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The astrologer predicts that while there may be attempts to harm Modi's image, his life is not in danger and he will likely win a third term in 2024. He also believes that India will rise as an economic and technological superpower, while the future of abrahamic religions may decline as people turn to Hinduism and atheism.
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The guest, PVR Narasimha Rao, is introduced as an astrologer with a scientific background who combines Sanskrit knowledge with modern science in his research.
PVR Narasimha Rao is an IIT graduate and has a master's degree from Rice University.
He has received awards in Sanskrit and combines Sanskrit knowledge with scientific temper in his research.
Despite being an engineering manager, his main profession is not astrology, but he combines both fields.
There is a potential threat to Modi's life due to various forces, including hidden enemies, making an all-out effort to get rid of him.
The current year has a guru Chandal yoga in the 12th house in India's chart, indicating hidden enemies.
If Modi is re-elected for a third term, it would be the end of his opposition.
Various forces, including foreign and local forces, politicians, influencers, actors, sports people, and journalists, will join together to try to prevent Modi's continuation in the government.
The astrologer is confident that Narendra Modi will win the 2024 election and may take on a ceremonial role or completely leave politics.
The astrologer had a high level of confidence in his previous predictions about Narendra Modi winning three terms and voluntarily transferring power.
The astrologer believes there is a possibility that Narendra Modi becomes the president or takes on a ceremonial role.
It is also possible that Narendra Modi completely leaves politics and focuses on his religious and spiritual life.
The speaker predicts that while there may not be a civil war across India, some states like Kerala, Bengal, and the Northeastern states may face trouble and potential terrorist forces due to changes in demography. However, overall, the speaker believes that India will handle these issues well.
Amit Shah and Narendra Modi are more pragmatic and want to go slow, while Yogi Adityanath will have a drastic approach to curbing issues.
The speaker expects this century to belong to India, as it is slowly rising after a millennium of suppression from colonialism and invaders.
The speaker compares the current state of the US to the UK in the 1940s, with the UK being the unquestioned power of the world at that time.
India is expected to be on the side of the US and NATO in the 2030-2031 war, while China, Russia, Iran, and North Korea will be on the other side.
India needs to focus on technological independence, defense independence, and developing alliances with the US.
India should also prioritize cyber capabilities and artificial intelligence elements in preparation for the upcoming war.
The war will involve conventional warfare, cyber aspects, artificial intelligence, infrastructure destruction, and economic warfare.
India needs to take China seriously and develop its technological and defense capabilities, leveraging its soft power and alliances with the US and NATO countries.
Japan, Australia, US, and India are seen as a big problem for India, as they try to establish themselves in India's neighborhood.
India needs to catch up with China's technological advancements.
India should leverage its economic superpower status and use alliances with the US and NATO to advance its agenda.
Various Middle Eastern countries will experience infighting and weakening, and there will be increased religious tensions in countries where Abrahamic religions are strong.
00:10thank you
00:15Namaste guys
00:21for the first time we have PVR nursing
00:24with us
00:26is now known to almost all the
00:29nationalists as astrologer because they
00:32have been following a channel they've
00:33been following his predictions very
00:35closely and let me tell a little bit
00:38about Sir he is an iitn from Madras he
00:42has done his masters from Masters uh
00:45from Rice University Houston uh sir has
00:48also got Awards in Sanskrit bhasha
00:50kovida and Sanskrit bhasha Vishal Radha
00:54um sir tends to combine the science
00:56Sanskrit knowledge and scientific
00:58tempers while researching into the
01:01teachings of the rishis so he not only
01:04has a flare for Sanskrit and our you
01:07know the ancient aspects but also he
01:09combines this with the current
01:10scientific tempers that we see so a
01:13unique blender unique combination of the
01:16two worlds the ancient and the modern I
01:18would say a very warm welcome on the
01:20show sir
01:21thank you thank you Gayatri and namaskar
01:24to you and namaskar to your audiences
01:28sir uh today uh like
01:32genuine thing comes for the astrologers
01:35how did you first of all take like you
01:36were from a science background in iitn
01:39and then you shifted away to astrology
01:40what happened actually
01:42I didn't really shift away I also added
01:45that because I still my main profession
01:48is not astrology I'm still an
01:50engineering manager in U.S so I combine
01:53both basically I didn't really shift
01:55away and as far as
01:58somebody with a scientific temper
02:00approaching astrology is concerned
02:02I started learning astrology at a very
02:05young age from my father who's a very
02:07good astrologer so I started at a young
02:09age but when I was at IAT I actually for
02:12a while I thought this is all nonsense
02:14this does not make sense because just
02:17look at it logically we know that there
02:19are a lot of twins and triplets who are
02:21born like two three minutes apart they
02:24probably have the same rasi kundra
02:25kundali but the thing is they and
02:27probably even nawab secondly but they
02:30don't necessarily have the same lives so
02:32I said well it doesn't have enough
02:34degrees of freedom it's just nonsense
02:35but the thing is later I discovered
02:38parashar mahashi's teachings
02:42which is basically the best text we have
02:45in astrology in Indian astrology there
02:49he talks about 16 different onlys even
02:51though most astrologers only use Rashi
02:54and nawam secondly which are the same
02:56for everybody born in a 14 minute window
02:58roughly but if you look at all the
03:01parameters that parashar mahashi taught
03:03then I realized there are enough degrees
03:05of freedom and one thing that kept my
03:07faith even while I was questioning
03:10astrology is the fact that my father
03:12made amazing predictions he I made a lot
03:15of wrong predictions but my father is
03:17the only astrologer I know who never
03:19made any wrong prediction so if he is
03:21making so many accurate predictions and
03:25also the thing is some predictions have
03:26a high probability suppose I predict
03:28that Trump will lose our Manta Banerjee
03:31will win there 50 or maybe sometimes
03:33even more so it's not really that
03:35credible like it's not so impressive but
03:38if you say something that's very very
03:40low probability thing some something
03:42very narrow and then it comes true you
03:45you wonder there is maybe there is
03:46something to it so based on my father's
03:49success I thought maybe there is
03:52something to astrology I did not
03:53outright dismiss it but The Logical mind
03:57basically questioned how can it be true
03:59and later when I discovered the
04:01teachings of parasara and started
04:03delving deep into astrology then I
04:05became more convinced that there is some
04:08science here
04:09at least there used to be a science here
04:12but it got corrupted in the last
04:13Millennium or so when
04:16various branches of knowledge can be
04:20because there was there were all kinds
04:22of inferences on sanatana Dharma and the
04:24practitioners basically could not focus
04:27on their areas of expertise that were
04:30coming from Generations but they had to
04:32Branch off into other knowledge so
