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The video discusses various upgrades and modifications made to the Steam Deck, including RAM and Wi-Fi card upgrades, as well as the introduction of custom buttons. It also mentions the upcoming Lenovo Legion Go handheld and other gaming news, such as the PlayStation portal remote player and new game releases.
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The video section discusses the Steam Deck's battery life, custom buttons by Custom Controllers, and the improved tactile feel of the buttons.
Steam Deck's battery life is shorter when playing graphics-intensive games.
Custom Controllers offers custom buttons for the Steam Deck.
The custom buttons have a matte feel, more travel, and improved tactile feedback.
The buttons also come in different colors, with the reviewer being happy with the performance.
The upcoming Lenovo Legion Go handheld will be unveiled at an Electronics Tech conference in Berlin, Germany, and may come bundled with AR glasses.
Lenovo Legion Go will be revealed at an Electronics Tech conference in Berlin, Germany starting September 1st.
Lenovo is developing their own AR glasses that may be bundled with the handheld.
The leaks suggest an 8-inch display with reduced bezels compared to the RL Ally and Steam Deck.
The handheld will have dual USB-C ports, dual mics, and a Micro SD card slot.
The video discusses the Lenovo Legion Go handheld, the 1X Fly, and the PlayStation Portal Remote Player, highlighting their features and limitations.
The speaker hopes for Steam OS as an option for the Legion Go.
The 1X Fly has surpassed its crowdfunding goal and is currently at $378,000.
The PlayStation Portal Remote Player has a 1080p 8-inch LCD screen with a 60Hz refresh rate.
The device only works if you already have a PS5 and within your home network.
The video discusses the performance and compatibility of Yuzu and Ryu Jinx for playing Switch games on Steam Deck, as well as new features in the upcoming Steam OS 3.5. It also mentions the potential benefits of AMD's FSR 3 for the Steam Deck.
Yuzu currently has better performance while Ryu Jinx has better graphic compatibility for playing Switch games on Steam Deck.
Steam OS 3.5 introduces new features like a color temperature slider.
The upcoming AMD FSR 3 may not benefit the Steam Deck according to the details provided at Gamescom.
The speaker mentions three games they have been playing on various handhelds, including the Steam Deck, and provides brief descriptions and opinions about each game.
Bomb Rush Cyber Funk: The trick system is simplistic but becomes more complex when finding hidden paths and rewards. The platforming is rewarding and gives a sense of thrill.
Guard: A Spanish sword fighting game with Arkham-like combat and creative environment interaction. It is a short game with a runtime of about 5 hours.
Ninja Saviors: Previously exclusive to consoles, it is a modern beat 'em up game with multiple characters and different challenges. The campaign is short, but the speaker enjoys playing it regularly.
00:00there are two crowds of people out there
00:02those who desperately want a new steam
00:03deck and those that want valve to wait
00:05until there's a graphical leap big
00:07enough to war to new steam deck valve
00:09has already said that a steam deck 2
00:11isn't coming anytime soon and lately
00:13there's been a third group of people
00:14that heard this loud and clear and said
00:16fine I'll do it myself the first example
00:19I have is from Twitter user Alex Swanson
00:21this was covered on Steam deck so
00:24I'll leave a link to that but with this
00:25Alex upgraded both the RAM and the Wi-Fi
00:28card on the steam deck and these are
00:29pretty big upgrades first let's talk
00:32about the ram which he upgraded to 32 GB
00:34by installing 2 16 gig Samsung cards
00:37this doubles the amount of RAM and while
00:38the chips aren't glued down it does
00:40require ball grid array resoldering it
00:42also requires editing the BIOS to allow
00:44for 6,400 megat transfers per second as
00:47opposed to the stock 5500 megat transfer
00:50per second on the steam deck default Ram
00:52at this point in time an upgrade like
00:54this one doesn't do a whole lot for your
00:56gaming on the steam deck but it
00:57certainly should help if you use your
00:59steam deck as a desktop or laptop
01:01replacement additionally Alex is not the
01:03first person to do this as I have seen
01:04other hardcore Tinkers take this plunge
01:07and it's something you can likely do on
01:09the r Ali as well but it's pretty cool
01:11nonetheless one thing Alex did do that I
01:14haven't seen other Tinkers do up to this
01:15point however is upgrade the network
01:17card to the Intel ax210 I've spoken with
