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The video discusses a powerful swing trading strategy for Forex that provides high probability and good risk reward. The strategy involves finding untapped liquidity on a weekly chart, waiting for a Judas swing to occur, and looking for a shift in market structure on lower time frames. The strategy can be applied to multiple currency pairs for optimal trading opportunities.
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The speaker discusses a powerful swing trading strategy for Forex that has high probability and good risk reward.
The strategy is considered one of the most powerful trading strategies.
It provides good risk reward and high probability.
The speaker emphasizes that discipline and patience are crucial for successfully trading the strategy.
The importance of psychological control is highlighted.
In this section, the speaker explains the steps for using the ICT trading strategy.
Look for swing low close and untapped liquidity on the weekly chart.
Transition to the daily chart for a new week.
Look for the ICT Judas swing on the weekly range.
Expect a manipulation move lower to take liquidity at the beginning of the week.
The speaker discusses the shift in market structure and entry points based on liquidity and Fibonacci retracement.
Midweek is when manipulation is done and market structure shifts are confirmed.
Entry point is identified by waiting for a discount marketplace within the impulse move and using Fibonacci retracement.
Pulling back below 50 percent equilibrium of the price range indicates a discount marketplace for entry.
The speaker explains how to achieve optimal trade entry and discusses the risk-reward ratio.
Optimal trade entry is at 62% on the retracement.
The speaker suggests entering the trade at the midway point of the week.
The stop would be placed underneath the swing point of the shift.
The profit target would be three times the risk.
The speaker discusses identifying swing high levels and the Judas swing at the beginning of the week in trading strategies.
Identifying swing high levels based on the high and low of candles.
Looking for the Judas swing at the beginning of the week, indicating manipulation and achieving liquidity goals.
Using different time frames for confirmation signals, such as the four-hour and one-hour time frames.
The video discusses a trading strategy for shorting the market with confirmation signals and profit targets.
Taking buy stops and observing a shift in market structure to the downside is a high probability shift.
The profit target is the untapped weekly level.
Entry is confirmed when the market trades up into a specific level.
Optimal trade entry can also be used.
The risk reward ratio for this play is 3.75.
This section explains the importance of looking at multiple pairs in order to find high probability trading setups.
The strategy involves looking for similar signatures on the weekly range.
The goal is to take up liquidity by triggering buy stops, then wait for a shift in market structure to the downside.
By analyzing multiple pairs, traders can find more opportunities with specific criteria for high probability trading setups.
00:00okay in this video I'm gonna be talking
00:02about a swing trading strategy for Forex
00:05that I have been tracking data on for a
00:07while at this point
00:11I gotta say it is one of the most
00:12powerful trading strategies that I've
00:15ever collected data on like it's one of
00:17the most powerful trading strategies
00:19that I have in the lab at the moment
00:21it's just extremely like a top
00:23probability but it also presents you
00:25with good risk award as well
00:28and that's uncommon it's uncommon to
00:30find a strategy that gives you good risk
00:32reward but also at the same time it's
00:33high probability it doesn't that doesn't
00:35happen very often in this strategy
00:38it has it the strategies is one
00:40important part of the equation don't
00:41forget I can give you the strategy on
00:43the platter like I've gained strategies
00:45in the past on the platter
00:47but it's up to you like at the end of
00:49the day it comes down to your discipline
00:50it comes down to your patience to
00:52actually trade the strategy and that's
00:53where most people fall off it's not the
00:55strategy it's just even a lot of people
00:57watching this right now they're going to
00:58watch this video they're going to get
00:59pumped up after seeing the strategy but
01:01then when they're gonna go trade it in
01:02real time you know those inner demons
01:04are going to start talking to them that
01:05discipline that lack of discipline that
01:07lack of patience it's still going to
01:08interfere so even though I'm giving you
01:09a strategy on a platter a high
01:11probability strategy you can't skip the
