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This video offers interpretations of biblical prophecies and patterns that point to the precise biblical year of the Messiah's first and second comings, revealing a timeline of a first coming in 30 CE and a second coming in 2030 CE. The interpretations are based on biblical events, such as the creation account, the feeding of the four thousand, and the fall of Jericho, as well as the use of the one day is a thousand years principle. These interpretations suggest a hidden Messianic timeline found throughout the scriptures.
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This section introduces the concept of a Messianic timeline based on biblical prophecies and patterns.
The interpretations presented are not definitive and could have alternative explanations.
Over two dozen biblical prophecies and patterns will be reviewed to determine the precise biblical year of the Messiah's first and second comings.
The Messianic timeline is hidden in various aspects of scripture, including the creation account in Genesis, the design of the Tabernacle, and the words of the prophets.
The video discusses the fulfillment of the creation days in relation to biblical events.
In the third millennium, Abraham was promised land for his seed, which represents the fulfillment of day three of creation.
The coming of the Messiah in the fourth millennium fulfilled day four of creation, represented by the creation of the Sun as the greater light.
The multiplication of Messianic disciples in the fifth millennium represents the fulfillment of day five of creation, when fish and birds were created.
The exponential population growth and dominion over the Earth by humans in the sixth millennium fulfills day six of creation.
The seventh day represents the Sabbath prophecy, which will be discussed later in the video.
The first part of the Messianic Jubilee prophecy has been fulfilled through the Messiah's sacrifice, granting freedom from sin and death.
The shedding of blood is required for purification under the law.
The Messiah's sacrifice fulfills the first prophetic element of the Jubilee prophecy.
The second part of the Jubilee prophecy, which involves being brought into the land, is yet to be accomplished by the Messiah.
The first fulfillment of the Jubilee year (freedom from sin and death) and the second fulfillment (restoring land) are expected to be 40 jubilees or 2000 years apart.
The Messiah's first coming to his second coming appears to be two thousand years or two days, and he will reign with us for one thousand years or one day, totaling three days before the New Jerusalem arrives.
The Messiah needed three days to raise himself up as the temple, aligning with the design of the Tabernacle.
The New Jerusalem is prophetically connected to the holy of holies and arrives at the end of the 1000-year period.
The Messiah's body is metaphorically the temple, revealing the timing of his first and second coming, as well as the length of his reign.
The section discusses the fall of Jericho and the feeding of the four thousand as prophecies related to the Messiah.
The fall of Jericho on the seventh day symbolizes the victory over God's enemies led by Joshua, representing the Messiah.
The feeding of the four thousand shares interpretive elements with other prophecies, applying the "one day is a thousand years" principle.
Numerological metaphors include three days, seven loaves of bread, seven baskets, and four thousand fed.
The crimson cloth tied to the Azazel goat on the day of atonement turned white every year until 30 CE, after which it remained crimson, indicating that Israel's sins were not being pardoned.
The red cloth tied to the temple door on the day of atonement turned white each year until 30 CE.
After 30 CE, the cloth remained crimson, suggesting that Israel's sins were not being forgiven.
The crimson cloth turning white symbolized the atonement of another day of atonement being acceptable to the Lord.
The change in color of the cloth may be linked to the Messiah's death in 30 CE, which resulted in the transference of atonement.
The New Jerusalem is believed to arrive after the Messiah's reign for one thousand years, which represents the seventh day of rest after six thousand years of man.
The New Jerusalem is associated with the Living Waters mentioned on the eighth day of Sukkot.
It is believed that the New Jerusalem is like Noah's Ark, symbolizing a baptism or cleansing by fire.
The New Jerusalem arrives before the old Earth and old Heaven pass away, leading to a new Heaven and a new Earth.
00:30this video offers calendrical
00:32interpretations of biblical Messianic
00:34prophecy and patterns despite the
00:36implied confidence in the following
00:38presentation these interpretations are
00:40in no way definitive and could be
00:41subject to Alternative explanations
00:43this presentation will reveal over two
00:46dozen biblical prophecies and patterns
00:48that point to the precise biblical year
00:50of the messiah's first and second
00:52comings we will systematically review
00:54each prophecy and pattern and watch it
00:56build and reinforce a 7 000 year
00:59Messianic timeline that reveals a first
01:01coming in 30 CE and a second coming in
01:042030 CE what we will find is that dozens
01:07of prophecies and patterns accurately
01:09determined the exact year of our
01:11messiah's first coming these same
01:13prophecies and patterns also show us the
01:16exact year of his second coming since
01:18these prophecies and patterns were
01:20accurate in predicting his first coming
01:22would it not be reasonable to expect the
01:24same degree of confidence in predicting
01:26his second coming this timeline is
01:28hidden in the cree creation events found
01:30in Genesis chapter 1. it is even hidden
01:33in the design of the Tabernacle it is
01:34hidden in The Parables of the Messiah it
01:37is hidden in detailed events in the Old
01:39and New Testaments it is hidden in the
01:41words of the prophets as you will soon
01:43see this Messianic timeline is found
01:45everywhere in the scriptures these and
01:48more will be included in this
01:54the creation prophecy
01:55the prophet Isaiah wrote that the end is
01:58declared in the beginning
02:00the beginning is found in Genesis verse
02:021 chapter 1. in The Creation account
02:05what you are about to see is how the
02:07creation account reveals God's plan for
02:09mankind and everything he will
02:11accomplish God's creation could have
02:14been created instantaneously but as you
02:16know it was not God intentionally marked
02:19seven days for seven specific creation
02:21events there's a reason that God not
02:24only marked seven days for creation but
02:26why he also specifically chose to do
02:28what he did on those days these seven
02:31days and corresponding events describe
02:33and detail a 7 000 year plan for mankind
02:36God's whole plan for man with
02:38corresponding timing is found in the
02:40first chapter of the Bible before we
02:43reveal the details of the creation
02:44prophecy we first need to illustrate an
02:47important prophetic principle
02:49the one day as a thousand years
02:52prophetic principle
02:53this principle teaches that when the
02:55Bible mentions a literal day depending
02:58on context it can be prophetically
03:00connected to a span of one thousand
03:02years this is not a New Concept some
03:04early Christian writings describe the
03:06one day as a thousand years principle in
03:08biblical prophecy
03:10Epistle of Barnabas chapter 15 verses
03:143-5 100 CE
03:17speaks of the Sabbath at the beginning
03:18of the creation and God made in six days
03:21the works of his hands and on the
03:23seventh day he made an end and he rested
03:26on the seventh day and he Sanctified it
03:28consider my children what this signifies
03:31that he made an end in six days the
03:35meaning of it is this that in six
03:37thousand years the Creator will bring
03:39all things to an end for with him one
03:42day is a thousand years he himself
03:45testifies saying behold the day of the
03:47Lord shall be as a thousand years
03:49therefore children in six days that is
03:52in six thousand years all things shall
03:55be accomplished and he rested on the
03:57seventh day he means this that when his
04:00son shall come he will destroy the
04:02season of the wicked one and will judge
04:04the Godless and will change the sun and
04:07the moon and the stars and then he will
04:10truly rest on the seventh day
04:12irenaeus 150 CE for in as many days as
04:17this world was made in so many thousand
04:19years shall it be concluded this is an
04:21account of the things formerly created
04:23as also it is a prophecy of what is to
04:25come for the day of the Lord is as a
04:28thousand years and in six days created
04:30things were completed it is evident
04:32therefore that they will come to an end
04:34at the sixth thousandth year
04:37Methodius 300 CE
04:40for in six days God made the Heaven and
04:42Earth and finished the whole world and
04:44blessed the seventh day and Sanctified
04:46it so by a figure in the seventh month
04:49when the fruits of the Earth have been
04:51gathered in we are commanded to keep the
04:53feasts to the Lord which signifies that
04:55when this world shall be terminated at
04:57the seven thousand years when God shall
04:59have completed the world he shall
05:01rejoice in us then when the appointed
05:04times shall have been accomplished and
05:06God shall have ceased to form this
05:07Creation in the seventh month the great
05:10Resurrection Day it is commanded that
05:12the feast of Our Tabernacles shall be
05:14celebrated to the Lord
05:16notice how these early writers connect
05:18this concept back to Creation but where
05:21do we find this one day as a thousand
05:23years principle in the Bible in second
05:25Peter chapter 3 verses 8 through 10 we
05:28see that in the context of the day of
05:30the Lord the teaching of a day being one
05:32thousand years long is somehow connected
05:35Peter presents this one day as a
05:37thousand years principle in the context
05:39of the biblical creation account to
05:41address Skeptics ridiculing how long it
05:43is taking for the Messiah to arrive now
05:46we must ask the question where did Peter
05:49obtain this one day as a thousand years
05:51principle Peter doesn't say exactly but
05:54we do find a similar verse in Psalms
05:57Psalm chapter 90 verses 3 through 4 you
06:01return man to dust and say return o
06:05children of man for a thousand years in
06:08your sight are but as yesterday when it
06:10has passed or as a watch in the night as
06:13we can see this verse also Associates a
06:161 000 year period as a day the author of
06:20this Psalm is uniquely attributed to
06:22Moses by Scholars where would Moses have
06:25understood this concept as a thousand
06:27years as a day we find a clue in the
06:30preceding context which specifically
06:31mentions how man will return to dust
06:34where we first told that man will return
06:37to dust we're told this in Genesis 3 and
06:41perhaps unsurprisingly Moses would have
06:43been quite familiar with the Book of
06:44Genesis since he was the author of it
06:47Genesis chapter 3 verse 19. by the sweat
06:51of your face you shall eat bread till
06:53you return to the ground for out of it
06:56you were taken for you are dust and to
06:59dust you shall return
07:01why was Adam told he would return to
07:04dust because Adam was told that he would
07:07die the same day that he ate from the
07:09Tree of knowledge of Good and Evil
07:12Genesis chapter 2 verses 16-17 and the
07:16Lord God commanded the man saying you
07:18may surely eat of every tree of the
07:20garden but of the tree of the knowledge
07:22of Good and Evil you shall not eat for
07:25in the day that you eat of it you shall
07:28surely die this verse has confused many
07:31Adam did not literally die the same day
07:34that he ate of the fruit of the tree of
07:37the knowledge of Good and Evil it
07:38appears to be a contradiction this has
07:41led some to suggest well Adam
07:44spiritually died that day and literally
07:46died later this may make sense in some
07:49minds but God literally defined death as
07:52a consequence of this specific sin as
07:55returning to dust and that same death
07:58was declared to supposedly occur on that
08:00same day so the explanation of a
08:03spiritual death makes sense until one
08:05thinks about it for about 15 more
08:07seconds Adam returned to dust much later
08:11we need a better explanation since the
08:14death related to Adam's sin is clearly
08:17defined for us as a returning to dust
08:19and that happened to Adam much later not
08:21the same literal day that it must be the
08:24word day that we're not understanding
08:26correctly the only reasonable conclusion
08:28is that God Must Have Not Meant a
08:31literal 24-hour period in his usage of
08:33the word day
08:35this quest for a better understanding of
08:37the word day in the context of what was
08:40said directly to Adam that leads us down
08:42a rather fascinating path we find that
08:45Adam lived to be 930 years old until the
08:49day he died
08:51Genesis chapter 5 verse 5 thus all the
08:54days that Adam lived were 930 years and
08:58he died Adam lived 70 years shy of
09:02exactly 1 000 years thus if God was
09:04using one thousand years as a day when
09:07declaring to Adam that he would surely
09:09die the same day then that would make
09:11much more sense in that sense Adam did
09:14actually die the same day he ate of the
09:17tree of knowledge of Good and Evil if a
09:20day is intended to be understood as one
09:22thousand years and now we understand
09:24where Moses and Peter generated the
09:27understanding that in some way one
09:29thousand years equals one day to God
09:31that understanding is necessary to avoid
09:34a clear contradiction in Genesis chapter
09:362 and chapter 3. while all of that might
09:39be rather fascinating and it certainly
09:41is there is much more to consider it all
09:44connects back to the Messiah as well how
09:47when we read Isaiah chapter 65 verses
09:5118-25 which is all about the future 1
09:54000 year reign of our Messiah we find
09:56some interesting language such as verse
09:5923 they shall not labor in vain or verse
10:0325 dust shall be the Serpent's food
10:07all of these statements and more found
10:10in Isaiah chapter 65 and related to the
10:13one thousand year reign of the Messiah
10:15they're also directly connected to the
10:17same consequences of Adam's sin found in
10:20Genesis chapters 2 and 3. but there's
10:24more and it all connects to a day as
10:26being a thousand years and our Messiah
10:29has already established Adam died at the
10:32age of 930. as part of the messiah's
10:35first coming in First Corinthians
10:37chapter 15 verse 22 Paul declared him to
10:41be the last Adam so in the messiah's
10:44first coming he was a type of Adam and
10:46can be represented by the 930 years of
10:49Adam keep the number 930 in mind for the
10:52messiah's first coming while verse 22
10:55refers to the first coming in verses
10:5823-24 we discovered that the Messiah
11:01will reign for a period of time and
11:03refers to his second coming first
11:05Corinthians chapter 15 verses 23-24 but
11:10each in his own order Christ the
11:13firstfruits then at his coming those who
11:16belong to Christ then comes the end when
11:19he delivers the kingdom to God the
11:20Father after destroying every Rule and
11:23every Authority and power more
11:26specifically when the Messiah Reigns we
11:28are to understand that he will reign as
11:30a type of King David
11:32Luke chapter 1 verse 32 he will be great
11:36and he will be called the son of the
11:38most high and the Lord God will give him
11:40the Throne of his father David just as
11:43Adam died at 930 years David died at the
11:47age of 70. in the messiah's second
11:50coming we know that he will come back
11:52and reign as King David let's follow the
11:55math the Messiah in his first coming as
11:58the last Adam is connected to Adam who
12:01died at 930. in his second coming as
12:04King David he's connected to David who
12:07died at 70.
12:09930 plus 70 equals one thousand you may
12:13notice that this connects directly our
12:16Lord and messiah's reign as one thousand
12:18years Revelation chapter 20 verse 6
12:22blessed and holy is the one who shares
12:25in the first resurrection over such the
12:28second death has no power but they will
12:30be Priests of God and of Christ and they
12:33will reign with him for a thousand years
12:35as we already established a day is as a
12:38thousand years and our Lord and Messiah
12:40will reign for a thousand years and now
12:43you know why this Thousand-Year period
12:45is also referred to as the day of the
12:47Lord in Prophecy and we can now also see
12:50why Peter in second Peter chapter 3
12:52refers to the day of the Lord when
12:54mentioning the day as a thousand years
12:57principle yet Peter reveals so much more
12:59on how to properly apply the prophetic
13:02nature of a day being a thousand years
13:04in the context of Peter revealing the
13:07one day as a thousand years principle he
13:09provides a clever demonstration on how
13:11it works to do this he notes that land
13:13and water was created on a certain day
13:16and interestingly enough he also
13:18mentions the correlating fact that the
13:20world was also destroyed by water in
13:23this fascinating way Peter implies a
13:26connection between the second day of
13:27creation and Noah's flood what that
13:30means according to Peter is this the
13:33second day of creation predicted which
13:35Millennium Noah's flood would occur why
13:38does Peter provide this insight as a
13:40response to why it's taking so long for
13:42the Messiah to return for the day of
13:44judgment but does the creation account
13:46have to do with the second coming of the
13:48Messiah the answer is simply fascinating
13:52Peter brilliantly teaches us how to
13:55prophetically interpret creation and Ben
13:57leaves his readers to extrapolate this
13:59Insight even further and that is exactly
14:02what we are going to do when we use this
14:05interpretive method for all the days of
14:07creation we not only see the whole plan
14:09God has for mankind but we see the two
14:12specific time stamps of when the Messiah
14:14is to come once we see these two time
14:16stamps revealed we then see Peter's
14:19Point Peter's hidden conclusion is that
14:22the second coming of the Messiah will be
14:24about two thousand years later in this
14:26way Peter answers the Skeptics asking in
14:29a scoffing manner where is the promise
14:31of his coming forever since the fathers
14:33fell asleep all things are continuing as
14:35they were from the beginning of creation
14:36while Peter answers the scoffers by
14:39noting that the messiah's return is a
14:41couple of Millennia away those two
14:43thousand years have now nearly passed
14:45and the second coming of the Messiah may
14:47not be so far off for us
14:50here's how the creation prophecy works
14:53day one biblical year zero to biblical
14:56year one thousand on day one of creation
14:59light and darkness were separated in the
15:02first Millennia of man Adam and Eve
15:04sinned and thus introduced darkness in
15:06man the separation of Good and Evil
15:08light and darkness in man is the
15:11Fulfillment of day one of creation
15:14day two biblical year 1000 to biblical
15:18year 2000.
