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Pablo Escobar and El Chapo were both notorious drug traffickers, but they had different upbringings and approaches to their criminal enterprises, with Escobar being more influential and violent, while El Chapo's cartel survived even after his arrest. Despite their differences, both left a lasting legacy in the world of narcotics.
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This section compares the childhoods of Pablo Escobar and El Chapo.
Pablo Escobar was born in Colombia, in a family of seven children, with a reasonably comfortable life.
Escobar observed the potential to make money in the narcotics business after seeing American tourists embracing cocaine.
El Chapo was born in Mexico, in a rural community, and his family was not wealthy.
El Chapo's mother managed the household while his father was a cattle rancher.
El Chapo adopted a business mindset by selling oranges on the street.
Pablo Escobar and El Chapo both rose to power in the drug trade through violence and ruthless tactics.
Pablo Escobar took over the Medellin Cartel after the death of its leader and expanded its production and distribution.
El Chapo worked for various drug cartels before becoming a prominent figure in the narcotics trade.
Both leaders achieved their positions through bloodshed and violence.
Escobar had a tumultuous personal life, engaging in infidelity despite being married.
Both Pablo Escobar and El Chapo had significant influence over the government, law enforcement, and their respective illegal drug trades.
Escobar used bribery and violence, implementing his "plato o plomo" (silver or lead) approach to deal with enemies.
Escobar's victims included judges, politicians, journalists, criminals, and law enforcement members.
El Chapo also obtained influence through money and threats, having everyone in his back pocket across Mexico.
El Chapo paid millions of dollars to escape from prison and even had a wedding with politicians and policemen in attendance while being searched for.
Pablo Escobar and El Chapo had different approaches to their criminal empires, with Escobar focusing on building infrastructure and El Chapo expanding his cartel's operations.
Escobar spent millions on building schools, parks, stadiums, churches, and homes.
El Chapo diversified his operations by selling not only cocaine but also meth, which he manufactured and sold directly.
Escobar turned himself in and spent five years in a private prison that he designed himself, where he continued to run his empire.
Escobar's reign ended when he was shot and killed in a shootout with Colombian police officers.
El Chapo escaped from prison twice, was extradited to the US, found guilty, and sentenced to life in prison, while Pablo Escobar's legacy has been glamorized and he is remembered as a legend.
El Chapo escaped through an underground tunnel system from prison.
He was apprehended multiple times and ultimately extradited to the US.
El Chapo was found guilty, sentenced to life in prison, and ordered to pay billions in restitution.
Pablo Escobar's legacy has been glamorized and he is remembered as a legend.
00:00when it comes to illegal drug smuggling
00:01we know two names all too well pablo
00:04escobar and el chapo they've both been
00:06the subject of countless television
00:08series movies books and various other
00:10pieces of entertainment still while they
00:12both became famous for similar things
00:14they're incredibly different people
00:16we're going to take a look at pablo
00:18escobar and el chapo and see how they
00:20compare which one was the best and worst
00:22at what they did throughout their high
00:23profile drug trafficking careers
00:26childhood escobar born
00:29pablo emilio escobar gaviria was born on
00:32december 1st 1949 in the antioquia
00:36department colombia in the city of rio
00:38negro escobar's mother was a school
00:40teacher while his father was a cattle
00:42farmer his family was large as escobar
00:45was one of seven kids overall his
00:47family's financial situation wasn't dire
00:49they managed to not only survive but
00:51live a reasonably comfortable life
00:53escobar lived in an area with a lot of
00:55narcotics so he began purchasing
00:57marijuana for himself to enjoy still he
00:59saw that something about the narcotics
01:01business could earn him a lot of money
01:03he made an important observation about
01:04american tourists who he realized were
01:06embracing cocaine in abundance escobar
01:09had been engaged in numerous illegal
01:11activities still seeing the power of
01:13this prevalent white powder in colombia
01:15he knew there was an opportunity to make
01:17money and a lot of it so how does that
01:19compare to el chapo's childhood
