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The video discusses a controversial Minecraft mod called the Jenny mod, which allowed players to have virtual girlfriends in the game. The mod was banned and sued by Microsoft because it contained explicit content, leading to the mod developer accepting defeat. The Minecraft community has strict rules regarding mods to ensure the game remains safe and child-friendly.
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The video discusses the controversial Jenny mod in Minecraft, which allows players to have a virtual girlfriend in the game.
The Jenny mod was banned and sued by Microsoft due to its controversial nature.
The mod gained popularity among Minecraft players for its unique feature of having a virtual girlfriend.
Other relationship mods in Minecraft, such as Minecraft Comes Alive and Custom NPCs, also allow players to interact with NPCs as boyfriends or girlfriends.
Love and Hugs mod adds the ability to give hugs and kisses to other players or NPCs in the game.
This section of the video discusses a controversial Minecraft mod that adds explicit and spicy interactions with girlfriends in the game.
The mod contains explicit and detailed visual and audible content.
Many YouTubers who posted about the mod had their videos taken down or had to censor them.
Even famous streamers like Aou Speed had to close and delete their livestreams featuring the mod.
The mod includes unexpected actions triggered by specific events, leading to explicit situations.
The developer of a banned Minecraft mod accepted defeat after Mojang took down the mod through a copyright infringement notification, and the Minecraft community still loves him.
The mod was made available on a website created by the mod developer.
Mojang took down the mod through a copyright infringement notification.
The developer accepted defeat and now refers to himself as a former mod developer on Twitter.
The Minecraft community still loves the developer and frequently creates fan art for him.
The video discusses the terms and conditions of using mods in Minecraft and the prohibition of distributing modified versions of the game software.
Minecraft Java Edition allows players to modify the game using mods.
Mods should not contain substantial parts of the game's code or copyrighted content.
Modified versions of the game software are not allowed for distribution.
The controversial Jenny Mod is an exception that has been taken down and banned by Microsoft.
The video discusses the modding scene in the Minecraft community and highlights popular mods.
Marcos Peron, also known as node, is credited for embracing the modding community and taking Minecraft to new levels.
Mods in Minecraft allow players to customize their experience with improved graphics, new landscapes, personalized tools, and the ability to transform into different creatures.
The passion of mod creators is what makes mods special, as they work tirelessly to improve the game and share their creations with the community.
00:00today we will talk about the most controversial mod
00:02in the history of Minecraft, the Mod that, because
00:04it was so controversial, was banned and sued
00:06by Microsoft itself, in short,
00:09this modification is an adom
00:11for Minecraft that gives you a
00:12virtual girlfriend within the game, it was
00:14developed by a user called slbr
00:16you are a Minecraft animator in 2018 and
00:19this adom was becoming popular among
00:21Minecraft players because of
00:22this unique feature as we know
00:24the game Minecraft means a
00:26virtual world created by yourself there are
00:28countless mods and addons levels to
00:30decorate your world in the game in the same
00:32way the Jenny mod allows you to have
00:34a beautiful female character as your
00:36girlfriend and she does everything you can
00:38take her to dinner dancing or even
00:40get physically involved with her within
00:42the game and in the modification There are many
00:44characters like Jenny el slime Girl B
00:47Luna you can use any of them
00:49as your girlfriend and also offer
00:50various services using the game's coins
00:53now take a look over the years we have
00:55seen several mods with this same purpose,
00:56right relationship mods we can cite
00:59as an example o Minecraft comes alive
01:01as it adds interactive audios
01:03allowing you to chat if you have
01:04children and even get divorced YouTubers
01:06like Resident Evil and authentic games have already
01:08made several series with this type of
01:10mod because it creates much more real NPCs
01:12speaking in NPC there is also a mod
01:14Custom np6 which allows you to create
01:16personalized npcs including
01:18characters that can act as your
01:19boyfriends or girlfriends within the game
01:21you can completely customize
01:23your npcs giving names, personalities and
01:25even custom dialogues this is
01:27good for those who create content but you
01:29can also have fun there when you have
01:30nothing to do and in this we
01:32can also mention love and hugs which is the
01:33simplest mod that
01:35basically adds the ability to give hugs
01:37and kisses to other players or NPCs in the
01:39game although it is not as elaborate
01:40as some other dating modes it
01:42adds a cute touch to
01:44Minecraft interactions I know you must be
01:46finding this very strange but this
01:48type of mod has existed in Minecraft for
01:50a long time but because specifically
01:52the Jenny mod was banned from the game what is
