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"The Home Coming" by Rabindranath Tagore is a poignant tale of love and longing, depicting the struggles of an adolescent boy named Fatik as he experiences homesickness, rejection, and isolation. Fatik's mischievous nature leads him to be sent away to Kolkata to live with his uncle, where he hopes to find love, recognition, and emotional security.
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The protagonist, Fatik Chakravarti, is a mischievous 14-year-old boy who is sent away to Kolkata to live with his uncle due to his poor academic performance, but his mother fails to understand his need for love and emotional security.
Fatik is sent to Kolkata to complete his studies with his uncle.
Fatik's mother is distressed with his mischievous behavior and lack of academic skills.
Fatik longs for love, recognition, and emotional security from his mother as an adolescent.
Fatik and his friends decide to shift a heavy log for fun, without any particular reason.
Two brothers who don't get along are confronted by a third person who remains indifferent to their attempts to move him.
The third person saunters up and sits on the log in front of the brothers without saying a word.
The brothers try to push him, but he remains unconcerned and appears like a young philosopher.
One of the brothers threatens him, but he only moves to a more comfortable position and ignores the threat.
The brother who threatened him comes up with a new plan to discomfort him and entertain his followers.
Makhan falls into the river while trying to move a heavy log, and his ego disappears along with his fall.
Makhan falls into the river after pushing the log with the other boys.
The boys laugh at Makhan's fall while Fatik feels scared about the consequences.
Makhan gets up and attacks Fatik in anger, then goes home crying.
Fatik wipes his face and sits on the edge of a sunken barge by the river.
Fatik's mother accuses him of hitting Makhan, but Fatik denies it, leading to a confrontation between Fatik and Makhan.
Fatik is preoccupied with thoughts about what his brother will tell their mom.
A servant comes and forcefully takes Fatik inside the house as his mother wants to see him.
Fatik's mother accuses him of hitting Makhan, but Fatik denies it.
Fatik gets angry and confronts Makhan, hitting him for telling lies.
After a long time, the sister recognizes her brother and is overwhelmed with happiness.
The sister recognizes her brother and cries in surprise.
The brother had been away in Bombay and they hadn't met for a while.
The uncle had also been working in Bombay.
The brother had come back to Calcutta to meet his sister.
00:00hello everyone welcome to nalanjana's
00:03exclusive English lessons and today we
00:05are going to learn the lesson the
00:07homecoming written by ramadana
00:10it is a story of fatigue chakravarti a
00:1314 year old boy whose boyish Mischief
00:16leads to his being sent away to Kolkata
00:18to live with his uncle
00:21tagore pierces the heart of the reader
00:23with his depiction of homesickness
00:25rejection and isolation so in this story
00:28the protagonist is fatik chakravarti he
00:31is a 14 year old boy an adolescent a
00:35teenager and he is quite mischievous
00:37he's also not good at studies so
00:40definitely everybody at his place
00:43especially his mother is quite
00:46distressed with him and fatik is sent
00:49away to Kolkata with his uncle so that
00:52he can complete his studies over there
00:53but however
00:55his mother fails to understand fatigue
00:59because as an adolescent he needs some
01:01love and recognition and also a lot of
01:04emotional security from his mom which
01:07probably is missing in his life
01:09so let's begin the story
01:13fatik chakravarti was ring leader among
01:15the boys of the village ringleader means
01:18a group leader a new Mischief got into
01:20his head there was a heavy log lying on
01:23the mud flat of the river waiting to be
01:25shaped into a mast for a boat now mud
01:28flat mudflat means the sediment that is
01:30brought by the river after low tide
01:35so the
01:37there was a heavy log that was lying on
01:39this mud flat of the river and the log
01:42was kept there because it had to be
01:44shaped into a mask now mask is a part of
01:47the boat
01:48any kind of a sailing vessel which is
01:51required to take the ship forward
01:55and this is usually made of wood so
01:58Forte can his gang they decided that
02:00they should work together to shift the
02:02log by main force from its place and
02:05roll it away so he and his friends
02:07decided that let's shift the law there
02:10was no reason why they wanted to do it
02:11probably it was just for the sake of
02:13some fun the owner of the log would be
02:16angry and surprised and they would all
02:19enjoy the fun so this was the main
02:21reason why they wanted to shift
02:23every once again did the proposal
02:25everybody agreed and it was carried
02:27unanimously everybody supported and
02:30everybody decided to go ahead with this
02:35just as the fun was about to begin
02:36makhan fatigue's younger brother
02:38sauntered up now makhan is fatigue's
02:41younger brother and he is just the
02:43opposite of fatigue first of all he's
02:45quite disciplined second thing he's not
02:47as wild as fatigue and the third thing
02:49is with good in studies so these two
02:53brothers they never got along uh you
02:56know they didn't get along well and when
02:59they were about to do you know push the
03:01log that is when he came and he
03:04sauntered up sauntered means he walked
