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The video discusses how to predict your future spouse based on the placement of your seventh house lord in different nakshatras. It provides descriptions of the characteristics, professions, and personality traits of potential spouses based on their nakshatra placements. The video aims to help viewers understand what to expect in their future partners based on astrological predictions.
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This section discusses the characteristics of potential future spouses based on the placement of the seventh house lord in different nakshatras.
The spouse may be adventurous, playful, and childlike if the seventh house lord is in Ashwini nakshatra.
If the seventh house lord is in Bharani nakshatra, the spouse may be attractive, fashionable, and fond of jewels.
They may be independent, responsible, and wise due to their past life experiences.
If the 7th house lord is in the Critica nakshatra, your future spouse could be intelligent, confident, creative, and ambitious, with a good metabolism and energy. They may work as an authoritative figure, teacher, fashion designer, model, or inventor. They are soft-hearted, helpful, and keep their promises. They could be wealthy and sometimes moody, but religious and spiritual. They might also be a good cook and have an attractive personality.
Spouse could be intelligent, confident, creative, and ambitious.
Possible professions include authoritative figure, teacher, fashion designer, model, or inventor.
Soft-hearted, helpful, and keeps promises.
Could be wealthy, sometimes moody, but religious and spiritual.
The person described in this section is imaginative, free-spirited, and interested in business, with a potential for being a writer, investigator, or real estate agent.
They have a beautiful way of speaking and can be very romantic.
They are joyful, attractive, and seductive, with an active and daring mind.
They may have emotional and sensitive traits, with innocent eyes.
They are business-minded, diplomatic, and intelligent, with a brilliant mind.
They can be intuitive, have a temper issue, and change their mind frequently.
They have predictive abilities and may be athletic.
This person is knowledgeable, good in business, intelligent, and may be into politics, law, or communication-related fields.
They have trust issues and value communication.
They are family-oriented and shy in nature.
They love personal space and isolation.
They are sensitive, sometimes hot-tempered, intuitive, and logical.
Home management is important to them.
They love changes and may enjoy traveling or settling in different places.
They can be astrologers or tarot card readers.
They are charming and have a seductive look.
If it's the Maganakshatra, they may be independent, come from a powerful family, and have a strong personality.
They can be good parents, respect elders, and have a unique style.
They may work in a routine job, possibly a government job.
Your future spouse prediction based on nakshatras.
Acceptance is important for a harmonious relationship.
Different nakshatras suggest different traits for your future spouse.
Hasta nakshatra indicates a beautiful and youthful personality, good communication skills, and potential in sales or healing professions.
Chitra nakshatra suggests a mysterious and egoistic nature, love for luxury, fashion, and jewelry.
00:00time me dummy it's me again
00:04today is gonna be a long ass video
00:07because i'm gonna talk about your future
00:09spouse through your nakshatra
00:12we're gonna look at the nakshatra your
00:14seventh house lord is placed
00:17as usual check out my description box
00:19below i've provided a link to calculate
00:22your birth chart
00:23here's how you can find your nakshatra
00:26for example in this birth chart the
00:29seventh house is in scorpio so the lord
00:31is mars so mars here is place in the
00:34seventh house itself
00:35click the next button until you found
00:38the nakshatrap table like this so your
00:40seventh house lore is mars right and
00:42mars is placed in the seventh house
00:44scroll to the right a bit and you'll
00:46find it is in gesta nakshatra
00:51so if your seventh house lord is in
00:53ashwini nakshetra so your spouse could
00:56be adventurous and
00:59maybe he knows how to play instrument
01:01he's playful child like
01:04he is fearless he's like a warrior
01:07he loves to travel
01:09he loves to joke and he loves to laugh
01:12he loves to have fun
01:14he is a healer
01:15he is he has the leadership quality in
01:19in himself
01:22maybe he can be a soldier or maybe a
01:24therapist or a cop
01:28he is spontaneous
01:30he is light-hearted and reliable
01:34and he is
01:38he could also be artistic
01:42he loves his family very much
01:44and he is very sincere kind of person
01:47sometimes he's a bit stubborn
01:50if your seventh house lord is in the
01:51bahraini nakshatra so
01:54your spouse could be beautiful or
