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Nikocado Avocado, known for his excessive food consumption in mukbang videos, has announced significant weight loss after facing criticism for his unhealthy lifestyle choices. The positive transformation is seen as a step in the right direction and a reminder of the importance of taking care of one's physical and mental well-being. However, the future of mukbang content on YouTube may be uncertain due to recent Community Guidelines addressing eating disorders.
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Mutahara discusses his previous criticisms of Nikocado Avocado's unhealthy mukbang content and how he gained mainstream attention for it.
Nikocado portrayed himself in mukbangs where he ate disgustingly high amounts of unhealthy food.
He gained mainstream attention for his poor life decisions and ballooning weight.
In a collaboration with Hungry Fat Chick, they consumed what appeared to be 10,000 calories worth of Takis.
Nikocado Avocado has lost 89 pounds and is proud to announce his weight loss.
He has been working out and it is noticeable.
The last time the speaker saw Nikocado, he was on a CPAP machine and struggling to cut into a steak.
The speaker is not shaming him for his size but pointing out the health risks of his extreme eating habits.
Nikocado Avocado talks about the dangers of his past relationship with food and the permanent damage it caused to his body.
Nikocado believes that how you treat your body physically is reflected mentally.
He had a bad relationship with food when he was heavier, which was a reflection of his mental state at that time.
He warns against the dangers of constantly eating junk food and the permanent damage it can cause to your body.
The content Nikocado creates is not usually profitable due to its fetishistic nature, and he likely has other revenue streams such as Patreon and OnlyFans.
YouTube has implemented guidelines regarding eating disorders and self-harm content, urging users to discuss these topics in a supportive and non-harmful way.
YouTube encourages users to seek help if they have an eating disorder.
Content promoting self-harm, suicide, and eating disorders is not allowed on YouTube.
Mukbang content, which promotes excessive eating, could be seen as promoting an eating disorder.
The guidelines are criticized for being vague and unclear.
The speaker discusses the vague guidelines on YouTube, expressing concern about the future of mukbang content.
The speaker is proud of Nikocado's weight loss journey.
Expresses concern about the future of mukbang content due to vague guidelines on YouTube.
Believes that YouTube guidelines should be more specific.
Expresses support for Nikocado's transformation and wishes him well.
00:00hello guys and gals me mutahara I have
00:02some genuinely good things to tell you
00:04about today now I made a video on a guy
00:07known as nikakado avocado two years ago
00:09then a year ago and I kind of like it
00:12when my videos have like a Trilogy thing
00:14to it you know when I cover somebody
00:15initially then I kind of scratched the
00:18surface a little bit more and they turn
00:20out to be the funniest person in the
00:21world like Nico Kata was genuinely
00:23playing a character that was about one
00:25of the douchiest things that I've ever
00:27seen on the platform and uh you know at
00:30the time a lot of my criticisms for
00:31nikokato was he genuinely portrays
00:33himself in content like mukbangs where
00:36he's constantly eating the most
00:37disgusting food and the most
00:39disgustingly high amount of quantities
00:41imaginable and the guy was slowly ending
00:44his life for views I wasn't the only one
00:46that covered it plenty of other people
00:48covered it I know Charlie covered it I
00:50know even all the way into the political
00:51sphere with like people like Candace
00:53Owens they ended up covering nicocado
00:55the guy went pretty mainstream uh in
00:58about the worst ways people were
00:59criticized eyes in this guy's poor life
01:01decisions and obviously he ballooned up
01:04from a cute little guy to an absolute
01:07huge person in a very short amount of
01:09time because of the diet that he was
01:11consuming nicocado genuinely would eat
01:13like 40 Subway sandwiches for one gram
01:16lost on his weight now of course
01:18nicocado in one of the videos a year ago
01:20where he's collaborating with hungry fat
01:23chick he's eating what appears to be
01:25like a a 10 000 calories worth of takis
01:28now of course this is ramen noodles
01:31baked with tackies all right I've never
01:34had a tacky in my life I don't think
01:35they sell those in Canada to be honest
01:37with you he puts it into a bowl and then
01:40of course you know they just consume it
01:41they even actually garnish it with
01:43literal tackies it's insane and if you
01:46ever kind of Wonder do they eat all the
01:48food I couldn't really answer the
01:49question but they definitely eat more of
01:51it than most other individuals out there
01:53and God damn at least that's a Coke Zero
01:57I guess is better than nothing now
01:59of course course about three weeks ago
02:01nicocado avocado uploaded this onto his
02:05channel alright now if you're looking at
02:06it real carefully it's still tackies and
02:09fast food but nicocado looks
02:12considerably smaller than last time now
02:15of course if we look at nicocado in this
02:17page right over here he's proud to
02:19announce some actual weight loss in a
02:22metric ton of it so excited this is
02:24gonna be like a recipe to show you
02:25exactly hi I know I'm just gonna you
02:27don't have to tell me I lost 89 pounds
02:28and I lost I'm looking what 89 God damn
02:34holy hell 89 pounds is a lot and if I
02:38did the metric conversion in front of
02:39you for the people outside America you
02:41would also agree my arms oh my God
