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The video is about how to receive princess treatment in a relationship, including finding the right type of man, being in your feminine energy, and showing appreciation for the treatment received.
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This section discusses the importance of receiving princess treatment in a relationship and mentions that not all men are inclined to provide it.
The video aims to guide women on how to start receiving princess treatment and maintain it in a long-term relationship.
It emphasizes that some men do not see the value in cherishing their partner in this way.
Receiving princess treatment includes being spoiled with a man's energy, time, commitment, and possibly financially.
The speaker shares an example of her husband's provider mentality and emphasizes the importance of finding the right partner who treats you like a princess.
The speaker's husband insisted that she take the new car while he drove the old one with no AC, showing his desire to take care of her.
The speaker mentions that sometimes women may feel like they're not receiving princess treatment because they're not with the right partner.
The speaker believes that finding the right partner who treats you well is an underrated aspect of the relationship process.
To receive princess treatment, it is important to find a man who is deeply attracted to you and prioritizes the relationship.
Women tend to prioritize relationships more than men.
If a man loves his partner more, it can still work out as long as he is naturally into her.
Not every man will be into you, regardless of how amazing or pretty you are.
It is a waste of time to wait around for men who are not clearly into you.
In order to receive princess treatment in a long-term relationship, it is important to give something of value to your partner.
Being in your partner's presence and looking put together can increase their status.
Feminine energy tends to give intangible things like love and nurturing, while masculine energy tends to give tangible things.
The value you provide is in the way you make your partner feel.
Expressing gratitude and appreciation through a simple "thank you" can have a powerful impact.
Being in a feminine energy in a relationship encourages a man to provide and treat a woman like a princess.
The more a woman is in her feminine energy, the more a man will naturally want to give.
When a woman operates from her masculine energy in a relationship, the man starts giving less and less.
Feminine energy repels things like being taken care of, being provided for, being cherished, and being spoiled.
If a man wavers in his masculine energy, the relationship may become unreliable or untrustworthy.
Asking for things with different energies can yield different results, but it's important to be realistic and not ask for completely unrealistic things that he can't fulfill.
Asking for a fancy date with a positive energy is more likely to get what you want.
Asking for unrealistic things can hurt both of you and make him feel turned off.
It's okay to talk about future desires, but being demanding and super unrealistic won't help.
00:00it's not wrong to want to be treated
00:01like a princess in a relationship you're
00:04not asking too much and in this video
00:06I'm going to walk you through exactly
00:07how to start receiving princess
00:08treatment not just like on a first date
00:11but also how to maintain that high
00:13quality treatment over a long-term
00:16relationship how to keep it going so
00:18let's talk about it
00:20Hello friends and welcome back if you're
00:23new here my name is jills and I help
00:24women step into their power tap into
00:26their divine feminine and become their
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00:32alright so let's talk about Princess
00:34treatment or queen treatment whatever
00:36you want to call it it doesn't really
00:37matter but the point of this video is
00:40how to get a man to really cherish you
00:43to treat you well to be a provider in
00:46certain ways or maybe spoil you a little
00:47bit not necessarily just in the
00:49financial sense of course you know that
00:51can be included in this as well but how
00:54to get a man to spoil you with his
00:56energy his time his commitment to you
00:58and his commitment to making your life
01:00easier better softer okay so let's dive
01:03in if you are looking to get that
01:04princess treatment I'm gonna make one
01:07thing crystal clear no matter what you
01:09do no matter how you behave no matter
01:11how drop dead gorgeous you are some men
01:14just won't give this to you it's just
01:16not their Vibe and it doesn't
01:17necessarily make them a bad person but
01:19some men just don't see the value in
01:21cherishing their woman in this kind of
01:23way or maybe they weren't raised that
01:25way or for whatever reason it's just not
01:27who they are some men love to treat a
01:30woman well they see the value in that
01:32they love to spoil their partner they
01:34feel good from doing that and others
01:35don't and no matter how hard you try no
01:38matter what you do a frog will never be