01:57he is attractive
01:59and fashionable
02:01and maybe
02:03they have a fond of jewels you know
02:06a beautiful eyes attractive smile and
02:09very kind
02:11he's working as an
02:13entrepreneur or a lawyer
02:15um they loves freedom
02:18um they love to
02:21you know
02:22be independent
02:24um and
02:26they're very responsible
02:28they're very honest and loyal as well
02:31they're wise because i think
02:34they have a tough past life and
02:36experiences so maybe that's why they
02:39became wise
02:42they are very good in handling pressure
02:45they are mysterious sometimes maybe you
02:48have to be friends with them um for you
02:51to get to know them
02:53and for them to you know open up to you
02:56um and they love cars they love
02:58luxurious things maybe house and all
03:01that um they kind i mean they could be a
03:06youtuber as well
03:07uh a social media influencer maybe a
03:10director or a film industry
03:15they are very loving and caring
03:19and like i said they love luxurious
03:22things so maybe they have a collection
03:24of cars you know not the small cars the
03:28the real cars
03:30and they're artistic so maybe they have
03:33a collection of you know artistic
03:35paintings it's it costs a lot of money
03:38to buy those artistic paintings okay
03:42maybe um they're a musician they know
03:45how to dance
03:47and like i said they're independent and
03:50they love freedom so you can't control
03:52them don't even try to control them if
03:55you have piranha and etc
03:59he could even love um to meditate you
04:02know to do yoga and all that
04:05and he's a bit self-sacrifice um he can
04:08sacrifice for someone
04:10you know anything he can sacrifice for
04:13someone he loves
04:14so if your seventh house lord is in the
04:17critica nakshatra so your spouse could
04:20be very intelligent
04:22maybe he's working as an authoritative
04:25figure maybe he's a teacher or a fashion
04:28designer a model
04:30or maybe he is um he invents things he
04:34invents new things
04:36um he is very
04:39confident he is
04:41he has a good metabolism
04:44he is full of energy
04:46he is very creative
04:50loves to help people so maybe he is
04:51working in the rehab as well
04:54he is very soft-hearted and he keeps his
04:58he is very ambitious he could be wealthy
05:00as well
05:02um sometimes he could be moody um and
05:05have a bit of temper
05:07but that's okay that's normal everyone
05:10has their own you know
05:12temper sometimes
05:14and this guy is religious and spiritual
05:22he can cook he's a good cook so maybe he
05:24can be a chef as well he's an avid
05:29he has an attractive personality so i
05:33the reason why you're attracted to to
05:35this person maybe because of his
05:38attractive personality instead of
05:40attractive body or attack attractive
05:44so that's a good thing i guess right
05:48attractive personality so now if your
05:50seventh house lord is in the rohini
05:53nakshatra your spouse could be emotional
05:59he could be into politic he could be um
06:02wealthy as well famous maybe a social
06:05media influencer
06:08he could be popular and likable
06:11he loves children
06:13and he don't like to be controlled
06:16he's very possessive maybe he could be
06:19possessive towards you and for this
06:23financial security is very important
06:26maybe they have been
06:28poor before they have gone through some
06:32you know some kind of
06:34poverty maybe so financial security is
06:37very important to them
06:39with this placement i think um
06:42they could be a bit materialistic
06:44but that's okay
06:47and they are very spiritual
06:50they are extremely beautiful
06:53they have
06:54a beautiful round eyes and they're very
06:59um i think
07:02have an amazing style as well they're
07:04romantic and artistic
07:07they're caring
07:09they have a motherly vibe
07:12they love to travel they love to you
07:16know communicate with people they're
07:18very good in communication as well they
07:20they have a unique charm
07:22they're very charming
07:24that's why they can be a politician
07:26maybe an artist or maybe a model you
07:28know using communication maybe an anchor
07:32they're very brilliant
07:35if it is in the rigshiro nakshatra so
07:38your spouse could be okay this is quite
07:41interesting because your spouse could be
07:44like a warrior very courageous
07:48and at the same time
07:50he has an attachment towards his mother
07:54very nurturing very caring this is like
07:58the perfect combo
08:01they could be energetic and quick with
08:04it you know oh my god
08:07they love luxurious things they could be
08:10wealthy as well they have a beautiful
08:13way of speaking maybe they're very
08:16romantic maybe their voice is very you
08:19know romantic
08:21this person could be very imaginative so
08:24maybe he can be a writer or a paint
08:26artist you know he can imagine things
08:28that he wants to paint and he wants to
08:30write about