04:34basically some secrets for large some
04:36knowledge was corrupted but I realized
04:38that in parasara's teachings we have a
04:40Bedrock of astrology if we ReDiscover
04:43even a small percentage of it we can
04:46have some accuracy that's basically what
04:47I concluded
04:52how do you see the planets who are so so
04:55far away how can they control our this
04:57is the last question on astrology and
04:59then we'll come to the predictions but
05:00they can control our uh they decide our
05:04faith they decide our destiny uh Jupiter
05:07out in the solar system so far away how
05:09do they control I mean what is the
05:10science behind it yeah actually based on
05:13the science as we understand now we
05:16don't really have an explanation we see
05:17we see that there are big celestial
05:20bodies that have gravity so we know we
05:23only know of their gravitational force
05:25Etc but we don't know how they have some
05:29correlation with our our Destinies that
05:31that is not really known but the thing
05:33is there are certain physical events for
05:36example like uh uh earthquakes Etc
05:40so depending on how planets are aligned
05:43in the skies there are some scientists
05:46who combine the positions of planets and
05:49do some calculations and try to predict
05:51earthquakes but the thing is that's a
05:53physical event because they have
05:54gravitational force they can physically
05:56impact you but the thing is when you're
05:57talking about Destiny impacting
05:59somebody's Destiny it is beyond gravity
06:02we don't really know what are the what
06:04are the factors that are behind this but
06:08the thing is our sastric understanding
06:11everybody has a subtle body I am I am
06:13this physical body but there is a subtle
06:15body that I possess which has certain
06:17karmas certain desires certain wants
06:20certain likes and dislikes Etc similarly
06:23the big bodies like Jupiter Saturn Venus
06:27Etc they have several bodies and those
06:29subtle bodies are have their own
06:32momentum of karmas basically and the
06:35thing is our sastra say that
06:40we are all microcosms of the entire
06:43microcosm so the Jupiter the Venus the
06:47Saturn Indra Yu Etc they all reside in
06:49us as various aspects of our
06:51Consciousness and there is a resonance
06:53between them so there is some it is
06:56probably along those lines it is
06:58basically based on the subtle bodies and
07:01based on stuff that modern science
07:03doesn't understand yet so I don't want
07:05to try to explain it but the thing is
07:07what we know statistically is that there
07:10is some correlation between the planets
07:13in the skies and our destinies
07:16maybe some kind of light or energy
07:20sources or elements that we possess you
07:23know some kind of Attraction yes there
07:25are some theories based on because we
07:27contain various elements in our bodies
07:29that came from various planets in the
07:31past so there are some theories but
07:32again nothing is really proven
07:34nothing is really important there are
07:37practically speaking there are some
07:39statistical correlations we can observe
07:42right right so Anna moving on to the
07:45first part of our talk and that is with
07:47respect to Modi recently we have seen
07:49lot of attacks on modiji uh some have
07:52been breach of security in the name of
07:54breach of security in the name of you
07:56know throw somebody's throwing mobiles
07:58or things like that they have increased
08:00recently do we see in recent uh in
08:03coming years uh some serious threat to
08:05his life
08:07I actually don't don't uh think that his
08:10life is in danger but at the same time
08:13uh the current year there is a guru
08:17Chandal yoga Guru and Rahul are together
08:19in Aries which is the 12th house in
08:22India's chart so there will be and the
08:24thing is if you look at it practically
08:26modisi has been in power for two terms
08:29and next year elections will be if he is
08:32re-elected it will be his third term so
08:34if somebody is elected two terms and he
08:37is a favorite to win the third term
08:39that's basically the end of his
08:42opposition so really there will be there
08:44will be a last Stitch effort an all-out
08:47effort to get rid of Modi ji this year
08:50and the fact that there is a guru
08:52Chandal yoga in the 12th house in
08:54India's chart sixth house is known
08:56enemies it's enemies that you can see
08:58but 12th house is hidden enemies who
09:01basically fight from your your back
09:03fight behind you without being seen so
09:07there will be a conference of various
09:10forces some covered foreign forces and
09:14some local forces politicians
09:17influencers actors Sports people uh
09:22journalists various people who don't
09:25want modiji to continue our BJP to
09:27continue in the in the government they
09:30will all call you and there will be a
09:33there will be a big effort you know and
09:35like I said all out last Stitch effort
09:38to make sure that modiji doesn't win in
09:412024 and the elections that we had in
09:45Karnataka the the big win that congress
09:48party had and the big setback to the BJP
09:52it can be a big boost to their efforts
09:55but one thing I I predicted and expect
09:57over the next few months is there'll be
10:00a huge effort and it will be there'll be
10:03there'll be a narrative that will be
10:05painted as modiji is not falling his his
10:09Charisma is getting over and he's a he's
10:13anti-muslim he's a Hindu fanatic and
10:16they will also try to project Rahul
10:19Gandhi as a symbol of love as a symbol
10:22of optimism a hopeful future for the
10:24country whereas Modi he is the negative
10:27Force he is the anti-muslim Hindu
10:29fanatic he's basically divisive he's
10:31dividing the country so that narrative
10:34will be pushed in the coming months and
10:37this will have support from various
10:39foreign entities as well as there are
10:41enough people within the country and of
10:43journalists and opinion makers within
10:45the country who will go along and there
10:47will be this will be a cons concerted
10:49effort all the forces will combine hands
10:52when somebody treats something somebody
10:53else will say something else and when
10:55somebody says something on TV somebody
10:58else will say something else so it will
11:00be a combined effort by various forces
11:02to paint a narrative against and
11:06unfortunately even
11:08the if you look at the right wing and
11:12especially the hindutva forces within
11:13India they will be unhappy because
11:15modiji if you look at
11:17if you look at evidence
11:19he's not really doing a lot for Hindus
11:21he's really he's governing as a Centrist
11:24he's not really governing as a right
11:26winger he's he's governing as a Centrist
11:28and his focus is helping everybody his
11:31focus is progress for the country his
11:33focus is roads hospitals Education
11:35Health Care Etc so he's not really like
11:39freezing temples if you look at India's
11:42Colonial history there are a lot of
11:44Draconian laws that are that only
11:46temples are subjected to so Hindu forces
11:49are really very upset about it so
11:52modisi will have to balance these two
11:55sides one is people who like him but who
11:59are really falling falling falling apart
12:02who are thinking that he's not really
12:03standing for what he promised them or
12:06what they think is the right thing to do
12:08at the same time the other side even
12:11though he is not really doing anything
12:13against Muslims or anything big for the
12:16Hindus they will paint him as this
12:18anti-muslim Hindu fanatic and
12:20unfortunately the kind of sleep walked
12:23into it with this bajrang Dal
12:25controversy when when the Congress
12:27Manifesto talked about banning bajrang
12:30uh uh that that is it's a good point but
12:34the thing is the way it was over
12:35emphasized this will this will give an
12:38opening to the uh opposition forces to
12:42paint Modi as even though he has he has
12:45focused on progress all these years
12:47going into 2024 because if they talk
