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This video discusses the crazy actions and behavior of Belco Paunovic during his time as the coach of Chivas, including paranoia about being spied on and making illogical decisions, such as changing lineups to prevent spying. The video also mentions his confrontations with the media and his tendency to give extra days of rest to the team, possibly to spend time with his family in Chicago.
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This section talks about the pattern of Belco Paunovic in all the teams he has directed
Paunovic has a pattern of immediate impact effect on his teams, which makes the team go up and reach very high, but cannot hold it
This pattern was observed in all the clubs he managed except for the Serbian national team
The team falls after reaching a high point, as seen in Reading and Chicago Fire
Paunovic has been feeling persecuted and spied on during his time at Chivas.
Paunovic feels persecuted by spies, media, and even the staff at the club.
He complained about being spied on during training sessions.
Chivas stopped allowing access to their practices, but lineups were still leaked.
Paunovic has made several unconventional decisions as the Chivas coach, including changing lineups and not publishing the call for players.
Paunovic ordered to put on defense players who did not participate or start in his team.
He conducted an intersquad with 13 starting players to keep the starting lineup a secret.
Paunovic has been fighting with the media and responding defensively to questions.
Chivas no longer publishes the call for players, making it unknown who will be called up.
Paunovic gave extra days of rest to the Chivas team after losses because his family lives in Chicago, sacrificing time with the team to be with them.
Gave a double day of rest after losing 4-0 in the national classic and up to three days of rest on FIFA dates.
His family lives in Chicago, so he would leave for two days to be with them, sacrificing time with the team.
He preferred not to bring his family to Guadalajara, choosing to work there while they stayed in Chicago.
Paunovic will no longer be the coach of Las Chivas after the classic Tapatío Chivas against Atlas.
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00:31that Belco Big has done in Chivas since
00:34all the technicians who pass through
00:37Chivas arrived, the vast majority of them suddenly
00:41lose their chain in some way, it
00:43seems that the position
00:48them makes them cloudy, suddenly they lose a
00:52certain notion of reality,
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01:24brain. We are going to talk about The Follies of
01:25Paunovic during his time in Guadalajara
01:28now that his departure from the team is imminent
01:47Tapatío Belco pa has a very
01:51marked pattern in all the teams Where he has
01:54directed except in the Serbian national team
01:55because he directed it in a
01:58different way A World Cup m was
02:00champion, no, but When he managed clubs
02:05in all of them he practically had the same
02:07effect on his teams, an immediate impact effect
02:10that makes the team go
02:13up, it reaches very high and cannot
02:16hold it, the team
02:18falls, it happened in Reading, it happened in
02:21Chicago Fire and now Something happened to him in
02:23Guadalajara. No, he hasn't been able to close
02:27paic. And I suppose that about the issues that I
02:30'm going to talk to you about
02:33right away, I don't know if it's a certain kind
02:36of schizophrenia, but it gives
02:39the impression that Paunovic feels
02:41persecuted, persecuted by spies.
02:44later persecuted by the
02:45media, then by the same staff
02:48that works in the clubs where he
02:50collaborates. I was talking about it the other day with
02:52someone who works at Chivas and who knows
02:54very well about all this type of things that
02:56have been
02:57happening, I told her.
03:02good person was already earning this
03:06video for the crazy things he has done and he
03:09told me that person is normal eh In
03:12this position it is normal for this type of
03:15things to happen and for the technician on duty
03:17to suddenly start to lose his mind
03:20no and begin to make some
03:23decisions that are leading towards
03:26this. We are going to
03:28talk to you about one of them, this issue of
03:31complaining that they are spying on your
03:33training. Do you remember that you spoke
03:35about it in the League Cup? There are people
03:38who are watching the training sessions from See,
03:40sir, if you are training at the
03:42Kansas City facilities and
03:45people pass by who go to the offices or who
03:48are walking around, no, they are not always
03:50spying. But he felt spied on, he
03:53felt that they were constantly
03:55reviewing his work or they spied on him
03:57too well or too well. The plan was not
04:01necessary because the result was
04:02not visible to
04:04everyone. It has happened on occasions in
04:07Verdevalle. I have already told you that
04:11for some time now it stopped allowing
04:13access to everyone, no one could see
04:16anything about Chivas' practice. and even so
04:20lineups were leaked. There is never a lack of someone to tell him
04:23sometimes because from there, not from the same
04:26team, anyway, I'm not going to, I'm not going to give any
04:28clues because then he would be giving clues
04:30about who was telling me,
04:33anyway, when Paunovic detected that There was
04:37someone who was not from the club, he was not from the
04:40institution, he did not work at the
04:42club, he made unexpected
04:46illogical changes. Even in his lineups,
04:49once when he saw that there were some guests