01:20cryobit 33 and the fox about this card
01:22and they both swear by it the reason we
01:24were talking about it is because this is
01:26the car that is in the I Neo a1s that
01:29I've been reviewing and I noticed the
01:30download speeds have been absolutely
01:32incredible compared to the steam deck I
01:34easily get Triple the download speed
01:36when I'm near my router which I often M
01:38that's because this card supports Wi-Fi
01:406E whereas the steam deck stock network
01:43card only supports Wi-Fi 5 this is a
01:45really big upgrade that greatly improves
01:47quality of life when you're downloading
01:49games and I absolutely expect it to be
01:51included in a follow-up to the steam
01:53deck something else I'd love to see in a
01:55steam deck 2 is improved battery life
01:57and while I'm not exactly holding my
01:59breath for that it looks like one
02:00enterprising modder has already started
02:02accomplishing this with a mod that
02:04doubles the battery life by well by
02:07doubling the battery itself fair warning
02:09messing with batteries is not advised if
02:12you don't know exactly what you're doing
02:14in valve's original tear down they
02:16recommended against opening the steam
02:18deck at all and they even said we at
02:20valve really don't recommend that you
02:22ever open it up opening up and replacing
02:24Parts might mess things up like
02:26profoundly for example if you damage the
02:27battery the whole thing could catch fire
02:29later which would be bad so be for
02:31warrant and leave this kind of thing to
02:33professionals unless you really feel
02:35like taking big risks with your property
02:37and with your life which could end if
02:38you do this wrong just saying yeah that
02:41is quite the warning and it's a
02:43reasonable one if you're going to mess
02:44about with batteries in any case here
02:46Reddit user IC expression 7224 is
02:49looking into opening two steam deck
02:51batteries spot welding one to the other
02:53and effectively double the steam deck's
02:55battery life if successful they'd like
02:58to mass-produce these as well as provide
03:00DIY instructions but I haven't seen an
03:02update in a few days so I'm not yet sure
03:04where this experiment stands one
03:07experiment we have a lot more
03:08information on however is deck HD this
03:11recently became available in a pre-sale
03:13and Taki udon published his in-depth
03:15review of this 1200p steam deck screen
03:18replacement and it was extremely
03:20comprehensive in fact I'm not going to
03:22lie I received the deck HD review unit
03:24and I have no idea what I can offer in
03:27addition to Taki's excellent review but
03:29I will try my best nonetheless Taki said
03:32that this is a decent alternative if
03:34you're already going to repair the steam
03:36deck screen he also says that increasing
03:38the resolution works better than you
03:39would expect even for demanding games
03:41like cyber Punk Spider-Man remastered
03:43and Elden ring but that this will
03:46naturally chew through your battery life
03:48even faster so it's only really
03:50reasonable when you're expecting to be
03:51tethered overall it seems like a decent
03:53mod but not life-changing and I
03:55absolutely understand the people that
03:57would have preferred a display that got
03:58rid of the bezels or had a much better
04:01contrast ratio still though I'll do my
04:03own installation and let you all know
04:05what I think one thing I did get to
04:07install over the weekend however are
04:08these custom buttons by custom
04:10controllers you can sign up for the wait
04:11list over at steam deck but
04:14yeah I absolutely love these first of
04:16all thank you to custom controllers for
04:18sending me a set that uses my colors and
04:20even my logo on the steam button I'm
04:23Blown Away by the quality in this oneoff
04:25set the installation took me like 2
04:27hours but if you've already opened up
04:29your steam deck you can get this done in
04:31under an hour easy it's an incredibly
04:33simple mod and I'll make a video
04:35covering this in more depth but I'm so
04:37happy I did this I'm not the best at
04:39explaining this stuff but the plastic on
04:41the stock buttons is very glossy and
04:44overly smooth for my taste in contrast
04:46these buttons have a much more matte
04:48feel and they end up feeling like I have
04:50more control over everything especially
04:52the d-pad all of these buttons are also
04:55a bit taller than the stock buttons so
04:57there's more travel this is especially
04:59helpful for the the start and select
05:00buttons at the top and even more so for
05:02the Steam and quick access buttons on
05:04the bottom the quick access button has
05:06these raised ellipses which helped make
