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The video discusses the difference between the Law of Attraction and the Law of Assumption in manifesting, with the Law of Assumption emphasizing embodying the desired state of being rather than solely focusing on a vibration, making it a clearer and more accurate approach. The speaker also mentions free manifesting books and self-study courses available for further learning.
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This section introduces the difference between Law of Attraction and Law of Assumption.
Law of Attraction is the modality of manifesting that many people, including the speaker, started their journey with.
Law of Attraction was popularized through sources like "The Secret" and teachings from Abraham Hicks.
The Law of Assumption is another modality of manifesting that the speaker will discuss in the video.
The Law of Attraction is about holding a vibration to attract similar things, but the Law of Assumption focuses on embodying the wish fulfilled and becoming the person who already has the desire.
Law of Attraction is about holding a vibration to attract similar things.
Law of Assumption is about embodying the wish fulfilled and becoming the person who already has the desire.
Law of Assumption calls it a "state" while Law of Attraction calls it a "vibration".
Law of Assumption focuses on internally becoming the person who already has the desire.
The law of assumption involves practicing new thoughts and feelings to embody the state of having your desire.
Practicing the law of assumption means creating a new storyline and imagining acts that make you feel like you already have what you desire.
The goal is to change your self-concept and become a person who thinks, feels, and believes that you already have what you desire.
By embodying the state of the wish fulfilled, you naturally create the reality where your desire is true.
Law of Assumption is about becoming the person who already has the desire, by changing your inner dialogue and affirmations.
Law of Attraction involves attracting something with your energy or vibration.
Law of Assumption is more clear and accurate in stepping into being the person who has the desire.
To learn how to step into being the person who has your desire, check out the self-study courses and free ebooks provided.
00:00hello welcome I'm so happy you're here
00:03in this video I'm gonna do a fun one
00:04it's Law of Attraction versus law of
00:07assumption I haven't done a video like
00:09this in a long time so let's dive into
00:11just my perspective of what the
00:13difference between these two modalities
00:15of manifesting are before I jump in I
00:18want you to know that I have three free
00:19manifesting books Linked In the
00:21description below they're right down
00:23there directly below so if you just sign
00:25up with your email and your name you
00:27will be sent these three free guides one
00:29is to manifest a specific person one is
00:32to manifest new Love and one is to
00:34manifest money I also have 20 self-study
00:38manifesting courses linked below there
00:40are courses down there to manifest a
00:42specific person to manifest new love to
00:44manifest self-love to manifest money so
00:47definitely check those out as well
00:50okay so let's talk about this what is
00:53the difference between the Law of
00:54Attraction and the law of assumption to
00:57me the Law of Attraction a lot of people
00:59a lot of us myself included started our
01:02manifesting journey in the Law of
01:04Attraction world because really it was
01:06the it was really what was available for
01:09us to you know learn about like through
01:12the secret through
01:14um Abraham Hicks these people are the
01:17ones or these you know these are the
01:19ways that the law of attraction was
01:21taught and essentially to me what the
01:23law of attraction is saying is it's all
01:25about your vibration what vibration are
01:28you holding and your vibration that
01:31you're holding is going to attract
01:32similar things to you
01:35it's kind of like I see how it's similar
01:39to the law of assumption I just feel
01:41like it's not the best way to explain
01:43what's going on so it can be a little
01:45confusing people are like well what's a
01:47vibration and how do I hold a vibration
01:49and am I supposed to hold a vibration
01:50all the time
01:51to me the equivalent of vibration in the
01:55law of assumption world the law of
01:57assumption would call it a state
01:59Neville Goddard would call it a state
02:01your state of being right and rather
02:05than trying to hold a vibration that is
02:08a match for your desire which what does
02:10that even mean it's not even really
02:12clear on how to do that in the Law of
02:14Attraction Community from my perspective
02:16and the law of assumption Community what
02:19we say is you want to embody the wish