01:12inner work you gotta you gotta get your
01:14psychology under control as well it's
01:16very important and one last thing before
01:18we get into the video before we talk
01:19about the strategy if you do enjoy the
01:22and you feel like it's something that
01:25you want to see more content on in the
01:27future if this video can get 1 000 likes
01:301 000 likes what I'm gonna do is I'm
01:33gonna keep you guys updated on this
01:34strategy I'm going to post I'm going to
01:36keep posting reviews of whenever
01:38whenever I see a setup whenever I see a
01:41clean setup for this strategy that has
01:43everything that I talk about in this
01:44video I will post it on the YouTube on
01:47the public YouTube I will post a like
01:49just like I do with trade reviews I'll
01:51do that but with this strategy and I
01:53will keep posting reviews
01:55and I will also
01:57I will also post
01:59in the forks in my in my free Discord
02:02chat room so I have a free Discord chat
02:04room I already post my watch list every
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02:19and if this can get a thousand likes
02:21this video then I will also post that
02:24set up in here every single time I see a
02:28and is presenting itself I will post it
02:30in here so you can capitalize on it as
02:32well okay so we're gonna do reviews and
02:34we're also gonna I'm gonna do reviews on
02:36it and I'm also going to post it in here
02:38for you guys so you can see the setup
02:40and you can see it actually before it
02:42happens real time and see it play out so
02:44if you like if that's if that's
02:45something you'd be interested in 1000
02:47likes let's get it all right so we're
02:49starting here your USD again remember
02:51this is a swing trading strategy step
02:54number one step number one what you want
02:56to see is you want to see in a bullish
02:58scenario you want to see a swing low put
03:01in on the weekly chart
03:03so again on the weekly chart
03:06you want to see a swing low put in if if
03:09it's um a bearish scenario then you want
03:11to see a swing High put in you can see
03:13right here on your USD we have our
03:15lowest low in the middle see this right
03:17here look at my cursor
03:19lowest on the middle and you got a
03:20higher low on the left you got a higher
03:22low on the right
03:24once that week closes that's key as well
03:26you want to see you want to see that
03:27week close you want to see that third
03:29candle close and
03:31after that is closed and we're coming to
03:33a new week you have a confirmed swing
03:35low level okay now what you want to see
03:37what you want to do next is you want to
03:40Mark the high of that third candle
03:43see this right here
03:47you want to Mark the hob that third
03:49candle why
03:50because there is untapped liquidity
03:52right there by sound liquidity right
03:54there above that third candle hot now
03:56what you're going to do next is you're
03:58going to go down to your daily chart
04:00remember we have that hot noted that's
04:02where we that's our untapped liquidity
04:04on the weekly chart so you want that's
04:05what you want to see you want to see the
04:06swing low close and then the very next
04:08week here's what we want to see we go
04:09down to the daily chart now because now
04:11at this point we're starting a brand new
04:12week we're on the daily chart that was
04:14that previous week huh see right there
04:16that high was made on Thursday of last
04:18week here's Friday and now
04:22we enter a new week see this
04:25look at my cursor this is Monday
04:28remember the weekly level
04:30the weekly level we have we still have
04:32that untapped liquidity being above that
04:33third High we have the confirmed swing
04:35point and now we're coming into a new
04:36week what you want to see next coming
04:38into a new week is you want to see that
04:41ICT Judas swing
04:44on the weekly range
04:46because that's what you're doing
04:47remember you're a swing Trader with this
04:48strategy you're swing trading and you're
04:50looking for that expansion on the weekly
04:54so think power of three
04:56what do we want to see at the beginning
04:57of the week here we want to see that
04:59manipulation move
05:01okay we want to see a manipulation move
05:03lower to take liquidity
05:05that's step number one all right it's
05:08step number one is you want to see the
05:09swing Point actually so you want that
05:11Weekly swing Point put in and then
05:12coming into the new week you want to see
05:15manipulation move lower to take lower
05:17liquidity and you want to see this is
05:19key because a lot of sometimes it'll
05:21just open up a new week and pop that
05:22high if that happens that's not
05:24something you want to take
05:25what you want to see is you want to see
