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This video discusses the benefits of mixing olive oil with lemon juice, including treating inflammatory diseases, improving memory and concentration, promoting skin and hair health, improving cardiovascular health, softening mucous membranes, aiding weight loss, breaking up kidney stones, and boosting energy levels. The mixture should be consumed on an empty stomach in the morning for best results.
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Mixing olive oil with lemon juice on an empty stomach provides many health benefits.
Olive oil is rich in monounsaturated fatty acids and polyphenols.
Lemon juice is acidic and rich in vitamins and compounds.
The mixture helps treat inflammatory diseases and strengthens memory and concentration.
Olive oil with lemon on an empty stomach has several benefits, including fighting harmful free radicals, promoting brain and nerve health, improving skin and hair, and stimulating blood circulation.
The mixture of olive oil and lemon fights harmful free radicals by donating an electron to stabilize them.
Lemon and olive oil together contain high levels of potassium and magnesium, which have positive effects on the brain and nerves.
Lemon juice stimulates collagen production, removes dark circles, and improves skin elasticity.
Olive oil moisturizes the scalp, making hair healthier and shinier.
Olive oil's monounsaturated fatty acids and antioxidants help reduce bad cholesterol and prevent strokes and heart disease.
Lemon is rich in vitamin B2, which is important for red blood cell formation and balancing blood pressure.
The combination of olive oil and lemon juice has various health benefits, including strengthening the immune system, improving kidney and gallbladder functions, and aiding in weight loss.
Olive oil and lemon juice soften the mucous membranes of the stomach.
The mixture helps purify the body and release endotoxins.
It protects the liver from infection and improves its functions.
Lemon helps maintain the integrity of blood vessels, bones, and teeth.
The mixture aids in weight loss by increasing the production of the peptide hormone.
Lemon and olive oil combination helps break up kidney stones.
It improves the body's energy levels.
Olive oil with lemon is a great tonic for the body, providing vitality and energy.
Studies have shown that a diet rich in olive oil and lemon maintains blood vessel integrity and circulation.
Extra virgin olive oil should be used for maximum health benefits.
The mixture should be prepared with fresh lemons and consumed immediately to preserve its nutritional value.
00:00mix extra virgin olive oil with lemon
00:02juice and take them on an empty stomach
00:05and you won't ignore this recipe for
00:06your whole life
00:08dear viewers we talked in a previous
00:10video about the benefits of mixing olive
00:12oil and lemon juice with honey
00:14and during it we talked about the
00:15importance of the presence of honey in
00:17preserving this mixture for a long time
00:19from any interaction that may occur
00:21between lemon juice and olive oil that
00:23leads to spoilage
00:24but many viewers wanted to get on this
00:26recipe without adding honey
00:28due to the spread of adulterated honey
00:30and the difficulty in obtaining the
00:32original honey
00:33so in this video we will talk about the
00:35benefits of mixing olive oil with lemon
00:38only without adding honey and how to use
00:40this recipe in the right way to get its
00:42amazing benefits
00:44before we start if you have taken olive
00:46oil with lemon
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00:49of people interested in these types of
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01:01what happens in your body if you take
01:02olive oil mixed with lemon juice
01:05extra virgin olive oil is a type of
01:07healthy vegetable oil rich in beneficial
01:10especially monounsaturated fatty acids
01:12and polyphenols
01:14in addition to many nutrients and
01:17as well as the matter regarding lemon it
01:19is one of the most
01:20acidic fruits and it's also rich in many
01:23vitamins and compounds
01:24important to the body when mixing olive
01:26oil with lemon juice this will provide
01:28the body with many amazing health
01:31which we'll present in this video in
01:32addition to how to use it optimally
01:36first this mixture helps treat
01:37inflammatory diseases
01:39olive oil contains polyphenols and lemon
01:41juice contains vitamin c
01:43so this mixture contains a high
01:45percentage of bioactive antioxidants
01:47which makes it a good medicine for those
01:49suffering from inflammatory diseases
01:51such as rheumatoid arthritis and
01:54multiple sclerosis
01:56second it strengthens memory helps
01:58increase concentration
02:00and prevents alzheimer's disease thanks
02:02to the high content of powerful
02:03antioxidants in this mixture
02:05it fights harmful free radicals
02:07responsible for the symptoms of
02:09aging as these harmful free radicals are
02:11always in an unstable state
02:13and constantly work to withdraw a single
02:15electron from the healthy cells in the
02:17until they reach a stable state while
02:19the body cells that loses electron turn
02:22into an unstable state and this is known
02:24as oxidation of cells that result in
02:26various diseases
02:27and here lies the importance of high
02:29concentrations of antioxidants present
02:31in this mixture
02:32that works to fight these harmful free
02:34radicals by donating an electron to
02:36these free radicals
02:37without making themselves unstable which
02:40causes free radicals to stabilize
02:42and become less harmful to the body
02:43cells also
02:45lemon and olive oil together contain
02:47high levels of potassium and magnesium
02:49which have good effects on the brain and
02:52fight depression and tension and help to
