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The video discusses the comparison between Michelin and Pirelli tires, with the narrator sharing his personal experience with both brands. He mentions that while the Michelin tires offer a smoother ride and better performance, they tend to wear out faster than Pirelli tires. Ultimately, the narrator prefers Michelin tires but acknowledges that Pirelli tires are a more affordable alternative.
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The speaker compares Michelin and Pirelli tires, stating that Michelin provides a softer and smoother ride, while Pirelli wears out faster but runs better.
The speaker initially used Michelin tires with a Metzeler tint.
They noticed that Michelin tires feel softer and provide a smoother ride.
Michelin tires wear out faster compared to Metzeler, but still perform better.
Michelin tires require less force to accelerate and develop better on the asphalt.
The speaker discusses their experience with using Michelin and Pirelli tires, preferring Michelin for its smoothness and feeling of safety.
The speaker usually changes their tire in December and uses it extensively.
They mention that the Michelin tire feels smoother and safer compared to the Pirelli tire.
The speaker had to buy the Pirelli tire as they couldn't find the Michelin tire in the city.
The Pirelli tire is cheaper than the Michelin tire.
Pirelli tires are cheaper than Michelin, but they tend to develop holes faster.
Pirelli tires are usually 30 to 50 reais cheaper than Michelin.
Pirelli tires tend to develop holes more quickly compared to Michelin tires.
Michelin tires are softer and provide a smoother ride.
The speaker prefers Michelin tires because they feel softer and glide better.
The speaker recommends buying Michelin tires over Pirelli due to their higher quality and durability.
Michelin tires are more expensive but worth the investment.
Pirelli tires are considered a good alternative if Michelin is not available or if the price difference is significant.
The speaker shares a personal experience of their Michelin tire being full of holes and needing replacement.
00:00Hi guys, how are you,
00:03Rafael, here's another video with you
00:05on channel 120, today I'm going to talk about
00:08Michelin or Pirelli tires. Which do you
00:11prefer? Which do you think is better?
00:18and I used the Michelin. In fact, I used
00:22the tint that came with it
00:25and so straight from the factory it came with a
00:39after very little use. Pirelli
00:42now I don't remember if it was the Super City I don't
00:46remember but for many years I remember
00:50it was Pirelli, after Pirelli
00:55wore out
00:57and I chose to buy the Michelin
01:00and the Michelin Pilot Street
01:04and I felt a good difference from the
01:06Michelin and the Micheline It's softer,
01:12you feel the bike glides better, if you
01:15try less, it seems like its rubber is
01:19softer, but then it gives that thing
01:22too, it wears out faster and that's what
01:25I also noticed that my Michelin
01:27wears out faster and no, it does
01:29n't happen quickly like
01:31Metzeler. But you see that it wears out
01:33faster than what he and I do, but it
01:38runs better, it glides better, it
01:40has a softer ride
01:43on the asphalt, you calibrate it correctly,
01:46leave it well calibrated and you feel
01:49that it runs smoothly The bike develops
01:52better, it seems like it tries
01:54less, you know, you use less force, you
01:58accelerate there, it seems like it doesn't kill itself
02:00as much to get up to speed, I used it, I used
02:04Michelin, if it stops a year later, I
02:09change it, I use it for another year, I change it.
02:12usually in December, I usually
02:14change the tire in December because
02:16I use it a lot, I use it a lot remotely, I
02:18always take the road And then generally at the end of the
02:21year, the thirteenth falls, right? It falls on the 13th
02:24and sometimes at the end of the year I travel, so
02:27when do I go and see the tire? It
02:29's already well worn, so it's not finished, but
02:32sometimes the PW mark has already gone
02:36there or it's just getting close to it,
02:46so what do I do?
02:49I often do this, I'm ordering it in
02:50December every December, then I
02:54change it because I'm almost sure I'm going to
02:56do a little trip of, I don't know, 400, 500
02:59km, 400 miles, another 400 turns, taking the
03:03highway, so I'm no longer at risk and with a
03:06worn tire.
03:09Hi and then now this time now this
03:11December now December 2028 I
03:14also went to change the tire
03:16I went to buy the Michelin but I couldn't
03:19find it here in the city I couldn't find the
03:22Michelin so I only found the Pirelli it's the
03:27Pirelli super City so I put the
03:30Super City now I'm using Pirelli but
03:34as I said you already feel that the
03:35Pirelli doesn't run as smooth as the Michelin
03:40and the Pirelli when it gives you a
03:42little cushion you feel like it's
03:47and so on because it's very much like the
03:49Michelin No Michelin, even though it's very
