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This video provides a tutorial on how to hack a Nintendo Switch OLED and install games using a mod chip, including formatting the SD card, updating the necessary files, creating an emulated custom firmware, and backing up the system. It also demonstrates a preferred method for installing games and emphasizes the importance of not logging into the custom firmware online to avoid getting banned by Nintendo.
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This section of the video discusses the process of hacking a Nintendo Switch OLED and preparing the SD card for installation.
The method requires a mod chip, which can be purchased for around $20.
The mod chip installation may require soldering, but local soldering firms or tech stores can assist with the installation if needed.
The video recommends using at least a 128 GB SD card for the emunand, backup, and switch games.
The SD card needs to be formatted to Fat 32 using GUI format or fat 32 format software.
To hack the Nintendo Switch OLED and install games, download the necessary files from Statics GitHub, transfer them to the micro SD card, set the date and time, update the files, and overwrite any existing files on the SD card.
Follow the link in the video description to download the zip file named hats. siip from Statics GitHub.
Extract the zip archive and transfer the files to the micro SD card.
Set the date and time on the Nintendo Switch to access the menu and tools.
Update the files by downloading them from the SD card preparation link in the video description and replacing the existing files on the SD card.
This section explains the steps to hack a Nintendo Switch OLED and install games.
Drag the necessary files onto the SD card.
Create a new folder named "hosts" and add the "mc.txt" file inside the Atmosphere folder.
Replace the existing file with the "app store.nro" file in the App Store folder.
Drag the remaining NRO files into the Switch folder.
Create the emulated custom firmware by selecting the "SD file" option in MuMMC.
Ensure the Switch is connected to a charging cable during the process.
This section explains how to backup the Nintendo Switch data and launch the emulated NAND with custom firmware.
Firmware prior to the update won't be able to connect online.
Option to log into the stock firmware with custom firmware tools, but it may result in a ban from Nintendo.
Backup process of the entire switch takes up to 1 hour and requires at least 60 GB of free storage on the SD card.
Launch options include MMC for playing games, sysnand with custom firmware to avoid using online, and stock OS for buying games from the eShop.
This section explains how to check if you are on emulated NAND or system NAND, and how to install games using the preferred method.
To check if you are on emulated NAND or system NAND, go to system settings and scroll down to settings. If it says "e" at the end of the firmware version, you are on emulated NAND.
If you are on custom firmware, going into albums will take you to home RS instead of the albums.
To install games, open the DBI app in the home screen menu, connect your switch to your computer using a USB cable, and run MTB responder in the DBI app. You can install games by dragging them into the SD card install folder.
You can also watch a video on how to dump your games and install them on your SD card later.
00:02hi there everyone and welcome to Tech
00:04cravers in this video I thought we would
00:05learn how to hack a Nintendo switch OLED
00:08and before you ask yes this method
00:10requires a mod ship but the thing is
00:12that these mod chips are getting crazy
00:14cheap and the one I'm using in this
00:15tutorial the H fly cost me about $20 I
00:19have a friend that can solder it for me
00:21but if you don't have that just Google
00:22for a local soldering firm OR tech store
00:25and they can probably help you out with
00:26the installation of the chip the rest of
00:28the setup you can do entirely on your
00:30own by following this guide I will also
00:32show you how to install your own games
00:34or ROMs onto a Micro SD card so you
00:36never have to bring those games with you
00:38again so without any further delay let's
00:40jump into it 4 3 2
00:521 and once you get your precious
00:54Nintendo switch back with the mod chip
00:56installed you will notice that when you
00:58power on the device you will get a
01:00message saying something about SD card
01:02and that is because the mod chip is
01:03looking for the required files to boot
01:05up but I just wanted to let you know
01:07that this is how it should look so now
01:08we're going to prepare the SD card that
01:10we're going to use you can use basically
01:12any card you like but I would recommend
01:14at least 128 GB since the emunand and
01:17the backup we're going to create later
01:19in this video does require a lot of
01:21space Also the switch games that we're
01:23going to play from the micro SD card is
01:25taking up a lot as well I'm going to use
01:26a 512 GB card myself anyway put your
01:30switch to the side for now and mount the
01:32SD card into your computer and once you
01:34have your SD card mounted on your
01:35computer the first thing you have to do
01:37is to format it to Fat 32 and to do that
01:40you need to use GUI format or fat 32
01:43format which is a free software that I
01:44will link to in the video description
01:46simply start the program choose your
01:48drive in my case the micro SD card is
01:50the e Drive select the name you want and
01:53then hit start and the card will be
01:54formatted any data that you have on the
01:56card will also be deleted and to make
01:58this process even even easier Statics
02:01has prepared the files we need to get
02:03going so follow the next Link in the
02:04video description to Statics GitHub and
02:07download the zip file named hats. siip
02:10and once the file has been downloaded
02:12open up the zip archive and drag
02:14everything on it onto your micro SD card
02:17and once that is complete you can remove
02:19the micro SD card from your computer and
02:21put it back into your Nintendo switch
02:23and now when you power it back on
02:25instead of the no SD card message you
02:27will be taken to the heat menu the first
02:30thing you have to do is to set the date
02:31and time so do that and you will get
02:33access to the menu and all the tools
02:35with it now as for the time of doing
02:37this tutorial the latest version of
02:39hekate is version
02:416.0.6 so as you can see in the top left
02:44corner the hats. zip we downloaded
02:46before are up to date but just in case
02:48I'm going to show you how to update it
02:50and all the other Home RS to the latest
02:52versions as well and also how to make
02:54the switch a little more banproof so
02:56once again turn off your switch remove
02:58the SD card and put it it back into your
03:00computer now back on your computer go to
03:03the link in the video description called
03:04SD card preparation and check out the
03:07what you need section here you're going
03:09to download all the files listed one by
03:11one and I recommend that you put them on
03:12your desktop so we're on the same page
03:14later some of the files are direct links
03:17that will start downloading directly
03:18once you click on them while some of the
03:20links will take you to a GitHub page and
03:22you will have to scroll down to assets
03:24and click the specific file you need but
03:26once you're done it should look
