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The video compares the Omnipod 5 and Tandem t:slim X2 insulin pumps, highlighting their differences in design, freedom of movement, battery life, algorithms, and bolus features, ultimately leaving the choice between the two systems up to the individual's preferences and needs.
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This section compares the Omnipod 5 and Tandem t:slim X2 insulin pumps, discussing their differences in size, weight, and usage.
The Tandem t:slim X2 weighs about 4 oz and is cube-shaped, using a disposable plastic cartridge and infusion set.
The Omnipod 5 is a tubeless patch pump, weighing less than 1 oz, and is smaller in size.
The Tandem t:slim X2 can be easily disconnected for activities like showering or swimming, while the Omnipod 5 is waterproof and can be worn continuously.
The Omnipod 5 offers freedom of movement without being hooked up to a tube, while the Tandem t:slim x2 requires more supplies when traveling.
Omnipod 5 provides freedom of movement during sports and other activities.
Omnipod 5 requires carrying fewer supplies when traveling compared to the Tandem t:slim x2.
Omnipod 5 is fully disposable and needs to be replaced every 3 days, while Tandem t:slim x2 has a 4-year lifetime.
Tandem t:slim x2 has a larger reservoir capacity of 300 units compared to Omnipod 5's 200 units.
The Omnipod 5 has an algorithm inside the pod, allowing it to adjust insulin doses based on blood sugar trends, while the Tandem t:slim X2 requires a controller for adjustments.
The Omnipod 5 has a touchscreen controller or smartphone for a better touchscreen experience.
The Tandem t:slim X2 has a USB rechargeable battery that lasts 4 to 6 days, while the Omnipod 5 controller battery lasts about 2 days.
The Omnipod 5 is disposable and lasts for 72 hours, while the Tandem t:slim X2 allows more flexibility in changing the infusion site.
When disposing of an old infusion set, the Omnipod 5 has a hard stop every 80 hours, potentially wasting unused insulin, while the Tandem t:slim x2 allows for a longer delay in cartridge change to use most of the insulin.
The Omnipod 5 has a limited time frame for using insulin in the cartridge, while the Tandem t:slim x2 allows for more flexibility.
Bluetooth signal between the CGM sensor and pump is important for data transfer, and the Omnipod 5 requires proactive placement to maintain a good signal.
Both Omnipod and Tandem currently work with Dexcom G6, but both companies are working on integrating Dexcom G7 and freestyle libr 2 in the future.
The Omnipod 5 and Tandem t:slim x2 algorithms have different onboarding experiences and glucose target ranges.
Omnipod 5 took a while for the algorithm to learn and control blood sugar levels.
Control IQ was easier to onboard because it used the user's existing basal rates as a baseline.
Omnipod 5 initially provided 25% less total insulin than the user's normal dose.
Omnipod 5 allows setting glucose target ranges and different profiles throughout the day, while t:slim x2 has a fixed target range.
The Omnipod 5 has an activity mode that automatically turns off after a set time, while the Tandem t:slim x2 requires manual turning off of exercise mode.
Omnipod 5 has an activity mode that automatically turns off after a set time.
Tandem t:slim x2 requires manual turning off of exercise mode.
Omnipod 5's bolus calculator considers blood sugar trend and prediction, while Tandem t:slim x2's bolus calculator only considers current blood sugar.
Tandem t:slim x2 has an extended bolus feature for slowly absorbed meals, while Omnipod 5 only has it in manual mode.
