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Life can be tough and break you physically, mentally, and emotionally, but it's how you respond and push through the challenges that defines you; There is always an opportunity to grow stronger and overcome adversity; Never let circumstances define you, but instead, find the strength within to keep going and show the world what you're made of.
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Every time you break, it's a chance for you to get stronger, smarter, and better.
There is an opportunity to become faster, tougher, and more stable.
Find a reason to keep going and push through the challenges.
Tragedy and trials come to everyone, but only the strong survive.
No matter what is going on in your life, you have the power to overcome it.
Believe in yourself and say, "I can beat it, I will beat it."
You don't need a degree, money, or support to get through difficult times.
Don't let circumstances define your life; you have the power to define your own path.
Stand strong, stay true to your beliefs, and let everyone know what you represent.
00:00i don't care how good you aren't telling
00:02how talented you are
00:03i don't care how much you work on
00:04yourself there are some times when
00:06things aren't going to go right
00:08there are times when anything that can
00:10happen will happen life happens
00:17the unexpected the uncalled for
00:21the unintentional we've been damaged
00:25emotionally damaged spiritually
00:29it may be your business it may be your
00:33that is broken today it may be the
00:36in your bank account that is screaming
00:38you are
00:39broke you can break physically you can
00:43break mentally
00:44you can break your heart you can break
00:47your spirit
00:48and all of those are gonna leave a mark
00:52but the mark that they leave can be the
00:55mark of
00:56victory or it can be the mark of defeat
01:00it is staying with the breaking that
01:03produces the blessing
01:05that is not what you go through that
01:08determines where you end up
01:11it's who you listen to because i think
01:14right now
01:15you are walking through a valley between
01:19two voices one is wisdom one is worry
01:24one is gratitude one is grumbling one is
01:28one is faith because
01:31every time you break it in every way
01:34that you break
01:36wow it's a chance for you to give up and
01:39for you to fall
01:40apart but there's also
01:43opportunity to get
01:47stronger and get smarter and get faster
01:50and get tougher and get more stable and
01:53get more
01:54resilient and get better
01:58what i need you to do is i need you to
01:59find a reason to keep going and if you
02:01can find a reason to keep going i know
02:02you're strong enough to do it because
02:03you're human
02:05and every human has what it takes to get
02:07past whatever they're going through
02:09if they decide to push through
02:12it push through it tragedy and trials
02:15come to everybody
02:17only the strong survive
02:20the fight isn't over
02:24the fight is just beginning you have
02:28the opportunity to show the world
02:32what you are really made of
02:37i need you to look at that sickness
02:38that's going on in your life right now
02:39whatever it is
02:40i want you to say i can't beat it i can
02:43beat it i will beat it
02:44i must i got a family to live for i
02:46ain't through yet my life ain't over yet
02:49there's some things in life you don't
02:50need no degree for you don't need no
02:52money for it
02:53you don't need no support for it there's
02:55something like you just gonna get
02:56through when you tell yourself i'm gonna
02:58get through this
02:59regard to what happens to your life
03:01regardless of the adversity regardless
03:02of the opposition
03:03regardless of the trial and tribulation
03:05nothing can stop you the only thing that
03:06can stop you
03:07is you no situation no circumstance no
03:10piece of adversity can define your life
03:12never let the circumstance define
03:14and i'm not retreating i'm not running
03:18i don't care what they say on paper i
03:20don't care if you say we outnumbered
03:22we live by this and we die by this we
03:25don't retreat
03:26we don't run we gonna stand we gonna
03:28live we gonna die by
03:29what we stand for and everybody gonna
03:31know what we represent
03:32and what we're part of i got staying
03:37i got staying power be encouraged today
03:42that no matter what you walk through no
03:44matter how broken your marriage is
03:46no matter how many times you fail there
03:49is within you
03:50a spirit that is greater than whatever
03:53going on around you if you would be
03:56willing to fight your way
03:57through this battle fight your way
04:00through cancer
04:01fight your way through that academic
04:03struggle fight your way through divorce
04:05fight your way through it if you are
04:07willing to fight your way through that
04:09singing career
04:10fight your way through boxing fight your
04:12way through football
04:13i'm telling you at the end of the fight
04:15it's going to come victory
04:22and as you crawl up
04:26and out of that dismal and wretched
04:29place as you rise above
04:32what you were and as you take the form
04:36of who you are supposed to be
04:40you will see that in the very act of
04:43standing up in the very act of fighting
04:46you will become and you will remain
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FAQs about This YouTube Video

1. How can you respond and push through life's challenges?

You can respond and push through life's challenges by finding the strength within yourself to keep going. Even though life can be tough and break you physically, mentally, and emotionally, it's important to realize that there is always an opportunity to grow stronger and overcome adversity.

2. What defines a person when faced with challenges?

When faced with challenges, it's how you respond and push through them that defines you. Never let circumstances define you, but instead, show the world what you're made of by finding the strength within to keep going despite the hardships.

3. How can one grow stronger and overcome adversity?

One can grow stronger and overcome adversity by not letting circumstances define them. It's important to find the strength within oneself, and realize that there is always an opportunity to overcome challenges and grow stronger.

4. What should one do when life breaks them physically, mentally, and emotionally?

When life breaks you physically, mentally, and emotionally, it's important to remember that there is always an opportunity to grow stronger and overcome adversity. Find the strength within yourself to keep going and push through the challenges.

5. How can one avoid letting circumstances define them?

One can avoid letting circumstances define them by finding the inner strength to keep going. Despite life's challenges, it's important to never let circumstances define you, but instead, show the world what you're made of by overcoming adversity.

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