15:19as Peter already connected for us on day
15:22two of creation the Earth was covered by
15:24water and then the water below was
15:27separated from the water above in the
15:29second Millennia of man the Earth was
15:31once again covered by water from the
15:33waters from the Fountain of the deep
15:34below and the waters as rain from above
15:38the waters then receded back to the
15:40earth below and evaporated into the
15:42heavens above the flood is the
15:45Fulfillment of day two of creation
15:48day three biblical year 2000 to biblical
15:51year 3000. on day three of creation the
15:54land was provided and yielded seed
15:57bearing fruit likewise in the third
15:59Millennia of man Abraham was promised
16:01that his seed would be given land also
16:04in the third Millennia of man Israel was
16:06given the written Torah and the word of
16:08God is referred to as the seed Israel
16:12was then planted in the promised land
16:14the promise of Abraham's seed the giving
16:17of the Torah and the promised land is
16:19the Fulfillment of day three of creation
16:23day four biblical Year 3000 to biblical
16:26year four thousand on day 4 of creation
16:29the Sun as the greater light was created
16:32at the very end of the fourth Millennia
16:34of man our Messiah came into the world
16:36as light and fulfilled Malachi chapter 4
16:39verse 2 as the sun s-u-n of
16:42righteousness that shall rise with
16:44healing in its wings the first coming of
16:47the Messiah was the Fulfillment of day
16:49four of creation and he came right on
16:51time and he will come again right on
16:54time there will be substantially more on
16:57that later
16:58day five biblical year 4000 to biblical
17:01year 5000. on day five of creation fish
17:05and birds are created and instructed to
17:07multiply on the whole Earth
17:09at the very beginning of the fifth
17:11Millennia of man the messiah's disciples
17:13became Fishers of Men and the spirit
17:15represented as a dove filled the
17:18disciples the Messiah commanded us to
17:20multiply disciples on the whole earth
17:22thus metaphorically multiplying birds
17:25and fish the exponential multiplication
17:27of Messianic disciples is the
17:29Fulfillment of day five of Creation Day
17:32six biblical year 5000 to biblical year
17:37on day six of creation Man was created
17:40with the instruction to multiply and
17:43fill the Earth and to exercise dominion
17:45over creation at the very end of the
17:47sixth Millennia of man we see that the
17:49population of man has exponentially
17:51filled the Earth and achieved an
17:53unprecedented Mastery over creation man
17:57filling and exercising dominion over the
17:59Earth is the Fulfillment of day six of
18:02day seven biblical year 6000 to biblical
18:06year seven thousand
18:09the Sabbath prophecy
18:12we are now left with the last day of the
18:14prophetic creation account on day 7 of
18:17creation God did not create but instead
18:19he rested the seventh day of the week is
18:22the Sabbath day or Shabbat in Hebrew
18:25according to Hebrews chapter 4 we are
18:28still waiting for this prophetic
18:30fulfillment Hebrews chapter 4 verse 8
18:33for if Joshua had given them rest God
18:36would not have spoken of another day
18:38later on so then there remains a Sabbath
18:42rest for the people of God
18:44the author of Hebrews also had the
18:46Sabbath prophecy in mind when he taught
18:48that the seventh day of the week
18:49pictures the millennial rule of our
18:51Messiah this day as a thousand years
18:54will occur after Christ's intervention
18:56and willed not surprisingly last A
18:58Thousand Years just as each prophetic
19:01they should according to Genesis chapter
19:031 Psalm chapter 90 verse 4 and 2nd Peter
19:06chapter 3 verses 8 through 10. this one
19:10thousand year period is also referred to
19:12as the day of the Lord in biblical
19:14prophecy and if you recall was also the
19:16context of second Peter chapter 3 when
19:19Peter uses the one day as a thousand
19:21years principle this day is also one
19:24thousand years in length this is
19:26precisely why the prophets declare so
19:28many Messianic prophetic events to occur
19:30on the day of the Lord it is not because
19:33it's a literal 24-hour period but a
19:35period of one thousand years in which
19:38begins and ends with judgment and
19:40resurrections the beginning of the seven
19:43thousandth year is when and our Messiah
19:44comes to gather us and take us to the
19:46promised land we will reign and rest
19:49with him for one thousand years as the
19:51prophetic fulfillment of The Seventh-Day
19:53Sabbath because of this the Messiah
19:56referred to himself as Lord over the
19:58Sabbath the one thousand year reign of
20:00our Messiah is the future fulfillment of
20:02the seventh day of creation our Sabbath
20:05rest the creation prophecy details the
20:08seven thousand year complete plan of God
20:10for man revealing the end from the
20:12beginning and all that will be
20:14accomplished our Messiah arrived at the
20:16very end of the fourth day his death
20:19burial and Resurrection was during the
20:22first Passover and firstfruits of the
20:24fifth day the timeline we established
20:26using the creation prophecy will be
20:28further solidified by additional
20:30prophecy and patterns that will be
20:32presented shortly
20:34for example note how there is exactly
20:36two thousand years or two days between
20:39the death burial and resurrection of the
20:42Messiah and the second coming on the
20:44third day this two days will be more
20:46important later
20:48the first seven days of the existence of
20:50this world also prophetically reveals
20:52the first seven thousand years the whole
20:54plan of God for mankind and the first
20:57and second coming of the Messiah but
21:00we're just getting started there are a
21:02couple dozen of the prophecies and
21:04patterns to go and as you might have
21:06guessed they all point to the same
21:10the four of seven prophecy
21:13as it has already been established the
21:15fourth and seventh days are the days of
21:17the first and second comings of our
21:19Messiah just as we learn that the
21:21Sabbath day is Messianic prophecy as one
21:23of the moadim the annual Mo edim are
21:26similarly prophetic they also teach how
21:28the fourth and Seventh Day relate back
21:31to the Messiah the importance of the
21:33fourth and seventh days as it relates to
21:35the timing of prophetic events that have
21:37been fulfilled and are still waiting to
21:39be fulfilled are also mapped out for us
21:41in the annual MOA team the moydim is
21:44simply Hebrew for the appointed times
21:46these days are appointed for us as
21:49prophetic Messianic dress rehearsals and
21:51these days can be found in Leviticus
21:53chapter 23. these Messianic appointed
21:56days are generally divided up into what
21:58are called the Spring feasts which
22:00consist of four moadim
22:02and the fall Feast which consists of
22:05three moadim
22:06ilarly and by no coincidence the
22:09prophetic plan of the Messiah is also
22:11divided up into two separate comings if
22:13you will with similar numerology
22:16the first four moedim are Passover
22:18unleavened bread first fruits and
22:22the last three moadim are the day of
22:24trumpets day of atonement and
22:28the first four moadim represent what our
22:31Messiah accomplished in his first coming
22:33he died on Passover was in the Tomb
22:35during the Feast of unleavened bread and
22:38was resurrected on firstfruits as
22:40documented in Acts chapter 2 50 days
22:43later the Holy Spirit came down on
22:45Pentecost so here we again see a four as
22:49four moadim being prophetically
22:51fulfilled and directly connected to the
22:53messiah's first coming that began on day
22:57likewise the final three moadim
22:59represent prophetic fulfillments of the
23:01messiah's return at the return there
23:03will be a loud noise or trumpet this
23:06would perhaps connect back to the day of
23:07trumpets as the first of the Fall moadim
23:10the resurrection will take place at the
23:12messiah's return there is also Judgment
23:14of the Nations and the metaphorical
23:16wedding supper of the Lamb which are
23:18also connected to the day of atonement
23:20and Tabernacles
23:22the first four MOA deem is the first
23:24coming connect to the final three MOA
23:26team as the second coming these
23:28Messianic MOA deem total seven in number
23:30and represent and connect back to the
23:33return of the Messiah on the seventh day
23:35so here we again see a seven as the
23:38completed prophetic seven moadim being
23:40directly connected with the messiah's
23:42second coming just as we've already seen
23:44the connection of the seventh day as
23:46part of creation week thus as the four
23:49of seven prophecy reveals the messiah's
23:51first coming is and was on day four and
23:54the messiah's second coming is on day
23:56seven the four of seven pattern is not
23:59just found in the Moa deem of Leviticus
24:00chapter 23. the seals found in
24:03Revelation contain the four horsemen as
24:05the first four of Seven Seals likewise
24:08the first four of the seven trumpets are
24:10distinguished from the three woes of the
24:13final three trumpets this Messianic 4
24:15and 7 pattern is over emphasized in the
24:20the fourth Commandment prophecy
24:23the pattern of the fourth and seventh
24:25day as the days of Messianic fulfillment
24:27our repeating pattern in the scriptures
24:29just as we saw in the moadim prophecy
24:32and the seals and trumpets of revelation
24:34we even see the same pattern in the Ten
24:37Commandments the fourth Commandment is
24:39the Commandment to observe the Sabbath
24:41The Seventh-Day Sabbath is a Messianic
24:44prophecy detailing the rest we are to
24:46enter on the seventh Millennium thus the
24:48pattern of the fourth and seventh days
24:50are even present in the Ten Commandments
24:54the Hosea prophecy
24:56Hosea tells us without any lack of
24:59clarity when we can expect our
25:00Resurrection we can expect to be
25:02resurrected after two days the one day
25:05is a thousand years principle was a
25:07concept familiar to Hosea hosea's
25:09prophecy is incomprehensible without it
25:12Hosea chapter 6 verse 2 after two days
25:16he will revive us on the third day
25:18people raise us up that we may live
25:21before him
25:23after two days or two thousand years we
25:26have a resurrection to look forward to
25:29the Jubilee principle
25:31at this time it is necessary to reveal
25:33the Jubilee principle just like the day
25:36is a thousand years principle revealed a
25:38prophetic unit count so does the
25:40biblical Jubilee as a unit of 50 the
25:43prophetic Jubilee as units of 50 are
25:45hidden numerous times in the scriptures
25:47as an example John chapter 2 verse 20
25:51the Jews then said it has taken 46 years
25:55to build this Temple and will you raise
25:57it up in three days
25:5946 years it doesn't sound important on
26:02the surface but that detail was provided
26:04for an important reason it properly
26:06illustrates the Jubilee as an
26:08interpretive prophetic timing unit when
26:11we multiply 46 years times a jubilee
26:13unit of 50 we arrive to 2300 2300 is an
26:18important number in the Book of Daniel
26:20specific to the matters of the future
26:22Temple restoration
26:24Daniel chapter 8 verse 14. and he said
26:27to me for 2300 evenings and mornings
26:30then the sanctuary shall be restored to
26:32its rightful State well it's not direct
26:35fulfillment the connection of 2300 is
26:38Not an Accident the restoration of the
26:40temple context is similar this
26:42demonstrated the utility of the Jubilee
26:45principle it unlocks prophetic timing a
26:48lot of prophetic timing
26:52the Genesis 6 prophecy
26:55Genesis chapter 6 verse 3 then the Lord
26:58said my spirit shall not abide in
27:00contend with man forever for he is flesh
27:04his days shall be 120 years while the
27:08ESV States abiding many lexicons provide
27:11contend with as an alternate if not a
27:14more likely translation God states that
27:16he will not contend with man forever but
27:19only 120 years contend means to struggle
27:24in opposition God has certainly been
27:26contending with man for more than 120
27:29years the scriptures are filled with men
27:31contending with or opposing God
27:33repeatedly and cyclically man is still
27:36contending with God God did not stop
27:38contending with man at the flood but we
27:41do see that God put an expiration on
27:43contending with man
27:45the days of our flesh are said to be
27:47just 120 years but we are Flesh and
27:50Blood until the resurrection and the
27:52resurrection was not just 120 years
27:55after Genesis chapter 6. however if we
27:58look at 120 years through the prophetic
28:00lens as Jubilee units using the Jubilee
28:03principle we arrive to 6 000 years there
28:07are six thousand years in which God will
28:09contend with the Flesh of man for his
28:11people but at the end of the six
28:13thousand years that ends at the end of
28:16the six thousand years we shed this
28:18flesh via the resurrection at the return
28:20of the Messiah there will be six
28:22thousand years or six days in which we
28:25struggle with sin and the flesh however
28:28on the seventh we are delivered or saved
28:31and evil will touch us no longer
28:35Job chapter 5 verse 19 he will deliver
28:39you from six troubles
28:41seven no evil shall touch you there are
28:44six days of man and on the seventh day
28:46the Messiah will reign as King on Earth
28:49for the last day one thousand years
28:54the death of Moses prophecy
28:57Moses was 120 years of age when he died
29:00using the prophetic Jubilee principle we
29:03find that the death of Moses represents
29:05the end of six thousand years 120 times
29:0850. how does that connect to the timing
29:11of the second coming of the Messiah
29:13what happened just after Moses died
29:16Joshua let God's people into the
29:18Promised Land
29:20what is the Messiah supposed to do when
29:22he returns
29:23one of the things he's supposed to do is
29:26lead us into the promised land
29:28interestingly enough Joshua and our
29:30Messiah also share the exact same names
29:33in Hebrew the death of Moses at 120
29:36years represents the conclusion of the 6
29:39000 year period of man just as Joshua
29:42brought God's people into the land by
29:43crossing the Jordan the Messiah will
29:46likewise do the same in biblical year
29:50the Jubilee prophecy
29:52the biblical Jubilee does not just grant
29:54us the ability to discern prophetic
29:56timing the Jubilee as Messianic prophecy
29:59also tells us what the Messiah will
30:01accomplish in two separate comings there
30:04are two Messianic prophetic elements to
30:06the Jubilee that are fulfilled in two
30:09separate Messianic comings One Liberty
30:12is declared
30:132. land is returned to God's people the
30:17first prophetic element of the Jubilee
30:19is that we are declared to be free the
30:21Messiah granted us freedom in the first
30:24century more on that in a moment for now
30:27it's important to establish that the
30:29year of the messiah's death and
30:30Resurrection was most certainly a
30:33jubilee year Luke Chapter 4 verses 16-19
30:37and he came to Nazareth where he had
30:40been brought up and as was his custom he
30:42went to the synagogue on the Sabbath day
30:44and he stood up to read and the scroll
30:47of the prophet Isaiah was given to him
30:49he unrolled the scroll and found the
30:51place where it was written the Spirit of
30:54the Lord is upon me because he has
30:56anointed me to Proclaim good news to the
30:58poor he has sent me to Proclaim Liberty
31:01to the captives and recovering of sight
31:03to the blind to set at Liberty those who
31:06are oppressed to proclaim the year of
31:09the Lord's favor it's understood here
31:11that the Messiah is proclaiming the
31:13first fulfillment of the Year of Jubilee
31:15the author of Hebrews States the same
31:17speaking of the messiah's sacrifice
31:20Hebrews chapter 9 verse 22 indeed under
31:24the law almost everything is purified
31:26with blood and without the shedding of
31:28blood there is no forgiveness of sins
31:31the Greek word offices is the word
31:33translated as forgiveness of sins in the
31:36ESV offices is the same word used for
31:39Jubilee in the Greek version of the
31:41Torah the Septuagint there is no Greek
31:43word for sins present in this text it
31:46could literally read as follows Hebrews
31:49chapter 9 verse 22 indeed under the law
31:53almost everything is purified with blood
31:55and without the shedding of blood there
31:58is no Jubilee the messiah's sacrifice
32:00affords us freedom from sin and death
32:03freedom from sin and death is the first
32:05prophetic fulfillment of the Jubilee
