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This video features live psychic predictions by Craig Hamilton-Parker, discussing topics such as conflicts between Israel and Iran, personal messages, potential terrorist attacks in Europe, and the prospects of world peace.
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Craig Hamilton-Parker goes live on his show "Coffee with Craig" to provide psychic predictions and insights.
He takes live questions from viewers.
He mentions that he will tune into Spirit to provide insights from his Spirit guides.
Craig mentions that he will provide spontaneous predictions during the live session.
The psychic predicts that the conflict between Israel and Gaza is actually a clash of religious ideas and ideologies, and that peace can only be achieved if people's mindsets and religious attitudes change.
The psychic believes that the conflict is not about territory and land, but rather a clash of religious ideas and cults.
The danger is seen to be coming from Iran, with possible interference from Russia and North Korea.
The psychic predicts that the conflict will escalate into Lebanon, with the possibility of Hisbah entering through the Goan Heights.
The psychic gives a personal message to someone named Margaret who recently fell off a bicycle and connects her with a spirit named Albert who suffered from a chest condition.
The psychic mentions that the message is an "Advance reading" for someone who may join later.
The name Brian is also mentioned, possibly related to the bicycle accident.
The spirit connected to Margaret is named Albert or Alfie and had a chest condition.
Psychic predicts that Russia, Iran, North Korea, and China are working together and planning their moves in tandem.
Psychic mentions that Russia has met with China, North Korea, and Iran, and Iran is selling drones to fight in Ukraine.
China is secretly funding some of the Russian war, possibly through oil deals.
Psychic predicts that conflicts like these will cause oil prices to soar and Russian oil to become even more valuable.
Psychic also mentions that China is waging a silent war and using distraction tactics in Ukraine, Taiwan, and Hong Kong. Another clampdown in Hong Kong is predicted.
The psychic predicts that the person listening is embarking on a singing career and encourages them to pursue it.
The psychic mentions a woman who helped set up an organization or school for people learning to sing.
The person listening knows this woman and understands the significance of a missing pinky finger on a piano player's finger.
The psychic asks for comments to confirm the accuracy of the reading and emphasizes the importance of humor in spirituality.
Psychic predicts Kennedy has a good chance in 2026, and mentions the possibility of a plane hijack in the next few months.
Psychic predicts Kennedy will have something significant happening around 2026.
Psychic believes Kennedy's profile will rise, even if he doesn't win the presidency.
Psychic mentions the possibility of a plane hijack in the next few months, but cannot specify the country.
The speaker believes that world peace and a better world will eventually happen, but it requires people to come together and change the human condition and heart.
The speaker believes that there will be world problems but also world solutions.
They emphasize the need for proper spirituality and a likeness of being, rather than heaviness.
The speaker mentions the importance of being gentler and more caring towards each other.
They highlight the need to change the self-obsessed nature of society and the human heart.
00:02hi and it looks like I'm live a little
00:03bit of a slow response from my um server
00:07today but hi there welcome this is
00:09coffee with Craig this is where myself a
00:12psychic medium if you've not met me
00:14before um goes live and takes questions
00:18from uh some of you coming in live in
00:20the moment hopefully and um we'll have a
00:23look at the world today have a look at
00:26um some of my psychic predictions of
00:28what I feel and also I'll be um directly
00:31tuning into Spirit as we work today um
00:34to give you um insights and uh thoughts
00:38from influence of my Spirit guides so
00:41welcome to coffee with
01:39hi hi guys and welcome to the show um
01:42and I see lots of you coming in I tend
01:44to go spontaneously live with these
01:47because uh there's no real way you can
01:49prepare for this type of type of reading
01:52that I do today because I'm just going
01:53to do it live with you um I'll just give
01:56you some of my thoughts first of all
01:58before we start um and then I'll take
02:00direct questions from you from you nice
02:03um specific type of questions if you can
02:06you know um so uh and and I know a lot
02:09of you are already joining me and sort
02:10of I can see questions coming up on the
02:12side of my screen here so but I'm I'm I
02:16I do this today in a kind of a bit more
02:18of a slower mode so this so those that
02:20like my predictions where I Bam Bam Bam
02:23these are the predictions for this this
02:24and that these are not prepared
02:26predictions these are these are just
02:27what come to us as we're talking today
02:30so there be some insights which I'll