02:45you don't even recognize me I know and
02:47this is not pre-recorded everyone keeps
02:49saying you don't post as much anymore I
02:50feel like you're it's not old what the
02:52heck this is bro first of all you know
02:54it's new because this Little Caesar's uh
02:56pretzel crust has only been out for like
02:58a couple of weeks um don't get me wrong
03:00he's still eating like but at least
03:03he's been working out and uh ladies and
03:06gentlemen it's it's very noticeable and
03:09honestly it's good news because For the
03:11Longest Time my biggest criticisms were
03:13nicocados eating himself pretty much to
03:15death and I think he's kind of realized
03:17it like you know the last time I really
03:19saw Nico Cato was when he was on the
03:20CPAP machine uh which like again it's
03:24like dude you are you once you start
03:26getting on machines like that and the
03:28moment you start getting winded cutting
03:30into a steak is the moment you gotta
03:32start really reevaluating your life
03:34choices again I'm not making these
03:37videos again to like shame him for being
03:39larger than the average person I'm just
03:41saying it because God damn when you're
03:44eating like 10 000 calories every other
03:46day to record a mukbang on YouTube uh
03:49again fetish content maybe that's not
03:51worth you know basically ending your
03:52life earlier over
03:54now of course the other people that have
03:56collaborated with them haven't been so
03:58lucky I know this one hungry fat chick
04:00who I only watched a little bit because
04:01she collaborated with nicocado avocado
04:04still consumes an absolutely insane
04:07amount of content and from the stuff
04:09that I watched out of her she definitely
04:10doesn't seem like she's in the best of
04:13places uh genuinely when you get to the
04:16size and your health is you know in such
04:19a bad State you definitely do get a lot
04:22of mental Pro like you definitely are
04:24not mentally all the way there I I I'm a
04:27firm believer in how you treat your body
04:28physically is how you be how you'll be
04:30reflected mentally and genuinely when I
04:34was a far heavier person uh I will tell
04:36you right now I wasn't even in the best
04:38of head spaces it was a genuinely bad
04:40moment and to be honest with you when I
04:42look back the way that I had a
04:45relationship with food by constantly
04:46eating literal junk was pretty much a
04:48reflection of where my mental state was
04:50at the time some people cope with drugs
04:52some people cope with alcohol so some
04:55people cope with gambling some people
04:57cope Again by constantly eating
04:59themselves into a state they'll never
05:01ever get out of and even after losing
05:03weight I'll tell you straight up there's
05:05actual permanent damage that I've
05:07probably done to my body uh which cannot
05:10be reversed that's how dangerous this
05:11ends up becoming and that's why I kind
05:13of talked against it
05:15so you know honestly in positive
05:18situations Nico Cato losing his weight
05:20to this point uh is absolutely a w to
05:23see and it's one thing that you know if
05:25if this doesn't inspire you to enter a
05:27journey to better your own life I
05:29honestly don't know what will now part
05:31of me also wonders if this is because of
05:33YouTube's TOS obviously nikokato is
05:36somebody that was doing pretty well on
05:38YouTube but content that nicocado makes
05:40isn't usually profitable even if you get
05:43millions of views off of making content
05:45like this it's still fetishistic content
05:47your cpms are never going to be great
05:49and it's one of the reasons I assume
05:51that nicocado definitely did have a
05:52patreon only fans and a million other
05:55avenues of making Revenue because he was
05:58never as profitable as your average
06:00YouTuber typically the more family
06:02friendly you are the better your rates
06:04end up becoming when you're making
06:05fetishistic content like this I doubt
06:08your CPM is even close you might even be
06:10making less than YouTube shorts
06:12producers which are already uh pretty
06:14much like creating con content for free
06:16I also have to imagine that this is due
06:18to a new update on YouTube's Community
06:20guidelines so if you didn't know may
06:222023 uh literally like this month
06:25YouTube updated their Eating Disorders
06:28policy where literally to uh produce
06:30content for the internet they may now
06:32they may now remove imitatable content
06:35uh age restrict the content and of
06:38course show like special resource panels
06:39on videos for people to actually reach
06:41crisis centers now one of the things
06:43about their Community guidelines for
06:45posting anything involving self-harm
06:47which is something I talked about
06:49regarding this content but YouTube went
06:51a step further and implemented Eating
06:53Disorders so again they said YouTube
06:55users should not be afraid to talk about
06:57the topics of eating disorders and
06:59mental health in a supportive and
07:01non-harmful way if you have an eating
07:03disorder definitely seek help okay
07:05there's resources out there definitely
07:07go against it when I was a younger guy
07:09in high school they talked a lot about
07:10eating disorders and I can kind of see
07:13why it's very easy to get one and it's
07:15very difficult to to break away from an
07:17eating disorder there's plenty of people
07:18on both sides of the spectrum very very
07:21skinny people and very very larger
07:23people both have an eating disorder of
07:25certain kinds they're not healthy in any
07:28capacity they have to start maintaining
07:30some level of normalcy if they want to
07:32live long fulfilling lives now of course
07:35you've also got situations where YouTube
07:38says there are times when content is
07:40created that is sensitive and may pose a