08:32they could also be
08:33an investigator or a detective you know
08:37using his
08:38imagination and he is very quick with it
08:44yeah that could help in his uh
08:47in him becoming an investigator or
08:51a detective
08:52and he's very free-spirited
08:55and happy
08:56he has an interest in business
09:00he can give financial advice to others
09:03and he's very joyful
09:05and attractive and seductive he's very
09:08enthusiastic he's talkative
09:11and he has an active mind and daring
09:15he can be a writer researcher or real
09:18estate agent or maybe in a travel
09:20business because he loves to travel a
09:23this person could be emotional so um and
09:26sensitive so maybe he has an innocent
09:29eyes maybe you can see
09:31things through his eyes maybe if he is
09:36i mean if he is
09:39wrong he's wrong maybe he did something
09:42wrong you can see it through his eyes he
09:44has a very innocent eyes
09:47so if your seventh house lord is in the
09:51i think your spouse can be
09:54very very into business he has a
09:57business minded
09:59he is
10:00you know
10:02he he could be doing business he's very
10:06and he's very intelligent
10:09he might be kind of like you know the
10:11intelligent kind that is gifted i guess
10:13is very very intelligent
10:15he has a brilliant mind
10:20maybe he had he is very intuitive he can
10:23see through people
10:26sometimes he have a temper issue and
10:29that's fine
10:31he changed his mind a lot i guess
10:34maybe you know
10:36one time he said he choose a and then
10:39another time he said it choose b
10:42changes mine a lot
10:44but i think maybe if you
10:46found this person you might realize that
10:48this person is very predictive like you
10:51can predict whatever he's thinking or
10:53whatever he's gonna do next
10:56he's quite athletic because he has a
10:59good stamina but so maybe he can be an
11:02athlete or maybe he can be a teacher
11:05a sport teacher maybe
11:07um he can be working with a gadget
11:11and you know maybe writing and
11:14communication you know communicate with
11:16people a lot
11:18he's a bit crafty i guess
11:20and materialistic
11:25with this placement i can say that maybe
11:27he is a foreigner or maybe he can speak
11:29a lot of language
11:31maybe that's why he is in the
11:33communication industry maybe he can
11:35speak a lot of language he's a
11:39this person might have a huge face and
11:45intense eyes maybe through his eyes you
11:48can see
11:49how serious he is
11:52so if your seventh house lord is in poor
11:54navaso nakshatra i think your spouse can
11:58be very poetic
12:00he can be maybe he can write poetry
12:04he is very kind he has a caring
12:10he is you know doing maybe he's doing
12:14thing he's very charitable
12:16i think he's very thoughtful and very
12:22he can be a spiritual teacher or maybe
12:25just a teacher or maybe a blogger or
12:27something like that
12:31he is
12:32he's like the guy that who wants to be
12:35at home a lot
12:37he's very close to his mother maybe if
12:40you marry this guy um you're gonna be
12:42you're gonna need to be very close to
12:44his mother as well he cherish his mother
12:47appreciate his mother
12:50he is a passionate tinker this could be
12:54overthinker as well
12:56um and
12:58he is very sharp-minded
13:00full of knowledge but i think
13:04he could be someone who is very
13:07like i said he has a caring personality
13:10so he is very you know adjustable
13:13um the situation
13:16he is very friendly
13:18and also religious
13:20and full of wisdom
13:22okay here's the thing
13:25um this person is good in business so
13:29if you have found this person and if you
13:32have married to this person i don't care
13:34if you have found this person in a
13:37relationship with this person so maybe
13:39he's doing business or anything and
13:42he's gonna failed
13:46you need to make sure that he's not
13:49giving up because
13:50he will be successful after one failure
13:55this is like the best nakshatra to be in
13:58now if your seventh house lord is in
14:00pusha nakshatra
14:02your spouse could be working as a
14:04politician maybe a government working in
14:07the government
14:08or a musicians or cops
14:11this person is very
14:14is the kind that cherish peaceful life
14:20he wants to live in a peaceful life
14:23a comfortable lifestyle
14:27you know to
14:29beautiful places
14:31he loves to have a good life to live a
14:34good life
14:35and he is an avid foodie as well so
14:38maybe he loves to travel to find
14:40new foods and cuisines
14:43and he is humanitarian kind of guy he's
14:46very thoughtful and patient
14:49he has a good personality he's very cute
14:52you know and his he is well-mannered
14:56and kind-hearted
14:58he's very caring and protective everyone
15:02a soulmate that is very protective of us
15:05he is also attached to his family a lot
15:08so maybe if you marry to this guy he's a
15:11touch attached to you
15:14and to your children