03:05in a very casual relaxed Manner and sat
03:08down on the log in front of them all
03:10without a word
03:16the boys were puzzled for a moment he
03:18was pushed rather timidly so they tried
03:20to push him but with not with that kind
03:22of force because they were also scared
03:24that how he would react
03:26by one of the boys and told to get up
03:28but he remained quite unconcerned so
03:31they tried to you know get him out of
03:33the way but he was quite unconcerned he
03:37appeared like a young philosopher
03:39meditating on the futility of Kings so
03:41he just had an attitude that you know
03:43what worthless games these guys are
03:45playing and he appeared like a young
03:47philosopher as if he's contemplating on
03:49some serious subject
03:51fatigue was Furious very angry makhan he
03:54cried if you don't get down this minute
03:56I will trash you so he just
03:59threatened this boy and said that if you
04:01don't get down my way and then I'm going
04:03to hit you makhan only moved to a more
04:06comfortable position so he just made him
04:08more comfortable and he turned a deaf
04:10ear to whatever he said
04:12now a fatigue was to keep his Regal
04:14dignity before the public Regal means
04:17Royal now fatik also had his ego because
04:21he had his gang with him and in front of
04:24his gang his brother was refusing to
04:26obey him so he had to
04:29satisfy his ego right so it was clear he
04:33ought to carry out his threat so he
04:34wanted to carry out this threat but his
04:37courage failed him but somehow he didn't
04:39have the courage to go and hit his
04:41his fertile brain however rapidly seized
04:45upon a new maneuver a new plan a clever
04:48move or plan maneuver means a clever
04:50move or plan which would discomfort his
04:53brother which would make his brother
04:54feel very uneasy and uncomfortable
04:58and at the same time afford his
05:00followers an added amusement and that
05:02would also entertain his gang so he gave
05:06the word of command to roll the log and
05:08makhan over together so he said let's
05:11Roll the log let makhan sit and let's
05:14roll the law so we know what is going to
05:15be the consequence right makanu is going
05:18to fall makwan heard the order and made
05:21it a point of honor to stick on so
05:23makhan also had her easy book and he you
05:26know just kept on sitting he overlooked
05:28the fact like those who attempt Earthly
05:31Fame in other matters that there was
05:33Peril in it but that time he didn't
05:35realize that there was some danger also
05:37with it Peril means Danger
05:41just began to heave at the log with all
05:44their might so it was quite a heavy lock
05:45so they started uh you know heaving
05:48means with a lot of noise they tried to
05:50push it further calling out one two
05:53three go and add the word go the log
05:55went and with it when makhan's
05:57philosophy glory and all so makhan had a
06:00great fall that's like Humpty Dumpty had
06:02a great fall makan also fell and All His
06:05glory philosophy and all his ego also
06:09Into Thin Air all the other boys shouted
06:12themselves horse with the light so they
06:14had a good laugh and they were you know
06:16laughing very roughly horse means rough
06:19but fatik was a little frightened and I
06:22was a little scared because he knew that
06:24this matter is not going to end here
06:27he knew what was coming and sure enough
06:29makhan Rose from Mother Earth blind as
06:32fit and screaming like the furies
06:35blindness wait means fate is supposed to
06:38be blind like fate is very unpredictable
06:40and blind and Furies refers to the the
06:44sisters in the Greek mythology the
06:47female spirits
06:49they were associated with vengeance so
06:51the comparison of makhan with a fate and
06:54Furies meant that he was intensely angry
06:58while full of Rage he just stood up from
07:00the ground because he fell down and he
07:03rushed at fatigue scratched his face and
07:05beat him and kicked him and then went
07:07crying home so he was the one who went
07:10and started hitting fatigue and he cried
07:13and he went on the First Act of the
07:15drama was over so the first fact is over
07:17now the second act let's see what
07:19happens when fatik you know confronts
07:22his mother
07:24fatigue wiped his face sat down on the
07:26edge of a sunken barge on the river back
07:29now a lot of uh the sceneries will take
07:33place in the story next to a river that
07:36is the reason you will have so many uh
07:38words associated with boat River and so
07:41on now asanthan baj baj is a boat that
07:45is over here half sunk the boat is half
07:47sunk and it's like you know below the
07:49surface of the water fatigue went and
07:51sat over there and he began to chew a
07:54piece of grass chew a piece of grass
07:56obviously the reason is he's
07:57absent-minded and something is going on
07:59in his mind
08:01a boat came up to the landing and a
08:03middle-aged man with gray hair and dark
08:05mustache stepped on shore
08:09so somebody comes uh stepped on short
08:11because there was a boat which had come
08:13up to the landing he saw the boy sitting
08:16there doing nothing and asked him where
08:18the chakravartis lived so this man came
08:20and inquired about the chakravartis now
08:23fatik should have been little conscious
08:26because he was looking for their house
08:29fatigue went on chewing the grass and
08:32said over there but it was quite
08:34impossible to tell very pointed he just
08:36said some casual way over there The
08:38Stranger asked him again
08:40he swung his legs to and fro on the side
08:43of the barge and said go and find out