03:27something like this on your desktop and
03:29these these are the files you should
03:30have and now it's a matter of drag and
03:32drop to update all the files we already
03:34have on our SD card follow my exact
03:37steps and replace and overwrite any
03:38files if prompted first open the
03:41atmosphere zp archive and drag the
03:43content onto the root of your SD card
03:45next open the Hecate zip archive and
03:48drag the boot loader folder to the root
03:50of your SD card next open the boot logos
03:53sap archive and drag the boot loader
03:56folder onto the root of your SD card
03:59next go inside the boot loader folder on
04:02the SD card and drag the heator i. onto
04:06it next go into the payloads folder
04:10inside the bootloader folder and drag
04:12the lockpick RCM dobin into it the next
04:16step is very important go inside the
04:18atmosphere folder and inside create a
04:20new folder named hosts
04:23HS and drag the
04:25mc. txt file into that folder this will
04:29block the switch from connecting to
04:31those servers while on an emulated
04:35nand next go inside the switch folder
04:38and open up the app store folder drag
04:41the app store. nro into that folder
04:44replacing the existing file lastly open
04:46the switch folder and drag the four
04:48remaining nro files NX shell NX theme
04:52installer ftpd and jks SV into that
04:56folder once that is complete you can
04:57remove the SD card from your computer
04:59and put it back into your switch and
05:01power it on and now it's time to create
05:03the emulated custom firmware that you
05:05will use in the future to play all your
05:07games from so click on mu MMC then
05:10create mu MMC and SD file when prompted
05:13SD file will take a little longer than
05:15SD partition but it will be easier to
05:17change SD card in the future should you
05:19want that so I always go with the SD
05:21file option now this will take a while
05:24so go do something else and come back
05:25when it's all done oh and it might be a
05:28good idea to put in a charging cable so
05:30that the switch doesn't die while doing
05:31this and since this will take a while I
05:33will use this moment to explain the
05:35difference between the three different
05:36operating systems that you will be able
05:38to choose from after this first you will
05:40have the syis nand or system nand called
05:43stock in hekate that is your switch OLED
05:46stock firmware and the firmware that you
05:47want to log in to play your Bot games
05:50online or to play free games like
05:51fortnite and fallu online then you will
05:54have the muun nand or emulated nand
05:56called mu MMC in hekate that's what we
05:59are creating right now thanks to the mc.
06:02txt file that we put in the hosts folder
06:05before this firmware won't be able to
06:06connect online to play any games but you
06:09will still be able to play local
06:10multiplayer against other switches
06:12lastly you will have the option to log
06:14into your sis nand in custom firmware
06:16that's your stock firmware with custom
06:18firmware tools this will definitely
06:20result in a ban from Nintendo so I would
06:22recommend that you basically never log
06:24into this firmware to be on the safe
06:26side and once it says finished back out
06:29your using the B button or click close
06:31in the corner until you reach the home
06:33screen from here Click On Tools in the
06:35top and then on backup emmc then on emmc
06:39boot zero and boot 1 this will just take
06:42a few seconds then click on close in the
06:44corner and choose emmc raw gpp this will
06:48start the backup process of your entire
06:50switch in case you need to restore it in
06:52the future you will need at least 60 GB
06:55of free storage on your SD card for this
06:57and this could take up to 1 hour so once
07:00again let it finish and come back when
07:02it's done and as you can see for me this
07:04took about 35 minutes now back out turn
07:07off your Nintendo switch and put the
07:08micro SD card back into your computer on
07:11your computer drag the backup folder
07:13from the SD card onto a safe place that
07:15you can reach in the future in case you
07:17need it remember that the best backup is
07:19the one you have but never need and the
07:21worst one is the one you need but never
07:23made anyway once you have the backup in
07:25a safe place you can delete the backup
07:27folder on the SD card to save up 60 GB
07:30of storage then you can put the SD card
07:33back into your switch and power it up
07:35and now it's time to launch our emulated
07:37nand with custom firmware to see that
07:39everything is working so from the he cut
07:41menu choose launch and from here you
07:43have three different options as I
07:44mentioned earlier mu MMC which you will
07:47use most of the time to play your games
07:49then we have the sysnand with custom
07:50firmware that you should avoid using or
07:53at least never go online with and then
07:55lastly the stock OS which you can use to
07:57buy games from the eShop and to play
07:59your Bot games online but now let's
08:01launch into the MU
08:03MMC and the emulated nand looks exactly
08:06like the regular switch OS so to see
08:09that we're actually on emulated nand
08:11with custom firware we can go into
08:13system settings and then scroll down to
08:15settings and as you can see we are on
08:186.0.0 and we have atmosphere
08:211.5.5 installed and the e at the end
08:23means that we are on emulated nand if it
08:26says s instead that means you're on
08:27system nand and you have booted into the
08:29wrong firmware you can also back out to
08:31the home screen and go into albums
08:33instead of taking you to albums you will
08:35be taken to home RS instead indicating
08:37that you are on custom firmware and now
08:40you're done with the whole hacking
08:41process but I did promise you I would
08:43show you my preferred method to install
08:45games as well didn't I so go into albums
08:48to open up your home room menu open up
08:50the app called DBI or DB installer now
08:53connect your switch to your computer
08:55using a USB cable and then hit run MTB
08:58responder in in the DBI app on your
09:00switch from here you can reach your SD
09:03card without having to take it out from
09:04your switch all the time but you also
09:06have the option to install games to the
09:08SD card by dragging them into the SD
09:10card install folder I will drag my copy
09:12of cuphead into that folder and you can
09:14see right a way that it starts to
09:16install it onto my switch you can do the
09:18same thing with game updates and dlc's
09:21and also don't forget to watch my video
09:23on how to dump your b games so that you
09:25can install them on your SD card later
09:27you can dump both cartridge and digital
09:30games that you have bought from the
09:31eShop and just like that my copy of
09:33cuphead is installed on my SD card that
09:36also concludes this tutorial on how to
09:38hack your Nintendo switch install custom
09:40firmware and back up your system and
09:42also how to install games when you're
09:43done hacking I hope that this guide
09:45really helped you out and that you could
09:47take a few seconds to give it a like and
09:49maybe also comment if it did it would
09:51also mean a lot to me if you would
09:52subscribe to my channel and hit the Bell
09:54so you don't miss out on future content
09:56like this from me thanks a lot for
09:58watching and happy gaming
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FAQs about This YouTube Video