15:16he's very religious his intuitive
15:20maybe he was raised in a good nature in
15:22a good family so maybe that's why he
15:25loves a peaceful life
15:27or maybe it's the other way around maybe
15:30he has never been and uh
15:33you know he's never been raised in a
15:35good family so maybe that's why he wants
15:38a peaceful life but i think it's that's
15:41not the case because he's attached to
15:43his family a lot so maybe um
15:46he could be loving his family living in
15:49a good life
15:50so that's the life that he wants he
15:53wants a peaceful life if he wants to get
15:56married he wants a peaceful wife he
15:58wants to get to go to travel
16:01to peaceful places beautiful places
16:04so next the
16:08i can say that this person is wealthy
16:11because money is important to them and
16:14i think
16:16this person is knowledgeable as well
16:19he's good in business so maybe he's
16:21doing business
16:22he is intelligent
16:25maybe i think he can be
16:27into politics and
16:30a lawyer
16:31or maybe
16:32um i think for this person communication
16:35is very important
16:37because with this placement this person
16:39has a trash trust issue what's wrong
16:42with me
16:43and this person is a family person
16:47he's a bit shy in nature so like i said
16:50communication is very important
16:52if you found this person maybe you have
16:55to communicate with them a lot
16:58they love to isolate they love their
17:01personal space
17:04i don't know how you guys can talk to
17:07them but you know if this is your
17:09destiny then it will happen anyway
17:13this person is very sensitive
17:15and sometimes hot temper
17:18he is very intuitive he can read minds
17:23he's the kind that is logical okay
17:27he for him for this person home
17:31management is very important
17:33so if it's a he if you're looking for a
17:36husband then you need to
17:39know that your husband will think that
17:43home management is very important so you
17:46have to work on that my love
17:50this person loves changes so maybe he
17:53loves to you know um
17:56maybe you're gonna
17:58travel or maybe
18:01for rain settlement
18:03like i said he's very intelligent and
18:06he's logical he is very spiritual
18:10and intuitive and can written mind so
18:12maybe he can be an astrologer or maybe a
18:15tarot cut reader
18:17he is very charming as well
18:20and i think he has a seductive look
18:24with a penetrating eyes ooh
18:28now if it isn't the maganakshatra
18:31your spouse could be very independent
18:34um they love a peaceful lifestyle
18:37they're they could be from an
18:40from a rich family i guess a powerful
18:43they have a strong personality
18:45personality oh my god what the hell is
18:47wrong with me
18:49they can be a good parent
18:51they respect elders
18:55they're very unique they're very unique
18:57in in his style maybe
19:00his hairstyle
19:02his facial features i guess
19:06he's working in a routine job so maybe a
19:10government job i guess
19:11and maybe he's an authoritative figure
19:16he can own a business as well
19:19this person is religious
19:22and he loves to isolate
19:24he's very spiritual he has the
19:26leadership quality so i guess he can be
19:29a preacher as well
19:31like i said he has a strong personality
19:35so he's a bit egoistical maybe he can be
19:38a lawyer you know lawyer has a strong
19:41personality strong-minded
19:43maybe he can be a historian or a
19:49leader i guess
19:51this person is very
19:52serious he's a serious type of person
19:56if it is in the nakshatra of purva
20:00then your spouse could be very creative
20:05maybe they could be an artist you know
20:08a singer an actor because they have
20:12a great voice they have a sweet voice
20:15that people love to listen to
20:18maybe their voice is very peaceful and
20:22and i think this person is very romantic
20:25they loves romantic stuff maybe
20:28they're the indie kind of guy
20:30or girl
20:31they're creative they're intelligent i
20:34think they can make music or maybe
20:38play instruments
20:41for this person maybe they're an actor
20:44or a singer so they work from home
20:47or they could be
20:49a creative teacher maybe a music teacher
20:53a dancing teacher
20:56vocal teacher
20:58they're very charming they're very
21:00playful they're like a childlike
21:03they have a good personality a happy
21:05personality you know i love this kind of
21:07person with a happy personality
21:10they could be living in a luxurious life
21:14maybe have a luxurious collection or
21:19they're into the trending fashion
21:22a branded clothier clothes
21:24designer clothes i guess
21:28they are into politics as well so maybe
21:31they're into um
21:32government job
21:34and they're wealthy they're very
21:37this is in fact a prosperous nakshatra
21:41so if you're
21:43married to this person you're gonna have
21:45a good married life
21:47and if you are already married to this
21:50person and you think that they're not
