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Piccolo's strength has gone through multiple transformations, making him Goku's first serious rival, but he falls behind in power compared to the Saiyans. However, with a potential unlock and utilization of his powers as Kami and Piccolo, Piccolo reaches God-level strength, able to face powerful opponents like Gama 2. His mastery over the special beam cannon and unique abilities make him a formidable fighter.
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Piccolo has gone through various transformations and is considered Goku's first serious rival, but despite his power, he falls short compared to Goku and other Super Saiyans.
Piccolo has gone through multiple transformations throughout the series.
He has fought against powerful opponents such as Saiyans and the emperor of the universe.
Piccolo's power is considered to be unbelievable for anyone other than a Super Saiyan.
Despite training and fusion with Kami, Piccolo falls behind Goku and other Super Saiyans in terms of power.
Orange Piccolo is shown to be a prodigy, even stronger than Goku, despite being only three years old.
Piccolo is three years old when he faces Goku, who is 19 years old.
By the age of 8 or 9, Piccolo faces a powerful Saiyan named Napa.
Piccolo reaches a power level of over 1 million before even turning 10 years old.
Despite his potential, Piccolo seems to stagnate and gets surpassed by the Saiyans.
Piccolo's potential is unlocked by Shenron, allowing him to face Gamma 2 and potentially fight at a level similar to Goku and Vegeta's God forms.
Piccolo's potential is unlocked by Shenron, combining his powers as Kami and Piccolo.
Gamma 2 was designed to counter Goku and Vegeta.
The doctor seems confident in the Gammas and doesn't think they need to call upon Sal Max.
If the doctor saw Goku and Vegeta fuse into Gogeta, it may mean they think the Gammas can take him.
Piccolo's power level is compared to Gohan's ultimate form, which can keep up with blue Goku.
Piccolo's main attributes are his scratchy arms regeneration and his ability to grow giant, though it doesn't increase his power.
Piccolo has mastery over the special beam Cannon, which he trained for almost five years to learn.
With just the special beam Cannon, Piccolo can amp his power level by almost three times and take down opponents over three times his level.
Later in Dragon Ball Super, Piccolo uses the special beam Cannon against Frost, even though he is considered weaker than base Goku.
Piccolo's special beam cannon is considered one of the strongest attacks, potentially even reaching Super Saiyan Blue level.
Vegeta and Goku consider Piccolo's special beam cannon to be a powerful attack.
Piccolo's special beam cannon was able to break through a barrier that Goku and Frost couldn't.
Piccolo can charge up his special beam cannon to be on par with Super Saiyan Blue Goku.
00:07Piccolo my junior The Reincarnation of
00:10the Demon King God Piccolo has gone
00:14through a lot of Transformations
00:15throughout the series he went from the
00:18literal embodiment of the evil that
00:19lived within God to sacrificing himself
00:21for the son of the man he should hate
00:23the most he's gone through a lot of
00:24Transformations and is often considered
00:26by many as Goku's first real serious
00:29rival as the series goes on Piccolo goes
00:31from struggling against the likes of a
00:32Saiyan with the power level of 1500 to
00:35one with a level of 4 000 to then
00:37fighting the emperor of the entire
00:39universe at a level of over one million
00:42and make him go beyond that after
00:44reuniting with his people on Planet
00:45Namek later he trains for beings that
00:48Slaughter Super Saiyans that made the
00:50Dominator the universe literally
00:52his pants and in just three years many
00:55people know that Piccolo himself has so
00:56much power that it's unbelievable for
00:58anybody but a Super Saiyan actually be
01:00so strong but as we know he goes even
01:03further beyond that and he should have
01:04been able to handle Frieza easily even
01:07back in the day in the words of his own
01:09people the namekians because he is a
01:11super namekian and is just a piece of
01:14the being of Kami that he was split from
01:16and after refusing with Kami and finally
01:18becoming complete Piccolo becomes so
01:20strong he can fight on par with guys who
01:23can one shot the Super Saiyans the
01:25strongest guys in the whole universe in
01:27just one hit while not even trying he
01:29then trains for a while for the upcoming
01:30Cell games against a monstrous
01:32amalgamation a very strong guy on Earth
01:35and Frieza put together and does
01:37decently well against cell Juniors
01:39during the tournament but Falls up short
01:41compared to the newly super trained
01:43ascended Super Saiyans even while fused
01:46with Kami and complete despite training
01:48for many years leading up to the Buu
01:50saga Piccolo has fallen way behind even
01:53in seven years he can't reach the level
01:55of his old rival Goku from the Cell
01:57games that's how crazy of a boost Goku's
01:59training gave him in Super Saiyan grade
02:014. as Piccolo despite surrending out of
02:04respect is confirmed to be weaker than
02:06the current Lord of Lord words the
02:08Supreme Kai Shin Shin who is around the