00:00the omnipod 5 from insulet or the tlam
00:02X2 from tandem which of these two
00:05insulin pumps is better I've used the
00:07tlim X2 for 3 years and the omnipod 5
00:10for the last 4 months and I can honestly
00:12tell you they are both amazing but they
00:15are also very different this video will
00:17help you decide which of these two
00:18insulin pump systems is better for you
00:21and I will also share which one I pick
00:23so let's get right into it what's great
00:25about the omnipod 5 and the t x 2 is
00:28that each of these insulin pum has an
00:30algorithm which works with A continuous
00:32glucose monitor and it can automatically
00:34adjust your insulin dose based on your
00:37blood glucose levels we'll talk about
00:38the algorithms in a minute but first we
00:40need to look at how these two pumps look
00:43and feel the tlim X2 weighs about 4 o or
00:46113 G it's about 3 in Long 2 in high and
00:500.6 in deep it's a cube pump so it's
00:53uses a disposable plastic cartridge and
00:56the insulin is delivered through an
00:57infusion set and a canula placed under
01:00your skin the omnipod 5 is a completely
01:02different animal because it's a tubeless
01:04patch pump it's a lot smaller and
01:06lighter the weight is less than 1 o or
01:0926 G and it's about 1.5 in Long 2 in
01:14wide and 0.6 in deep while you need to
01:17have both of these pumps on you pretty
01:18much 24/7 the experience of using a cube
01:22pump versus a tubeless pump is
01:24completely different with the t- slim
01:26you can easily disconnect from the pump
01:29to take a shower go for a swim or have
01:31some fun time in bed with your partner
01:33and connect again when you're done with
01:35that the pot is literally stuck to your
01:38skin 24/7 you can't take it off and put
01:41it back on whenever you feel like it and
01:43it's probably a reason why the omnipod 5
01:45is waterprof you can shower and swim
01:47with it it allows you to dip in 25 ft of
01:50water for up to 60 Minutes without
01:52damaging the pot T Max 2 is only water
01:55resistant up to 3 ft for up to 30
01:58minutes so I recommend disconnecting
02:00from it before any kind of water
02:02activities just keep in mind that
02:04whenever you disconnect from the pump
02:06you're basically without insulin which
02:08makes sense now I love how much smaller
02:10and more discrete the omnipod 5 is it's
02:13a lot easier to hide under your clothes
02:15although it does create a little bump
02:17and when someone takes a closer look
02:19they will see the pot outline now if you
02:22ever use the tlim X2 you will agree with
02:25me that it's almost impossible to hide
02:27completely because the pump and the tube
02:30are just way too bulky plus I can't even
02:32count how many times the t- slimed out
02:34of my pocket and got stuck under the car
02:37seat in my car or how many times I got
02:40hooked to a door handle in my apartment
02:43with the tubing this just doesn't happen
02:44with a patch pump now these two pumps
02:47also provide a completely different
02:48experience when I sleep with the tlim
02:51you might wake up and find yourself with
02:53the Cub being rolled around various body
02:56parts I'm not a wild sleeper so I never
02:58ripped out the can nula in my sleep but
03:01it's not impossible with an omnip poot
03:04you won't have this problem because
03:05there is no Cube but the pot on your
03:07body might bother you quite a bit
03:10depending on your sleeping position when
03:11I have the pot on my arm or on my leg I
03:15basically can't really use that side of
03:17the body for sleeping and I have to
03:19sleep or I have to lie on the other side
03:21of the body or on my back so it can be a
03:24bit uncomfortable if you like to change
03:26the position a lot during the sleep with
03:28the t- slam I used to place the pump
03:30next to me or in my pocket and that
03:33allowed me to choose the sleeping
03:34position more freely than with the
03:36omnipod another little thing that I
03:38loved about t slim and that I really
03:40missed when I switched to omnipod was
03:42the screen light anytime and anywhere I
03:45woke up in the middle of the night in
03:46the complete darkness I always had the
03:49pump screen light and I could easily
03:51find my way to the bathroom without
03:53having to turn on the light or any other
03:55lights in the apartment and waking up
03:57any other people so the screen light was