02:32also add to the main list of predictions
02:34later on as I develop my predictions for
02:36the year ahead so yeah we living in
02:39pretty hard times and
02:42um uh the things that happening in the
02:45world are kind of unprecedented in in
02:48many ways it's interesting to see what
02:49some of the vadic astrologers have been
02:51saying about this time too um because
02:54like me they also predicted that right
02:56now October um is is going to going to
02:59be a time of great difficulties
03:03October into November um were all
03:06considered as being difficult times with
03:08bad aspects with rahu and things like
03:10this and when you hear rahu being said
03:12in invic astrology or Hindu astrology um
03:16you usually want to run a mile because
03:17it means some problems and very similar
03:20astrological um uh positions of the
03:23planets and stars um to 911 and
03:28um the um the problem is of course 911
03:32was a trigger point for so much more and
03:35I think this Israeli uh conflict I don't
03:38know what we want to call it Gaza
03:39conflict Hamas conflict the Press are
03:42all putting different names for it I see
03:44Israeli conflict to put it that way um
03:48is uh perhaps a trigger point for more
03:50to come and uh those that have not
03:53followed the channel for very long we'll
03:55see that throughout the year earlier on
03:57in the year and later and I I'll put
03:59some clips up about this in in one of my
04:01pre-prepared videos um from the old
04:04videos that I've done uh I've been
04:06saying that this is going to happen in
04:07October and
04:08also I feel the Taiwan issue is also
04:12going to raise its head um in the coming
04:14months as well so I feel that the two
04:16conflicts are going to start to um
04:21uh merge in some respects uh this is why
04:25some of the press have been saying um
04:27you know put predictions earlier in the
04:28year saying that I predicting World War
04:30II I'm not predicting World War II I'm
04:32just saying that there's conflicts it
04:34doesn't mean that it has to turn into
04:37something um terrible uh because you
04:40know I was thinking about it really if
04:42if you think on at a spiritual
04:44level perhaps everything's already
04:46happened perhaps the quantum world is
04:48what we exist in perhaps we exist in a
04:50matrix you this is the philosophical
04:51side of it and what is it that draws
04:54time what moves time what if it's all
04:56happened all at once what creates the
04:58time what we create the time will
05:01creates the time um human desire creates
05:04the time it creates movement it creates
05:06a movement from past to the Future so um
05:10maybe our own personal will can affect
05:14the way things will turn out and that
05:18doesn't mean by us talking about
05:20potential uh future um happenings that
05:23that necessarily have to happen because
05:25it's within our power but what I see is
05:29like the current trajectory based upon
05:32what's happening um and see if I see
05:34anything further ahead now I know I
05:37spoke before about
05:45oops just saw that one I'll answer that
05:48a little bit first from what my feelings
05:50are because um that I I saw ahead
05:55further conflicts my main prediction was
05:58about that I this whole war is not
06:01really um between Israel and Gaza this
06:05is between Israel and Iran and this is
06:10not about territory and land there's
06:12nothing to do with territory and land um
06:16that there's been all sorts of options
06:17on the table um but for you know a
06:21Palestinian country and things like this
06:24but this is a clash of ideas isn't it
06:26this is a clash of religious ideas this
06:28is a clash of cult
06:30this is a clash of um
06:33ideologies and I can't see peace
06:39until people change and religious
06:42attitudes change and we can bomb each
06:46other into um dust but that still means
06:50that the people have not changed their
06:53mindsets um and in particular I think
06:55the danger is always been and has been
06:58for a long time Iran because my feeling
07:00is what's happening in Israel um is is a
07:03result of Iranian
07:05interference indirectly tied up with um
07:09Russian interference and maybe even
07:11North Korea there somewhere in the
07:13background perhaps offering Delivery
07:15Systems to Iran who are inches away from
07:20having um uh nuclear capability to
07:23deliver nuclear bombs which is something
07:26you know has now come to the press a
07:27little bit more already so we've got a
07:30very very dangerous situation haven't we
07:32and I I don't know if we could ever sort
07:34it out materially but I saw in my
07:37earlier predictions and these are the
07:38things I think are coming forward sadly
07:42is that this will escalate um it will
07:45escalate into Lebanon I've stood there
07:48on the Goan Heights looking down on the
07:50on the where you can see you can see
07:53Lebanon you can see Israel and uh you
07:56can see Syria I think it was all three
07:57countries you can see from this
07:58standpoint place where we stood and and
08:01you know Israel is completely vulnerable
08:04from those Goan Heights and um it
08:08wouldn't surprise me um at all uh if