21:52wealthy they're not successful at all
21:57you have to trust me
22:01could be having a delay to reach success
22:04so don't leave them
22:06i mean why do you want to live them
22:07anyway they're very helpful they're pure
22:11and kind-hearted and they have a sweet
22:13voice a very peaceful voice
22:16and they're romantic
22:18why do you want to live them
22:20so now if your seventh house lord is in
22:22the uttara vaguni nakshatra so your
22:26spouse could be someone who is very
22:30good in communication
22:31they're the kind that is very organized
22:34i think they love to organize themselves
22:37organize their life they love to lead so
22:42maybe they're a bit dominant like i said
22:45they're very organized they are career
22:48oriented they're the practical kind of
22:51human being
22:52but sometimes they could be a bit
22:56controlling like i said dominant
22:59i don't know why but
23:01this reminds me of the professors you
23:04know the philosophical
23:09they are a professor
23:12they are very pure-hearted
23:16they dedicate themselves towards the
23:20they're very attractive as well
23:22very good in communication
23:25um they're very sensual
23:27and they could be wealthy they
23:30are very helpful
23:32they could be helping helping you a lot
23:35they are very energetic
23:37and like i said they're very organized
23:40so maybe
23:42they go to jog and they are doing a
23:46routine job they need to know
23:49that everything is
23:55this person is pure-hearted and
23:59friendship is very important i know that
24:01some women don't really like it when
24:05their men go out with their friends a
24:07lot but this person
24:11cherishes his friendships so you have to
24:14understand them if you have this
24:17placement if you have this nakshatra so
24:20you're gonna have this
24:25so you have to
24:27accept them for who they are in order
24:29for them to accept you for who you are
24:34they're very beautiful or maybe handsome
24:36they're intuitive
24:38and because they love to organize they
24:41love controlling
24:43maybe they live in a luxurious lifestyle
24:47and maybe you're not and
24:49they want you to live in a luxurious
24:52lifestyle as well but that's not a bad
24:56so now
24:57if it is in the hasta nakshatra your
25:00spouse could be having a beautiful
25:03personality very youthful
25:05he is fond of traveling
25:08and he has this attractive personality
25:11his personality is very beautiful he's
25:13very attractive
25:15and he's good in communication
25:17he's good in communicating with people
25:20he could be a sales promoter because
25:24he has the convincing quality you know
25:27when he speaks he could convince people
25:31he could be doing business as well
25:34or maybe in the healing field
25:38a counselor
25:39a psychiatrist a therapist he
25:42he has a creative way of speaking he is
25:46very creative he's very spiritual and
25:49helpful he loves to help other people
25:52he is very caring and nurturing he has
25:56the motherly vibe so he is a bit
25:58emotional and sensitive
26:01and very feminine
26:02and he is intelligent and has a business
26:05minded so that's why i said
26:07when he is good in convincing other
26:09people so he could be doing business you
26:12know how people in business they
26:14convince other people to buy their stuff
26:17he is very quick-witted and also
26:20intuitive he can send other people's
26:22feelings um very understandable very you
26:26know um
26:28he can understand you
26:30so if it is in the chitra nakshatra your
26:32spouse can be a bit mysterious
26:35he is a bit egoistic
26:40he could be wealthy
26:42i think he lives in luxurious life he
26:45loves designer clothes
26:47he loves a colorful clothes
26:51love jewelry maybe he has a collection
26:54of jewel jewels
26:59this person
27:01loves a balance in relationship he's
27:05spiritual very
27:07he's kind-hearted
27:09but he loves luxurious life he loves
27:13designer clothes
27:17anything that related to luxury and
27:20he maybe have a passion in fashions
27:27he's the kind that is logical
27:31and courageous aggressive sometimes
27:34i'm very energetic and active
27:39he's he's kind of
27:41has the mysterious vibe you know
27:43maybe his eyes is mysterious maybe when
27:46he when you look at them you're gonna be
27:48like that person is very mysterious and
27:51you're very curious
27:53of how he lived and all that
27:57when you meet this person you're gonna
28:00notice his eyes mysterious eyes but very
28:04bright and you know
28:06and then maybe he has a long hair
28:09like i said even though he lived in a
28:12luxurious life
28:14but he is very
28:18he has a beautiful soul
28:20he has he is very beautiful
28:23his look is very very beautiful or
28:25handsome and his soul his heart is very
28:28beautiful as well
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1. How can I predict my future spouse based on the placement of my seventh house lord in different nakshatras?