05:27that high from the previous week left
05:30you want to see it left untapped it's
05:32untapped liquidity and then come into
05:34the new weeks right here we have Monday
05:35see how Monday didn't tag that high just
05:37on tap liquidity and then we have
05:39Tuesday we have this dip lower
05:41this is your Judas swing on the weekly
05:45you have a move lower a Judah swing is a
05:48fake run in the opposing direction of
05:50where price really intends on going for
05:52the still intention of taking liquidity
05:54to rebalance price action so we take
05:55these sell stops and we rebalance this
05:57this daily price section
05:59this is that fake run
06:02and we know this our bias coming into
06:03the week is bullish we've already
06:05concluded that our bias is bullish
06:06coming into the week because we got the
06:07untapped liquidity that is what we want
06:09to run we already know what our profit
06:10Target is like coming to the week we
06:13already know what our profit Target is
06:14we already know what level we're
06:15targeting untapped liquidity that's what
06:19we're targeting
06:20and now
06:23what you want to see at the beginning of
06:24the week is that you to swing lower
06:26that's what you see here on your USD you
06:28can see you had this hard crack on
06:30Tuesday it comes down and it sweeps
06:32these cell stops lowest low in the
06:34two hours on left and the right that is
06:36a swing low there are still stops
06:37beneath the levels still stops beneath
06:39that level see that we sweep it
06:42we sweep those cell stops
06:44and that is a shift in marker structure
06:47on the four hour chart so you got to
06:48keep that in mind
06:50that Judah swing at the beginning of the
06:53did have a four hour shift lower we got
06:56something right here what do we got
06:58we have a possible shift in Market
06:59structure now this is at Wednesday at
07:02this point
07:03this is on Wednesday but by Wednesday
07:06New York session the vast majority of
07:08the time
07:09the vast vast majority of the Town by
07:11Wednesday New York session the
07:12manipulation on the weekly range is done
07:15like that fake run which is right here
07:17it's done and usually by Wednesday New
07:21York prices starting to show its Hand by
07:22that point it's showing where it really
07:24wants to go and that's displayed with a
07:26shift in Market structure
07:28that's that's what it is so you have
07:30that original push lower your Judah
07:32swing takes lower liquidity we still got
07:34that untapped weekly that that untapped
07:37liquidity being above that third weekly
07:40right there that's on tap by side we
07:42have the Judy swing we take cell stops
07:44and by Wednesday
07:47you know when you get around midweek
07:49it's usually that manipulation is done
07:52it's taking those self-stops it's
07:53rebalanced up price action and now we
07:56see a
07:57shift in Market structure right here
08:00that's confirmation
08:02that's confirmation right there that's
08:03what you want to see
08:05that's what you want to see in this case
08:07you would be good to just execute on the
08:09four hour chart because you already got
08:10what you want like what else do you need
08:13you took liquidity you took liquidity
08:15away from liquidity or you'll be the
08:17liquidity we waited for liquidity it
08:19took that liquidity after taking that
08:21liquidity you get a shift in Market
08:23structure this is that shift in Market
08:25structure why is it a shift in Market
08:26structure because we broke the swing
08:28high right here
08:29and it's not only a shift in Market
08:31structure it's a high probability shift
08:32in Market structure because we got our
08:33fair value Gap we got a strong close
08:35above the swing point we took liquidity
08:37that's a high probability shift for an
08:40what do you want for an entry on this
08:41your best bet for an entry
08:43and how I did it was we wait for a
08:46discount Marketplace within that impulse
08:48swing so for your entry this was our
08:51impulse swing this is the shift in
08:53Market structure
08:56or midweek prices basically shown its
08:58hand at this point we still got this
08:59untapped liquidity serving up here as a
09:02and now we have a shift in Market
09:04structure what we want next is we want a
09:06retracement into a discount Marketplace
09:08within that impulse move so we take our
09:10Fibonacci from the low to the high of
09:13the shift
09:14and we measure that price range
09:17all right it had a little another little
09:19Spike let's adjust it right there that's
09:22an entry that's an entry right there
09:25because it pulled back below 50 percent
09:27equilibrium of that price range see that
09:30the second it pulls beneath 50
09:33equilibrium without price range
09:36it's in a discount Marketplace a
