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The CIA found an unexpected assortment of content on Osama bin Laden's hard drives, including anime, video games, and crocheting tutorials. The files also revealed his involvement in Al-Qaeda's plans and operations, as well as his continued leadership even in hiding. The discovery sheds light on the terrorist's personal life and interests beyond his notorious actions.
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Surprising files discovered on Osama bin Laden's hard drives include anime, video games, unsavory internet content, meme videos, crocheting tutorials, and odd pornography.
Navy SEALs extracted bin Laden's body to prevent fanatics from worshiping it.
The CIA released a large amount of the hard drives' contents to the public, but some files were not released due to their sensitive nature.
Around 470,000 digital files, amounting to 250 gigabytes of data, were secured from bin Laden's hard drives.
Osama bin Laden's hard drive had documentaries about himself and conspiracy theories
Osama bin Laden's hard drive contained documentaries about himself, including CNN's "In the Footsteps of bin Laden" and "World's Most Wanted"
He also had recordings of the 2008 documentary "Where in the World is Osama bin Laden?" created by Morgan Spurlock
The hard drive also contained the conspiracy theory documentary "Loose Change" about the 9/11 attacks, which has been debunked many times
Osama bin Laden's hard drive contained pixilated porn and meme videos, including "Charlie Bit My Finger," as well as a surprising collection of cat videos and crocheting tutorials.
Some journalists believe that the pixilated porn on bin Laden's hard drive may have been used to send coded messages to other members of Al-Qaeda.
Bin Laden had a collection of YouTube videos and enjoyed watching meme videos that were popular in the United States.
His hard drive also contained numerous cat videos, suggesting that he may have found them amusing.
Surprisingly, bin Laden had a large collection of crocheting videos on his hard drive.
Osama bin Laden had a variety of unusual files on his hard drive, including documentaries on sex crimes in the Vatican and videos about angels, as well as a large collection of anime shows.
One of the documentaries found on bin Laden's hard drive was about sex crimes in the Vatican.
There was a file titled "How.many.Angels.are.there," which could refer to a documentary or video about the number of angels in heaven.
Several episodes of Tom and Jerry and the Pink Panther were also found on the hard drive.
Bin Laden had a vast collection of anime shows, including Naruto, Bleach, and Dragon Ball Z.
Osama bin Laden had several video games on his hard drive, including Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars, Counter-Strike, Zuma Deluxe, and Sniper Elite: Nazi Zombie Army 2.
He had an emulator installed for Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars.
Osama and his friends likely played as terrorists in Counter-Strike.
They may have set up their own LAN network to play Counter-Strike against each other.
They also played Zuma Deluxe and Sniper Elite: Nazi Zombie Army 2.
Osama bin Laden still ran Al-Qaeda even while in hiding, giving orders and making religious rulings within the terrorist organization.
Files recovered from his hard drives showed he gave up some power to his second in command, Ayman al-Zawahri.
SEAL Team Six recovered a lot of information during their raid on his compound, where several of his wives and children were present.
Osama bin Laden owned several books on the U.S. and its diplomacy tactics, likely used to understand his enemy and plot new ways to terrorize the free world.
00:00Osama Bin Laden was an awful person who did  terrible things. Therefore, it should come as  
00:04no surprise that when the CIA examined the  hard drives recovered from his compound,  
00:07they found awful things. When they dug deeper  into what was actually on the hard drives,  
00:12some surprising files were discovered. We  now know Osama bin Landen was watching anime,  
00:16playing video games, and exploring some of the  more unsavory aspects of the internet. Get ready  
00:21because what you are about to discover on this  terrorist’s hard drive will shock and appall you.
00:25On May 2, 2011, a group of Navy SEALs infiltrated  Osama bin Laden’s compound in Abbottabad,  
00:31Pakistan. During this heroic mission, five  terrorists, including Bin Laden himself and  
00:36one of his sons, were killed. The special forces  unit moved through the compound with precision,  
