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Rolls Royce cars are expensive because of their high-quality materials, meticulous craftsmanship, and customization options, with the company prioritizing manual labor over automation. The brand's attention to detail extends to the selection of wood, leather, and paint options, with customers being able to choose from thousands of shades and intricate combinations. Despite their luxury and exclusivity, Rolls Royce vehicles are also known for their reliability and durability.
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Rolls Royce cars are expensive because they prioritize high standards, manual labor, and offer high-quality materials and customization options.
High standards require defective parts to be sent for processing to a separate production site.
Manual labor is considered sacred, with artisans manually cutting out instrument panels and preparing leather.
Rolls Royce offers a large number of individual options and uses high-quality materials like wood, metal, and leather.
Rolls Royce cars are expensive because of the meticulous craftsmanship involved in their production.
16 layers of laminates are placed in a cast aluminum mold for the wooden panel finish.
Each interior piece takes an average of 4 hours to assemble.
8 to 11 bull hides are needed per car for the interior decoration.
Customers can choose from 44 thousand shades of color and 12 layers of paint are applied to their car.
Each Rolls Royce car takes around 450 hours to assemble, with computer checks for errors and defects, and the craftsmen take great pride in their work.
Mechanized manipulators are used in the assembly process.
Computer checks ensure no errors or defects are present.
Craftsmen at Rolls Royce are highly skilled professionals who love their work.
Rolls-Royce's best customer is the Sultan of Brunei, who has a collection of 9,000 very expensive cars including a Rolls Royce limousine plated in pure gold.
In the mid-90s, almost half of Rolls-Royce's revenue came from selling cars to the Sultan of Brunei.
The Sultan is also the Prime Minister, Minister of Defense, Minister of Finance and Economy, and Minister of Foreign Affairs of Brunei.
The Sultan's collection includes a Rolls Royce limousine plated in pure gold, which cost an estimated $20 million to create.
The Sultan hired a team of mechanics from the United Kingdom to maintain his fleet of luxury cars.
Rolls Royce cars are known for their luxurious materials, including natural wood, ivory, and LED displays, as well as their reliable quality.
Rolls Royce cars feature modern and luxurious materials such as natural wood, ivory, and LED displays.
The cars have analog clocks with the RR logo, and some components are produced by the company itself.
The cars are equipped with movable roofs and automatic closing doors.
The wheels are manually made from aluminum, and the seats are designed to create a futuristic vessel analogy.
00:02here the wood metal and leather
00:04Definitely not fakes without
00:07any cheap limitations and no
00:09desire to save money on the
00:12preparation of some parts the standards
00:14are so high that hundreds of kilos of
00:17defective parts need to be sent
00:19for processing to a separate production site
00:21is reserved for the preparation
00:23of wooden panels in a small
00:25room the wooden laminate sells
00:27different parts of the planet and next to it
00:29are artisans manually cutting out
00:31the instrument panels in a workshop
00:34next to it the leather is prepared huge
00:37multi colored rolls are carefully
00:39stacked in a special cabinet
00:41any modern brand in the
00:43mass manufacturing market strives to
00:45ensure that there are as few
00:47people as possible working on the
00:49production line as everything is done by robots
00:52it's all the other way around manual labor is
00:55considered sacred here and they only
00:57use two simple robots working
00:59only in the paint shop on
01:02May 1, 1904, the British Chaos
01:05Rossi and Harry Royce founded the company
01:07Rolls Royce and in 1906 presented their
01:11first automobile in the 50 years following
01:13Rose built the image of an
01:16exclusive British car driven by
01:18celebrity businessmen and even members
01:21of the royal family but long-
01:23term success was replaced by a
01:25lasting cross in 1998 and the company was
01:29purchased by the BMW consortium managed to
01:32regain its former glory and is now one
01:35of the most expensive cars in the world whose
01:37acquisition Demonstrates the status and
01:39social position the price of the basic model for
01:42example the Rolls Phantom starts at
01:44300 thousand dollars because people are
01:47so willing to pay so much money for
01:49a common car the fact is that for that
01:52price the manufacturer offers higher
01:54quality and a large number of individual options
01:59dark and even the diamonds are
02:01real As already said without any
02:04cheap limitations and without any desire to
02:07save money for example in the
02:09manufacture of a wooden panel finish
02:1116 layers of laminates are
02:13placed in a cast aluminum mold
02:15and then five
02:17layers of varnish are applied, each one hand polished or the
02:20pattern of the laminate is
02:22manually selected so that the other
02:24adjacent parts are harmonious with the leather,
02:26the same thing, assembling an
02:29interior piece takes an average of 4 hours and in
02:32total 8 to 11 bull hides are needed
02:34per car before becoming a
02:37decorative item for the interior of the
02:39Phantom or Ghost, each hide goes through
02:41a process of checking for damage,
02:43insect bites, scratches and
02:46scars, but the most
02:47interesting part is When the customer
02:49shows interest in the color that their
02:51future car should have, the owner
02:53can choose between 44 thousand shades of color and
02:5612 layers of paint will be applied to their car
02:58with mandatory polishing for
03:00each layer. It is possible to order a
03:02limousine in rich colors, for example
03:04Desert Gold where it is necessary to add
