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This video discusses the medical secrets used by male porn stars to enhance their performance, covering topics such as hormone therapy, vascular health, and brain function, including the use of medications like testosterone, HCG, and PDE5 inhibitors. The video highlights the importance of understanding these medical secrets in order to improve one's own sexual health and performance.
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Male porn stars use testosterone, steroids, and Psalms to enhance their performance, but it can lead to decreased ejaculation and shut down of testicles.
Male porn stars nowadays use more androgens like testosterone and steroids compared to before.
The use of androgens can result in the shutdown of testicles and decreased ejaculation.
Despite the side effects, these substances can enhance libido and have positive effects on the central nervous system.
The video discusses at-home test kits for checking hormone levels and mentions the use of HCG and Clomid in combating the hypothalamus-pituitary-gonadal axis.
Let's Get Checked provides at-home test kits for comprehensive hormone level testing.
HCG and Clomid are mentioned as methods used to combat the hypothalamus-pituitary-gonadal axis.
The speaker advises against the use of the "shot" and mentions it is fake.
Shrunken testicles in male porn stars are compared to a NASCAR driver with flat tires.
Male porn stars focus on maintaining hard muscles and sex drive, using drugs like Trend, weight loss medicines, human growth hormone, and peptides to enhance performance and reduce refractory period.
They avoid estrogenic big monster drugs and focus on drugs like Trend for sex drive.
They use weight loss medicines and focus on glp-1 Agonist for muscle maintenance.
They use human growth hormone, peptides like CJC, and other drugs to enhance performance.
They also use drugs like caber, pt141, and melatonin 2 to increase spontaneous erections and reduce refractory period.
Some male porn stars use nabivolol and Ace ARB telmisartan to counteract the erectile dysfunction caused by diuretics, while others resort to vasodilators like Trimix or Muse for better blood flow.
Some male porn stars take beta blockers or diuretics for hypertension, which can cause erectile dysfunction.
Nabivolol and Ace ARB telmisartan are used by some porn stars to counteract the erectile dysfunction caused by diuretics.
Trimix is a vasodilator that is injected into the penis for better blood flow, while Muse is a prostaglandin E1 medicine.
Premature ejaculation can be treated with behavioral therapy and medication such as Zoloft and Paxil epoxetine.
Behavioral therapy is the first step to work on premature ejaculation.
Zoloft and Paxil epoxetine are antidepressants that can help men hold longer during sex.
These medicines affect libido as well.
00:00porn star medical Secrets as I've taken
00:04care of a number of real professional
00:06porn stars over the last 20 years as a
00:09doctor and more recently I've taken care
00:13of more and more men that are swingers
00:15this is just something that I'm seeing
00:18more and more and what are their medical
00:21Secrets why they've come to me to get
00:24evaluated not just testosterone and
00:27steroids so I want to give this
00:29information strictly to you guys in the
00:32world to learn something because yeah
00:35these are porn stars but if you want to
00:37look at the best drivers in the world
00:39you look at NASCAR and professional race
00:41car drivers isn't it cool to like learn
00:43what they do and the top experts in any
00:46field well these are the top sex experts
00:49in the world hands down so what do they
00:53do to keep up here we go
00:55I've broken it down into three discrete
01:00categories hormone relationships
01:03vascular blood flow and then brain CNS
01:07let's get right up to the top
01:23so back in the day porn star guys this
01:27is again this is for men not women women
01:29whole different thing but there are some
01:33back in the day poor stars were much
01:36more Natty than they are today today
01:39I've consulted with these guys there's
01:42definitely more guys on androgens this
01:45day and age because there's more people
01:47are on steroids and testosterone let's
01:50talk about that when a male porn star
01:52gets on androgens testosterone or
01:56steroids and even Psalms
01:58his testicles get shut off right so now
02:01they've told me Doc you're a porn star
02:04you're you got little testicles that's a
02:07tough deal but even worse is
02:10the [ __ ] shot right so the ejaculation
02:14when you're on testosterone just
02:16testosterone not to mention steroids
02:18long enough the ejaculation goes down
02:21because the hypothalamus pituitary gonad
02:25axis gets affected and the ejaculation
02:28goes down sex can be great your libido
02:31the CNS effects are great but your
02:34testicles are getting shut down so what
02:37do these guys use if you're watching
02:39this video I'm sure you're concerned for
02:41your testosterone levels in addition to
02:43testosterone you want to check sexually
02:45binding globulin estradiol
02:48free energy and index and potentially
02:51cortisol that's where I want to talk
02:53about today's sponsor let's get checked
02:57there are worldwide leader in at-home