02:10strength of Goku during the Cell Games
02:12this is insane and it makes you start to
02:14understand why Vegeta thought he could
02:16win a tournament that had Piccolo in it
02:18without even needing to go Super Saiyan
02:20it wouldn't be for many years until
02:22Dragon Ball's continuation Dragon Ball
02:24super that Piccolo would finally really
02:26begin to pick it back up however with
02:28Goku's now newly obtained literal God
02:31Powers it was hard to do so but
02:33eventually we get to the point of orange
02:36Piccolo where orange Piccolo finally
02:38reaches the levels of the Saiyans once
02:40again so let's go over it
02:43Piccolo is a prodigy somewhat of a
02:46stupid statement about I mean it as you
02:48know obviously in anime everyone is a
02:50prodigy for the most part but this is
02:52important as it leads us onto Orange
02:55Piccolo later so stay with me here he's
02:57a prodigy in fact I would argue way more
03:00prodigious than Goku is for many reasons
03:03and here's why do you know how old he
03:05actually is when he faces Goku for the
03:08title of strongest in the world remember
03:10Goku is about 19 years old during this
03:12tournament well do you know how old
03:14Piccolo is take a guess he seems about
03:18the same age as Goku is right well no
03:20Piccolo is three years old he's as old
03:24as a toddler and younger than Gohan when
03:26Raditz kidnaps him hopefully you see
03:28where I'm kind of going with that now by
03:30the time he is around seven to eight
03:32years old he was facing Raditz within
03:34around 24 year old Goku and by the time
03:36he is around eight or nine ish he's
03:39facing a powerful Saiyan named NAPA NAPA
03:42being a mid-class or an elite if you use
03:44kind of archaic terminology it's kind of
03:47up in the air there's a whole mid-class
03:49Elite debate Toriyama thinks the Saiyan
03:51Prince and King were the only Elites and
03:53there's 10 mid class which an app would
03:55be a part of but that's it for you guys
03:56he then goes on to reach a power level
03:58of over 1 million before even being 10
04:01years old younger than Goku when he
04:03started the series you had a power level
04:06of 10. Piccolo is over 100
04:08000 times stronger than Goku while being
04:10a few years as Junior so you'd imagine
04:12Piccolo actually has insane latent
04:14potential when he starts to show
04:16Showcase in the Android Arc for sure but
04:18why does he always seem to stagnate
04:20compared to the Saiyans in fact he
04:22begins to get surpassed by the Saiyans
04:23in their base forms not even them using
04:25ascended Super Saiyan forms by the time
04:28the Buu saga actually rolls around this
04:30may be due to how kami's influence on
04:32Piccolo may have affected his training
04:34or Piccolo just genuinely didn't find or
04:36innovate his training too much like Goku
04:38did in the afterlife and so on Dragon
04:40Ball super however corrects this greatly
04:42in Dragon Ball super Piccolo struggling
04:44with taguma in the anime he saw his
04:46weights almost happens but due to this
04:48it's highly likely Piccolo steps up his
04:51training and we see those results in the
04:53next Arc or the universe 6 art in
04:55Universe 6 Goku who has absorbed the
04:58power of a Super Saiyan God which
05:00surpasses Fusion from the Buu saga or at
05:03least Super Saiyan 3 has to fight
05:05against Frost who is basically the
05:08universe 6 version of Fraser and after
05:10Frost goes into his final form Goku has
05:12to go Super Saiyan to take him on and
05:14yes he does and you Super Saiyan as
05:16Vegeta when he's taking Frost seriously
05:18also goes Super Saiyan even against a
05:20fatigued Frost Goku then says Piccolo
05:23you don't stand a chance against him but
05:25good luck and then Piccolo with his
05:28Ingenuity and his techniques and with a
05:31special beam cannon not only actually
05:33gets the upper hand not for us and is
05:35would beat him in a fair fight but
05:37actually blasphados's barrier away that
05:40even base Goku and frost earlier weren't
05:43doing so you can really see that even in
05:45just one Arc after he gets the hint he
05:48really explodes later we see Piccolo
05:51without his weights training Gohan and
05:52he can No Joke Man it'll even Super
05:55Saiyan 2 Gohan in a fight and this isn't
05:57as unimpressive as you might assume
05:59because many of you probably assume
06:00Gohan is probably severely weakened like
06:02he was in Revival of f as this is post
06:05Zen exhibition match Super Saiyan 2
06:07Gohan meaning he is stronger than when
06:09you face Universe 9's lavender and
06:11universe 9 who can even pressure Majin
06:13Buu with lavender still being confident
06:15in face and Gohan after seeing Majin
06:17Buu's full power and seeing a roided out
06:19basil get destroyed Gohan can then
06:22easily fight him in base form and
06:24lavender needs to Blind and poison him
06:26to get the upper hand at all and even
06:28while blind and poisoned in base form he
06:30can actually somewhat fight back now you
06:32have Piccolo fighting the Super Saiyan 2
06:35version of this Gohan at full power that
06:37makes you really wonder where those
06:39gains were at in the Buu saga which sort
06:41of supports what I was saying earlier
06:42regardless you can kind of see how
06:44Piccolo should have a lot of potential