32:07prophecy the Messiah died and
32:09resurrected in a jubilee year to fulfill
32:12the first prophetic elements of the
32:13Jubilee prophecy but there are two parts
32:16of the Messianic Jubilee prophetic
32:18fulfillment and the second part is still
32:20pending the second prophetic element of
32:22the Jubilee is that we are brought into
32:25the land the Messiah has not yet
32:27accomplished this and according to
32:29biblical patterns it might be expected
32:31that the first fulfillment of the
32:32Jubilee year Liberty and the second
32:35fulfillment of the Jubilee year
32:36restoring land are exactly 40 jubilees
32:40apart from each other or two thousand
32:42years this is precisely why the number
32:4540 occurs so often in scripture and we
32:48will discuss this more later when the
32:50Messiah returns we will be taken into
32:52the land the land will be returned to us
32:55and all will settle in their respective
32:57tribe and the tribe's allotted division
32:59of land for those of us that do not have
33:01a tribe I.E grafted in Gentiles whatever
33:05segment of land we settle into becomes
33:07our tribe and we shall be as the native
33:10born just as the land is to rest on the
33:13Jubilee year as a 50 and the Sabbath
33:15year as a seven both represent the
33:18seventh day or one thousand year day
33:20rest that we will receive when the
33:22Messiah takes us into the land
33:25The Exodus prophecy
33:28the Messiah is the prophet likened unto
33:30Moses there are numerous parallels
33:32between Moses as a type of the Messiah
33:34however we're only going to touch on
33:36what's necessary for the purpose of the
33:38Exodus prophecy we'll be using the
33:40Jubilee Principle as the prophetic
33:42timing key for the Exodus prophecy Moses
33:45was 80 years old at the first documented
33:48Passover and delivered God's people from
33:50Egypt 80 times 50 a jubilee is exactly
33:54four thousand thus 4 000 is the exact
33:58biblical year that the Messiah had to
34:00die on Passover and he did exactly that
34:03the Messiah died on Passover and was
34:06resurrected on firstfruits in biblical
34:08year 4000 day 5 and consequently
34:11delivered us or freed us from sin we
34:14will detail later how biblical year 4000
34:17is the same as 30 CE on the Gregorian
34:20calendar God's people then wandered the
34:22Wilderness for 40 years 40 times 50 is
34:26two thousand God's people have
34:28metaphorically wandered in the
34:30wilderness for nearly 2 000 years or two
34:33days Moses was 120 years old when he
34:37120 times 50 is exactly six thousand
34:40just as biblical year 4000 was the year
34:43the Messiah fulfilled the first part of
34:45his prophetic role biblical year 6000 is
34:48the year the Messiah fulfills his role
34:50as King David on Earth and brings us
34:53into the land for almost two thousand
34:55years we have been in this situation
34:57wandering in the desert waiting to enter
35:00the promised land at the messiah's
35:02return in which we will all be
35:03resurrected or changed Incorruptible and
35:07rest and reign with him just as Joshua
35:09LED God's people into the promised land
35:11our Messiah who shares the same Hebrew
35:14name will also bring us into the
35:16Promised Land
35:18the 2000 cubits prophecy
35:21as Joshua LED Israel to cross over the
35:24Jordan River God instructed Israel to
35:26distance itself from the Ark of the
35:28Covenant and levitical priesthood by
35:30exactly two thousand cubits Joshua
35:33chapter 3 verses 3-4 as soon as you see
35:37the Ark of the Covenant of the Lord your
35:39God being carried by the levitical
35:41priests then you shall set out from your
35:44place and follow it yet there shall be a
35:46distance between you and it about 2 000
35:49cubits in length do not come near it in
35:52order that you may know the way you
35:53shall go for you have not passed this
35:56way before
35:57assuming the mention of exactly 2 000
36:00cubits at the Crossing of the Jordan
36:01River is not likely a coincidence this
36:04may be a clear prophetic picture of the
36:06distance of two thousand years that will
36:08preface our being gathered and taken
36:10into the land by the Messiah at his
36:12return the metaphorical picture
36:14presented to us here is that there is a
36:17literal two thousand years between God's
36:19people and being Before the Throne of
36:24the Lazarus prophecy the Lazarus
36:27prophecy is undeniably similar to the
36:292000 cubits prophecy and helps validate
36:32these patterns as interpretive Witnesses
36:34the Messiah was told that Lazarus was
36:36Ill when he heard this he intentionally
36:38stayed on the other side of the Jordan
36:40River for two days following the two
36:43days the Messiah stated that it is now
36:45time to return to Judea again note The
36:49Mention Of The two-day delay and after
36:51the delay the Messiah returns again
36:55John chapter 11 verses 5-7 now Jesus
36:59loved Martha and her sister and Lazarus
37:02so when he heard that Lazarus was Ill he
37:05stayed two days longer in the place
37:06where he was then after this he said to
37:09the disciples let us go to Judea again
37:13the messiah's staying on the other side
37:14of the Jordan is just like the 40 years
37:16in the wilderness before Joshua took
37:19Israel Over the Jordan into the promised
37:21land again using the Jubilee principle
37:24the 40 years would represent 2 000
37:26prophetic years or exactly two days
37:29using the day as a thousand years
37:30principle this would also then connect
37:33back to the distance of 2000 cubits
37:35mentioned prior to Israel crossing the
37:38Jordan River and entering the Promised
37:40but there's more the resurrection is
37:43typified here as well in John chapter 11
37:46we see the Messiah delay his return to
37:49Judea by two days before resurrecting
37:51Lazarus using the day is a thousand
37:53years principle that would be suggesting
37:56a delay of 2 000 years before his return
37:58but it doesn't stop there when the
38:01Messiah returns there is to be a
38:02resurrection at the moment of us being
38:04gathered and taken to the land the
38:07prophetic pattern revealed in the
38:08Lazarus prophecy is a mirror of the
38:10Resurrection that takes place after the
38:13messiah's delay of two days and then
38:15comes again John chapter 11 verses 10
38:18through 13.
38:20but if anyone walks in the night he
38:22stumbles because the light is not in him
38:25after saying these things he said to
38:27them our friend Lazarus has fallen
38:29asleep but I go to awaken him the
38:32disciples said to him Lord if he has
38:34fallen asleep he will recover
38:37now Jesus had spoken of his death but
38:40they thought that he meant taking rest
38:41in sleep Martha even mentions the future
38:44Resurrection on the last day in context
38:47of Lazarus being brought back to life
38:49our Messiah likewise mentions that he is
38:52the resurrection and the life
38:55John chapter 11 verses 23-25 Jesus said
38:59to her your brother will rise again
39:02Martha said to him I know that he will
39:04rise again in the Resurrection on the
39:06last day
39:07Jesus said to her I am the resurrection
39:11and the life in the following set of
39:13verses note how the Messiah calls for
39:16Mary and Mary Rose quickly Mary appears
39:19to be a picture of us as the
39:21metaphorical bride when our bridegroom
39:23returns and calls for us we then rise
39:26quickly John chapter 11 verses 28-29
39:30when she had said this she went and
39:33called her sister Mary saying in private
39:36the teacher is here and is calling for
39:38you and when she heard it she Rose
39:41quickly and went to him
39:43consider comparing what is
39:44metaphorically occurring here to first
39:46Thessalonians chapter 4 verses 16
39:49through 18. John chapter 11 verses 40
39:53through 41. Jesus said to her did I not
39:56tell you that if you believed you would
39:59see the glory of God so they took away
40:01the stone
40:02and Jesus lifted up his eyes and said
40:04father I thank you that you have heard
40:07me I knew that you always hear me but I
40:10said this on account of the people
40:11standing around that they may believe
40:14that you sent me when he had said these
40:16things he cried out with a loud voice
40:18Lazarus come out the man who had died
40:22came out his hands and feet bound with
40:24linen strips and his face wrapped with a
40:28Jesus said to them unbind him
40:31and let him go
40:33Lazarus not only represents the
40:35resurrection after the messiah's two-day
40:37delay in return but Lazarus also
40:39represents the day in which we are
40:41Unbound to the law of sin and death the
40:44mention of unbind him and let him go is
40:47the key connective phrase here while we
40:49are relieved of the law of sin and death
40:52in promise it is at our resurrection
40:54that we are forever free from sin and
40:59the woman at the well prophecy
41:02the Messiah meeting the woman at the
41:04well also contains a mention of two days
41:06John Chapter 4 verses 16 through 26
41:10Jesus said to her go call your husband
41:13and come here the woman answered him I
41:17have no husband Jesus said to her you're
41:20right in saying I have no husband for
41:22you have had five husbands and the one
41:25you now have is not your husband
41:27what you have said is true the woman
41:29said to him sir I perceive that you are
41:33a prophet our fathers worshiped on this
41:35mountain but you say that in Jerusalem
41:38is the place where we ought to worship
41:40Jesus said to her woman believe me the
41:44hour is coming when neither on this
41:46mountain nor in Jerusalem will you
41:47worship the father you worship what you
41:50do not know we worship what we know for
41:53salvation is from the Jews but the hour
41:56is coming and is now here when the true
41:59worshipers will worship the father in
42:02spirit and Truth for the father is
42:04seeking such people to worship Him
42:06God is spirit and those who worship Him
42:09must Worship in spirit and Truth the
42:12woman said to him I know that Messiah is
42:15coming he who is called Christ when he
42:18comes he will tell us all things
42:21Jesus said to her I who speak to you am
42:25John Chapter 4 verses 39-42 many
42:29Samaritans from that town believed in
42:31him because of the woman's testimony he
42:33told me all that I ever did so when the
42:36Samaritans came to him they asked him to
42:38stay with them and he stayed there two
42:41days and many more believed because of
42:43his word they said to the woman it is no
42:46longer because of what you said that we
42:48believe for we have heard for ourselves
42:50and we know that he is indeed the savior
42:53of the world
42:55before the Messiah ascended he mentioned
42:57that he is with us always Till the End
43:00of the Age
43:01Matthew chapter 28 verses 19 through 20.
43:04go therefore and Make Disciples of all
43:07Nations baptizing them in the name of
43:09the father and of the son and of the
43:11Holy Spirit teaching them to observe all
43:14that I have commanded you and behold I
43:16Am With You Always to the end of the age
43:20while the Messiah is not physically with
43:22us as mentioned in verses 19-20 we still
43:25have the Commandments of the Messiah
43:27enabling us to become Disciples of him
43:29the Messiah stayed with the Samaritans
43:31for two days and many more believed his
43:33word in the last two thousand years many
43:36have come to believe the words of the
43:38Messiah as our Messiah and that he is
43:40the savior of the world primarily
43:42reaching Gentiles likewise the
43:44Samaritans like the Gentiles were
43:47considered Outsiders in the first
43:49century the mention of the six men in
43:51the woman's life may refer to the six
43:53days or six thousand years of man the
43:56mention of the two days represents the
43:58two days or two thousand years in which
44:00the gospel is to be delivered to The
44:02Outsiders or Gentiles so many will come
44:05into the faith but it doesn't stop there
44:07remember at the end of the six days or
44:10six thousand years and the end of the
44:12two days or two thousand years there is
44:14to be a resurrection where do we find
44:17that pattern in the event of the woman
44:18at the well we should expect to find the
44:21resurrection correct we just need to
44:23keep reading
44:25immediately after the two days with the
44:28woman at the well we find the story of
44:30the Messiah healing the official son
44:32first note how the Messiah is said to
44:35come again after these two days John
44:38chapter 4 verse 46. so he came again to
44:42Cana in Galilee where he had made the
44:44water wine and at Capernaum there was an
44:47official whose son was ill the Messiah
44:50is asked to come down then heals the sun
44:53after the two days
44:55John Chapter 4 verses 47-49 when this
45:00man heard that Jesus had come from Judea
45:02to Galilee he went to him and asked him
45:04to come down and heal his son for he was
45:07at the point of death so Jesus said to
45:10him unless you see signs and wonders you
45:13will not believe the official said to
45:16him sir come down before my child dies
45:19Jesus said to him
45:23your son will live the man believed the
45:25word that Jesus spoke to him and went on
45:28his way this matches the Hosea chapter 6
45:32verse 2 prophecy perfectly Hosea chapter
45:356 verse 2. I after two days he will
45:39revive us on the third day he will raise
45:41us up that we may live before him so we
45:45clearly have a picture of the Messiah
45:47coming down and then resurrection that
45:49occurs after the mention of the two days
45:51but remember the two days or two
45:53thousand years from this first coming to
45:56his second coming is also the seventh
45:58day where seven thousandth Year from
46:01creation thus it should not be of any
46:03surprise that we also see a seven
46:05connected to the story to solidify the
46:08timing pattern of the messiah's return
46:11here it is John Chapter 4 verses 52-53
46:15so he asked them the hour when he began
46:18to get better and they said to him
46:20yesterday at the seventh hour the fever
46:22left him the father knew that was the
46:25hour when Jesus had said to him your son
46:27will live and he himself believed and
46:30all his household it is on the seventh
46:33day in which we shall also be raised up
46:36and then live before him
46:40the Good Samaritan prophecy
46:43The Familiar story of the Good Samaritan
46:45is another witness to the Messiah
46:47returning after two days Luke chapter 10
46:50verses 33-35
46:52but a Samaritan as he journeyed came to
46:55where he was and when he saw him he had
46:58compassion he went to him and bound up
47:00his wounds pouring on oil and wine then
47:03he set him on his own animal and brought
47:06him to an inn and took care of him
47:08and the next day he took out two Denari
47:10and gave them to The Innkeeper saying
47:12take care of him
47:14and whatever more you spend I will repay
47:16you when I come back in the first
47:19century two Denari are about two days of
47:21wages a two-day stay at the Inn was also
47:24about two days of wages in knowing that
47:27the math becomes simple the Good
47:29Samaritan offered compassion and then
47:32left intending to return after two days
47:34again using the one day as a thousand
47:37years principle this two days equates to
47:402 000 years likewise the Messiah offered
47:43his continuous compassion and healing to
47:46us nearly two thousand years ago he then
47:48left but promised to come back
47:53the fasting prophecy
47:55Matthew chapter 9 verses 13-15 then the
47:59Disciples of John came to him saying why
48:01do we and the Pharisees fast but your
48:04disciples do not fast and Jesus said to
48:06them can the wedding guests mourn as
48:09long as the bridegroom is with them the
48:11days will come when the bridegroom is
48:13taken away from them and then they will
48:15fast this is an interesting statement by
48:18our Messiah he clearly states that he
48:20will be leaving for a time and connects
48:22that with us fasting the messiah's
48:25example of a fast ironically enough was
48:27exactly 40 days in the wilderness and
48:29not likely a coincidence
48:31Matthew Chapter 4 verses 1-2 then Jesus
48:35was led up by the spirit Into the
48:37Wilderness to be tempted by the devil
48:39and after fasting 40 days and 40 nights
48:42he was hungry
48:4440 days and 40 nights in the wilderness
48:46coupled with the Jubilee principle is
48:48another mention of two thousand years of
48:50us fasting in the wilderness in
48:52following the messiah's example of
48:54fasting in the wilderness how long have
48:56we also been fasting in the wilderness
48:58waiting for the messiah's return
49:00nearly 40 jubilees or two thousand years
49:06the Mount Sinai prophecy
49:08Exodus chapter 19 Verses 4 through 5.
