI art using the website.

3. How can I save the AI art creations on Mage.Space?

You can save the AI art creations on Mage.Space by using the saving feature provided on the website. The process involves selecting the save option and naming the creation for future access.

4. What are the advanced settings available for creating AI art on Mage.Space?

The advanced settings available for creating AI art on Mage.Space include the prompt strength scale. These advanced settings allow users to further customize and enhance their AI art creations.

5. Can I enhance and re-imagine images while creating AI art on Mage.Space?

Yes, you can enhance and re-imagine images while creating AI art on Mage.Space. The website provides a process for enhancing and re-imaging images to create unique AI art creations.

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