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The video discusses whether it is worth buying a Playstation 5 in 2023, highlighting the differences between the PS5 and PS4 controllers, the limited number of new generation games available, and the high cost of the subscription service. The speaker suggests that if you already have a PS4, it may be better to wait and save money.
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This section discusses the differences between the Playstation 5 and Playstation 4 controllers and the personal experience with adaptive triggers.
The Playstation 5 controller is thinner than the Playstation 4 controller.
The size of the Playstation 5 controller is slightly bigger than the Xbox 360 controller.
The adaptive triggers on the Playstation 5 controller can be customized but may cause future problems.
The vibration sensor on the Playstation 5 controller is praised as being cool and incredible.
The Playstation 5 is backwards compatible with Playstation 4 games.
The speaker advises waiting a couple more years before buying a PlayStation 5.
PlayStation 4 has very few new version games.
Some games are being released for PlayStation 5, but many are still being released for PlayStation 4.
The speaker recommends waiting for more game releases before buying a PlayStation 5.
00:01Hey guys, beauty, here the person speaking to
00:02you is K Gamer, guys, today I bring
00:05you a video, if it's
00:08worth it, are you purchasing a
00:09Playstation 5 in 2023? Alright, I'll show
00:13you the details of the games on the
00:16subscription service and if it's worth it
00:18for the price of the video game So let's
00:21start here with the difference between the
00:23Playstation 5 controller and the
00:25Playstation 4 controller.
00:39Playstation 4 controller is
00:41wider, right? It's thinner than the
00:44Play 4 controller, if you think it's already
00:46comfortable, you have to try the
00:47c one, right? Their size is a difference, they're
00:51a little bigger than the Playstation. 5 I'm going to
00:53even get the Xbox 360 controller here guys
00:56so you can compare the
00:58size of the 360 ​​controller and the
01:01Playstation 5, man for me They're both
01:05the same old size It's like,
01:08here you go, they're basically the
01:11same size for you see the size of
01:13this control, oh the adaptive triggers
01:16make a personal difference, I don't use them that much,
01:18ok and there are people out there who
01:20use them, I'm not one to keep
01:23using these adaptive triggers because I
01:24know it could cause problems in the future, right?
01:27kind of on the side,
01:29I just activate the
01:31adaptive triggers configuration And then I play
01:33calmly from what I played a little, just
01:36a little From My experience with the
01:37triggers, it's a really
01:41cool technology, but it really depends on whether
01:43you're going to use it or not, right? I no longer use it
01:45because I'm afraid that in the future there will be
01:47problems with the triggers and such, the
01:49vibration sensor is really cool, really incredible, just
01:52like I said, I played very little
01:54about the console itself, let's talk about
01:57backwards compatibility, it is
01:59backwards compatible with PlayStation 4 so
02:00you S have PlayStation 4 games here,
02:02right, Go of War, we have GTA San, and
02:06I have PlayStation 4, there's Red
02:09Redemption, there are these games, right here,
02:13New Generation games, even it appears here, right, it
02:16shows here above here, Playstation 5
02:19and PlayStation 4 is different, put it there,
02:20show PlayStation 4 new
02:22version games, there are still very few of them, folks,
02:24and if you're looking to buy a
02:27Playstation 5, now it's time to play
02:30New Generation games, I'm going to talk PR For
02:32those of you who haven't had much release yet,
02:34we're still here in September
02:372023 and there will be some games released, right? It was
02:40released yesterday. I think Bald
02:43Gate 3 was released, so I've got it here, oh, it's just that,
02:47like, there's very little release, right? I'll
02:49see here if you
02:52're going to come here let me see here
03:03releases Let me search here
03:11and I won't be able to find it now that
03:13I'm still familiarizing myself with the
03:18Playstation 5 store, okay I won't find
03:20the launch here but oh I think which is
03:23pre-sale here, it's esports, right, fc24, it's