12:50about his his record they can't really
12:52uh show anything negative because when
12:56the whole world is struggling India is
12:58actually doing relatively better than
13:00the rest of the world so if you look at
13:032014 and now India has made a lot of
13:06progress so
13:07the way they can defeat modiji is by
13:11focusing on religion and dividing people
13:13and making sure that their world banks
13:15will vote for them because Hindus will
13:17never reward based on okay he's a pro
13:19Hindu guy so let's vote for him because
13:21there there are all issues that they
13:22care about employment this that Etc so
13:25they will try to consolidate their vote
13:27bank and also paint Modi as a religious
13:31guy a guy who basically is dividing
13:34based on religion so unfortunately
13:36the what happened in the Karnataka
13:39elections May feed into that narrative
13:41and it's going to be really difficult
13:42for the BJP party to walk a film trade a
13:47very careful line because they want to
13:49not not make their supporters unhappy
13:52but at the same time they don't want to
13:54walk into this because they want to run
13:56based on economy they want to run based
13:58on employment they want to run based on
14:00the progress that the country made in
14:02the last 10 years and it's going to be
14:04made difficult they will really focus on
14:06what they think is advantages to them so
14:09my opinion my expectation is they will
14:11pay in modisi as a divisive person and
14:14somebody whose time is basically coming
14:17to an end and they will quote Karnataka
14:19as a as an example and they will try to
14:21portray Rahul Rahul Gandhi
14:23has somebody really really positive
14:26right so another what about
14:28assassination or actual threat to his
14:32life murder to him and even to Yogi
14:35Aditya I don't really expect that I I
14:39think that he's his ayush uh IU is
14:43pretty good so I don't really expect any
14:45uh danger to his life in the in the
14:48coming year but the real danger is in
14:50terms of His Image they will really try
14:54to destroy His Image I know that they
14:56tried many times in the past and they
14:59were not successful but this time they
15:01will really because this is a last-ditch
15:03effort they know that if they can't
15:05defeat him now then BJP is going to be
15:08there for a long time and a younger
15:11leader will I actually I predicted
15:13during modi's first term that he will
15:15win three terms and in the middle of the
15:16third term he will transfer power to
15:19another leader and he will he will he
15:22will retire from Prime ministership and
15:25later when I got the chart of Yogi as I
15:28identified him as the next prime
15:31minister so the thing is there is a nice
15:33pipeline of good leaders there unlike in
15:35some states if you take Karnataka for
15:37example there's no real Capital
15:39leadership and
15:41uh some of the leaders that govern
15:43Karnataka on behalf of BJP in the past
15:45have a lot of unfortunately unfortunate
15:48have a lot of reputation for corruption
15:50basically although there are leaders
15:54like Yogi archana narel Modi in every
15:56state unfortunately but at least at the
15:59national level there is a clear uh
16:02succession of leaders good leaders there
16:04are enough good leaders at the national
16:06level so BJP is really undefeatable for
16:09the next decade or so so they really see
16:12an opening and they think that sees the
16:15last opportunity so we will see a really
16:18vicious allowed effort in the in the
16:21coming year and there will be two
16:22friends one is painting this Narrative
16:25of oh Muslims in India are under
16:27tremendous danger the Modi is really
16:31destroying them he's against Muslims so
16:34that one narrative the divisive
16:35narrative the other narrative is the if
16:38you look at the Hindenburg report they
16:40will basically
16:54they are really really if you look at
16:57the previous administrations before them
16:58they are really really clean people but
17:01and the thing is the only way you can
17:03throw mud on them in terms of corruption
17:05Etc is by associating with somebody else
17:08some big uh a big Financial house and
17:14then throwing mud on them so Hindenburg
17:16report was a very careful I'm pretty
17:18convinced that it is a it is an
17:21international conspiracy I I as I said
17:24in a video on adani a while back a few
17:29months back they will recover from this
17:31this will not basically destroy the
17:33company adani and his Empire uh as it
17:38may it appeared at the time that it may
17:40actually have a big impact but at the
17:42time I said that they will quickly
17:43recover from it within a month and a
17:45half or so but the thing is this will
17:47play out till 2024 politically this will
17:49be used this is one thing and the
17:51divisiveness the the perceived
17:54divisiveness that will basically that
17:55narrative will be painted by so many and
17:58the agent and the thought is if you say
18:00one thing if you say a lie thousand
18:02times and if thousand people say
18:04some people will believe it and that's
18:06enough for you to make some Headway so
18:08this is the approach they will use so
18:10the real danger to Modi ji and Amisha ji
18:13as Isa I see in the next year is
18:17political and in terms of image rather
18:19than uh life
18:23right so uh there is something you said
18:26me and I think most of my viewers would
18:28be happy to hear that while discussing
18:30about modiji that next term he's already
18:32set to win 2024 BJP is going to come
18:37yeah that is my that was my prediction
18:39in his first term itself that he will
18:40win the second term and he will win the
18:42third term second term he will win with
18:44a bigger majority and third term also he
18:46will win with a clear majority uh
18:49probably not as good as the second term
18:51but he will I I do I do expect that he
18:54will win and one more thing I said uh
18:58things things are not the same every
19:00year things the destiny the the luck
19:03keeps changing every year so what I
19:05study is the the year September 2020
19:08till September 2021 was a bad year for
19:11Lorena modisi and Amisha ji so that is
19:13the year when there were a lot of
19:15challenges like the farmers protest and
19:17the coveted wave in India Etc but the
19:21one year after that from September 2021
19:23till September 2022 was a really good
19:26year for them that is a year when they
19:28were able to teach lessons to some
19:31um some opposition leaders like for
19:32example Maharashtra Etc and September
19:352022 till September 2023 is a mixed real
19:39there will be some big setbacks also
19:41some big wins so this is a mixed layer
19:43for them so there will be some more Far
19:45More protest kind of things but still it
19:47won't be as bad as a couple of years
19:49back and also electorally they will have
19:52some success and some failures during
19:54this time but fortunately from September
19:582023 till September 2024 is a super BFI
20:02for both amishadi and Narendra Modi so
20:05all this uh image image War all this
20:09narrative War Etc that I mentioned BJP
20:12May struggle to find their way around
20:15this and they may have some missteps
20:18till September 2023
20:21it's not entirely bad but it's mixed
20:23basically some good and some bad but
20:25after September 2023 I expect that they
20:27will get their act right they will have
20:29clear messaging their achieving their
20:33normal media social media all that all
20:36that uh
20:38Campaign Will basically find this voice
20:40they will have clear messaging and also
20:43I think some of their opponents will be
20:45in serious trouble by then there will be
20:48there will be bad news about them so
20:50overall a Confluence of various
20:53developments will ensure that there will
20:56be momentum will start to develop for
20:57them from September 2023 and one thing I
21:00want to point out here as astrologers we
21:02make a lot of predictions and we don't
21:04have a ha we don't have the same level
