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God Mode is an upgraded version of Chat GPT that can complete tasks on autopilot and generate subtasks to achieve them. The AI chatbot on the God Mode website can perform web searches, generate text documents with research and analysis, and complete various tasks with user approval at each step. It requires an API key from OpenAI and has a monthly usage limit.
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God mode is an upgraded version of chat GPT that can complete tasks on its own, assign new tasks, search the web, and output text documents with research analysis schedules.
Chat GPT was released in December 2022, followed by GPT4 a few months later.
Auto GPT was created as an AI chatbot that runs on autopilot but required technical knowledge to install on a local computer.
Agent GPT is similar to Auto GPT but runs on a website, making it accessible to anyone without technical knowledge.
God mode is a website AI chatbot that is even more powerful than Agent GPT, allowing it to do things Agent GPT can't do.
Auto GPT God Mode AI allows users to input tasks and create subtasks for the AI to accomplish.
Users can launch the AI to achieve specific tasks, such as creating a website.
The AI suggests subtasks, such as researching AI tools and designing a user-friendly website.
Users can approve each step and provide feedback to ensure the AI is going in the desired direction.
The video demonstrates how to use Auto GPT to save research results, view and download files, and track the progress of the AI's commands.
Auto GPT can save research results in a text document for future reference.
Files created by Auto GPT can be downloaded and viewed.
Auto GPT can perform additional commands and create different files.
The progress of the AI's commands can be tracked and viewed.
Auto GPT God Mode Ai can be used by typing in an API key and choosing a version of GPT, such as 3.5, which is cheaper than version 4.
To get an API key, sign up on the OpenAI website.
The API key is used to access the back end of the OpenAI API.
The cost of running Auto GPT God Mode Ai can be monitored in the usage tab on the OpenAI website.
There is a limit of $120 per month for usage.
00:00there is a version of chat GPT called
00:02God mode and it's the most insane AI
00:04tool I've seen so far it's like chat GPT
00:07but it's on full autopilot it could
00:10complete tasks on its own it could
00:12assign new tasks for itself you could
00:14search the web you could even output
00:16entire text documents with research
00:19analysis schedules to Do's let me give
00:21you the overview of how this came to be
00:23and exactly what it could do basically
00:25chat GPT you probably used that before
00:27that came out in December 2022 with GPT
00:313. then they released another version
00:34called gpt4 a few months later now right
00:37after that someone created something
00:39called Auto GPT which is basically the
00:42AI chatbot that you're used to that is
00:44powered by chat GPT but it runs on
00:47autopilot the only problem with auto GPT
00:50is it required a better technical
00:51knowledge because you actually had to
00:52install it on your local computer so
00:56then a few days later after that someone
00:58created something called Agent GP T and
01:01basically agent GPT is auto GPT but it's
01:05on a website so anybody could use it it
01:07doesn't require any technical knowledge
01:09and it does basically what Auto GPT did
01:11which is you would give it a task and it
01:14would create an entire to-do list for
01:17and it will start completing those
01:18things on its to-do list think again see
01:22what he needs to do and then go do that
01:23thing it's an incredible way to AI to be
01:27on autopilot now that brings us to
01:30what's called God mode again this is a
01:32website this AI chat bot and it's like a
01:35gen GPT but it could do things agent GPT
01:38can't do it's even more powerful let me
01:40show you exactly how it works so the
01:42website is God mode dot space and
01:44basically all you have to do is press
01:46sign in and create an account now this
01:48is a free account it's gonna give you
01:51some things that you could do with the
01:52free accounts but eventually you'll have
01:55to basically give it the API from open
01:58AI the company that makes chat GPT this
02:00is using the data from that but I'll
02:03show you that in a second right now you
02:05could do everything without doing any
02:07kind of technical things like adding an
02:10right here you have what do you want to
02:13do just like chat GPT there's a chat box
02:15here and instead of chat GPT it's not
02:18going to give you just one answer it's
02:20actually going to try to achieve the
02:22task that you're going to give it by
02:24creating subtasks I'm going to ask you
02:26at that I'm trying to create a website
02:27let's say I don't know anything about
02:28that that teaches people all about the
02:30latest AI tools and then I could just
02:32press launch right here now look what it
02:34does it came up with some suggestions
02:36that I could add like research a
02:39comprehensive list of the latest AI
02:41tools yes I want to do that or I want
02:43you to do that God mode design and
02:45develop a user-friendly website yes
02:48and create and publish informative
02:50content about each AI tool on the
02:52website yes so it came up with these
02:54tasks for itself now I could launch it
02:57and it's going to try to accomplish
02:59these on its own so so far all I did was
03:02give it this and then I agreed to some
03:04of these things this is really cool each
03:06step is going to ask you to basically
03:08approve the step that is going to take
03:10or it wants to take so it just doesn't
03:12run like agent GPT agent GPT just keeps
03:15running till you stop it this basically
03:17lets you at each step approve it so you
03:20could make sure it's going in the right
03:22direction to start this project let me
03:24Begin by researching the latest AI tool
03:26okay so it's going to give me his
03:28and then it's going to give me the
03:30reasoning why it thought this way so
03:32this is The Logical first step for
03:33building a website about AI tools and
03:36look at this proposed action search
