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The video explores how much muscle can be built naturally versus with the use of steroids through real world examples and scientific studies. Studies show that the average natural lifter can gain 20-40 pounds of muscle mass while the potential gains for steroid users can easily double or even triple that amount. However, using steroids also comes with potential downsides and health risks.
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The narrator discusses the amount of muscle that can be built naturally and with the use of steroids.
The narrator shares their personal experience as a natural bodybuilder, gaining around 27 pounds of muscle over 15 years.
Studies show that men tend to reach their natural potential after gaining 20 to 40 pounds of muscle mass, while women tend to max out after gaining 12 to 24 pounds.
Gradually increasing the natural potential through advanced training and diet strategies is possible but will have marginal effects.
The video discusses the difference in muscle development between natural bodybuilders and those who use steroids.
The YouTuber in the example gained 43 pounds of muscle over 10 years of lifting.
Examples of bodybuilders from the pre-steroid era are given to show natural muscle development.
Steroids can significantly enhance muscle growth, as shown in a famous study from 1996.
The dosage of steroids varies depending on the individual, with higher doses being used by high-level competitive bodybuilders.
For an entry level enhanced user, 100 milligrams is considered high.
Doses of 150 to 200 milligrams per week are more representative of "Sports trt" or fitness industry levels.
Doses of 300 plus milligrams per week are considered enhanced territory.
Entry level bodybuilder cycles typically range from 500 to 600 milligrams per week.
In the very competitive ranks, professional bodybuilders may take upwards of 1,000 milligrams per week, and sometimes as high as 4,000 to 5,000 milligrams per week.
In a study, the lowest dose of testosterone (25 milligrams per week) added just under one pound of muscle, while the highest dose (600 milligrams per week) added about 20 pounds of muscle in 20 weeks.
Sean, a world-class natural bodybuilder, gained around 20 pounds of muscle naturally before enhancing, and then added another 60 pounds after enhancing.
Sean weighed 130 pounds on stage before enhancing.
Chris Bumstead, a classic bodybuilder, gained 55 pounds of muscle naturally before enhancing.
Chris started lifting at the age of 14 and grew to be 225 pounds by the time he was 19.
Steroids can significantly increase muscle gains, but they also come with potential side effects such as high blood pressure, heart attacks, and visual side effects like gyno and balding.
Steroids can double or triple gains depending on genetics and dosage.
Natural lifters can expect 20 to 40 pounds of muscle gain, while moderate steroid doses can add another 20 to 40 pounds.
Steroids have potential downsides including heart effects, high blood pressure, blood clots, and visual side effects like gyno and balding.
It is important to understand the risks and potential benefits of steroids before deciding to use them.
00:00in this video I'm going to tell you
00:01exactly how much muscle it's possible to
00:03build naturally and how much muscle it's
00:05possible to build using steroids by
00:07looking at real world examples and
00:09scientific studies let's start with
00:10what's possible naturally now I'm
00:12definitely not the best natural
00:13bodybuilder in the world but I did win a
00:15gold medal at Canadian natural
00:16bodybuilding Nationals so I'll use
00:17myself as an example of a natural
00:19bodybuilder I've been training without
00:21steroids for about 15 years I weigh 160
00:24pounds when I'm lean and 180 pounds when
00:26I'm balked at five foot five inches tall
00:28like most people I put on most of my
00:30muscle in my first five years of lifting
00:32both of my parents were bodybuilders so
00:34I trained pretty hard from the start in
00:35my first five years I gained around 20
00:37pounds of muscle over the next five
00:39years I put on a little more muscle but
00:41not as much only another five pounds or
00:43so then in the next five years after
00:44that it was even less maybe one or two
00:46pounds add it all up and that's 27
00:49pounds or 12 kilos of muscle that I've
00:51built in total and while some people
