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The video explores the mystery of Pan Am flight 914, a plane that allegedly disappeared for 37 years and reappeared in a different location. However, the story has been proven to be a hoax and there is no evidence to suggest that time travel actually occurred. The video discusses various theories and inconsistencies surrounding the case.
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In 1992, a mysterious plane appeared out of nowhere in an airport in Caracas, Venezuela, claiming to be Pan Am flight 914 from New York to Miami in 1955.
The plane looked outdated and rugged, unlike modern planes.
The pilot confirmed that they were from 1955 and had gone in the wrong direction by approximately 1800 kilometers.
The pilot believed it was still July 2nd, 1955, and panicked when he learned it was actually May 21st, 1992.
Pan Am flight 914 disappeared and reappeared, leaving the crew and passengers unchanged after 37 years.
The pilot took off again when security guards approached the plane.
The plane resurfaced at the airport it was supposed to land in 37 years ago.
The crew and passengers did not age a day, while their families had aged 37 years.
Theories include the Bermuda Triangle, alien abduction, and passing through a time portal or wormhole.
The story of Pan Am flight 914 is a fake urban legend created by a tabloid and there is no evidence to support its occurrence.
The story was created by the tabloid Weekly World News, known for publishing fabricated stories.
The tabloid published the story three separate times, adding to its lack of credibility.
Inconsistencies and contradictions in the articles further undermine the authenticity of the story.
The YouTube video by Bright Side about the disappearance contributed to the spread of the hoax, despite revealing it as a fake at the end.
00:00what would you do if you had the chance
00:02to travel to the future
00:04a couple of passengers on an airplane
00:06flight got the chance to answer that
00:08when they had gone 37 years into the
00:11or hadn't in this video i'll be going
00:14over the curious case of pan am flight
00:17a plane that allegedly flew into the
00:19future before we begin
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00:29and so without further ado let's begin
00:31if movies like back to the future teach
00:33us one thing
00:34it's that time travel is certainly an
00:36exciting concept
00:37i mean who wouldn't like to have a
00:39chance to take a break from the present
00:41to venture into the future to see how
00:42everything turns out
00:44which brings us to the question is time
00:47travel possible
00:49passengers on the mysterious pan am
00:50plane had a chance to answer that
00:53when the plane landed 37 years after
00:55taking off
00:56the case of pan am flight 914 has driven
00:59historians and skeptics crazy for years
01:02it all started on july 2nd 1955 when pan
01:06am flight 914
01:07was scheduled to take off from its
01:08airport in new york
01:10it was a normal day with clear skies and
01:12everything needed for a successful
01:15as far as everyone involved knew it was
01:17going to be a routine trip to miami
01:19but boy were they wrong just a few
01:22minutes after takeoff
01:23something mysterious happened that
01:25changed their lives and history as we
01:26know it forever
01:28pan am flight 914 vanished yup you heard
01:31that right
01:32not long after the aircraft took off
01:34from the airport in new york
01:36air traffic controllers lost signal of
01:38pan am flight 914.
01:40and just like that the 90 000 pound
01:42airplane disappeared from everyone's
01:44as if it never existed officials
01:47immediately swooped into action
01:49searching far and wide for evidence that
01:51could suggest whatever happened to the
01:53plane and all its passengers
01:55unfortunately there was nothing to show
01:57that the plane crashed somewhere remote
01:59neither were there any signs of bodies
02:01of any of the passengers or crew members
02:04after thorough investigation the
02:06authorities concluded that the plane
02:08crashed into the sea and all of its
02:10passengers and crew must have died
02:12the airline compensated the families of
02:14the victims as far as anybody knew
02:1661 people disappeared from the surface
02:18of the earth without a trace
02:21and for what seemed like forever that
02:23was the end of the case
02:25until 37 years later the year was 1992
02:29friends and family had mourned and moved
02:30on with life when another incredible
02:33event turned their life around for the
02:34second time
02:36it was a sunny day in may 1992. airport
02:39staff were going about their business as
02:41at an airport in caracas venezuela when
02:44they noticed a dc-4 douglas aircraft
02:46appear out of nowhere
02:48air traffic controller juan de la court
02:50was the first to spot the plane
02:52the first thing juan noticed was the
02:54mysterious plane looked outdated and
02:57unlike other new and modern planes that
02:59frequent the airport
03:00this one looked like it came from the
03:01past he decided to contact
03:04the pilot and that's when things got
03:07at first the pilot responded asking
03:09where are we
03:10then he confirmed something that
03:11completely took the air control by
03:14we are pan american airways flight 914
03:17from new york to miami
03:18with a crew of 4 and 57 passengers he
03:22juan responded that pan am flight 914
03:24had gone in the wrong direction by
03:25approximately 1800 kilometers
03:28but something still didn't add up he
03:30probed further and asked the pilot if he
03:32had crashed somewhere without contacting
03:33airport authorities
03:35although he had cleared the plane for
03:37landing what juan heard next took this
03:39story to the next level
03:40while the plane lined up on the runway
03:42the pilot said nonchalantly
03:44we are scheduled to land in miami on
03:45july 2nd 1955.
03:48juan quickly pointed out to the pilot he
03:50had landed in caracas
03:51and that it was actually may 21st 1992.
03:55as soon as the pilot heard this he went
03:57into panic mode
03:58juan could hear the crew and passengers
04:00screaming from the radio
04:01so he ordered a team of security guards