07:41risk for some users so of course this is
07:44content that contains a very very heavy
07:46topics like self-harms but when they
07:48talk about eating disorders one of the
07:50things I say is don't post the following
07:52content content promoting or glorifying
07:54self-harm uh you know suicide and eating
07:57disorders now of course obviously nobody
07:59should make content promoting the first
08:01two in this list but when they talk
08:03about eating disorders I really hope
08:04this isn't as vague as it sounds because
08:07honestly mukbang content does appear to
08:10be content that promotes the idea of
08:12eating heavily which of course is an
08:14eating disorder any anything outside of
08:17orderly conduct is disorderly okay
08:19that's kind of what we're going with
08:21over here then you've got instructions
08:24on uh you know engaging in eating
08:26disorders and including how to conceal
08:28them honestly I think making a 10 000
08:31calorie meal and showing people how to
08:33consume it on camera might as well count
08:35as instructions see I don't really get
08:37the vagueness of these guidelines nor do
08:39I necessarily even agree with them I
08:42feel like if YouTube is going to go
08:43after eating disorders they pretty they
08:45got to be pretty specific uh otherwise I
08:49actually think mukbang youtubing may
08:50actually die out given the fact that
08:52these are the biggest Community
08:54guidelines I've ever seen I'm not saying
08:57these this is the reason that nicocado
08:58lost weight obviously this just kicked
09:00in this month uh he's obviously been on
09:03a weight loss Journey for a while and
09:05I'm proud of it but looking into this
09:07content in the future I definitely don't
09:09see the future of mukbang content being
09:11as uh profitable or as alive as it
09:14really has been I know it is popular on
09:16YouTube and various parts of the
09:18internet but you know given how vague
09:20these guidelines are I really don't see
09:22a few future for it on YouTube not that
09:25I agree with that I feel like if you
09:26want to upload content you should
09:28definitely upload whatever kind of
09:29content that you want do I think that
09:31the mukbang genre is a bit
09:33impressionable sure but I wish YouTube
09:35just straight up said hey if you want to
09:37eat gross amounts of content uh you know
09:40either that's allowed or it isn't
09:42allowed because honestly this could even
09:43affect channels like shoe nice or a lot
09:45of channels that do eating challenges or
09:47channels that cover things you know
09:49regarding alcohol like people that are
09:51slamming whiskey bottles probably
09:53shouldn't be allowed as that I guess
09:55could qualify as straight up self-harm
09:57again I don't really agree with vague
09:59guidelines so much as guidelines should
10:01be specific but anyways I wanted to
10:03bring that point up because I found that
10:05to be a little different obviously we
10:07get notified of guideline changes
10:08because we should follow and adhere to
10:11them so I wanted to kind of relay that
10:13because it sort of played along with the
10:15sneakocado topic but yeah nicocado
10:17honestly I'm glad this finale ended with
10:19him not dying of early a uh you know
10:22early because of poor Life Choices if
10:25anything nicocado is trying to go right
10:27back to the original cute twink that we
10:30remember and love the one that played
10:32the violin and captured not the violin
10:34sorry no the violin and captured our
10:36hearts the one before the mukbang era
10:39and honestly I'm all for it ladies and
10:41gentlemen so congratulations to nicakado
10:43avocado and honestly I wanted to give
10:45you guys a little bit of positivity in a
10:47world that is so Bleak at the moment
10:49ladies and gentlemen that being said
10:51though don't treat it don't treat it
10:53like that for too long we're going to be
10:55looking at North Korea again
10:58because things are shaken up ladies and
11:01gentlemen this is me mutahar and uh if
11:03you like what you saw please like
11:04comment and subscribe dislike it if you
11:06dislike it I am out
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FAQs about This YouTube Video

1. How did Nikocado Avocado respond to criticism of his unhealthy lifestyle choices?

Nikocado Avocado responded to criticism of his unhealthy lifestyle choices by announcing significant weight loss, which is seen as a positive transformation and a step in the right direction.

2. What is the significance of Nikocado Avocado's weight loss transformation?

Nikocado Avocado's weight loss transformation is significant as it serves as a reminder of the importance of taking care of one's physical and mental well-being, especially in the context of the mukbang content that he is known for.

3. How has the recent Community Guidelines affected mukbang content on YouTube?

The recent Community Guidelines addressing eating disorders have created uncertainty about the future of mukbang content on YouTube. This is due to the potential impact on content creators and the increased focus on addressing eating disorders in online platforms.

4. What led to Nikocado Avocado's decision to focus on weight loss?

Nikocado Avocado's decision to focus on weight loss was influenced by facing criticism for his unhealthy lifestyle choices. The criticism and concerns raised by the audience and the community prompted him to prioritize his physical and mental well-being.

5. How does Nikocado Avocado's weight loss announcement impact his mukbang content?

Nikocado Avocado's weight loss announcement has the potential to impact his mukbang content by signaling a shift towards a more balanced and health-conscious approach. This may lead to changes in the type of content and themes featured in his videos.

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