05:08the button feel even more tactile which
05:10it was desperately in need of likewise
05:13the abxy buttons have their respective
05:15letters actually carved into the button
05:17itself all of these small changes add up
05:20to give the inputs a much more tactile
05:22feel in addition to the custom FTD
05:25colors they also sent me a hot pink I
05:27can't wait to see what other color will
05:29be available but I'm really happy with
05:32these buttons and I highly suggest them
05:33when they go on sale definitely keep
05:35your eyes peeled for my in-depth review
05:37coming soon of course all those upgrades
05:40are pretty fascinating but there's one
05:42thing most people are looking for and
05:43it's more horsepower perhaps one day
05:46we'll start to see main board
05:47Replacements but as someone who has
05:49advocated for valve's choice to focus on
05:51performance at 15 watts and below I
05:53personally wouldn't want to just replace
05:55the built-in custom Apu with a 7800 uu
05:59or a Z1 extreme I'd like to see a
06:02successor to the van go and we probably
06:04won't actually see that until we see a
06:05steam deck 2 and vice versa until then
06:08though Val could absolutely make a steam
06:10deck Pro and I'd love to see a revision
06:12that does take these upgrades as
06:14inspiration I would say a steam deck Pro
06:16should have an improved network adapter
06:18a nicer bezeless display better buttons
06:21and maybe even better battery life if
06:24AMD can manage a more efficient version
06:26of the Vango Apu so that it has the same
06:30but with less overall power draw that
06:32would be sick what would you want in a
06:33steam deck Pro let me know in the
06:35comments before we go any further with
06:38more deck news I do have to tell you
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07:35this video so I'm going to get back to
07:37some more steam deck news in a moment
07:39but if you want a big graphical update
07:41sooner than the steam deck 2 then maybe
07:43you would be interested in a new
07:44upcoming Lenovo Legion go last week I
07:48published a video discussing the
07:49original details of the leak but it
07:51appears we now have even more
07:53information about this upcoming handheld
07:55and it's sounding really fascinating
07:57first of all I want to point out that
07:58all the leak we've seen so far appear to
08:00be from official marketing materials
08:03that Lenovo is developing and so I can't
08:05tell if these are honest to goodness
08:06leaks or just stage leaks that exist as
08:09a form of Gorilla Marketing similar to
08:11what I believe Asus did with the RL Ally
08:14still though these leaks are fascinating
08:16because they hint even further at a
08:18really robust set of inputs that would
08:20provide a bridge between console
08:22controls and traditional PC controls
08:24these additional leaks are brought to us
08:26once again by windowsre who
08:28appear to have some sort of exclusive
08:30Source the first piece of news is that
08:32the Lenovo Legion go will be unveiled at
08:34an Electronics Tech conference taking
08:36place in Berlin Germany starting
08:38September 1st that means that in all
08:40likelihood we are little more than one
08:42week away from an official reveal
08:44additionally Lenovo are developing their
08:46own AR glasses that may even be bundled
08:49with the handheld there's not much info
08:51on these glasses but I would guess that
08:52they're a lot like the V or xreal
08:54glasses which are essentially like
08:56having a big screen right in front of
08:58your face Windows report is also
09:00confirming an 8in display but aren't
09:02able to say if it's a 16x9 aspect ratio
09:05or 16x 10 they point out the reduced
09:08bezels compared to the rlg Ally and
09:10steam deck and that does in fact look
09:11quite nice the new leak also details a
09:14bunch of the io like dual USBC ports
09:16dual mics and a Micro SD card slot but
09:19the thing that has everyone talking is
09:20the FPS mode switch and the mouse sensor
09:23that are on the bottom of the right
09:24joycon device these two new discoveries
09:27taken with the right trackpad the scroll
09:29wheel and the m and buttons and I think
09:31we're starting to see a picture that
09:33Lenovo is really targeting maximum input
09:35compatibility with PC games in a way
09:37that only the steam deck has done so far
09:40on handhelds I've seen several theories
09:42on how the mouse sensor would work but
09:44my favorite Theory so far is the one
09:45from heack lowlife where they suppose
09:47that you can use the right joycon as a
09:49detached vertical Mouse and not only do
09:52I love that idea but it would explain
09:54why there are detachable controllers in
