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This video showcases a strong DPS build for New World's Rise of the Angry Earth expansion, utilizing the Greatsword as the primary weapon and the spear as a utility weapon. The build focuses on utilizing the Serenity artifact and incorporates specific perks and gear to increase damage output and survivability. The video also discusses the importance of proper gem selection and consumables for different types of content.
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This section discusses a strong DPS build in New World's Rise of the Angry Earth expansion, utilizing Greatsword as the primary weapon and spear as a utility weapon.
The build focuses on applying bleeds and debuffs with the spear's skewer and perforate abilities.
The Greatsword is used for dealing high damage.
The build incorporates new artifact items, particularly Serenity, from the expansion.
The recommended artifacts for a great sword DPS build in New World's expansion/season 3 are Serenity Now, Gambit Gem, Trench and Strikes, and Refreshing Move.
Serenity Now is considered one of the best artifacts in the game, providing a 2% increase in power per attack in both offensive and defensive stances.
Gambit Gem offers a 15% damage boost while stamina is not full, which is easy to activate with heavy attacks or dodging.
Trench and Strikes and Refreshing Move are essential for the great sword build, providing crit chance and cooldown reduction respectively.
Endless Thirst is suggested for artifact jewelry, while other artifacts are not considered particularly strong for this build.
The recommended DPS build for New World's expansion focuses on a light equip load and includes perks like health, Elemental aversion, and Relentless Freedom for increased damage and survivability.
Being in a light equip load provides a 20 base damage bonus and access to the Dodge roll.
Recommended armor perks include health, Elemental aversion, and freedom for increased health, resistance against elemental attacks, and breaking out of CC.
Weapon perks like Relentless Freedom remove roots and slows, increase critical hit chance, and provide utility in both PvE and PvP.
Other important perks include fortifying perforate for increased armor and leeching Cyclone for healing and damage reduction.
This section discusses the importance of certain perks and runes for DPS builds in New World's expansion.
Equip load affects stamina recovery.
Amulet should have protection perks.
Ring should have a damage perk.
Earring should have refreshing or empowering perks.
The brutal heart rune of Primal Fury is recommended for DPS builds.
Changing armor gems and using specific amulets can provide additional protection against different types of damage in the game, such as void, nature, fire, and ice.
Full set of void gems provides 48 void damage absorption.
Adding an amulet with void protection increases the resistance to 62.
Amulets and corresponding gems need to be changed based on the type of protection needed for different mutations.
In PvP, thrust damage is common, so having a thrust protection amulet is recommended.
Tips for maximizing DPS in challenging content in New World's expansion/season 3.
Use an ancient Ward potion to decrease damage from Ancients in Savage Divide, Depths, or Tempest Heart.
Bring health potions, regeneration potions, and consider using Oak Flesh Bomb or Gemstone Dust for damage absorption.
Consider using Desert Sunrise to reduce the duration of damage over time effects.
Open with Skewer to apply debuffs and bleeds, then switch to Great Sword for big damage with Perforate and Cyclone abilities.