02:54increase focus
02:57third promote the health of the skin and
02:59hair lemon juice stimulates collagen
03:02which works to remove dark circles that
03:04form under the eyes
03:05solve the problem of acne pimples and
03:08it also helps the elasticity of the skin
03:10and prevents the formation of wrinkles
03:12which makes the skin more fresh and
03:14vibrant it also strengthens the hair
03:17and increases its luster as the
03:19potassium citrate present in lemon
03:21works to remove dandruff while olive oil
03:23moisturizes the scalp
03:25which makes the hair healthier and
03:28fourth it helps to stimulate blood
03:30circulation and improve the
03:32performance of the cardiovascular system
03:34olive oil contains a good amount of
03:36monounsaturated fatty acids and
03:39such as oleic acid and polyphenols which
03:42help reduce the level of bad cholesterol
03:44prevent strokes and reduce risk factors
03:46for heart disease
03:48lemons also contain vitamin b2 or what's
03:50known as
03:51riboflavin which is important for the
03:53formation of red blood cells
03:54and production of antibodies and also
03:56helps to balance blood pressure
03:58in addition to being rich in vitamin c
04:01citric acid
04:02magnesium calcium pectin bioflavonoids
04:05and liminine
04:06which strengthens the immune system and
04:08makes it very effective against some
04:10germs and viruses
04:11and fighting colds and flu fifth
04:14the combination of olive oil and lemon
04:16juice helps to soften the mucous
04:18membranes of the stomach
04:19improve kidney and gallbladder functions
04:21and it is a good treatment for urinary
04:23tract infections and constipation
04:25moreover this acidic mixture once
04:27metabolized produces alkaline
04:29by-products that help
04:31purify the body and release endotoxins
04:35sixth it contributes to improving the
04:36performance of the liver and its
04:38and making it healthier as this mixture
04:40works to protect the liver
04:42from infection with hepatitis a disease
04:44by eliminating the virus that causes it
04:46and limiting its spread to healthy cells
04:48in the body
04:50seventh maintains the integrity of blood
04:52vessels bones and teeth
04:54thanks to lemon which contains a high
04:56percentage of ascorbic acid known as
04:58vitamin c
04:59which deficiency in the body leads to
05:01various diseases
05:02the most important of which is scurvy
05:04which is a weakness in the capillaries
05:06which makes one vulnerable to wounds
05:08easily its deficiency
05:10also leads to mouth ulcers and bleeding
05:12gums constantly
05:13as well as lemon helps to remove uric
05:15acid from joints
05:16which is one of the main causes of
05:20eight this mixture contributes to weight
05:22loss as the oleic acid present in olive
05:25stimulates the increase in the
05:26production of the peptide hormone
05:28which is an appetite regulating hormone
05:30which enhances the feeling of satiety
05:32thus eating fewer meals
05:35ninth it is useful in breaking up kidney
05:38stones because lemons contain high
05:39concentrations of potassium citrate
05:42which works to break up the stones and
05:44by the action of olive oil
05:45the crumbs of the stones in the kidneys
05:47move to the bladder to exit easily
05:49through the urinary tracts
05:5210th improve the body's energy if you're
05:54a man or woman who does hard work
05:56throughout the day
05:57or you want to improve your body's
05:58energy to perform and practice various
06:01you can rely on this mixture as it is a
06:03great tonic for the body that resists
06:05lethargy and fatigue
06:07and provides the body with maximum
06:08vitality and energy
06:10many studies have confirmed that a diet
06:12rich in olive oil and lemon
06:14maintains the integrity of blood vessels
06:16and the continuation of blood
06:17circulation and activity in all parts
06:20of the body it is worth noting that
06:22obtaining these wonderful benefits from
06:24this mixture is related to choosing the
06:26quality of the ingredients used
06:28especially olive oil so you must use
06:30extra virgin olive oil with the highest
06:32health value
06:33and unfortunately many people don't know
06:35the specifications of extra virgin olive
06:37oil and how to distinguish and choose it
06:39from among the many types
06:41therefore on the end screen you will
06:43find a video explaining the
06:44specifications of
06:45extra virgin olive oil and how you can
06:47choose it easily
06:49method of preparation and use to prepare
06:51this mixture
06:52you must use extra virgin olive oil
06:54packed from the beginning of its
06:56in an opaque bottle that doesn't allow
06:58light to pass through
07:00this is because olive oil when exposed
07:02to light occurs what's called photo
07:05which negatively affects its nutritional
07:07value as well as lemons must be fresh
07:09from a reliable source
07:11you only need to mix a teaspoon of olive
07:13oil with a teaspoon of lemon juice
07:16drink it on an empty stomach in the
07:17morning half an hour before breakfast
07:20in a few days you will feel better
07:22leaner and more energetic
07:24this mixture must be mixed and taken
07:28it shouldn't be left for a long period
07:29of time so that the chemical reaction
07:31doesn't occur between the ingredients
07:33that leads to its losing nutritional
07:35but if you want to make a mixture with
07:36these ingredients and remain for a long
07:38period of time
07:39to more than a month without losing its
07:41nutritional value
07:42this you will find in a video that's on
07:44the end screen
07:46dear viewers this was all we have for
07:48today if you liked the video give us a
07:49thumbs up and share with your friends
07:51write your opinion in the comment
07:53section and people who follow us for the
07:54first time
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FAQs about This YouTube Video

