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Dr. Mandell shares a simple elixir recipe to protect arteries and keep the cardiovascular system healthy that includes extra virgin olive oil, garlic, lemon juice, cayenne pepper, and raw honey. These ingredients have healing medicinal properties that can increase circulation, reduce inflammation, improve blood lipids, and sustain normal blood pressure. Consuming this elixir on an empty stomach can have a synergistic effect in helping prevent diseases, but it is important to eat healthy and exercise regularly.
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This section emphasizes the importance of eating healthy and making lifestyle changes to protect the arteries and maintain cardiovascular health.
Poor diet leads to weight gain, insulin resistance, diabetes, and other health issues.
Excessive weight increases visceral fat, which is linked to metabolic syndrome, high blood pressure, clogged arteries, diabetes, and immune deficiencies.
Changing the mindset to eat healthy, avoiding refined sugars, exercising, and getting enough rest is crucial.
Extra virgin olive oil has been extensively studied for its heart-healthy properties.
The Mediterranean diet, olive oil, garlic, lemons, and cayenne pepper can all help improve artery health and prevent heart attack and stroke.
The Mediterranean diet improves good cholesterol and inhibits artery clogging.
Olive oil's polyphenols reduce inflammation and improve blood lipids.
Garlic lowers high blood pressure, prevents artery scarring, and relaxes blood vessels.
Lemons protect arterial walls, detoxify the liver, and influence glucose and cholesterol levels.
Cayenne pepper, specifically capsaicin, promotes healthy arteries.
This section discusses the healing properties of cayenne pepper and honey and provides instructions on how to prepare a drink using these ingredients.
Cayenne pepper helps increase circulation, improves blood vessel strength, and reduces plaque buildup in arteries.
Honey has antiviral, antibacterial, and anti-fungal properties, and raw honey has cardio protective effects.
The drink recipe includes extra virgin olive oil, crushed garlic, lemon juice, ground cayenne pepper, and raw honey.
Crushing garlic and letting it sit for 10 minutes allows the formation of allicin, which carries the medicinal properties.
This section discusses a homemade remedy for improving cardiovascular health.
Mix lemon juice, honey, and water together.
Drink it on an empty stomach in the morning or after a meal.
The combination of cayenne pepper and garlic can benefit the cardiovascular system.
This remedy may also have positive effects on fat metabolism, glucose, and insulin regulation.
00:13cardiovascular disease heart
00:18blood pressure the number one killer
00:20throughout the world
00:22i am going to share with you today
00:24a simple elixir that's going to make
00:27huge changes to help protect your
00:29arteries and keep your cardiovascular
00:32system healthy we know that poor diet is
00:35what leads to excessive weight insulin
00:38resistance diabetes
00:40as well as many other health problems
00:43and when you gain weight you're
00:44increasing visceral fat the dangerous
00:47fat that surrounds our gut around our
00:49stomach or liver and that fat is
00:52directly tied into metabolic syndrome
00:55which leads to high blood pressure
00:57clogging of those arteries diabetes
01:00immune deficiencies
01:02we know it's so important that you start
01:05eating healthy and there's no magic pill
01:08that's going to help you but you to
01:10change your mindset to start eating
01:13healthy naturally get rid of the refined
01:15processed sugars
01:17start exercising and make sure you're
01:20getting that rest because if you're not
01:23nothing is going to help you extra
01:25virgin olive oil has been extensively
01:27studied as part of the heart healthy
01:29mediterranean diet and it's proven that
01:31it helps improve your good cholesterol
01:33as well as inhibit atherosclerosis which
01:36is that clogging that occurs within the
01:38arteries this will also help improve
01:41endothelial function the internal part
01:44of the arteries to keep it healthy and
01:46it's those polyphenols in that olive oil
01:48that reduces inflammation and it will
01:51help improve your blood lipids to help
01:53support your artery health and to help
01:55sustain normal blood pressure and bad
01:58cholesterol primarily the ldl's the low
02:00density lipoproteins is what slowly
02:03builds up in the arteries causing that
02:05plaquing which can shunt off blood to
02:08the heart called a heart attack or the
02:10brain called a stroke and there's lots
02:12of research about garlic we know it
02:14helps lower high blood pressure it helps