49:12you yourselves have seen what I did to
49:15the Egyptians and how I bore You On
49:17Eagle's Wings and brought you to myself
49:18now therefore if you will indeed obey my
49:22voice and keep my Covenant you shall be
49:24my treasured possession among all
49:26peoples for all the Earth is mine Exodus
49:29chapter 19 verses 16 through 20. on the
49:33morning of the third day there were
49:34Thunders and Lightnings and a thick
49:36Cloud on the mountain and a very loud
49:38trumpet blast so that all the people in
49:40the camp trembled then Moses brought the
49:42people out of the camp to meet God and
49:45they took their stand at the foot of the
49:46mountain now Mount Sinai was wrapped in
49:49Smoke because the Lord had descended on
49:51it in fire the smoke of it went up like
49:54the smoke of a kiln and the whole
49:56Mountain trembled greatly and as the
49:59sound of the trumpet grew louder and
50:01louder Moses spoke and God answered him
50:04in Thunder the Lord came down on Mount
50:07Sinai to the top of the mountain and the
50:10Lord Called Moses to the top of the
50:12mountain and Moses went up SAR to ignore
50:15the mention of the trumpet blast
50:16lightning and thunder connected with
50:19thick Cloud on the third day here it
50:21should also call to mind the Hosea
50:24prophecy Hosea chapter 5 verse 15
50:27through chapter 6 verse 2. I will return
50:30again to my place until they acknowledge
50:32their guilt and seek my face and in
50:35their distress earnestly seek me Israel
50:38and Judah are unrepentant come let us
50:41return to the Lord for he has torn us
50:43that he may heal us he has struck us
50:46down and he will bind us up after two
50:48days he will revive us on the third day
50:51he will raise us up that we may live
50:54before him
50:56the healing on Sabbath prophecy
50:59we just read in Hosea how we will be
51:02healed and resurrected on the third day
51:05we also now know that the third day and
51:07the seventh day are the same day on the
51:09Messianic timeline the third day being
51:12the Third Day from the messiah's first
51:14coming and the seventh day being the
51:16seventh day from creation many are
51:18familiar with the Messiah performing
51:20miracles on the Sabbath day at his first
51:22coming but how many realize that these
51:25Miracles were declaring what the Messiah
51:26would do to us on the seventh day the
51:29Miracles that the Messiah performed on
51:31the seventh day were all about healing
51:34on the seventh day the Messiah 1 healed
51:37Simon Peter's mother-in-law two healed a
51:41man with a withered hand three healed a
51:44man born blind four healed a crippled
51:47woman five healed a man with dropsy 6.
51:52healed a man with an evil spirit 7.
51:56healed a lame man by the pool of
51:59Bethesda the Messiah healed seven people
52:02on the seventh day likewise at the
52:04resurrection on the seventh day we will
52:08also be healed
52:10ascending the mountain prophecy
52:13recall the first instance in which Moses
52:16as a type of the Messiah ascended the
52:18mountain Exodus chapter 24 verse 18.
52:22Moses entered the cloud and went up on
52:25the mountain and Moses was on the
52:27mountain 40 days and 40 nights
52:30just as Moses ascended and entered the
52:32cloud so did the Messiah Ascend and
52:35enter the cloud
52:36Acts chapter 1 verse 9 and when he had
52:39said these things as they were looking
52:41on he was lifted up and a cloud took him
52:44out of their sight
52:46how long was Moses gone answer 40 days
52:49and 40 nights once again using the
52:52Jubilee principle in the 40 equates to
52:552000 the prophetic relationship to the
52:57Messiah would be two thousand years
52:59until the Messiah comes back down after
53:01he went up just like Moses interestingly
53:05enough this occurred twice perhaps for
53:07emphasis just like the fasting prophecy
53:09note the mention of no food or water for
53:1240 days affording us another connection
53:15Exodus chapter 34 verse 28 so he was
53:19there with the Lord 40 days and 40
53:21nights he neither ate bread nor drank
53:23water and he wrote on the tablets the
53:26words of the Covenant the Ten
53:29Acts chapter 1 verses 9 through 11. and
53:33when he had said these things as they
53:35were looking on he was lifted up and a
53:37cloud took him out of their sight and
53:39while they were gazing into heaven as he
53:41went behold two men stood by them in
53:44white robes and said men of Galilee why
53:48do you stand looking into heaven this
53:50Jesus was taken up from you into heaven
53:52will come in the same way as you saw him
53:55go into heaven
53:57the Ascension prophecy
54:00we are told that the Messiah will return
54:02in the same way that he ascended thus
54:04his Ascension is connected to his return
54:06how long was it from the messiah's death
54:09and Resurrection until his Ascension
54:12Acts chapter 1 verse 3. he presented
54:16himself alive to them after his
54:18suffering by many proofs appearing to
54:20them during 40 days and speaking about
54:22the kingdom of God we find that it was
54:2540 days from the time of our messiah's
54:27death and Resurrection till the time he
54:29ascended again using the Jubilee
54:31principle of 40 times 50 we find another
54:34prophetic unit of 2 000 years between
54:37the messiah's death and resurrection and
54:39his return as represented by his
54:41Ascension his Ascension of course is
54:43declared to be representation of his
54:45return according to the men in the white
54:47rose the messiah's death and
54:49Resurrection was nearly two thousand
54:52years ago
54:53the Transfiguration prophecy
54:56Matthew chapter 17 verses 1 through 8
55:00and after six days Jesus Took with him
55:02Peter and James and John his brother and
55:05led them up a high mountain by
55:07themselves and he was transfigured
55:09before them and his face Shone like the
55:12sun and his clothes became White as
55:14light and behold there appeared to them
55:17Moses and Elijah talking with him and
55:20Peter said to Jesus Lord it is good that
55:23we are here if you wish I will make
55:25three tents here one for you and one for
55:27Moses and one for Elijah
55:30he was still speaking when Behold a
55:32bright Cloud overshadowed them and a
55:34voice from the clouds said this is my
55:37beloved Son with whom I am well pleased
55:39listen to him
55:41when the disciples heard this they fell
55:44on their faces and were terrified but
55:47Jesus came and touched them saying rise
55:50and have no fear and when they lifted up
55:53their eyes they saw no one but Jesus
55:57the Transfiguration is illustrative of
56:00the Messiah coming into the kingdom as
56:02revealed by the law and Prophets
56:04metaphorically represented here by Moses
56:06and Elijah we know this not only because
56:09of the symbology evidence during this
56:11Vision but just prior to this event the
56:13Messiah said to his disciples that some
56:15standing here will not see death till
56:17the Messiah comes into the kingdom we
56:20see a specific mention of six days
56:22passing before the Transfiguration
56:23Vision occurs thus there will be six
56:26days till the Messiah comes into the
56:28kingdom using the day is a thousand
56:30years principle we find that it will be
56:32six thousand years until the Messiah
56:34comes into the kingdom there is also the
56:36mention of a three which connects this
56:39again to the third day mentioned in
56:41Hosea chapter 6 verse 2. the disciples
56:44are told to rise which is symbolic of
56:46the Resurrection that is to occur on the
56:48third day Hosea chapter 6 verse 2 on the
56:52third day he will raise us up that we
56:55may live before him the timing spend
56:58their all along
57:01the job prophecy
57:03Job chapter 5 verse 19. he will deliver
57:06you from six troubles in seven no evil
57:10shall touch you
57:12when are we delivered we are delivered
57:14after six times of tribulation or
57:16trouble man will be in Tribulation or
57:19distress on Earth for six days or six
57:21thousand years following that we are
57:24delivered or saved from Evil by means of
57:26a resurrection using the day as a
57:29thousand years principle here we
57:30understand that man will be plagued by
57:32trouble because of sin for six Thousand
57:34Years yet we are delivered through that
57:36in the seven thousandth year we will be
57:39resurrected Incorruptible no longer
57:42affected by sin or evil it is on the
57:44seventh day that we are delivered and
57:49the temple prophecy
57:51if you recall as another example of
57:54going beyond the literal the Messiah
57:55referred to himself as the temple John
57:58chapter 2 verse 19.
58:01Jesus answered them destroy this Temple
58:04and in three days I will raise it up the
58:06Jews then said it has taken 46 years to
58:09build this Temple and will you raise it
58:11up in three days but he was speaking
58:14about the Temple of his body
58:16the second temple took 46 years to build
58:19according to the Declaration of the Jews
58:21as you already know there are different
58:22prophetic units of counting in Scripture
58:24that assist in revealing certain
58:26information for example a jubilee unit
58:28period is 50 years if you take those 46
58:31years of building the Temple Times a
58:33unit of jubilees a 50 you arrive to 2300
58:36as already mentioned that is not an
58:39accident but a further numeric revealing
58:42of Prophecy found in the Book of Daniel
58:43about the temple and the number 2300
58:46being connected to the restoration of
58:48the temple let's examine a deeper
58:50meaning on one of the ways the Messiah
58:52could apply to the temple and since the
58:54Messiah was a prophet like unto Moses
58:57let's take it to the Tabernacle of the
59:00Acts chapter 7 verse 44 our fathers had
59:04the tent of witness in the wilderness
59:06just as he who spoke to Moses directed
59:08him to make it according to the pattern
59:10that he had seen we can divide the
59:13Tabernacle of the Wilderness into three
59:14different sections one the outer
59:17Courtyard two the holy Place three and
59:21the holy of holies the dimensions or
59:24pattern of the Tabernacle can be found
59:26in Exodus chapter 25 through Exodus
59:29chapter 27.
59:30let's look at the courtyard one the
59:34the courtyard of the Tabernacle design
59:36was defined by just walls thus we will
59:40calculate the area of the courtyard wall
59:41the outer wall was 100 cubits in length
59:4450 cubits in width and 5 cubits in
59:47height if we add the two longer walls
59:49100 plus 100 to the two shorter walls 50
59:52plus 50 then we find that the Tabernacle
59:55Courtyard was 300 cubits around further
59:58if you multiply 300 cubits by 5 cubits
01:00:01the Wall height we find that the wall
01:00:03was 1500 square cubits keep this number
01:00:07of 1500 in mind now let's look at the
01:00:10holy place
01:00:112. the holy place the holy Place
01:00:15contained walls and a ceiling thus we
01:00:18will calculate the volume of the Holy
01:00:19place the holy place was 20 cubits long
01:00:2210 cubits wide and 10 cubits high note
01:00:25that 20 times 10 times 10 is 2 000. the
01:00:29holy place was 2 000 cubic cubits
01:00:323. holy of holies finally there is the
01:00:36holy of holies which was also covered
01:00:38the holy of holies also contained walls
01:00:42and a ceiling thus we will calculate the
01:00:44volume of the holy of holies
01:00:46its Dimensions were 10 by 10 by 10 or 1
01:00:50000 cubic cubits is part of the design
01:00:52or pattern of the Tabernacle we have
01:00:54units of fifteen hundred two thousand
01:00:57and one thousand starting with the
01:00:59Tabernacle revealed in the time of Moses
01:01:01numbers in the Bible often have deeper
01:01:04meanings we simply just need to unravel
01:01:06the clues the question before us is this
01:01:09how do the units of fifteen hundred two
01:01:12thousand and one thousand have anything
01:01:14to do with the Messiah declaring himself
01:01:16to be the temple the holy of holies
01:01:19represents the Throne of God and is our
01:01:21destination thus we will start with the
01:01:241500 of the outer Courtyard and work our
01:01:27way in the dimensions of the Tabernacle
01:01:30of the Wilderness were given to us
01:01:32around the time of Moses biblical
01:01:34archeology does not 100 agree as to the
01:01:37exact year Moses received the Torah on
01:01:40Sinai however some of those estimates
01:01:42place it about 1500 years before the
01:01:45messiah's death burial oil and
01:01:47Resurrection because of the limits of
01:01:49biblical archeology unfortunately we
01:01:52cannot be precise here from Moses at
01:01:54Sinai till the messiah's death burial
01:01:57and Resurrection appears to be about
01:01:591500 years thus 1500 years is our
01:02:03Messianic connection for the first
01:02:05number from the courtyard Hosea chapter
01:02:076 verse 2 which we read earlier stated
01:02:10that there would be two days till the
01:02:12resurrection which of course is when the
01:02:14Messiah returns according to the one day
01:02:16is a thousand years principle two days
01:02:19is two thousand years from the death
01:02:21burial and resurrection of the Messiah
01:02:24to his return is two thousand years thus
01:02:272000 is our Messianic connection for the
01:02:30second number from the holy place since
01:02:33each day in God's plan for man is one
01:02:35thousand years that means that the
01:02:37seventh day is one thousand years long
01:02:39unsurprisingly this is how long prophecy
01:02:42clearly reveals that our Messiah will
01:02:44reign with us and the adversary thank
01:02:46you he's locked up
01:02:48Revelation chapter 20 verse 2. he laid
01:02:52hold of the dragon that Serpent of old
01:02:54who is the devil and Satan and bound him
01:02:57for a thousand years
01:02:59Revelation chapter 20 verse 4. and I saw
01:03:03Thrones and they sat on them and
01:03:05judgment was committed to them then I
01:03:08saw the souls of those who had been
01:03:10beheaded for their witness to Jesus and
01:03:12for the word of God who had not
01:03:14worshiped the Beast or his image and had
01:03:17not received his mark on their foreheads
01:03:19or on their hands and they lived and
01:03:21reigned with Christ for a thousand years
01:03:24and now we have the third day evil will
01:03:28no longer touch us remember the Messiah
01:03:30said it would take three days to raise
01:03:32himself up as the temple So Not only was
01:03:35he in the grave for three days and three
01:03:36nights literally the Messiah is also
01:03:39demonstrating agreement with the design
01:03:41of the Tabernacle where he needed three
01:03:43days to raise himself up as the temple
01:03:46in the end at the arrival of the New
01:03:48Jerusalem three thousand years after his
01:03:51first coming
01:03:52Revelation chapter 21 verse 22 and I saw
01:03:56no temple in the city for its Temple is
01:03:59the Lord God the almighty and the lamb
01:04:02so as you can see the prophetic unit of
01:04:051000 is also related to the holy of
01:04:07holies and it is at the end of the 1000
01:04:10year period that the New Jerusalem comes
01:04:12down the New Jerusalem is often
01:04:14prophetically connected to the holy of
01:04:17let's read the verse again
01:04:19John Chapter 2 verses 19 through 21
01:04:22Jesus answered them destroy this Temple
01:04:25and in three days I will raise it up the
01:04:28Jews then said it has taken 46 years to
01:04:31build this Temple and will you raise it
01:04:33up in three days but he was speaking
01:04:35about the Temple of his body
01:04:38do you see it so how is the Messiah the
01:04:42he died and was placed in the grave for
01:04:44three days and three nights he was then
01:04:46resurrected and his body is
01:04:49metaphorically the temple that is the
01:04:52micro fulfillment the messiah's first
01:04:54coming to his second coming appears to
01:04:56be two thousand years or two days he
01:04:59will reign with us for one thousand
01:05:01years or one day that is a total of
01:05:04three days and then the New Jerusalem
01:05:07arrives in which we are told Revelation
01:05:09chapter 21 verse 22 and I saw no temple
01:05:13in the city for its Temple is the Lord
01:05:15God the almighty and the lamb that is
01:05:19the macro fulfillment amazingly the
01:05:21temple fully discloses the timing of his
01:05:24first coming 1500 years after Moses his
01:05:27second coming 2000 years after his first
01:05:29coming and the length of his reign as
01:05:32one thousand years in three days he's
01:05:35raised up as the temple in the New
01:05:37Jerusalem at the conclusion of the three
01:05:39days or three thousand years of the plan
01:05:41of the Messiah from Biblical year 4000
01:05:44and concluding on biblical year 7000 the
01:05:47final judgment takes place the
01:05:49separating of the just and the unjust
01:05:51the wheat and the tares
01:05:54eternal life or Eternal death
01:05:57perhaps this is why we seed number 3000
01:06:00connected to life and death
01:06:02Eternal death on the conclusion of the
01:06:04third day
01:06:05Exodus chapter 32 verse 28 and the sons
01:06:09of Levi did according to the word of
01:06:11Moses and that day about 3 000 men of
01:06:14the People Fell
01:06:16and eternal life at the conclusion of
01:06:18the third day Acts chapter 2 verse 41.