21:06of confidence in every prediction
21:08because the data
21:16whereas for some predictions I made for
21:19Karnataka I got that I got data from
21:21third parties who are not even directly
21:23connected to the people in question so
21:25that data is not reliable secondly
21:29you if you use the data to explain tens
21:33of events in the past does it does this
21:35make sense does this make sense you can
21:37be more confident that the data is Right
21:38whereas if you just look at one or two
21:40events you're not really sure that the
21:42data is accurate so depending on the
21:45accuracy of the data you have some idea
21:48of how confident you are of the
21:49prediction and there is another Factor
21:51sometimes the astrological factor C is
21:53not like we have a TV in which we see
21:55the future there are a lot of factors
21:57that you balance so sometimes there are
21:59factors in both directions so you have
22:02to balance them sometimes it is clear
22:04cut some clear-cut positive sometimes is
22:06clear-cut negative sometimes it's mixed
22:08and you basically balance them and you
22:10make a subject to addition so depending
22:12on these parameters depending on how
22:14close things are what are the parameters
22:16and that and depending on the
22:18reliability of the data itself we have
22:21and we have an idea of how confident we
22:23are we have a conference level in the
22:25predictions we make so uh when when I
22:28when I for example when I made the
22:29prediction that China will break up in
22:31the next 15 years just like the SQL you
22:35know USSR China will break into multiple
22:37countries I had a very high level of
22:39conference in that perhaps between 90
22:41and 95 percent when similarly when I
22:44said that Narendra Modi ji will win
22:45three terms in this first term I had a
22:48very high level of conference in that 95
22:50percent I will say and also when I said
22:53that in the middle of the third term he
22:55will voluntarily transfer power to a
22:57anger leader and he will he will
23:00basically leave uh active politics
23:04that again I have a very high level of
23:07maybe maybe in 80 percent so there are
23:11certain predictions that we are very
23:12confident of so I am very confident that
23:14in 2024 Narendra modisi will win
23:19said he
23:24are you
23:26bansi gives the power when she makes
23:28somebody else the Prime Minister he'll
23:30become the president
23:31and so or he will completely you know
23:34excuse himself like sannyas from the
23:38it is possible that he becomes president
23:40or something some ceremonial role where
23:42you are not actively uh engaged in
23:46politics that's possible but based on
23:48the chart
23:50something that is more lag something
23:52where you don't have a lot of
23:54responsibility seems more likely to me
23:55so uh it is possible that he completely
23:59leaves politics and focus on focuses on
24:02is religious and spiritual life and then
24:04acts as a as an advisor when people
24:07consult him that's more likely in my
24:09opinion even though some people expect
24:11him to be president but I cannot rule
24:13out the possibility that he also he
24:15becomes the president and he basically
24:18remains in politics but very inactively
24:21not really that does not require a lot
24:23of uh effort and mental energy
24:27right so uh under going on to the next
24:30question uh we have number of State
24:32elections coming up uh we have
24:34chhattisgarh we have MP we have
24:36Rajasthan haryana which of these states
24:39do you think will stay with BJP and
24:41which one will uh BJP lose I don't have
24:43a clear view at this time I will wait
24:45till the election dates are announced
24:47and see because the thing is uh
24:50sometimes we have the charts of the
24:51local leaders if I have the chart of
24:54people who are directly impacted by the
24:56election I can make a confident
24:57prediction especially if I am confident
24:59of the data and otherwise what I do is
25:02on the day of the election results I
25:04look at BJP Congress Narendra Modi
25:06charts and then see how the day is for
25:09them is they really pass today or
25:10negative day and based on that I predict
25:12so on my YouTube channel I'll make
25:14predictions closer to the election dates
25:16once the election dates and the results
25:18dates are announced but overall based on
25:21the charts of Narendra Modi and Amisha
25:24ji what I expect is this year is a mixed
25:28layer for them there will be some
25:30successes as well as some failures it
25:32will not be a all-round successful year
25:35this will be a mixed year but after
25:37September October time frame if any
25:39elections are there that's a very
25:41positive year for them so after that
25:42their success percentage will start
25:46so that means if I would say because
25:49this is 23 and haryana Rajasthan
25:53chhattisgarh I think they are all set to
25:55go after August or something this is a
25:58tentative date that we are giving so
25:59maybe we might expect good results from
26:02uh especially for after September we
26:04will have overall good results but if
26:07something is before September there will
26:09be some success and some failures
26:11so it's a mixed deer for them
26:14right and then now the question that I'm
26:16going to ask is this has been there in
26:18most of the Nationalist mind people of
26:20you know like-minded people like me
26:24uh we are seeing a big demographic
26:26change in India big demographic change
26:28and you know which which uh which
26:31Community I'm trying to Target
26:33are we heading for a Civil War in India
26:36are we heading for a bloodbath in India
26:38at any point of time or Modi BJP will be
26:44go ahead yeah yeah complete complete
26:46your question yeah or they will be able
26:48to bring substantial changes that will
26:50be able to avert that that tsunami which
26:53is coming we might not acknowledge it
26:55right now but the kind of changes that
26:57are happening certainly slowly but it is
27:01are we going to see a blood path 10
27:03years down the line Jenna
27:06first of all first of all I expect that
27:10some states some specific States some
27:12border states will be more impacted by
27:14it than the rest of the India and second
27:17thing is overall this decade is a very
27:20tumultuous decade for the whole world I
27:23expect lot of catastrophes happening it
27:26started with kovid and then the tensions
27:29between Russia and China on one side and
27:33U.S on the other side U.S NATO on the
27:35other side they will keep increasing
27:37over this decade this is a really really
27:39terrible decade for the world uh
27:42culminating in a major war a big world
27:45war in around 20 30 2031 time frame that
27:49is what I expect so
27:51this is a really bad bad decade for the
27:54world and during this decade India will
27:56also face some Strife but my expectation
27:59is that it will be localized to certain
28:01states where you have this you have this
28:04demography change problem and also
28:06simple demography change is not really
28:09an issue but the thing is compounded by
28:11is coupled with a terrorism problem
28:14India has some hostile hidden enemies
28:18uh who
28:20who basically encouraged terrorism
28:23against India against the state of India
28:25so those those forces will collude and
28:29there will be chaos in some states of
28:32India but the thing is
28:34overall I expect that in the mid-2020s
28:38after this election the BJP government
28:41will become stronger at the national
28:43level and also I expect that Yogi
28:45adityanath who who expect to take over
28:48from modiji in
28:502027 or 2026 time frame so when he takes
28:54over he will be even stronger he will be
28:57even firmer in dealing with these these
29:00forces he there will be some
29:01fearlessness to him whereas Amit Saji
29:04and Narendra Modi they are more
29:05pragmatic they want to they don't want
29:07to take drastic steps they want to
29:09basically go slow whereas yogiji will