00:00welcome back friends to another build
00:01slash guide video for new world today
00:04we're going to be covering DPS in the
00:06rise of the angry Earth expansion and in
00:08my opinion what is one of the strongest
00:10DPS builds in the game right now now you
00:12guys might be able to faintly make it
00:13out up in the top right but we are on
00:14the PTR build the test server um at a
00:17time of recording it's about two weeks
00:19prior to when the rise of the angry
00:20Earth expansion comes out so there might
00:22be a few changes between when this video
00:24was recorded and the actual expansion
00:26release if there is anything major I'll
00:28let you guys know in the comments down
00:29below we might even have an updated
00:30build guide video pinned in the comments
00:32if we need to but for this particular
00:33build we are going to be using
00:35Greatsword as our primary weapon and
00:37spear as our sort of backup utility
00:39weapon so spear is there for its uh like
00:41I say utility we have skewer to apply
00:43bleeds and weekends and we have Cyclone
00:46which gives us a pretty nice heal and
00:47then we also have perforate to apply
00:49some debuffs and then if we want to just
00:51pump out some Mega big damage that's
00:52what the great saw is for
00:54um of course we are going to be
00:55utilizing some of the new artifact items
00:58that were brought in with the rise of
00:59the anger Earth expansion in particular
01:01Serenity but let's not get ahead of
01:03ourselves first of all let's take a look
01:04at the stats the weapon Mastery and the
01:07equip load so kicking things off with
01:09the stats are the attributes we have 200
01:11strength 350 dexterity and 100
01:13Constitution if you wanted to go a more
01:15aggressive version of this build I think
01:16you could drop down to 50 Constitution
01:18and go up to 250 strength I mean you
01:21might even want to go five Constitution
01:22I know some people like to do that and
01:24just go like 300 strength 350 dexterity
01:27if you really want to go all out but I
01:30think this is honestly cutting it pretty
01:31good um the dexterity actually benefits
01:34the spear more than it does strength um
01:37the scale the solid like sort of scales
01:39evenly off of both of them but this
01:41particular Point here 15 crit chance
01:43when empowered uh we're probably gonna
01:45get empowered pretty often with the
01:46great sword and if we're playing with a
01:47void Gauntlet in our team so I opted to
01:49go for this because the other options in
01:51strength didn't really seem that good so
01:53dexterity 350 and then 200 strength just
01:55to also provide quite a bit of damage to
01:57the great sword and spear as well and
01:58100 Constitution to keep his life taking
02:00a look at the weapon Mastery first and
02:02foremost for the Greatsword we want to
02:03pick up the unrelenting Onslaught this
02:05gives us a lot of cooldown reduction
02:06especially when we large charged heavy
02:08attacks which is something you'd be
02:09looking to do a lot with the great sword
02:11you basically want to get into Onslaught
02:13mode which will activate here and then
02:15your charged Heavies are almost like
02:16twice as fast I think they nerfed it to
02:18be only 50 faster but it's still pretty
02:20um so that's the reason why we're
02:21sticking to the left hand side skill
02:23tree Relentless Rush is a really really
02:24good ability it activates an Empower
02:26which we we talked about that's
02:28important for the dexterity it also you
02:30get the cooldown reduction when you kill
02:31enemies 50 cooldown reduction we've gone
02:33for Skyward slash with one upgrade just
02:35to do a little bit extra damage you
02:36could also look to pick up sickening
02:37slash if you need some disease
02:39um dropping potentially like Keen
02:41posture or something like that and then
02:43we have roaring rupture over here with a
02:45few upgrades this is sort of like a
02:46utility ability one of the best things
02:48about this is when you're in Onslaught
02:49stance it pulls foes towards you so you
02:51can sort of group people up it also
02:53applies a weekend and you become
02:54uninterruptible which is very nice as
02:56well and it can cleanse two debuffs so
02:58quite a lot of nice utility over here we
02:59have unflinching blade to sort of get
03:01down here but also getting a grit while
03:03we're doing heavy attacks is nice some
03:05of these passives not so good but we
03:07just picked up what we could over here
03:08to sort of a you know flesh out the
03:10skill tree as with all of these build
03:12guides you can sort of tweak things as
03:14you find them to be working for you but
03:15this is what I'm recommending here now
03:17moving over to the actual gear and first
03:19of all let's talk about the artifacts
03:21obviously the most exciting things the
03:23first one is Serenity Now in my opinion
03:24this is probably one of the best