09:56the first place you can either hold the
09:57controls normally for console controls
10:00or you can hold the left control
10:01normally and the right control down on
10:03the flat surface with the M1 and M2
10:05buttons with an easy access of your
10:07index and middle fingers and then your
10:09thumb can reach the scroll wheel as well
10:11as the M3 and Y3 buttons the FPS mode
10:15probably toggles some buttons on and off
10:17so that you don't accidentally press
10:18them while you're in the other mode
10:20honestly this all might be pretty genius
10:23I love trackpads but they don't quite
10:24compare to a real Mouse and it's
10:26possible that the legion go makes no
10:29compromises in that regard these leaks
10:31still have no details on price but they
10:33confirm that the handheld will sport an
10:35AMD ryzen Z1 it does say Z1 and doesn't
10:38specify Z1 extreme but I suspect that
10:41the extreme would be the flagship just
10:43like the Ally back to price I don't
10:45imagine that they're going to be able to
10:46beat the Rog Ally in price I mean I have
10:49to imagine that they're going to try
10:50their best to get close but given the
10:52parts we've seen so far including a
10:54bigger screen removable controls many
10:56more IO ports and a variety of of inputs
10:59I just don't see this being cheaper to
11:02manufacture than the Ally it's a shame
11:05we still don't have general purpose Ste
11:07OS because that might be the only thing
11:09that stops the Lenovo Legion go from
11:11being my next favorite handheld if
11:13things turn out as well as I'm hoping I
11:15still daily Drive Windows on my desktop
11:17but I love the convenience of Steam OS
11:19on my steam deck because I only use it
11:21to play video games similarly I'd love
11:24to see that as an option for the legion
11:25go so come on valve let's do this in the
11:28meantime I'll settle for Legion go
11:30becoming my next favorite Windows
11:33handheld in the meantime my current
11:35favorite Windows device is probably the
11:371X fly I personally like the form factor
11:40battery life and performance I'm getting
11:42out of the 7840 U even if the built-in
11:44software leaves a lot to be desired in
11:47any case I recently did a review of this
11:49one so I thought I'd mention that it
11:51blew past its initial crowdfunding goal
11:53of $10,000 and is currently sitting at
11:57$378,000 this only adds up up to a few
11:59hundred backers and it pales in
12:01comparison to the steam deck or rlg Ally
12:03in numbers but I thought it was neat to
12:05see considering the leap that I think
12:07one net took with this device compared
12:09to their previous entries the other
12:12handheld we got more information on is
12:14not really a handheld at all it's more
12:16of an accessory I'm speaking of course
12:19about the PlayStation portal remote
12:21player some new details were revealed
12:23last week and while the newly announced
12:25price of $200 is better than I was
12:28expecting to be the other details are as
12:30disappointing as I initially feared the
12:33screen has been confirmed to be a 1080p
12:358 in LCD screen with a 60 HZ refresh
12:38rate the battery is set to last about 8
12:40hours which is not bad as of now however
12:43the PlayStation portal will only work if
12:45you already have a PS5 and will only
12:47work in your home network I hope that
12:49this means there will be an option to
12:51connect a device directly to your PS5
12:53rather than having it connect to your
12:54local home network as the former could
12:57lead to even lower latency as was the
12:59case with the Wii U more disappointing
13:02still though is the lack of Bluetooth
13:04audio support if you want to connect
13:06headphones you'll have to rely on a
13:07wired set or use Sony's own Pulse Elite
13:11or pulse Explorer wireless audio devices
13:14while PlayStation link promises better
13:16losses audio with much lower latency it
13:18is nonetheless disappointing that you
13:20can't have other options finally the
13:23PlayStation portal will not support
13:25playing games over Sony's Own
13:27PlayStation Cloud access via ps+ nor
13:30will the portal allow for local play of
13:32any games even emulation of PS1 and PSP
13:36games many people including myself are
13:39expecting that Sony will eventually
13:40support Cloud play and that we can
13:42likely jailbreak the device to run
13:44emulators I think the price is low
13:46enough to make it interesting to people
13:47like me who are just interested in new
13:50tech but the total package may be a
13:52tough sell to the average consumer I'll
13:55keep my eye on this to see how it turns
13:57out all right back back to steam deck
13:59news Yuzu has a new progress report
14:01available for the work they did in the