03:38Google and input latest AI tools and
03:41then it's going to do that and it's
03:42going to do its own research
03:44anytime I feel like it's not going in
03:46the right direction or the direction I
03:47want it to take optional right here give
03:49it feedback and it could switch
03:52directions so every time I've done this
03:54before if I felt like it was doing too
03:56much research on one topic that I
03:58already had made a decision on
04:00like what website hosting service I'm
04:02going to use I would just tell it to
04:04skip that and keep going so I could
04:05approve this plan each step you could
04:07see all the tasks that are going to
04:09appear over here so I'm over here it
04:10says waiting for approval I'm going to
04:12go ahead and approve this plan
04:14and then it's going to go ahead and do
04:16that Google search and compile the list
04:19of the research for me so now it says we
04:21have a list of the latest AI tools from
04:23the internet and let's save it for
04:26future reference let me write you a file
04:29called AI tools it's going to create a
04:32text document for me it's going to give
04:34me the reasoning save this list for
04:35future reference and this is basically
04:37what it's trying to write look at this
04:39so I'm going to say approve and this is
04:42the really interesting part you see this
04:44little section called files says no
04:46files yet I'm going to show you what
04:49happens in a second as soon as it's done
04:50with this command okay it's done so it
04:53says now we have that saved as a file so
04:56we can move on to designing and
04:57developing the website and look at this
04:59right here under files I have a file I
05:01could download so I could press this
05:02download option and this is just a text
05:04file but look at this it gave me all the
05:06different research that it did so these
05:09are basically all the different articles
05:10this is from Forbes from Shutterstock
05:12from zapier he read it and he gave me a
05:15summary of exactly what these things are
05:17right that's really really cool this
05:19would take me a while anytime I could
05:21close this and come back and all these
05:24results also are available here so I
05:26could view the result of that command
05:28and see what it came up with this is
05:30basically what it outputted into a text
05:32file for me and then I could see exactly
05:34what is done at each step of the way so
05:36it's done with the research phase right
05:38now for now and it's moving into the
05:40design phase right remember those are
05:42the three different pillars that I gave
05:43it and then I just need to approve this
05:45stage of it which is is trying to figure
05:48out exactly how to create a website that
05:52has good design and informative content
05:53to attract visitors that's the reasoning
05:55this is the thought and then the command
05:58is it's actually doing another Google
06:00search for best practices for website
06:02design and user interface so it's going
06:05to do that again on its own and it will
06:08keep going it will create different
06:09files for me and I'll show you this
06:11other one that I actually been working
06:12on here look at all these different in
06:14inputs that I gave it and look at all
06:16these different file types from research
06:18to information to educational video
06:21scripts to an entire production plan on
06:24how you could make more videos to
06:25educate people all of that is available
06:28here so for example just to give you an
06:30example what this looks like here's the
06:32production plan it gave me on exactly
06:34what I need to do to find the type of
06:36videos you want to make Define the
06:38release schedule the task for assignment
06:41this is incredible and it's all done
06:44with me just pressing approve every time
06:46it comes up with a plan now when you run
06:48out of credit basically all you have to
06:50do is go to the settings tab right over
06:52here and then you have to type in an API
06:54key and choose a version of GPT in this
06:57case I chose 3.5 instead of four because
06:59it just is much cheaper so let me show
07:02you I've been running this for a couple
07:03of days just to show you what the cost
07:05is if you connect your API key and where
07:07to get this API key openai the company
07:10that makes chatgpt all these chat Bots
07:12are powered by chat GPT official chat
07:15GPT these are not officially from chat
07:17GPT but they're using the same data set
07:19so you could sign up here for the open
07:23API key openai API key so I've already
07:26signed up so the link is blog
07:29slash open AI Dash API I'm going to sign
07:34up you could just Google open AI API
07:36key2 now if you don't have an account
07:38you need to create one again this is a
07:40free account but this is a little bit
07:42different than chat GPT even if you pay
07:44for the plus version click on personal
07:46right up here and then choose view API
07:49keys and these are all my API keys but
07:51you just need to create an API key right
07:53here don't show this to anyone this is
07:55access to the back end of your open API
07:57and then copy that and put it in that
07:59box I just showed you in the god mode
08:01and that will basically let you run this
08:02as long as you want so let me show you
08:04how much it costs there's a usage tab
08:06right here in the openai website and it
08:09shows me right here I spent 28 cents
08:11testing this for a few hours basically
08:14letting it run so it only cost me 28
08:16cents now it may be different for you
08:18but they do actually have a limit so you
08:20can't just completely spend thousands of
08:22dollars they do limit this for you to
08:25120 I believe per month so you can't
08:27spend more than that unless you change
08:29that setting so so far if I look I'm
08:31only at definitely less than a dollar so
08:34far from the three days that I've been
08:36using this I used it a ton yesterday now
08:38if you want to check out agent GPT which
08:40is similar to this but it actually just
08:42keeps running till you stop it I'll put
08:44a link to that video right here and I'll
08:46see you on the next video thanks for
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FAQs about This YouTube Video