29:13have a very drastic approach and he will
29:15curb this manage with a with a with an
29:18iron fist so I don't expect the Civil
29:21War across India but that kind of
29:24circumstances May develop in some parts
29:27of India some states of India that
29:28cannot be ruled out in this decade
29:31so which stage do you look at from what
29:35I understand I see Kerala one of them
29:36Bengal uh which are the states no you
29:39look at some some notification of states
29:41in the Northeast part of India there is
29:43possibility of some trouble some trouble
29:45and some uh terrorist forces coupled
29:49with the changes in demography creating
29:52big problems in some Northeastern states
29:54of India and like you said Bengal and
29:58Kerala also have a have a potential but
30:00the thing is across much of India
30:04I don't really see a major problem
30:07there will be there may be some Pockets
30:09where uh this is an issue but I think
30:11this will be handled well and also the
30:14forces of terrorism
30:15they will be they will be handled very
30:18capably in the coming years
30:21correct so Anna coming on to the next
30:24question because that is my favorite
30:27people say that a lot of uh lot of
30:30civilizations have come and gone by they
30:33quote Rome they quote Greece they quote
30:36Egyptian civilization what is the future
30:38for Hindu a Hindu civilization in our
30:42yeah my expectation is that this Century
30:46will belong to India it is slowly India
30:49is slowly Rising after thousand years of
30:52Oppression uh
30:54first first by the
30:56colonialism from islamists from the
31:00Middle Eastern Invaders and then
31:01colonialism from the European Invaders
31:04so India was oppressed India India's
31:07Heritage India's culture India sanatan
31:10Dharma were suppressed for about a
31:12millennium so after a millennium of
31:14suppression my expectation is that it is
31:17time for India to rise and the energy
31:20that I give is
31:22the U.S of today is similar to UK of
31:261940s if you look at 1940s
31:29UK was unquestioned of the world they
31:33were they were the top country of the
31:35world and Germany seemed like they will
31:37overtake UK but the thing is they became
31:41too aggressive and they basically
31:44they they
31:45got into Wars and they destroyed
31:47themselves similarly I see China and
31:50Russia as the new Germany and Italy what
31:54Germany and Italy were in 1940s 1930s
31:57and 1940s I see China and Russia of
32:00today as that and US of today as the UK
32:03so just like UK
32:05while taking on Germany became like the
32:08it is still a powerful country but it's
32:10not the number one country anymore U.S
32:12became that number one country similarly
32:14over the next decade or decadent have I
32:18expect that U.S power will slowly Wane
32:20some of it under this tension with China
32:23and Russia and these wars that they Fuel
32:26and they basically cannot sustain and
32:28finally they will have to fight a major
32:30war so it's war is one thing and the
32:32other thing is
32:33when the time for fall comes they'll be
32:36there'll be political chaos within the
32:39country so constant fights between the
32:41Republicans and Democrats and constant
32:43change of power between the parties and
32:46no clear direction for the next decade
32:49and half will weaken U.S so in my
32:51opinion U.S even though it is
32:53inconceivable now will become like the
32:56number two power in the world like UK in
32:591950s 1940s 1950s and I see actually
33:02India as the next superpower Indian
33:05economy will keep increasing over the
33:08coming decade and India will in terms of
33:12defense and Technology also India will
33:14develop their power abilities and Powers
33:17over the next decade or decade and half
33:20but one thing is Major Wars like World
33:22War II change the equation in the world
33:24the geopolitical equations are changed
33:27by these disruptive events like world
33:29wars so when a war happens in 2013 2031
33:32before that India will be on the right
33:35trajectory and at the end of the war
33:37even though India will also suffer India
33:40will end up being the new number one in
33:42the world and I expect that
33:46India the ancient civilization of India
33:49is not is not going down but after being
33:52suppressed by a millennium it is time
33:54for them to rise again
33:58rising from
34:02the thing is you need right leadership
34:05for that and I I believe that Modis even
34:07though some people may think that he's
34:09too moderate he's a Centrist he's not
34:11really doing Justice to hindutva the
34:16thing is I think he was the right person
34:17for the time so whatever momentum he has
34:19created that will be taken further by
34:22Yogi adityanath and at that time there
34:25will be the forces will develop
34:27International forces will develop in
34:28such a way that world will have to
34:30accept India's desires India's
34:33aspirations India's own calculus
34:36internally for example now everybody
34:38will lecture India on being inclusive
34:41that even though India is inclusive they
34:44will say oh you are being divisive so
34:46you have all this propaganda but at that
34:48time everybody will have their own
34:49headaches U.S will be really neck deep
34:52in cyber cyber War commercial War Etc
34:56with China Russia and U.S will be
34:59waiting and China will be we will have
35:02bitten to my they will have written more
35:05than what they can chew so China will be
35:07in trouble so people will not put too
35:09much pressure on India and India will be
35:11able to do what what is right what is
35:13good for India's growth so I think
35:16especially the mid-2020s but more
35:18important in the late 2020s is a time
35:20will when India can really start hoaring
35:23but the thing is one thing I keep
35:25mentioning in my YouTube channel also my
35:29social media is Indian let us have to do
35:31the right things over the next decade
35:33they have to really prepare for any for
35:36a For an upcoming major war and they
35:39have to they have to have the right
35:41alliances because we can't ditch Russia
35:44because we depend on Russia we had an
35:47alliance with Russia for a long time but
35:48at the same time Russia China Bond will
35:51get really deep in coming years and U.S
35:55will be on the other side so and China
35:57will not will never be friendly to India
35:59even though we have the brics alliance
36:01the commercial Alliance when it comes to
36:03geopolitical interests China will be a
36:06four of India China is actually people
36:07think Pakistan is India's main enemy but
36:10China is India's main enemy Pakistan
36:12doesn't really matter at all
36:15so China China when it comes to China
36:18versus India Russia May support India to
36:21some extent now but five six see us down
36:24the road as this war the world war that
36:27I mentioned I'm talking about
36:29asked to take a clearer shape Russia
36:32will have to ditch India so I expect
36:34that in the
36:362030-2031 war India will actually be on
36:39the side of U.S U.S Squad and NATO
36:42whereas China and Russia China Russia
36:45Iran North Korea they will be on the
36:48other side so India will have to do a
36:50very fine job of
36:53technological Independence defense
36:55Independence and also developing the
36:58alliances with us and making them
37:00stronger and be and basically having
37:03being able to have a say instead of U.S
37:06dictating all the terms leverage
37:08whatever Advantage they have now so that
37:11they become more independent in the
37:13relationship with with us and also have
37:16cyber capabilities because the next war
37:19will have a lot of cyber elements out of
37:23artificial intelligence elements so
37:25India will have to develop those
37:26abilities in the in the coming decade in
37:28the coming eight years or so so I hope
37:31that Indian leadership we have the right
37:32leadership and the right people around
37:34them advising them but they really need
37:37to put emphasis on this and take this
37:39seriously and prepare for 2013.
