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The video discusses rumors about influencer Pamela Reif being in a relationship and hints at her supposed boyfriend, but no confirmation has been made. The video also touches on her past struggles, including running away from home due to her family's disapproval of her being a lesbian. Pamela Reif also promotes her new song in the video.
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Pamela Reif talks about taking vitamin D and continuing to create daily content for her YouTube channel despite having a cold.
Pamela mentions taking transparent airsoft balls with vitamin D.
She also mentions her doctor's advice to continue creating good content on YouTube.
Pamela talks about attending a baby shower with Cayenne Ochsenknecht and her husband, where they had sumo wrestling in thick sumo rings suits.
The baby is revealed to be a boy named Nino Junior.
The video discusses Pamela Reif's relationship and rumors about her boyfriend.
Pamela Reif's boyfriend has a daughter from a previous relationship, and she refers to herself as her daughter.
There are rumors about Pamela Reif's relationship status and comparisons with other guys.
Pamela Reif is known for not revealing much about her private life and focusing on her workout videos.
Her workout videos have gained over 9 million subscribers on Instagram and generate millions of views on YouTube.
Pamela Reif and Willi are rumored to be in a relationship based on their social media content and sightings together.
Pamela and Willi have been posting content together and he even visited her in her new house in Ibiza.
In August 2022, Pamela indirectly denied any romantic involvement with Willi.
Speculation about their relationship intensified when they were seen kissing on the street in Pamela's hometown.
Neither of them have confirmed the relationship, but many fans believe they are together.
The speaker shares a personal story about realizing her sexuality and facing challenges with her religious and cultural family background.
She talks about realizing she was a lesbian at 21-20 and not feeling comfortable at home anymore.
The speaker comes from a religious family with Turkish cultural influences, where getting married to a man and moving out is the norm.
She expresses the difficulty in explaining her situation to her family and the lack of options available to her.
The speaker shares her experience of moving out and taking control of her own life despite the risk of losing her family.
She describes the traumatic experience of telling her parents she was moving out.
The speaker explains that she always lived according to her family's expectations, but now she wants to do what makes her happy.
She mentions that she doesn't believe in any religion but follows her own beliefs to live without a guilty conscience.
Despite the risk of losing her family, the speaker took the chance to live her life on her terms.
00:08Welcome friends and it's nice
00:11that you tuned in again to
00:12a new video of me pictures in a very
00:13good mood he also has a bit in
00:15my voice for still having a cold
00:16but it doesn't stop us dear friends
00:18and to create a new episode install news
00:28my doctor has I meant I need more
00:30vitamin D and that's why I've now treated myself to
00:32these transparent airsoft balls with
00:36moderate amounts of vitamin D, which I take every now and then.
00:41My doctor also said that you
00:43still need good content on YouTube
00:44and that's why I continue to come here
00:46every day at 2 p.m Watch a new video for
00:48you online dear friends and today with
00:49very very explosive news so
00:52cozy get yourself something delicious and something
00:54delicious to drink because it is very
00:56important that we enjoy good entertainment
00:57dear friends from the good old
00:59day [ __ ] you can see I'm actually
01:01today Really not my day, I'll tell
01:02you honestly, I'm shooting two videos now
01:03and then I booked a massage
01:05because I'm through today with
01:07Cayenne Ochsenknecht and her husband, I
01:10don't know who's name, there was a baby
01:12shower and there are two thick sumo
01:15rings suits People
01:17fought against each other, that's what it looked like, one was the
01:19boy and the other was the girl and
01:21the one who wins is just that, that's what it's
01:23going to be, so to speak, that's what the child did, yes,
01:25the boy won, dear
01:30it's a boy, it's also written below Nino
01:34Junior, they already know the
01:36child's name, okay, in any case, Nikolaus
01:38posted wow what a season finale of
01:40the Ochsenknecht 2, thank you for the
01:42overwhelmingly positive news about the
01:45second season, you are the best, what do
01:47you say about the great performance of our
01:49two sumo wrestlers, yes the Ochsenknechts are
01:51back again disappeared from the scene
01:53originally now they are
01:55back out of nowhere with a
01:57reality TV documentary let's say based
02:00on keeping up with the Kardashians
02:02in the Germany version and suddenly they
02:04are back in conversation they are back they
02:06are back dear friends they are Since
02:08our love Paula Maria was
02:11out and about all day
02:13with her daughter or daughters,
02:17those two were at least the
02:19daughters of her current
02:22boyfriend as I understand it