08:13hisbah go in and try to go in through
08:15the Goan Heights that's what I'm seeing
08:17anyway I'm seeing I'm seeing uh Iranian
08:20encouraged drive into the Goan Heights
08:24and I feel Iran has been wanting to
08:28distract from it own internal problems
08:31because its big internal problems is the
08:33danger of
08:35democracy um that has been coming with
08:37the very um powerful and admirable
08:41women's movement in Iran but that will
08:44be shut up very quick just like the
08:47Chinese shut up the umbrella movement in
08:50Hong Kong with the introduction of coid
08:52in my belief but um the same thing
08:56happened is happening I think now in the
08:59Middle East here this is my my feeling
09:01these are the feelings I've had about
09:03this you know uh conflict that um Iran's
09:07involved and Iran is in cahoots with
09:09Russia and is also when Kim Yong came
09:14and visited Putin what did they discuss
09:17was it just armaments to um go into
09:21Ukraine and also will Ukraine now become
09:24the Forgotten War because of the
09:27problems that are arising in the Middle
09:29East so there's so much going on here um
09:33but how can we sort it will the will
09:35happen I don't think we're going to get
09:37peace yet Jules I'm sorry I feel that um
09:41we're going to get further conflict
09:42ahead and perhaps when we see the awful
09:48human cost of this
09:51madness um maybe then we will see start
09:55to think in a more humanitarian terms
09:58and the these sorts of awful situations
10:02are often also ripe for a spiritual
10:06rethink and it could mean that people of
10:10higher spiritual
10:13um Accolade are perhaps looked at more
10:17closely and they may there may be some
10:19rethinks within do we really want these
10:22sort of people and this this mindset and
10:25I see also and I did say this before
10:28this but I said this 2020 uh 3 year
10:31would also be we would see the rise
10:33again of terrorism I've talked about
10:36that before it with terrorism was almost
10:39kind of coming off the agenda it was no
10:41longer you know we were no longer
10:43getting things in in the news so
10:45massively but um terrorism I think will
10:48be happening again I said about there
10:49would be some terrorism you remember I
10:51said the other week I saw terrorism in
10:55um Sweden I saw terrorism and that was
10:57happened actually it was swed swedes in
10:59Belgium but it's Swedish against Swedish
11:02people um and we're seeing and France
11:05and things I spoke about so we've got an
11:08all and I spoke about the simultaneous
11:10earthquakes in Himalayas which have
11:12happened in Afghanistan so unfortunately
11:15some of the things have come true which
11:17I I wish they hadn't so um so we are in
11:22a sort of I feel a difficult situation
11:24now I'm going to work with this on a
11:25sort of um a more spirit-led sort of um
11:29connection today so forgive me because I
11:31slow it down a bit now I'm just going to
11:33try to connect in with the spirit
11:35world and uh before I do I'll just as
11:39you know I also mix this while people
11:41are just coming in and you're getting
11:42your questions
11:44prepared I also do mix this with a
11:46little bit of personal messages for
11:48people as well because I know you you
11:50enjoy that and it also helps give a
11:52little bit more proof of what I do so um
11:57when I do this this is what we call in
11:59Advance reading so I'm going to give one
12:01of these first now now an in advance
12:03reading means this is in advance not
12:05advanced in advance so I'm going to give
12:08a message now that will be for somebody
12:10that may be here immediately but is more
12:12likely to come in later because and
12:15single detail of these messages needs to
12:19be accepted for it to be with you and so
12:21far every single message I've given if
12:23you look in the comments has been
12:26accepted to the letter but
12:29so I just want to sort of just see if I
12:30can link something in while we wait
12:32while I'm waiting for the spirit guys
12:33just to connect in for me to take a
12:35question they just told me to do this
12:39first now the first message is going to
12:41be this a personal message for somebody
12:43with the name of Maggie or Margaret okay
12:46this is the person watching would have
12:49this name will be very significant to
12:51them at the present point in time and
12:53I'm been shown
12:55someone that you're watching this
12:57because you would have in the last few
12:59days someone would have actually fallen
13:00off a bicycle and hurt themselves okay
13:03so it's connected with this Margaret and
13:05I I want to say around this with the
13:07name Brian so I don't know whether Brian
13:09was the person that fell off the bicycle
13:10now that sounds mad to to you but I'm
13:13just saying these are the little details
13:15to try to make this work so Margaret I
13:18want to connect you with someone in the
13:19spirit called Albert who suffered with a
13:22chess condition Alfie or Albert it's a
13:25name Alfie or Albert but it's a
13:29he's later in life he suffered from a
13:31chess condition and I say chess but I
13:34also want to say Chess at the same time
13:37because this man also enjoyed playing