03:06gold to the paint at a cost of 30 thousand
03:08dollars for each layer of coating
03:10one Madame wanted to paint her taste the
03:13color of a Favorite lipstick while another
03:15said that her new Phantom should
03:17match the color of her dog
03:18favorite of the Spaniel breed, the engineers
03:21had to collect a sample of the fur and
03:23recreate the color, first on a computer
03:25and then in the paint shop, every
03:28seven customers ordered a
03:31two-color car with the most incredible
03:33combinations of colors and shades, a
03:35Chinese man who studied Still in Burgo,
03:37he ordered a Phantom with the color in a
03:39checkered or tartan pattern like a
03:41Scottish skirt. As already mentioned, any
03:44modern automobile brand makes
03:46every effort to have as few people in its factories as
03:48possible and to robotize
03:51the entire process, but not Rose.
03:54manual labor is sacred and all the
03:56work there is done manually, even
03:59platform carts are rolled by the
04:01factory employees themselves between
04:03their posts and only in the most
04:05time-consuming operations such as the installation of a
04:07massive front panel assembly or in the
04:10bodywork and of the
04:12chassis, mechanized manipulators are used,
04:15it takes around 450 hours to assemble
04:18each Rolls Royce, the computer at the output
04:21shows errors and defects that are not
04:23allowed in any way and of course
04:25this also happens in the work of the
04:28busy craftsmen, it will be exposed in a
04:30kind of honor for a few
04:32weeks, however, this rarely
04:35happens, all
04:37car company employees are top-
04:39notch professionals and really love their work
04:41here, one of the most famous people in
04:44Modern History
04:49with a brush that runs all over his body, he
04:52has no days off and no assistants
04:55lines of all Rolls are his work
05:37[Music] [
06:00who decided it was time to turn an
06:02automotive world upside down
06:04how he did it he cut the top off
06:07his Rolls-Royce Phantom and
06:09turned it into a more convertible
06:11Rolls-Royce's best customer is the Sultan
06:13of Brunei This is one of the
06:16company's most important customers in the mid-
06:1890s, almost half of
06:20Rolls-Royce's revenue came from selling cars
06:22to the Sultan and his brother, luxury cars
06:24were sent to brunei the day
06:26after leaving the factory assembly line
06:28Just imagine the Sultan cake Cain
06:32has a collection of 9 thousand
06:34very expensive cars at the same time good that
06:37besides the Sultan he is also the prime
06:39minister minister of Defense Minister of
06:42Finance and economy Minister of
06:44foreign affairs and therefore
06:45billionaire in his spare time
06:53of different versions the cost of each of
06:57these is approximately one
06:59million dollars the most precious car
07:02in the collection is the Rolls Royce limousine for
07:052 this car used for
07:08special ceremonies of the monarch was plated in gold
07:10pure and the cost of the project is estimated at
07:1320 million dollars to maintain the
07:16largest Fleet in the world, the Sultan
07:19specially hired an entire team of
07:21mechanics from the United Kingdom as a
07:23true Automotive Leader He is not
07:26content with just the success already achieved and
07:28in 2016 in London in the complex,
07:36he presented to the world the future of Luxury, the
07:41103, the first conceptual model, the car,
07:46almost six meters long,
07:47belongs to the very high price category,
07:50maintaining the brand's tradition,
07:55fully autonomous, without steering wheel, pedals,
07:58but completely
07:59the description of this show. Car is
08:03brilliant chic and Beautiful in this
08:05exquisite sanctuary of the highest style, the
08:08artificial intelligence voice of Eleonora
08:10serves as chauffeur and virtual assistant,
08:13the designers wanted to recreate the spirit
08:15of luxurious horse-drawn carriages
08:17with drivers that was
08:19replaced by the Artificial Intelligence system,
08:21as one would expect from
08:23a rolls- royce the owner surrounded
08:25only by the most modern and
08:27luxurious materials natural wood Lan Ivory
08:30display or led as well as
08:33analog clocks of his own production marked
08:35with the RR logo the car of the Future It is
08:39equipped with a movable roof that opens by
08:41moving along mechanisms
08:42hinged and foldable which allows
08:45users to get into the back without
08:47having to bend down after that the Tete
08:50car doors close
08:51automatically the narrower 29 inch
08:54tall wheels on which the
08:56car skids are made manually
08:59from 6 five pieces
09:01aluminum seats partially hidden to
09:03create an analogy with a
09:04futuristic vessel Catamaran and what do you say
09:07about a wonderful car with a large
09:09Glass Roof, the Rolls Royce
09:12Million Dollars is impressive, is
09:15n't it, in 2017, an Englishman with money
09:18received a unique two-seater car,
09:20every detail of the bodywork was made
09:23exclusively by hand, the company's specialists
09:26took three years to create
09:28this incredible retro-style coupe in
09:302019, Rose sold a record number of
09:345,152 cars, the highest number of
09:37sales in its 116-year history of the
09:39company as you may have already
09:42understood the main characteristic of
09:44a Rolls Royce is luxury But that's not
09:46all the low Royce from the beginning
09:48positioned itself as the most reliable luxury car
09:50in the world the manufacturers
09:52claim that it doesn't matter how much you
09:54use the car it will run and no matter
09:57how much you try as you
09:58simply won't be able to break it of
10:00course this is a
10:02marketing ploy and everyone knows that there are no
10:04eternal cars but the fact that the
10:07cars are really high
10:09reliable quality there is no doubt about it,
10:11leave your likes if you agree
10:14with me and that's it for today friends
10:16and see you in the next video
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FAQs about This YouTube Video

