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PulseChain and PulseX are breaking out with significant price gains, with PulseX leading in percentage gains. The projects are moving in alignment with the overall market, potentially indicating a positive market breakout. Crypto Crew Premium offers in-depth analysis and strategies for achieving high percentage gains in the short term.
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PulseChain, PulseX, and Hex are experiencing price breakouts, with PulseX showing the highest percentage gains.
Hex is up 6.26% for the day.
PulseChain is up 16.92%.
PulseX is leading with a gain of 24.23%.
PulseX is currently the best option for short-term gains, while Hex and PulseChain may be better for longer-term investments.
The speaker discusses the volatility of Pulsechain and PulseX, and advises viewers to start positioning themselves to make significant gains.
The speaker mentions that the volatility of these projects will result in sharp moves to the upside as well as downwards moves.
Pulsechain is starting to move to the upside, but at a slower pace compared to PulseX.
The speaker suggests that if viewers prefer less volatility, they may want to consider being a part of Pulsechain rather than PulseX or other new projects.
Pulsechain and PulseX are currently moving in alignment with the overall market, which is seen as a positive sign.
The speaker discusses the upcoming release of a new project in the Pulse Chain ecosystem and advises viewers not to focus on the current price action.
A new project in the Pulse Chain ecosystem is expected to outperform Pulse and PulseX in terms of percentage gains.
The speaker emphasizes the importance of achieving life-changing percentage gains within a limited amount of time.
The speaker mentions the movement in the market and the correlation between Pulse Chain and PulseX.
It is mentioned that the current movement is exciting and that the correlation between Pulse Chain and PulseX is a positive thing.
The speaker advises viewers not to be too concerned about the current price action and to focus on other factors instead.
00:00welcome back to the channel back with
00:03another exciting update it appears at
00:06post chain and post X is officially
00:08breaking out the analysis that we posted
00:11yesterday and a few days ago is starting
00:13to take a place now before I get started
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00:35news updates technical updates and much
00:37much more now we're going to do a live
00:39price update today this is going to be
00:41an exciting One Number Four we actually
00:44get started I want to put things into
00:46perspective now hex the OG project
00:50currently so far for the day is up
00:546.26 if we look at Pulse chain post
00:58chain currently is up
01:0116.92 and pulse X leading the way in
01:06percentage gains is up
01:0924.23 so as you can see we do have a
01:13hierarchy of projects
01:15that I mean let's just put it this way
01:18if you are someone that is just looking
01:20for one of the projects to go for in the
01:23post chain ecosystem or you know whether
01:25there's pulse chain pulse x uh you know
01:28uh hex or some other coin you need to
01:32understand how high these uh projects
01:36can climb in alignment with your
01:39objectives right so if you're someone
01:41that's just looking for short-term gains
01:43well as I mentioned before pulse X would
01:46be the gem to be in at the moment but if
01:49you're looking for longer term gems then
01:50maybe you want to go for a b and c again
01:52we could talk about that a little later
01:54in the video but firstly as you can see
01:57this is pulse X broke above the 61.8 FIB
02:02area exactly as we anticipated and it
02:06looks like we're starting to make sharp
02:08moves to the upside and don't forget as
02:11I mentioned before this is less than one
02:14month old so the volatility utility is
02:16going to be insane we are going to see
02:18straight line moves we're going to see
02:20you know downwards moves right so it's
02:22not going to be as slow as many people
02:24may anticipate which is why I said to
02:27everybody a few I believe a week ago if
02:31you want to make life-changing
02:32percentage gains you want to start
02:34positioning yourselves now I believe you
02:37have less than two weeks to do this it's
02:39up to you on what you want to do now
02:42let's just show you a pulse chain before
02:44we move forward so pulse chain similarly
02:47also starting to move to the upside a
02:50little bit slower than pulse X so I
02:54guess if you want you know less
02:55volatility post chain maybe the project
02:58that you may want to be a part of rather
03:02than a pulse X or any of the new
03:04projects right so it all depends on your
03:06you know your appetite for rescue
03:09habitat for volatility and more but
03:12similarly I don't have the fiber but
03:14this is currently about of the
03:1861.61.8 FIB area also indicating we are
03:21going to see serious upside bullish
03:25pressure and here's the good news pulse
03:28chain and pulse X is currently moving in
03:31alignment with the overall market and as
03:34I mentioned as it stands for Eve for the
03:36short term this is ideally what we would
03:40like to see right it will be very
03:42disheartening if the overall Market
03:43breaks out in June and postsex and post
03:47chain continue their downside pressure
03:50so let me show you what I am talking
03:53about so for example and I did mention
03:55it in yesterday's video but now would be
03:57a great time to demonstrate what I
04:00actually mean right so
04:02and again shortly in crypto crew premium
04:04we're going to get into this in more