01:06:22so those who received his word were
01:06:24baptized and there were added that day
01:06:26about three thousand Souls
01:06:30the servant prophecy
01:06:32Exodus chapter 21 verse 2.
01:06:35when you buy a Hebrew slave He Shall
01:06:37Serve six years and in the seventh he
01:06:40shall go out free for nothing
01:06:43this fits the same pattern as the
01:06:45Sabbath prophecy for six years the
01:06:48servant is in bondage and on the seventh
01:06:50he's released likewise on the seventh
01:06:52day or biblical year 6000 we are set
01:06:56free via the resurrection set free from
01:06:58the bondage of corruption through the
01:07:00Redemption of our bodies this
01:07:02Resurrection is the hope we wait for and
01:07:04it will occur on the seventh day
01:07:07Romans chapter 8 verses 18 through 25.
01:07:12for I consider that the sufferings of
01:07:14this present time are not worth
01:07:15comparing with the glory that is to be
01:07:17revealed to us for the creation Waits
01:07:20with eager longing for the revealing of
01:07:22the sons of God for the creation was
01:07:24subjected to futility not willingly but
01:07:27because of him who subjected it in hope
01:07:30that the creation itself will be set
01:07:32free from its bondage to corruption and
01:07:35obtain the freedom of the glory of the
01:07:37children of God
01:07:38for we know that the whole creation has
01:07:40been groaning together in the Pains of
01:07:43childbirth until now and not only the
01:07:46creation but we ourselves who have the
01:07:48first fruits of the spirit grown
01:07:50inwardly as we wait eagerly for adoption
01:07:53as Sons the Redemption of our bodies for
01:07:57in this hope we were saved now hope that
01:08:00is seen is not hope for who hopes for
01:08:04what he sees but if we hope for what we
01:08:06do not see we wait for it with patience
01:08:11the land rest prophecy
01:08:14the Sabbath prophecy teaches that we are
01:08:16brought into the land to rest and reign
01:08:18with the Messiah the land rest prophecy
01:08:21teaches us the same on the seventh day
01:08:23or biblical year 6000 we rest in the
01:08:27Exodus chapter 23 verse 10 for six years
01:08:31you shall sow your land and gather in
01:08:33its yield but the seventh year you shall
01:08:36let it rest and lie fallow that the poor
01:08:39of your people may eat and what they
01:08:41leave the beasts of the field made you
01:08:44shall do likewise with your Vineyard and
01:08:46with your Olive Orchard
01:08:48the appearing on The Seventh-Day
01:08:52Exodus chapter 24 verses 16-17
01:08:57the glory of the Lord dwelt on Mount
01:08:59Sinai and the cloud covered its six days
01:09:01and on the seventh day he called to
01:09:04Moses out of the midst of the cloud now
01:09:06the appearance of the glory of the Lord
01:09:08was like a devouring fire on the top of
01:09:11the mountain in the sight of the people
01:09:13of Israel
01:09:14we find similar language with the return
01:09:16of our Messiah Matthew chapter 24 verse
01:09:21then we'll appear in heaven the sign of
01:09:24the son of man and then all the tribes
01:09:27of the earth will mourn and they will
01:09:28see the son of man coming on the Clouds
01:09:31Of Heaven with power and great Glory
01:09:35the David and Goliath prophecy
01:09:37in first Samuel chapter 17 we read the
01:09:41famous story of David and Goliath as
01:09:43most know the messiah's second coming
01:09:45will fulfill the role of Messiah Ben
01:09:48David and the Messiah will defeat the
01:09:50Antichrist at his coming David is also a
01:09:53type of the Messiah the story of David
01:09:56and Goliath appears to rhyme with the
01:09:58messiah's second coming first Samuel
01:10:01chapter 17 verse 16. for 40 days the
01:10:05Philistine came forward and took his
01:10:07stand morning and evening
01:10:10Goliath taunted the Army for 40 days
01:10:12before David acted using the established
01:10:15Jubilee principle we would see that as
01:10:17two thousand years Goliath represents
01:10:19the Antichrist the spirit of the
01:10:22Antichrist has been in the world
01:10:23taunting believer since the Messiah
01:10:25ascended nearly 2 000 years ago
01:10:29first John chapter 4 verse 3 this is the
01:10:33spirit of the Antichrist which you heard
01:10:35was coming and now is in the world
01:10:37already as John knows the spirit of the
01:10:40Antichrist has been around for some time
01:10:42but the manifestation of the final
01:10:43Antichrist is still coming Paul mentions
01:10:46this event and details how the Messiah
01:10:49himself will destroy the Antichrist at
01:10:51his coming
01:10:52second Thessalonians chapter 2 verse 8.
01:10:56and then the Lawless one will be
01:10:58revealed whom the Lord Jesus will kill
01:11:00with the breath of his mouth and bring
01:11:02to nothing by the appearance of his
01:11:04coming the Messiah defeats the
01:11:06Antichrist by speaking just words the
01:11:08breath of his mouth the Messiah speaks
01:11:10the Torah the law of God the Torah
01:11:13overcomes the Lawless one the Antichrist
01:11:16likewise David as a type of the Messiah
01:11:19displays this same pattern in first
01:11:21Samuel chapter 17. Goliath taunts for 40
01:11:25days this represents the 40 jubilees or
01:11:28two thousand years of the spirit of the
01:11:29Antichrist that is already in the world
01:11:32at the end of this 40-day period Goliath
01:11:34and David meet for battle David and
01:11:37Goliath represent the Messiah and
01:11:39Antichrist David has picked up five
01:11:42smooth stones from a river the five
01:11:44smooth Stones represent the five books
01:11:46of the Torah that will flow from Zion
01:11:48like a river of water David then defeats
01:11:50Goliath with a stone from his slingshot
01:11:52likewise the Messiah will defeat the
01:11:55Antichrist with the Torah comes from his
01:11:57mouth this suggests that we will have 40
01:11:59jubilees or two thousand years of the
01:12:02spirit of the Antichrist however the
01:12:04Antichrist will eventually meet with the
01:12:06Messiah and be destroyed by the words
01:12:08that he speaks
01:12:10the wedding day prophecy
01:12:12using the one day as a thousand years
01:12:14principle we learn the timing of the
01:12:16marriage supper of the Lamb just as
01:12:18Hosea chapter 6 verse 2 declares that it
01:12:21is on the third day that we will be
01:12:22resurrected likewise the marriage supper
01:12:25of the Lamb will also be on the third
01:12:27day which is just after two days or two
01:12:30thousand years from the deaf burial and
01:12:33resurrection of the Messiah John chapter
01:12:362 verse 2. on the third day there was a
01:12:39wedding at Cana in Galilee and the
01:12:41mother of Jesus was there this was the
01:12:44wedding feast in which the Messiah
01:12:46turned water into wine the wedding
01:12:48represents the marriage supper of the
01:12:50Lamb the wine represents the Judgment of
01:12:52man there were six water jars perhaps
01:12:55representing how six days or six
01:12:57thousand years need to pass before man
01:13:00is judged at the messiah's return these
01:13:03metaphors all appear to connect to
01:13:04Revelation chapter 19 in which we first
01:13:07see the mention of the marriage supper
01:13:09of the lamb and then we see the mention
01:13:11of the wine us of God's Wrath Revelation
01:13:15Chapter 19 Verse 9 and the angel said to
01:13:18me write this blessed are those who are
01:13:21invited to the marriage supper of the
01:13:23Lamb and he said to me these are the
01:13:26true words of God Revelation Chapter 19
01:13:29Verse 15 from his mouth comes a sharp
01:13:32sword with which to strike down the
01:13:34Nations and he will rule them with a rod
01:13:36of iron he will shred the wine press of
01:13:39the fury of the wrath of God the
01:13:43the Jonah prophecy there are two amazing
01:13:46prophetic patterns found in the Book of
01:13:48Jonah chapters one through two when
01:13:51Jonah was swallowed by the great fish
01:13:53contains the first prophetic pattern the
01:13:55Messiah not only verbally revealed this
01:13:57pattern but he then also fulfilled it
01:13:59through his death and Resurrection the
01:14:02Messiah gave away the first one for us
01:14:04Matthew chapter 12 verse 40. for justice
01:14:08Jonah was three days and three nights in
01:14:10the belly of the great fish so will the
01:14:12son of man be three days and three
01:14:14nights in the heart of the Earth this
01:14:16was the prophetic pattern revealed in
01:14:18Jonah and relates to the messiah's first
01:14:20coming since the prophetic pattern of
01:14:22Jonah is centered on the messiah's first
01:14:24coming it is unsurprising that the
01:14:27second prophetic pattern of Jonah
01:14:28centers on the messiah's second coming
01:14:30this of course is referring to the story
01:14:32of Jonah and Nineveh the first prophetic
01:14:35nugget in this chapter relates to three
01:14:38days and sets the prophetic scope Jonah
01:14:41chapter 3 verse 3. so Jonah arose and
01:14:44went to Nineveh according to the word of
01:14:46the Lord now Nineveh was an exceedingly
01:14:48great City three days journey in breath
01:14:51using the day as a thousand years
01:14:53principle recall that the messiah's
01:14:55window of prophetic fulfillment is also
01:14:57three days in breath the distance
01:14:59between the messiah's first coming and
01:15:01second coming is two thousand years or
01:15:03two days then he will Rule and Reign for
01:15:06a thousand years or one day both
01:15:08prophetic Windows fulfill all Messianic
01:15:10prophecy and his three thousand years or
01:15:13three days in breath Nineveh was then
01:15:15told that they have 40 days and then
01:15:18they will be overthrown Jonah chapter 3
01:15:21verse 4 Jonah began to go into the city
01:15:24going a Day's Journey and he called out
01:15:26yet 40 days and Nineveh shall be
01:15:30it is largely recognized that Nineveh
01:15:32represents the world or the nations in
01:15:35this situation we are taught that if the
01:15:37world repents they will be spared from
01:15:39destruction using the Jubilee principle
01:15:42we would understand the 40 to represent
01:15:4440 jubilees or two thousand years we
01:15:47know that the whole point of the Great
01:15:48Tribulation which is perhaps nearly 2
01:15:51000 years after the resurrection of the
01:15:53Messiah that the nations are being
01:15:54called to repent so that they might
01:15:56avoid the messiah's Judgment at his
01:15:58return however unlike Nineveh the
01:16:01Nations appear to not repent Revelation
01:16:04chapter 9 verses 20-21 the rest of
01:16:08mankind who were not killed by these
01:16:10plagues did not repent of the works of
01:16:13their hands nor give up worshiping
01:16:15demons and Idols of gold and silver and
01:16:17bronze and stone and wood which cannot
01:16:20see or hear or walk nor did they repent
01:16:23of their murders or their sorceries or
01:16:26their sexual immorality or their thefts
01:16:30Revelation chapter 16 verse 9. they were
01:16:33scorched by the fierce heat and they
01:16:36cursed the name of God who had power
01:16:38over these plagues they did not repent
01:16:40and give him glory
01:16:42Revelation chapter 16 verses 10 through
01:16:4511. the fifth angel poured out his bowl
01:16:48on the throne of the Beast and its
01:16:51kingdom was plunged Into Darkness people
01:16:53gnawed their tongues in anguish and
01:16:55cursed the god of Heaven for their pain
01:16:57and source
01:16:58they did not repent of their deeds I'm
01:17:01unfortunately while the prophetic
01:17:03pattern of Nineveh is available to the
01:17:05nations in the end should they repent
01:17:07they do not however the house of Israel
01:17:11those in the faith that are grafted in
01:17:13and Scattered into the Nations will
01:17:15fulfill the pattern of Nineveh
01:17:18Jonah chapter 3 verses 5-8 and the
01:17:21people of Nineveh believed God they
01:17:23called for a fast and put on sackcloth
01:17:26from the greatest of them to the least
01:17:28of them the word reached the king of
01:17:30Nineveh and he arose from his throne
01:17:32removed his robe covered himself with
01:17:35sackcloth and sat in ashes and he issued
01:17:39a proclamation and published through
01:17:42by the decree of the king and his Nobles
01:17:44that neither man nor Beast heard nor
01:17:48flock taste anything let them not feed
01:17:51or drink water but let man and Beast be
01:17:54covered with sackcloth and let them call
01:17:57out mightily to God let everyone turn
01:18:00from his evil way and from the violence
01:18:02that is in his hands
01:18:04like Nineveh we are warned Revelation
01:18:07chapter 18 Verses 4 through 5 come out
01:18:10of her my people lest you take part in
01:18:13her sins lest you share in her plagues
01:18:16for her sins are heaped high as heaven
01:18:18and God has remembered her iniquities
01:18:21and some will realize their error repent
01:18:24in the end Jeremiah chapter 16 verse 19.
