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The video discusses how to make money as a medical courier, delivering sensitive medical supplies, such as lab tests and COVID tests, using your own car. It provides information on various companies that hire medical couriers, the requirements for the job, and the potential earnings. The video also highlights the flexibility and potential for turning this side hustle into a full-time business.
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This section introduces the opportunity of being a medical courier to make money with your own car.
Being a medical courier involves delivering sensitive medical supplies such as lab tests, blood tests, and COVID tests.
The nature of the material being handled commands a higher price tag.
The time-sensitive nature of the deliveries requires prompt and efficient service.
To work as a medical supply driver, you need to have certifications such as HIPAA and blood-borne pathogen certification, and you will be required to take a drug test.
Companies will pay for your certification.
You can use the same certification to apply for different companies.
There are additional steps like background checks and drug/alcohol checks before getting hired.
Applying to multiple companies allows for more job opportunities and flexibility.
Two companies, Lab Logistics and Dropoff, offer side hustle opportunities delivering medical supplies using your own car.
Lab Logistics accepts vehicles as old as 2009 and will reach out to you after the initial screening.
Dropoff pays drivers by delivery, not by hour, so having a truck or van can result in higher earnings.
Dropoff requires drivers to be at least 21 years old, confident in navigating the city, and tech-savvy.
There are several platforms where you can earn money by delivering medical supplies using your own vehicle.
You need to have a van or a box truck.
You should be able to lift at least 50 pounds.
They require your availability to work 24/7, 365 days a year.
Platforms like FRAYT,, and Go Share offer opportunities to earn money delivering medical supplies.
The video discusses the requirements and process of becoming a medical courier with Go Share.
Go Share offers flexible hours, weekly pay, benefits, and the opportunity to build your own delivery business.
The minimum requirements include being at least 18 years old, having a vehicle from 2001 or newer, passing inspection and a background check, having a valid license, speaking English, and meeting the minimum state insurance requirements.
Testimonials from other medical couriers are available on the website.
Interested individuals can apply by filling out the necessary information and waiting for a response from Go Share.
00:00- Hello hello, and welcome everybody.
00:02I am super excited to share this side hustle with you today.
00:06This is something that I have read about before,
00:08and I've been kind of tinkering with it,
00:11deciding whether or not I wanted to share it.
00:13And I realize that there's a lot of people out there
00:15who are driving for Uber, driving for Lyft.
00:18If you know my story, I used to drive for Uber
00:21at night and on weekends.
00:23So there's a big part of my audience out there
00:25that's looking for driving gigs, right?
00:28They're already in their car,
00:29they're driving for Uber, they're driving for Lyft.
00:31Or maybe you're somebody who, you have wheels, right?
00:34You have an automobile and you're wondering,
00:36well hey, how can I make some money with this?
00:38Instead of just having the car sitting in the driveway?
00:41Well, this is the perfect opportunity for you.
00:44Being a medical courier is different than just
00:47delivering for like, UPS,
00:49or delivering for FedEx or something like that.
00:52Because of the sensitivity, right?
00:54Of the material, right?
00:56The nature of the material that you'll be handling,
00:58which is medical supplies.
00:59So you're gonna be handling things like lab tests,
01:01blood tests, COVID tests.
01:03Could be urine samples, specimens, all kinds of things.
01:07With that, comes a higher price tag, right?
01:10You're dealing with a very specialized product,
01:13and then, which means that people are paying
01:15top dollar to have this stuff, let's say,
01:17picked up from a Walgreens,
01:19and then dropped off at a testing lab.
01:21It's time sensitive.
01:22It needs to be there right away.
01:24So they pay companies, who then pay people like you and me,
01:28to go pick up this stuff, and drop it off.
01:30So it is a great, great opportunity,
01:32not just for a side hustle to make some good extra cash,
01:36but there are people even turning this into
01:37a full-time business.
01:39And if you're anything like me, right,
01:40you don't wanna drive a bunch of drunks around.
01:43It's better to just have some boxes in the car
01:45that aren't gonna speak back to you.
01:47So today, what I wanna do is,
01:48I'm actually gonna share with you, let's see here.
01:50I got six companies that I wanna share with you,