14:03month of July and it's pretty extensive
14:05though there's not really anything here
14:07specifically for the steam deck mostly I
14:09just want to point out two things first
14:11Yuzu has improved support for Unreal
14:13Engine 4S specifically to address Pikman
14:164 additionally they've announced that
14:18they are working on supporting
14:19crowdsource game profiles which could be
14:21a great way to get the best performance
14:23without having to know exactly what
14:24settings to toggle naturally I hope they
14:27are going to add options for platform
14:29specific profiles because I would
14:30absolutely love to see things like cryo
14:33approves steam deck settings for
14:35individual switch games that would be
14:37sick on the subject the switch emulation
14:39on Steam deck Red Dead Redemption was
14:41also released to switch last week and of
14:43course that means it's now playable on
14:45Steam deck 2 the fox published an
14:47excellent video detailing how well RDR
14:50already works on the steam deck as is
14:52typical for emulation of a switch game
14:53immediately after it releases Yuzu has
14:56better performance while Ryu Jinx has
14:58better graphic compatibility as of
15:00writing you're probably better off
15:01playing on Ryu Jinx but I expect that
15:03the Yuzu Dev team will address the
15:05biggest compatibility issues by the end
15:07of the month and that will make Yuzu my
15:09preferred way of playing this game on
15:11Deck it looks like steam deck has a
15:13brand new feature but only if you're
15:15using the upcoming steam o s3.5 as I've
15:18mentioned before steam o35 is on the
15:20ultra experimental main Channel and
15:23while I don't necessarily recommend
15:24swapping over to that channel it is
15:26relatively easy to do if you're willing
15:29to take the risk over on 3.5 there have
15:31been a number of new features like a
15:33color vibrant slider and some updates to
15:35the Shader caching system while over the
15:37last week valve has added a new one the
15:40color temperature slider gaming on Linux
15:42has shared a comparison shot using the
15:44boulders Gate 3 title screen and you can
15:46see quite the difference in the Blues
15:48when you raise the temperature to 11,000
15:50Kelvin which is up from the initial
15:53default 7500 Kelvin this comes on the
15:56heels of the aformentioned deck HD which
15:58Taki udon's review States is
16:00significantly warmer at about 6,200
16:03Kelvin it's pretty neat to see that we
16:05can tune the temperature ourselves but
16:07once again I'd recommend waiting until
16:09this feature comes to at least the beta
16:11channel of the steam deck another
16:13upcoming feature that some people seem
16:15to believe will benefit the steam deck
16:17is amd's long awaited FSR 3 which we
16:20have finally received details about at
16:22Gamescom personally I think that the
16:24steam deck will not benefit from FSR 3
16:27but let us dig into the detail details
16:29according to digital Foundry only two
16:31games were demoed for spoken and
16:33Immortals of avum the results were
16:35impressive with for spoken at a 4K
16:37resolution and rate tracing sets ultra
16:40high going from 36 FPS with FSR off to
16:44122 FPS with FSR 3 sets of performance
16:48impressively FSR 3 also handled UI
16:51elements well digital Foundry detailed
16:54that the principles of how FSR 3 work
16:56are actually quite similar to DL L ss3
16:59but of course the difference being that
17:00all the work is done through software
17:02with no AI meaning that it runs using a
17:05synchronous compute more importantly AMD
17:07recommends a base frame rate of 60 FPS
17:10for best results with FSR 3 which is
17:12pretty much out of the question for most
17:14games where you would want to use FSR on
17:16this steam deck AMD also showed off
17:19another feature called AMD fluid motion
17:22frames which is cruder and is quote
17:24intended to be run on games that are
17:26already able to hit a smooth frame rate
17:28with the goal of maxing out a 120 or 144
17:32Herz panel because of its crudeness this
17:35feature does result in some artifacts
17:37but interestingly digital Foundry noted
17:39that these artifacts would be a lot less
17:41noticeable on the rlg Ally which itself
17:44has a 120 HZ VR screen and therefore
17:48could be a good candidate for this Tech
17:50so while FSR 3 is exciting I do think
17:52we'll have to wait for a new generation
17:54of portable computers before we're able
17:56to really see the advantages of this
17:59technology on portable devices also
18:01unveiled at Gamescom were some cool new
18:04accessories from Gully kit including a
18:06new steam deck dock that looks like a
18:08Super Nintendo according to overkill.
