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Mixing olive oil, lemon juice, and honey can have numerous health benefits, including liver protection, kidney stone prevention, weight loss, immune system strengthening, and improving digestion. It is recommended to drink a spoonful of this mixture on an empty stomach in the morning for optimal results.
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Mixing olive oil, lemon juice, and honey has therapeutic benefits, including preserving liver function.
Olive oil contains beneficial elements for the body and is essential in many types of food preparation.
Lemon produces alkaline byproducts that are beneficial to the body and has been proven to resist many diseases.
Honey adds a sweet taste, acts as a natural source of glucose, and has antimicrobial and antiseptic properties.
The mixture can be left for more than three months without any change in its properties and benefits.
This section of the video explains the benefits of mixing olive oil, lemon, and honey.
Improves digestion and promotes a healthier liver.
Helps break up and prevent the formation of kidney stones.
Contributes to weight loss by reducing appetite.
Contains monounsaturated fatty acids and antioxidants that strengthen the immune system and reduce risk factors for heart disease.
Enhances the performance of the digestive system and eliminates stomach infections or intestinal ulcers.
This mixture of olive oil, lemon, and honey has numerous health benefits.
It protects against bladder infections and urinary tract infections.
It detoxifies and purifies the body.
Lemon stimulates collagen production and helps remove dark circles under the eyes.
It strengthens memory and protects against Alzheimer's disease.
It helps reduce bad cholesterol and improves blood circulation.
It is beneficial for joint pain or rheumatism.
It provides the body with maximum energy and vitality.
It improves unpleasant symptoms caused by smoking or poor diet.
The correct way to prepare the mixture includes warm water.
Mix olive oil, lemon, and honey in an opaque bottle to preserve the nutritional value of the olive oil.
Dissolve honey in warm water before adding lemon juice and olive oil.
Opaque bottle prevents exposure of olive oil to light, preserving its nutritional value.
The mixture should be left overnight to become homogeneous before consuming.
Recommended to drink a spoonful of the mixture on an empty stomach in the morning.
00:01Put olive oil with lemon juice and  honey, and then leave it for one night,  
00:04and You Won’t dispense with it for The rest of  Your Life, a good dynamic mixture will change your  
00:09life for the better with these many benefits, but  provided that it is prepared as we will mention  
00:14in this video, before we start, if you have  taken olive oil, lemon, and honey, press like  
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00:32Welcome again, if you mix olive oil with lemon  and honey, watch what happens in your body.  
00:38Olive oil is distinguished by being one of the  oldest and best oils known to man, because it  
00:43contains beneficial elements for the body, in  addition to that it can’t be dispensed with in  
00:48the preparation of many types of food. Lemon is  one of the most famous citrus fruits known and  
00:54found in every home, and although it has an acid  taste, it produces alkaline byproducts that are  
00:59beneficial to the body once it is metabolized,  and its effectiveness in resisting many diseases  
01:05has been proven in many research studies. Honey is added with lemon and olive oil for  
01:10its many advantages, the first of which is its  sweet taste, as it is a natural source of glucose,  
01:16it is famous for its antimicrobial  efficacy and antiseptic properties,  
01:20and it is considered a good solvent that  doesn't allow any interaction between the  
01:25three components, which allows this mixture to  be left for a period of more than three months,  
01:29without any change in its  properties and benefits.  
01:33In this video, we will present to you the benefits  of mixing olive oil with lemon juice and honey,  
01:38in addition to how to prepare this  mixture and use it optimally.  
01:43The first track: The therapeutic  benefits of this dynamic triple  
01:47mixture of olive oil, lemon juice and honey: First: The mixture of olive oil with lemon and  
01:53honey, effectively contributes to preserving  the liver and its functions, as the liver is  
01:58one of the most important organs responsible  for purifying the blood, and it is primarily  
02:03responsible for improving the digestion process,  with this mixture the liver becomes healthier, and  
02:08works to protect it from infection with hepatitis  C disease by eliminating the virus that causes it,  
02:13and limiting its activity and its transmission  to healthy cells in the body to destroy them.  
02:19Second: Breaking up and preventing  the formation of kidney stones;  
02:23Kidney stones are considered one  of the most common kidney diseases,  
02:27they are stones consisting of calcium oxalate and  calcium phosphate, which causes severe pain to the  
02:32patient, Studies have shown that persisting  in drinking lemon juice mixed with olive oil  
02:37works on getting rid of kidney stones and  preventing their formation, this happens  
02:41as a result of the lemon containing a large  percentage of natural potassium citrate, it’s  
02:46scientifically known that the potassium element is  chemically more active than the calcium element,  
02:51so, the potassium present in lemon juice replaces  the calcium that exists in the form of stones,  
02:56which leads to the breakdown of these stones  easily, and due to olive oil, the crumbs of these  
03:01stones move from the kidneys to the bladder to be  excreted easily through urination and disposal.  
03:08Third: It contributes to weight loss and prevents  the accumulation of fat in the body, as this  
03:13mixture reduces appetite, this is due to the olive  oil's containment of oleic acid, which stimulates  
03:19the increase in the production of some hormones  that regulate appetite such as peptide, which  
03:24enhances the feeling of satiety and reduces the  feeling of hunger, and thus reduce eating meals.  
03:31Fourth: The mixture contains a good amount of  monounsaturated fatty acids and antioxidants,  
03:37such as oleic acid and  polyphenols present in olive oil,  
03:41as well as lemon juice contains  a high percentage of vitamin C  
03:44which is a strong antioxidant; This helps  to strengthen the immune system, increase  
03:49the absorption of important minerals that the body  needs, and reduce risk factors for heart disease.  
03:55Fifthly: Olive oil, lemon and honey work to  enhance the good performance of the digestive  
04:00system and colon, and eliminate stomach  infections or intestinal ulcers, this  
04:05mixture is diuretic and protects against bladder  infections, and it is an excellent treatment for  
04:11urinary tract infections as well as constipation. Sixth: Although this mixture is acidic in nature,  
04:19once metabolized it produces alkaline byproducts  that are beneficial to the body, which makes it  
04:24great for detoxifying and purifying the body.  Lemon also stimulates collagen production,  
04:30which works to remove dark circles that form under  the eyes, making the skin healthy and glowing.  
04:36Seventh: It strengthens memory and protects  against Alzheimer's disease; the brain is one  
04:41of the body’s most energy-consuming organs,  and this mixture is an essential source of  
04:46this energy thanks to the glucose present in  honey, Also, the oleic acid present in olive oil  
04:52prevents the formation of genes that cause brain  cancer and protects against Alzheimer's disease.  
04:58Eighth: It helps to reduce the level of  bad cholesterol, which helps to improve  
05:02blood circulation, maintain the health of veins  and arteries, prevent strokes, and improve the  
05:08performance of the cardiovascular system. Ninth: This mixture is considered a real  
05:14medicine for those suffering  from joint pain or rheumatism.  
05:18Tenth: If you are a man or woman who wants to  improve the energy of your body, or does a hard  
05:24work throughout the day, you can rely on this  mixture, as it is a great tonic for the body  
05:28that resists fatigue and lethargy, and provides  the body with maximum energy and vitality.  
05:34In the case of healthy people, with this mixture,  
05:37the unpleasant symptoms caused by smoking or  poor diet, such as bad breath upon waking up,  
05:42gastrointestinal problems or liver overload, will  improve dramatically and with minimal effort.  
05:49The second track: What’s the correct way to  prepare this healthy mixture of olive oil,  
05:54lemon juice, and honey? and how  to use it in the best way?;  
05:59You can use the following ingredients to prepare  this mixture: about 100 ml of warm water,  
06:05juice of 2 lemons, 4 tablespoons of extra virgin  olive oil, 2 tablespoons of natural honey;  
06:13Simply pour honey into warm water and mix it until  it dissolves, then add lemon juice and olive oil  
06:19to the mixture quickly and in an opaque bottle  that doesn't allow light to pass through, as olive  
06:24oil shouldn’t be exposed to light, when olive oil  is exposed to natural or artificial light sources,  
06:30what is called Photo-oxidation occurs, which leads  to the production of peroxides molecules that work  
06:35to destroy essential fatty acids, which negatively  affects the nutritional value of olive oil,  
06:41the more olive oil is exposed to light, the  more it is oxidized, until its nutritional  
06:45value gradually decreases, therefore, olive oil  should always be placed in an opaque bottle that  
06:51doesn't allow light penetration. It’s worth  noting that polyphenols present in olive oil  
06:56aren't affected by exposure to light, as they are  natural antioxidants; Alright; after mixing the  
07:02three ingredients, we leave the mixture for one  night until it becomes more homogeneous and then  
07:07the mixture is ready to drink, It can be stored  in the refrigerator for up to more than a month.  
07:13It’s recommended to drink a spoonful of this  mixture on an empty stomach in the morning,  
07:17before breakfast half an hour every day! Of course, we recommend choosing high-quality  
07:23products: extra virgin olive oil, you can bring  it from a reliable mill or any source you trust,  
07:29and with regard to lemons, it must be fresh and  free from pesticides and from organic farming,  
07:34as well as honey must be from a reliable source. Dear viewers, this was all we have today, if you  
07:41like the video, give us a thumbs up and share  it with your friends, write your opinion in our  
07:46comments section, and people who follow us for the  first time, subscribe to the Channel, and don't  
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FAQs about This YouTube Video