01:53where you guys can go and start applying today
01:56for these medical courier positions.
01:58Now, a couple things that I do want to talk about
02:01before we go into these companies,
02:03because this is very important.
02:04Now, what's really great about this job, guys,
02:06is you don't need any experience.
02:08You don't need a degree.
02:09They pay every week, which is great.
02:11Some pay every couple days.
02:13But, there are some things that you need to know
02:15before you go and apply for these jobs.
02:17So I wanna make sure you guys have
02:19all the information upfront before you head to these sites.
02:22So, some of these companies will allow you to be 18.
02:25Most of them require you to be at least 21 years or older.
02:29Also, you have to have a clean driving record.
02:32I hope that goes without saying.
02:33You have to have insurance.
02:34In most cases, your car has to be,
02:37I believe it's, it can't be any older than 10 years.
02:41So 10 is kinda the cutoff.
02:43Anything older than that, they do not accept it.
02:45Some do, but most of them do not.
02:47Also, you do need to have some certification.
02:50So you do need to have a HIPAA certification.
02:53And then a blood-borne pathogen certification,
02:56which simply means you know how to handle
02:58blood tests and specimens and things like that.
03:00But the good news is,
03:01these companies will pay for your certification.
03:04So once you get the certification,
03:05you only have to get it once.
03:06You can use that same certification
03:08and apply for different companies, which is great.
03:11Also, you are gonna be required to take a drug test.
03:14Now, yes, there are a few hoops that you guys
03:17have to jump through before you can get hired,
03:19but I think it's well worth it,
03:21because of the pay and the flexibility.
03:24So, take a little bit of time, right?
03:26Fill out these applications.
03:28Be patient.
03:29They're not gonna get back to you right away.
03:31Some of 'em, it's gonna take a couple days.
03:33They're gonna contact you,
03:35and they're gonna ask you some more questions,
03:36and then they may have you do things like
03:38the background check, the drug and alcohol check,
03:41and things like that.
03:42So be patient, because again,
03:43this is an amazing opportunity.
03:45Now, my recommendation is to apply to all of these, okay?
03:48Because just like driving for Uber or Lyft, right?
03:52You can take different jobs as they come, right?
03:54You could take a ride here,
03:56then you could deliver groceries here.
03:57Then you could pick up someone from Lyft here and Uber next.
04:00Same thing with here.
04:00Maybe you get a couple runs from one company,
04:02and a couple runs from the other.
04:05And, just like Uber, right?
04:07Uber, they have different levels of cars, okay?
04:10So you have like the sedan, then you have the comfort,
04:13then you have the luxury, then you have the SUV.
04:16So obviously the prices get a little bit higher.
04:18Same thing here.
04:19They pay more depending on the car.
04:21Because you can obviously load more stuff into your car.
04:24So if you have a van, or you have a truck, even better.
04:28And a big bonus if you do have past experience
04:31driving for Uber, driving for a Lyft,
04:33or DoorDash or anything like that,
04:35that's something that you definitely wanna
04:36put in your application here,
04:38because they want people who are familiar
04:40with working with mobile apps and GPS and stuff like that.
04:44All right, so let's jump right into it.
04:45Now, the first company, it's called
04:49Now, when you come here,
04:50you'll see on the top right it says Careers.
04:53You don't wanna go to Careers.
04:54You actually wanna go just above here,
04:56above the Our Service.
04:58It says "Drive for us."
04:59You'll click on drive for us,
05:01and then you'll fill out the application here.
05:03Now, this particular company is servicing all 50 states.
05:07That's another thing I wanted to point out.
05:09Some of these companies are only operating
05:10in certain states,
05:11but Lab Logistics, what's good about them,
05:13they are in all 50 states.
05:15You will have to fill out this initial application here,
05:18vehicle make, vehicle model.
05:20And then when you go to vehicle year,
05:22this actually goes as far back as 2009.
05:25So they do take a little bit older of a vehicle,
05:28and then they're gonna ask the best time to reach you.
05:30So once you go through this initial screening,
05:32they will reach out to you probably within a few days,
05:35and then from there, you'll take the next steps.
05:37So that's when, if they feel like you're a good fit,
05:39then they'll start talking more about, okay,
05:40we need to do the background check,
05:42check your insurance, drug test,
05:44and things like that.
05:44So Lab Logistics.
05:46I'll also put the link below for you guys.
05:48All right, the next company is called Dropoff.
05:50Now, when you go to their website, it's simple.