04:00actually extremely helpful for me you
04:02know it's the little things now on the
04:04other hand the overall freedom of
04:06movement with the omnip part is amazing
04:09not having to be hooked up with the tube
04:11and moving freely during Sports and all
04:13kinds of other activities is such a
04:15freeing experience another advantage of
04:18omnipod 5 is that when you travel you
04:21don't need to carry a whole lot of
04:22supplies each pot is stored in a
04:25relatively small and flat package along
04:27with the syringe you need to fill the
04:29pot with insulin with tlim X2 you will
04:32need to pack infusion sets cartridges
04:35syringes and needles so you will end up
04:38carrying a lot more supplies one thing
04:40to consider when deciding between these
04:42two systems is that the pots are fully
04:45disposable and you will have to replace
04:47them every 3 days so once in 3 days you
04:50basically throw the whole patch pump in
04:52the trash can on the other hand it's
04:54very easy to switch from the omnipod to
04:58a different system if you change your
04:59mind you just stop ordering the pots and
05:02you're out the tlim X2 has a 4-year
05:04lifetime the only thing you need to
05:06replace every 3 days are the cartridges
05:09and the infusion sets but it's not that
05:11easy to switch to a different pump once
05:14you sign a fouryear contract with tandem
05:16so you will most likely end up using the
05:19t- slam for the full four years another
05:22difference between these two pumps is
05:24the size of the reservoir T slim stores
05:26the insulin in a bladder system which is
05:29a capacity of 300 units the minimum fill
05:32the system requires is 50 units the
05:35reservoir volume of omnipod 5 is 200
05:39units with a minimum fill of 85 units so
05:42if you're someone who needs a lot of
05:44insulin or very little insulin tlam
05:46might be a better option for you another
05:48massive difference between these two
05:50pumps is how you control them the tlam
05:52X2 pump has a color touchcreen which you
05:55can use to give yourself insulin change
05:57the pump setting and basically do
05:59everything else the omnip 5 on the other
06:02hand has no touchcreen and no buttons
06:05the pump can be fully controlled from
06:06your smartphone or a controller which
06:09you can get in the starter kit tlim X2
06:11cannot be fully controlled from a
06:13smartphone tandem's tconnect app can be
06:16only used to view the data from your
06:19pump and in the US you can give yourself
06:21BS using the tconnect app but you cannot
06:24fully control the pump from the phone by
06:27the way what I really like about the T
06:28X2 is that it's almost impossible to
06:31forget the pump somewhere like it's
06:33impossible to leave it at home because
06:35you're hooked to it all the time with
06:38the infusion set I also really love that
06:40anytime I want to check my blood sugar I
06:43just reach into my pocket and press the
06:45Wake button that's it whenever I want to
06:48eat something or give myself insulin I
06:50just pull up the pump and do it with
06:53omnipod 5 and a smartphone or this
06:55controller it's actually a completely
06:58different user experience erience
06:59because it's not hooked up to me and
07:02it's really happened to me many times
07:04that I forgot it at home and whenever I
07:06just want to quickly check my blood
07:08sugar I need to pull up my phone out of
07:10my pocket and something else on the
07:12phone might grab my attention I often
07:14end up doing something completely
07:16different that I wanted to do on my
07:18phone and I completely forget that I
07:21actually wanted to check my blood sugar
07:23now to be fair both of these systems
07:25have really powerful algorithms and
07:27these algorithms adjust your B insulin
07:30delivery so you don't need to check your
07:32blood sugar all the time the system and
07:34the algorithms are built in way to keep
07:38the blood sugar in the control it's kind
07:40of the point but I personally like to
07:42look at the blood sugar quite often now
07:44one more thing about the tlim X2 the
07:46display of the pump is really good
07:48looking and the touchcreen is very
07:50responsive but you simply get better
07:52touchscreen experience with a controller
07:55or smartphone and the omnipod 5 and
07:58what's really cool about the OM 5 is
08:00that the algorithm resides inside the