01:22childhood el chapo born 1957 joaquin
01:25archevaldo guzman luera was born on
01:28april 4th 1957 in sinaloa mexico his
01:32family wasn't wealthy and he lived in
01:34the rural part of sinaloa in the rural
01:36community of la tuna guato his mother
01:39was the one who kept a large household
01:41together while joaquin's father was a
01:43cattle rancher just like escobar's
01:45however contradictory evidence suggests
01:47that it's possible not confirmed but
01:48possible that he was an opioid farmer
01:51his childhood saw joaquin adopting a
01:52business mindset by selling oranges on
01:54the street he'd eventually drop out of
01:56school and begin working with his father
01:58however as he grew older he began
02:00turning to more lucrative sources of
02:01income el chapo was kicked out of his
02:03home while he was in his teens he was
02:05forced to make it on his own at age 15
02:07he began selling marijuana eventually
02:09he'd quit the farm work and turn his
02:11full attention to what was once a side
02:13hustle like escobar in his childhood
02:15this was just the beginning of his foray
02:16into the narcotics market rise to power
02:19escobar escobar's rise to power truly
02:21began in 1975. while by this point he'd
02:25already been buying refining and selling
02:26cocaine to the united states it was
02:28about to get serious he'd already been
02:30doing well on his own but when the
02:32medellin cartel lost their leader drug
02:34lord fabio horistrepo escobar stepped in
02:37and filled the vacuum left by the slain
02:38leader this self-made millionaire was on
02:41the way to billionaire status his reign
02:43as the leader of the medellin cartel was
02:45marked by exceptional growth and
02:46domination of the narcotics trade across
02:48north and south america he massively
02:51expanded the organization's production
02:52distribution and in turn their influence
02:55and bottom line it didn't take long for
02:57escobar to be responsible for 80 of the
02:59united states illegal cocaine supply
03:02rise to power el chapo el chapo started
03:04early working for a series of drug
03:06hotels in mexico in the 70s he worked
03:09for drug lord ektor al guerra palma he
03:12oversaw the transportation of drugs and
03:14their shipments from the sierra madre to
03:16urban areas near the u.s mexico border
03:18in the 80s he worked for mexico's
03:20leading crime syndicate the guadalajara
03:22cartel they were all spearheaded by
03:24miguel angel felix gallardo also known
03:27as el padrino or the godfather his
03:30reputation was well known amongst his
03:32colleagues and adored by the higher-ups
03:34he was ruthless if shipments were short
03:36or not on time or if anyone showed
03:38disloyalty there was only one answer
03:41death he was constantly given more power
03:43and when el padrino was arrested in 1985
03:46he became the leader and quickly worked
03:48to become a prominent figure in the
03:49narcotics trade that ruled south america
03:51his ascension to the throne wasn't
03:53achieved without bloodshed it was a
03:55truly violent time but the ruthless el
03:57chapo came out victorious in the end
04:00personal life escobar
04:02on a more personal level in 1975 escobar
04:05married maria victoria nao vallejo a 15
04:08year old at the time they'd have two
04:09children together juan pablo and manuela
04:12it was widely known that pablo wasn't a
04:13faithful man and he regularly engaged in
04:16infidelity he had a preference and
04:18judging by his wife's age when the two
04:20married it's likely easy to understand
04:21what their preference was despite the
04:23affairs the two remained together for
04:25the remainder of pablo's life
04:27personal life el chapo
04:29el chapo's personal life differs from
04:30escobars he married alejandrina maria
04:33salazar hernandez in 1977 the couple had
04:37three kids and they lived in jesus maria
04:39sinaloa their marriage wouldn't last
04:41forever as he eventually fell in love
04:43with a bank clerk named estella pena of
04:45nayarit whom he kidnapped and slept with
04:48addicted to love in all of the worst
04:50places el chapo would marry again in the
04:52mid-80s to criselda lopez bereth with
04:54whom he'd have four children the third
04:56time really is the charm well not really
04:59he went and married another girl this
05:01time 18 year old emma coronel aispuro in
05:042007 and lopez perez was actually
05:07arrested in 2010 the couple had twins
05:10and she was later arrested in 2021 after
05:12admitting to helping el chapo run his
05:14empire many of el chapo's children and
05:17former wives are either in jail or dead
05:19as a result of being wrapped up in a
05:20dangerous world of narcotics while
05:22escobar was unfaithful between the two
05:24of them he was more of the family man as