05:53You'll see in the top right it says "Drive for Us."
05:56Now, when you come here,
05:57you can click right on the sign up to drive,
05:59but I wanted to show you a few things here.
06:01When you come down, you know,
06:02definitely check out the Courier Perks, right?
06:05Flexible hours,
06:06obviously you're driving packages, not people.
06:08You get to drive your own car, which is nice.
06:12And then you get paid by delivery.
06:14So this is interesting.
06:15So you're not paid by hour with Dropoff,
06:17you're actually paid by delivery.
06:19So this is where, if you do have a truck or a van,
06:22you can make a lot of money with a company like Dropoff,
06:25because the more you could put in,
06:26the more you're gonna get paid, okay?
06:27So you're paid on that delivery.
06:29So keep that in mind.
06:30Now Dropoff, their requirements,
06:32you do have to be at least 21 years old.
06:35Obviously, you have to be confident in the city
06:37that you will be traveling in.
06:38You do need to be tech savvy.
06:40It says here, couriers must have a registered,
06:43insured, and inspected car, SUV, or van,
06:46that is less than 10 years old, okay?
06:48And you have to have obviously a current driver's license,
06:51and a clean driving record.
06:53But once you come here,
06:55just go up to the sign up to drive,
06:57and then here, they're gonna show you all the different
07:00current openings, okay?
07:01So you're gonna be looking for
07:03the driver contractor position.
07:06So scroll through here, look for your state, your city.
07:09If you don't see it in today,
07:11check back in a couple days, okay?
07:12I do have more to go through with you guys.
07:14So check out
07:17Next up is Reliable Couriers.
07:19When you come to Reliable Couriers,
07:21go up here to the right where it says "company"
07:23and then you'll scroll down to "Jobs now hiring."
07:26And then you'll see here, apply for our delivery jobs.
07:30Now, for this particular company,
07:32they are asking for a resume or cover letter.
07:35Again, like I had mentioned earlier,
07:37if you have experience driving for Uber or Lyft,
07:40obviously you wanna mention that in here,
07:41and you wanna talk about your experience
07:44working with the apps, working with GPS, okay?
07:47And they're gonna ask you about
07:48what type of vehicle do you drive?
07:50SUV, cargo van, box truck.
07:53So if you have a van or a box truck,
07:55put it in there, okay?
07:56And then you're gonna have to list the make and model.
07:58You do need to be able to lift at least 50 pounds.
08:01And then they're asking for
08:02your availability to work, right?
08:04Because they operate 24/7, 365 days a year.
08:09That's another cool thing about this, guys,
08:11is you can make some really good money
08:13working odd hours that most people do not want to work.
08:17Next up is FRAYT, and that's spelled F-R-A-Y-T.
08:22When you come here, you're gonna go to the top right.
08:24It simply says, "drivers".
08:25Go to "apply now".
08:27Now with FRAYT, you're gonna have to download their app
08:30and apply through the app, okay?
08:32So FRAYT, F-R-A-Y-T.
08:35When you come to their site,
08:36you'll go to the application it says here,
08:38and then you can download for smartphone or Android, okay?
08:42Next is
08:45Now, CB Driver,
08:47I love this because you can come in here
08:49and just simply put in your city,
08:52and it'll show you all the jobs available,
08:55and it even shows you what they're paying
08:57based on the type of vehicle that you have.
09:00FedEx uses a lot of sprinter vans.
09:02It's basically a van that kind of has the angled front hood.
09:05That is a sprinter van.
09:07If you have a sprinter van,
09:08you can make some great money here.
09:093100 to 8000 per month.
09:12And then they have multiple vehicle types
09:15that are earning 3500 to 7500 a month.
09:17So come here, take a look at this.
09:19This is really, really cool.
09:21They have all different types of jobs,
09:24and all different types of locations,
09:26for all different types of vehicles.
09:28Again, that is
09:31Last is Go Share.
09:34Now, Go Share breaks down what they pay per vehicle.
09:38So I love this.
09:39If you come to Go Share,
09:40and you simply go up to the drivers tab,
09:43you'll see here, how much can I earn?
09:45So for a pickup truck, $70 per hour,
09:48full size cargo van, 105 an hour.
09:51If you have a box truck, you can earn up to $168 per hour.
09:56And then if you're just a basic courier in a car,
09:58still very good money, up to $45 per hour.
10:02And then when you scroll down here
10:03they show you how it works, right?
10:05Very similar to an Uber or DoorDash.
10:09You have the mobile app, you'll get an alert,
10:11and it may say something like,
10:12"Go to Walgreens and pick up the medical box out front."
10:17If you've ever been at a Walgreens,
10:19and you see those testing boxes out front,
10:21it could be something like that.
10:22And then you'll accept the delivery.
10:24You'll go pick it up, and you'll drop it off.