18:10WTF this dock will output 4K 60 HZ via
18:14the HDMI out and it has three USB ports
18:17and a gab ethernet there's also a hidden
18:19compartment that can store four micro SD
18:21cards which is pretty clever and
18:23reminiscent of J Sox's Omni case this
18:26stock should fit most PC handhelds in
18:28including the steam Deck with or without
18:29a case the rogg Ally and the I neo2 it
18:32also has a little door that slides shut
18:34when not in use so you can get that full
18:37SNES look the entire dock looks really
18:39neat and I'm impressed that there's
18:41still some creativity to be seen when it
18:43comes to creating steam deck Docks but
18:45that's not the only thing they unveiled
18:48gica also announced their new King Kong
18:503 Max controllers and they are pretty
18:52damn impressive they not only have back
18:54buttons but the paddles are swappable
18:57you can use the paddles that are simp
18:58similar to the Microsoft Xbox Elite
19:00controller or the bean shaped paddles
19:02that are similar to The Dual sense Edge
19:04the controller also has a toggle that
19:06allows you to dynamically switch between
19:08analog triggers or digital triggers when
19:10set to digital the triggers will have
19:12shorter travel and are triggered by a
19:14micro switch for fast action the analog
19:17sticks of course are Hall sensor based
19:19and there are fun RGB lights basically
19:22if you enjoyed their previous King Kong
19:23controllers it seems like you're going
19:25to love these in other news there is a
19:28new Linux gaming drro called bazai OS
19:30friend and editor of the channel
19:32high-tech lowlife has an excellent video
19:34detailing bazai OS and I'll include a
19:37link to that in the description basite
19:39is an alternative operating system for
19:41the steam deck it uses Fedora technology
19:43and has proprietary NVIDIA drivers
19:45pre-installed it directly boots into
19:47game mode just like Steam OS and has the
19:49latest versions of Mesa and the Linux
19:51kernel for better security according to
19:54HDL it works great with Dey loader
19:56including the CSS loader plugin
19:58I'm definitely going to have a hard time
20:00choosing between this and Chimera OS
20:02when I finally pick up a home theater PC
20:05anyway for more info don't forget to
20:06check out ht's
20:09video moving over to games armored Core
20:126 was just released and it's received
20:14great reviews and is performing well on
20:16Deck prior to release it was rated
20:18playable with the only obstacle to deck
20:20verified being the small ingame text
20:22gaming oenux gave his thoughts on
20:23performance and said it runs
20:25considerably better than Elden ring he
20:27ran it using the medium preset with the
20:28FPS capped at 40 and was pleased with
20:31the result I've actually been playing
20:33this on the io a1s which handles it well
20:36but unfortunately has an even smaller
20:37screen than the steam deck still though
20:39this is a big win for the deck gang
20:42recently we have seen some issues with
20:43steam deck performance on some demanding
20:45titles that were rated verified like
20:47Remnant so it's good to see armored Core
20:496 actually perform well on Deck like I
20:53said though deck verified has seen its
20:55issues and I personally prefer to use
20:57proton DB to see see what games play
20:58well on Steam deck that's why I wanted
21:01to point out that they recently made an
21:02update that makes it even easier to
21:04investigate steam deck compatibility if
21:06you don't know by now proton DB is a
21:08database that shows user reports on
21:10compatibility across all of Linux but
21:12shortly after the deck launch they added
21:14special functionality for reporting on
21:16Steam deck compatibility and now they've
21:18extended that capability by adding a
21:20steam deck tab which allows you to
21:21filter to only steam deck reports that's
21:24pretty neat but I'd also like to
21:25recommend the proton DB badges plugin
21:27for deck loader which makes it
21:29incredibly easy to access proton DB
21:31reports from within your steam deck but
21:34on the subject of proton and Linux
21:35compatibility proton just turned 5 years
21:38old and there's a lovely piece detailing
21:40this accomplishment over on gaming on I recommend reading it for
21:44yourself but I just want to say that it
21:45is astonishing what valve was able to
21:48accomplish in just five short years of
21:50course the work goes back further than
21:51those 5 years because before proton
21:53there were steam machines which utilize
21:55steam play not to mention proton itself
21:57is a for of wine which dates all the way
21:59back to 1993 but proton itself marks a
22:02major milestone for valve and really
22:04indicates the beginning of an effort
