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Coach Court discusses the percentage of monkey branching relationships that actually work, based on his experience as a life and relationship coach. He explains that monkey branching is a form of emotional cheating and that it often indicates narcissistic traits in the person doing it. Overall, these relationships have a low success rate, although they may last longer if the partners are compatible and empathetic towards each other.
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Monkey branching relationships have a low success rate, with only about 10% of them working out.
Women need to feel emotionally close before being intimate, while men need intimacy to feel emotionally close.
If a monkey branching relationship does last, it's often because one person is being stubborn and trying to prove their decision was right.
Compatibility is important for a monkey branching relationship to have a chance of lasting.
The speaker advises not to beg for someone's time and to let them move on with their lives, as time is valuable and begging for it is demoralizing.
The speaker mentions that time is the most valuable thing we can have.
Begging for someone's time can lower your value in their eyes.
The speaker emphasizes that karma always comes back around.
00:00hey what's going on my beautiful people
00:01this is certified life and relationship
00:03coach coach court in today's video i
00:05want to talk to you guys about what is
00:06the percentage of monkey branching
00:08relationships that actually
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00:38thank you guys
00:39in today's video i want to talk to you
00:40guys about the percentage of monkey
00:42branching relationships that actually
00:44and i'm gonna be honest with you i
00:46couldn't find nothing on this topic
00:49so i had to base this off of the clients
00:51that i've worked with in the past in my
00:55just the statistics the statistics that
00:57i found and
00:59what i know is a monkey branch
01:01relationship is just basically a
01:03subdivision of a rebound relationship
01:05right it's just that they've taken more
01:07time to learn about that person to build
01:10some type of rapport with them
01:12and you know that's that's essentially
01:14what a monkey branch is they hold on to
01:15one branch which is your relationship
01:18and they test the other branch and try
01:20to figure out all right is this person
01:21going to be checking enough of my boxes
01:23because what happens is i talk about
01:25this in my last my last video um i talk
01:28about how
01:29they um
01:30pretty much go through the grasses
01:32greener syndrome
01:33and they are really analyzing your
01:36relationship and comparing it to the new
01:38person so they just kind of branch over
01:41and when you guys know anything about
01:42the statistics of the rebounds that last
01:45uh only 10 of them last and i'm talking
01:48what the difference between a rebound
01:50and a monkey branch relationship the
01:51rebound is usually a relationship that
01:53starts shortly after it may have been
01:55someone new it may have been someone
01:57that they they've already known
02:00but the monkey branch is essentially
02:01cheating and
02:03i feel that emotional cheating is worse
02:06than actual cheating actual physical
02:08cheating because once a person builds a
02:11bond with that person an emotional
02:14they may be going back to them venting
02:16to that person about your relationship
02:19i know this is really it's really bad
02:21for women
02:22because women
02:24i feel um
02:26it's foreplay when they have that that
02:28connection build in time it's pretty
02:30much foreplay and there's a quote i
02:32heard that goes um you know women have
02:35to feel close to you first before they
02:37can have intimacy with you and men have
02:40to have intimacy with you before they
02:42can feel close to you so
02:44for you know just kind of support my my
02:47uh statement about you know women is
02:48even worse because if they go out and
02:50cheat there's usually something serious
02:52it's usually a person has you know lower
02:54their walls lower their emotional walls
02:57and they have been able to
03:00infiltrate your relationship essentially
03:04the percentage of them lasting
03:06not a whole lot but i wanted to be
03:08impeccable with my words so i went ahead
03:10wrote down a list here like don miguel
03:12ruiz says you know be impeccable with
03:14your word uh the percentage i would say
03:18still 10
03:19they still don't work out pretty well
03:21and if they do last
03:23it's because that person is being
03:24stubborn they have already tried to
03:29prove to everyone their family and their
03:31friends that this relationship was going
03:32to be legit and they that they were
03:35making the right decision but
03:37they weren't making the right decision
03:38one way that it will last longer is if
03:41they're compatible right if
03:43they have actually you know vatted them
03:45properly like i tell people even in a
03:47real a normal
03:49relationship even a normal courtship you
03:52know you have to vet them properly what
03:53i tell people about you know
03:55particularly women women have to feel
03:57safe but you financially
03:59spiritually emotionally and
04:03they don't want to be around someone
04:04that that can physically overpower them
04:06so they want somebody that's gentle
04:08so that's i digress on that one though
04:10compatibility they want to make sure
04:12that they can find someone that is
04:15and that in that relationship they
04:16usually go a while if i'm being honest
04:19sometimes it works out
04:21just just going to be 100 honest with
04:24sometimes it works out especially if
04:26they're compatible
04:27the next one is um what is the patterns
04:29of the person now this is one of the um
04:32ones that shows that they may not work
04:34out if they have a pattern of going from
04:36one relationship to the next
04:37relationship you know you might have
04:38been a rebound now ask yourself that was