09:39discount is
09:41discount means cheap it's in a deep it's
09:43in a cheap Marketplace within that four
09:45hour range so so far what have we
09:46concluded we want to see that third can
09:49we want to see that swing low
09:51we want to see that swing point on the
09:53weekly created that's step number one
09:56after that we come into a new week we
09:58want to see that Judas swing lower
10:00at the beginning of the week without
10:02tapping that third candle hot if it's a
10:05swing low or third candle low if it's uh
10:08if it's a swing high level
10:10so this is a this is a weekly swing low
10:13so we want to see that third candle High
10:15left untapped and we want to see that
10:16Judas swing so after we get that Judas
10:18swing lower what do we want to see next
10:21we want to see that shift in Market
10:23structure usually by midweek price has
10:25shown its hand and it's showing you
10:26where it wants to go at that point so we
10:27take the liquidity and we get our shift
10:29in Market structure do you want to be
10:30buying up here so it's ripping up no we
10:32want the best price we can get we want a
10:34discount Marketplace
10:36so we again we measure our Fibonacci we
10:38put our Fibonacci on there
10:40from high to low and we measure it we
10:42found 50 of that price range of the
10:44shift in Market structure where it
10:45occurred you want the fair value get
10:47confirmation as well that's crucial as
10:48well let me make that very clear you
10:50don't get that fair value Gap you've got
10:52no play you want that fair value Gap
10:54confirmation that's your confirmation
10:55signal because that shows it's a strong
10:57shift so we get that fair value Gap we
11:00pull back into a discount you could get
11:01an entry you also could dial it in a
11:03little bit more be more precise with it
11:05and you could have waited on this
11:06bullish order block right here see this
11:08see this this down close candle right
11:10here this is a four hour voice order
11:12block of support so you could have got
11:14even more precise with it and hit it
11:16right there
11:17and I'm not saying you're going to do it
11:19exactly with the way that I collected
11:21data on it I did a discount Marketplace
11:23discount it's valid has the fair value
11:26Gap valid
11:27but you can mess around with it and
11:29maybe you just want to do optimal trade
11:30entry to minimize your risk a little bit
11:32more it's already a fantastic risk award
11:34even if you do a discount
11:36but maybe you want to do optimal trade
11:37entries so put your Fibonacci on there
11:39to give you optimal trade entry
11:41optimal trade entry is 62 on the
11:43retracement see that right there
11:47look at my cursor it gave you optimal
11:49trade entry as well 62 percent on that
11:53so let's let's see what that would be
11:55because at this point that's your
11:57trigger you could get you could get an
11:58entry at that point because it's we're
12:00Midway through the week at this point
12:01we've already got the Judas swing price
12:03has shown his hand shift and Market
12:04structure untapped liquidity that's all
12:06you want at that point you're set that's
12:08that's a that's a solid trade at that
12:09point so let's say you got in at 62
12:12percent you got your entry right there
12:14and let's say you put your stop because
12:15your stock would be underneath of That
12:17Swing point of the shift that's how you
12:19would time it
12:20and then your profit Target would be
12:22that hop there what would that be that's
12:25three to one in that play
12:27three to one and it's high probability
12:31that's amazing that is amazing risk
12:34reward you can and you can trade it with
12:36this risk reward even though it's a
12:37higher probability strategy you can be
12:39right way way less than you're wrong
12:43and still be profitable
12:46the three to one okay now even if you so
12:49that was with optimal trade entry
12:52but even if you got a discount what
12:54would that be if just like say you
12:55waited so you got in
12:57when it entered a discount Marketplace
12:58what would it be on something like that
13:00so say you got in right there
13:03so you risk that low
13:05and say
13:06so what would that be
13:10you know 1.50 1.53 that's still good
13:13risk reward
13:14still get restored if you just got in
13:16like right on a discount Marketplace
13:19that's what it would be
13:21so something you can use optimal trade
13:23entry to minimize your risk a lot more
13:27that's up to you how you want to do it
13:28you'll get good results with both with
13:30you'll get good results with a discount
13:32you'll get good results it's optimal
13:33trade entry but you will it's basically
13:36you'll miss some plays with optimal
13:38trading tree sometimes it'll just be too