01:54so different about it, well Unfortunately
01:56I can't describe in detail what makes
01:57J mod different from most other
01:59mods Because if I tried to do that,
02:01this video would probably fall apart and I
02:03think you already understand, right? It
02:05adds very spicy interactions with
02:06your girlfriend in the game, which are really
02:08spicy and So, they're not even
02:10implicit situations, quite the
02:12opposite, they're completely explicit and
02:14full of details, both visual and
02:16audible, damn, super lazão, you giving
02:18that description made me want to
02:20download it, stop, stop immediately so
02:22you can have an idea, any YouTuber who
02:23posted about this here on platform
02:25had its video taken down or obviously
02:27had to censor most of the video It's worth
02:29mentioning aou Speed, one of the
02:31most famous streamers today who even
02:33broadcast live a game play with
02:35Jenny mod installed, he's brave huh
02:37and what was the result he had to
02:39close and delete the Live but there
02:40are still some sections without anything explicit
02:58oh oh oh
03:06man oh
03:24J there are YouTubers who T hit Record
03:27day we survive with this mod without getting
03:28involved in explicit most don't
03:31go beyond the first because you don't
03:32necessarily choose when they
03:34happen there are a series of globens
03:35mentioned in the MOD description that
03:37end up committing very specific actions
03:39when players least expect it,
03:40including one of the videos that I was going to
03:42mention now when this room was
03:43again already written this video was
03:45removed for violating the YouTube's policies
03:46about no, so guys, the
03:49stop is square but it's no joke, you did
03:51n't see and the impressive thing is that this
03:52mod is not the mod mod developed for
03:54you to have an idea, this mod already had
03:56approximately 10% of the lines of
03:59code from Minecraft itself
04:01This is a lot, what was the
04:03process of banning this mod like? What are the
04:05rules that Minecraft establishes for
04:06this type of situation? Basically, the
04:08download was made available on a website
04:10created by a user who was, until then,
04:12the developer of the MOD updates.
04:14Of course, if the Mod was uploaded on
04:16common websites in a short time it would be
04:18taken down, it turns out that
04:19overnight in May of this year the news emerged
04:21that Mojang had gone straight to the
04:23source with the aim of taking down the Mod
04:25through an infringement notification
04:27of copyright But
04:28can Mojang really take down a website
04:30that isn't even good?
04:39Microsoft or In the worst case with
04:41Bill Gates himself, you can imagine
04:43Bill Gates getting into a fight over
04:44counting in a block game so
04:47the developer immediately accepted defeat
04:48with good humor and nowadays his
04:51Twitter Bio says quote former
04:53mod developer Six STS for
04:54Minecraft accompanied by a sad emoji,
04:57oddly enough he is still
04:58loved by the community that enjoyed the
05:00MOD, a very strange community,
05:02by the way, and he receives
05:03fan art very frequently and
05:05is Of course, Minecraft AM Mojang and
05:08Microsoft have terms of use, right, a
05:09legal document called an ean, it's
05:11basically a license agreement for the
05:13end user that establishes several
05:14rules that the community has to follow
05:16to keep the game safe and of course not
05:17lead to any lawsuits. right And as you
05:19can imagine the plus 18 mod for a
05:21game focused on children,
05:23certainly don't buy the eula and that's why it
05:25was duly overturned, in addition the
05:27eula includes other guidelines such as
05:30non-commercialization AOL usually Prohibits
05:32the sale of items or resources of the game for
05:34real money and this is intended, of course,
05:36to avoid practices such as the illegal sale of
05:38accounts, items or services related to
05:40Minecraft, paid servers, eola also
05:43contains guidelines on paid servers,
05:45normally it requires that servers
05:47that charge players for access
05:48offer benefits that do not affect
05:50game balance such as
05:52cosmetic advantages and usage restrictions eola
05:55may impose restrictions on the use of mods and
05:57plugins that affect gameplay or that
05:59may be harmful to
06:01players' gaming experience.
06:04and respect them when playing
06:07and creating content related to the game and
06:09being more specific about mods the
06:11terms say the following unquote if
06:13you purchased Minecraft Java Edition
06:14you can play with it and modify it
06:16by adding modifications tools or
06:18plugins which we will collectively refer to
06:20as mods and by mods we mean something
06:22original that you or someone else
06:24created that does not contain a
06:26substantial part of our code or
06:28copyrighted content. You
06:30may not distribute any
06:31modified version of our game software and we
06:33would be grateful if you would not
06:34use mods to cause disorders
06:36basically it is allowed to distribute mods
06:38as long as they are free but now
06:40hacked versions or modified versions
06:42of the game client or server software
06:44are not allowed for
06:45distribution in other words Jenny
06:48mod is a rare case Maybe the only case
06:50of a mod that has gone so far for
06:52Microsoft itself to worry about
06:54taking down and banning mods skins buildings
