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In this video, Proxy Empire is reviewed as an affordable and reliable proxy service provider with various proxy options available. The pricing is reasonable, the support is fast and effective, and there are no limitations on the number of IPs or website restrictions. Overall, Proxy Empire is recommended for those in need of proxies for different purposes.
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Proxy Empire offers affordable proxies for various purposes such as social media management and ad verification.
Proxy Empire sells rotating residential proxies, static residential proxies, rotating mobile proxies, data center proxies, and dedicated mobile proxies.
Proxies can be used to prevent blocks on social media accounts and protect brand reputation.
Advertisers can use proxies to safeguard against fraudulent traffic and ensure their ads are shown in the desired locations.
Proxies are crucial for industries like pharmaceutical and medical companies for ad verification purposes.
The video discusses the use of Proxy Empire for SEO, analytics, and data monitoring, with a focus on signing up and setting up proxies on a Windows PC.
Proxies are used for SEO, monitoring analytics and data, safeguarding against blocks, influencer marketing, sneaker proxies, travel fare aggregation, and stock market data.
Signing up on Proxy Empire's website is simple, with a bandwidth of 100 MB and the option to use credit card for activation.
The process of setting up proxies on a Windows PC using Ghost browser is demonstrated, including adding, editing, and managing proxies.
The video demonstrates how to set up and use proxies, including changing parameters and checking the location of the IP address.
The speaker prepares the host, port, username, and password for the proxy.
They show how to change the password and save the settings.
The process of checking the location of the IP address using Google IP is explained.
The benefits of using rotating proxies for data extraction and maintaining reputation are highlighted.
Proxy Empire offers a pay-as-you-go pricing model starting at $15/month, with a knowledge base for users to troubleshoot issues and useful articles, and a variety of plans for scaling up usage.
Knowledge base is open to everyone with useful articles.
Pay-as-you-go pricing model starting at $15/month.
Multiple plans available for scaling up usage, including a $600 plan for 100GB of consumption.
Proxies are reliable according to the reviewer.
ProxyEmpire offers reliable and trustworthy services with fast and effective support, reasonable prices, and good targeting options.
Users have mentioned the reliability and trustworthiness of their services on Trustpilot.
The support provided by ProxyEmpire is fast and effective.
ProxyEmpire offers a fair pricing model with a pay-as-you-go option starting from just $2.
The targeting options include good Geo targeting options without any extra charges.
There is no limit on the number of IPs or rotations, and they charge based on bandwidth rather than the number of IPs used.
ProxyEmpire does not block users from various websites or require KYC submissions.
00:08hey guys it's Android crunch I'm lukesh
00:11Kapoor and in this video we're going to
00:13talk about proximat proxy Empire is a
00:16very eminent name in the proxy
00:19Industries it sells proxies at a very
00:21affordable cost and they are very
00:23trusted users who are using proxy Empire
00:26very confidently and get proxies are
00:30very interested and they sell rotating
00:33the essential proxies static essential
00:35proxies rotating Mobile proxies Data
00:38Center proxies and dedicated mobile
00:42and if you are in the business of online
00:46word you may notice that if you're using
00:48social media accounts of your clients it
00:51gets blocked and you tend to lose
00:53businesses your brand reputation goes
00:56down and this you know affects you a lot
00:59so if you are using social media you are
01:02handling multiple accounts then you may
01:05need proxies of course and in the add
01:07verification process like if you are an
01:10Advertiser and you have you want to you
01:12know send it campaign you want to run
01:14ads in multiple geolocations or in a
01:18specific location or in a specific
01:20targeting then Network networks probably
01:23can you know uh make some frauds they
01:27can mix up your traffic and they can
01:30show ads on you know uh various places
01:33where you don't want them to place and
01:35in those cases as an Advertiser you can
01:38use proxies to you know Safeguard itself
01:41against these frauds that happen now and
01:44then in the advertiser industry this is
01:47very common
01:48and to protect your reputation where
01:50your ads are you know placed on sites
01:53that are illegal or where you don't want
01:55your campaign to be shown and in that