1. What is God Mode?

God Mode is an upgraded version of Chat GPT that can complete tasks on autopilot and generate subtasks to achieve them. It is an AI chatbot on the God Mode website that can perform web searches, generate text documents with research and analysis, and complete various tasks with user approval at each step.

2. How does God Mode work?

God Mode works by using an API key from OpenAI and has a monthly usage limit. It can perform web searches, generate text documents, and complete tasks with user approval at each step. The AI chatbot is designed to achieve tasks on autopilot by generating subtasks.

3. What are the features of God Mode?

The features of God Mode include performing web searches, generating text documents with research and analysis, completing tasks with user approval, and utilizing an API key from OpenAI. It is an upgraded version of Chat GPT and can work on autopilot by generating subtasks to achieve goals.

4. Why use God Mode for task completion?

Using God Mode for task completion can save time and effort by allowing the AI chatbot to perform web searches, generate text documents, and complete tasks with user approval at each step. It can handle various tasks and generate subtasks to achieve them, making it a convenient tool for automation.

5. What is the purpose of the API key in God Mode?

The API key in God Mode is essential for accessing the functionalities of the AI chatbot. It is required to use the upgraded features of Chat GPT, perform web searches, generate text documents, and complete tasks with user approval at each step. The monthly usage limit ensures efficient utilization of the API key.

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