03:25artifacts in the game I think anybody
03:27who's using a great sword is going to be
03:29using Serenity if it gets nerfed then
03:31maybe we don't see it getting used as
03:33much but right now the balance blade
03:35sort of unique perk that it has is so
03:37good it's when you're in offensive
03:39stance two percent in power per attack
03:40when you're in defense stands two
03:42percent in fact I don't even know if
03:43these are related to the stances I think
03:44these just kick in all the time so two
03:46percent in power per attack for five
03:48seconds so that's an endless 2010 Stacks
03:50so that's 20 in power and also a 20
03:52fortify so as you're in combat you're
03:55just able to like sort of increase your
03:57armor and increase your damage really
03:58really strong well also have a Gambit
04:00gym in here as well for 15 damage while
04:02your stamina is not full which is
04:03actually pretty easy to pop and activate
04:05because as soon as we go into Onslaught
04:07mode every time we do a heavy attack it
04:09uses part of our stamina like that you
04:11can see our stamina sort of going down
04:12so the Gambit gem is actually pretty
04:13easy to maintain and a great sword we
04:15could also just dodge as well to
04:16activate it then we have trench and
04:18Strikes trench and crits and refreshing
04:19move all of these are non-negotiable you
04:21have to have these on the great side but
04:23they turn out to be pretty good as well
04:24because as I say we're usually doing
04:25heavy attacks and cooldown reduction is
04:27also pretty good as well taking a look
04:29at our artifact jewelry we have endless
04:30thirst honestly I don't think there's
04:31any artifacts that are super good with
04:33this build one artifact that you could
04:35consider that's a bit spicy is a blood
04:38Drinker because this has a 25 less
04:41damage which is not great for DPS but it
04:42does have 25 lifesteal so they give you
04:44playing like a solo build or in PvP this
04:48could be really good for that sort of
04:49sustain but honestly none of the
04:51artifacts are particularly good in the
04:53game right now for it so we just went
04:54for Endless thus because you get this
04:55from the season pass as long as you
04:57finish it out you get endless thirst but
04:58we will cover how to get Serenity and
05:00other artifacts sort of towards the end
05:02of the video nothing too important to
05:04say about here we've got fortifying
05:05toast so whenever we drink a potion we
05:06get some extra fortify and damage
05:07reduction when we pump out hot room we
05:09get a little heel you can change some
05:11perks on this if you take it to the
05:12gypsum Kiln but the artifact perk just
05:14basically is when we drink a health
05:15potion it's uh Stronger but the
05:17cooldown's a little bit longer then we
05:19have the attuned leather pants as our
05:21armor artifact these have plus 50
05:23magnify magnify is basically a flexible
05:25stat so whatever you put the most points
05:27into whatever your highest stat is
05:28that's what it kind of becomes so these
05:30these can be dexterity legs but if we
05:32need them to be strength legs then we
05:33can simply respect put a few more points
05:36into strength and these will become
05:37strength based legs as well so nice and
05:39flexible if you want to play with a sort
05:40of different build and they also have
05:41well-rounded as well which is plus 10 to
05:43all other attributes so they're
05:44effectively giving like another 40 stats
05:47on top of that because they get plus 50
05:48to whatever your sort of main thing that
05:50you're going into and then 40 to
05:52dexterity 40 well in this case 40 no
05:55sorry 10. and then tend to strength tend
05:58to intelligence tend to focus intent to
06:00Constitution as well pretty good A lot
06:02of stats that we get from these legs I
06:03do like them quite a bit one thing to
06:05point out is the bottom perk on these
06:07legs is random
06:09um so you can change this at the gypsum
06:10Kiln and obviously exhausted infected
06:12throw is not something we really want in
06:14this build but I ran out of gypsum orbs
06:15to change the perks so
06:17um I would probably replace this with
06:18the health perk or something like that
06:20something that's just generally
06:21universally good speaking of Health
06:22perks let's take a look at the rest of
06:24our armor we have a light helmet here oh
06:26and we should also cover we are going to
06:28be in a light equip load being in a
06:29light equip load because is a 20 base
06:31damage bonus so we can just hit even
06:34harder we also get access to the Dodge
06:35roll as well which is quite nice um if
06:37you want to be a little bit more tanky
06:38you could consider going into a medium
06:40equip load but for the purpose of this
06:41build we're just going to focus on a
06:43light equip load primarily for PVE DPS