03:00test kits so you can get a comprehensive
03:03look at your testosterone levels and
03:05other labs without even leaving your
03:08you can order a test kit that will be
03:10delivered to you in discrete packaging
03:13once your sample arrives in a laboratory
03:16confidential results will be available
03:18from your secure online account within
03:21two to five business days
03:24these results are reviewed by a
03:26clinician and a member let's get checked
03:29nursing team may call you to review your
03:32results let's get checked Laboratories
03:35or CLIA approved and cap accredited
03:38which are the highest ranking levels of
03:41accreditation for labs
03:43so if you want to test your hormone
03:45levels without having to leave your home
03:48visit try what do these guys use what have
03:55they used to combat the hypothalamus
03:58pituitary gonadal axis HCG that's the
04:02[ __ ] shot guys what else is the [ __ ] shot
04:05they also throw in different serums
04:07typically Clomid but Stephen goes back
04:1020 years ago but I tell you they're
04:12using this stuff more and more this is
04:13why the guys come to me they're
04:15wondering what to do and they know this
04:16already also for the [ __ ] shot it's fake
04:21guys don't tell anyone about that keep
04:23it down just between me and you guys
04:25it's fake it's a hose
04:29it's a hose they tell me so I don't know
04:33about this stuff you guys give me
04:34comments on this if you know about that
04:37back to the shrunken testicles for a
04:39porn star that's like that's like a
04:42NASCAR guy driving drunk on the field
04:44out there in the track and driving with
04:46flat tires that's not going to work so
04:49what else do these guys do beyond the
04:52HCG and it doesn't always work right the
04:55ACG can make it even more shut down they
04:58use a lot of other pets but this is more
05:01just a list of pads I want to give that
05:04I know that they've told me they use
05:06because there's just more Peds out there
05:09and these are younger guys now and
05:11they're involved with chemistry and Peds
05:13right A lot of these guys are fan love
05:15you guys of the anabolic dog channel for
05:18the chemistry the real chemistry they've
05:20they've done Clenbuterol but they say
05:22they don't like it cleanse shakes not
05:24good when you're on sex scene fibroid
05:26perhaps not really insulin and other
05:30pads because some of these guys are
05:31bodybuilder-ish look at the bodies on
05:34some of these young porn stars they're
05:36on steroids they get involved they
05:38realize that they don't want heavy duty
05:40steroids like Anadrol I just want to
05:43bench big boom that's all I want to do
05:45but these guys don't want to bench big
05:48they want to have great sex scenes they
05:50want to be porn stars they are porn
05:52stars so they don't care about Anadrol
05:55and d-ball like I used to and just
05:57getting big and strong they just want to
06:00to have great hard muscles they don't
06:03use those estrogenic big monster drugs
06:06right but they do run some Trend because
06:08it's a sex drive but then you get into
06:10this problem shut down as we talked
06:13about the atrophy testicles and the
06:15Brain these guys if they have Ed that's
06:18definitely going to be a killer that's a
06:20business killer they're fired so they
06:22also use weight loss medicines focus on
06:25this guys glp-1 Agonist I'll have a
06:28whole bunch of videos for that on the
06:29app so metformin a little bit human
06:32growth hormone no question if they could
06:34afford it and they can get they can get
06:36it other peptides CJC and all these
06:38different peptides falls under sarms and
06:41all this stuff it's not Psalms but you
06:43get in the peptide sites
06:45cableing Cape vergling we'll talk about
06:47that down here in the CNS this is uh
06:51this is dopaminergic central nervous
06:53system stuff with getting refractory
06:56having you know refractory period is
06:59after you have sex and you ejaculate
07:01what's the time between you could have
07:03it again you know young guys classically
07:06can just go within another hour even 20
07:08minutes you get older refractory period
07:10goes long right caber is a big piece of
07:13this right it's craziness guys it's
07:15amazing that this is all science
07:17pt141 melatonin 2. these are sex drugs
07:21right so injectable drugs work on the
07:23brain again increase spontaneous
07:25erections these guys have done all this
07:28stuff but a lot of this stuff backfires
07:30because they feel horrible they they
07:33flush they may look terrible they're
07:35sick feeling and the erections are all
07:37over the place so very complex so that's
07:40the hormone side next vascular this is
07:44huge right here vascular pd5 Inhibitors
07:49phosphodiesterase number five Viagra
07:52Cialis Levitra Stendra this is the money
07:55back in the 90s we realized that
07:58you're you're to have great erections
08:01and sex you need the hormones the brain
08:03the CNS and you need blood flow that
08:06erection is all blood flow so these
08:09medicines increase nitric oxide into the
08:13Corpus calvinosum and they they make the
08:16erection better or they give you an
08:19erection but they make it better and
08:20long lasting so this is a billion dollar
08:23trillion dollar business over 20 years