08:45and continue to chew the grass as before
08:47so he just you know turned a day fair to
08:50whatever this man was telling and
08:51somehow he wanted to get rid of him
08:53because in his mind he was preoccupied
08:55with some other thoughts probably he was
08:57contemplating that what his brother is
08:59going to tell his mom and how his mom is
09:01going to react so that is what we are
09:07but now came but now a servant came down
09:10from the house and told fatik his mother
09:12wanted him fatigue refused to move
09:14because he knew that his mother is not
09:17going to leave him but the servant was
09:20the master on this occasion so he was
09:22more powerful in this case he took
09:24fatigue up roughly carried him kicking
09:27and struggling in important rates so
09:29Frederick was very angry and he
09:31struggled to get out and he was
09:32intensely angry important rage means
09:35extreme anger
09:37when fatih came into the house mother
09:39saw him she called out angrily so you
09:41have been hitting makhan again fatik
09:44answered indignantly angrily no I
09:47haven't who told you that his mother
09:49shouted don't tell lies you have seen
09:51other mother is hearing a one-sided
09:54right because vertic actually did not
09:56hit him though he did something but he
09:58didn't hit him so fatik said suddenly I
10:00tell you I haven't you asked makhan but
10:03makhan thought it best to stick to his
10:05previous statement he said yes Mother
10:08fatigue did hit me fatigue's patience
10:10was already exhausted already he was
10:12irritated he could not hear this
10:15Injustice he rushed at makhan and
10:17hammered him with blows means he gave
10:19him blows forceful blows take that he
10:22cried and that and that for telling lies
10:25his mother took makhan's side in a
10:27moment so the mother immediately took
10:28makhan's side so this is what we can
10:30understand what kind of a perspective
10:32she had and pulled fatik away beating
10:35him with her hand so she started hitting
10:3740 when fatik pushed her aside she
10:39shouted out what you little villain
10:41would you hit your own mother so fatigue
10:44was also angry and he was little adamant
10:46and you know that you know boys at this
10:47age they are quite aggressive so he just
10:50pushed the mom aside and he said and the
10:52mother said what you're going to hit me
10:54it was just at this critical juncture
10:57that the gray-haired stranger arrived so
10:59this was this gray head stranger his
11:01vertex maternal Uncle he asked what the
11:03matter was and fatigue looked sheepish
11:06and ashamed sheepish means embarrassed
11:09but when his mother stepped back and
11:11looked at the stranger her anger was
11:13changed to surprise
11:17for she recognized her brother and cried
11:19why Dada where have you come from so she
11:22was quite overwhelmed and she was happy
11:24to see her brother after a long time
11:25it's a union between a sister and a
11:28brother as she said these words she
11:30bowed to the ground and touched his feet
11:32this is a mark of respect her brother
11:35had gone away soon after she had married
11:37and he had started business in Bombay so
11:40the brother and the sister had not met
11:42for a while and in the meantime fertix
11:44dad also passed away and during this
11:47time the uncle was working in Bombay
11:50Bombay was the old name for Mumbai now
11:53it's uh you know we all apologize it
11:56Mumbai yeah it's my city but that time
11:58it was called as Bombay so
12:01now that he came back to Calcutta that's
12:04the reason he had come to meet his
12:09had now come back to Calcutta and had
12:11once made inquiries about his sister he
12:14had then hastened means quickly he went
12:16to see her as soon as he found out where
12:19she was
12:22the next few days were full of rejoicing
12:24the next few days were like quite happy
12:26the brother asked after the education of
12:28the two boys so he was concerned about
12:31the education of the boys he was told by
12:34his sister that fatigue was a Perpetual
12:35nuisance so this is the perspective the
12:37mother had according to her he was a
12:40nuisance because he never studied
12:41Perpetual means forever
12:44he was lazy disobedient and Wild
12:48but makhan was as good as gold as quite
12:51as lamb and very fond of reading so we
12:54can see that how biased the mother was
12:56bishomber kindly offered to take fatigue
12:59of his sister's hand so vishamber I
13:01would say that you know he's quite
13:03concerned relative and he wanted to do
13:06something for the child because somehow
13:07he felt that the child was out of place
13:10here and he said that let me take him to
13:12Kolkata where I can educate him the
13:15widowed mother readily agreed so she was
13:17quite happy when his uncle asked fatik
13:19if he would like to go to Calcutta with
13:21him his join you know bombs the fatigue
13:24was also quite happy oh yes uncle and in
13:26a way that made it clear that he meant
13:28it so he was quite happy now why was he
13:31so happy to come out of this place
13:32because there was nothing left for him
13:35his closest relative his mother was like
13:38you know quite biased and uh what he
13:42only used to get from her is scolding
13:44and chiding sometimes beatings also and
13:47his brother was always uh against him
13:50and the only Freedom that he had is with
13:54his you know gang where he used to do
13:57this kind of mischief and this was
13:59fatigue's life if you can sum it up
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FAQs about This YouTube Video