08:02pot so even if you forget your
08:04controller at home the pot will still
08:06adjust your basil insulin dose depending
08:09on how your blood sugar is trending
08:11you'll just not be able to ballus or
08:13change your settings without this
08:15controller next we need to talk about
08:17battery life the tlam has a USB
08:19rechargeable battery from my experience
08:21I can go for about 4 to six days while
08:25using Bluetooth to read data from my
08:27continuous glucose monitor which is
08:29great but the pump also takes an hour to
08:31fully charge and during that time you
08:34need to be hooked up with a cord to a
08:37socket or a USB Bank the battery in the
08:39omnipod 5 controller lasts for about 2
08:43days sometimes even less while using
08:45Bluetooth to read data from my
08:47continuous lucose monitor if you use
08:49your phone you can be sure that the
08:51omnipod 5 app will cause some additional
08:54battery drain but on the other hand the
08:56pot itself which you have on your body
08:58doesn't need to be connected to anything
09:01you're just charging the remote
09:02controller and that's a completely
09:04different experience and it's a lot
09:06easier now before we get to the most
09:08exciting things about these devices and
09:11that's the algorithms I want to talk a
09:13little bit about the side change process
09:15as I already mentioned omnipod 5 is
09:17disposable and it officially last 72
09:20hours now it will let you go for another
09:228 hours but then it will completely shut
09:25off and it will force you to do a side
09:27change after 80 hours with tlx2 you
09:30should also change the infusion site
09:32every 3 days but you have a little bit
09:34more flexibility because the pump
09:36doesn't force you to anything even if
09:38you go four or 5 days the pump kind of
09:41doesn't know about it now a big plus of
09:44tlim X2 is that you have a choice when
09:47it comes to infusion sets you can choose
09:49between autosoft 90 with soft canula and
09:52the 90 Dee angle Auto soft 30 with soft
09:55canula and a 30° angle very soft which
09:58has a variable angle soft canula or true
10:01steel which uses an actual needle with
10:04omnipod 5 you only have one choice and
10:06that's the soft canula that's part of
10:09the pot now I don't have complaints
10:11about any of these canulas but I know
10:13that some people prefer the true steel
10:16prefer steel canulas because they are
10:18more gentle to the skin tissue and with
10:20omnipod 5 there are no steel canulas so
10:23just keep that in mind if you're one of
10:24those people now in general you can use
10:26the same infusion sites with both pumps
10:29your abdomen legs lower back arms and
10:32upper buttocks but I noticed that there
10:34are sides that are not very practical to
10:36be used with omnipod 5 and there are
10:38other sides that are not very practical
10:41to be used with TLX 2 at least for me
10:44for example my lower back because when I
10:46lie on my bed or travel on an airplane
10:49uh the pot on my back gets in the way a
10:52lot more than the te-am infusion set
10:54which is a lot sleeker than the pot on
10:57the other hand it's super convenient and
10:59to wear my omnipod on my arm but placing
11:02an infusion set of a tube pump on my arm
11:04is a nightmare because I have no idea
11:07what I would do with the tubing another
11:09thing I want to talk about is the
11:10insulin waste and there are two ways to
11:12look at this omnipod 5 is tubeless so
11:15the insulin waste during the priming
11:17process is less than the tly where there
11:20will always be some unused insulin left
11:22in the tubing when you dispose of an old
11:25infusion set on the other hand omnibot
11:27also has a hard stop every 80 hours so
11:30you might end up in a situation where
11:32you will still have quite a bit of
11:34unused insulin left in the pot which
11:36will probably be wasted this slim
11:38doesn't have a heart stop so you can
11:40always delay the cartrid change a little
11:42bit longer to use most of the insulin in
11:44the cartridge now if you're in an
11:46emergency situation you can always pull
11:49the unused insulin from the cartridge of
11:51both pumps and reuse it but keep in mind
11:54that the insulin will go bad at some
11:56point so only do this at your own risk
11:59another thing to consider when picking
12:00your infusion site is your CGM sensor to