00:40ensuring that even after they killed bin  Laden, they extracted his body so that it  
00:44could be thrown into the ocean at a later  date. This was done to keep fanatics from  
00:48worshiping it. During this mission, the  SEAL team secured several hard drives,  
00:51flash drives, and computers that  contained some pretty crazy things.
00:54The CIA released a large amount  of the hard drives’ contents to  
00:58"further enhance public understanding" of  Al-Qaeda. However, what the average person  
01:02wasn’t expecting was the enormous number  of meme videos, crocheting tutorials,  
01:06and odd pornographic choices that were contained  on Osama bin Laden’s hard drives. That being said,  
01:11not everything was released to the  public, as there were files used to  
01:14locate other terrorist leaders and videos  too gruesome to circulate to the public.
01:18All in all, around 470,000 digital files  amounting to 250 gigabytes of data were  
01:24secured from Osama Bin Laden's hard drives. And  each file was more surprising than the last.
01:28Obviously, you would expect to find  terrorist-related information on a  
01:32terrorist’s hard drive. And although the CIA  likely didn’t release most of the documentation  
01:37relating to Al-Qaeda's plans and activities, they  did release something pretty interesting. One of  
01:42the documents on the hard drives was an Al-Queda  recruitment form. This may seem odd as when you  
01:46think of recruitment forms, you probably  have a business or not-for-profit in mind,  
01:50but it would seem that Al-Qaeda needed some  kind of document to vet their recruits.
01:53However, unlike a traditional recruitment form,  the questions found on Al-Qaeda’s equivalent were  
01:58unique to their line of work. Questions like:  ‘do you wish to execute a suicide operation?'  
02:03were included in the application along with less  blunt questions like ‘what are your favorite  
02:08hobbies or past times?’ It’s unclear if the  answers to these questions either qualified  
02:12or disqualified a candidate from becoming a  terrorist, but this is just one of the many  
02:16documents that give us a glimpse into Al-Qaeda’s  vetting process and how the organization was run.
02:20Other terrorist-related information on the  hard drives included videos and speeches of  
02:25Osama’s son, Hamza bin Laden. It was assumed  that Hamza would take over the organization  
02:30when his father either passed away  or could no longer lead Al-Qaeda,  
02:33so documentary footage was archived on  the hard drives for historical purposes.  
02:37Al-Qaeda also used these videos and images  as propaganda to show that Hamza would be a  
02:42strong leader. However, the videos on the  hard drive seem to contradict this image.
02:46There was an hour-long wedding video on one of the  hard drives, which droned on and seemed to have no  
02:52real significance. Hamza is seen sporting a thin  mustache and looking relatively unhappy throughout  
02:57the whole thing. Images from the wedding were also  used in some of the terrorist group’s propaganda,  
03:01but the footage was cut to portray Hamza  in a positive light. Some of the images  
03:05and videos on the hard drives were likely  used to identify and locate Hamza. In 2019  
03:09Hamza was killed in a U.S. counterterrorism  operation somewhere in Afghanistan or Pakistan.
03:14The hard drives also consisted of plans  and preparations for the 10th anniversary  
03:18of September 11th and ways to use the Arab Spring  uprisings to Al-Qaeda’s advantage. The information  
03:23on Osama Bin Laden’s hard drives was not meant  to be seen by anyone outside of Al-Qaeda,  
03:28as they included details that would allow the U.S.  to interrupt their plans. However, it’s the things  
03:33other than terrorist plots and speeches found  on the hard drives that were the most shocking.
03:38It probably comes as no surprise that Osama bin  Laden was a narcissist. His hard drive tells  
03:43this story almost perfectly. This awful human  loved documentaries about himself. In fact,  
03:47his hard drives were loaded with shows such  as CNN’s “In the Footsteps of bin Laden” and  
03:52“World's Most Wanted.” It’s plausible that  these shows were downloaded just to keep  
03:56tabs on what the U.S. media knew about  him, but there was no reason to save the  
04:00files after they were watched if that was  the only thing they were being used for.
04:04It’s not hard to imagine Osama  bin Laden watching documentaries  
04:07about himself and finding pleasure in  them. This is a disgusting thought,  
04:10but bin Laden was a disgusting man. He also had  recordings of the 2008 documentary “Where in the  