1. How can I hack a Nintendo Switch OLED and install games using a mod chip?

To hack a Nintendo Switch OLED and install games using a mod chip, you will need to follow a tutorial that covers formatting the SD card, updating the necessary files, creating an emulated custom firmware, and backing up the system. It's important to ensure that you have the required tools and instructions before attempting the hack.

2. What are the steps for formatting the SD card when hacking a Nintendo Switch OLED?

When formatting the SD card for hacking a Nintendo Switch OLED, you should ensure that it is formatted to the correct file system and that it has enough space to accommodate the necessary files and games. Following a step-by-step guide for formatting the SD card is crucial to the success of the hack.

3. How can I avoid getting banned by Nintendo when using custom firmware to install games on a Nintendo Switch OLED?

To avoid getting banned by Nintendo when using custom firmware to install games on a Nintendo Switch OLED, it's important not to log into the custom firmware online. This precaution can prevent detection by Nintendo and safeguard against potential bans. It's crucial to emphasize this step in any tutorial or guide related to hacking the console.

4. What is the preferred method for installing games after hacking a Nintendo Switch OLED?

After hacking a Nintendo Switch OLED, the preferred method for installing games involves following a detailed process that ensures the games are transferred and accessed correctly. This method may include specific software or techniques to optimize the installation and gameplay experience on the hacked console.

5. Why is it important to update the necessary files when hacking a Nintendo Switch OLED?

Updating the necessary files when hacking a Nintendo Switch OLED is crucial to ensure compatibility with the latest games, features, and security measures. Failing to update the files can result in issues with gameplay, performance, and the overall success of the hack. Therefore, staying up to date with the required files is essential for a smooth experience.

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