02:16prevent scarring and hardening of the
02:18arteries with atherosclerosis
02:20it helps relax blood vessels which help
02:22increase blood flow to all the tissues
02:25organs and cells in your body and will
02:27also help prevent cell damage helping to
02:30keep the internal part of your arteries
02:33healthy and strong and the enzymes and
02:36nutrients and lemons have a powerful
02:38role in reducing heart disease as those
02:41flavonoids within the lemon help protect
02:43the arterial walls and lemons will also
02:45help detoxify the liver which has a
02:48direct influence on your glucose and
02:51cholesterol levels and when it comes to
02:53healthy arteries there's nothing like
02:55cayenne pepper and it's the capsaicin
02:58within the cayenne pepper that has many
03:01of these healing medicinal properties it
03:03helps increase circulation it improves
03:06blood vessel strength and reduces plaque
03:08buildup in your arteries consuming
03:10cayenne pepper will also help boost
03:12feelings of satiety and help curb hunger
03:16and honey has many healing medicinal
03:18properties it's an antiviral
03:20antibacterial and anti-fungal and
03:23studies show that raw honey has many
03:26different cardio protective effects so
03:29now i'd like to review these simple
03:31ingredients so you can drink this and
03:34put it to work right away
03:36you're going to need one tablespoon of
03:38extra virgin olive oil one clove of
03:41garlic the juice of one quarter to one
03:44half lemon a few dashes of ground
03:46cayenne pepper and a drizzle or two of
03:49raw honey now first i'd like you to take
03:52your clove of garlic and crush it up and
03:54let it sit out in the ear for about 10
03:57over that time enzymes are changing
04:00it's forming allicin this is what
04:02carries the powerful medicinal healing
04:05properties in our bodies
04:07after that
04:08you're going to take
04:10your one tablespoon
04:12of your olive oil preferably extra
04:15virgin olive oil you'll put it into a
04:16little shot glass or glass whatever is
04:18convenient then you can take your
04:20chopped up garlic and put it in as well
04:23you'll take a few
04:24uh stashes of your cayenne pepper you
04:27can start out light at the beginning
04:29take your quarter to one half
04:32lemon juice of it and squeeze it in
04:34there as well as a couple drizzles of
04:38honey and then i want you to mix
04:39everything together and you can actually
04:41add a little bit of water to dilute it a
04:44little bit more if you like
04:47i like to drink this on an empty stomach
04:49first thing in the morning although
04:51because of the cayenne pepper and even
04:53the garlic you can still have this after
04:56your meal
04:58first thing in the morning but again you
05:00can have it again
05:02after dinner or before dinner if you're
05:05able to tolerate the garlic as well as a
05:08cayenne pepper this has a synergistic
05:11effect in helping your cardiovascular
05:13system as well as those arteries
05:16this will actually help many other
05:18systems throughout your body from fat
05:20metabolism to glucose and insulin
05:23regulation and hopefully this can
05:26prevent many diseases as well in the
05:29future but remember you must eat healthy
05:32and do all the right things i wish you
05:35good health please share this video with
05:37your friends and family leave your
05:39comments below and most important
05:42make it a great day
05:44i'm dr alan mandel
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FAQs about This YouTube Video

1. What is the elixir recipe to protect arteries and keep the cardiovascular system healthy?

The elixir recipe includes extra virgin olive oil, garlic, lemon juice, cayenne pepper, and raw honey. These ingredients have healing medicinal properties that can increase circulation, reduce inflammation, improve blood lipids, and sustain normal blood pressure.

2. When should the elixir be consumed for the best effect?

Consuming this elixir on an empty stomach can have a synergistic effect in helping prevent diseases.

3. What are the key benefits of consuming the elixir?

The elixir can increase circulation, reduce inflammation, improve blood lipids, and sustain normal blood pressure.

4. How can the elixir contribute to maintaining a healthy cardiovascular system?

The elixir can contribute to maintaining a healthy cardiovascular system by protecting arteries and promoting overall heart health.

5. What other lifestyle habits are important for cardiovascular health in addition to consuming the elixir?

In addition to consuming the elixir, it is important to eat healthy and exercise regularly to maintain cardiovascular health.

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