04:15World is Osama bin Laden?” created by Morgan  Spurlock, the man who made Super Size Me.
04:20Perhaps the craziest documentary that  Osama bin Laden had on his hard drive  
04:24was “Loose Change,” which theorized that  the attack on the World Trade Centers and  
04:28Pentagon was a false flag operation. The  documentary has been debunked countless  
04:33times and has no real evidence or validity  to it. It’s just odd that Osama bin Laden,  
04:37the man who orchestrated the 9/11 attacks, would  have a copy of this particular documentary on  
04:42his hard drive. Maybe it was a reminder  of just how gullible some people can be,  
04:46or perhaps he kept it as a memento, just like  all of the other documentaries about him.
04:50We know bin Laden was crazy and super paranoid,  and rightfully so, as he had the world’s most  
04:55powerful military looking for him constantly.  However, a document on his hard drive showed just  
05:00how nervous he was about being tracked down.  In one folder, there were a set of messages  
05:04from bin Laden to one of his wives. In it, he  told the wife that they put a tracking device  
05:09in her filling when she went to a dentist in  Iran. Osama described it as “the size of the  
05:13chip is about the length of a grain of wheat,  and the width of a fine piece of vermicelli.”
05:17It’s not entirely clear what bin Laden did about  this paranoid delusion, but it’s not out of the  
05:22realm of possibility that he forced his wife to  have the tooth removed. There is also no evidence  
05:27that a tracking device was ever put in her  tooth or if this was even possible at the time.
05:31As we go deeper into the hard drives of Osama  bin Laden, things start to get stranger and  
05:35stranger. For example, some of the porn  he had on it wasn’t the most conventional.
05:39Osama bin Laden was into some kinky  stuff. On his hard drive were bootleg  
05:44copies of obscure porn titles that came  from old arcade games. For example,  
05:48games like Fantasy ’95 or Perestroika Girls  rewarded players who progressed through the  
05:53story with badly drawn pictures of naked or  scantily clad anime women. These pictures  
05:58were either pixilated characters or extremely  low-resolution pictures of real nude women.
06:03This seems like an odd choice for porn, however,  
06:05it wouldn’t be uncharacteristic for Osama  bin Laden to have strange tastes when it  
06:09came to what interested him. That being  said, some journalists believe that the  
06:13pixilated porn might have been used to send  coded messages to other members of Al-Qaeda.
06:17Bin Laden was afraid of relaying any messages  via email as they might be tracked back to him.  
06:21This was also probably not the most secure way of  sending messages to his terrorist organization,  
06:26especially if he didn’t want the US to  find out what his plans were. Therefore,  
06:30it’s hypothesized that he may have hidden secret  orders or messages within the pornographic images  
06:34or games he had on his hard drive. But some  experts have another hypothesis as to why bin  
06:39Laden had so much pixilated porn on his hard  drive. They say he may have just been into it.
06:44Osama bin Laden wasn’t only into watching porn;  there were also many other surprising videos,  
06:48shows, and movies that were  discovered on his hard drives.
06:51Think back to around 2007 and the  meme videos that came out on YouTube.  
06:56Perhaps the most famous video of  all was “Charlie Bit My Finger”.  
07:09It was so popular that even Osama bin Laden  saw it. When going through the files on his  
07:13hard drives, the CIA was surprised to find that  bin Laden had downloaded a lot of YouTube videos  
07:18and even enjoyed watching the meme videos  that were coming out in the United States.
07:21There were numerous cat videos on the hard drive,  which may suggest that bin Laden was a cat person,  
07:27or at least he found them amusing. One of  the most surprising assortments of videos  
07:30that bin Laden downloaded off the internet had  nothing to do with terrorism or memes. Instead,  
07:35he had a huge collection of crocheting videos.  This may seem weird for a mass murderer and  
07:40leader of a terrorist organization,  but when bin Laden was in hiding,  
07:43there probably wasn’t a whole  lot to do. He may have taken up  
07:46crocheting as a hobby and learned how to  do various patterns using YouTube videos.
07:50For example, files like How_to_Crochet_a_Basket,  
07:53Stripe_Crochet_Beanie_Cap_Hat, and  Star_Rainbow_Crochet_Applique’, were  
