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Natalia Lafourcade sings about love and the desire for more in her song "Nunca Es Suficiente" as she expresses her unconditional love for someone who might not feel the same way.
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The song is about the singer's desire for more love and happiness.
The singer expresses her desire to make the person she loves happier.
She mentions that her heart belongs to their love.
The singer believes their love is normal and wants the person to get used to it.
The singer mentions that if the person leaves, she will cry because she loves them.
The section of the video features the lyrics of the song, expressing love and heartbreak.
The lyrics mention loving someone despite being wronged.
The singer talks about getting used to love.
The lyrics mention offering unconditional love.
00:11is never enough
00:12for me
00:15because I always want a city I
00:21would like to make you happier I'm
00:26going tomorrow feel until the end
00:30my heart
00:33goes for your love
00:37ours is very normal
00:42get used to three more as much as those
00:46who don't see them I I have never been like this and if
00:52you leave sleep
00:55babies crying a little it is because I
00:58love you
01:08for silence I
01:14do not
01:16want that I offer you that it is something
01:29from tele2 at night and between
01:33stories that never have an end to you
01:36you will lose
01:40and now it
01:48is never enough for me
01:53because I always want more nothing
01:58has changed I will feel
02:03even though you do me wrong I love you here
02:08my heart
02:16I got
02:21to love
02:26I am never like this if by chance
02:33one day
02:39and you
02:42[ Music]
02:46if injury
02:53because what I offer you is something
02:57unconditional and
02:59unconditional nor you
03:04how do you not
03:07cataract at night
03:10the hands have the end of my
03:13piercing so much minimized the body
03:17heart and I am now
03:20[Music ]
03:26of my memories
03:34of a thousand years within my
03:38memories for having made me cry
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