03:50full, you feel it's smooth
03:59and you feel the smoother Michelin
04:03And then, well,
04:06I did that, so I put the
04:09Pirelli on now and I'm going to use it, but it's not that it
04:12's not bad and the Pirelli is cheaper
04:15too, right? It's not enough I don't know, sometimes
04:17depending on the place I've seen, 30 to 50
04:19reais is cheaper than the Michelin.
04:23Michelin is always more expensive. In terms
04:27of spending, the Pirelli will
04:31take a little while, but to spend it there
04:35and the Michelin, several holes start to appear.
04:39and although I believe that some
04:41Pirelli is happening this too
04:43because I've heard in the comments not
04:44a few videos there guys if you're
04:47enjoying the video then subscribe to the
04:48channel if you haven't been subscribed yet
04:49it's great to give that strength then write
04:54Leave a like and if you're already
05:00subscribed, don't forget to like
05:02the video, oh, it's
05:03beautiful, guys, so when he's talking about
05:08the Pirelli tire, a hole usually appears,
05:11in this case, too, a camera
05:14here, right? I use it
05:16and I use a tire without a tube and you can do it you
05:22start to see several of them quickly
05:23but the Michelin and more
05:26and the Michelin it is because it is
05:29softer and these are missing ours the one that
05:32is the beauty in Brazil
05:35Hello, everything without percent, right, 100%
05:37bumpy to be real 1
05:43Well, then it ends up
05:47wearing out faster and
05:54Ah, but even so, if I have to put it on,
05:56I still prefer to put on the Michelin and
06:00and because of you, the bike felt softer
06:03and glides better, but this last change
06:08here I went with the Pirelli because it's the
06:10chick no, you didn't have the Michelin
06:14So great guys, if you liked
06:17the video then don't forget to subscribe to the
06:19channel and enter Pirelli Michelin I
06:22recommend Michelin if you
06:23want to buy this you have the
06:25number there Pirelli or Michelin you don't
06:27know which one it is Better buy Michelin,
06:29you won't regret it, but it's a
06:31little more expensive
06:33and there are some cheaper ones, there are other
06:35cheaper brands, but here talking about
06:38Pirelli Michelin, I prefer Michelin and
06:42if you can't find it in your city, I
06:45don't know where. If you think it's much
06:47higher than the value of the Pirelli, you can put the
06:49same Pirelli here, there's no
06:54you can put the Pirelli the same in this
06:57case, here I'm using Pirelli, I
06:59'm in March, right? It's the beginning of
07:01March 2021 and it's very likely I'm going to
07:05change this tire now here in
07:07December again, it's very likely
07:09that without December, like my other one, the Michelin
07:13that I changed, the last one, it was
07:14full of holes, today I wasn't out of 100
07:16% of the expense, it was actually good.
07:19and he was pulling over, there's no w so
07:21there but as I was already going to travel, right, I
07:23decided to change it,
07:25it's just that he had enough of the hole,
07:27he started showing it all the time Mo
07:28Chavão chavão chavão all the time it filled up,
07:30it didn't happen quickly, key and then I
07:33I took it to the tire shop to see if there was
07:34a puncture, it wasn't a lot of puncture, it was
07:38several tiny holes, the guy threw
07:40detergent on top, wow, there
07:43were already several tiny balls left
07:45in the tire, so she said it doesn't even make
07:48up for it, no, there's no point in fixing it, there's no
07:50way you can fix that. tire here but if
07:52I fixed the hole, let it be bigger, there are very
07:55small ones around it so it won't
07:56solve anything so I already changed the
07:59tire and it travels more calmly, that's
08:02fine guys, that's it,
08:04finishing the video here
08:08and that's us, see you in the next video. What's
08:14[Music] What's
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FAQs about This YouTube Video

1. Which brand of tires does the video compare, Michelin or Pirelli?

The video compares Michelin and Pirelli tires, discussing the narrator's personal experience with both brands.

2. What are the advantages of Michelin tires mentioned in the video?

According to the video, Michelin tires offer a smoother ride and better performance.

3. Why does the narrator acknowledge Pirelli tires as a more affordable alternative?

The narrator acknowledges Pirelli tires as a more affordable alternative due to their comparatively lower price when compared to Michelin tires.

4. What is the narrator's preference between Michelin and Pirelli tires?

The narrator prefers Michelin tires, despite acknowledging Pirelli tires as a more affordable alternative.

5. How does the video describe the wear and tear difference between Michelin and Pirelli tires?

The video mentions that while Michelin tires offer better performance, they tend to wear out faster than Pirelli tires, highlighting the durability aspect of the two brands.

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