01:18:28oh Lord my strength and my stronghold my
01:18:32refuge in the day of trouble to you
01:18:34shall the Nations come from the ends of
01:18:36the Earth and say our fathers have
01:18:38inherited nothing but lies worthless
01:18:41things in which there is no prophet
01:18:45the Jericho prophecy
01:18:47the story of Jericho is a parallel to
01:18:50the events and timing of the return of
01:18:51the Messiah Joshua chapter 6 verses 1-5
01:18:56now Jericho was shot up inside and
01:18:58outside because of the people of Israel
01:19:00none went out and none came in and the
01:19:03Lord said to Joshua see I have given
01:19:06Jericho into your hand with its king and
01:19:09Mighty Men of Valor you shall March
01:19:11around the city all the men of War going
01:19:14around the city once
01:19:16thus shall you do for six days
01:19:18seven priests shall bear seven trumpets
01:19:21of Ram's horns before the Ark on seventh
01:19:24day you shall March around the city
01:19:26seven times and the priests shall blow
01:19:28the trumpets and when they make a long
01:19:31blast with the Ram's Horn when you hear
01:19:33the sound of the trumpet then all the
01:19:35people shall Shout with a great shout
01:19:37and the wall of the city will fall down
01:19:39flat and the people shall go up everyone
01:19:42straight before him
01:19:44it's hard to ignore the mention of the
01:19:46trumpet blast and great shout
01:19:48immediately preceding the people going
01:19:50up on the seventh day the fall of
01:19:53Jericho on the seventh day represents
01:19:55the victory over God's enemies on the
01:19:57day of the Lord led by Joshua who
01:19:59represents our Messiah with even the
01:20:01same name in Hebrew
01:20:04the feeding of the four thousand
01:20:07the feeding of the four thousand
01:20:09prophecy shares interpretive elements
01:20:11also used in the four of seven prophecy
01:20:13and the Hosea prophecy applying the one
01:20:16day is a thousand years principle is
01:20:18also necessary Matthew chapter 15 verses
01:20:23then Jesus called his disciples to him
01:20:25and said I have compassion on the crowd
01:20:27because they have been with me now three
01:20:29days and have nothing to eat and I am
01:20:32unwilling to send them away hungry lest
01:20:34they faint on the way and the disciples
01:20:36said to him where are we to get enough
01:20:38bread in such a desolate place to feed
01:20:40so great a crowd and Jesus said to them
01:20:43how many loaves do you have they said
01:20:46seven and a few small fish directing the
01:20:49crowd to sit down on the ground he took
01:20:51the seven Loaves and the fish and having
01:20:53given thanks he broke them and gave them
01:20:56to the disciples and the disciples gave
01:20:59them to the crowds and they all ate and
01:21:01were satisfied and they took up seven
01:21:04baskets full of the broken pieces left
01:21:06over those who ate were four thousand
01:21:09men besides women and children and after
01:21:12sending away the crowds he got into the
01:21:14boat and went to the region of magadon
01:21:17the numerological metaphors that might
01:21:19immediately appear relevant here are
01:21:21three days seven loaves of bread in
01:21:24seven baskets and four thousand fed as
01:21:27we've already learned the third day
01:21:29following two thousand years after the
01:21:31first coming of the Messiah and the
01:21:33seventh day following six thousand years
01:21:35after creation are the same day they
01:21:37just have different starting points the
01:21:39third and seventh day is the day of our
01:21:42Resurrection we will be cleansed and
01:21:44purified as we shed this flesh and put
01:21:47on The Incorruptible glorified body this
01:21:49is also typified in the law of
01:21:51purification which occurs on the third
01:21:53day and the seventh day
01:21:55Numbers Chapter 19 Verse 12 he shall
01:21:58cleanse himself with the water on the
01:22:00third day and on the seventh day and so
01:22:02be clean but if he does not cleanse
01:22:05himself on the third day and on the
01:22:06seventh day he will not become clean
01:22:09the feeding of the four thousand
01:22:11attempts to teach this as well first we
01:22:13have the mention of the third day which
01:22:15we had already explained then we have
01:22:18the seven baskets with the seven loaves
01:22:19of bread the bread represents the word
01:22:22of God Matthew chapter 4 verse 4 the
01:22:25word of God In the Flesh our Messiah
01:22:27arrives again on the seventh day
01:22:30Revelation Chapter 19 Verse 13 He is
01:22:34clothed in a robe dipped in Blood and
01:22:36the name by which he is called is the
01:22:38word of God
01:22:39this invites us to use the one day as a
01:22:41thousand years principle for
01:22:43metaphorical application here the seven
01:22:45baskets of bread would illustrate that
01:22:47the seven thousand year plan of the word
01:22:49of God is complete on the seventh day it
01:22:51could be that the four thousand
01:22:53represents the fourth day of the seven
01:22:55day plan our Messiah came first on the
01:22:58fourth day and then is expected to
01:23:00return on the seventh day
01:23:04the Esther prophecy
01:23:06following Resurrection we are brought
01:23:08into the throne room deserving death we
01:23:11are instead granted salvation from the
01:23:13King Revelation chapter 7 verses 9
01:23:16through 10. after this I looked and
01:23:19behold a great multitude that no one
01:23:21could number from every nation from all
01:23:24tribes and peoples and languages
01:23:25standing Before the Throne and before
01:23:28the lamb clothed in white robes with
01:23:31palm branches in their hands and crying
01:23:33out with a loud voice salvation Belongs
01:23:36To Our God who sits on the throne and to
01:23:39the lamb
01:23:40when Esther presented herself to the
01:23:42king wearing her royal robes she entered
01:23:45the throne room knowing that she
01:23:46deserved death for entering against the
01:23:49law Esther chapter 4 verse 16. then I
01:23:53will go to the king though it is against
01:23:55the law and if I perish I perish however
01:23:59the King extended life as a picture of
01:24:02our salvation and the resurrection
01:24:04what day did this happen it should come
01:24:06as no surprise that it happened on the
01:24:08third day
01:24:10Esther chapter 5 verses 1 through 2. on
01:24:13the third day Esther put on her royal
01:24:15robes and stood in the inner Court of
01:24:18the king's Palace in front of the king's
01:24:20quarters while the King was sitting on
01:24:22his Royal Throne inside the throne room
01:24:24opposite the entrance to the palace and
01:24:27when the king saw Queen Esther standing
01:24:29in the court she won favor in his sight
01:24:31and he held out to Esther the golden
01:24:34scepter that was in his hand then Esther
01:24:37approached and touched the tip of the
01:24:40Esther pictures us as the bride Before
01:24:42the Throne Room of our King she's
01:24:44wearing her royal robe we will be
01:24:47wearing our white robes Esther was
01:24:50granted life when she deserved death we
01:24:53are granted eternal life by the
01:24:55resurrection though we deserve death for
01:24:58Esther this occurred on the third day
01:24:59for us we are also resurrected unto life
01:25:03on the third day
01:25:06the three measures of Leaven prophecy
01:25:10one of the purposes of the millennial
01:25:12kingdom is for the Kingdom of Heaven to
01:25:14be on earth in fact there's a crucial
01:25:16element of the Lord's Prayer when our
01:25:18Messiah said in Matthew chapter 6 verse
01:25:2110 your kingdom come your will be done
01:25:24on Earth as it is in heaven we are
01:25:27waiting for the kingdom to arrive on
01:25:30Earth which begins with the messiah's
01:25:32Reign it will start small and grow just
01:25:35as the parable of the Mustard Seed also
01:25:38teaches us our Messiah spoke in Parables
01:25:40to reveal mysteries in Hidden form we
01:25:43are told in Matthew chapter 13 verse 35
01:25:46I will open my mouth in Parables I will
01:25:50utter what has been hidden since the
01:25:51foundation of the world just before
01:25:54Matthew chapter 13 verse 35 we're given
01:25:57this short Parable Matthew Chapter 13
01:26:00Verse 33 he told them another Parable
01:26:03the Kingdom of Heaven is like leaven
01:26:06that a woman took and hid in three
01:26:08measures of flower till it was all
01:26:11leavened this is a parable and we're
01:26:13told parables are all about hidden
01:26:16information all information matters and
01:26:18Parables especially numbers the context
01:26:21here is the kingdom coming to Earth and
01:26:24growing just as leaven grows and expands
01:26:26bread so will the kingdom of God expand
01:26:29and grow on Earth why the mention of
01:26:32three measures of flower why not one or
01:26:34two or five it should come as no
01:26:37surprise now but the three measures of
01:26:39Leaven teaches us that the Kingdom on
01:26:41Earth starting with the messiah's reign
01:26:43will arrive on the third day
01:26:48the Enoch prophecy
01:26:50a section of Jude mentions the return of
01:26:52our Messiah and how he will return to
01:26:54execute judgment Jude mentions that this
01:26:57is a prophecy of Enoch what's perhaps
01:27:00the most interesting is that Jude feels
01:27:03it oddly necessary to also mention in
01:27:05the context of the messiah's return that
01:27:08Enoch was the seventh from Adam in Jude
01:27:11verses 14 through 15 we read it was also
01:27:15about these that Enoch the seventh from
01:27:17Adam prophesized saying behold the Lord
01:27:21comes with ten thousands of his holy
01:27:23ones to execute judgment on all and to
01:27:26convict all the ungodly of all their
01:27:28deeds of ungodliness that they've
01:27:30committed in such an ungodly way and of
01:27:33all the harsh things that ungodly
01:27:35Sinners have spoken against him we know
01:27:38by now that the Messiah is to return on
01:27:40the seventh day perhaps this is why Jude
01:27:43felt compelled to note that Enoch is the
01:27:45seventh from Adam in the context of the
01:27:48messiah's return
01:27:50the birth Pang prophecy
01:27:53in Matthew 24 the Messiah likened the
01:27:55beginning of end times to birth pangs
01:27:58Matthew chapter 24 verse 8 and Jesus
01:28:01answered them see that no one leads you
01:28:04astray for many will come in my name
01:28:06saying I am the Christ and they will
01:28:08lead many astray and you will hear of
01:28:11wars and rumors of wars see that you are
01:28:14not alarmed for this must take place but
01:28:16the end is not yet for nation will rise
01:28:19against nation and Kingdom against
01:28:21Kingdom and there will be famines and
01:28:24earthquakes in various places all these
01:28:27are but the beginning of the birth pains
01:28:31in humans conception to birth is 40
01:28:34weeks using the Jubilee principle we
01:28:37find that this time frame would last
01:28:38about 2 000 Years starting in the first
01:28:42century the beginning of these birth
01:28:44pangs include Wars rumors of wars
01:28:47famines earthquakes and many being led
01:28:50astray in the faith these things have
01:28:52certainly been occurring for two
01:28:54thousand years and appear to increase as
01:28:57we near the end the final stages of the
01:28:59birth pangs include an increase of
01:29:01lawlessness tribulation and the
01:29:04abomination of desolation lastly these
01:29:08birth pangs end at the messiah's coming
01:29:11using all these prophecies and patterns
01:29:13established for us a rather precise
01:29:15Messianic timeline since we have deduced
01:29:18that there will be two days or two
01:29:19thousand years from the death burial and
01:29:22resurrection of the Messiah to his
01:29:24second coming all we need to know is the
01:29:26year of the messiah's Resurrection to
01:29:28then know the year of his return
01:29:32the death burial and resurrection of
01:29:34messiah in 30 CE
01:29:37Scholars have long argued the time frame
01:29:39between 29 CE and 33 CE as the time of
01:29:43the crucifixion and resurrection of the
01:29:45Messiah but for the longest time we
01:29:47lacked Witnesses detailing exactly when
01:29:50his death occurred the best we could do
01:29:52was an educated guess most Scholars
01:29:55agree that 30 CE makes the most sense
01:29:57they may be more right than they realize
01:29:59because we're going to present evidence
01:30:01that they did not even likely consider
01:30:03that really solidifies 30 CE as the year
01:30:06of his death and Resurrection ironically
01:30:09in the ancient Jewish writings we can
01:30:11find several witnesses all agreeing to
01:30:13the exact year the Messiah died we read
01:30:16in the Jerusalem talmud 40 years before
01:30:19the destruction of the temple the
01:30:21Western light went out the Crimson
01:30:22thread remained crimson and a lot for
01:30:25the lord always came up in the left hand
01:30:27they would close the gates of the temple
01:30:29by night and get up in the morning and
01:30:31find them wide open a similar passage in
01:30:34the Babylonian talmud States our rabbi
01:30:36is taught during the last 40 years
01:30:39before the destruction of the temple the
01:30:41lot did not come up in the right hand
01:30:43nor did the crimson-colored strap become
01:30:45white nor did the westernmost light
01:30:48shine and the doors of the Heckel would
01:30:50open by themselves
01:30:52so what does this actually mean this is
01:30:55referencing a practice on the day of
01:30:57atonement in which the high priest was
01:30:59to present Two Goats before the Lord he
01:31:02would then cast lots over the goats to
01:31:04determine which would be offered to the
01:31:05Lord and which would be led into the
01:31:07Wilderness as the scapegoat the goat on
01:31:10which the Lord's lot fell was offered as
01:31:12a sin offering there was equal chance
01:31:14for the lot of the Lord to appear in the
01:31:16right hand however beginning in 30 CE
01:31:19according to traditional Jewish writings
01:31:22for 40 years prior to the destruction of
01:31:24the temple the lot for the Lord only
01:31:27appeared in his left hand the odds of
01:31:30this happening are just over one in one
01:31:34as you can expect statistically this is
01:31:37basically impossible this of course
01:31:39absolutely dumbfounded the priesthood
01:31:42and was the subject of much discussion
01:31:43this was such a big deal that it was
01:31:46documented in multiple ways the only
01:31:48thing that they knew was that something
01:31:50was seriously different in the day of
01:31:52atonement sacrifice something very
01:31:55profound happened in 30 CE in the book
01:31:57of Hebrews which focuses on the day of
01:31:59atonement sacrifice we learned that it
01:32:02is what the Messiah accomplished on the
01:32:03cross that was causing all of these
01:32:05strange events to occur thus as you can
01:32:08likely guess already it was in 30 CE
01:32:10that the Messiah died on the cross
01:32:13but there's more as two to three
01:32:15Witnesses establish a matter we want to
01:32:17bring several witnesses to the table as
01:32:19it relates to 30 CE the next Miracle
01:32:22which the ancient Jewish authorities
01:32:24acknowledged was that the temple doors
01:32:26swung open every night of their own
01:32:28accord for 40 years this was the case
01:32:31beginning in 30 CE the leading Jewish
01:32:34authority of that time johannan Ben
01:32:36zakai declared that this was a sign of
01:32:39impending doom and that the temple
01:32:41itself would be destroyed the Jerusalem
01:32:44talmud States said rabban johanan Ben
01:32:47zakai to the temple o Temple why do you
01:32:50frighten us we know that you will end up
01:32:52destroyed for it has been said open your
01:32:55doors o Lebanon that the fire may devour
01:32:58your Cedars Johan and Ben Sakai was the
01:33:01leader of the Jewish Community during
01:33:03the time following the destruction of
01:33:05the temple in 70 CE when the Jewish
01:33:08government was transferred to jamnia
01:33:10some 30 miles west of Jerusalem the next
01:33:13miracle was that the most important lamp
01:33:15of the seven Candlestick Menorah in the
01:33:18temple went out and would not shine
01:33:21every night for 40 years over 12 500
01:33:25nights in a row the main lamp of the
01:33:27temple lamp stand the menorah went out
01:33:29of its own accord no matter what
01:33:32attempts and precautions the priest took
01:33:33to safeguard it against this event
01:33:36Ernest Martin States in fact we are told
01:33:38in the talmud that at dusk the lamps
01:33:40that were unlit in the daytime the
01:33:42middle four lamps remained unlit while
01:33:44the two Eastern lamps normally stayed
01:33:46lit during the day were to be relit from
01:33:48the Flames of the western lamp which was
01:33:50a lamp That was supposed to stay lit all
01:33:52the time it was like the eternal flame
01:33:55that we see today in some national
01:33:56monuments this Western lamp was to be
01:33:59kept lit at all times for that reason
01:34:02the priests kept extra reservoirs of
01:34:04olive oil and other implements in ready
01:34:06supply to make sure that the Western
01:34:08lamp under all circumstances would stay
01:34:11lit but what happened in the 40 years
01:34:14from the very year Messiah said the
01:34:16physical Temple would be destroyed
01:34:18every night for 40 years the Western
01:34:20lamp went out and this in spite of the
01:34:23priests each evening preparing in a
01:34:25special way the Western lamps so that it
01:34:27would remain constantly burning all
01:34:28night again the odds against the lamp
01:34:31continually going out are astronomical
01:34:34something out of the ordinary was going
01:34:36on the light of the menorah representing
01:34:39contact with God his spirit and his
01:34:42presence was now removed this special
01:34:45demonstration occurred starting with the
01:34:47crucifixion of the Messiah and now for
01:34:50the most interesting documented event
01:34:52written in Jewish history noted to be
01:34:54from 30 CE messiah's death to 70 CE the
01:34:58destruction of the Temple
01:35:01and it has further been taught for 40
01:35:04years before the destruction of the
01:35:05temple the thread of scarlet never
01:35:07turned white but it remained red
01:35:10lastly this miracle concerns the Crimson
01:35:13strip or cloth tied to the Azazel goat a
01:35:17portion of this red cloth was also
01:35:18removed from the goat and tied to the
01:35:20temple door each year the redcloth on
01:35:23the temple door turned white as if to
01:35:25signify the atonement of another day of
01:35:27atonement was acceptable to the Lord
01:35:29this annual event happened until 30 CE
01:35:32when the cloth then remained Crimson
01:35:34each year to the time of the Temple's
01:35:36destruction this undoubtedly caused much
01:35:39stir and dismay among the Jews this
01:35:41traditional practice is linked to Israel
01:35:43confessing its sins and ceremonially
01:35:45placing this nation's sin upon the
01:35:48Azazel goat the sin was then removed by
01:35:51this goat's death sin was represented by
01:35:54the red color of the cloth the color of
01:35:57cloth remained Crimson that is Israel's
01:36:00sins were not being pardoned and made
01:36:02white as God told Israel through Isaiah
01:36:05the prophet Isaiah chapter 1 verse 18.
