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This video provides tips on studying effectively, drawing inspiration from the character Light Yagami from Death Note, emphasizing the importance of sleep, reducing screen time, and implementing a revisiting technique to reinforce learning.
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The preparation stage of studying like Light Yagami involves getting enough sleep consistently for at least a week.
Sleep deprivation reduces concentration and slows down thinking ability.
Getting 8 hours of sleep is crucial for optimal learning and comprehensive ability.
The importance of staying away from devices and social media for better concentration and mental health is discussed, using Light Yagami from Death Note as an example.
Many people claim to study for hours but end up checking their phones every 10 minutes.
Social media is designed to consume your time and manipulate your emotions.
Deleting social media apps can improve concentration, clarity, mental health, and allow for better time management.
Tips for effective studying and learning:
Delete social media accounts to break free from mind control.
Plan your study sessions and create a tick list.
Focus on a specific area of study rather than broad topics.
Be genuinely interested in the topic you are studying and dedicate your time and effort to it.
The video discusses the importance of making studying a part of one's identity and the technique of revisiting topics multiple times for effective learning.
Social media should be avoided as it can distract from studying.
The 5-30 technique involves revisiting the same topic 5 times within 30 days to improve memory retention.
Revisiting topics is crucial for drilling information into the mind and flashcards can be a helpful tool.
The creator of the video has used these techniques to learn various skills and is writing an eBook on effective learning.
00:18Light Yagami is the smartest student in his school and one of the smartest character s
00:22to ever appear in an anime. People get confused by light yagami s character, thinking that
00:26the death note made him smart, however, this is not the case, Light Yagami was a genius
00:31even before the death note was introduced. The death note was only a catalyst to introduce
00:35Light Yagami s dark nature. So, how can you study to reach Light Yagami s intelligence
00:40level? What are the best techniques to use? And how can you apply them?
00:44Welcome to The Power Analysis, this is where I break down your favourite anime characters
00:48and give you realistic methods on how to become like them. Please consider subscribing if
00:52you would enjoy that type of content. I am going to explain 3 steps to study like
00:57light yagami, the order being the preparation stage, learning stage, and revisiting stage.
01:02You must not skip the video and you must not skip any steps, by doing so, you can miss
01:06out on crucial information, and you ll just signal to me that you re a weak person, incapable
01:11of doing simple things. But what you do is entirely up to you, so without further ado,
01:17here s how to study like light yagami.
01:32You may believe that the preparation stage is unimportant, but you re wrong. Studies
01:36have shown that all sorts of things contribute to your learning and comprehensive ability.
01:40So before we move onto stage 2 and 3, you need to do this first:
01:441. Make sure you ve been getting 8 hours of sleep consistently for at least a week. Sleep
01:50deprivation is not a joke, it reduces concentration, and it will slow down your thinking ability.
01:55This must be for 8 hours, no exceptions. We sleep for a third of our lives and you re
02:00telling me that sleep is not that important?
02:032. Stay away from devices and social media. Most people say that they study for 4 hours,
02:09but what they really did was check their phones every 10 minutes. Let s be honest, in today
02:13s world, we have weak people, who can t even concentrate on a book, a 10 minute youtube
02:18video, or even a 30 second video. Society is trying to make us weak, and they ve already
02:23succeeded. Today s men have the testosterone of a 90 year old man, we re seeing simps who
02:28pay for a woman s onlyfans because they re too scared to get the real thing, we praise
02:32weakness whilst strength is looked down upon, and us men, are getting too comfortable. So
02:38how do we combat this? By rejecting the source. Teens nowadays spend up to 9 hours of screentime
02:43a day, and yet, no one is batting an eye. Did you know that the creators of these social
02:48media apps don t let their children use them? That s a big red flag right? And yet we don
02:53t stop to think why?
02:54Well, you see, Social media is designed to suck your time away, to constantly bombard
02:59you with media that ignites different emotions. The more you stay on the app, the more the
03:03companies get paid. Light Yagami did not indulge himself in social media, he had better things
03:08to do, and because his mind wasn t hypnotized by likes and followers, he had a clear mind.
03:14Completely deleting your social media apps will give you so much clarity that you ll
03:17feel like a huge weight has been lifted off your shoulders. You won t have to worry about
03:22likes, comments, who followed who, what this person did over the weekend, nothing. Once
03:27you get rid of social media like Instagram, snapchat, twitter, tiktok, and any other media
03:32that is designed like a slot machine, you will not only improve your concentration,
03:36clarity, and mental health, but you will also regain the most precious resource in the world,
03:42I ll display 2 methods that you can use, beginner method and the expert method.
03:47The beginner method includes not using any devices at all in the first 3 hours of waking
03:52up. No news, no music, no videos, no tweets, or photos. This will improve your discipline,
03:58and you will have a fresh mind as soon as you wake up.
04:01The expert method includes deleting your social media accounts. Not social media apps, but