06:46but he doesn't have insane God of
06:48destruction Level Training or literal
06:50God transformations to Anthem like Goku
06:53and Vegeta do at the moment and while he
06:55has a lot of potential obviously Gohan
06:57has more as Gohan is pretty much story
06:59wise supposed to be the potential go
07:01other than Frieza and Broly maybe but
07:04even then Piccolo keeps up with a train
07:06to Gohan pretty well in the tournament
07:08of power and they combo together we then
07:10seen the manga they actually combo
07:12extremely well and by similarly despite
07:14Gohan being way stronger than he was he
07:16actually stalemates kefla in the manga
07:18now the actual manga canonicity to the
07:22Dragon Ball superhero movie I'm going to
07:24be getting into it's a little bit
07:25questionable now as with the new Goten
07:27and trunk superhero Arc apparently they
07:30might be retelling uh events from the
07:32movie so it may be possible that the
07:35manga has its own continuity so do keep
07:37that in mind but it is Canon to the
07:39anime and all the movies of course when
07:41I do get into the movies here in a
07:43second so after all this build up and
07:46fan anticipation Toriyama was finally
07:48like you know what maybe it's actually a
07:50good idea for this guy to be relevant he
07:53kind of deserves it if any character
07:54does then we see all that potential that
07:57we knew he had finally kind of get
07:59unlocked and shown by Shenron which was
08:01a thematically fitting for him for many
08:03reasons as it sort of him utilizing his
08:05powers as both Kami and Piccolo together
08:07to really become complete and all that
08:09blah blah blah blah blah this potential
08:11unlock Piccolo can actually face gamma 2
08:14very well and gamma 2 was constructed
08:17alongside Gamma 1 to actually be
08:19counters for Goku and Vegeta who the
08:22doctor has been spying on ever since
08:24Moro Broly movie not term and power
08:27because they didn't watch that but at
08:29least Revival of Frieza and many other
08:32situations they've been watching the
08:33whole time and they seem pretty
08:35confident in the Gammas and they don't
08:37seem to think they need to call upon Sal
08:39Max and this is pretty interesting as
08:41well if they saw Goku Vegeta fuse into
08:44Gogeta versus Broly as well because that
08:46may mean they think the gambas can take
08:48Gogeta which would mean that Goku and
08:51Vegeta are just so powerful now they
08:53would easily manhandle Gogeta which may
08:55not actually be that far-fetched but
08:57even if you don't think that it means
09:00even ultimate Piccolo or just like the
09:02lime-colored piccolo is probably blue
09:04Goku and Vegeta level or enough to fight
09:06with their God forms which is incredibly
09:08consistent it's incredibly consistent
09:10for that to be the case as we know Gohan
09:12with his ultimate form can keep up with
09:14blue Goku and Goku and Kaio Ken to face
09:17Gohan and this Gohan trains way less
09:19than Piccolo does so if Piccolo can
09:21reach Godly levels or almost Godly
09:24levels let's say he's only like Super
09:25Saiyan God rather than blue level it
09:27would still be pretty consistent
09:28considering what we've actually seen
09:30from the ultimate form and what it can
09:31accomplish over long periods of time
09:33then orange Piccolo appears and he just
09:36folds the Gabba the gamma can't even
09:38make Piccolo Flinch by punching him and
09:41he punches him one time and folds him
09:43like a Looney Tunes character he turns
09:45him into like a piece of paper he
09:46crumples it up and throws it away easily
09:49and this is when it's finally stated by
09:51Toriyama it's nice that Piccolo has
09:54caught up to Goku and the others now
09:57superhero is not canon to the manga
09:58however Moro and granola and a lot of
10:01those arcs are suggested in the
10:03promotional material so even if they're
10:05not one to one two the Manga version or
10:08what happens in the manga it's still
10:09very likely that this will take place
10:11even in the anime continuity after this
10:13time meaning orange Piccolo is probably
10:15really not joking in those Ultra
10:19instinct or Ultra ego arranges of power
10:22and honestly I'm all for it now that
10:24we've kind of gone over how he finally
10:26reached Goku and the others Piccolo like
10:29Vegito cell and many other characters
10:31also has a very wide unique arsenal of
10:34abilities however his main attributes
10:38are obviously scratchy arms regeneration
10:41growing giant overgrowing giant doesn't
10:44increase his power apparently it might
10:46increase his strength which was shown
10:48against Bell Max I don't know what you
10:49guys think of it actually increases
10:50strength or just made it easier but he
10:53can grow bigger even though it doesn't
10:54increase his power but his main thing is
10:57his Mastery over the special beam Cannon
10:59so the special beam Cannon for Piccolo
11:01is a little bit more unique at least
11:03compared to what we see from cell cell
11:06Junior and even ajinbu go tanks and
11:09Piccolo absorbed because when those
11:11characters use it they kind of seem to
11:13look down on the ability right so when
11:15you see Majin Buu use it he just kind of
11:17throws it out and he's like actually