The video discusses the technique of predicting your future spouse based on the placement of your seventh house lord in different nakshatras. It provides insights into the characteristics, professions, and personality traits of potential spouses based on their nakshatra placements, helping viewers understand what to expect in their future partners based on astrological predictions.

2. What are the characteristics of potential spouses based on their nakshatra placements?

The video provides detailed descriptions of the characteristics of potential spouses based on their nakshatra placements. It includes information on their personality traits, professions, and other attributes, offering viewers a comprehensive understanding of what to expect in their future partners based on astrological predictions.

3. How can astrology help in understanding what to expect in future partners?

The video explains how astrology plays a role in helping viewers understand what to expect in their future partners. It delves into the technique of predicting future spouses based on astrological predictions and provides valuable insights into the traits and characteristics of potential partners based on their nakshatra placements.

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The video explores the professions and career paths associated with different nakshatra placements for potential spouses. It offers valuable information on the kind of professions that are commonly linked to specific nakshatras, providing viewers with a deeper understanding of the astrological predictions related to future partners.

5. How can the placement of the seventh house lord in different nakshatras help in predicting future spouses?

The video delves into the technique of using the placement of the seventh house lord in different nakshatras to predict future spouses. It provides a detailed explanation of how this astrological method works and offers insights into the predictive nature of nakshatra placements, helping viewers gain clarity on what to expect in their future partners.

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The video offers self-training tasks for individuals who want to engage in sissy training, including shaving their entire body, wearing lingerie to work, using lip gloss, doing household chores in a submissive manner, and creating a new Instagram account to post sexy pictures.

The video is about how to receive princess treatment in a relationship, including finding the right type of man, being in your feminine energy, and showing appreciation for the treatment received.

The video discusses the case of Anatoly Moskvin and his house of human dolls, wherein he desecrated graves and made life-sized dolls out of the corpses. Moskvin's traumatic past events and obsession with death contributed to his disturbing actions. Police discovered the dolls when they went to arrest him for the grave desecrations.

This video discusses the most profitable YouTube niches with the highest CPM and RPM rates. It provides examples and earnings data for lifestyle/vlogging, gaming, social media, video editing, forex trading, and money advice niches. The video also shares the RPM and CPM rates for a simple tutorial video.

The video discusses the YouTuber's experience taking the supplement fadogia agrestis for over a year, exploring its potential benefits for testosterone, muscle building, cognition, and overall health. However, the YouTuber expresses skepticism about its effectiveness and highlights concerns about authenticity, dosage, and potential toxicity.

The video is about a man who takes over a popular model's OnlyFans account for 24 hours to understand how it works, including content production, promotion, and making money. He shares insights on communicating with subscribers, earning strategies, and the different types of revenue streams models can have. He also promotes his Telegram channel that offers earning schemes and tips on free traffic arbitrage.