01:40a prince if receiving princess treatment
01:42is important to you in a relationship
01:44you have to be very careful about the
01:46type of man that you let into your life
01:48this isn't something that you're gonna
01:49change in him some men see the value in
01:51this right like some men actually feel
01:54good from giving that princess treatment
01:55and others don't don't waste your time
01:57trying to convince him to be something
01:59he's not don't waste your time trying to
02:01convince a frog to be a prince and again
02:03I'm not saying that if they don't give
02:04princess treatment then they're bad men
02:06I really really don't think that I'm not
02:08saying frog to be you know condescending
02:10or insulting I just think that it's like
02:12a difference in values they just aren't
02:14necessarily providers or feel drawn to
02:17being a provider because at its core if
02:19you want to be treated very well if you
02:21want him to actively try to make your
02:24life better that is a provider mindset
02:26that's a provider mentality some men
02:28have this some men don't and if you want
02:30to be treated like a princess then you
02:32have to find the man who has that
02:33provider mentality who enjoys being a
02:36provider who wants to be a provider I'm
02:37not saying that he needs to pay for
02:39everything he doesn't have to provide
02:41financially in every single way to give
02:43you princess treatment but he has to
02:45have a provider mentality and those are
02:47different okay so let me give you like a
02:49quick story time so back when we were
02:52maybe like 24 Cole and I my husband and
02:54I we had one car and we needed to get a
02:57second one and the one car that we did
02:59have was basically like this old run
03:01down hand-me-down it was a good car it
03:04was like an Acura but it was super super
03:05old and probably 15 or 20 years old I
03:08don't know and the AC didn't even work
03:10but we needed to get another car because
03:12we needed two cars so then we ended up
03:14getting another used car that wasn't
03:16like super crazy fancy or anything but
03:19it was much better than the rundown of
03:21clunker that we already had and this was
03:23right after I quit my job to like heal
03:25my body and all that I've talked about
03:27that before on this channel and so I was
03:29at home a lot I wasn't really going out
03:31that much if I was it was going to like
03:33the grocery store or to the park to go
03:35for a walk or to the gym or something
03:37like that whereas he was starting his
03:39new job that he was really excited about
03:41and it required you know a lot more
03:43driving so the question was is like
03:45who's gonna take the nicer new guard
03:47who's gonna get the clunker and my
03:49assumption was like I'll take the
03:50clunker because you know I don't really
03:53drive that much it just kind of makes
03:54sense like it's okay I'll take the
03:56clunker but he was like absolutely not I
04:00will not let you drive that car and that
04:02I'm not okay with that and you're gonna
04:04get the new one and so he drove the old
04:06clunker around with no AC when it was
04:09over 100 degrees and he was commuting
04:12for his job and he was in like dress
04:13pants and like a suit kind of stuff
04:15sweating through his clothes and I was
04:18in the nicer car and again I told him
04:19that he should take the new one but he
04:21didn't want me to and so I was like okay
04:22I guess I'll take the new one but that
04:24is just an example of that provider
04:27mentality not necessarily financially
04:29right because we were already going to
04:30get two cars regardless but that
04:33mentality him wanting to make sure that
04:34I am taken care of and more comfortable
04:36because that's just his personality
04:38that's just who he is and I think this
04:40whole tip about finding the right guy is
04:42honestly a very underrated part of the
04:44process and I think sometimes if a woman
04:45isn't receiving princess treatment they
04:47automatically assume that you know
04:49they're doing something wrong or maybe
04:51they're not good enough when sometimes
04:52they're just not with the right guy I
04:55asked my husband this I said Cole I'm
04:57gonna do a video on how to receive
04:59princess treatment have any thoughts on
05:00this and he laughed he thought it was
05:02funny a funny topic but the first thing
05:04that he said was you have to find the
05:06guy that likes giving it I rest my case
05:08okay now this next tip I've been a big
05:10believer in this for a long time I
05:12wouldn't call this controversial but
05:14some people may disagree but I think
05:17that this is really important when it
05:18comes to princess treatment and also
05:21just having like a good healthy
05:22relationship where he treats you really
05:24really well so there are certain
05:25relationship dynamics that work for that
05:27that Foster that and others that don't
05:29so let me explain what I mean if you
05:31both like each other love each other
05:33equally in a relationship then obviously
05:36that relationship can work out really
05:37well and he's likely to treat you really
