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The Mind Electric by Miracle Musical is a song about the inner workings of the mind and the struggle to maintain sanity. The lyrics depict a courtroom scene where the protagonist's mind is judged and condemned to the infirmary. The song explores themes of chaos, control, and the power of the mind.
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The section of the video features a character pleading and explaining their situation in court.
The character is asked to testify and swear to tell the truth.
The character claims to have a good heart but admits to being insane.
The character is condemned to the infirmary.
There are references to the character's brain claiming glory and their kingdom where they are the lord.
The lyrics describe someone pleading for mercy and sympathy, while also mentioning the workings of the mind and the struggle to understand oneself.
The person is spiraling down and begging for mercy and sympathy.
The serfs are seen working hard and giving their all.
The mind plays tricks and the person falls into a hole they couldn't see.
The person seeks help to understand what's happening in their mind.
00:03Think of these thoughts as limitless light
00:05Exposing closing circuitry of fright
00:09Think of each moment holding this breath
00:12As death minute in decimal
00:16Resident minor how do you plead [Hooooooooooo]
00:18We'll need your testimony on the stand [testimony] [Hoooooooooo]
00:22Solemnly swear to tell the whole truth [swaay swoop] [Hoooooooooo]
00:25So help you son now raise your right hand [Hoooooooooo] [Now you feel the truth]
00:28[Closing in on your hands]
00:32Father your honor may I explain [Hooooooooooo]
00:34My brain has claimed its glory over me [Hoooooooooo]
00:38I've a good heart albeit insane [Hooooooooooo]
00:41Condemn him to the infirmary [Hoooooooooo] [SAY GOODBYE TO YOUR][Creaking]
00:48All mine tower crumble down the flowers gasping under rubble
00:54Shrieking in the hall of lull thy genius sates a ThIrsT FoR tROublE
01:00Scattering sparks of thought energy [Hooooooooooo]
01:03Deliver me and carry me away [Hoooooooooooo]
01:06HErE iN mY kiNgDOm I aM yOUr LOrD [Hoooooooooo]
01:09I OrdER YoU tO cOweR aND pRAy/pREy [Hoooooooooo]
01:16Nuns commence incanting as the lightning strikes mine temples thus [BE THE RUSSLE.....BE THE RUSSLE]
01:22Electrifying mine chambers wholly scorching out thine sovereignty [BE THE RUSSLE.......BE THE rU sSle Ni nGa]
01:29So spiraling down thy majesty [aaaaaaaaaaa]
01:32I beg of thee have mercy on me [AaaAaAAaAaaAAAAaAaAAaaAaaa]
01:35I WaSJ uSt A bOy Yo u S e e
01:37I PLEED of thee have sympathy for ME
01:41[Its going inside your mind and always finishes it with the finisher inside your whooly mind
01:47See how the serfs work the ground
01:50[See how they fall]
01:52And they give it all they've got [allllllllllllllll]
01:55And they give it all they've got [Falllllllllllllll]
01:58And you give it all you've got 'til you're down [Falllllllllllllll]
02:02[ha ha ha ha]
02:04See how the brain plays around [Whistleing]
02:09And you fall inside a hole you couldn't see
02:13[Fell all the power inside you]
02:15And you fall inside a hole inside a
02:18Someone help me
02:21Understand what's going on inside my mind [Male voice inside my mind]
02:27Doctor I can't tell if I'm not me
02:36When it grows bright the particles start to[Hooooooooooo]
02:39Marvel having made it through the night [Hoooooooooo]
02:42Never they ponder whether electric [Hoooooooooo]
02:46Calming if you look at it right [Hooooooooooo]
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FAQs about This YouTube Video

1. What is the main theme of The Mind Electric by Miracle Musical?

The main theme of The Mind Electric by Miracle Musical is the inner workings of the mind and the struggle to maintain sanity. The song explores themes of chaos, control, and the power of the mind.

2. What is the storyline depicted in the lyrics of The Mind Electric?

The lyrics depict a courtroom scene where the protagonist's mind is judged and condemned to the infirmary. It portrays a struggle to maintain sanity amidst chaos and control.

3. How does The Mind Electric explore the concept of control?

The Mind Electric explores the concept of control through the protagonist's struggle to maintain sanity amidst chaos. The courtroom scene and the condemnation to the infirmary reflect the battle for control within the mind.

4. What are the major themes that The Mind Electric by Miracle Musical explores?

The major themes explored in The Mind Electric include chaos, control, and the power of the mind. It delves into the inner workings of the mind and the challenges of maintaining sanity.

5. How does The Mind Electric by Miracle Musical depict the power of the mind?

The Mind Electric depicts the power of the mind through the struggle of the protagonist to maintain sanity. The lyrics showcase the protagonist's inner strength and resilience in the face of chaos and control.

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