13:39strong and it won't give you that 62
13:41percent if you're okay with that then go
13:43for it that's what you want to see we
13:45pull back to a discount we test that
13:46order block and then what happens next
13:48it trades up higher and it takes out
13:51that upper by side that was your profit
13:53Target you lock in gains at that point
13:55okay so you got in Thursday and
13:59you would have been exited on Monday so
14:01you would be holding a you'd actually be
14:03holding it
14:04for a little while you'd be holding it
14:05over the weekend as well and talking at
14:07that house you'd be holding a few days
14:09like I said this is a swing trading
14:10strategy mainly sometimes you'll have
14:12cases where
14:13you might hit quickly but the vast
14:15majority of time you're gonna be holding
14:16for a couple days at least again real
14:19quickly we had that Weekly swing low put
14:21in see that
14:22we had that third candle that had been
14:25left untapped and then come into a new
14:28coming into a new week we had our Jew to
14:29swing lower you're coming into a new
14:31week it had not tapped that it had not
14:33cleaned out that by side yet it's
14:34untapped liquidity that's what you want
14:36that's what makes it so powerful
14:39all right don't try to stretch the rules
14:40either don't try to stretch the rules
14:42and say oh it just tapped it by 10 Pips
14:45five Pips is it still good
14:47stick to the rules that I'm giving you
14:49untap liquidity completely untapped
14:53and then it sells off
14:55there's your Judas swing at the
14:56beginning of the week
14:58usually and then by mid-week usually
15:00price has shown its hand we get that
15:01shift in Market structure midweek pulls
15:03back into a discount it attacks the high
15:05all right so now that we went over a now
15:08that we went over a bullish scenario
15:10let's go over a bearish scenario because
15:12it's it's basically just flipped around
15:14so we went over that your USD was a bull
15:16scenario this is a bearish scenario so
15:18would you want to see what the bearish
15:19scenario is you just want to see a swing
15:21hop put in on the weekly chart
15:23you want to see it completely closed so
15:25all three candles need to be closed
15:27okay in the middle two lower highs on
15:30left and the right and you go by the
15:31absolute high of the candle not the body
15:33when you're finding the absolute ha this
15:35was the absolute high that was traded on
15:37this candle the absolute ha and then the
15:40high on the low and the high on the
15:41right are lower than the absolute high
15:42in the middle so it makes that a swing
15:45high level and then we want to see that
15:47candle close and coming to a new week
15:49what do we want to see coming to the new
15:51we want to see that level right there
15:54that low of that third candle we want to
15:56see it left untapped we don't want to
15:58see it just open up and come down and
15:59take it that's not a valve setup at that
16:01point it disqualifies it we want to see
16:03that Judas swing first
16:05we want to see that chew to swing at the
16:06beginning of the week remember the
16:08beginning of the week is primed on for
16:09the Judas swing and then usually by
16:13usually by midweek prices Sean's hand
16:15and like it's done with the manipulation
16:17and it's show it's it's achieved its
16:20goal of taking that upper liquidity of
16:22rebounds in whatever price action and
16:23it's shown its hand at that point
16:25basically so let's go to the daily chart
16:28now so right here you can see this is
16:29Friday this just closed we have that
16:31Weekly swing point and coming to a new
16:33week what happens we open up right here
16:35and we immediately start trending up
16:37higher that's your Judah swing that your
16:40Judas swinging process
16:42okay so now this one's a little bit
16:44different than that your USD here's
16:46here's something look because
16:48whenever I was tracking the data I
16:50didn't go lower than a one hour so
16:52you used the weekly swing point and for
16:55your confirmation signal you have two
16:56options here you I use the four hour and
17:00the one hour for my confirmation signal
17:01on your USD we have the four hour
17:03confirmation signal because remember we
17:06had a big bearish shift on Euro USD and
17:10we had that shift in Market structure
17:12the upside on the four hour which gave
17:14confirmation now with this NCD CHF it's
17:16a little bit different because the
17:18four-hour Market structure is already
17:20and whenever you have a scenario like
17:24it's already bearish and it's kind of
17:26just a lethargic move higher within that
17:28range at the beginning of the week
17:29that's still a Judith swing that's still
17:33it's already bearish we took out this