00:53will build more some people will build
00:54less every natural lifter doing most
00:56things right will experience a similar
00:58growth curve with faster growth at the
01:00beginning and slower growth as they
01:02approach their so-called natural genetic
01:04sealing and research backs this up
01:06studies show that men tend to max out
01:07their natural potential after gaining 20
01:09to 40 pounds or 9 to 18 kilos of muscle
01:12mass and women tend to max out their
01:14natural potential after gaining 12 to 24
01:16pounds of muscle and while I think it is
01:18possible to gradually nudge that ceiling
01:20up with Advanced Training and diet
01:21strategies that nudging will be marginal
01:23now of course in order to max out your
01:25natural potential you need to do things
01:26consistently well with your training and
01:28diet this means that you train hard
01:30regularly approaching failure you
01:32maintain consistent technique you do
01:34enough training Volume 5 to 15 sets per
01:36muscle per week is a good ballpark you
01:38do a variety of exercises and you aim to
01:40add some weight or some reps to those
01:42exercises over time on the diet side of
01:45things you need to eat enough calories
01:46ideally being in a moderate caloric
01:48Surplus for at least half your lifting
01:50time and you need to eat enough protein
01:52ideally eating at least 0.7 grams of
01:54protein per pound of body weight or 1.6
01:57grams per kilo if you do all of this for
01:59five to ten years you'll almost
02:00certainly gain 20 to 40 pounds of muscle
02:03and come pretty close to maximizing your
02:04natural potential and here are a couple
02:06examples of natural bodybuilders that I
02:08think have either reached or very close
02:10to reaching their Peak natural
02:11development this is Alex Leonidas a
02:13fellow YouTuber who put on roughly 40
02:15pounds of muscle in 13 years of lifting
02:17at five foot six inches tall he's 120
02:20pounds in the before photo and 160
02:22pounds in the after photo at a similar
02:24body fat percentage he's also done
02:26several extended bulks where he's got as
02:28high as 200 pounds at around 20 body fat
02:31so it wasn't like those 40 pounds went
02:32on completely lean without ever gaining
02:34any body fat and I've heard Alex argue
02:36that you need to spend some time in a
02:37surplus and at a slightly higher body
02:39fat to maximize your natural muscular
02:41potential as a taller example this is
02:43Jeffrey Verity Scofield another fellow
02:45YouTuber who put on roughly 43 pounds of
02:47muscle across 10 years of lifting at six
02:49feet tall he's 150 pounds in the before
02:51photo and 193 pounds in the after photo
02:54at a similar body fat percentage once
02:57again it's worth mentioning that Jeff
02:58did a series of bulks and cuts getting
03:00up to 224 pounds at his Peak bulk weight
03:02before cutting down to 193. now just in
03:05case there are a few people who think
03:06these examples aren't actually natural
03:08and we're secretly taking steroids to
03:10advance our Fitness careers let's
03:11consider a few two examples of
03:12bodybuilders from the pre-steroid era
03:14anabolic steroids weren't isolated and
03:16synthesized until the early 1930s and
03:19weren't made injectable until 1935 so
03:22any bodybuilder prior to that date
03:23couldn't have been using them and here
03:25are some examples of impressive
03:26bodybuilders from that era who had to be
03:28natural as a matter of historical fact
03:30there were impressive strong men and
03:32strong women from the 1920s and earlier
03:34displaying incredible muscularity and
03:36leanness there were even some
03:37bodybuilders from the 1800s rocking
03:39amazing all-natural physiques but of
03:41course both training and nutrition
03:42methods have improved a lot in the last
03:44hundred years and there are more people
03:46into bodybuilding these days so it's
03:47extremely unlikely that these
03:49pre-steroid era bodybuilders represent
03:51the Pinnacle of what's possible
03:52naturally the best modern natural
03:54bodybuilders achieve even better
03:55development but given the availability
03:57of steroids today there'll always be
03:58some skepticism around their true Natty
04:01okay so what do steroids add well let's
04:04start with the science this is one of
04:06the most famous studies on anabolic
04:07steroids by Boston and colleagues from
04:091996. you may have seen it before they
04:12split 43 subjects into one of four