04:51of the board there in Verdevalle, on the
04:53benches, these are for those who know, he ordered
04:56everything to be changed. to put on
04:58defense he ordered to put players who did not even
05:01participate who have not been starters
05:03on his team, he ordered them to
05:06put substitutes in his
05:11Star lineups when he has visitors at the
05:12club so that they will not spy on him another
05:16similar one the other day before the classic
05:19against América they did an intersquad
05:21with 13 starting players so that not even
05:24the players themselves knew who was going
05:26to be a starter obviously there are
05:29technicians who appeal to this situation
05:31to keep the entire group alert
05:32But when you fall into this type of
05:34things I think that already Somehow it goes beyond
05:38lines. There are weeks when
05:41the entire work scheme changes completely. It
05:44changes alignments. It changes
05:46work schemes. It changes. The way of
05:48working. He doesn't feel constantly
05:52spied on by
05:54people. For some time now, he started
05:57fighting with the media. of communication
05:58began to confront the media
06:00who asked him anything and he
06:03attacked, I don't know if he felt attacked
06:07too and said I understand that they are going to
06:09beat me Well, yes, it is normal in this
06:13job, no But he started to respond. The
06:16defensive one answered questions with
06:19other questions,
06:20hey, he answered badly. You could
06:23see him and there were other occasions in which he
06:27even stayed to talk
06:28before the
06:31ship began to sink and
06:34this tendency that had accompanied him for years began again.
06:35His entire
06:37life, one of the last ones for some time
06:41now in this tournament, his
06:46fear of being spied on because it became
06:48known what Paunovic was doing that he gave
06:50the order not to publish the call any more
06:53if they have realized some
06:55time now. Chivas no longer calls and no longer
06:57publishes the call. It is no longer known
07:00who is going to call. For
07:02example, in this case, Armando González goes. I
07:09'll tell you about the match against Atlas. Armando the ant González goes, the boy we've already told you about.
07:10spoken on other
07:12occasions and above all there was one that
07:15when they told it to me I couldn't
07:18believe it. Have they realized or
07:20realized that in the worst moments of the
07:23team the coach gave a double day of
07:25rest, there is a reason and a Why to
07:29still After having lost 4-0 in the
07:31national classic, he gave a double day of
07:33rest on FIFA dates, he gave up to three
07:36days of rest Why Because it turns out
07:39that his family lives in Chicago,
07:41Paunovic's family lives in Chicago
07:43So what does the coach do, he leaves for two
07:46days, even sacrificing days of
07:48work with the team at that level, he
07:52couldn't bring the family, he preferred not to
07:54bring them to them so that they would stay in
07:56Chicago and he came to Guadalajara to
07:59Now let's see what happens if he
08:02takes them to Spain or They stay in Chicago
08:06while he goes to work, some of
08:10these things friends that coaches sometimes comment on. We
08:13say that there are coaches who
08:16completely lose their minds sometimes
08:18in a position in a place and I think
08:20Paunovic lost his mind a little with
08:23this type of situation of feeling
08:25constantly and frequently
08:28spied on confront the press that
08:31really the Tapatia press has been
08:33criticized for being soft no and at the
08:37end of the day with a little criticism that
08:40it received yes paunovic took it very badly
08:42in short belco paunovic He will stop
08:46being the coach of Las Chivas after the
08:47classic Tapatío Chivas against Atlas
08:49this Saturday and here we tell you a little
08:51about Paunovic's crazy things that he had
08:55during his short management that did not even
08:57last a year, a big hug
09:00for everyone, thank you As always for
09:01joining us, greetings and thank you for
09:03keeping an eye on our content
09:04here in football with brains, Chivas is
09:06the priority we have here on this
09:08channel, a hug for everyone, have a great
09:09time, we will have all the coverage
09:11for the classic
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FAQs about This YouTube Video

1. Who is Belco Paunovic and what crazy actions is he known for?

Belco Paunovic is known for his crazy actions, including paranoia about being spied on and making illogical decisions. He also had confrontations with the media and a tendency to give extra days of rest to the team, possibly to spend time with his family in Chicago.

2. What are the illogical decisions made by Belco Paunovic as the coach of Chivas?

As the coach of Chivas, Belco Paunovic made illogical decisions such as changing lineups to prevent spying, which led to questions about his behavior and decision-making.

3. How did Belco Paunovic show paranoia about being spied on?

Belco Paunovic displayed paranoia about being spied on during his time as the coach of Chivas through his actions, which raised concerns and created controversy.

4. What were the confrontations of Belco Paunovic with the media about?

Belco Paunovic had confrontations with the media, and these confrontations were related to his coaching decisions and his overall behavior, creating a buzz in the sports community.

5. Why did Belco Paunovic give extra days of rest to the team?

Belco Paunovic had a tendency to give extra days of rest to the team, possibly to spend time with his family in Chicago, which raised questions about his priorities as a coach.

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