11:19seems like you know quite the punch now
11:20that I'm using it Sal and the others
11:22they kind of just use it pretty casually
11:24but when Piccolo does it Piccolo seems
11:26to have a type of Mastery or finesse
11:29with it where you can tell he was
11:30training for almost five years straight
11:32to learn it so when he only has a power
11:34level 408 against Raditz he's able to
11:37basically amp his power level by almost
11:39three times to over 1200 with just the
11:42special beam Cannon though he can
11:44actually take down opponents over three
11:46times his level with the special beam
11:48Cannon unless you think that Goku and
11:49Piccolo had power levels around 900 or
11:52almost a thousand like Vegeta suggest
11:53but they can just like concentrate it
11:55into one attack and then amp it slightly
11:57but the reason I think it actually might
11:59amp him at least a few times or several
12:02times even then is because later on in
12:04super when he finally gets to use the
12:06special beam Cannon again he does it
12:08against Frost now Piccolo is considered
12:10weaker than base Goku right that seems
12:12to be like very unanimous Goku and
12:15everyone seems to think pickle glow
12:16would get folded by him we see that Goku
12:18is fighting you know final form Frieza
12:21and Piccolo was just recently getting
12:23jobbed by freezes Lackey who would get
12:26annihilated by him in his first form
12:28which is over 200 times weaker than his
12:30final form at least using the official
12:32multipliers from The namic Arc which was
12:34530 000 to 120 million so even if you
12:38said you know final form produces only
12:3960 million and 100 power was like some
12:41amp it'd still be like a hundred bulb
12:43almost so Piccolo was severely outgunned
12:47by base Goku and obviously base Goku
12:49absorbs Super Saiyan God and this was
12:51why so we see this then against Frost
12:53right and it seems to take Super Saiyan
12:56to handle frost over 50 times what it
12:58took to fight against Frieza then even
13:00Vegeta when he comes in seems to take
13:02Frost pretty seriously and he's actually
13:04kind of going out in Super Saiyan to
13:06fight him and Goku and Vegeta are
13:07considered relatively even they were
13:09scrapping for years on end of the Time
13:11Chamber so then you have Piccolo come in
13:13he might be 50 times weaker than oku and
13:16Vegeta and then he's able to make a
13:19multi-shadow clone plan with his
13:21stretchy arms and create a special beam
13:23Cannon which allegedly would have one
13:26shot Frost now remember special beam
13:28cannon from Piccolo also blew through
13:29the barrier that bados made that many
13:32attacks the third form Frost at full
13:34power and base Goku were not able to do
13:37but this special beam Cannon may have
13:38actually amped it by over 50 times
13:40possibly over 200 times if you think the
13:43disparity between Goku and Vegeta hasn't
13:45changed in base form but it actually
13:47gets even more impressive as Piccolo
13:49seems to master the special beam Cannon
13:51even further and in Dragon Ball super
13:52the reason I say this is because
13:54eventually by the time Gohan has his
13:57rematch with Goku it seems like Piccolo
14:00and bass Gohan were actually somewhat
14:02relative and then when Gohan goes
14:05ultimate that Piccolo can still actually
14:07consider his special Bean Cannon their
14:10ultimate trump card in all their combos
14:12so this Super Saiyan blue level Gohan
14:14that required Goku to go Kaioken Piccolo
14:17can charge up his special beam Cannon to
14:19be super saiyan blue Goku level
14:20basically with their combos after
14:23charging it long enough and it's
14:24considered pretty much the strongest
14:26thing in their little Duo and the whole
14:27point they do is for him to charge up
14:29the attack to that degree which is
14:30another reason I consider ultimate
14:32Piccolo probably blue level because if
14:34he can charge up a special beam cannon
14:35that strong why would ultimate Piccolo
14:37just be weaker than something you can do
14:39with a special beam Cannon though that's
14:41kind of a little bit of my rationale
14:43with that also he also has the light
14:45grenade from Kami and the hell Zone
14:47grenade the hell Zone grenade creates
14:48basically like a Minefield so the
14:49opponent can't escape and the hell Zone
14:51grenade might be considered stronger
14:53than the special beam Cannon however it
14:55seems like he never honed the hell Zone
14:57grenade nearly as much as the special
14:58beam Cannon the special beam Cannon
14:59seems to be like this limitlessly
15:01chargeable thing that can be used
15:04against almost anybody so long as you
15:06have the right amount of time almost
15:07like a Spirit Bomb so Piccolo if he is
15:10caught up to Goku and the others let's
15:12say he is ultra instin Goku and Ultra
15:14ego Vegeta level well is when he charges
15:16up that special beam Cannon to be 400
15:18times stronger than his base form or
15:20even like three times would he just be
15:21stronger than Goku with a special beam
15:23Cannon so I'm really hoping that
15:24something like that happens anyways guys
15:26I hope you enjoyed the video thank you
15:27for watching have a good day
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FAQs about This YouTube Video