02:23and now there's a very special,
02:25sweet video let's take a look at it
02:27we have Talk about it like that because of
02:30pen daughter bonus daughter something that was
02:34said very sweetly could you please
02:35repeat that again for the camera
02:36so that people think you're
02:38[ __ ]
02:47so on YouTube German the daughter
02:49of her current boyfriend is,
02:51so to speak, a patchwork family just
02:53said You can also
02:55call me daughter and I think that's
02:57one of the best things for patchwork parents
02:59when the
03:01other person's children, who
03:04actually have a different mom, their biological
03:06mom, give you the yes word.
03:08Hey, I accept you as my mom,
03:12I think That's a really cool,
03:13really cool situation and I can
03:15completely understand that she wanted to capture it with her
03:17camera or her cell phone
03:19because that's really sweet, dear
03:23now we have to go further out the
03:25window here, dear friends, there are, um,
03:29rumor mills about Pamela reif and her
03:31boyfriend, among other things, a lot of people think
03:33I'm the only one just because every
03:36third guy has you don't need to
03:37compare me with this one, where do
03:40these comparisons actually come from, the
03:41friends no, but in any case there's
03:44an interesting video we're
03:47watching In this influencer,
03:49Pamela was caught smooching, no
03:52actually photos of her and her
03:54supposed boyfriend, but are the
03:56two of them really together and who
03:58is the
04:00ominous I [ __ ] Digger just
04:02Bonnie and Dress Bonnie & Ride,
04:05Pamela is for it known that she
04:08doesn't reveal much about her private life
04:09instead she focuses
04:12mainly on her workout
04:14videos which have now brought in over 9 million
04:16subscribers on Instagram that
04:18's so stupid parame numbers are
04:20so stupid in general wait a minute I'll show you that
04:21quickly take a look at these numbers
04:24the power ah okay that was even more
04:26ne here in 2021 she made 80 70 million
04:30views with her workouts the
04:32power 20 million
04:34views a month on YouTube with workout
04:39videos 20 million until she how much that
04:42is that is stupid that is mentally ill
04:45pay However, her secretiveness has
04:48also given rise to some
04:49rumors about her love life in the past.
04:50It all started with a
04:53joint six-pack workout video in which
04:55Willi was seen as a guest in one of Pamela's
04:57videos. It was nothing
05:00unusual because Pamela also had
05:02prominent guests with her It was
05:04n't just a video, they kept posting
05:07content together and he
05:09even visited her in her new house in Ibiza
05:23as if they were deliberately
05:26trying to fuel rumors about their relationship. Even though
05:28they didn't get too close to each other in the videos,
05:30they still looked familiar at
05:33an event In August 2022,
05:36however, Pamela indirectly denied that there was anything
05:38between her and Willi.
05:39So these days so many
05:43people are in the toilet of monotic Eden and
05:47panogamietic relationships and
05:50holocamidates and are into trees or
05:53animals. Everyone should do what
05:57they want, even if they are into friendship
05:58plus Basis are on the move is nice, it's
06:00great, congratulations there
06:03is nothing that should be made public,
06:05but something seems to have changed.
06:07In November, the
06:10influencer hinted in a tik tok that she
06:12had a partner without showing him, however,
06:14and heated things up with it The speculation
06:16about her and Willi became even more intense. Now
06:18the two were seen smooching on the
06:20street in Pamela Reif's hometown of
06:22Karlsruhe If you
06:32only see photos with Pamela
06:34from behind, it is obvious to the
06:36trained eye that it is
06:37Willi, strangely enough,
06:39his dog is also there, especially if
06:41you take into account his Rottweiler. So far,
06:44neither of the two have confirmed the relationship,
06:45but for many fans it is
06:48already clear that they are and Willi are in a
06:50relationship Pamela has also talked about it in
06:52her podcast, which is also really
06:54dream team-like, a lady, the most beautiful
06:57man in Germany with the sportiest
06:59woman in the world, so let's say
07:02successful, just successful, equals
07:04twice as successful, rich, a very sweet
07:07couple in any case Look good
07:08together we all know the dear
07:10friends who was at my release party
07:12you haven't heard of my very first song
07:14yet here's a small
07:15excerpt today it's all about
07:18I haven't slept for days
07:22I birds are waking up and it's getting light
07:25If you haven't heard the song yet
07:26and it sounded cool to
07:28you, feel free to listen to the entire song. It
07:29's very interesting lyrics that
07:32come from deep in the heart and the link to the
07:34song is in the video description.
07:35I would be very happy if you listened to it If you
07:37pack up your playlist and get it and
07:38support you, I would be really
07:40happy, it's a huge support point for
07:44me if you do that, yes, she was
07:46definitely there at the release party and I
07:47was very happy, I
07:49met her for the first time in real life and She
07:51has a bad story behind her because
07:52she ran away from home moderately and