37:43okay and now you you're mentioning what
37:45are we looking at nuclear war the
37:48physical war that used to be at one
37:49point of time or it is just like we have
37:52economic Warfare even that is going on
37:54right now like when we speak so what
37:56kind of War are we looking at in 2000
37:58I'm not 100 sure I will basically Define
38:00my understanding as we get closer to
38:022030 but the thing is I do expect a
38:06significant loss of life so I do expect
38:09that there'll be a conventional War
38:12aspect also but the thing is that that
38:15will be one aspect there will be other
38:17cyber aspects artificial intelligence
38:20aspects basically infrastructure aspects
38:22destroying the infrastructure using
38:24technology that aspect will be there and
38:26of course comments will be there but
38:27that will be leading up to the war
38:28during the there'll be a huge economic
38:31war between these two axes in the coming
38:35decade and reaching a peak in late 2020s
38:38and leading to this Final War but I do
38:40think that this will be there will be
38:42conventional bar aspect also to it
38:45and most likely period 2020 or 2030
38:49but we are not looking at nuclear
38:51attacks like U.S bombed Heroes I don't
38:54know for sure I can't I have to because
38:56we don't really have a lot of nuclear
38:58Wars we don't we have to extrapolate the
39:00principles we know what what I can tell
39:02is that is a time when there will be big
39:04clashes between big powers in the world
39:06and there will be a big loss of life
39:07that is basically what I can say and
39:10specifically whether there will be
39:11nuclear weapons used Etc we have to
39:14extrapolate the teachings that we have
39:16available to us and we have to do more
39:18study and research so I'm I don't want
39:20to make a call on that at this point of
39:23yeah so uh will we be coming winners out
39:27of this war since you know this is
39:29um there'll be Wars Russia China on one
39:33side India USA on the other side so who
39:35do you see uh winning or is going to be
39:37horses on both days I expect that after
39:40the war Russia will be really weakened
39:42and China will be weakened and as a
39:44result of the last in the war they will
39:48there will be internal rebellion and
39:50China will break into multiple countries
39:52so those Powers will basically weaken
39:54and North Korea Iran they will all
39:55become weak and India us Israel quad
40:01NATO this access I expect that this
40:03access will be the strongest and I
40:06expect that India will be
40:08a major superpower India and also Israel
40:11they will be they will be uh big Powers
40:15going forward and this will also be a
40:18big Power like UK was after the war
40:19after the World War II U.S and Russia
40:22U.S and USSR were the new number one
40:25countries and then UK became a number
40:28two country and that's what I expect
40:30will happen to us whereas India will be
40:32a top country but at the same time if
40:35you look at it at that time it took a
40:38while for India U.S to really establish
40:40itself as Numero Uno in the world it
40:42took a couple of decades similarly it
40:44will take a while in India will India's
40:46an economy will really become Strong by
40:49the end of the war and in mid 2030s
40:51India will become a strong country but
40:53for India to be acknowledged as the
40:55number of Uno country as the number one
40:57country of the world like U.S was in
40:591960s that will take a decade or so so
41:02probably around 1940 or so India will be
41:05seen as the clear leaders in the world
41:08all right last question Anna
41:11what about Pakistan and the Pakistan
41:14occupied Jammu in Kashmir it's going to
41:17any point of time it's going to merge in
41:19India or it's just going to stay away as
41:21a uh you know as it is right now
41:25I I expect that uh
41:28uh I I I predicted a while back that
41:31Pakistan has a really terrible decade
41:32this decade is very problematic for
41:35Pakistan so problems will keep
41:37compounding when when it seems like they
41:39came out of one problem another problem
41:41will come so it is a really bad time for
41:43Pakistan and particularly I think 2026
41:46to 2031 is Nightmare it's time for
41:49Pakistan and during that time Pakistan I
41:52expect that Pakistan will will be
41:55divided into multiple countries just
41:57like I said China in 2030s same with
42:00Pakistan in late 2020s and as a part of
42:04the division of Pakistan into multiple
42:06countries some parts of Pakistan
42:08including the current Pakistan occupied
42:11Kashmir may become parts of India so
42:15that is possible towards the end of this
42:17but the thing is what I what I suggest
42:20is the Indian leadership should not
42:22really actively think about Pakistan
42:24they should have a cover they should
42:26have covered efforts efforts within
42:27Pakistan to cast division in the country
42:31and various forces there are enough
42:33internal divisions within Pakistan so
42:35have some covert efforts but not really
42:38engage with them directly and then let
42:41them Decay because they will they will
42:43Decay on their own there are enough
42:46forces there at play and also the Disney
42:49is not on the outside so these forces
42:51will become more and more intense as the
42:54decade goes on so let them leave them to
42:58their uh their fate and then just do
43:00some covert operations and focus on
43:03China because China will be a menace
43:04even though I predicted that China will
43:07split into multiple countries before
43:09that happens they will be very strong
43:12and it will seem like they are all
43:13taking U.S they'll be so strong and they
43:17will be they will try to assert
43:18themselves and they will do lot of stuff
43:21over the globe entire Globe so
43:24geopolitically they will try to dominate
43:25everywhere so there will be a menace for
43:28NATO countries for Quad countries for
43:30Japan Australia us and India so there
43:33are there they're a big problem for
43:35India also they will try to take over
43:37India's neighborhood and try to
43:39establish themselves in India's
43:41neighborhood so India has to take China
43:43seriously and develop very and China is
43:46way ahead of India right now so India
43:48has to develop technological
43:50capabilities defense capabilities
43:52and use U.S to some extent as a part of
43:55it U.S and NATO countries like France UK
43:58Etc as a part of that the thing is India
44:00is becoming an economic superpower and
44:03they have to leverage that and India is
44:05not really good at these these power
44:07games historically but now they have to
44:10learn how to leverage their soft power
44:12to uh to basically their advantage to
44:16advance their agenda
44:19right I know even though that was my
44:21last but there is another last one and
44:23that will be the end yeah there is a
44:261400 year old religion a lot of
44:28astrologers from past have predicted its
44:31End by 2040. I am referring to the one
44:35that that is called Islam a lot of
44:38predictions have been made how do you
44:39see because as far today when we are
44:42talking uh today Sunday uh Saturday 13th
44:45of May 2023.