08:25right so Viagra Cialis now when I go
08:29into this I'm going to give you some
08:31Secrets here guys but again on the app
08:33I'm going to give even more direct
08:35access and I'm going to tell you the
08:37exact drugs and doses I can't do it here
08:39YouTube it's not cool here for YouTube
08:41so I have to have a private medium
08:43anabolic get on it learn my
08:46secrets access me to in the group
08:48meetings and all the great stuff we have
08:50on the anabolic doc app that's why I did
08:53so blood flow when when some of these
08:57porn stars are getting older some of the
08:59old porn stars are great man guys my age
09:02these are the Masters right so they have
09:05hypertension blood pressure goes up guy
09:07realizes you got to treat that so the
09:10doctor gives them say a beta blocker
09:12right or or a diuretic just it's not a
09:15great medicine that's a whole nother
09:17story it's not probably a great medicine
09:18first line but the doc doesn't know any
09:20better maybe he's got some other writ
09:22issues or heart disease boom takes
09:24metoprolol Atenolol maybe some diuretics
09:28like Hydrochlorothiazide that could be a
09:30good drug for the guy but causes
09:32erectile dysfunction so there's been
09:35Secrets where these guys go on nabiva
09:37law that's a secret right there you want
09:39to talk to your doctor about that Ace
09:41ARB telmosarin again this is just a
09:43teaser more on the app we're all going
09:45to give absolute the indications and
09:48more specific information about the
09:50drugs itself just can't do it here next
09:53in the vasculature in the blood flow
09:55trimix vascular your it's a vasodilator
10:00locally everyone knows that that's
10:02extreme stuff you're injecting into
10:04right into your penis it's extreme stuff
10:06guys men that are older have after
10:09prostate cancer where they remove the
10:11prostate prostatectomy or after a
10:13vascular disease and bypass surgery just
10:16getting older men that are diabetics and
10:19things these pd5 Inhibitors man they
10:21just don't always work on guys you know
10:23it's kind of too late so they have to do
10:25this again life is humbling guys this is
10:28a humble stuff here so Muse it's a
10:30prostaglandin E1 medicine is similar to
10:33the vasodilators and trimex there's
10:36three drugs in that obviously
10:38urethral insert right into the urethra
10:40at the tip it's it's softer than the
10:43injection into the side of the penis and
10:46it vasodilates guys now these guys use
10:48this with this together beware of that
10:51be careful with that priapism that that
10:54erection for four hours that's too you
10:56can't it was it doesn't go away it could
10:58really damage your penis you have to go
11:00to the ER and they have to open that up
11:01and they have to drain that I've seen it
11:03only a handful of times guys
11:05pre-appeared very careful can happen
11:07from these drugs when you're interacting
11:10with different drugs you got to be
11:11careful all right we did the hormone we
11:13did the vascular let's do the brain the
11:16CNS right off the top you got
11:18testosterone makes guys horny makes men
11:21horny that's why they do it but why in
11:25here I have Trend also up top here this
11:27is an overlap obviously where hormonal
11:30aspect but it's hitting the brain you're
11:32horny so a lot of these young porn stars
11:34and swingers and just and just regular
11:37guys like me and you guys that just want
11:39to have great sex with their wife or
11:40your partner or maybe you're gay you
11:42have a partner or you just want to have
11:43great sex who cares people want to have
11:45sex don't tell anyone that's a secret
11:47guys I know it's we don't want to talk
11:49about that very much so you look at this
11:52you look at you're horny you're on
11:55testosterone did you need it is it great
11:57now you're up and down right so if these
11:59guys come to me they're up and down
12:01they've done Trend they were phenomenal
12:03for a few weeks now they're now they
12:05have Trend deck or decadec and now they
12:07come to me I have to hit a reset button
12:10hit that reset button and that's man per
12:12man that's just what I do for 20 years
12:14so this is a secret this is premature
12:18ejaculation again like Ed if you're a
12:23porn star or you want to be successful
12:25or happy in sex if you have premature
12:28ejaculation and you're a man you're
12:30that's not good guys first way to work
12:33on that is behavior there's behavioral
12:36therapy I want to make all the sex
12:37therapists proud I'm not just going to
12:39the drugs right now we got to talk about
12:41Behavior okay so premature ejaculation
12:44but let's let's move on beyond the
12:47behavior you do the best you can with
12:49edging and holding and you work on the
12:51positions and all this kind of stuff and
12:53then so this is a huge medical secret
12:56that so many men are not aware of that
12:58we have medicines
13:00they're a class of antidepressants
13:03serotonin specific reuptake Inhibitors
13:06called Zoloft and Paxil epoxetine
13:09outside the United States these
13:12medicines were using a profile a side
13:15effect profile that it affects the
13:18ejaculation where men will be able to
13:21hold longer for a lot of minutes
13:23annoying right they take these medicines