01:58cases you can Safeguard yourself as well
02:01and you can keep your keep your brand
02:03reputed like it will not be mixed up
02:07and in companies of like uh
02:11pharmaceutical companies medical
02:13companies and some companies the ad
02:16verification is like crucial it is not
02:18luxury or it is not a extra thing that
02:21you have to do it is just a very
02:23compulsory thing that you have to like
02:25sometimes do considering the laws in
02:28your countries and all that and if you
02:31are a SEO person like you monitor SEO
02:33things analytics and data and in that
02:36case you also have to you know have
02:38multiple accounts and all that to you
02:40know Safeguard yourself against blocks
02:43and anti-blocking systems
02:45and you can also monitor the prices from
02:48the web various websites compare them in
02:51influencer marketing sneaker proxies you
02:54also may you know use travel fare
02:56aggregation in the stock market data you
02:59can also use the proxies so there are
03:01like many ways of it this has only a few
03:05in the big businesses uh proxies are
03:08very very useful so in this video we are
03:12going to use proxy Empire to see how we
03:14can use them and how effective it is so
03:17first of all you will need to sign up on
03:19their website okay the process is quite
03:22simple I have already signed up and you
03:26will get a bandwidth of 100 MB if you
03:28use your credit card and it's just a one
03:31or two dollar maybe and your account
03:33will be set up and activated and you can
03:35use the proxies with a limit and when
03:38you are okay with the experience that
03:40you get on proximate you can easily
03:43upgrade or buy a new plan of course so
03:46uh I'm using my Windows PC and I have
03:49downloaded host browser
03:52to show you how easy
03:55to you know set up the proxies
03:59here I have used my proxy
04:03okay I have set the proxy here
04:07you can add edit proxies from Ghost
04:09proxy control
04:11I have added it right there
04:15and you can find your proxies in the
04:18proxies manager
04:19okay you can choose the language if it
04:23affects you
04:25and you can choose the country for
04:27example I use
04:34states and
04:37North Carolina
04:39and I mostly use here
04:44Denver okay
04:47and carrier Spectrum
04:49so now I uh I'm ready with some host
04:52Port username and password and the
04:55length of proxy and these are the proxy
04:58list you can change them and you will
05:00get it okay you can also copy and paste
05:03this process in like web scraper tools
05:06as well like octopars to you know
05:10protect your uh
05:13server now let us quickly head over and
05:17see if it is
05:21Port 9 000 username
05:25is fine I guess password let us change
05:29it in the hash what you can see we have
05:32this us
05:37North Carolina
05:39and then where okay so carefully
05:42the password contains all of these
05:45things all these parameters as well
05:48let us save it okay
05:52let us open our identity manager and
05:56create a new tab over here
05:59and you can open Google IP
06:06and it will show you
06:09the location from where you are using it
06:12so you can see the isp's Spectrum
06:15and it is United States
06:19while I am in India so this is how easy
06:25it is to use the truck series provided
06:28you can use them in your tools you can
06:31use in your scrapers you can use in your
06:33SAS tool or wherever you want them to
06:36access data maintain data or
06:40it is very useful like if you are you
06:42know extracting data from a website that
06:45you know blocks you every now and then
06:47then using proxy rotating proxies is
06:49very very useful of course and your
06:53reputation will be maintained and
06:55talking about that proxim pair it is
06:59very very reliable service and
07:02it is very easy to use if you want to
07:05you know change your proxies or you want
07:07to buy more processes you can also do
07:09that quickly let us go to our dashboard
07:12and here you can see our users over in
07:15the period of time and you can see the
07:19top 40 countries by one language and so
07:22don't sell in the last 24 hours
07:24okay and if you have any issues using
07:27proxies you can check out their
07:29knowledge base which is open to everyone
07:31and they have like very useful articles
07:34over here how can you change my
07:36subscription do I need to sign a 12
07:38month contract how can you check how
07:41much did I have used there's unused data
07:43roll over to the next loading period so
07:45all the bidding related information and
07:47general information is over here on
07:50their knowledge base okay
07:54and talking about its pricing
07:57that's head over to the home page and
08:01the pricing so it is a pay as you go
08:03pricing if you start with essential
08:04proxies and it is just 15 a month like a