04:14groups group one didn't train or take
04:16steroids they didn't do anything group
04:18two trained naturally without taking
04:20steroids group 3 trained enhanced they
04:23did take steroids and group four did not
04:25train but still took steroids so there
04:28was a natural group that didn't train a
04:29natural group that did train an enhanced
04:32group that did train and an enhanced
04:34group that didn't train after 10 weeks
04:36these were the findings the group that
04:37didn't train or take steroids
04:39unsurprisingly gained only a negligible
04:41amount of muscle mass nothing
04:43significant the group that trained
04:44naturally gained 4.4 pounds of muscle in
04:4710 weeks not bad at all but here's what
04:49happened to the group that trained and
04:51took steroids they added
04:5313.4 pounds of muscle on average that's
04:57more than three times the amount of
04:59muscle gained by simply injecting 600mg
05:01of testosterone per week everything else
05:04was the same but that's not the craziest
05:06part the group that took steroids and
05:08did not even train they gained ready
05:12seven pounds of muscle in 10 weeks
05:14that's more than one and a half times
05:16the muscle gained by the natural
05:18training group without even training
05:20let's consider the dosing though they
05:22injected 600 milligrams of testosterone
05:24per week which got me wondering if
05:25that'd be considered a high dose or a
05:27low dose by today's bodybuilding
05:29standards to help me answer this
05:30question I spoke with an anonymous
05:32anabolics expert about how much steroids
05:34people actually take in the most famous
05:36studies on this they give people 600
05:38milligrams of testosterone per week
05:40would you consider that a high dose
05:42moderate dose or low dose it depends on
05:45the context of the individual I would
05:47say for an entry level enhanced user it
05:50would be high at 100 milligrams you're
05:53typically looking at what is
05:55representative of therapeutic hormone
05:57replacement as you get to 150 to 200
06:00milligrams per week you're looking at
06:02what is more representative of like some
06:04people call it Sports trt it's kind of
06:06like the fitness industry trt kind of
06:08levels where you are pushing a
06:10borderline super physiologic free test
06:12level perpetually even though your total
06:14T looks normal on paper as you get to
06:16300 plus you're kind of in enhanced
06:18territory now even though you were
06:20already enhanced right before that and
06:23then at 500 to 600 that's entry level
06:26bodybuilder cycle territory I would say
06:28and then to represent what could be seen
06:31at a professional level in the very
06:34competitive ranks you see upwards of at
06:36minimum oftentimes 1 000 milligrams a
06:39week but as high as four to five
06:40thousand milligrams a week per week
06:43you've heard of people doing that I've
06:46seen it that's very helpful thank you so
06:48the 600 milligrams used in that study
06:50would be considered a high dose by trt
06:52standards but is more on the moderate to
06:54low end compared to what many high-level
06:56competitive bodybuilders take and it
06:58turns out that dosing matters a lot in
07:012001 the same research group did a
07:03follow-up study to see how much muscle
07:04mass changes with different doses of
07:06steroids this time 61 subjects were
07:09given five different doses of
07:10testosterone they injected either 25 50
07:13125 300 or 600 milligrams per week for
07:1820 weeks and this is how much muscle
07:19they gained the lowest dose added just
07:21under one pound of muscle and the amount
07:23of muscle gained increased right
07:25alongside the steroid dosage with the
07:26group taking the biggest dose adding
07:28just about 20 pounds of muscle in 20
07:30weeks that's one pound of muscle per
07:33week on average this isn't the highest
07:35responder this is the average think
07:38about that I might put on one pound of
07:39muscle in the next year if I'm lucky as
07:41a late stage natural these guys put on
07:43one pound of muscle per week by taking
07:46600 milligrams of test oh I guess I
07:48should also mention they didn't lift
07:50weights in this study zero lifting they
07:53just took steroids that's how much of a
07:55difference they can make but again many
07:56ifbb bodybuilders wouldn't even consider
07:58600 milligrams a high dose my anonymous
08:01source told me that he knows competitive