04:06social media accounts. I think Youtube is an exception, since it is considered to be
04:11a search engine, which is useful for studying. What this will allow you to do is break free
04:15from the chains of mind control, and you can start thinking for yourself, rather than following
04:20the herd.
04:223. Planning is the last step. If you write down on paper what you need to get done, you
04:28will be more successful than not writing anything down at all. What you need is a tick list.
04:33Plan out when you will study, and what you will study. You can even dig deeper. If you
04:37re going to study psychology, what area will you focus on? Facial expressions or body movement?
04:43If it s body movement, then will you focus on hand signals or posture?
04:47Studying broad topics won t help you, like Robert Greene said, You gain more by finding
04:51a rich mine and mining it deeper, than by flitting from one shallow mine to another
04:56intensity defeats extensity every time.
05:12I won t tell you what to study, you will have to decide that for yourself. However, I can
05:17give you a piece of my wisdom that will help make your process much quicker. It may seem
05:21obvious, but sometimes it s hard to do. Be genuinely interested in that topic. You need
05:26to understand that you won t succeed in learning if you don t like what you re studying, which
05:31is why I m not telling you what to study. What you must do to be highly proficient in
05:35what you re studying is basically give your soul to it. Some people will think I m crazy,
05:40but every time I succeeded in what I wanted to achieve, whether that s getting good at
05:44something, or getting an award, I dedicated all of my time to it. I even sacrificed my
05:49eating and gym habits for that thing I wanted. You almost have to become one with it, it
05:53has to become a part of your identity. This is the reason why I told you to get rid
05:58of social media. Since social media is highly addictive, you will be juggling 2 things at
06:03once, and since social media is more stimulating than what you re studying, you will quickly
06:07lose interest and focus.
06:10REVISITING STAGE This is the stage that will actually keep
06:13the information that you learned, in your mind. But before I explain this last crucial
06:17technique, make sure to like the video if it helped you out in any way.
06:21I call this the 5-30 technique. Why is it called that? Because you revisit the same
06:26topic 5 times within 30 days. Here s what happens, the first time you learn something,
06:30it is said that you only remember 20% of the information, but, if you revisit the same
06:35topic 8 hours later, you will remember 40%. The next day, if you revisit it again, you
06:41would have remembered 60% of it. I will drop a graph for you to look at that was shown
06:46to me by the Life Skills company. The important information that you can gather from this
06:50is that revisiting topics is crucial. Your mind has to be constantly reminded about what
06:55you have learned, you basically have to drill it into your head with force, but in a way
06:59that is enjoyable. And the way that I find it enjoyable, rather than reading the same
07:03book over and over again, is to buy some flash cards and use those.
07:07I am writing an eBook which will give you a step by step guide on how to learn anything
07:11at all effectively in a small amount of time. I used my techniques to learn how to speak
07:16and write English, when I ve only been in the united kingdom for a couple of years.
07:20I used my techniques to figure out the TikTok algorithm. Getting 100,000 followers on tiktok
07:25in one month. I also learned how to edit my youtube videos within a couple of weeks, which
07:29was only done through dedication on trying to help my viewers out by making it more informative
07:34and visually appealing. If you guys are interested in this eBook, please let me know down in
07:38the comments, since I don t want to offer anything that you re not interested in.
07:42So yeah, I hope you guys enjoyed this video. Please support this channel by hitting the
07:45subscribe button, and see you guys in the next one.
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FAQs about This YouTube Video

1. How can I study effectively using inspiration from Light Yagami from Death Note?

To study effectively, you can draw inspiration from the character Light Yagami by adopting his disciplined and strategic approach towards learning. Use his determination and focus as motivation to set specific study goals and create a study schedule.

2. Why is sleep important for effective studying?

Sleep is crucial for effective studying as it allows the brain to consolidate and organize information learned throughout the day. It also improves memory retention and cognitive function, essential for successful learning.

3. How can I reduce screen time to enhance my study habits?

To reduce screen time and improve study habits, consider setting specific time limits for using electronic devices and incorporate regular breaks to rest your eyes. Additionally, prioritize offline study materials and engage in outdoor activities to balance screen exposure.

4. What is the revisiting technique and how can it reinforce learning?

The revisiting technique involves periodically reviewing previously learned material, which reinforces synaptic connections in the brain and enhances memory retention. By integrating revisiting into your study routine, you can strengthen your understanding and long-term retention of the subject matter.

5. How can I integrate the tips from the video into my study routine?

You can integrate the tips from the video into your study routine by creating a personalized study plan that incorporates elements such as setting specific goals, prioritizing quality sleep, reducing screen time, and implementing the revisiting technique. Consistency and dedication in following the plan will lead to improved academic performance.

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