12:03get the most out of the algorithm you
12:06need a constant data transfer from the
12:08sensor to the pump but the blood glucose
12:10information from the sensor is sent via
12:13Bluetooth and as you might know
12:15Bluetooth signal doesn't travel very
12:17well through the human body that's why
12:19it's really important to have the sensor
12:22and the pump in one line of sight that
12:25way your body doesn't block the signal
12:27with omnipod 5 you need to think about
12:29this proactively whenever you're
12:31applying a new pot or a new sensor once
12:34you place your omnipod here and your
12:36deck come here the signal will be
12:39traveling very poorly and there is
12:41nothing you can do about it once the pot
12:43is applied the only thing you can do is
12:45to take it off and apply a new pot and
12:47you just wasted the pot with the tandem
12:49pump is a lot easier because you can
12:51move it around you can take it out of
12:53one pocket and put it to another pocket
12:56now speaking of CGM sensors both omnipod
12:58and and tlim X2 currently work with
13:01Dexcom G6 but this will change soon both
13:04companies are working on integrating
13:05Dexcom G7 and freestyle libr 2 in late
13:092023 or early 2024 and I expect
13:13freestyle Library 3 to follow tandem
13:15seems to be slightly ahead of insulet on
13:18integrating these additional sensors so
13:21they might be able to launch them
13:23earlier but we will see and now we're
13:25moving to the most exciting part of this
13:28video with talk about the algorithms the
13:30omnipod 5 and the TD max2 both look at
13:33your current blood glucose value from
13:35the CGM your glucose Trend and they make
13:38adjustments to your basil rate based on
13:41your predicted future glucose depending
13:43on where you're at and how your blood
13:45sugar is stranding they might give you
13:47more insulin less insulin or even shut
13:50off the insulin delivery completely if
13:52you're dropping too fast you can use
13:54both pumps in a manual mode too but I'm
13:56mostly going to talk about the automated
13:58mode because that's what I used 99% of
14:00the time it's what I think the most
14:02reasonable thing to do with these smart
14:04pumps the omnipod 5 is using the smart
14:06adjust algorithm and the TLX 2 is using
14:09control IQ algorithm now both of these
14:12algorithms are super smart but they are
14:14also very different one of the key
14:16differences is that the omnipod 5
14:19algorithm is adaptive every time you put
14:21on a new po it learns about you and the
14:24system should get better with every po
14:27as your lifestyle changes the system
14:28system adapts with you and it makes
14:30changes to your basil rate automatically
14:33tandem doesn't have an Adaptive
14:34algorithm it uses basil rates that you
14:37set up manually as a Baseline and never
14:39adjust them if you want to adjust the
14:41Baseline basil rates you need to do that
14:44manually with tandem now here is what it
14:46means in real life I had a very smooth
14:48transition to tandem's control IQ it
14:51instantly improved my blood sugar and it
14:53increased my timing range from day one
14:55with omnipod 5 I had completely
14:58different experience I had a quite Rocky
15:00start and I hear that from many people
15:03that they have a rocky start because the
15:05system needs quite a bit of time to
15:07learn your body and your insulin needs
15:10my blood sugars were running high with
15:12the omnipod 5 and my timing range was
15:14terrible at the beginning it took at
15:16least a week maybe a couple weeks for
15:18the algorithm to learn and get the blood
15:21sugar under control and time and range
15:23back to where it was when I started and
15:25I think the main reason why the
15:27onboarding with the control IQ was way
15:29easier was that I already knew my
15:32optimal basil rays and the system
15:34basically took them over and started
15:36using them as a baseline the omnipod 5
15:39system is designed to use only the total
15:42insulin dose as a Baseline and at the
15:44beginning it was very conservative it
15:46was actually giving me 25% less total
15:49insulin per day than was my normal dose
15:53it was not giving me enough insulin at
15:55the beginning it did start giving me
15:57more insulin after it learned more about
15:59my body but the first two weeks were
16:02quite tough so from my experience