05:26much as one can be in this fast and
05:28loose world of the illegal drug trade
05:30influence escobar escobar held
05:33considerable leverage and therefore had
05:35a significant amount of influence over
05:36the government local law enforcement and
05:38just about everything he felt necessary
05:40to intervene in in addition he was known
05:42for being a ruthless man and he had a
05:44method for dealing with enemies plato
05:45ablomo which means silver or lead his
05:49methods for politicians started at
05:51bribery but if you continued opposing
05:53him you'd make sure you never live long
05:54enough to do anything that might hurt
05:55him he didn't kill based on any criteria
05:57other than who was the enemy if you were
05:59rich poor a politician or a farmer these
06:02details simply never factored into the
06:04equation the amount of people escobar
06:06has been responsible for killing is
06:07unknown but the estimates run in the
06:09thousands his most targeted victims were
06:11judges politicians journalists criminals
06:14and any member of law enforcement
06:16influence el chapo drug lords know how
06:19to obtain influence money and threats he
06:22had everyone in his back pocket all
06:24across mexico when he was arrested in
06:252001 he paid 2.5 million dollars to
06:28escape from prison considering how many
06:30times he's escaped over the years it's
06:32safe to assume he's paid a lot of money
06:34to prison guards and wardens in order to
06:36silence them while people were searching
06:37for him he brazenly had a wedding with
06:39politicians and policemen in attendance
06:41there might have been an aggressive war
06:43against cartels and drugs in 2006 and
06:452007 but he was living his best life for
06:48the very people pretending to be after
06:49him pinnacle of power escobar the
06:52mid-80s saw escobar at the height of
06:54power he was ranked the seventh richest
06:56person in the world by forbes in
06:58addition he created an empire that
07:00included criminals soldiers mansions
07:02apartments airstrips planes and even a
07:05zoo all of which was spread across
07:07colombia further expanding his influence
07:09he made sure to focus on the medellin
07:11area ensuring that the residents of the
07:13city felt his presence as a positive
07:14thing not a negative his cartel spent
07:17millions renovating and building schools
07:19parks stadiums churches and homes he was
07:22to some a hero and for others the
07:24world's most wanted criminal pinnacle of
07:27power el chapo el chapo was diversifying
07:30he wasn't just selling tons of cocaine
07:32but also meth he manufactured and sold
07:35directly to the market it was almost
07:37like a farm-to-table type of vibe but
07:39more deadly i guess his power in the
07:41region was only expanding he had so many
07:43people working for him and his empire
07:45was expanding rapidly he was the new
07:47godfather of various cartels across
07:49mexico they all answered to him
07:52the fall escobar for over a decade
07:54escobar had been a target of law
07:56enforcement agencies in colombia and
07:58various parts of the world especially
08:00the united states finally as a result of
08:02his intense scrutiny from the us and the
08:04inability to influence them as
08:06effectively as he had the colombian
08:07government he made a deal he turned
08:09himself in and spent five years in
08:11prison the catch however was that he
08:13designed the private prison himself and
08:16choose its location taking advantage of
08:18this escobar built himself a palace
08:20vacated had features that didn't make it
08:22worthy of the title prison jacuzzis
08:25endless rooms a dance floor a soccer
08:27field and more populated this luxurious
08:30prison he still ran his empire during
08:32this time and had endless guests
08:34visiting this was house arrest not
08:36prison he took it a step too far
08:38according to the colombian government in
08:401992 when he ordered the hit on two of
08:42his underlings the two were brought to
08:44his prison and murdered they then
08:46planned to take him to a regular prison
08:48and that's when he escaped everyone was
08:49looking for him and eventually he was
08:51found in 1993 they wanted him in jail
08:54but a shootout ensued and escobar
08:56ultimately was taken out for good he was
08:59shot in the torso and leg and a fatal
09:01shot to the head nobody is sure if
09:03escobar committed suicide knowing it was
09:05game over or if one of the colombian
09:07police officers got lucky either way
09:09escobar's reign over the medellin cartel
09:11was over the empire went into ruins
09:14without their fearless leader the
09:15influence dwindled until it was
09:17non-existent the fall el chapo
09:20eventually in 1993 guthman would be