44:47entire Europe IC is suffering maybe
44:50their pockets but you see the signs
44:54and similarly in India similarly in U.S
44:57where is it heading yes I know
45:00I expect that
45:02various countries in the Middle East
45:05will have a chaotic decade I expect that
45:08there will be infighting among various
45:10countries in the Middle East and also as
45:12I said Israel when this war develops
45:15uh the the major war that I mentioned
45:18Israel will take the side of India and
45:21U.S and Israel will will I know the
45:26Israel is going through a lot of
45:27turbulence right now and they will for a
45:29for a while but the thing is they will
45:31come out of this successfully Israel
45:32will be Israel will be one force but in
45:36fighting among themselves will be
45:38another force that will be really
45:39disastrous for various Middle Eastern
45:41countries so I expect that various
45:44Middle Eastern countries will really
45:46weaken and also
45:48in some countries where abrahamic
45:51religions are a strong especially uh in
45:56the Middle East
45:57there will be there will be increased
46:01there will be a rise in atheism rise in
46:04agnosticism rise in logical thinking
46:07rational thinking so that that I expect
46:10over the next decade and half or so so
46:12one thing is I know I I completely
46:15understand why people think as see this
46:17religion as the main threat to Hinduism
46:19or this religion as the main threat to
46:21Hinduism because there are terrorists
46:23coming from this religion who are
46:25colluding with demographic changes and
46:26converting Hindus are
46:29maybe there is money coming from this
46:31religion and they are converting
46:32Villages thought whole villages in South
46:35India are being converted right now to
46:37Christianity so some people may see some
46:40other religions as the main threats to
46:42Hinduism but the way I see it that is
46:46currently that is in the short term but
46:48over the next two decades
46:50atheism is the main threat to all
46:54world will become the the scientific
46:56thinking will become more and more
46:58prominent across the world even in
47:00countries where they blindly follow the
47:03teachings of somebody said it so it is
47:04true that kind of religions even in
47:07Parts dominated by those religions now
47:10they'll be rise in atheism and rise in
47:13rational thinking and actually even now
47:16if you look under the hood there is rise
47:18in those forces but the thing is they
47:20keep quiet because
47:22if they start speaking their heads will
47:24be cut off because unlike in India
47:26unlike Hinduism Buddhism Etc not all
47:30religions were
47:31encourage questioning so people just
47:35keep quiet but the thing is once that
47:37reaches a critical mass that will be
47:39difficult to suppress
47:40and then once that reaches a critical
47:42mass and starts questioning
47:45more and more people will be convinced
47:47because people are not stupid by
47:49inherent nature when everybody around
47:51you is saying You must do this there is
47:54the Sheep mentality so some religions
47:58grow because of sheep mentality of
48:00people but the thing is
48:02people are not done by dumb inherently
48:05so I expect that this is the Age of
48:08Reason so I expect that over the next
48:12decade or two
48:13rational thinking atheism agnosticism
48:17Etc will rise in the world so those are
48:20the main threats to all religions and
48:22when it comes to that we have to
48:23remember one thing Hinduism is one
48:27that is very scientific that has a
48:29scientific core to it if you take the
48:32teachings of upanishads if you take the
48:34teachings of rishis
48:35they can they can satisfy even in
48:38atheist so and the thing is if you look
48:40at our vedanta it is very similar to
48:43what quantum mechanics says what quantum
48:45physics says so the thing is it will be
48:47more convincing to people so I expect
48:49that after this major war and people
48:52start questioning having all fundamental
48:54questions in life in 2030s I actually
48:57expect that Hinduism will rise across
49:00the world one reason will be people
49:02questioning what happened why didn't so
49:05and so God save us that kind of things
49:07and become deluded with their religions
49:09second thing is becoming more logical
49:12and asking the right questions and the
49:14third thing is Hinduism having answers
49:16to all these things and the fourth thing
49:18is India being powerful because in the
49:22when you are wealthy when you are
49:23powerful when you are materially strong
49:26unfortunately or fortunately
49:28people spiritual and religious thysses
49:30also are influenced by it for example in
49:32the last 100 or 200 years many Indians
49:35may have questioned well if Hinduism is
49:37good and gods are so powerful why is
49:39India suffering so I know many people
49:41who are thinking along those lines but
49:43the thing is that will be answered when
49:45the when the geopolitical change that I
49:48am expecting takes place so that will be
49:51another Factor so all these factors will
49:53combine to
49:55make it uh to make Hindu Hinduism or
49:59sanatana Dharma more acceptable across
50:01the world right now in much of the world
50:03it is ridiculed as a very backward but
50:08people will start seeing the wisdom of
50:10it and the thing is on that one one more
50:12note I want to add is there are some bad
50:15practices and there is lot of silliness
50:17even among some Hindus and in Hinduism
50:20and Hinduism will have to read itself of
50:23it but the thing is the core that is why
50:25I use the word core earlier the core of
50:27Hinduism is very strong so once some of
50:30the superficial things are cut off after
50:33uh the this tumultuous decade Hinduism
50:36will be very strong and it will provide
50:39soles for the whole world that is
50:41looking for some spiritual understanding
50:43of who they are what this world is and
50:45why did God do whatever happened in the
50:48last decade Etc and people ask those
50:50tough questions India and Hinduism will
50:53give the answers so I expect that this
50:55is this will be the decade of India and
50:57the decade of sanatan Dharma not decades
50:59sorry Century this will be the century
51:01around 20 30 till uh about a hundred
51:05year period will be the period of India
51:07and samathan Dharma in the world that is
51:09what I really expect
51:11right and I have been witnessing the
51:13same thing and uh on this I have uh I
51:16would say my I don't know how our
51:18frequency is matched but I've been
51:20saying the same thing that 50 years down
51:22the line there'll be no religion and
51:24there'll be rise of atheism and when
51:25there is Rise of atheism it is again
51:28people return back because they return
51:30to Earth Sun water the environment that
51:34is all you know the basic fundamentals
51:36the core that you mentioned yeah thank
51:38you so much
51:41you wanted to say something no I just
51:43wanted yeah I I agree with you the thing
51:45is I expect that after 2032 or so all
51:49these questions will become more common
51:50and people basically shunning various