04:40i rebound was i was i monkey branch too
04:43how long was that relationship because
04:45if you if you managed to
04:47pull this person away from their spouse
04:49it's just going to happen to you because
04:51first off that person didn't take time
04:52to heal they didn't take time to correct
04:54the things that they were doing in the
04:56last relationship they didn't like
04:58self-reflect on what they what they were
05:01doing and how they were showing up the
05:02patterns of the person if this person
05:04has gone from one relationship to the
05:06next relationship in a fairly
05:09rapid succession then it probably won't
05:13so instead of giving you guys
05:14percentages i'm gonna break i'm making a
05:16video here people
05:17instead of giving you guys percentages
05:19i'm just gonna break it down that way
05:20and also from what i know uh usually
05:23monkey branching people who monkey
05:24branch you know they lack that empathy
05:27for the person that they're with
05:28and that's usually a sign of someone who
05:30is narcissistic
05:34uh if this person is narcissistic and
05:36you can look back at the the way that
05:38they were showing up and some of their
05:41then you know you know that that
05:42relationship probably won't work out
05:44because that person is just simply a
05:45supply they're not actually in love with
05:47that person so you know there might be
05:50another way to tell if this relationship
05:52is actually going to work out but if it
05:53is narcissism you know trust me
05:56you don't want him back it's nay on the
05:58reconciliate it's not going to work out
06:00those people who are
06:02monkey branching into a relationship
06:04it's probably because they can't be
06:06they can't take that time to reset
06:08themselves to heal themselves to
06:12show up better in the next relationship
06:14so that's another reason why usually
06:16those relationships just don't work out
06:19now i know you guys are coming to me
06:20because you
06:22may have found my channel because you're
06:23struggling you're you just found out
06:25your person that you were dealing with
06:27uh has gone on to the next relationship
06:29and i can tell you one thing man or
06:32you're gonna be okay you're going to be
06:34better off because wouldn't you want to
06:36know these things right now before you
06:38give more time to this person and i've
06:40seen all the comments i've seen you know
06:42people on tick-tock and instagram you
06:44know they're saying like you know
06:45someone has left them after seven years
06:4810 years
06:50and they're really distraught
06:53what can you do
06:54what can you do but let that person move
06:56on with their lives and you move on
06:57mature if anything you should be you
06:58should be thanking that person for
07:00giving you your time back
07:02time is the most
07:03valuable thing we can have i just wrote
07:05a quote on that on instagram actually
07:08it's the most valuable
07:09and you know the quote goes if you guys
07:11aren't following me on instagram as i am
07:13coach court
07:14time is money and begging anyone for
07:16time can be as demoralizing as begging
07:19for money
07:20i'll say that again
07:22time is money and begging anyone for
07:25time can be as demoralizing as begging
07:27for money
07:28do you want to be a peasant
07:30do you want to beg for someone's time
07:33because first off that's going to make
07:34your value
07:36lower in their eyes
07:37and second off it just doesn't work
07:42let them go on and do what they're going
07:44to do let them be happy and like i say
07:47in all my other videos karma is
07:49but you know what it always comes back
07:52around it always evens the score
07:54and even if it doesn't
07:56peace be with you because they gave you
07:58your time they gave you their time and
08:00that's you know that's a gift
08:03it is what it is i don't know whatever
08:05the promises that they've given you or
08:07you know the future faking that they had
08:09going on you know they may have felt
08:10that in that moment but it's not that
08:12way right now
08:15let's not ignore reality let's accept
08:18and realize that hey there is an
08:20abundance of people out there there are
08:217.8 billion people in this world
08:25let's go find one of them if you found
08:26this video valuable click this video
08:29right here where i talk about the six
08:31stages of a rebound relationship thank
08:33you guys
08:35and i'll talk to you soon
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FAQs about This YouTube Video

1. What is monkey branching in relationships?

Monkey branching in relationships refers to when a person emotionally connects with a new partner before ending the current relationship. It's a form of emotional cheating and indicates a lack of commitment to the current partner.

2. How does monkey branching affect relationships?

Monkey branching can negatively affect relationships by creating emotional distance and eroding trust between partners. It often leads to the breakdown of the current relationship and can have long-lasting emotional impact.

3. What are the signs of monkey branching behavior?

Signs of monkey branching behavior include a sudden increase in communication with a new person, emotional detachment from the current partner, and seeking validation and attention outside the relationship.

4. What are the success rates of monkey branching relationships?

Monkey branching relationships have a low success rate due to the lack of trust and commitment at the beginning. However, if the partners are compatible and empathetic towards each other, the relationship may last longer despite the initial challenges.

5. How can one overcome the impact of being monkey-branched?

One can overcome the impact of being monkey-branched by focusing on self-healing, seeking support from friends and family, and prioritizing personal growth. It's important to understand that the behavior of the other person is a reflection of their own issues and doesn't diminish one's worth.

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