04:04to escort the frightened crew and
04:05passengers out of the plane
04:07what juan didn't know though was that he
04:09was in for another surprise
04:11as soon as the guards got close to the
04:13plane the pilot screamed
04:14no do not get near we're leaving now and
04:17took off again disappearing into thin
04:20the plane disappeared from the radar
04:21again but this time the airport sent out
04:23three jets to track down pan am flight
04:26but they couldn't find it a few hours
04:29later the airplane surfaced at the
04:30airport that it was supposed to land a
04:32few years ago
04:33miami airport of course the staff in
04:36miami were just as shocked about the
04:37plane's arrival as wandella court was
04:40but when they checked their records the
04:41pilot's story checked out
04:43it was the same plane that disappeared
04:4437 years back
04:46after some interrogations the airport
04:48let the crew and passengers go home to
04:50their families
04:51and that's when the already strange
04:52story got even more bizarre
04:55although happy to reunite with their
04:56loved ones the families of the
04:58passengers were shocked to find out
05:00that they looked exactly the same way
05:01when they took off in 1955
05:04while the rest of their families got 37
05:06years older they didn't age a day
05:09an unsolved mystery the case of pan am
05:12flight 914
05:13is one of the strangest stories in air
05:14travel and as such
05:16it's been a subject of many speculations
05:19did the passengers and crew actually
05:20travel in time
05:22how did they do it and how did they make
05:24it back in one piece
05:26a lot of theories have sprung up since
05:28then each claiming to explain the case
05:30of the missing aircraft
05:32one theory claims that the bermuda
05:33triangle had something to do with the
05:34plane's mysterious disappearance
05:37while another believes that the plane
05:38was abducted by aliens
05:40although investigators shut down both
05:43the most popular theory is that the
05:45aircraft passed through some time portal
05:47or wormhole
05:48and instead of landing in miami in 1955
05:50it appeared on arrival in venezuela 30
05:52years later
05:54when it left caracas it went into the
05:56wormhole again this time coming out at
05:57the correct airport
05:59the truth the case of the missing pan am
06:02is no doubt one of the most amazing
06:04stories in history
06:06here's the thing though it didn't happen
06:08while we love to believe that there's
06:10some way to reach the future out there
06:12the truth is that there isn't much proof
06:13suggesting this event happened
06:16it was all made up by a one-time tabloid
06:18weekly world news which was notorious
06:20for publishing crazy concocted stories
06:23the paper re-ran the story twice in the
06:26for one it's hard to take the story
06:28seriously since the paper published it
06:30three separate times
06:32but even then there were too many
06:33inconsistencies in the stories
06:36while earlier articles suggested that
06:37the plane reappeared after 30 years
06:40others state that the event happened 37
06:42years after the aircraft first took off
06:44but that's not the end of the story it
06:47gets even more confusing when you take a
06:48closer look at the details
06:50not only did the three articles
06:52contradict one another but they also
06:54used different pictures for the same key
06:56figure in the story
06:57wandella court remember him yes the air
07:00traffic control guy from venezuela
07:03only this time although he had the same
07:05name it was a picture of someone else
07:07creating further confusion into the
07:09story's genuineness
07:11the story got an even bigger boost when
07:12the youtube channel brightside
07:14published a video about the
07:15disappearance the video raked in more
07:18than 15 million views and convinced many
07:20that the fake real-life story happened
07:24although the video revealed towards the
07:25end that it was a hoax a lot of viewers
07:27never made it that far
07:29although the story is mostly fake and
07:31has been proven to be an urban legend
07:33it continues to spread to this day while
07:36evidence suggests the story to be just a
07:37tall tale
07:38some people believe it actually happened
07:41and the government is involved in some
07:42massive cover-up to hide the fact that
07:44time travel is possible
07:46what do you think did the airplane
07:48really get lost in time for 37 years
07:50or is it all just a hoax feel free to
07:53share your thoughts in the comments
07:56don't forget to like share and hit the
07:57subscribe button to get notifications on
07:59upcoming videos
08:01thank you for watching i'll see you in
08:02the next one
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FAQs about This YouTube Video

1. Is the story of Pan Am flight 914 disappearing for 37 years and then reappearing true?

No, the story of Pan Am flight 914 disappearing for 37 years and then reappearing is not true. It was a hoax published by a tabloid, and there is no evidence to support it.

2. What evidence debunks the mystery of Pan Am flight 914?

The evidence includes inconsistencies in the story and the lack of proof to support the alleged disappearance and reappearance of Pan Am flight 914. It has been proven to be an urban legend rather than a real occurrence.

3. Why is the story of Pan Am flight 914 considered a hoax?

The story of Pan Am flight 914 is considered a hoax because it was published by a tabloid without credible evidence. The inconsistencies and lack of proof in the story further confirm that it is not a real occurrence.

4. What is the conclusion about the case of Pan Am flight 914?

The conclusion about the case of Pan Am flight 914 is that it is an urban legend and not a real occurrence. There is no factual basis to support the alleged disappearance and reappearance of the flight.

5. What is the truth behind the mystery of Pan Am flight 914?

The truth behind the mystery of Pan Am flight 914 is that it was a fabricated story published by a tabloid. There is no evidence to prove the alleged disappearance and reappearance, making it an urban legend.

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