06:57packs and other content you create
06:59like Minecraft can be a great
07:00way to show what is meaningful
07:02to you and express your creativity
07:04however if that content promotes hateful prejudice
07:06or encourages
07:08activities ilais he is obviously not
07:10allowed the minecraft ecosystem is
07:12built by players for players
07:14whether you are building the grandest castles
07:16in creative mode or
07:18working to defeat the doend dragon
07:19in survival mode
07:21player safety is a priority for mojang
07:23to ensure everyone is safe feel
07:24safe, Minecraft is very inclusive and
07:27embraces all players who
07:28want to create mods as long as they
07:30do not violate what the game preaches whether they
07:31like it or not. Even though it has a
07:33very broad convenience, Minecraft
07:35is still a game focused on children and
07:37that it must be safe for all
07:39children, because of this, the
07:40controversial Mod, like jny mod, really does not
07:42fit into the rules of the game. I
07:44personally found this decision to be Fair and Impartial.
07:46Besides, of course, it is very,
07:48very funny, it is a popular mod
07:49all over the world, so if If you approach
07:51a German or an American and
07:53ask do you play J mod,
07:55he will probably laugh because he knows what
07:56you are talking about. If by any chance you
07:58were sad, don't worry, the
08:00modding scene in the Minecraft community
08:02is getting better and better. the irrigation is getting
08:03higher and higher we must give credit to
08:05Marcos Peron aka node
08:07for completely embracing this
08:09modding community and taking the game to
08:11such an absurd level Mods allow
08:13players to customize their
08:14Minecraft experience in
08:16unimaginable ways as much as other games
08:18have stood out in this scenario like
08:20skying or Star the Valley, none have been
08:21able to do what Minecraft did,
08:23forming such an incredible and
08:25creative community, the list of different functions
08:27for mods in Minecraft is certainly not
08:29small, some of the most known and
08:31used include the OptiFine A
08:32classic that is like a pair of
08:34sunglasses for Minecraft, it improves the
08:36graphics, providing shadows,
08:38more detailed textures and
08:40significantly improving performance, there is also
08:42the tinkers construct that transforms the
08:44Minecraft forge into a real
08:46dream workshop allows you to create your
08:48own personalized tools
08:49adding unique features and
08:51epic improvements It is worth mentioning the biomit of
08:54Plant which adds new landscapes
08:56with exotic trees and unique animals
08:58in a world that, let's face it, is already quite
09:00large, a favorite of our
09:01players is also the morp that simulates the
09:03emotion of transforming into any
09:05Minecraft creature, this way you
09:07can experience the world from different
09:09perspectives, what all these TM mods have
09:11in common is the gigantic desire to
09:13expand the vast universe of this
09:14square game in the areas that people
09:16naturally most like biomes,
09:18tools, Mobs or the aesthetics
09:19of the game in general What makes Mods
09:21truly special is the passion of the
09:23creators for their projects, they
09:25work tirelessly to improve
09:27games they love and share their
09:28creations with the community and in this we
09:30could be whole afternoon citing
09:32projects that are almost like unique games
09:34that have revolutionized the history of gaming,
09:36from being a mod created by several
09:38YouTubers such as Ven Extreme resend in
09:40iconic and nostalgic series to even
09:42ether itself that to this day many,
09:43many players hope that it is
09:45something original and canonical, but as I
09:47said in the video, some mods end up being
09:49more controversial than others F gen mod,
09:52your legacy will unfortunately remain
09:53forever on the
09:58internet m
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FAQs about This YouTube Video

1. What is the controversy surrounding the Jenny Minecraft mod?

The controversy surrounding the Jenny Minecraft mod revolves around its explicit content, which allowed players to have virtual girlfriends in the game. This led to the mod being banned and sued by Microsoft.

2. Why was the Jenny mod banned and sued by Microsoft?

The Jenny mod was banned and sued by Microsoft because it contained explicit content, allowing players to have virtual girlfriends in the game. This violated the guidelines set by Microsoft and led to legal action.

3. What are the strict rules in the Minecraft community regarding mods?

The Minecraft community has strict rules regarding mods to ensure the game remains safe and child-friendly. These rules are in place to prevent the inclusion of explicit or inappropriate content in the game.

4. How did the controversy around the Jenny mod impact the developer?

The controversy around the Jenny mod led to the developer accepting defeat after the mod was banned and sued by Microsoft. The legal battle and backlash from the Minecraft community had a significant impact on the developer.

5. Why is it important for Minecraft mods to adhere to the community rules?

It is important for Minecraft mods to adhere to the community rules to maintain a safe and child-friendly environment within the game. Adhering to the rules ensures that the gaming experience remains appropriate for all players.

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