07:58some of the numerous crocheting files found on bin  Laden’s hard drive. We aren’t sure if he was the  
08:03one doing all of the crocheting, but someone  in Al-Queda had a real interest in knitting.
08:07The other odd part about the videos on Osama bin  Laden’s hard drive was that there were a number  
08:11of educational videos for young children. Maybe  these are what bin Laden used to learn English?  
08:16Files like: Twinkle_Twinkle_Little_Star,  The_New_FAST_Alphabet_-_ABC_Phonics_Chant,  
08:21and 1-2_buckle_my_shoe, suggest that bin Laden  struggled with his ABCs. In all fairness,  
08:26the Arabic alphabet is different than the  Latin alphabet, but the videos he chose  
08:30to learn the ABCs from probably didn’t  have to be children’s sing-along songs.
08:34Bin Laden also liked other documentaries  besides just the ones that were about him. Yet,  
08:38like everything else on his hard  drive, there seemed to be some  
08:40odd choices. Perhaps Osama bin Laden was  looking for dirt on the Christian church,  
08:44or maybe he just found scandals fascinating,  but one of the documentaries was “Sex Crimes  
08:49and the Vatican.” Another file was titled  How.many.Angels.are.there, which could refer  
08:54to a documentary about how many angels there are  in heaven. Or perhaps this was just a YouTube  
08:58video that literally explained how many angels  there are in the Quran or other holy writings.
09:02Osama bin Laden also enjoyed his cartoons.  There were several episodes of Tom and Jerry,  
09:08along with the Pink Panther, found on the hard  drive. But perhaps the most intriguing video file  
09:12of all is the one that is titled: Bubbles.wmv.  Is this just a video of someone blowing bubbles?  
09:18Is it about how to make bubbles? Or is it  something else entirely? We may never know.
09:22There also appears to be a lot of anime  fans at Osama bin Laden’s compound because  
09:27a large amount of space on the hard  drives was dedicated to anime shows.
09:31It may be hard to imagine Osama bin Laden and his  terrorist friends sitting around watching anime,  
09:35but the sheer number of videos on the hard drives  suggests that this is exactly what happened. Osama  
09:40enjoyed Naruto, Bleach, and Dragon Ball Z. On top  of that, there was also The Devil May Cry and a  
09:46number of anime crossovers that only hardcore  anime fans even knew existed. It’s actually  
09:50impressive how vast of an anime collection  Osama bin Laden had on his hard drives.
09:55This also goes to show just how much pirating  of copyrighted materials Al-Qaeda did. Copyright  
10:00infringement probably isn’t the most pressing  concern for a terrorist organization, but it does  
10:04mean someone in Al-Qaeda put a lot of time and  effort into illegally procuring all of the anime  
10:08videos along with other digital content. We will  never know if this was at the order of Osama bin  
10:13Laden or if someone else in the organization  took it upon themselves to load up the hard  
10:17drives with anime, but the massive amount of files  suggests it was likely being watched regularly.
10:21For someone who hated the western world so much,  
10:24bin Laden had a lot of Hollywood  blockbusters on his hard drive.
10:27Animated movies like Antz, Cars, Ice Age,  and Chicken Little were all found on the  
10:32hard drives. But these weren’t the only movies  found. It would seem Osama and his crew were  
10:37also into action flicks. The hard drives had  files for Resident Evil, The Three Musketeers,  
10:41and Batman: Gotham Knight. Perhaps  these were for research purposes,  
10:45but it seems much more likely that Osama bin  Laden and the terrorists that surrounded him  
10:49just enjoyed watching flicks that came from  the part of the world they saw as the enemy.
10:53To be fair, there wasn’t a whole  lot to do in the compound while  
10:57hiding from drones and U.S. operatives  that were hunting them down. Therefore,  
11:00bin Laden needed a large number of  entertainment options to keep himself  
11:03busy. And what better way is there to kill time  than by playing hours upon hours of video games?
11:09It would seem Osama had a liking for Nintendo  games. There were several emulators stored on the  
11:13hard drives collected from the compound, and most  of the files associated with them were for classic  
11:18Nintendo DS games like Mario & Luigi: Partners in  Time, New Super Mario Bros, Metroid Prime Hunters,  
11:24and Yoshi's Island DS. However, not all of  the video games were based around Nintendo’s  
11:29fun-loving plumber and his friends. There was  also a hardcore gamer side to things as well.