17:35high but that's not an explosive move
17:36that's just a stop run
17:38all right there's a difference between
17:39stop runs and Market structure shift
17:40this is just a stop run
17:42so whenever you only have the four hour
17:45marker structure where you want it and
17:46it's aligned with the direction that
17:48you're trading in well then you would go
17:50to the one hour for your confirmation
17:51signal and even on that Euro USD you
17:53could win on the on the one hour as well
17:55I'm not saying you can't
17:56but my advice take it on the highest
17:58time frame that you see the confirmation
18:00signal you could have used the one hour
18:01on your USD again
18:03to minimize your risk a bit more if you
18:05wanted to but here's what you would do
18:07this though so here is here's Monday so
18:11we got Sunday right here we got Monday
18:12and then right off the rip at the end of
18:14the week look at my cursor
18:16we have this push-up let me actually
18:18rewind it a little bit we have this push
18:21up at the beginning of the week it looks
18:22extremely bullish at the moment it's
18:23coming up it's cracking these highs when
18:25it takes out this hot what's it taken
18:27it's taken out Boston liquidity this is
18:30the Judas swing in process the early
18:32week Judah swing and remember
18:34we still have untapped liquidity right
18:37being that previous week low that is
18:40untapped liquidity
18:42and now we get to shoot a swing it's
18:44coming up higher four-hour Market
18:45structure still bearish and has taken
18:46upper boss stop so stop run one hour
18:48marker structure when it's doing this is
18:50completely bullish so now we're on a one
18:52hour chart and we're looking at this
18:53it's already within a voice Market
18:54shelter right now four hours bearish one
18:56hours boys and at this time we're coming
18:58into Tuesday London session and what do
19:00you know look at that
19:02right there so we had that early so we
19:04had that Monday Judah swing and then
19:06also into early London session during
19:10and then we get that shift in Market
19:11structure that was your early week Judas
19:14swing right there that entire leg higher
19:16to take out these upper body stops with
19:18your Judas swing and now because
19:20remember the four hour is still bearish
19:22and now we got this one hour shift in
19:23Market structure lower right here
19:26we took up our buy stops which is what
19:27you want to see you took by stops and
19:30then you got that shift in Market
19:31structure to the downside
19:35fair value Gap confirmation
19:37that's what you want to see because
19:39that's a high probability shift in
19:41Market structure to the downside after
19:42taking liquidity we see once it's
19:44untapped Weekly right here that's going
19:45to be your profit Target you already
19:46know that that's going to be your profit
19:48Target and now you've got this shift in
19:49Market structure on the lower time frame
19:51that's confirmation you can get an entry
19:52once it trades up into that level right
19:55you're in the play you're in the place
19:57short at that point because that's a
19:58confirmation signal all right
20:00so again we got a premium Marketplace
20:02it's valid once it Trace up into a
20:04premium it's valid
20:06CL trades above 50 of that price range
20:09that's valid at that point for a entry
20:12and I believe you even got optimal trade
20:13entry once more so let's plot that on
20:15there for the for the individuals who
20:17want to use optimal trade entry you got
20:19you got optimal trade entry as well
20:23so let's see what the risk reward would
20:24be on this one so you're shorting
20:26remember so you're betting against it
20:27you're betting on lower prices your
20:29stops will be above the high of that
20:30impulse swing lower where the shift was
20:32created and your profit Target is going
20:34to be
20:37that previous week low untapped sell
20:39side look at that
20:43look at how beautiful that is look at
20:453.75 risk award on that play
20:49it's it's phenomenal risk of War but
20:51it's also aligned with the market
20:52structure a big mistake that beginner
20:54Traders make is they try to force their
20:56risk award ratio on the chart there's
20:59nothing wrong with having a a good risk
21:02award ratio like three to one four to
21:04one if it's along with the market
21:05structure this is how you do it this is
21:08a good way to do it to get really good
21:09risk reward but it's also at the same
21:11time along with the market structure
21:14remember you know exactly what's
21:15happening here you know exactly what's
21:17playing out you have all these things
21:19coming together you have a untapped
21:21liquidity being that Weekly low so you
21:23already know where the weekly is drawn