08:091GB okay and not a month it is just pay
08:14as you go so when when your 1GB will be
08:16you know consumed and then you will have
08:19to spend this much of amount the same as
08:22bright data they also offer you pay as
08:25you go plan and this new expedition of
08:28time 170 plus country is 24x7 support
08:32HTTP and socks five City and SP
08:35targeting unlimited threads through the
08:37world bandwidth and all of these things
08:39but considering
08:41um write it up when you see you have to
08:44spend 15 plus if you target City in a SP
08:47okay but here you can do that as well
08:50so that's a plus and when you want to
08:53scale or you want to upgrade you can do
08:55that by you know using these multiple
08:59plans so if you're a big company or
09:01businesses probably then you can use
09:02their uh six thousand dollar six hundred
09:05dollar plan that allows you to use 100
09:07GB of consumption
09:10so this is how easy it is to use proxy
09:14and pair so guys here we are at the end
09:17of our proxy Empire review and here is
09:19my overall opinion of proxy Empire it's
09:22various proxies and pricing and overall
09:27so the proxies are very very reliable
09:31proximper is a reliable residential
09:33proxy provider that is available in the
09:36market and if you check on trustpilot
09:39and that is the resources where uh users
09:42users have experienced their services
09:44you will notice that they have mentioned
09:47the reliability and Trust worthiness of
09:50their services
09:51and talking about the support is it's
09:54quite fantastic fast and effective and
09:57it is uh like you can something that you
10:01can trust on people buy salsa these days
10:04based on the support they receive and it
10:07is very very you know crucial factor for
10:10the users to choose between badges
10:11services online and considering that
10:14they have given a huge priority to
10:17support and give you fast and effective
10:20support to you
10:22the prices are very very reasonable this
10:25fair pricing model and the pay as you go
10:28model is quite convenient
10:29and you can easily start using your
10:32proxies from just two dollar and just
10:35test it and when you find it effective
10:38you can upgrade it and the targeting
10:42options are very nice there is a good
10:44Geo targeting option available you can
10:46choose country estate and city as well
10:49however if you consider or if you
10:52compare it with other proxy providers
10:54they ask you or charge you extra money
10:56for better targeting
10:59there is no limit as well on the IPS
11:02number 5ps rotations you create they
11:05charge you on the bandwidth not about
11:08number of ips that you use and
11:12you are not blocked from various website
11:14there is no kyc like in other providing
11:18services and they block you from certain
11:21websites or you have to submit it kyc
11:24and all of these things but this is not
11:26the case with proxy Empire and you can
11:28easily start using it and yeah this was
11:33my overall opinion about proxy Empire
11:34let me know in comments how you think
11:37about it and if you like this video
11:40please give it a huge Thumbs Up And
11:43subscribe to my channel for watching
11:45more videos like this see you in the
11:46next one thank you so much
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FAQs about This YouTube Video

1. What are the proxy options available with Proxy Empire?

Proxy Empire offers a variety of proxy options including residential proxies, data center proxies, and mobile proxies. This allows users to choose the most suitable type of proxies for their specific needs.

2. How is the pricing of Proxy Empire?

Proxy Empire is known for its reasonable pricing plans, making it an affordable option for those in need of proxies. The pricing structure is designed to provide value for money while catering to different budget requirements.

3. What makes Proxy Empire a reliable proxy service provider?

Proxy Empire is considered a reliable proxy service provider due to its fast and effective support, along with the absence of limitations on the number of IPs or website restrictions. This reliability makes it a trusted choice for various proxy needs.

4. Why is Proxy Empire recommended for different purposes?

Proxy Empire is recommended for different purposes because of its affordability, reliability, and the availability of various proxy options. Whether it's for personal or business use, Proxy Empire can cater to different proxy requirements effectively.

5. How does Proxy Empire stand out in the proxy service industry?

Proxy Empire stands out in the proxy service industry due to its combination of affordability, reliability, and the diverse range of proxy options available. These factors set it apart as a suitable choice for those seeking proxy services.

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