08:02bodybuilders that take five to ten times
08:04that amount so let's take a break from
08:06the studies and have a look at what
08:07steroids actually do in the wild for
08:10this I want to look at two examples Sean
08:12Clarita and Chris Bumstead John Clarita
08:14is the reigning 212 Mr Olympia Champion
08:16but not many people know that before he
08:18began his ifbb pro career he was a
08:20world-class natural bodybuilder in fact
08:22he reached the Pinnacle of what's
08:24possible naturally before ever enhancing
08:26something I strongly respect as a
08:28natural competitor at the wmbf natural
08:30bodybuilding world the most stringently
08:32drug tested event in the world Sean
08:34weighed 130 pounds or 59 kilos on stage
08:37we can assume he was maxing out his
08:38training and nutrition at this time
08:39because come on Harry is repping 900
08:42pounds on the leg press and here he is
08:44training his arms from the same year
08:45this guy has always trained super hard
08:47so based on some rough math and what I
08:49could find on line it looks like he
08:50added something around 20 pounds
08:52naturally going from 110 pounds to 130
08:55pounds at five foot two inches tall then
08:57after reaching the Pinnacle of this
08:58board naturally he started enhancing and
09:00added wait for it another 60 pounds to
09:04his physique that's three times the
09:06amount of muscle that he built naturally
09:08Chris Bumstead is the reigning Mr
09:09Olympia classic physique champion and is
09:12without a doubt one of the greatest
09:13classic bodybuilders of all time Chris
09:15started lifting at the age of 14 when he
09:17weighed 170 pounds or 77 kilos at six
09:20foot one inches tall over the next five
09:22years of Maddie training he grew to be
09:24225 pounds or 102 kilos by the time he
09:27was 19. that's a 55 pound increase in
09:30body weight now of course some people
09:32will argue that Chris wasn't actually
09:33Natty in this after image but I believe
09:35he was here's what he looked like at 17.
09:37he's already bigger than most natural
09:39lifters that I know and we also have
09:40screenshots at the exact day when his
09:42coach said that he started his first
09:43cycle and this image was taken before
09:45that day so it seems most likely to me
09:47that he was natural here now he may have
09:49the best genetics on a planet but
09:50somebody has to be the best by
09:52definition alright so Chris added 55
09:54pounds of muscle naturally after
09:55enhancing he now weighs 264 pounds in
09:58the off season at what looks like a
09:59similar body fat to these previous
10:01images so an extra 40 pounds added in
10:03this case it does look like Chris built
10:05most of his muscle naturally which is
10:06damn impressive that leads me to think
10:08that sebum probably isn't taking a huge
10:10amount of gear and could almost
10:11certainly grow a whole lot more if he
10:12wanted to by simply upping the dose not
10:15that I'm suggesting you do that but I
10:16wanted to include this example because I
10:18think it speaks to the power of genetics
10:19when we look at different people's
10:21results from natural lifting there's a
10:22broad range of responses some people
10:24gain very little muscle others gain a
10:26massive amount of muscle with most
10:28people Landing somewhere in the middle
10:29sebum would be way over here by the way
10:31and just like there are genetic
10:32differences in how you respond to
10:33Natural training there are also genetic
10:35differences in how you respond to
10:36anabolics for example in that 2001 study
10:39the worst responding subject added nine
10:41pounds of muscle in 20 weeks while the
10:43best responding subject added 31 pounds
10:47of muscle in 20 weeks without lifting
10:50this guy gained more muscle in five
10:53months of juicing than I did in 15 years
10:55of Natty training
10:58I'm gonna be sick so based on all this
11:00evidence steroids can easily double or
11:02even triple your gains depending on your
11:04genetics and how much you take again for
11:06natural lifters you're looking at 20 to
11:0840 pounds of muscle gain at a more
11:09moderate dose of steroids most people
11:11are probably looking at another 20 to 40
11:13pounds and then if you're willing to
11:14really crank the dose people with good
11:16genetics could certainly add another 20
11:18to 40 pounds or more on top of that but
11:20while steroids do likely have the