13:25and it affects libido obviously to some
13:27degree but they have depression and
13:29anxiety they have to make a decision on
13:32is it balanced and what's the dose and
13:34that's what I do all day with guys and
13:36then they make a decision if they use
13:38these meds in different doses does it
13:41make it so they can enjoy they can't
13:43come they can't reach orgasm but for a
13:46man it's got premature ejaculation this
13:48is a miracle so guys look into this
13:51research it on the internet and see your
13:53doctors about that next in addition to
13:56the CNF stuff I have to go into April
13:59morphine and caber and some then the
14:03these drugs M MDMA and GHB so April
14:07morphine and caber are dopaminergic
14:10agonists we know the dopaminergic system
14:12in the sex part of the brain very
14:14complicated guys I'm definitely not I
14:16work from the chin down I'm an internist
14:18but I know about this stuff and you can
14:20read into this so when you use these
14:23stimulators it affects sexual behavior
14:26and it has a side effect hyper sexual
14:28behavior hypersexual so that's why
14:31they're using it up here through caber
14:33and it's not just guys that have
14:34decadentic and nor 19 drugs and Tran and
14:37trendic it's just even porn stars and
14:40men will use April morphine you could
14:42read about this there's combination
14:43drugs with this but again guys the side
14:46effect Profiles In These are pretty
14:48extreme nausea vomiting it can make guys
14:52just manic this is a dangerous one if
14:55you have bipolar depression and that's
14:58Mania and if you're a manic because this
15:00is kind of side effect profile that's
15:02dangerous for that you got to be careful
15:05it's technically used for prolactinomas
15:07and for Parkinson's Disease cableing
15:11next lastly the MDMA GHP these are these
15:15Brave party drugs man so they make
15:18people like super chill and really
15:20social they take inhibitions down and
15:23obviously people say they feel
15:25phenomenal as ecstasy man and they
15:28they're hypersexual too and they just
15:30chill and there's studies in Europe
15:32where more women use it because they
15:35want to have group sex and they just
15:36want to like not worry about it man and
15:38they just want to be open and again guys
15:41there's no hate there's no I don't this
15:43there's no judgment Zone here for me it
15:46is what it is but these are the drugs
15:48that are used and it's not those porn
15:49star this is just what you want to take
15:52out of this so I hope this helped this
15:54presentation was really Dynamic and more
15:57entertaining for you guys and I hope
15:59that every every piece here from the
16:02hormonal to the vascular the blood flow
16:05the blood pressure the cholesterol the
16:07diabetes the the real diseases that lead
16:09to vascular issues heart attacks The
16:12Strokes and it affects before the heart
16:15your penis it all goes together if you
16:17have heart disease and diabetes your
16:19penis is going to get affected probably
16:21first again this is this is well known
16:24this is 101 this is like medicine 101
16:27stuff and then the CNS you know with
16:30depression and anxiety and using these
16:32medicines for off-label uses that you
16:35might not know of this is more extreme
16:37stuff stay away from this stuff I think
16:39that's very extreme but this is great
16:40stuff here and trt if you need it
16:43obviously stay away from Trend in my
16:44opinion but it is what it is guys so we
16:47have to get comments this channel is
16:50here for Education open legitimate
16:54education from what I bring to you and
16:58then what you guys run with
17:01with your comments and this is why this
17:03channel is growing so well it's such
17:05great Karma it's open education so men
17:09can make their own decisions about
17:12androgens not to mention about this
17:15ah I really hope this helps you guys
17:19thank you so much
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FAQs about This YouTube Video

1. What are the medical secrets used by male porn stars to enhance their performance?

Male porn stars use medical secrets such as hormone therapy, vascular health, and brain function enhancement, including the use of medications like testosterone, HCG, and PDE5 inhibitors to enhance their performance.

2. Why is understanding the medical secrets used by male porn stars important?

Understanding the medical secrets used by male porn stars is important because it can help improve one's own sexual health and performance.

3. What are the key topics covered in the video about medical secrets used by male porn stars?

The video covers topics such as hormone therapy, vascular health, and brain function, including the use of medications like testosterone, HCG, and PDE5 inhibitors.

4. How can the medical secrets used by male porn stars benefit individuals?

The medical secrets used by male porn stars can benefit individuals by providing insights into enhancing their sexual health and performance.

5. What is the significance of hormone therapy in enhancing male performance?

Hormone therapy plays a significant role in enhancing male performance, and it is one of the medical secrets used by male porn stars to improve their performance.

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