11:33Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars was another game  on Osama’s hard drive. Like with the DS games,  
11:38there was an emulator installed for bin Laden to  play to his heart’s content. The Grand Theft Auto  
11:43franchise seems much more in line with Osama bin  Laden’s personality since he could kill innocent  
11:48civilians and cause mayhem. You can imagine  him playing until the wee hours of the night,  
11:51trying to get away from the cops and  wreaking havoc across Chinatown. Luckily,  
11:55he wasn’t able to get rid of his  wanted status in the real world,  
11:58and SEAL Team Six took him out to ensure  he would never hurt anyone ever again.
12:02Just like Grand Theft Auto, another game on  Osama’s hard drive makes sense when you think  
12:06about it. Members of Al-Qaeda and their leader had  access to Counter-Strike, a first-person shooter  
12:11where players work together as either terrorists  trying to plant a bomb or counter-terrorist forces  
12:16trying to stop them. We’ll give you one guess  which team Osama and his friends liked to play on.
12:20This game normally requires an internet connection  to play against other people across the world.  
12:24However, bin Laden and the crew at the compound  may have set up their own LAN network to play  
12:29against one another. Again, it’s probably pretty  obvious which side Al-Qaeda members wanted to be  
12:33on. The LAN network would have been more  secure so that they couldn’t be traced,  
12:37which means if you ever played Counter Strike  back in the day, you probably didn’t face off  
12:40against Osama or members of Al-Qaeda.  Although, we do not know that for sure.
12:44On top of the video games already mentioned,  there seemed to be a decent amount of time  
12:48spent playing Zuma Deluxe to pass the time.  You have to remember that around 2007,  
12:53these types of games were all the rage. It’s  interesting to note that Osama and his group  
12:57at the compound seemed pretty up-to-date  with their gaming practices. These men  
13:01also spent their time killing zombies  in Sniper Elite: Nazi Zombie Army 2.
13:05Many of the video games that Osama and  the men in Al-Qaeda were playing had a  
13:09shooting component to them. Again,  this is not surprising considering  
13:13who was doing the gaming. Even though these were  bloodthirsty terrorists, it does seem like they  
13:16enjoyed Nintendo just as much as any of the  shooters they had at their disposal. Again,  
13:20we will never know which games Osama  bin Laden himself preferred or played,  
13:24but according to the files on his hard  drive, he seemed to be an avid gamer.
13:28Along with video games, porn, and other  media, there was a plethora of documents  
13:32housed on the hard drives. The important  ones were never released to the public for  
13:35national security reasons; however, we can  assume that some of the files on the hard  
13:39drives led to the capture or deaths  of many other Al-Qaeda members. Also,  
13:43it’s likely that not many photos and videos of  torture victims and executionsnot were released  
13:47to the public. Let’s not forget Osama bin Laden  and the members of Al-Qaeda were terrible people  
13:52capable of unspeakable things. Even though you  might have seen some of the videos and played  
13:56some of the games on Osama’s hard drive does,  it does not mean bin Laden was an average guy.  
14:00He was a terrorist responsible for thousands  of deaths, making him more monster than human.
14:06There were also drafts of emails found on Osama  bin Laden’s hard drives that provided glimpses  
14:11into what he had been up to during his years  in hiding. He couldn’t send emails or make  
14:15phone calls from the compound because they likely  would have been intercepted by U.S. intelligence  
14:19and given away his position. Therefore,  bin Laden wrote emails that were uploaded  
14:23to flash drives and brought by a courier to  different internet cafes to be emailed out.
14:27The most surprising finding from these emails  was that even while in hiding, Osama bin Laden  
14:32still ran Al-Qaeda. Although he remained its  figurehead while in hiding, he did need to give up  
14:37some of his power to his second in command, Ayman  al-Zawahri. The files recovered from Osama’s hard  
14:42drives indicated that he was still giving orders,  being briefed on reports, and making religious  
14:47rulings within the terrorist organization,  all while in isolation at his compound.
14:51SEAL Team Six recovered a lot of  information during their raid on  