05:39well but also if he maybe likes you or
05:43loves you a little bit more then you
05:45love him that can also still work out
05:47well and he will likely give you that
05:49sort of Princess treatment but if you
05:52like him love him more than he loves you
05:55I've never really seen that work out
05:58successfully in a relationship honestly
06:00and you're not going to be getting that
06:02princess treatment that's for sure for
06:03you to receive princess treatment and
06:05for you to get that full commitment from
06:07him and him wanting to keep the
06:09relationship solid and make sure that
06:11you feel seen loved heard cherished all
06:14of it then he needs to be in it and for
06:16him to be in it he needs to have very
06:19strong feelings for you and that's why I
06:20always say when it comes to
06:21relationships and like the beginning
06:22stages your job is not to convince him
06:25to like you or to convince him that
06:28you're good enough for him it just
06:29usually doesn't work out too well in the
06:31long run a man will treat you very very
06:32well when he is naturally drawn to you
06:34when he doesn't want to lose you he will
06:36put in the effort he will plan the days
06:37he will make you feel special when you
06:40are incredibly special to him and no
06:42matter how amazing you are how pretty
06:43you are you are not going to be special
06:45to every man it all comes down to
06:47Personal Taste and so in a relationship
06:48if a man does love his partner more than
06:51she loves him it can still work out
06:52because in general of course women tend
06:55to prioritize relationships more than
06:58men and so they're more like to still
07:00like put in that work and make sure that
07:02it's healthy but once it's the other way
07:03around she usually doesn't get that
07:06dreamy relationship that she's always
07:08wanted because honestly it's not meant
07:10to be for him to treat you like a
07:12princess he needs to be invested in you
07:14and the only way he's going to do that
07:16is if he's just naturally really into
07:19you if you're not getting that princess
07:20treatment then there is a possibility
07:22that maybe he just doesn't like you that
07:25much and I say that with lots and lots
07:27of love again not every man is going to
07:29like you no matter how amazing you are
07:31no matter how pretty you are not every
07:32guy is going to be into you and it's not
07:34because you're not good enough it's not
07:35because you're not pretty enough it's
07:37not because you did something wrong but
07:38that's just how attraction and chemistry
07:40Works do not spend time on men that
07:43clearly aren't into you it's a waste no
07:45matter how awesome they are it's a waste
07:47and it doesn't take guys very long to
07:49know if they like you so please don't
07:50wait around for months while they figure
07:52it out you can only really get that true
07:54princess treatment not just like a nice
07:57respectful chivalrous man but that true
07:59Prince incest treatment when he is
08:01deeply attracted to you he has to really
08:03like you and you have to think about it
08:05from his perspective right that's a lot
08:07of time and energy that he is putting
08:08into you is he willing to invest that
08:11into someone that he actually doesn't
08:13really care about that much probably not
08:15these first two tips are honestly more
08:16important I think than anything else to
08:19get that princess treatment you need to
08:21one find the right type of man right and
08:25two find the man that actually perceives
08:28you as a princess not every man will and
08:30that's totally okay you can let them go
08:32now moving on to more so what you need
08:34to be doing so if you want to get that
08:36princess treatment that Queen treatment
08:38and this is specifically more for a
08:40long-term relationship so keep that in
08:42mind then you need to treat him like a
08:46king however however this is important
08:48so many women get this wrong they don't
08:50actually know what treating him like a
08:51king means they think that it means
08:53catering to his every need being
08:55available to him 24 7. making sure every
08:57single meal is taken care of and all his
08:59clothes are always folded away and put
09:01away nicely exactly the way that he
09:03likes them no this is not what makes a
09:05man feel like a king at least not a
09:08healthy man if you want him to feel like
09:10a king then this means that you allow
09:13him the gift of leadership his
09:15leadership this means that you treat him
09:17with respect instead of belittling him
09:19or being condescending to him or
09:21mothering him or nagging him or just
09:23being straight up mean to him this means
09:24that you prop him up and support him and
09:27believe in him instead of tearing him
09:28down this means that when you're in a
09:30group of people you speak highly of him
09:31this means that you let him know of the
09:33positive impact he's making in your life
09:35or other people's lives this means that
09:37you show appreciation for that kind of
09:39stuff this means that you make him feel
09:40loved in the ways that are special to