06:46so with that in mind we have a light
06:47helmet with health Elemental aversion
06:49and freedom health is a great perk I
06:51think you want to try and get this as
06:52much of your armor as possible Elemental
06:54aversion is going to help you out and
06:55mutated Expeditions and also so when
06:57you're fighting like Mages and stuff and
06:58then Freedom just helps you in a pinch
07:00if you get stunned off some sort of CC
07:02it can break you out speaking of
07:03breaking out from CC we also have
07:05Relentless Freedom um so we're going to
07:07talk about the perks that we have on our
07:08armor here as well or the weapon perks
07:10rather Relentless Freedom it says
07:11activating Relentless Rush removes roots
07:13and slows increases the critical hit
07:15chance so this is a really really good
07:17perk for the great sword uh removing
07:19roots and slows is great utility in both
07:20PVE and PVP and of course we've got
07:22health and refreshing trying to max out
07:24not going above four stacks of
07:26refreshing but getting to forced acts of
07:27refreshing but generally the most
07:29important perks on your armor by the way
07:30if you're not if you don't have like
07:31absolutely best in slot is going to be
07:33health and Elemental aversion um health
07:35and Relentless Rush the refreshing is
07:37kind of sort of extra then we take a
07:39look at some other perks we have here we
07:40have fortifying perforate so health and
07:41fortifying perforate um perforate
07:43increases it basically gives you fortify
07:45for every sort of jab that you line up
07:48this which increases your armor so it's
07:49going to increase your survivability
07:50which is quite nice and we have leeching
07:52Cyclone as well so Cyclone hits heal you
07:54for 35 weapon damage Max 3 targets and
07:57of course there's the health and we're
07:58also rocking this extra perk if you can
08:00get it uh pick it up Enchanted Ward or
08:02Elemental aversion would would both be
08:04good to just give you a little bit more
08:05damage reduction and keep you alive we
08:07already covered the legs and like we say
08:09we probably want to replace this bottom
08:10perk here with health as well moving
08:12over to our weapons uh we've already
08:14covered the artifact sword and its
08:16Bonkers Nest but um the spear here is in
08:18freebling skewer Rogue and keenly Jagged
08:21now you can kind of change these perks
08:22around as you see fit so if you don't
08:24feel like you're able to get in a lot of
08:26backstabs because this is more of a PVE
08:28thing you know when the tank is facing
08:29the enemies away from you you get a lot
08:31of backstab damage but maybe you want to
08:32replace this with vicious or some sort
08:34of Attunement perk it could also be good
08:36as well in feebling skewer however does
08:38feel like it is a must-have perk um
08:40skewer hit Supply weekend reducing
08:41targets damage by 47 a 47 damage
08:45direction is gonna be great for your
08:46team you can apply this to bosses and
08:49um it just makes the enemies hit like so
08:50much less if we go ahead and just get
08:52hit by like a one of these mobs here
08:54let's try and see how much damage we
08:55take so there we go there was 1457 if we
08:59hit him again with the skewer now
09:01there we go there was only 544 now I'm
09:03not sure if that was the same attack I
09:05don't think it actually was so that's
09:06gonna be kinda kind of to prove with two
09:08enemies here but effectively what we're
09:10saying is weaken is good I'm reducing
09:12the amount of damage that enemies do to
09:13you is is pretty pretty powerful and it
09:16can help out your team a lot and then
09:17keenly Jagged every time we get a crit
09:19um we leave a bleed on them just a
09:20little bit of extra sort of DPS there as
09:22well moving over to our jewelry uh
09:24honestly it's gonna be said on the test
09:26server it's kind of hard to get good
09:28jewelry so
09:29um we will sort of talk more in depth
09:31about amulets later on in the video when
09:33we cover gems but Health refreshing
09:35stamina recovery these are just some
09:37like a good all-round perks you could
09:39also look to take the shirking dot
09:41cleanse it's when you're in a light
09:42equip load you lose a DOT stamina
09:44recovery basically refilling your
09:45stamina uh pool when you get below 50
09:47Health can help you a lot with
09:49survivability however one thing that
09:50we're not seeing in this amulet here is
09:52protection perks and like I say we'll go
09:54over that in a little bit but things
09:55like nature protection and thrust
09:57protection and void protection yeah
10:00we'll cover that when we get to the gems
10:01section moving over to the ring we have
10:03haughty refreshing and leeching one
10:05thing that I think is very important to
10:06get in the ring that we don't actually
10:07have here because it's again kind of
10:09awkward to get jewelry on the test