14:54that compound while simultaneously taking  Osama bin Laden out. We don’t know how many  
14:58people were actually living there, but it’s  reported that at least a few of his wives  
15:02and several children were at the compound at  the time of the operation. This brings us to  
15:06an important point. Even though the hard  drives collected from the compound likely  
15:10had files that Osama used at some point,  these devices could also have been used  
15:13by other members of his family or by the  soldiers staying at the compound with him.
15:17Therefore, all of the movies, shows,  video games, and porn might not have  
15:20belonged specifically to Osama bin Laden.  However, no matter which way you look at it,  
15:24he almost certainly knew what was on the  hard drives, and it’s probable that most of  
15:28the entertainment on the hard drives was for  his own amusement and to keep himself busy.
15:32Not everything was digital at the compound,  either. Osama also had an interesting collection  
15:36of books that gave further insight into how  this maniac’s mind worked. Surprisingly,  
15:41Osama bin Laden was the owner of several books  on the U.S. He had an interest in United States  
15:46diplomacy tactics which was made apparent by  books such as Bob Woodward’s Obama's Wars,  
15:51Noam Chomsky’s Necessary Illusions:  Thought Control in Democratic Societies,  
15:55and Robert Hopkins Miller’s  The U.S. and Vietnam 1787-1941.
16:00These readings were likely used to  help bin Laden understand his enemy  
16:04and plot new ways to terrorize the free  world. However, this begs the question:  
16:07if Osama bin Laden was so against the United  States and the western world, why did he have so  
16:12much media from these cultures on his hard drives?  Why weren’t the hard drives filled with movies,  
16:16shows, and games from other parts of the  world or even from the Middle East itself?
16:20It makes you wonder if consuming western media was  actually a way for Osama bin Laden to understand  
16:25his enemy better or if he had all of these things  on his hard drives because he actually enjoyed  
16:29watching Chicken Little or YouTube meme videos  like Charlie Bit my Finger. It’s probably not  
16:34worth anyone's time to try and understand the  man that was Osama bin Laden. To get inside his  
16:38mind would be like walking into a nightmare  filled with contradictions and atrocities.
16:42Instead, we can accept the fact that  one of the worst men who ever lived  
16:46enjoyed pixilated porn and crocheting. Like  many evil individuals throughout history,  
16:50Osama bin Laden had an eccentric side to him.  He was definitely a narcissistic psychopath,  
16:55but he couldn’t help but consume American  culture even though he hated it. The bottom  
16:59line is that many of the things you’d expect  to find on a terrorist's hard drive were there.  
17:03But many things you wouldn’t expect to find  on a terrorist's hard drive were also there.
17:07Either way, the world is a better place without  Osama bin Laden in it. Thank you, SEAL Team Six.
17:12Now watch “How SEAL Team Took Down Osama bin Laden  
17:15(Minute by Minute).” Or check out “Why  Osama bin Laden Was Buried at Sea.”
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FAQs about This YouTube Video

1. What unexpected content did the CIA find on Osama bin Laden's hard drives?

The CIA found an unexpected assortment of content on Osama bin Laden's hard drives, including anime, video games, and crocheting tutorials.

2. What did the files on Osama bin Laden's hard drives reveal about his involvement in Al-Qaeda's plans and operations?

The files revealed his involvement in Al-Qaeda's plans and operations, shedding light on his continued leadership even in hiding.

3. What does the discovery of Osama bin Laden's hard drive content reveal about his personal life and interests?

The discovery sheds light on the terrorist's personal life and interests beyond his notorious actions, including his involvement in anime, video games, and crocheting tutorials.

4. How does the discovery of Osama bin Laden's hard drive content shed light on his leadership even in hiding?

The discovery reveals his continued leadership even in hiding, providing insight into his involvement in Al-Qaeda's plans and operations.

5. What assortment of content did the CIA find on Osama bin Laden's hard drives?

The CIA found an unexpected assortment of content, including anime, video games, and crocheting tutorials, shedding light on Osama bin Laden's personal life and interests beyond his notorious actions.

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