09:42him don't just give him what you want in
09:44a relationship so many women make this
09:46mistake where they give their partner
09:47what they are looking for and men do the
09:50exact same thing but then they wonder
09:51why their relationship Dynamic doesn't
09:54improve the masculine and feminine are
09:55different they have different needs and
09:57desires and the masculine's desire more
09:59than anything else is to be respected
10:02and appreciated so keep that in mind
10:04when you're trying to you know make him
10:06feel like a king it comes back to these
10:09core principles of feeling respected and
10:11appreciated if you want to be treated
10:12like a princess or a queen let him be
10:15that complementary King in every
10:17relationship whether it's a romantic
10:19relationship or any type of relationship
10:21there is always a give and a receive you
10:24don't just receive without giving
10:25anything in return like maybe once or
10:27twice but in a long-term relationship
10:29that doesn't work out it just doesn't
10:31work like that so if you want to receive
10:32princess treatment over the long haul
10:34you need to also be giving him something
10:37of value so making him feel like a king
10:39is one way but also just like for
10:41example you know the way that the world
10:43works is by you being in his presence if
10:45you look like put together things like
10:47that that increases the man's status in
10:51the world like if a man has a good high
10:53quality woman on his arm or as his
10:55dinner date that makes him look better
10:57so although in that scenario you're not
10:59actually giving anything right you are
11:02giving him something of value and this
11:04is why so many women get confused about
11:05like giving to a man it's because the
11:07feminine energy what they tend to give
11:10tends to be more intangible things while
11:13the masculine energy tends to give in
11:15ways that are more tangible things
11:17tangible things that you can actually
11:18see and feel and notice right the
11:21intangible are things like love and
11:24nurturing and presence and appreciation
11:27and gratitude and softness and fun and
11:29playfulness and an escape from the
11:32everyday grind that he experiences and
11:35if it really boils down to it your value
11:37is the way that you make him feel all
11:40I'm saying is that he needs to be
11:41getting something from this princess
11:43treatment exchange if you are not giving
11:45anything in return and not making him
11:47feel good in his own way then why would
11:50he continue right and that brings me to
11:52my next point the simple and profound
11:55power of a thank you like I said men
11:57don't just give princess treatment just
11:58because it makes you feel feel good but
12:00at its core they give princess treatment
12:02because it makes them feel good they
12:03like to feel like that provider and also
12:05they like to have that sort of
12:07appreciation in response they like to
12:09see that they are positively impacting
12:12your life and adding value to your life
12:13the more he realizes how he's improving
12:15your life the more he'll want to do it
12:17it feels empowering to him but if he
12:19never gets that thank you for that
12:21appreciation in response it's not going
12:24to feel the same he probably won't want
12:26to continue doing it and this might
12:27sound like common sense and it should be
12:29but I do think sometimes women will
12:30think like oh I need to have high
12:33standards right of course he's going to
12:34open the door for me of course he's
12:36going to take me on this wonderful
12:38vacation of course he's going to take me
12:39to a fancy dinner but if you don't
12:41appreciate him for that then there's a
12:42good chance that he's gonna start
12:43feeling resentful and want to start
12:45doing less and less over time men love a
12:47simple appreciation and thank you and
12:49you don't have to be like oh my God
12:52thank you so much oh my God you are
12:55amazing you just saved my life thank you
12:57oh my gosh but just simple thank you and
13:01a kiss can go a really long way now
13:03another reason that men also give this
13:04princess treatment is because they like
13:06to see you happy they like to be the
13:09reason why you are happy and so if they
13:11are giving you all these things and you
13:14are like not happy in response if you
13:16have like a pouty face on and you're
13:18like okay if it doesn't seem to be
13:20making you very happy then why would he
13:21keep doing it he wants to feel good from
13:23his giving and again this doesn't need
13:24to be in Extreme Ways just showing
13:26gratitude and having a smile and showing
13:28that that thing made you happy that's
13:30really all you need it goes a very long
13:32way if you want to keep receiving that
13:33princess treatment over the long term
13:35like over the Long Haul then you need to
13:38be giving him that feedback and that
13:40response now the more that a woman is
13:42naturally in her feminine energy the
13:44more that the man will naturally want to
13:46give again not all guys will because not
13:48all guys have a provider a mentality but