1. What is the story of 'The Home Coming' by Rabindranath Tagore?

'The Home Coming' by Rabindranath Tagore is a poignant tale of love and longing, depicting the struggles of an adolescent boy named Fatik as he experiences homesickness, rejection, and isolation. Fatik's mischievous nature leads him to be sent away to Kolkata to live with his uncle, where he hopes to find love, recognition, and emotional security.

2. Who is the main character in 'The Home Coming' by Rabindranath Tagore?

The main character in 'The Home Coming' by Rabindranath Tagore is Fatik, an adolescent boy who experiences homesickness, rejection, and isolation, and is sent to live with his uncle in Kolkata.

3. What are the themes portrayed in 'The Home Coming' by Rabindranath Tagore?

'The Home Coming' by Rabindranath Tagore portrays themes of love, longing, homesickness, rejection, isolation, and the search for emotional security and recognition.

4. How does 'The Home Coming' by Rabindranath Tagore depict the struggles of the main character?

'The Home Coming' by Rabindranath Tagore depicts the struggles of the main character, Fatik, as he experiences homesickness, rejection, and isolation, highlighting his quest for love, recognition, and emotional security.

5. What is the significance of the setting in 'The Home Coming' by Rabindranath Tagore?

The setting of 'The Home Coming' by Rabindranath Tagore, particularly Kolkata, plays a significant role in the story as it becomes a place where the main character, Fatik, hopes to find love, recognition, and emotional security.

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