51:53religions and religious practices will
51:55increase and at that time Hinduism the
51:58core of Hinduism the vedanta ETC will
52:01answer have satisfactory answers to
52:03questions and also India will be
52:05increasing his influence in the world so
52:07people will embrace
52:09Concepts at that time and also one more
52:12thing I expect is in countries where
52:14abrahamic religions are strong now
52:16the religions that existed before the
52:19for example the Pagan religions Etc
52:21there were religions across the world in
52:24Africa South America Europe so some of
52:26the older religions will make a comeback
52:28and they are not really inconsistent
52:30with Hinduism Dharma they are basically
52:32for all you know there were parts of
52:34Dharma they were basically
52:36long back so they will make a comeback
52:39in 2040s and 2050s across the world that
52:42is what I I expect and it is not a bad
52:46idea for Hindus instead of fighting the
52:49religions that they think are against
52:50them increase the the world religions
52:54there encourage them encourage they see
52:56them encourage rationality Etc because
52:58that is the that is what will defeat the
53:01religions that are currently against
53:02Hinduism in India
53:04you know I see I see a similar Trend
53:06even I stay in Africa I have seen here
53:09despite the people because of money and
53:12at times Force they have converted to
53:13Christianity and you see the same thing
53:16in Somalia and they're you know out of
53:17force or greed they have converted but
53:19then they have not left their original
53:21tribal practices now whoever drives they
53:24were Hindus only are only subset as you
53:29I expect that these things will make a
53:30comeback and we should actively
53:32encourage it because
53:35practitioners of certain religions they
53:37want to ridicule Hinduism they want to
53:41basically put down our guards and they
53:43want to basically convert US and see it
53:45as a show of their strength but these
53:48of these ancient practices these Pagan
53:52religions are older religions
53:54they are not like that they don't
53:55compete with us they won't try to
53:57convert with us they can live in harmony
53:59with us and as a matter of fact even
54:01within sanatan Dharma you have so many
54:03guards and you have local devatas apart
54:06from the standard devathas you go to
54:08villages in South India or North India
54:09you have various local levels so what
54:12they practice is not inconsistent with
54:14and the thing is I know that
54:18talks about digestion of religions right
54:20he talks about Hinduism being digested
54:22by Christianity Islam what I want to put
54:25on the table is there is a possibility
54:27of sarathan Dharma digesting other
54:28religions so if Christianity and Islam
54:32decay in the coming two decades
54:34with the change in the geopolitical
54:37equations and the rise of older
54:39religions we have a potential to digest
54:41those older religions and represent that
54:44a part of the Big Ten then
54:47so that is something that those who the
54:51people who want to strive for hindupa
54:53can think along these lines
54:57right right I actually agree because lot
54:59of things when you see on the macro
55:01level from the top
55:02in Africa in Europe paganism is coming
55:05back there are secret societies churches
55:07are on sale Iran uh 40 turkey 40 50
55:11people have left Islam uh similar thing
55:14of Pakistan I know at least dozen top
55:16people I mean some very prominent people
55:19who have left it but because of phobia
55:20of being you know stoned uh they keep
55:24quiet they don't say that in public
55:28so I think that will happen in 2030s
55:32that will happen in 2030s uh Anna would
55:35you like to add anything on the
55:36concluding note uh I've asked my
55:39well all I will say is mother has her
55:43play and things will unfold and we
55:45astrologers try to decipher it to some
55:47extent and sometimes we are right
55:49sometimes we are wrong but one thing is
55:51mother has a plan and one thing I can
55:54say confidently is this decade even
55:56though it is chaotic and it will
55:58continue to be chaotic but by by the end
56:01of it in the next decade things feel
56:04things will start will start making
56:07it is all for good in the end even
56:10though there is lot of suffering in the
56:11end this will be for a better
56:14equilibrium a more dharmic a more
56:16sustainable equilibrium for the world so
56:19just just hang in there and then
56:22meanwhile if you engage in some
56:23spiritual practices if you do some
56:25regular meditation regular Haven or
56:28regular some some practice that grounds
56:31you it will give you strength through to
56:33go through these chaotic times and then
56:35contribute to the increase of Dharma and
56:37if more people engage in Dharma it
56:39increases Dharma in the world and
56:41whatever changes I am mentioning it
56:43makes them easier for uh for the nature
56:45to manifest in our world so I hope that
56:48everybody let's say meaningful and
56:50dharmic life in these chaotic types
56:53thank you so much Anna for joining uh uh
56:56before we leave
56:57sir has a YouTube YouTube channel with
56:59the name of that I've flashed on the
57:04pvr108 and Sir has a very nice website
57:07with the name of Vedic I
57:11think these are two very important
57:12social media web uh places where you
57:15should visit and should read on Sir writes blogs also
57:20at times you know the how the rituals
57:22are to be performed how the ceremonies
57:25are to be held so they are in very uh
57:28very crisp but uh very nice whether he
57:31is written there and uh on obviously his
57:33YouTube he makes uh predictions very
57:35often at least I think once 15 days he
57:37does make a prediction so please go and
57:40like subscribe and share uh the channel
57:42thank you so much Anna for joining uh
57:45request please don't forget to like
57:47subscribe and share the alternate media
57:49and uh search channel and if you want to
57:52contribute you want to get in touch you
57:53want to send a feedback all the links
57:55are given in the description box
58:01thank you sir
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FAQs about This YouTube Video

1. What are the astrologer's predictions for Modi's political future?

The astrologer predicts that Modi's life is not in danger and he will likely win a third term in 2024.

2. What does the astrologer foresee for India's future?

The astrologer believes that India will rise as an economic and technological superpower.

3. How does the astrologer view the future of abrahamic religions?

The astrologer believes that the future of abrahamic religions may decline as people turn to Hinduism and atheism.

4. Is Modi's image at risk according to the astrologer?

While there may be attempts to harm Modi's image, the astrologer predicts that his life is not in danger.

5. What are the key insights from the astrologer's predictions?

The key insights include the safety of Modi's life, the potential third term win in 2024, and the rise of India as a superpower.

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