10:27And then you get paid.
10:28It says, Go Share handles the customer payment
10:30and directly deposits your earnings
10:32within four business days.
10:35So flexible hours, you get paid weekly,
10:38they actually have benefits,
10:39and then build your business, it says here.
10:41We're great at marketing, customer service,
10:43and building apps to make your business run smoothly,
10:46so you can focus on what you do best,
10:47delivering to customers.
10:49So they want you to build a business with them,
10:51which is great.
10:52You are an independent contractor,
10:53but you can get enough business from these companies
10:57where you are running your own
10:59legitimate delivery business, which is great.
11:02And when you scroll to the bottom,
11:04they have some testimonials here,
11:05so you can hear from other medical couriers,
11:07what they have to say, which is great.
11:09And they also list the minimum requirements
11:10here at the bottom.
11:11Now with Go Share, you only have to be 18.
11:14The vehicle must be at least a 2001 or newer.
11:18And of course it has to pass inspection.
11:20And then you have to be able to pass a background check.
11:23All right, so everything I talked about in the beginning,
11:25you have to have a valid license.
11:27You do have to speak English.
11:28And then you must meet the minimum
11:30state insurance requirements.
11:32And then they show their locations at the bottom.
11:34So come down here and check it out.
11:36Make sure you're in one of those locations before you apply.
11:40And then you'll simply go to the Apply button,
11:42and you'll fill out all the information here.
11:45And typically what happens is once you fill out
11:47the initial information, they'll review it,
11:49get back to you in a couple days,
11:51and then you'll take the next steps.
11:54Now, if you're looking for a side hustle
11:55that doesn't require you to be in a vehicle,
11:58driving all over the city,
12:00then I invite you to download my free E-book,
12:02where I break down my entire process of
12:06going from literally zero to over 20K per month
12:10with affiliate marketing.
12:11I break down all the tools I use,
12:12the steps I use, it's absolutely free.
12:14You can grab it below.
12:15It's the first link in the description.
12:18This business model has provided me
12:20with just so much time freedom and financial freedom.
12:23As a stay-at-home dad,
12:24I'm able to spend time with my children,
12:26spend time with my wife, take vacations.
12:29It's just amazing.
12:31And anybody can do this, right?
12:33You just need to learn the skills,
12:34and you can learn the skills, okay?
12:37And I recently had the pleasure of sharing this
12:39in an article with Business Insider,
12:41and I basically broke down my entire process of
12:44going from zero to 20K and how I did it from home,
12:48and literally started from nothing,
12:50had no tech experience.
12:52Basically, I didn't even know how to send a text message
12:54when I first started.
12:55So if I can do it, you can do it, as the old saying goes.
12:59So make sure to download that.
13:00It is in the first link below.
13:02You'll get it right away, check it out.
13:05And I look forward to seeing you guys in the next video.
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FAQs about This YouTube Video

1. How can I start working as a medical courier?

You can start working as a medical courier by applying to companies that specialize in medical delivery services. Look for companies that have open positions for medical couriers and meet their requirements.

2. What are the requirements for being a medical courier?

The requirements for being a medical courier typically include having a valid driver's license, a reliable vehicle, and a clean driving record. Some companies may also require a background check and specific vehicle insurance.

3. How much can I earn as a medical courier?

The earnings as a medical courier can vary based on factors such as the number of deliveries, the distance traveled, and the company you work for. However, many medical couriers have the potential to earn a competitive income, especially if they work efficiently and cover high-demand areas.

4. Is working as a medical courier a flexible job?

Yes, working as a medical courier offers a high degree of flexibility. You can choose your own schedule, allowing you to work as a side hustle or turn it into a full-time business. This flexibility makes it an attractive option for those looking to earn extra income while managing their own time.

5. What companies hire medical couriers?

Several companies specialize in hiring medical couriers, including major medical supply companies and logistics firms. Some well-known companies that hire medical couriers include [Company Name 1], [Company Name 2], and [Company Name 3]. It's essential to research and apply to reputable companies with a strong track record in medical delivery services.

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