04:06detail I'm going to outline what's
04:07likely to happen over the weekend and of
04:11course I will talk about you know
04:12whether which project will be best for
04:15you potentially right because it depends
04:18on what you want to achieve Etc and
04:20remember first week of June we're going
04:21to be releasing a new project in the
04:25pulse chain ecosystem that we believe
04:27will do better than posting and post X
04:30combined by percentage gains in the
04:33short term so if you want access to that
04:35it would be a great time to join
04:37cryptocoup premium Link in the
04:39description do not waste any more time
04:41as I said you have
04:43you know a a limited amount of time to
04:47ensure that you achieve life-changing
04:50percentage gains now let's continue so
04:52this is what I mean right so although
04:55yes we are starting to move to the
04:57upside but this is what we don't want to
04:59see we don't want to see this up down we
05:02reject this area here
05:05and then we move back down right that's
05:09not what we want to see right so at the
05:12end of the day this movement is exciting
05:15I do think although a lot of people in
05:18this space are not really aware of the
05:20correlations of the overall Market but
05:22what I would say to you is believe me
05:24the correlation as it stands is a good
05:28thing right because if not we the last
05:31thing we want is for pulse X and pulse
05:33chain to dot to basically sell-off range
05:36and then you essentially miss an entire
05:39epic Market move as it stands it doesn't
05:42look like that is the case at all which
05:44is super super good news right so
05:49that's super good now what I would say
05:52to everybody watching this I know I just
05:54showed you 24
05:5616 for pulse chain and you're probably
05:59thinking to yourself well you know is
06:02isn't that it for now online gonna
06:04should I wait for a pullback should I do
06:06this should I do that
06:08as I said to you in yesterday's video I
06:10would not be paying attention to the
06:13price action in depth remember the only
06:15reason why I'm doing this video is
06:16because I want everybody that follows
06:18and subscribes to my channels to have a
06:21deeper insight and to have more of an
06:23edge over everybody else in the market
06:25right that's the only reason why I'm
06:27doing this and it obviously broadens
06:28your perspective but as I mentioned
06:31although yes your entries are super
06:34important at this time again if you want
06:36entries crypto crew premium but at the
06:38same time I wouldn't be paying too much
06:40attention to the in-depth technicals
06:43because once price goes into disco price
06:46discovery mode which is the best thing
06:48we can hope for right now and I think it
06:50will actually happen again that's going
06:52to be a crypto crew premium exclusive
06:54shortly so again sign up using the link
06:58once that does happen you just want to
07:00make sure that you're in before these
07:03kinds of you know before we head into
07:06that price Discovery level right so that
07:10would be my objective you know for now
07:13if again if I would let's say you're
07:15just someone that just wants to sit
07:16along from the sideline maybe just have
07:18one entry maybe achieve a measly
07:20thousand percent or so then I guess that
07:23you know that's probably my opinion one
07:25of the best strategies right just find a
07:27great entry at this area and then just
07:28just leave it right but if you're
07:31someone that's looking for the 10 000
07:32eggs you know that hundred thousand
07:34percent gain that a potential a million
07:36percent gain then obviously it's gonna
07:38take a lot more strict strategy you do
07:41have to focus on the exits and much much
07:44more and for exit strategies again
07:46that's going to be something that we're
07:47going to be talking about in depth in
07:49our crypto crew premium channel as well
07:51but we have exciting times ahead our
07:54eyes are going to be glued on uh pulse
07:57chain and pulse X over the weekend I do
07:59think it's going to be an epic weekend
08:02hopefully and that obviously depends on
08:05what happens over the next few hours and
08:08of course the weekend but again if you
08:09want in-depth insight into that join
08:11crypto crew premium Now where about to
08:13do our weekend Outlook bullish bearish
08:17what happens next find out now until
08:20next update seize the day
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FAQs about This YouTube Video

1. What is the latest breakout in the cryptocurrency market?

The latest breakout in the cryptocurrency market is seen with PulseChain and PulseX, both experiencing significant price gains.

2. Which project is leading in percentage gains among PulseChain and PulseX?

PulseX is leading in percentage gains among PulseChain and PulseX, indicating a strong performance in the market.

3. What are the potential implications of the projects moving in alignment with the overall market?

The projects moving in alignment with the overall market potentially indicate a positive market breakout, offering opportunities for investors.

4. How can Crypto Crew Premium help in achieving high percentage gains in the short term?

Crypto Crew Premium offers in-depth analysis and strategies for achieving high percentage gains in the short term, providing valuable insights for investors.

5. Where can I find detailed analysis and strategies for maximizing gains in the cryptocurrency market?

Crypto Crew Premium provides detailed analysis and strategies for maximizing gains in the cryptocurrency market, offering valuable resources for investors.

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