07:55the story explains she ran away from home now 21
07:58and here's how I did it
08:00I keep asking myself about
08:02a story time and how I did it
08:03and I financially I've managed it
08:05and I actually wanted to publish a book
08:07where I explain everything,
08:09but it might take a while, so I'll do
08:10this here as a short version.
08:12No, I
08:16realized that I was a lesbian when I was 21-20 and
08:19then I just didn't have myself at home
08:21anymore I felt comfortable, I have a
08:22religious family that partly lives according to the
08:25Turkish culture. I
08:27knew that for me, studying,
08:29going to work, training, whatever, wouldn't be an
08:31option. I even offered
08:33that I could go to the next
08:34neighborhood, one house down from
08:36me, the main thing was me
08:40it was just always a no
08:42and that's completely okay,
08:44our parents just
08:45grew up differently, they don't know it that way and
08:47for us it's usually just
08:49getting married to a man and then
08:51moving out can you do it, I have
08:53no choice, I can't
08:55move out when I'm married, so I
08:56just have to take it into my own hands and no matter
08:58how hard I tried to explain
09:00it just didn't work, it's a
09:01shame I can't tell you much more
09:03about it, so I I do
09:05n't need to get involved now or
09:07say the parents here the parents there the
09:10parents this they grew up in a different
09:12age they live this
09:15religion and you feel and love this
09:18religion and yes it is very you can
09:22discuss a lot I was
09:24definitely a bit in a more
09:25privileged position, I have an
09:26online shop where I sell crystal jewelry
09:28and when I was 21, things were going
09:31very, very well in 2021 and I was able to make a living from it.
09:33I just became self-employed,
09:34had enough money, then
09:37planned everything and, um, the last few Days before
09:41I told them, I
09:43simply sent everything to Berlin. Yes,
09:44I moved from near Stuttgart to
09:47Berlin, so over 600 km,
09:50everything was a bit sneaky and
09:51two days before I had my flight
09:54I was more conscious
09:55Booked a flight because I knew I was going to be six
09:57seven hours, it couldn't
09:58stand the mental
10:01state I'd be in but
10:02that all sounds a bit
10:03hard, no, it sounds hard, that sounds
10:06hard, this running away from home
10:08because your parents don't want
10:12you to
10:13be a lesbian and I
10:16just told them that I was
10:18moving out in two days.
10:21That was bad, it was
10:24traumatizing in any case, but all
10:27my life I've always
10:28lived according to my family, I've always been that
10:30Best child in the family because I always
10:31listened to everything and I knew
10:33now was the time to just take my life into my
10:35own hands and do
10:37what really makes me happy.
10:38Personally, I'm not religious.
10:40I don't believe in any religion
10:42to be a good person and that will come to you
10:44soon. So I just followed my own
10:46beliefs so that I don't
10:47have a bad conscience, of course
10:49I still had that but I
10:51just tried to realize that
10:52it's my life and in the end when I
10:55die I will die alone just
10:56like my parents will and I
10:58took the risk of
10:59losing my family rather than
11:01living unhappily all my life.
11:02I had no contact with
11:04my father and now we have a
11:06normal relationship again and the
11:07relationship with my mother has
11:08become a thousand times better I can
11:10tell her so much more and we are very,
11:11very open with each other now and I
11:13just have to live crazy
11:18balls for such a few
11:21strong sorry strong story time no I
11:24was quieter the whole time
11:27on a daily basis dear friends Rich is
11:30enough for today For today, dear friends, that's it for
11:32this episode, I
11:33hope you liked it, my
11:35hand looks really big here, I
11:36also have a blister, a
11:39bruise, or whatever it's called, that's what
11:42this episode was like, dear friends, I hope
11:43you enjoyed it If so, give it a
11:45thumbs up because 2 p.m. tomorrow
11:47the next video will be online be at the start
11:49check the first link in the
11:50description there you will get to my
11:51song to the music video to Spotify to iTunes
11:53to everywhere I knew there was and I would be
11:55happy until then hit it up and ciao
12:08today it's all about money oh no
12:12break I always do things on the go
12:15always too fast
12:18I can't laugh anymore I swear
12:21like the old cat
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FAQs about This YouTube Video

1. Is influencer Pamela Reif in a relationship?

The video discusses rumors about influencer Pamela Reif being in a relationship, but no confirmation has been made.

2. Who is Pamela Reif's supposed boyfriend?

The video hints at her supposed boyfriend, but no confirmation has been made.

3. What struggles did Pamela Reif face in the past?

The video touches on her past struggles, including running away from home due to her family's disapproval of her being a lesbian.

4. What does Pamela Reif promote in the video?

Pamela Reif also promotes her new song in the video.

5. What is the theme of Pamela Reif's new song?

Pamela Reif promotes her new song in the video, but the theme is not fully disclosed.

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