16:04getting started with control IQ way
16:06easier than getting started with smart
16:09adjust another difference between the
16:10algorithms is that the omnipod 5 lets
16:13you set your glucose target range you
16:15can set it anywhere between 110 and 150
16:18mg per deciliter and you can have eight
16:20different profiles throughout the day
16:23with different Target glucose for
16:24example a lower Target in the night
16:26where you sleep and a higher Target in
16:28the afternoon when you are running
16:30errands with the TX 2 there is no way to
16:33set the target blood sugar control IQ is
16:35programmed to Target a range between 112
16:38and 160 Mig per dcil and a range between
16:41112 and 120 Mig per dcil while in the
16:45sleep mode you can switch to the sleep
16:46mode manually or have the pump turn it
16:49on and off at a predefined time of day
16:51now all these Target ranges look great
16:54on the paper but it's just a theory so
16:56let's look at how the algorithm actually
16:58does this and how it works in Real Life
17:01omnipod 5 predicts what your glucose
17:03will be in 60 minutes into the future
17:06based on your current glucose and Trend
17:08depending on that it can increase
17:11decrease or completely shut off your
17:13basil insulin delivery while trying to
17:15achieve the target glucose in 60 minutes
17:18tandem's control IQ only looks 30
17:21minutes into the future and it basically
17:23does the same thing with the only
17:25exception it can also give you a
17:26correction ballus every 60 minutes when
17:29it predicts that your blood sugar in 30
17:32minutes will be above 180 mg per
17:35deciliter now from my experience the
17:38fact that omnipod 5 looks 60 minutes
17:40into the future makes it a more
17:42proactive algorithm it's like an ocean
17:45liner it makes any changes very slowly
17:48and very smoothly because there is
17:51always enough time to achieve that
17:53Target glucose there is 60 Minute time
17:56and it works with a 60-minute time frame
17:58I have less swings in my glucose graph
18:01with the omnipod 5 control IQ is more
18:03reactive and it doesn't take that much
18:06time to react it's more like a jet ski
18:08now omnibot 5 is extremely good at
18:10preventing low blood sugars I almost
18:12never have hypos with omnipod 5 on the
18:15other hand I feel that sometimes it's
18:17too conservative and it takes forever to
18:20correct high blood sugar from my
18:22experience tlam X2 is better at
18:25correcting high blood sugars and I think
18:27it's probably because of the correction
18:29bises it's giving every 60 minutes when
18:32needed on the other hand control IQ is
18:34not as good at preventing lows when I
18:37compare it to omnipod 5 by the way both
18:40systems have an activity mode which you
18:42can turn on to avoid going low during
18:44times when you exercise when in exercise
18:47mode the control IQ automatically
18:49targets a range between 140 and 160 onod
18:525 Target is set at 150 so practically
18:56identical the only slight advantage of
18:58of omnipod 5 is that I can turn on the
19:01activity mode for a specific number of
19:03hours and it turns off automatically
19:06once the time is over with TLX 2 I need
19:08to turn off the exercise mode manually
19:11and if you're like me you might forget
19:13to do it sometimes the key to success
19:15while exercising at least for me is to
19:18turn on the activity mode well in
19:20advance of the exercise that way I can
19:22almost always keep my blood sugar in the
19:25target range another topic we absolutely
19:27need to talk about is bising because no
19:30matter how the algorithms are it is
19:32still up to you to give the premium
19:35ballus right but both systems have a
19:37very sophisticated bolus calculator to
19:39help you when the tlim X2 calculates
19:42your bolus it takes into account the
19:44amount of carbs you're planning to eat
19:46it includes a correction up or down
19:48depending on your current blood sugar
19:50number and it also considers any insulin
19:53you already have on board the omnipod 5
19:55smart bis calculator does all this too
19:58but but on top of that it also looks at
19:59your blood sugar Trend and the blood
20:01sugar prediction 60 minutes into the
20:03future and as a result of that each
20:05bolus is automatically adjusted
20:07depending on if your glucose is trending
20:09upwards or downwards this is quite cool