10:10server is a damage perk so you can get
10:13thrust damage or slash damage I think in
10:15replace of the refreshing or even the
10:17leaching would be good so hearty plus
10:19slash damage or hearty plus thrust
10:22damage would be great and then leeching
10:24is an added benefit or a potentially
10:25Keen awareness would also be good here
10:27also and then finally we have the
10:29earring we're using endless thirst but
10:31if you wanted to just use a non-artifact
10:32earring I think something with
10:34refreshing toast an empowering toast
10:36would be more than good enough honestly
10:38let's talk about the heart Rune options
10:39for DPS now I am actually using the
10:41brutal heart run of Primal Fury so this
10:43is the new heart room that we get in the
10:45sort of Rise of the angry Earth
10:46expansion if you don't know about um
10:48heart runes because you haven't played
10:49New World in a long time we'll have a
10:50separate video about those linked up in
10:52the top right but effectively it's
10:55another ability that you can use it's
10:56just an ability and this one makes you
10:58go into like crazy monkey mode and you
11:00can smash people I'm not entirely sure
11:02if this is going to be actually giving
11:03us more damage you know when we turn
11:05into monkey form it might be better to
11:06just stick with the spear and the great
11:08sword I think some other good options
11:10when it comes to DPS heart runes is
11:12firestorm in particular brutal Firestorm
11:15does quite a lot of damage you could
11:16also run detonate as well the brutal
11:18then it typically the brutal option of
11:20heart runes um this one does Rend you so
11:22you increases your damage that you take
11:24by 50 almost or reduces your armor so
11:27yeah you just take a lot more damage but
11:28it does explode and do quite a lot of
11:31damage in return so brutal heart rate of
11:33detonate is pretty common for DPS
11:34players but like I say a bit more of a
11:36safe option when you don't get rendered
11:37as the hot Rune or we can go monkey mode
11:39with brutal heart run and Primal Fury
11:41just to do some uh big damage and sort
11:44of start smashing now we're gonna go
11:45into gems for this build now I've opted
11:48to sort of split my gems here so we've
11:49got half diamonds and half malachite so
11:51diamonds when slotted into the armor
11:53give you a little bit of physical uh
11:55damage absorption and a and oh they give
11:57you quite a bit of physical and a little
11:59bit of Elemental and then malachite is
12:01kind of reverse of that where it's
12:02mostly Elemental and a little bit of
12:03physical you could also just do like
12:05Opals and Onyx as well to sort of half
12:08and half but effectively we wanted to
12:09split our damage absorption so there
12:11wasn't anything that we were
12:12particularly weak against but this is
12:14sort of like the one size fits all if
12:16you are going to jump into a particular
12:18type of content you may want to mix your
12:20gems up so for example let's cover uh
12:23mutated Expeditions right now there are
12:25four different types of mutations you
12:26can get at the top here so we have
12:28eternal Hellfire icebound and overgrown
12:31Eternal is void damage icebound is Frost
12:33damage Hellfire is fire damage and
12:35overgrown is nature damage and you want
12:37to change your dams to that sort of
12:39corresponding element so if I was gonna
12:40go sign up if I wanted to go do this
12:42dungeon here and jump in on this
12:45difficulty 3 Lobby then I would need to
12:47make sure that I have a lot of void
12:49damage protection because we're going to
12:50be taking a ton of void damage so in
12:52order to best equip myself for that I'm
12:54actually going to start replacing all of
12:56my armor gems with these void gems here
12:59now this can get expensive so you do
13:02have to bear this in mind you know
13:03changing a full set of gems every time
13:04can be quite tedious sadly this is still
13:06part of the game that you know we don't
13:08really need to change all of our gear
13:09for different types of content you know
13:10we don't need corrupted Ward angry Earth
13:12Wars lost Ward uh Beast Ward you know
13:15they've removed all of those we don't
13:16even need resilient for PVP either
13:18that's just sort of baked into your
13:19character now but you are still gonna
13:20have to change your gems if you want to
13:22be the most efficient so now that we've
13:23got a full set of void gems here we have
13:2548 void damage absorption however as we
13:28covered earlier you can also Rock an
13:30amulet as well to give you even more
13:32protection so we have an amulet here
13:33that has health and void protection and
13:36by slapping that on uh we are now
13:38sitting at 62 void damage resistance
13:41which I think is far over the cap to be
13:42honest but that's going to keep you
13:44pretty safe in a void mutation and like