13:51a healthy masculine man will they'll
13:53want to but only if she's in her
13:55feminine energy the women who get the
13:57princess treatment they are almost all
13:59always in their feminine energy at least
14:01in the relationship I've literally never
14:04seen it any other way and it doesn't
14:06mean that you shouldn't ever utilize
14:08your masculine energy in other ways like
14:10maybe with your work or taking action in
14:12your life or in whatever ways you want
14:14but in the relationship specifically
14:17it's important to be in that feminine
14:19energy space that's where you get that
14:21princess treatment feminine energy is
14:23the receiving energy feminine energy
14:25encourages more masculine energy from
14:27your partner feminine energy encourages
14:29more of that provider mentality from
14:31your partner when a woman starts
14:32operating from her masculine energy in a
14:34relationship you'll start to notice not
14:37like immediately but over time the man
14:40will start giving a little bit less and
14:42a little bit less and this isn't like a
14:45conscious thing it's entirely
14:46unconscious for the most part it's not
14:48like he's thinking like oh she's in her
14:50masculine energy right now I'm not gonna
14:53give any more I'm not gonna treat her
14:54like a princess it doesn't work like
14:56that it's entirely energetic when a
14:58woman takes on her mask when energy and
15:00romantic relationship she energetically
15:02starts to repel things like being taken
15:05care of being provided for being
15:07cherished being spoiled and he will
15:09start to pull away just like in a
15:10relationship if your man starts wavering
15:12in his masculine energy right if he
15:14starts to become you feel like he's
15:16becoming a little bit unreliable or you
15:18like you can't rely on him or
15:19untrustworthy in some kind of ways not
15:21that he's like becoming a bad person but
15:23just those little things start showing
15:25up he makes a promise to you when he
15:27doesn't fulfill it right then you are
15:28going to naturally and probably
15:30subconsciously start to pull away a
15:32little bit because his energy doesn't
15:34feel as safe to you anymore and that's
15:36just how energy and polarity Works in a
15:38relationship staying in your feminine
15:39energy is how you encourage a healthy
15:41masculine man to really cherish you and
15:44I have so many videos I have a big
15:46playlist on feminine energy so you have
15:48so much stuff that you could go dive in
15:50if you wanted to learn more about it I
15:52also do have a workbook and meditation
15:54on my website that can help with this as
15:56well I will link all that down below in
15:58case you're interested and just declare
15:59verify this doesn't mean that you have
16:01to be wearing dresses all the time and
16:02that you need to make your voice sound
16:03really really high feminine energy is an
16:05energy and you can still wear you know
16:07baggy jeans and sneakers and be in your
16:10feminine energy that's like the biggest
16:11misconception that I hear all the time
16:13looking stereotypically feminine and
16:15having feminine energy are two different
16:17things and if you really want to dig
16:18into it when it comes to feminine energy
16:20and the way that that looks it doesn't
16:22really have anything to do with clothes
16:23it's more so about body language next
16:26let's talk about how to actually ask for
16:28things because if you want something or
16:31if you want him to start doing something
16:32for you for example it's important to
16:34know that demanding for things never
16:38gets you anywhere this does not make a
16:39man want to give you high quality
16:41treatment it pushes him away it makes
16:43him want to do less of it seriously like
16:45the minute you start demanding you need
16:46to do this you need to do that it's
16:48repelling it's controlling and it's just
16:50bad energy you know however it is
16:52totally okay to express your interest in
16:53something or to ask for something but
16:55you just have to make sure that you do
16:56it with the right energy and I said this
16:58a bunch but with everything in life you
17:01can do the same two things but with
17:04different energy and you will get
17:05completely different results honey would
17:07you plan a fancy date for this weekend I
17:09really want to get all dressed up and
17:10spend time with you I think that would
17:12be so much fun versus can you plan a
17:14date or even worse why don't you ever
17:16plan any dates or you need to plan a
17:18fancy date for this weekend
17:20like you're basically asking the same
17:22thing but with two completely different
17:24energies and which girl do you think is
17:26gonna get what she wants it's definitely
17:27the first one now also keep in mind
17:28though that if you start asking for like
17:30ridiculous things things that are
17:33completely unrealistic things that he
17:35can't fulfill then that's just a little
17:37bit silly and greedy and that's not
17:39gonna make him feel very good like if
17:41you guys are 25 and he's building his
17:44career and he's not a trust fund kid and
17:46you know he's he's driven he's ambitious