01:36:09come now let us reason together says the
01:36:12Lord though your sins are like Scarlet
01:36:14they shall be as white as snow though
01:36:17they are red like Crimson they shall
01:36:19become like wool the clear indication is
01:36:22that the whole Community had lost the
01:36:23Lord's attention in relation to
01:36:25something that occurred in 30 CE the
01:36:28only thing that makes any sense
01:36:29whatsoever is the year of the messiah's
01:36:32death after 30 CE according to multiple
01:36:35Witnesses and accounts the Crimson
01:36:37thread never turned white again for 40
01:36:39years eventually leading to the
01:36:42destruction of the temple and the
01:36:44cessation of all Temple rituals what
01:36:47happened in 30 CE to merits such a
01:36:49change at the day of atonement by some
01:36:52accounts on April 4th 30 CE the 14th of
01:36:56the first hebraic month the day of the
01:36:58Passover sacrifice our Messiah offered
01:37:00himself as a sacrifice for sin because
01:37:04of this event there was a transference
01:37:06of the atonement now no longer achieved
01:37:08through the Two Goats as offered on the
01:37:10day of atonement like an innocent
01:37:12Passover Lamb the Messiah was put to
01:37:15death although no fault was found in him
01:37:18but unlike Temple sacrifices or the day
01:37:20of atonement events as already detailed
01:37:23where sin is only covered over for a
01:37:25Time the Messianic sacrifice is covered
01:37:28for all time the mechanism providing
01:37:30forgiveness of sin through the day of
01:37:32atonement clearly changed in 30 CE
01:37:34here's an interesting correlating point
01:37:37regarding the 40 years from the death
01:37:39and resurrection of the Messiah and the
01:37:41destruction of the temple in 70 CE the
01:37:44events leading up to the destruction of
01:37:45the temple in 70 CE are often noted to
01:37:48rhyme with many prophesized end time
01:37:51events these events are seen as a
01:37:53template for the coming Great
01:37:55Tribulation judgment and return of our
01:37:58Messiah notice how once again the
01:38:00Jubilee principle is a perfect fit there
01:38:03will be 40 jubilees or two thousand
01:38:05years between death and resurrection of
01:38:07our Messiah on Passover and the end
01:38:10times and his return so if the Messiah
01:38:12died in 30 CE which clearly appears to
01:38:15be the case based on several witnesses
01:38:17and historical confirmations
01:38:19establishing the matter that we have an
01:38:22amazing opportunity placed in front of
01:38:24us we are now equipped and enabled to
01:38:27add two days or two thousand years to 30
01:38:30CE and arrive to 2030 as the year of the
01:38:33messiah's return this may place the
01:38:35abomination of desolation to be an early
01:38:41the Fig Tree prophecy
01:38:43just before our Messiah mentioned the
01:38:46day and hour that no one knows he made
01:38:48it clear that we will at least know the
01:38:50season Matthew chapter 24 verses 32-35
01:38:54from the Fig Tree learn its lesson as
01:38:57soon as its Branch becomes tender and
01:38:59puts out its leaves you know that summer
01:39:01is near so also when you see all these
01:39:05things you know that he is near at the
01:39:07very Gates truly I say to you this
01:39:11generation will not pass away until all
01:39:13these things take place Heaven and Earth
01:39:15will pass away but my words will not
01:39:19pass away what does this mean the
01:39:21obvious interpretation is that when we
01:39:23see such signs and events that were
01:39:25mentioned in previous verses that the
01:39:27messiah's return is near at the very
01:39:30Gates however as should be clearly
01:39:32evident by now limiting ourselves to the
01:39:35only obvious interpretation is a serious
01:39:37handicap to proper understanding of
01:39:40Messianic prophecy especially Messianic
01:39:43timing as we have done dozens of times
01:39:45already we just need to crack the code
01:39:47if you will and when we do just that
01:39:50guess what we find it gives us the same
01:39:53prophetic Messianic timeline that we see
01:39:55over and over in the Bible biblical
01:39:57Scholars have long understood the Fig
01:39:59Tree to be metaphorically connected to
01:40:01Israel the leave of the Fig Tree are
01:40:04what Adam and Eve tried to use to cover
01:40:06their sin and the Fig Tree is the only
01:40:08tree that God ever cursed which
01:40:11represented the Jewish Pharisees
01:40:13Jeremiah clearly tells us that fig tree
01:40:16represents Israel without fruit perhaps
01:40:19most importantly a mention of the Fig
01:40:21Tree being early In Bloom in Matthew
01:40:23chapter 24 is also very similar to the
01:40:26same connection made by the prophet
01:40:30Hosea chapter 9 verse 10.
01:40:33like grapes in the wilderness I found
01:40:35Israel like the first fruit on the Fig
01:40:38Tree in its first season I saw your
01:40:41fathers Israel became a nation with land
01:40:44again in 1948 but still lacked Jerusalem
01:40:48as the capital according to the Bible
01:40:50Jerusalem is where the Lord placed his
01:40:53second Kings chapter 21 verse 7 and the
01:40:58carved image of Ashura that he had made
01:41:00he set in the house of which the Lord
01:41:02said to David and to Solomon his son in
01:41:05this house and in Jerusalem which I have
01:41:08chosen out of all the tribes of Israel I
01:41:10will put my name forever then on the
01:41:1323rd of January 1950 the Israeli knesset
01:41:17proclaimed Jerusalem as the capital of
01:41:19Israel and began moving government
01:41:21offices into the city causing fig trees
01:41:24Branch to now be tender and putting on
01:41:27leaves so if 1950 is the start how long
01:41:30is a generation ironically in Psalm
01:41:33chapter 90 the same chapter we read
01:41:35earlier in this presentation that
01:41:37demonstrated the concept of a day as a
01:41:39thousand years we are also given a very
01:41:42interesting verse Psalm chapter 90 verse
01:41:4610. the years of our life are seventy or
01:41:49even by reason of strength 80 yet their
01:41:52span is but toil trouble they are soon
01:41:55gone and we fly away
01:41:58and so we simply do the math 1950 plus
01:42:0180 equals twenty Thirty and then
01:42:05we fly away
01:42:08The Eighth Day
01:42:13so what happens after this 7 000 year or
01:42:16seven day plan of man that God has for
01:42:19us there's not a lot of detail of what
01:42:21occurs following the new Heaven and the
01:42:23new Earth Revelation chapters 21-22
01:42:26affords us some detail and mirrors
01:42:29similar language we find in the prophets
01:42:31there are some patterns given to us that
01:42:33help further establish the overall
01:42:37circumcision prophecy
01:42:39have you ever asked why circumcision is
01:42:42to be on the Eighth Day Leviticus
01:42:44chapter 12 verses 1 through 5. the Lord
01:42:47spoke to Moses saying speak to the
01:42:50people of Israel saying if a woman
01:42:52conceives and bears a male child then
01:42:54she shall be unclean seven days as at
01:42:57the time of her menstruation she shall
01:42:59be unclean and on the Eighth Day the
01:43:02Flesh of his foreskin shall be
01:43:04then she shall continue for 33 days in
01:43:07the blood of her purifying she shall not
01:43:10touch anything holy nor come into the
01:43:12sanctuary until the days of her
01:43:14purifying are complete but if she Bears
01:43:17a female child then she shall be unclean
01:43:19two weeks as in her menstruation and she
01:43:22shall continue in the blood of her
01:43:23purifying for 66 days
01:43:26here's an interesting connection to
01:43:28consider with a male child being born a
01:43:31woman is unclean for seven days plus 33
01:43:34days for a total of 40 days with a
01:43:37female child being born a woman is
01:43:39unclean for 14 days plus 66 days for a
01:43:43total of 80 days if we were to add the
01:43:4640 days and the 80 days together it
01:43:48would equal 120 days of uncleanliness
01:43:51until the time of purification is
01:43:53complete as should be understood by now
01:43:56the connection to 120 is important using
01:44:00the Jubilee principle 50 times 120 is
01:44:04Biblical years 6000. it is biblical year
01:44:076000 or the seventh day in which our
01:44:10time of purification is complete also
01:44:13recall that the seventh day is the same
01:44:15as the third day the seventh day is the
01:44:18seventh day from creation and the third
01:44:20day is the third day from the death and
01:44:23resurrection of our Messiah
01:44:25Numbers Chapter 19 Verse 12. he shall
01:44:29cleanse himself with the water on the
01:44:31third day and on the seventh day and so
01:44:34be clean but if he does not cleanse
01:44:36himself on the third day and on the
01:44:38seventh day he will not become clean
01:44:41likewise we will be cleansed by the
01:44:43Resurrection on the third and seventh
01:44:45day that is when our time of
01:44:47purification is complete which also
01:44:50happens to be the 120th Jubilee or
01:44:53biblical year 6000. so what does the
01:44:56mention of circumcision here have to do
01:44:58with prophetic timing
01:45:00in the midst of the 40 days on the
01:45:02Eighth Day the male child is circumcised
01:45:05circumcision is a reference to the sign
01:45:07of the Covenant given to Abraham often
01:45:10in scripture as already revealed in this
01:45:12teaching a seven is metaphorically
01:45:14relating to the seven thousand year plan
01:45:16God has for man if the seven here
01:45:19relates to the seven thousand years and
01:45:21that somehow relates to the Covenant of
01:45:23Abraham is there anything here to
01:45:25suggest that numerically
01:45:27well watch this
01:45:29take the seven thousand years and divide
01:45:31it by the 40 days of uncleanliness seven
01:45:34thousand divided by 40 equals 175.
01:45:38how long did Abraham live you guessed it
01:45:41Genesis chapter 25 verse 7. These are
01:45:46the days of the years of Abraham's life
01:45:49175 years
01:45:51circumcision physically represents the
01:45:53cutting away and discarding of our flesh
01:45:55and spiritually represents the cutting
01:45:57of our heart or circumcising our heart
01:45:59and having a heart to only follow God
01:46:02that is what is meant by a circumcised
01:46:05heart Ezekiel chapter 36 verses 26-27
01:46:10and I will give you a new heart and a
01:46:13new spirit I will put within you and I
01:46:15will remove the Heart of Stone from your
01:46:17flesh and give you a heart of Flesh and
01:46:20I will put my spirit within you and
01:46:22cause you to walk in my statutes and be
01:46:24careful to obey my rules
01:46:27at the end of seven thousand years both
01:46:29resurrections will have occurred we will
01:46:32enter into the last great day The Eighth
01:46:34Day the result of both resurrections
01:46:37will cause us to have discarded our
01:46:38bodies of Flesh and we will have our
01:46:40glorified bodies the result being that
01:46:43we will have only desire or new heart to
01:46:46follow God for all of eternity on the
01:46:49Eighth Day following both resurrections
01:46:51at the beginning and end of the seventh
01:46:53day all will be 100 percent Gods Exodus
01:46:58chapter 22 verse 30. you shall do the
01:47:01same with your oxen and with your sheep
01:47:03seven days it shall be with its mother
01:47:06on The Eighth Day you shall give it to
01:47:09that leads us into the Sukkot prophecy
01:47:14the Sukkot prophecy
01:47:16Sukkot is a fall Feast that can be found
01:47:18in Leviticus chapter 23. it's also
01:47:21called Tabernacles the first time Sukkot
01:47:23is mentioned in scripture is found in
01:47:27Genesis chapter 33 verse 17.
01:47:30but Jacob journeyed to sakov and built
01:47:33himself a house and made booths for his
01:47:35livestock therefore the name of the
01:47:38place is called sukhoth after bowing
01:47:40seven times in verse 3 and leaving Esau
01:47:43behind in verse 17 Jacob arrives to a
01:47:46place he names Sukkot the mention of a
01:47:48seven is thus connected with Sukkot
01:47:50there is also a mention of an eight that
01:47:53is also connected with Sukkot Leviticus
01:47:56chapter 23 verses 40-42 on the 15th day
01:48:00of the seventh month when you have
01:48:02gathered in the produce of the land you
01:48:05shall celebrate the Feast of the Lord
01:48:06Seven Days on the first day shall be a
01:48:09solemn rest and on the Eighth Day shall
01:48:12be a solemn rest
01:48:13and you shall take on the first day the
01:48:16fruit of Splendid trees branches of palm
01:48:18trees and boughs of leafy trees and
01:48:21Willows of the brook and you shall
01:48:22rejoice before the Lord your God seven
01:48:25days you shall celebrate it as a feast
01:48:27to the Lord for seven days in the year
01:48:29it is a statute forever throughout your
01:48:32Generations you shall celebrate it in
01:48:35the seventh month
01:48:36one of the things that God mentions as
01:48:39the purpose of Sukkot is to remind us
01:48:41when Israel dwelt in booths after coming
01:48:43out of Egypt Leviticus chapter 23 verses
01:48:4742-43 you shall dwell in booths for
01:48:50seven days all Native Israelites shout
01:48:53dwell in booths that your Generations
01:48:55may know that I made the people of
01:48:57Israel dwell in booths when I brought
01:48:58them out of the land of Egypt I am the
01:49:01Lord your God which is interesting
01:49:04because the first place they stop is at
01:49:06Sukkot Exodus chapter 12 verse 37 and
01:49:10the people of Israel journeyed from
01:49:12Ramses to sukoth about 600 000 men on
01:49:16foot besides women and children
01:49:18so when we dwell in booths for Sukkot we
01:49:21are to be reminded of the Wilderness
01:49:23when God took his people out of Egypt
01:49:25and brought them into temporary
01:49:27dwellings in the wilderness Sukkot is
01:49:30mentioned by our Messiah as well John
01:49:32chapter 7 verses 37-38
01:49:36on the last day of the feast the great
01:49:38day meaning the Eighth Day Jesus stood
01:49:40up and cried out if anyone thirsts let
01:49:43him come to me and drink whoever
01:49:46believes in me as the scripture has said
01:49:48out of his heart will flow rivers of
01:49:50Living Water
01:49:52the Messiah may have been giving more
01:49:54understanding of Isaiah chapter 55.
01:49:56Isaiah chapter 55 verses 1-2
01:50:00come everyone who thirsts come to the
01:50:03waters and he who has no money come buy
01:50:06and eat come buy wine and milk without
01:50:09money and without price but here's
01:50:12what's rather interesting specifically
01:50:15on the Eighth Day the Messiah mentions
01:50:17Living Waters this commands attention to
01:50:20the New Jerusalem
01:50:21Zechariah Chapter 14 verses 7 through 8
01:50:25and there shall be a unique day which is
01:50:27known to the Lord neither day nor night
01:50:29but at evening time there shall be light
01:50:32on that day living water shall flow out
01:50:35from Jerusalem half of them to the
01:50:37Eastern Sea and half of them to the
01:50:39Western sea it shall continue in summer
01:50:41as in winter in the context of the New
01:50:44Jerusalem we also read Revelation
01:50:47chapter 22 verses 1-2 then the angel
01:50:51showed me the river of the Water of Life
01:50:53bright as Crystal flowing from the
01:50:55Throne of God and of the Lamb through
01:50:58the middle of the street of the city
01:50:59also on either side of the river the
01:51:02Tree of Life with its 12 kinds of fruit
01:51:04yielding its fruit each month the leaves
01:51:07of the tree were for the healing of the
01:51:09Nations no longer will there be anything
01:51:11accursed but the Throne of God and of
01:51:14the Lamb will be in it and his servants
01:51:17will worship him they will see his face
01:51:19and his name will be on their foreheads
01:51:22night will be no more they will need no
01:51:24light of lamp or sun for the Lord God
01:51:27will be their light and they will reign
01:51:29forever and ever most believe the New
01:51:32Jerusalem will arrive after the Messiah
01:51:34Reigns for one thousand years referring
01:51:37back to the creation prophecy there are
01:51:39six days and the seventh day is a rest
01:51:41recall that one day is a thousand years
01:51:44principle here there will be six
01:51:46thousand years of man and then on the
01:51:48seventh day the Messiah arrives and we
01:51:51rest and reign with him for one thousand
01:51:54years or one day specifically the
01:51:56Sabbath day the day of the Lord after
01:51:59the seventh day thus technically the
01:52:01Eighth Day the New Jerusalem will arrive
01:52:04it was not likely an accident that
01:52:06Messiah mentioned the Living Waters on
01:52:08the eighth day of sukur as we are
01:52:10likewise presented with the Living
01:52:12Waters from the New Jerusalem on the
01:52:14eighth day this is why the Feast of
01:52:16Sukkot groups the seven days together
01:52:17and then mysteriously mentions another
01:52:20Eighth Day the last last great day in
01:52:23addition the New Jerusalem arrives just
01:52:25before the old Earth and old Heaven pass
01:52:28away and we are presented with a new
01:52:30Heaven and a new Earth it's possible
01:52:32that the New Jerusalem is a type of
01:52:34Noah's Ark after all resurrections at
01:52:37the end of the seventh day and entering
01:52:39the eighth day we enter the New
01:52:40Jerusalem God's word Goes Forth and
01:52:43destroys Heaven and Earth in a consuming
01:52:45fire and a new Heaven and a new Earth
01:52:48follows leading us into eternity the
01:52:51flood was a baptism or cleansing by
01:52:53water and the end is a baptism or
01:52:56cleansing by fire Noah's Ark points to
01:52:59this in several ways for example there
01:53:02were eight people on the ark and the
01:53:03rains began after the seventh day thus
01:53:06the eighth day thus Sukkot also reminds
01:53:09us that this life and this Earth is a
01:53:12temporary dwelling just as the biblical
01:53:14holiday of Sukkot teaches to live in
01:53:16temporary dwellings or tents for seven
01:53:18days we too live on this Earth for seven
01:53:20thousand years it this Earth or current
01:53:23version of it anyways is our temporary
01:53:25dwelling on the Eighth Day called the
01:53:28last great day in the context of Sukkot
01:53:30we will see the new Earth and our new
01:53:32and permanent dwelling restoring us all
01:53:35of the way back to the beginning as the
01:53:37end is revealed in the beginning the
01:53:40whole point of the end is to return back
01:53:42to the Garden back to the beginning our
01:53:45bodies are also temporary Paul
01:53:48brilliantly refers to our temporary
01:53:49bodies as a tent man will have lived in
01:53:52the flesh our tent for seven thousand
01:53:55years by The Eighth Day both
01:53:57resurrections will have occurred and the
01:54:00house not made with hands our
01:54:01resurrected bodies will be our new
01:54:04Eternal home
01:54:05second Corinthians chapter 5 verse 1.