1. What are the health benefits of mixing olive oil, lemon juice, and honey?

Mixing olive oil, lemon juice, and honey can have numerous health benefits, including liver protection, kidney stone prevention, weight loss, immune system strengthening, and improving digestion. This powerful combination is packed with antioxidants, anti-inflammatory properties, and essential nutrients that contribute to overall well-being.

2. How does the mixture of olive oil, lemon juice, and honey contribute to liver protection?

The combination of olive oil, lemon juice, and honey is known to contribute to liver protection due to its antioxidant properties. These ingredients help to detoxify the liver, reduce inflammation, and promote liver health. Regular consumption of this mixture can support the liver's natural functions and protect it from oxidative damage.

3. Can mixing olive oil, lemon juice, and honey help in preventing kidney stones?

Yes, the mixture of olive oil, lemon juice, and honey can help in preventing kidney stones. Olive oil acts as a lubricant, lemon juice provides citric acid to dissolve and prevent calcium-based stones, while honey offers antibacterial properties. Consuming this mixture regularly can help in reducing the risk of developing kidney stones.

4. How does the combination of olive oil, lemon juice, and honey contribute to weight loss?

The combination of olive oil, lemon juice, and honey can contribute to weight loss by boosting metabolism, enhancing digestion, and providing a feeling of fullness. Additionally, the nutrients in these ingredients support the body's natural fat-burning processes, making it beneficial for individuals looking to manage their weight.

5. What is the recommended way to consume the mixture of olive oil, lemon juice, and honey for optimal results?

It is recommended to drink a spoonful of this mixture on an empty stomach in the morning for optimal results. This allows the body to absorb the beneficial nutrients more effectively and kick-starts the day with a powerful dose of health-boosting elements.

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