21:24to you already know that there you
21:27already know when that manipulation
21:28occurs you already know when that Judas
21:29swing that ICT true to swing is going to
21:30occur beginning of the week
21:32you know it's going to come up and take
21:34that liquidity and an effort takes that
21:36liquidity you're looking for that you're
21:38looking for price to show its hand how
21:40does price show its hand it shows its
21:42hand with a shift in Market structure
21:43you get that shift in Market structure
21:45where do you want to get your entry you
21:46want to get your entry and at least a
21:48premium or of course you could use
21:49optimal trade entry as well
21:51if you use optimal trade entry here
21:53that's 3.75 or that's amazing that's
21:57amazing risk reward and what about if
21:59you just got in on a
22:01or in a premium what would that be so
22:04you got in a premium that's still three
22:06to one risk of War on the play that's
22:08three to one
22:10three to one risk one on that play
22:11energy has got in on a premium
22:13Marketplace risking that high you risk
22:15the high of the impulse move
22:17where that shift happened and your
22:19profit Target is always going to be with
22:21this strategy your profit Target is
22:23always going to be
22:24that low right here now of course you
22:27could you could even like you can play
22:29around with this and you could just take
22:31profits right there if but I mean I'm
22:34sharing with you the way that I have
22:35tested it
22:36and with the way that I tested it you're
22:38always going to Target that that
22:40previous week low because remember this
22:41is a swing trading strategy you're
22:43looking for that Weekly range expansion
22:45and that's going to be your PT it's such
22:48like it's such a clear-cut clear-cut
22:51and it's just such simple rules
22:54you already know like beginning of the
22:56week you already know what your profiter
22:57is going to be and again if price comes
22:59down in the beginning of the week and it
23:00takes out that like if it was come down
23:01take out this low like right off rip
23:03well then it just wouldn't have a play
23:04you go to another pair so you already
23:06know what your profits are going to be
23:07you know you're looking for that due to
23:10swing at the beginning of the week after
23:11the Judas swing is done they still go
23:13for bus stops you're looking for that
23:15shift in Market structure again kind of
23:17think like ICT 2022 mentorship but with
23:19the weekly range you're looking like
23:21you're looking for similar signatures
23:23but displayed on the weekly range
23:26so you're looking for that move higher
23:27to take up our liquidity which is part
23:29of that strategy you're taking over buy
23:30stops and then you're looking for that
23:31shift in Market structure to the
23:32downside it's like the same exact thing
23:34but on a weekly range but by utilizing
23:37like that Weekly swing point you have a
23:39clear profit Target a clear draw and
23:40liquidity to shoot for and like you you
23:44understand why price is doing what it's
23:45doing you understand everything why it's
23:47doing we have our draw we have our Judas
23:49swing we got our shift prices now shown
23:50in its hand you can now position
23:51yourself once it moves up into a premium
23:53and then you can look for lower prices
23:54now the next question is okay but I'll
23:58trade one pair Mike this is gonna I'm
24:01gonna be sitting around forever I'm
24:03gonna be sitting around forever waiting
24:04for this setup well that's I didn't test
24:06this on one pair all right you're right
24:08if you test it on one pair you're
24:10sitting I'm I'm all four I'm all forced
24:12on the sidelines being patient and wait
24:14for high quality sit-ups but uh with one
24:16pair with this strategy you're pushing
24:18it at that point you're hardly even
24:19trading with just one pair with this
24:22so that's why I recommend with this
24:24particular strategy look at all these
24:26pairs I got on my watch list I like
24:28looking at multiple pairs that's what
24:29works for me and for this strategy
24:31that's what works best because remember
24:33it's you're looking for very specific
24:35criteria you're looking for extremely
24:37high probability environments with very
24:39specific things happening and this gives
24:42you more opportunities to have that
24:44scenario you look at all these different
24:47you look at all these different Forex
24:49pairs because again this is a strategy
24:51for Forex that's what I tested it on
24:52it's for Forks that's how you want to do
24:55it with this strategy and it's just a
24:57super simple swing trading strategy it's
24:59super it's like a super laid-back type
25:00of style of trading and it's just I mean
25:02it's just stupidly simple stupidly