13:46I say you would want to change this
13:47amulet and the gem corresponding so
13:49ideally we would have health and nature
13:51protection here and that would cover us
13:54um if we were going into a nature
13:55mutation and then you can imagine if we
13:57have health and Fire Protection health
13:58and Ice protection and the gem that's in
14:00the amulet would also need to change
14:02corresponding to the protection as well
14:03if that makes sense so that is kind of
14:05like the meta for mutated Dungeons and
14:07probably going to continue to be the
14:09meta for a while now unless Amazon
14:10changes it from the PVP side of things
14:13though if you're jumping into Outpost
14:15rush or 3v3 Arena it's pretty common to
14:17see quite a lot of thrust damage in my
14:19experience blunderbusses and Spears do
14:22seem to be quite Rife we're also seeing
14:24the rise of musket as well all of these
14:26weapons do a lot of thrust damage so
14:28having a Thrust protection amulet with a
14:31Thrust gem which is the emerald if I'm
14:33not mistaken let me double check yeah
14:34cut pristine emerald and slotting some
14:36emeralds in your armor I think is going
14:38to be a good go as well so again your
14:39jams are kind of dynamic and they're
14:41gonna shift and change depending on what
14:43sort of content you're going into so for
14:45PVP I think quite a lot of thrust damage
14:47absorption maybe some slash damage
14:49protection because you're going to be
14:50going against a lot of serenities as
14:51well could be a good idea for mutations
14:54you need to focus on that particular
14:56element that that mutation uh has so
14:59again void or Frost fire nature but if
15:03you do just want to try and do a one
15:05size fits all again you aren't going to
15:07be weaker and sometimes people might not
15:09invite you into the group if you don't
15:10have the right set of gems that they're
15:11expecting to see but I think diamonds
15:13you can't go wrong with those Malachite
15:15and honestly just Opals and Onyx as well
15:19I don't actually have any cut pristine
15:20Onyx those are also good last thing to
15:22talk about is our consumables you have
15:24basically a choice of three different
15:26types of food now there is banana bread
15:27which gives you strength we also have
15:30one for dexterity which is banana
15:31pudding and then lastly we have one for
15:34Constitution which is banana parfait so
15:35whichever it's that you're needing to
15:37boost up the most you can pop one of
15:38these it gives you 48 of the relevant
15:40stats of Constitution or strength or
15:42dexterity whatever you're feeling you're
15:44missing the most in your build and you
15:45need more of other consumables you're
15:46going to want to rock as the DPS are the
15:48honing Stones so you can apply this to
15:50your weapon to give you increase your
15:51weapon damage for 40 minutes a Coating
15:53in particular for uh dungeons is gonna
15:55be really good so this Beast coating
15:57right now we're in a very heavy Beast
15:59area so applying the Beast coating and
16:01then weapon swapping and applying the
16:03Beast coating is going to give us a lot
16:05of damage like I say the hunting sounds
16:06good also a ward potion depending on the
16:08enemy types you're going up against so
16:10again for dungeons this is very good if
16:12you're doing Lazarus popping something
16:14uh like an ancient Ward potion to
16:16decrease like decrease the amount of
16:18damage you take from Ancients by 10 for
16:2040 minutes for the new dungeon Savage
16:21divide this is pretty good if you're
16:22going into the depths or Tempest heart
16:24we'll have a link in the description
16:25down below to a resource that shows you
16:27the different enemy types per dungeon so
16:29you know which Ward potion to bring in
16:31but you could also just ask Global and
16:32help chat as well people will probably
16:34give you a few tips and tricks there
16:36lastly we want to make sure that we have
16:37health potions and regeneration potions
16:40and if you want to take some extra extra
16:42safety you can rock the oak flesh bomb I
16:45believe you make this at the the
16:46Outfitter unless they changed it gives
16:49you physical damage absorption for a
16:50short amount of time or you can run
16:52gemstone dust which gives you Elemental
16:54damage absorption for a short amount of
16:56time depending on again what sort of
16:57damage you're going to be taking these
16:59consumables are very good oh and we've
17:01got to mention also desert Sunrise
17:02reducing the duration of damage over
17:04time effects nice little sort of
17:06survivability boost there as Yale as
17:07well I typically want to have those
17:08popped when you're going into some sort
17:10of challenging content now all we have
17:11left to talk about is the ability so
17:13typically I think you always want to be
17:15opening up with a skewer to apply apply