02:23fulfilled you want to focus on who you
02:26are and you want to become the person
02:31who is living in this state of already
02:34having your desire
02:36now when you're living in the state of
02:38having your desire you're not there 100
02:40of the time if you're manifesting a
02:43relationship you don't have to a hundred
02:45percent of the time feel like you're in
02:48the relationship think like you're in
02:49the relationship that's not your job
02:51states don't last 100 of the time but
02:55what we are doing when we're practicing
02:57the law of assumption is we're
02:59practicing a new storyline we're
03:01practicing new thoughts we're practicing
03:03imaginal acts that for moments at a time
03:07make us feel like we are this person who
03:11has our desire
03:12so I talk about this in my course
03:14embodied millionaire where I teach
03:16people how to become millionaires using
03:18the law of assumption your work is to if
03:21you're manifesting a million dollars
03:23your work is to
03:25start thinking and feeling and acting
03:28like and imagining that you already have
03:31a million dollars
03:33the reason you're doing that is that is
03:35embodying the state of the wish
03:37fulfilled and when you change when you
03:42become a person who thinks and feels and
03:45believes you will have a million dollars
03:46when that is who you become that is
03:49called self-concept who we are who we
03:52identify with then you will naturally
03:55create the reality where that is true
03:58so with Law of Attraction it's more like
04:00attracting two things together I'm
04:03attracting this million dollars to me
04:05with law of assumption you want to think
04:07of it as I'm becoming the millionaire
04:10that's my job or I'm becoming the wife
04:13or I'm becoming the mother whatever it
04:16is that you are manifesting you're
04:19becoming that person who already has
04:22that desire now
04:24it gets a little confusing when when I
04:27say you're becoming that person now
04:29all it means is you're using your
04:32imagination to think like that person
04:34now to feel like that person now to tell
04:37the inner story The self-talk that you
04:40are that person now that's all you're
04:43doing you're changing your inner
04:44dialogue you're changing your story
04:46you're changing your affirmations you're
04:48changing what you're telling yourself
04:49you're changing what's going on inside
04:51of you to feel like this new person okay
04:54so the main difference is Law of
04:57Attraction you're attracting something
04:59with your energy or with your vibration
05:01it's a little bit confusing exactly how
05:04you're doing that law of assumption is a
05:06little more clear and it's
05:08um yeah it feels more accurate what
05:11you're doing is you're stepping into
05:13being the person who has your desire if
05:16you want to learn how to step into how
05:18to be the person who has your desire any
05:21desire you want definitely check out my
05:23self-study courses below also check out
05:25my free ebooks and thanks so much for
05:28being here I'll see you soon
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FAQs about This YouTube Video

1. What is the difference between the Law of Attraction and the Law of Assumption in manifesting?

The Law of Attraction focuses on vibration, while the Law of Assumption emphasizes embodying the desired state of being. This makes the Law of Assumption a clearer and more accurate approach to manifesting.

2. How does the Law of Assumption provide a clearer approach to manifesting?

The Law of Assumption provides a clearer approach by emphasizing the embodiment of the desired state of being, rather than solely focusing on vibration. This clarity leads to a more accurate and effective manifestation process.

3. Can you explain the concept of embodying the desired state of being in the Law of Assumption?

Embodying the desired state of being in the Law of Assumption means living and acting as if the desired manifestation has already occurred. This involves a deep sense of faith and conviction in the reality of the desired state.

4. What does the speaker mention about free manifesting books and self-study courses?

The speaker mentions the availability of free manifesting books and self-study courses for further learning. These resources can provide valuable insights and guidance for those interested in deepening their understanding of manifesting.

5. How can one benefit from exploring the difference between the Law of Attraction and the Law of Assumption?

Exploring the difference between the two laws can help individuals gain a clearer understanding of manifesting and choose a more effective approach. It can also lead to discovering valuable resources such as free manifesting books and self-study courses for further learning.

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