20:12and I like the smart BS because it does
20:14a little bit of thinking for me now one
20:16thing I love about the T slimx 2 is the
20:19extended bolus feature I can basically
20:21tell the pump what percentage of the
20:23pois I want to give right away and what
20:25percentage of the insulin I want to be
20:27Del deled later on over a defined period
20:30of time and I can do that even while in
20:32auto mode if you ever ate pizza you
20:35probably know what this is good for
20:36omnipod 5 doesn't have the extended
20:38bolus feature available in the auto mode
20:41it's only available in the manual mode
20:43they say that the smart adjust algorithm
20:45is smart enough to handle slowly
20:48absorbed meals but I would definitely
20:50like to have more control over this
20:52another nice feature of tlim X2 is the
20:54quick balls which you can initiate
20:56without looking at any screen you just
20:58use the top button and your pump can
21:00stay hidden in your pocket with omnipod
21:025 you always have to look at your
21:04controller screen while giving BS but
21:06this is not a big deal at least for me I
21:08want to share a few more key
21:10observations which I think could really
21:12help you decide which system is better
21:14for you but before I do that I just want
21:16to say that all the smart features of
21:18both of these two systems are really
21:20amazing what I enjoy the most is that
21:22whenever I get busy living my life I
21:25don't need to concern myself with my
21:26diabetes very much the algorithms take
21:29over and I know that my blood sugar will
21:32stay in the range for most of the time a
21:34quick reality check the main thing that
21:36could and probably will cause these
21:38systems to not work as well as they
21:41could is incorrect initial settings and
21:44you forgetting to balls before meals
21:47with TX 2 you have more control because
21:50you can change the basil rates anytime
21:52you want with omnipod 5 in auto mode you
21:55don't get to change or adjust the basil
21:57rates you need to fully rely on the
21:59algorithm so if you're someone who likes
22:01to be in control make a lot of changes
22:04and know what the system is doing all
22:06the time control IQ might be a better
22:08system for you because let's be honest
22:10you might not have enough patience to
22:12wait for the omnipod 5 to learn your
22:14body and not know exactly what the
22:17system is doing to the te on the other
22:19hand if you prefer the algorithm to make
22:21little changes to your basil rates as
22:23your lifestyle changes and you don't
22:26mind not knowing 100% of all the things
22:29that are happening controlling all the
22:31details omnipod 5 might be a better
22:33system for you if you can let go for a
22:36couple weeks and let the algorithm do
22:38its job omnipod 5 can do that really
22:41well I personally was able to achieve
22:43timing range above 85% and most of the
22:46time in the '90s with both of these
22:48systems and my hba1c was constantly
22:51around the 6% Mark without significant
22:55efforts with both omnip put 5 and tandem
22:58control IQ there were no major
22:59differences in the overall timing range
23:02and HBU onto you in long term but I will
23:04say that I needed completely different
23:06settings and completely different ratios
23:09like insulin to carb ratio correction
23:12ratio and the distribution between
23:14ballis and basil insulin with these two
23:18systems I will put the main ratios on
23:20the screen right now so that you can see
23:22how they were different between tlm x 2
23:25and omnipod 5 but please keep in mind
23:27that everyone is different and what
23:29works for me might not work for you this
23:31is by no means medical advice now one
23:34thing I noticed was that my blood sugar
23:36fluctuates less and I have less hypose
23:39with omnipod 5 this system is extremely
23:41good at preventing lows it likes the
23:44steady stay blood sugar and it's quite
23:47slow at correcting highs with the tlim
23:49X2 and control IQ I see definitely more
23:53spikes in my blood sugar I get more
23:55hypos but sometimes I feel like become
23:58more in control I can make changes to my
24:00basil rates whenever I want to and I
24:02don't need to wait for the system to
24:04learn something I don't need to wait for
24:06the AI to catch up question is is it a
24:08good thing or a bad thing I will leave