11:21biggest potential impact on how much
11:23muscle you gain they also have the
11:25biggest potential for downsides here's a
11:27list of steroid side effects from the
11:28National Institute of Health the heart
11:30effects alone should give us pause
11:31there's a well-established higher risk
11:33of high blood pressure blood clots heart
11:35attacks stroke and Artery damage and
11:38regular steroid users and there are
11:39often unwanted visual side effects like
11:41gyno balding acne abscesses and oily
11:44looking skin and while it certainly is
11:46possible to mitigate some of these Side
11:48Effects by using moderate and controlled
11:49dosages with regular hormonal monitoring
11:51by a medical doctor you're still taking
11:53a gamble on your health when you decide
11:55to enhance
11:56now this isn't an anti-steroid video I
11:59think people should be allowed to do
12:00whatever they want with their own bodies
12:01as long as they're not hurting others
12:03but I also think it's important that
12:04people actually understand what steroids
12:07really do both good and bad if you're
12:09thinking about enhancing I think it'd be
12:11smart to at least max out your natural
12:13potential first this will force you to
12:15understand your body and force you to
12:16learn how to pull the training and
12:18nutrition levers most effectively for
12:20your physique that knowledge will then
12:22Empower you so you don't feel like you
12:24need anabolics and it'll give you enough
12:25time to really make an informed decision
12:27Natty maxing is usually not possible
12:29until at least 10 years of hard smart
12:32and dedicated training so it'd be smart
12:34to get a decade of lifting under your
12:35belt before you even consider juicing in
12:38my opinion and of course if your goal is
12:39to maximize your health it'd be smart to
12:41stay natural unless a medical
12:43professional recommends hormonal
12:44treatment it's also worth mentioning
12:46that given what we know those steroids
12:47and genetics it just doesn't make sense
12:49to judge the value of someone's training
12:51advice based on how big they are for
12:52example it's fairly common for people to
12:54point to enhanced bodybuilders note how
12:56much bigger they are than other lifters
12:57and use that to imply that their
12:59training methods must be better but of
13:01course they're going to be bigger if
13:02they're on steroids especially if they
13:04also have good genetics that doesn't
13:05mean that their training methods are
13:07better it doesn't mean that their
13:08training methods are worse either it's
13:09just not a valid comparison
13:11should determine whether or not someone
13:13has good training advice based on sound
13:15reasoning that reasoning can come from
13:17scientific evidence or anecdotal
13:19evidence or just years of experience but
13:21we need to evaluate that evidence based
13:24on its own merits not based on the size
13:25of the person giving it anyway I thought
13:27this was a fascinating subject to dig
13:29into and I'm curious if you guys are
13:30surprised by how much of a difference
13:31steroids actually make or if that lines
13:33up with what you already thought I
13:35personally knew that they made a big
13:36difference but some of these numbers
13:37surprise me if I'm being honest all
13:39right that's it for this one guys don't
13:40forget to leave me a thumbs up if you
13:41enjoyed the video subscribe if you
13:43haven't already and I'll see you guys
13:44all here in the next one
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FAQs about This YouTube Video

1. How much muscle can a natural lifter gain?

A natural lifter can gain 20-40 pounds of muscle mass.

2. What are the potential gains for steroid users?

Steroid users can easily double or even triple the muscle gains compared to natural lifters.

3. What are the downsides and health risks of using steroids?

Using steroids comes with potential downsides and health risks which need to be carefully considered.

4. What do scientific studies show about muscle gains with steroids?

Scientific studies show that the potential gains for steroid users can easily double or even triple the amount gained by natural lifters.

5. How does the use of steroids impact muscle growth?

The use of steroids can significantly impact muscle growth, leading to much higher potential gains but also associated risks and downsides.

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