1. What are the benefits of mixing olive oil with lemon juice?

Mixing olive oil with lemon juice has several benefits, including treating inflammatory diseases, improving memory and concentration, promoting skin and hair health, improving cardiovascular health, softening mucous membranes, aiding weight loss, breaking up kidney stones, and boosting energy levels.

2. How can mixing olive oil with lemon juice help in treating inflammatory diseases?

The combination of olive oil and lemon juice can help in treating inflammatory diseases due to their anti-inflammatory properties. Olive oil contains oleocanthal, which works similarly to ibuprofen in reducing inflammation, and lemon juice is high in vitamin C, which also has anti-inflammatory effects.

3. When is the best time to consume the mixture of olive oil and lemon juice?

The mixture of olive oil and lemon juice is best consumed on an empty stomach in the morning for the best results. This allows the body to absorb the nutrients and benefits of the mixture more effectively.

4. Can mixing olive oil with lemon juice aid in weight loss?

Yes, the combination of olive oil and lemon juice can aid in weight loss. Olive oil contains healthy monounsaturated fats that can promote feelings of fullness, while lemon juice can help in detoxifying the body and supporting digestion, both of which are beneficial for weight loss.

5. How does the mixture of olive oil and lemon juice improve skin and hair health?

The mixture of olive oil and lemon juice can improve skin and hair health by providing essential nutrients and antioxidants. Olive oil nourishes the skin and hair with healthy fats, while lemon juice's high vitamin C content can promote collagen production and improve skin and hair texture.

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