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The video discusses techniques for pleasurable sex, emphasizing the importance of going slow, varying positions, and using deep thrusts alongside shallow ones, while also stimulating different areas of the vagina.
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The speaker discusses a technique for thrusting during sex to satisfy women.
The speaker mentions that not every guy knows how to thrust properly.
Some men tend to go deep and fast, which can leave the woman unsatisfied.
The technique suggested is to go in and out instead of just going in and out repeatedly.
The video suggests that during sex, men should focus on stimulating the sensitive parts of the vagina by using circular thrusting motions and massaging techniques.
The base of the penis is less sensitive, so up and down thrusting is not as effective.
Circular thrusting motions can stimulate the sensitive areas of the vagina and trigger faster orgasms.
The vagina is connected to different parts of the woman's body, so circular thrusting can also stimulate energy in the heart, kidneys, and lungs.
Another technique is deep thrusting, where the penis is pulled out halfway or midway for increased stimulation.
The technique involves shallow thrusts followed by a deep thrust, while maintaining a consistent rhythm.
Start with four shallow thrusts, followed by one deep thrust.
You can create your own rhythm, such as five shallow thrusts followed by one deep thrust.
The technique involves massaging the entire vagina instead of just going in and out.
Avoid pulling the penis all the way out to maintain pressure and intensity.
00:01hey guys it's tyrone anderson welcome to
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00:55those are my
00:56announcements so
00:58if i didn't introduce myself
01:01i am veroni and i help women unleash
01:04their inner
01:05sex goddess so my topic for tonight is
01:08how to screw
01:12not every guy know how to screw
01:16they just see the [ __ ] they just want
01:18to jump into it they want to just dig
01:21deep they want to just go fast
01:23and then they end up
01:27coming and the woman don't and the woman
01:29feel unsatisfied right so i'm going to
01:32show you i'm going to tell you a
01:33technique i can show you i'll get into
01:35trouble i'm going to tell you a
01:36technique are
01:38of what to do right so instead of
01:44going in
01:46and out like this you go in and out
01:49right and when you go in
01:51and out
01:53and take the penis all the way out you
01:56break the vacuum or the seal that's in
01:58the vagina when you push your penis in
02:02the vagina right you feel all that air
02:05that sucked that ear that blows out
02:07right and you know i think what you got
02:10guys call it i don't know but it's like
02:11the vagina fart which
02:13embarrassed like woman it's not really
02:15fart it's just the air that's in it and
02:18you're pushing the air out with your
02:20dick right so
02:23if you pull it all the way out you're
02:25gonna break the seal so what you should
02:27do you could come out right but keep
02:30half of it in
02:34so you do not break the seal so the
02:36woman have that pressure
02:38that vacuum that seal that pressure
02:40inside the vagina and it will be
02:46so that mean you have to kind of go at a
02:49slow and intentional pace not mechanical
02:53but a nice rhythm
02:55the next thing
02:57right don't go in and out
03:00in and out
03:05and down so that means maybe you have to
03:07position yourself
03:10position yourself better to go
03:16and down so when you go up and down
03:19right that means the base of your penis
03:21rub on the woman's
03:23[ __ ]
03:25stimulating it at the same
03:30time some women their [ __ ] is a little
03:34bit wider or longer than
03:38i want to say then the proximity of
03:40their vagina right
03:42so that's why you got to take that into
03:44consideration so
03:46in and out of position
03:50the reason why i said
03:52up and down like in and out up and down
03:55that means the base of your penis which
03:58is not that sensitive it's going to be
04:00rubbing a glance their [ __ ] when you
04:04your penis out and you know you know how
04:06you like beat it on the
04:09the vagina
04:11it's the most sensitive part that you
04:13have right so it's going to trigger you
04:16to like come quicker
04:19since we're talking about how to screw
04:21think of a screwdriver
04:23how does a screwdriver go in it goes
04:26around and around and around and around
04:32it goes around and around and around
04:34remember that there is reflexology
04:38zone in the vagina
04:40so not only when you're in the vagina
04:43you're also stimulating
04:46energy up into the woman's heart up into
04:48her kidney
04:50up in you know her lungs or
04:52her lungs because the vagina is
04:54connected to different parts of the
04:56woman body so instead of going
05:01in and out try to circulate like a screw
05:06right try to trust
05:08all around her vagina give her vagina
05:11a massage while you may be going up and
05:18you are touching
05:19every every where in her vagina you're
05:24giving it
05:26a massage the next thing
05:29the next technique that you could do is
05:36say five shallow right remember i said
05:39you just pull it all the way out not
05:41pull it all the way up but you pull it
05:43out halfway or midway
05:48you pull it up
05:50you pull it up midway
05:53and then
05:58shallow shallow like four times four
06:01times right shallow shallow four times
06:04and then
06:05one deep
06:08you come back out
06:11shallow shallow shallow shallow one deep
06:16you could make your own rhythm it could
06:18be four shallow
06:20one deep it could be five shallow one
06:23deep it could be six shallow one deep
06:28find the rhythm
06:31remember to screw
06:34just like how the screw go around and
06:36around and around and around
06:39you're screwing
06:40going to all different
06:43dimensions of the vagina you're
06:45massaging the whole entire vagina right
06:49so that's a different technique you're
06:50massaging with your penis
06:57are you're going up
06:59and down up and down
07:03focusing on her [ __ ] which is going to
07:05be sensitive to her instead of going in
07:08and out
07:09in and out in and out and remember if
07:13you make the penis go all the way out
07:15you're gonna break the seal
07:18that pressure that intensity
07:22for the woman
07:23this is veroni anderson let me know what
07:26you think you know i like comments you
07:28know i'd like
07:29comments right
07:32remember to give a lot of like and a lot
07:35of love and to subscribe if you like
07:37this message
07:39thank you i see you in the next video
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FAQs about This YouTube Video

1. What are the techniques for pleasurable sex discussed in the video?

The video discusses techniques for pleasurable sex, emphasizing the importance of going slow, varying positions, and using deep thrusts alongside shallow ones, while also stimulating different areas of the vagina.

2. How can going slow enhance the pleasure during sex?

Going slow can enhance pleasure during sex by allowing for more intimate and sensual connection, building anticipation, and increasing sensitivity to touch and stimulation.

3. What are the benefits of varying positions during sex?

Varying positions during sex can lead to enhanced pleasure, exploration of different sensations, and stimulation of various erogenous zones, contributing to a more fulfilling sexual experience.

4. Why is it important to incorporate deep thrusts alongside shallow ones during sex?

Incorporating deep thrusts alongside shallow ones during sex can provide a variety of sensations, stimulate different areas within the vagina, and contribute to a more diverse and pleasurable experience for both partners.

5. How can different areas of the vagina be stimulated during sex?

Different areas of the vagina can be stimulated during sex through techniques such as varying angles, using different pressures, and incorporating external stimulation, leading to increased arousal and pleasure.

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