17:48he wants to be successful he's got that
17:50provider mentality but he's 25 and he's
17:53still building his career and you ask
17:55him for like a Bentley or for him to
17:57take you to the south of France and stay
17:59at the Four Seasons for a month like
18:01that is completely unrealistic and again
18:03we see all this flashy stuff on
18:05Instagram all the time and you know of
18:07course we want that kind of stuff too
18:08but asking things that are completely
18:10unrealistic it just kind of hurts both
18:12of you like you can say like oh I'd love
18:14a Bentley in the future that would be so
18:15much fun or I'd love to go spend a month
18:17with you in the south of France one day
18:19how amazing would that be like you could
18:21talk about the things that you want in
18:22regards to the future but being
18:24demanding and being super unrealistic
18:26it's not gonna help he's gonna feel like
18:27turned off by that because he won't be
18:29able to fulfill that now if you don't
18:31treat yourself well and if you don't
18:33take care of yourself then he's going to
18:35maybe be a little bit less likely to
18:37take care of you too the more that you
18:39treat yourself like a prize and that you
18:40cherish yourself and that you love
18:42yourself you are setting standards and
18:44expectations and it's not about like the
18:46actual things that you are doing like
18:48the fact that you go and get your nails
18:50done every two weeks it's about how this
18:51type of energy and care and self-love
18:54shows up in the way that you carry
18:55yourself it's about showing him that you
18:57value yourself there's that saying you
18:59teach people how to treat you and well
19:01if you can't even give yourself that
19:03love if you can't even do the things
19:05that make you feel good then he's
19:07probably gonna feel a little less
19:09inclined to do the same for you not
19:11because he's mean not because he's
19:13trying to be a bad partner but because
19:15that's just what you're showing him it
19:16doesn't mean that you need to become
19:17like this high maintenance girly if
19:19that's not your thing I'm not very high
19:21maintenance myself but for example I can
19:23show this by getting dressed every
19:25morning and putting on clothes that make
19:26me feel good I can show this by taking
19:28myself out to get an acai Bowl on a hot
19:30summer day I can show this by taking my
19:32work to the pool because I just like it
19:34it makes me happy and it's luxurious you
19:36know like soft life Vibes I can show
19:38this by planning a girls trip with my
19:39friends because that's what makes my
19:41heart Happy or if you ask me if I want
19:42to join him for the movie he's watching
19:44that's like bloody and gory and not
19:46something that I want to see I can show
19:48this by saying no thanks I'm going to
19:50take a luxurious bath instead I can show
19:51this by buying flowers for myself just
19:53because they're pretty the more that you
19:54treat yourself like you truly love and
19:56cherish yourself and like you are a
19:59princess that needs to be taken care of
20:00and valued the more that he will see
20:03that too and act accordingly now I hope
20:05you guys got some value out of this
20:06video and if you did be sure to hit that
20:08like button it really does help me out
20:10now if you haven't seen this video how
20:13to become the woman of your dreams I
20:14highly recommend you go check it out
20:16it's one of my most popular videos for
20:18good reason thank you so much for
20:19watching staying until the very end I
20:21always appreciate you and I will see you
20:23over there or I will see you next time
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FAQs about This YouTube Video

1. What are the key strategies for receiving princess treatment in a relationship?

The key strategies for receiving princess treatment in a relationship include finding the right type of man, being in your feminine energy, and showing appreciation for the treatment received.

2. How can I find the right type of man for receiving princess treatment?

Finding the right type of man for receiving princess treatment involves understanding your own values, communicating your needs, and being open to different personality types.

3. Why is being in your feminine energy important for receiving princess treatment?

Being in your feminine energy is important for receiving princess treatment because it allows you to embrace your natural nurturing and caring qualities, which can attract the right type of partner.

4. What are some ways to show appreciation for the treatment received in a relationship?

Showing appreciation for the treatment received in a relationship can be done through small gestures, expressing gratitude, and reciprocating the kindness in your own way.

5. How can I maintain a healthy balance while receiving princess treatment in a relationship?

Maintaining a healthy balance while receiving princess treatment involves setting boundaries, communicating openly, and being mindful of your own needs and desires within the relationship.

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