03:28Mortal Kombat 1, it's going to be released spar Man, but
03:31many games here are still going to be released
03:33for the PlayStation 4, I don't know, so it's
03:36only going to be released for the PlayStation 5 and the
03:38new Xbox, right, these are the games here, like There are
03:41a lot of new games here guys,
03:44Assassin's Creed is also going to be released for the PlayStation 4,
03:45but in my case, if I
03:49had a Playstation 4, Oh, I just
03:52got Play 5, because I had a great
03:54opportunity, you know, but if I didn't
03:56have it, If I had this opportunity, I wouldn't have
03:58picked it up yet, so I
04:01advise you to wait at least a
04:03couple more years. Maybe a year from
04:05now on, from now on, there will be more
04:08so, like, the video game itself still
04:11doesn't have that many releases exclusive
04:13to the new generation. in itself, right, we'll
04:15start to see it in about 2 years or
04:16so Hey, about the games on the
04:20Playstation 5, let me see here in some of
04:22my downloads here that there was a
04:25power spike here guys, then there was a
04:28bug and then the power ran out But then I'm going to come
04:32back here and download the
04:34Bald GATE update here, right? Bald
04:37Gate 3, the internet went down and so on. Here in
04:43my city, it's rubbish. PR energy,
04:45so I always recommend you have a
04:47line filter there, which helps a lot. so
04:49that your devices don't burn out, right,
04:51with these power outages, so let's go, let's
04:53talk about games, right,
04:55like I said, games don't have that many
04:57exclusives yet and I'm going to get
05:00my library here for you to see, I
05:02have a lot of games here already and But
05:04these games here, the overwhelming majority are
05:07from my PlayStation 4, you know, there are
05:09some games here where you have the option
05:10of playing the Play 4 version and the
05:12Playstation 5 version, some games
05:14received free upgrades, others not
05:16so much, GTA V. you have to and you
05:20have to pay to receive the upgrade
05:21and I think that's stupid so I'm not going to
05:23do that for now but your
05:25games are all here on the PlayStation 4
05:27so if you have a Playstation 4 and
05:29you're scared to play 5 if you think
05:31you can't play, you'll play calmly,
05:33okay, I'll tell you the only
05:35New Generation game I have here is W Gate
05:373, the rest is all from PlayStation 4,
05:41you know, here's the console in terms
05:44of speed, it's very fast, guys. let's
05:46just see here the download is
05:50expensive, doing things by hand is
05:53complicated, the speed of the console is
05:55very fast. It has a very good SSD, very
06:03console, if you
06:05want speed, it is a very
06:08fast and strong console as well guys,
06:11Balgates Gate 3, even you are running
06:14at a rate of 60 frames, performance mode in the
06:16city of Bal Gate, I or VII say that
06:18it drops there at 30 40 frames. But I haven't
06:22arrived in the city yet, right? I don't know if
06:24they can fix it yet,
06:26but I've heard that it's gone, right? Maybe
06:29they'll fix it in the
06:32future Let's talk now about
06:33personal subscription, whether it's worth it or not,
06:36man, subscription here of the
06:40Playstation 5, no, I don't
06:42subscribe, I'm not subscribed, okay, because it's a
06:45very expensive subscription for me, it doesn't make up for it as I
06:47like to play
06:48offline games, it doesn't make
06:50up for me subscribing to this subscription
06:54here, let me see here there was an error
06:56here, let's see the Ass options here
06:59Extra deluxe and essential, they will have an
07:04increase in price, right? PlayStation, I don't
07:06know if it has already increased, if it will increase, so
07:10and I wasn't wanting to subscribe before
07:14and but now that I'm not going to subscribe,
07:18right? Why am I going to increase the price?
07:20Deluxe R
07:23538 r
07:25475.0 the extra and the essential which is the
07:28normal PlayStation PR Plus normal 300 eh
07:31R 2 78.90 personally for me it's not
07:34worth it, ok, not now, not unless Sony,
07:37in the future, improves the
07:41catalog there's a classic catalog
07:43here, let me take a look Ah, there are
07:46classic games here from PlayStation 1,
07:48PlayStation 1 2, some
07:50Playstation 2 games, right?
07:59PlayStation 3 is also in the
08:01PlayStation Plus catalogue, for me it's