1. How has Piccolo's strength evolved over time?

Piccolo's strength has gone through multiple transformations, making him Goku's first serious rival, but he falls behind in power compared to the Saiyans. However, with a potential unlock and utilization of his powers as Kami and Piccolo, Piccolo reaches God-level strength, able to face powerful opponents like Gama 2.

2. What are the unique abilities that make Piccolo a formidable fighter?

Piccolo's mastery over the special beam cannon and unique abilities make him a formidable fighter. His strategic combat skills, regeneration ability, and use of stretchy arms give him an edge in battles.

3. How does Piccolo's strength compare to the Saiyans?

Piccolo falls behind in power compared to the Saiyans, but with his potential unlock and utilization of his powers as Kami and Piccolo, he reaches God-level strength, able to face powerful opponents like Gama 2.

4. What role did Kami play in enhancing Piccolo's strength?

Kami played a crucial role in enhancing Piccolo's strength, as Piccolo merged with Kami to become stronger. This merge unlocked powerful new abilities and significantly increased Piccolo's power level.

5. How does Piccolo's strength enable him to face powerful opponents like Gama 2?

Piccolo's God-level strength, mastery over the special beam cannon, and unique abilities enable him to face powerful opponents like Gama 2. His strategic combat skills and regeneration ability further contribute to his capability in facing formidable opponents.

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