24:10that up to you to decide the system when
24:13you let it work on its own it can be
24:16better than a human on the other hand
24:18it's kind of like a mental game whether
24:20you are willing to put yourself fully in
24:24the Adaptive algorithm hands or if you
24:27want to be in control and I think it's a
24:29big question for everyone to answer now
24:31I'm excited to reveal my choice between
24:34these two systems in a minute but before
24:36I do that I want to share something
24:38super important while both of these
24:40pumps offer incredible benefits let's
24:43face it they are not perfect and that's
24:45where you come in and I'm super excited
24:47because there is now an easy way how you
24:49can share your diabetes expertise and
24:52even get paid for it through an
24:54organization called dq&a all members of
24:56the dq&a Community are paid to answer
24:59quarterly diabetes surveys while
25:01learning about new diabetes products and
25:04services I myself have been contributing
25:06to the dq&a surveys for a while and I
25:09know for a fact that these surveys have
25:11influenced the development of over 90
25:14devices and therapies so if you want
25:16your voice to be heard please please do
25:19me a favor and sign up for the survey at
25:22the dq&a website link is down below and
25:26huge thanks to dq&a for all they do and
25:29for making this video possible so which
25:31system am I going to use for now you
25:33know the main reason for my choice was
25:35that I really enjoyed the freedom of not
25:37having a tube and not wearing a pump in
25:40my pocket all the time I love how small
25:42and discreet the omnipod 5 is the
25:45algorithm worked reasonably well and it
25:47helped me avoid a lot of high pose I
25:49will say though that there are a few
25:51things I don't love about the omnipod 5
25:54I think the algorithm is a bit too
25:55conservative sometimes and I really miss
25:58the extended balls that's why I'm also
26:00considering trying the loop with omnipod
26:03Dash but more about that in another
26:05video guys if you have any questions for
26:07me or if you want to chat oneon-one you
26:09can sign up for my patreon or you can
26:11book a coaching session links are down
26:13below and I respond to everyone and
26:15before you make the final decision on
26:17your next inent pump please go watch my
26:20full reviews of both omnipod 5 and TLX 2
26:24I will put them both right here don't
26:26forget to join the DQ and a community
26:28and I will see you next time
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FAQs about This YouTube Video

1. Which is better, Omnipod 5 or Tandem t:slim X2 insulin pump?

The choice between Omnipod 5 and Tandem t:slim X2 insulin pumps depends on individual preferences and needs. Both systems have their unique features, and the decision should be based on factors such as design, freedom of movement, battery life, algorithms, and bolus features.

2. What are the design differences between Omnipod 5 and Tandem t:slim X2 insulin pumps?

The design differences between Omnipod 5 and Tandem t:slim X2 insulin pumps include factors such as size, weight, and user interface. Understanding these design variances can help individuals choose the system that aligns with their lifestyle and preferences.

3. How do Omnipod 5 and Tandem t:slim X2 insulin pumps differ in terms of freedom of movement?

The freedom of movement with Omnipod 5 and Tandem t:slim X2 insulin pumps varies based on factors like tubing and attachment methods. This difference can impact users who prioritize flexibility and mobility in their daily activities.

4. What are the battery life differences between Omnipod 5 and Tandem t:slim X2 insulin pumps?

Battery life is an essential consideration when choosing between Omnipod 5 and Tandem t:slim X2 insulin pumps. Understanding the duration of battery performance for each system can influence the decision-making process for individuals managing diabetes.

5. How do the algorithms and bolus features compare between Omnipod 5 and Tandem t:slim X2 insulin pumps?

The algorithms and bolus features of Omnipod 5 and Tandem t:slim X2 insulin pumps play a crucial role in managing insulin delivery. Exploring the differences in these aspects can provide valuable insights for individuals seeking the most suitable system for their diabetes management.

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