01:54:08for we know that if the tent that is our
01:54:11Earthly home is destroyed we have a
01:54:13building from God a house not made with
01:54:17Eternal in the heavens
01:54:19it should also be noted that all
01:54:20agricultural harvests will have occurred
01:54:22by then the barley harvest the wheat
01:54:25Harvest and the grape Harvest that is
01:54:27the purpose of Sukkot to Feast on the
01:54:29completed Harvest there's a prophetic
01:54:32implication to consider here as well the
01:54:34Messiah was referred to as the first
01:54:36fruits of the Harvest which is the
01:54:37barley Harvest First Corinthians chapter
01:54:4015 verse 20 but in fact Christ has been
01:54:43raised from the dead the first fruits of
01:54:46those who have fallen asleep
01:54:48there is also the wheat Harvest which is
01:54:50Us in the faith the grape Harvest are
01:54:53the rebellious
01:54:54Revelation chapter 14 verses 17-20 then
01:54:59another angel came out of the temple in
01:55:01heaven and he too had a sharp sickle and
01:55:04another angel came out from the altar
01:55:05the angel who has authority over the
01:55:07fire and he called with a loud voice to
01:55:10the one who had the sharp sickle
01:55:12put in your sickle and gather the
01:55:14Clusters from the vine of the Earth for
01:55:16its grapes are ripe so the angel swung
01:55:19his sickle across the Earth and gathered
01:55:21the grape Harvest of the earth and threw
01:55:23it into the great wine press of the
01:55:25wrath of God
01:55:27and the wine press was trotted outside
01:55:29the city and blood flowed from The Wine
01:55:31Press as high as a horse's bridle for
01:55:341600 stadia
01:55:37Sukkot follows the completion of all
01:55:39harvests and is also a feast of the
01:55:42harvests often it's proposed that Sukkot
01:55:44will be the timing of the wedding supper
01:55:46of the Lamb Revelation chapter 19 verses
01:55:496 through 10. then I heard what seemed
01:55:52to be the voice of a great multitude
01:55:54like the Roar of many Waters and like
01:55:56the sound of Mighty peels of Thunder
01:55:58crying out
01:55:59Hallelujah for the Lord Our God the
01:56:02Almighty Reigns let us rejoice and exalt
01:56:05and give him the glory for the marriage
01:56:07of the Lamb has come and his bride has
01:56:10made herself ready it was granted her to
01:56:13clothe herself with fine linen bright
01:56:15and pure for the fine linen is the
01:56:18righteous Deeds of the Saints
01:56:20and the angel said to me write this
01:56:23blessed are those who are invited to the
01:56:25marriage supper of the lamb and he said
01:56:28to me these are the true words of God
01:56:31so the reason that the marriage supper
01:56:33of the Lamb is speculated to be at
01:56:35Sukkot is because all of the harvests
01:56:37have been completed and it is also found
01:56:40at the last and final Feast another
01:56:42interesting connection is found in the
01:56:44timeline of the first temple dedication
01:56:46the temple was dedicated on the eighth
01:56:49day of Sukkot
01:56:51second chronicles verses 8-10 so Solomon
01:56:55observed The Feast at that time for
01:56:57seven days and all Israel with him a
01:56:59very great assembly who came from the
01:57:01entrance of hamath to the brook of Egypt
01:57:04on the eighth day they held a solemn
01:57:06assembly for the dedication of the altar
01:57:08they observed seven days and the feast
01:57:11seven days then on the 23rd day of the
01:57:14seventh month he sent the people to
01:57:16their tents rejoicing and happy of heart
01:57:19because of the goodness that the Lord
01:57:21had shown to David and to Solomon and To
01:57:24His People Israel likewise it appears
01:57:27similar to the New Jerusalem in which
01:57:28the temple is the Lord God the almighty
01:57:31and the lamb Revelation chapter 21 verse
01:57:3522 and I saw no temple in the city for
01:57:38its Temple is the Lord God the almighty
01:57:40and the lamb lastly after the Great
01:57:44Tribulation ends the Antichrist is
01:57:46defeated and we enter into the Thousand
01:57:49Years reigning with our Messiah and
01:57:51guess what
01:57:52All Nations will be observing Sukkot
01:57:55Zechariah Chapter 14 verse 16. then
01:57:58everyone who survives of all the nations
01:58:00that have come against Jerusalem shall
01:58:03go up year after year to worship the
01:58:05king the Lord of hosts and to keep the
01:58:07Feast of booths
01:58:09in conclusion of all you have seen so
01:58:12far the best illustration of the whole
01:58:14Messianic timeline is the temple Menorah
01:58:16itself it includes every timeline
01:58:19pattern we have seen over and over in
01:58:21this teaching and now should be easy to
01:58:24see once you see it you cannot unsee it
01:58:27it has always been hidden in plain sight
01:58:32the menorah prophecy
01:58:34the pattern of the menorah is a summary
01:58:36of the whole Messianic timeline it
01:58:38touches every critical Messianic
01:58:40timestamp for the whole plan of mankind
01:58:43the menorah is described to be the light
01:58:45of the Tabernacle and it was to always
01:58:48stay lit it was to always provide light
01:58:51Exodus chapter 27 verse 20. nkjv
01:58:56and you shall command the children of
01:58:58Israel that they bring you pure oil of
01:59:00pressed olives for the light to cause
01:59:02the lamp to burn continually the menorah
01:59:05was to also be constructed in a very
01:59:07specific pattern that was shown to Moses
01:59:10Exodus chapter 25 verses 31 through 40.
01:59:15you shall make a lamp stand of pure gold
01:59:17the lampstand shall be made of hammered
01:59:20work its base its stem its cups its
01:59:23calyxes and its flowers shall be of one
01:59:26piece with it and there shall be six
01:59:28branches going out of its sides three
01:59:31branches of the Lamb stand out of one
01:59:32side of it and three branches of the
01:59:34lampstand out of the other side of it
01:59:36three cups made like almond blossoms
01:59:39each with calyx and flour on one branch
01:59:41and three cups made like almond blossoms
01:59:44each with calyx and flour on the other
01:59:46Branch so for the six branches going out
01:59:49of the lamp stand and on the lamp stand
01:59:51itself there shall be four cups made
01:59:53like almond blossoms but their calyxes
01:59:56and flowers and a calyx of one piece
01:59:58with it under each pair of the six
02:00:00branches going out from the lampstand
02:00:02their calyxes and their branches shall
02:00:04be of one piece with it the whole of it
02:00:06a single piece of hammered work of pure
02:00:09gold you shall make seven lamps for it
02:00:12and the lamps shall be set up so as to
02:00:14give light on the space in in front of
02:00:16it it's tongs and their trays shall be
02:00:18of pure gold it shall be made with all
02:00:21these utensils out of a talent of pure
02:00:24gold and see that you make them after
02:00:26the pattern for them which is being
02:00:28shown you on the mountain
02:00:30our Messiah described himself as a light
02:00:33John chapter 8 verse 12 again Jesus
02:00:37spoke to them saying I am the light of
02:00:40the world whoever follows me will not
02:00:42walk in darkness but will have the light
02:00:45of life more specifically our Messiah is
02:00:48that lamp the menorah Revelation chapter
02:00:5121 verses 23-24
02:00:55and the city has no need of sun or moon
02:00:57to shine on it for the glory of God
02:00:59gives it light and its lamp is the Lamb
02:01:02by its light will the Nations walk and
02:01:05the kings of the earth will bring their
02:01:06Glory into it and its Gates will never
02:01:09be shut by day and there will be no
02:01:12night there thus the pattern of the
02:01:14Messiah is also the pattern of the
02:01:16menorah and now for the Messianic
02:01:19timeline in the menorah prophecy
02:01:22what you see here is a recreation of the
02:01:25menorah by the temple Institute of
02:01:26Israel there are six branches and one
02:01:29lampstand the branches surround the
02:01:31lampstand which points to the Messiah
02:01:33being the centerpiece of the seventh day
02:01:35also notice how the lamp stand is the
02:01:38fourth lamp from either the left or the
02:01:40right if you recall from earlier in the
02:01:42teaching the Messiah arrived at the end
02:01:45of the fourth day died and resurrected
02:01:48at the beginning of the fifth day and is
02:01:50to return at the beginning of the
02:01:51seventh day thus the two time stamps of
02:01:54the two comings of the Messiah are
02:01:56numerically represented as we can see
02:01:58the lampstand itself represents the
02:02:00Messiah just as we saw in Revelation
02:02:02chapter 21 the lampstand also contains
02:02:06the whole eight-day pattern of the
02:02:08Messianic prophecy this is where it
02:02:10becomes absolutely fascinating and this
02:02:13Messianic timeline pattern in particular
02:02:15serves very well in summarizing and
02:02:17concluding everything we've learned so
02:02:20far the lampstand itself represents
02:02:22since the whole Messianic timeline it
02:02:24starts at the base and works itself up
02:02:27leading to the lamp or light itself
02:02:29which represents the Messiah
02:02:32scope of this timeline is the beginning
02:02:34to Eternity from day one to day eight
02:02:37remember the menorah pattern is the
02:02:40Messianic pattern the pattern exists for
02:02:43a reason and it's not just random to
02:02:46begin we need to bring the overall
02:02:48timeline that was the focus of this
02:02:49whole teaching then what we're going to
02:02:52do is take the lampstand and set it on
02:02:54its side parallel to the whole Messianic
02:02:57timeline and pattern some may already
02:03:00see the pattern but we want to make this
02:03:01easy for everyone we'll start at the
02:03:03bottom and layer each piece onto the
02:03:06Messianic timeline
02:03:07start is represented by a cup calyx and
02:03:11flour we then have three more calyxes
02:03:14for a total of four calyxes these
02:03:17calyxes represent the first four days
02:03:19before the messiah's resurrection at his
02:03:22first coming next we have two cups and a
02:03:25cup calyx and a flower just as the cup
02:03:28calyx and flour represented the start
02:03:30here it represents the end highlighting
02:03:33the Messianic seventh day that begins
02:03:35and ends with a resurrection the three
02:03:38cups represent the distance between the
02:03:40resurrection of the Messiah and the last
02:03:42or final Resurrection in the end lastly
02:03:45we have the lamp the lamp connects
02:03:48directly to the New Jerusalem in which
02:03:50the lamb the Messiah is said to be the
02:03:52lamp and is to be our eternal light this
02:03:55light is continual just like the menorah
02:03:58it represents eternity itself
02:04:01it has no end
02:04:03thus if the lamp is turned upright once
02:04:06again it is now easy to see the
02:04:08Messianic pattern before us we see the
02:04:10flower calyx and cup to represent the
02:04:13start we see the four calyxes that
02:04:15represent the first four days we see the
02:04:18three cups that represent the three
02:04:20prophetic days of the Messiah that
02:04:22include the resurrections unto life we
02:04:24see the flower calyx and cup to
02:04:27represent the end we see the lamp that
02:04:29connects back to the Messiah and the
02:04:31Eternal Light and life on the eighth day
02:04:34John chapter 8 verse 12. again Jesus
02:04:38spoke to them saying I am the light of
02:04:42the world whoever follows me will not
02:04:44walk in darkness but will have the light
02:04:47of life
02:04:49the menorah exhibits the same Messianic
02:04:51prophetic timeline that has been the
02:04:53constant threat of this teaching
02:04:56this concludes the presentation of
02:04:58dozens of prophecies and patterns
02:05:00demonstrating how the Messiah was to
02:05:02come and did come to fulfill Messianic
02:05:05prophecy in biblical year 4000 or 30 CE
02:05:08and how the same prophecies and patterns
02:05:11suggest a return of the Messiah in
02:05:13biblical year 6000 or 2030 CE
02:05:17while we cannot know these things for
02:05:19certain we should always be watching and
02:05:22always be ready God has a history of
02:05:24telling his people what we should do and
02:05:26when before he does anything important
02:05:29so we should also be constantly praying
02:05:31and listening
02:05:34leave this video should be urgently
02:05:36shared with all in the faith then we
02:05:38encourage you to share it relentlessly
02:05:40as time may be short and perhaps it's
02:05:42been noticed that things are moving
02:05:45to join the community discussion about
02:05:47Messiah 2030 please visit our website
02:05:50Forum at there are dozens of more
02:05:54connections that we did not have time to
02:05:56discuss in this two-hour presentation so
02:05:58also be sure to connect with us for
02:06:00important future updates Communications
02:06:02and additional content
02:06:04your purchase of this video supports our
02:06:07efforts to continuously share this
02:06:09content so all may have an opportunity
02:06:11to consider it
02:06:13if you'd like to support the
02:06:14dissemination of this video to even more
02:06:16people please visit our website for more
02:06:18information or contact us at contact
02:06:24Revelation chapter 3 verse 3 remember
02:06:27then what you received and heard keep it
02:06:31and repent if you will not wake up I
02:06:34will come like a thief and you will not
02:06:37know at what hour I will come against
02:06:40all right
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FAQs about This YouTube Video

1. What biblical prophecies and patterns are discussed in the video?

The video offers interpretations of biblical prophecies and patterns that point to the precise biblical year of the Messiah's first and second comings. These interpretations are based on biblical events, such as the creation account, the feeding of the four thousand, and the fall of Jericho, as well as the use of the one day is a thousand years principle.

2. How does the video reveal the timeline of the Messiah's first and second comings?

The video reveals a timeline of a first coming in 30 CE and a second coming in 2030 CE based on the interpretations of biblical prophecies and patterns. The interpretations suggest a hidden Messianic timeline found throughout the scriptures.

3. What evidence is provided to support the interpretations?

The interpretations are supported by evidence from biblical events, such as the creation account, the feeding of the four thousand, and the fall of Jericho. Additionally, the use of the one day is a thousand years principle further reinforces the interpretations.

4. How do the interpretations suggest a hidden Messianic timeline?

The interpretations suggest a hidden Messianic timeline by linking biblical events and prophecies to specific biblical years, such as the first coming in 30 CE and the second coming in 2030 CE. This timeline is revealed through the patterns and prophecies found throughout the scriptures.

5. What makes the video's interpretations of biblical prophecies significant?

The video's interpretations of biblical prophecies are significant as they offer a timeline of the Messiah's first and second comings, providing insights into the precise biblical years and revealing a hidden Messianic timeline present in the scriptures. These interpretations shed light on the connections between biblical events and the prophecies related to the Messiah.

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