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This video discusses the timeline and potential benefits of NoFap, including changes in dopamine levels, cravings, energy levels, confidence, social anxiety, creativity, and overall well-being. It emphasizes that individual experiences may vary and that the timeline is not an exact science.
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The timeline of NoFap benefits:
Day 1: High motivation and no cravings.
Days 2-4: Cravings increase and mood drops.
Day 3: Typically the worst day.
Days 5-6: Slight drop in cravings and reduction of brain fog.
Day 7: Testosterone level spikes by 147% and intense cravings may occur.
Days 9-14: Further benefits may be experienced.
The benefits of NoFap over a timeline:
Increased energy levels and confidence around day 15 due to denser androgen receptors.
Social anxiety levels drop significantly between days 16 to 21.
Cravings and flashbacks are significantly lower during this period.
Increased attention from women is reported between days 21 to 30.
Improved concentration and sharper thinking between days 30 to 40.
Creativity increases around days 40 to 50, leading to new hobbies.
Feeling more grounded and having a stronger masculine base between days 50 to 70.
After 70 to 90 days of NoFap, small things in life give more pleasure, high stimulating things are no longer needed; a smile from a girl is more attractive than pixels on a screen; higher self-esteem and pride in oneself.
Small things in life give intense joy.
Less attraction to high stimulating things.
Higher self-esteem and pride in oneself.
A smile from a girl is more attractive.
00:00in this video we are going to take a
00:01look at the nofap timeline now right
00:04from the start I have to make it clear
00:06that this is not an exact science and
00:08that the benefits are experienced
00:11differently and at different times for
00:13many no vapors so this NOFA benefits
00:15timeline should be taken with a grain of
00:18salt that said I have created the
00:21timeline from an average of the results
00:23I have seen over the years reading
00:25thousands of nofap journals hey it's an
00:28anagram Bob here this channel is all
00:30about building a stronger self in every
00:33way so start by subscribing click on the
00:36bell notification and let's get stronger
00:38alright so this is part one in the
00:41Northup timeline series and here we are
00:43going to take a look at the timeline for
00:45those who are not addicted or just
00:48mildly addicted to it and then in part
00:51two I'm going to show another timeline
00:53for those who are very addicted because
00:55the timeline is not the same for a
00:57person who has developed addiction
00:59related brain changes so stay tuned for
01:02that video but now let's start with the
01:05nofap timeline for those who have just a
01:07mine or to know addiction 10 minutes
01:10after your last time your dopamine
01:12levels drops along with your heart rate
01:15and your prolactin levels increases
01:17elevated levels of prolactin means that
01:20you'll experience lower energy less
01:22desire and some people can even
01:25experience a slight depression day 1 day
01:281 is often a day of high motivation
01:30because it's new and you are excited
01:32about improving your life and there
01:34might still be some feel-good chemicals
01:36lingering in your brain after yesterday
01:39and the cravings have not yet arrived 2
01:42to 4 days cravings increase and your
01:45mood drops day 3 is typically the worst
01:48day so stay strong here 5 to 6 days here
01:52you can already see a slight drop in
01:55cravings along with a slight reduction
01:57of brain fog this makes it a bit easier
02:00for you to read and to study day 7
02:03according to a study you can find on
02:06PubMed testosterone level spikes with a
02:08whopping 147 percent on day 7 this
02:13is a huge increase and as a result many
02:15people experience temporary
02:17intense cravings here they ate now here
02:21the testosterone level drops back down
02:24to normal levels even if you didn't fat
02:26so I'm sorry to say that no they do not
02:29stay elevated even if you keep going
02:32with no fat 9 to 14 days here many
02:35people start to experience increased
02:38energy levels and a big increase in
02:40confidence day 15 now your androgen
02:44receptors have grown denser and this
02:47means that your body and brain now might
02:49be more effective at utilizing the
02:51testosterone your body produces this
02:53does not mean that you have higher
02:55levels of blood
02:57testosterone however it may feel like
02:59that because the androgen receptors are
03:01now more sensitive 16 to 21 days social
03:06anxiety levels drop significantly and
03:08you care much less what other people
03:11think about you now your cravings and
03:13flashbacks are also significantly lower
03:1621 to 30 days at this stage people
03:19report that they start getting much more
03:21attention from women 30 to 40 days you
03:25have now reached another level of
03:27increased concentration and sharper
03:30thinking 40 to 50 days creativity
03:33increases and as a result many nofa pers
03:36find new hub is right about here for
03:39example writing taking up a musical
03:41instrument and so on 50 to 70 days you
03:45start to feel more grounded in yourself
03:47like you have a stronger masculine base
03:50inside of you that you now stand
03:52steadily upon 70 to 90 days small things
03:56in life now give you much more pleasure
03:58you don't need high stimulating things
04:00to enjoy life anymore reading talking to
04:03a friend listening to music or just
04:05drinking a cup of coffee can all be
04:08enough to give you intense joy day 90 it
04:11feels like you have a different life now
04:13a real life that you are grounded in a
04:16life that you are much more attracted to
04:18and it seems to be more attracted to you
04:21as well speaking of attraction even just
04:24a smile from a girl can
04:25I'll turn you on and you were a lot less
04:28attracted to pixels on a screen you have
04:31so much higher self-esteem and you are
04:33proud about yourself and you know what
04:35you should be okay that's it for today
04:39and if you found this video informative
04:40I really would appreciate you commenting
04:43something down below and also perhaps
04:44share this video with one of your
04:46friends and remember to subscribe for
04:49the nofa timeline part 2 video thank you
04:52for watching and as always remember that
04:54you are a warrior in your own life and
04:57if you keep working the Warriors journey
04:59good things will come to you alright
05:02this is candy Nevin barb signing out and
05:04as always I wish you all the best in
05:06your journey to become the strongest
05:08version of yourself and remember if you
05:10are going through hell keep going
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FAQs about This YouTube Video

1. What are the potential benefits of NoFap?

The potential benefits of NoFap include changes in dopamine levels, cravings, energy levels, confidence, social anxiety, creativity, and overall well-being. It is important to note that individual experiences may vary.

2. How does NoFap impact dopamine levels?

NoFap may lead to changes in dopamine levels, affecting the brain's reward system. This can result in altered perceptions of pleasure and motivation.

3. Can NoFap help with reducing social anxiety?

Some individuals report a reduction in social anxiety as a potential benefit of NoFap. It may contribute to increased confidence and improved social interactions.

4. Does NoFap have an impact on energy levels?

Many individuals experience changes in energy levels as a result of NoFap. It may lead to increased vitality and a boost in overall energy.

5. How does NoFap affect cravings?

NoFap may lead to a reduction in cravings, particularly related to pornography and other behaviors. This can result in a shift in focus and a decrease in addictive tendencies.

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