22:06where compatibility of Windows games on
22:08Linux really took off and is now well
22:10over 80% and probably somewhere closer
22:1495% this is an effort I could not have
22:16imagined even while it was happening but
22:18I'm glad to see it going strong in 2023
22:22cheers to all of the folks that have
22:23ever worked on proton or one of the many
22:25adjacent repos outside of armor core 6
22:29there are a few games I've been playing
22:30on various handhelds including the steam
22:32deck that I thought I'd mention here
22:33first up bomb Rush cyber Funk has been a
22:36blast the trick system is incredibly
22:38simplistic which at first was a bit
22:40disappointing but things got a little
22:42more complex when you're trying to find
22:44hidden paths and rewards the platforming
22:47is an orthodox but not enough to be
22:48frustrating so mechanically it's
22:50actually pretty rewarding and I think I
22:52got a fa simile of the thrill that real
22:54taggers must feel when they get to hard
22:56to reach spots and Mark their territory
22:58with one of their best pieces bomb Rush
23:01is a great game and it seems like many
23:02of you agree considering it's sitting at
23:0498% positive with over 4,000 reviews on
23:08guard has been really fun as well it's a
23:10Spanish deemed sword fighting game
23:12that's funny in the way that Saturday
23:13morning cartoons are the combat is
23:15reminiscent of Arkham games but taking
23:17up one or two notches especially so with
23:20the creativity around environment
23:22interaction you can throw a bucket onto
23:24an opponent's head or kick a table out
23:25from under them the price of this game
23:27is $20 and that's quite nice but it
23:29should be noted that this is a short
23:31game with a runtime of about 5 hours
23:33plus in Arena mode that should squeeze
23:35some more fun next up is ninja saviors a
23:38game that was previously exclusive to
23:40consoles I've played this on the switch
23:41and it is in my top tier of modern beat
23:44them UPS alongside Streets of Rage 4 and
23:46fight and rage it has multiple
23:48characters that all play differently and
23:50give you different challenges to
23:51overcome especially if you're trying to
23:53beat the game on one credit yes the
23:56campaign is short but I probably fire
23:58this up monthly just to make my way
24:00through it because that's how much fun
24:01it is check it out I've also been
24:03enjoying whisker Squadron Survivor which
24:05is a bit like a Rog Light Star Fox 64
24:08you can rack up combos for extra damage
24:10and you continuously get the chance to
24:12upgrade your load out similar to other
24:14Rog lights and Survivor games the
24:16aesthetic is great and the base gameplay
24:18here is good but it just released into
24:20Early Access and it's a bit light on
24:22content I'm going to be watching to see
24:24how this updates because the bones are
24:26good and I'd like to see what they add
24:28to make the formula feel fresh for every
24:30run one Survivor game that is chalk full
24:32of content however is Hol cure you guys
24:35have been telling me about this game in
24:36the comments and you weren't lying Holo
24:38cure is free and it's really fun there's
24:40even a chance that this ends up being my
24:42favorite Survivor game yet the gameplay
24:44of course is extremely reminiscent of
24:46vampire survivors but the pixel art and
24:48Chip tune music are adorable my
24:51understanding is that all these
24:51characters are based off of vtubers
24:54which is really neat and there are a ton
24:56of characters unlike like vampire
24:58survivors you can aim your attacks in a
25:00particular direction if you choose
25:02honestly I have nothing but good things
25:04to say about this game which is amazing
25:06given how saturated the genre is and
25:08most of all I really don't understand
25:11how it's free definitely give this game
25:13a shot all right this has been a chunker
25:16of an episode I've had a really busy
25:17summer so I haven't been able to make as
25:19many videos as I would have liked but
25:21yeah I'm thinking I'm back I'm going to
25:22leave you with a recently announced game
25:24this is called killer bean the
25:26production value looks incredibly good
25:27good especially for a brand new studio
25:30apparently it's some sort of shooter
25:31with vehicles and slow-mo and a
25:33procedurally generated story honestly it
25:36looks too good to be true so I'm
25:38crossing my fingers that it actually
25:39delivers make sure to put it on your
25:41radar and until next time deck gang out
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The video mentions the upcoming Lenovo Legion Go handheld and other gaming news, such as the PlayStation portal remote player and new game releases.

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