1. Why are Rolls Royce cars considered expensive?

Rolls Royce cars are considered expensive because of their high-quality materials, meticulous craftsmanship, and customization options. The company prioritizes manual labor over automation, resulting in a meticulous attention to detail that adds to the cost.

2. What contributes to the high cost of Rolls Royce cars?

The high cost of Rolls Royce cars is contributed by the use of high-quality materials, meticulous craftsmanship, and extensive customization options. The brand's dedication to manual labor and attention to detail in wood, leather, and paint options also play a significant role in the overall cost.

3. Why do Rolls Royce cars offer extensive customization options?

Rolls Royce cars offer extensive customization options to cater to the preferences and exclusivity of their customers. The selection of wood, leather, and paint options, with thousands of shades and intricate combinations, allows customers to personalize their cars according to their unique tastes and preferences.

4. Are Rolls Royce cars known for their reliability?

Despite their luxury and exclusivity, Rolls Royce cars are known for their reliability and durability. The high-quality materials and meticulous craftsmanship contribute to the overall reliability of the vehicles, providing customers with a sense of long-term value and satisfaction.

5. What distinguishes Rolls Royce cars in terms of craftsmanship and quality?

Rolls Royce cars are distinguished by their meticulous craftsmanship and high-quality materials. The brand's attention to detail extends to the selection of wood, leather, and paint options, allowing customers to experience a level of luxury and exclusivity unmatched by other automobile brands.

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