08:03not worth it because as I said it's
08:05very expensive, let's see later on
08:06how the PlayStation Plus games will turn out.
08:10So let's summarize
08:12here the summary of the operation, folks, it's worth it It's a
08:14pity you have a Playstation 5 in 2023,
08:17it really depends It depends on whether you
08:20want to play games
08:22and new generation games, then I recommend
08:25that you can and can get a
08:27Playstation 5, yes, now, if you have a
08:29Playstation 4, you
08:32will Want to buy a
08:34Playstation 4 first, man, you can without fear because
08:37the console is still very advantageous
08:39nowadays, I play a game that will play
08:42most of the Playstation 5 games, with the
08:43exception of being exclusive to the Play 5
08:46and New Generation, and the PlayStation 4 will
08:48give a personal account so I would
08:50first recommend you get a Playstation 4
08:53it's around R00 2000 It's not worth
08:56that much but 2000 you can even get
08:58an S which is better around R 1.00
09:01you could be purchasing a
09:02Playstation 4 right? Dude, it's the same
09:05thing, the Play 5 will play the same
09:08games, of course, with a frame rate of 4, 30
09:10frames, but it's playable, right, the r reden here
09:13on the Play 5 is 30, some games also
09:16received a 60 update. Like I said,
09:18it's the difference from the Play 5. for Play 4,
09:20it's frame rate and personal resolution, as
09:23I don't have a 4K television, I'm
09:25missing out on a lot of things that the PlayStation 5 has to
09:27show for itself, right?
09:34frames and Ray
09:38tracing mode without 4K 1080 Ray tracing, you understand,
09:42so there are several technologies there that you
09:43need a better television for
09:45you, and to observe these
09:47technologies better, as I don't have mine, using them is
09:50a little simpler, I'm missing
09:51a lot of what the PlayStation 5 has to
09:52offer but I bought it, right? I like
09:58mine, my experience with
10:00video games has been good, okay, it's cool that
10:03below it shows the hours here that I
10:05have of the games Red Dead Red 2 there 200
10:08and a few hours like d 3 I have more
10:11than 200 hours too but this is the
10:12new generation version so they started over
10:14from scratch, right the trophies there too I had
10:17more than 80 89% trophy unlocked here I
10:20only have a few, three trophies for
10:22now but the game I'm in I
10:24really like Bald Gate 3, which is an
10:27excellent game, it's the only new generation game I have
10:30for now, you know,
10:32so that's it guys, I hope you
10:34like it, so whether it's going to be worth it or not
10:36depends on, like I said, your taste.
10:38If you have some money
10:41left over then you want to get a new console
10:43Go ahead, otherwise you can
10:45keep your PlayStation 4 Save another
10:462 TR years and then you'll be calm
10:49guys, the Play 4 is still getting
10:51updates, it's still getting games until now.
10:52Today I think this is very incredible that
10:54Sony is doing this, so if
10:57you liked it, subscribe to the channel and that's
10:59it thanks and said
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1. Is it worth buying a Playstation 5 in 2023?

The video discusses whether it is worth buying a Playstation 5 in 2023, highlighting the differences between the PS5 and PS4 controllers, the limited number of new generation games available, and the high cost of the subscription service. The speaker suggests that if you already have a PS4, it may be better to wait and save money.

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The video compares the differences between the PS5 and PS4 controllers, including the new features and improved technology of the PS5 controller compared to the PS4. It emphasizes the enhanced haptic feedback and adaptive triggers of the PS5 controller, providing a more immersive gaming experience.

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5. Should I wait and save money if I already have a PS4?

The speaker suggests that if you already have a PS4, it may be better to wait and save money, considering factors such as the limited number of new generation games available, the high cost of the subscription service for PS5, and the potential for future price drops or bundle deals. It encourages viewers to make an informed decision based on their gaming preferences and financial situation.

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