09:23arrested and sentenced to 20 years in a
09:25maximum security prison he managed to
09:27bribe gods so he constantly had visitors
09:29and still managed to run his empire he
09:31escaped in 2001 thanks to a bribe made
09:33out to a prison guard by 2009 he'd
09:36successfully expanded his empire while
09:38in hiding and even became a billionaire
09:40in 2012 the us were over his antics and
09:43froze his accounts as well as offering
09:45rewards for information and in 2014 they
09:47got him the u.s wanted him but mexico
09:50was convinced he wouldn't escape again
09:52they were wrong 18 months later he
09:54escaped through the most insane
09:56underground tunnel system that had been
09:58dug under the prison directly into his
10:00cell in january 2016 kuthman was again
10:04apprehended and taken back to the same
10:06prison before he was ultimately moved to
10:07a prison near the border in january of
10:092017 he was extradited to the u.s where
10:12he remained while he was on trial the
10:14trial went on for a little over a year
10:16and resulted in el chapo being found
10:18guilty and sentenced to life in prison
10:20plus 30 years and an order to pay 12.6
10:23billion dollars in restitution the
10:25legacy escobar there's no arguing that
10:27escobar has managed to sustain a pretty
10:29impressive influence he's been the
10:31subject of so many movies series books
10:33podcasts merchandise you name it while
10:35he's viewed as a criminal he's been
10:36almost glamorized to a degree now when
10:38people think of escobar it's usually not
10:40in fear or disgust but as if they're
10:42remembering a legend the legacy el chapo
10:46el chapo's legacy is different from
10:47escobar's when el chapo was sent away to
10:49jail for life the cartel carried on
10:51without him unlike the medellin cartel
10:53which took a nosedive his cartel
10:55remained one of the largest narcotics
10:57importers like escobar he's had movies
10:59series games and books based on his life
11:02and crimes but definitely not to the
11:03same extent perhaps el chapo's crowning
11:06achievement is the intricate ways he
11:08smuggled drugs across the border or in
11:10some cases under the border he had a
11:12series of tunnels under the border that
11:13were air-conditioned which sounds insane
11:16but it's very true escobar vs el chapo
11:19they both lost in the end but escobar
11:21was a winner until he died while el
11:23chapo languishes in prison defeated much
11:26of el chapo's success is owed to
11:27escobar's death when guthman's sinaloa
11:30cartel began rising through the ranks in
11:311989 and 1990 it was because of the
11:34medellin cartel's waning influence
11:36there's a stark difference between these
11:38two kingpins one was integral to the
11:40survival of a thriving cartel and the
11:42other while influential lost everything
11:45power money influence in his cartel all
11:47of it just gone if this was a battle of
11:50the kingpins and drug lords escobar wins
11:53while escobar is no longer with us and
11:55el chapo is behind bars there's no
11:57stopping what the world of narcotics is
11:59there may never be another escobar or el
12:01chapo but there's always a wannabe
12:03looking to be the kingpin
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FAQs about This YouTube Video

1. What were the different upbringings of Pablo Escobar and El Chapo?

Pablo Escobar and El Chapo had different upbringings, with Escobar being born into a poor family in Colombia and El Chapo growing up in a rural area in Mexico.

2. How did Pablo Escobar and El Chapo differ in their approaches to their criminal enterprises?

Pablo Escobar was known for his influential and violent approach, while El Chapo's cartel survived even after his arrest, showcasing his ability to maintain the operations of his criminal enterprise.

3. What was the impact of Pablo Escobar and El Chapo in the world of narcotics?

Both Pablo Escobar and El Chapo left a lasting legacy in the world of narcotics, with Escobar's influence and violence and El Chapo's ability to sustain his cartel even after his arrest.

4. How did the notoriety of Pablo Escobar and El Chapo contribute to their lasting legacy?

The notoriety of Pablo Escobar and El Chapo contributed to their lasting legacy by solidifying their positions as notorious drug traffickers and enhancing the intrigue surrounding their criminal activities.

5. What sets Pablo Escobar and El Chapo apart in the history of drug trafficking?

Pablo Escobar's influential and violent approach, along with El Chapo's ability to sustain his cartel even after his arrest, sets them apart in the history of drug trafficking as two distinct but impactful figures.

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