25:05good risk reward high probability
25:08now the only question now is do you have
25:10the discipline to actually trade it for
25:12some of you it might just not fit you
25:13you might not like swing trading well
25:14remember prices for act on the same
25:16signature repeat on a lower time frame
25:17so keep that in mind
25:19and that's fine maybe just maybe swing
25:21trading just as a fit your strategy you
25:22like you want you're a scalper
25:24cool but some of you that are swing
25:26Traders you know that's what fits you
25:28maybe it's based on your job what you do
25:30this is just the easiest way to trade
25:32because yeah if you've got like a
25:33full-time job
25:34right now
25:36then this is this is perfect for you
25:38perfect strategy for you but again
25:40strategy is just one component of it
25:43that's just one component of it that's a
25:46small part of it
25:47I've shared strategies on the YouTube
25:49I've shared multiple strategies on the
25:51YouTube but if you don't have your mind
25:52right again if you don't have the
25:54discipline on point you haven't
25:55developed a discipline
25:57you haven't you don't got patience
26:00you'd like those inner demons deter you
26:02to make you break your rules
26:05well then the strategy won't help you if
26:07you don't get your mind right nothing
26:08will help you but I'm telling you if you
26:10can exercise enough discipline be
26:13follow the rules
26:15and you follow this strategy religiously
26:17I think you'll do just fine you'll do
26:20just fine any funded account that you
26:22want you got it quit your job you got it
26:25like you could do it with this strategy
26:27which again the question is do you get
26:29the discipline now
26:31and that's the big piece of the puzzle
26:32that's the biggest thing a trading is do
26:34you get the discipline
26:36without discipline nothing will work so
26:41if this video can get 1 000 likes what I
26:43will do is I will continue to make
26:45videos on this particular strategy
26:47kind of like update videos show you
26:49setups that are playing out and how you
26:50could have played it
26:51I will also post policy setups
26:54beforehand in the Discord chat in the
26:56free Discord chat so you guys can see it
26:57play out real time
26:59and just you can see it firsthand just
27:01how Pro like how good of a strategy it
27:04is you'll be able to see it real time so
27:051 000 likes and also if you enjoyed this
27:08video make sure you subscribe to the
27:09channel turn on notifications and I will
27:11keep the content coming
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FAQs about This YouTube Video

1. What is the powerful swing trading strategy discussed in the video?

The video discusses a powerful swing trading strategy for Forex that provides high probability and good risk reward. The strategy involves finding untapped liquidity on a weekly chart, waiting for a Judas swing to occur, and looking for a shift in market structure on lower time frames. The strategy can be applied to multiple currency pairs for optimal trading opportunities.

2. How can the swing trading strategy be applied to multiple currency pairs?

The swing trading strategy can be applied to multiple currency pairs for optimal trading opportunities by finding untapped liquidity, waiting for a Judas swing, and looking for a shift in market structure on lower time frames. This approach allows traders to identify favorable trading setups across different currency pairs.

3. What is the significance of waiting for a Judas swing in the swing trading strategy?

Waiting for a Judas swing in the swing trading strategy is significant as it provides an opportunity to enter a trade with a high probability of success. It allows traders to capitalize on market inefficiencies and positioning, leading to favorable risk-reward ratios and increased trading opportunities.

4. How does the swing trading strategy help in identifying untapped liquidity on a weekly chart?

The swing trading strategy helps in identifying untapped liquidity on a weekly chart by analyzing market structures and price movements. Traders look for areas where liquidity is trapped and then anticipate a shift in market structure, leading to the identification of untapped liquidity and potential trading opportunities.

5. What role does a shift in market structure play in the swing trading strategy?

A shift in market structure plays a crucial role in the swing trading strategy by indicating potential trading opportunities. Traders analyze lower time frames to identify shifts in market structure, which can signal the beginning of a new trend or a reversal, allowing them to enter trades with favorable risk-reward ratios and high probability.

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