17:17the uh and feebling skewer also get some
17:19bleeds going in the enemy and then after
17:20that probably get the wrens going with
17:23the perforate and then switch over to
17:24the great sword to start doing some
17:25damage Cyclone you can kind of leave
17:27that as and when you need a heel because
17:29you've got that leaching Cyclone perk it
17:30also gives you stamina back as well so
17:32yeah typically skewer into perforate
17:34followed by some big old great cell DPS
17:35obscure perforate and then spin through
17:38we've already killed the enemy but
17:39before we can do anything else but get
17:41the idea so open with spear switch to
17:43Great Sword use a Onslaught ability and
17:46then start swinging and if you need to
17:48you can obviously pop rupture to group
17:50enemies up but make sure that you use a
17:52red ability before you use a blue
17:53ability or at least that you do one
17:55charged heavy because one charged heavy
17:57will also move you into Onslaught stance
17:59because of aggressive shifts so yeah
18:01spear integrate sword after in the great
18:03sword either red ability or heavy attack
18:05into rupture to group the enemies up and
18:07then just start you know swinging
18:09basically trying to do heavy attacks as
18:10much as possible as sort of your spam
18:12filler until abilities are ready to go
18:14and either the spear or the great sword
18:16again so that is gonna do it for this
18:18DPS build guide here now you guys might
18:19be asking Baggins what about the fire
18:21staff or the bow or the musket or the
18:23Blunderbuss I want to play with those
18:24weapons is it only Spear and great sword
18:26no I I don't think that this is hands
18:28down like there's no other builds I just
18:30think this is a very strong one
18:31especially with the addition of Serenity
18:33it's just gonna do a lot of damage but
18:35if you guys are interested in some PVP
18:36builds if you're interested in uh in
18:39something with a bow something with a
18:41blunderbuss something with the fire
18:42staff make sure you click the Subscribe
18:44button we're gonna have a bunch of other
18:45builds coming out um in particular for
18:47PVP I generally don't Focus too much on
18:49that but I will link to a couple of
18:51great YouTubers who do a lot of PVP
18:53stuff as well I highly recommend you go
18:55check out their content but I am myself
18:57also going to have many more builds
18:58coming out on this YouTube channel over
19:00the coming weeks so again subscribe for
19:02those if you enjoyed this video make
19:04sure you go ahead click the like button
19:05if you want any more Baggins you want to
19:06see me playing some builds live ask me
19:08further questions we're streaming pretty
19:10much every single day after the
19:11expansion comes out link to the stream
19:12in the description down below but with
19:15that all said I will catch you guys all
19:16in the next video
Chat with video

FAQs about This YouTube Video

1. What is the best weapon combination for the DPS build in New World's Rise of the Angry Earth expansion?

The best weapon combination for the DPS build in New World's Rise of the Angry Earth expansion is the Greatsword as the primary weapon and the spear as a utility weapon. This combination offers a great balance between damage output and utility skills.

2. How does the DPS build utilize the Serenity artifact in New World?

The DPS build utilizes the Serenity artifact in New World by incorporating specific perks and gear to increase damage output and survivability. The Serenity artifact enhances the build's defensive capabilities and allows players to sustain higher damage while dealing more damage to enemies.

3. What are the specific perks and gear included in the DPS build for New World's Rise of the Angry Earth expansion?

The specific perks and gear included in the DPS build for New World's Rise of the Angry Earth expansion focus on increasing damage output and survivability. This includes perks that enhance critical damage, reduce cooldowns, and improve weapon mastery, along with gear that provides stat bonuses towards strength and dexterity.

4. How important is proper gem selection and consumables for the DPS build in New World?

Proper gem selection and consumables are crucial for the DPS build in New World. Different gems and consumables can enhance specific aspects of the build, such as increasing critical damage, adding elemental effects to attacks, or providing temporary buffs for damage and defense.

5. What content types benefit the most from the DPS build in New World's Rise of the Angry Earth expansion?

The DPS build in New World's Rise of the Angry Earth expansion benefits various content types, including PvE and PvP activities. It excels in dealing high damage to monsters and other players, making it effective for expeditions, world bosses, and competitive gameplay modes.

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