13:39chess in fact I feel he was like a
13:43master at chess he would have played
13:45chess quite significantly in his life
13:49and um he's talking about um there was
13:54this when he died there was the sail of
13:56the house there was two houses and no he
13:58says there was was three houses we had
14:00to sell all at once two houses were
14:02connected one wasn't two houses were
14:04connected one wasn't we had to sell the
14:07estate and he talks about that some of
14:10that money was given to a charity that
14:12Margaret who's watching this now works
14:15with and he's saying the money went into
14:17the charity the funds in the charity
14:20were reduced but the funds are
14:22increasing and this charity was designed
14:25to help people in very similar
14:27situations to things we're talking about
14:29today in war Tor countries and he's just
14:32giving a note of encouragement with
14:35this if the message is for you you need
14:38to be able to take every single bit of
14:40that right not say it sounds like my dad
14:43because it was he was played chess no it
14:46it's got to be connected so please put
14:48it in the comment below and let us know
14:50about your your charity as well
14:53perhaps okay so that's me starting to
14:55get linked in there and let's see that's
14:58going to come back to you your questions
14:59now so now's a good time to put some
15:00stuff in guys as well if you've already
15:02put it in put it in again because I'm
15:04the screen goes up by the side here so I
15:06sometimes Miss
15:10thing oh that's interesting I didn't
15:12know that Iran Had A 5.6 Quake today I
15:15didn't realize that that's um that's
15:22um we have to decide what we mean by
15:25global Elite don't we really by that so
15:28um I'm saying political
15:30Paris behind
15:34it okay bum for that you can ask
15:37whatever you like on any any questions I
15:49I um
15:54I've I've always kind of sensed Poland
15:56would do very well in the future
15:59and I'm getting a feeling there's been
16:00real big massive change there I think
16:02you've had an election haven't you
16:03recently or something I think there's
16:05been an election change there I don't
16:06know much about
16:07Poland but I get it's kind of a shift at
16:11moment and it's gone One
16:14Direction but I feel it soon shifts back
16:18the other way so I think in Polish
16:21politics you've shifted to the left and
16:22I feel you shift back to the right
16:25because I get a conflict between the
16:27political parties and an unstable
16:30government and I'm seeing a second
16:33election ahead there's another election
16:35ahead not maybe immediately but it's not
16:37far ahead and
16:40um I'm seeing polish war planes and I
16:44see something about a Polish plane shot
16:47down maybe she fighter plane or
16:49something don't know if the polls I
16:52don't think you've sent your planes to
16:53Ukraine but there was talk of it wasn't
16:55there but I'm seeing like a Polish plane
16:58coming coming down and um I'm
17:04sensing a lot of distress in the
17:08country about um a big flood of
17:11immigration coming in in the next year
17:12into Poland um and perhaps this is where
17:15I see a big reversal of the politics
17:19right so I know nothing much about
17:20Poland at all so um hopefully that makes
17:23some sense it might be complete nonsense
17:25but I'm just trying to pick it up as I
17:27go so you know um let's see what I get
17:30it with these things as I say it is
17:32through a bit of a mirror Darkly you
17:34know it's I I I see some of I'm never
17:37quite 100% sure but um I I tend to get
17:40quite a lot of things don't
17:45I are Russia Iran North Korea and China
17:48working together and planning their
17:49moves in tandem like a chess game and
17:52and well this is what I was saying Lisa
17:54earlier on actually I was saying that I
17:56feel as if Russia has met um the Chinese
18:03uh North Koreans have tied in Iran is
18:06been selling drones to to fight in
18:09Ukraine China I think has been secretly
18:12funding perhaps some of the CH the
18:14Russian war perhaps deals done with oil
18:18um it's often oil Behind these things
18:20isn't it and China needs oil um
18:24desperately because you know it's it's
18:26manufacturing depends on oil things
18:28change in the Middle East um with an oil
18:31shortage for example uh for example oil
18:34prices are likely to soore in the coming
18:38um months uh conflicts like this in this
18:41does take a psychic to say this this
18:43this happens this kind of happens when
18:44these things happen um Russian oil
18:47becomes even more valuable and um the
18:50power of oil becomes even more powerful
18:53in these situations so my thoughts are
18:55Leal but that they are that's what I've
18:58been saying that I feel is happening but
19:00let me just see if I can feel any more
19:07it my guy's saying to me
19:11China China wages a silent War okay and
19:19a lot of this what's happening is
19:22distraction tactics both for
19:24Ukraine and Taiwan and Hong Kong to that
19:28extent and I don't know I'm just being
19:31taken also because I'm just seeing I'm
19:33taking to China
19:35again and I'm seeing another clamp down
19:38in in Hong Kong as well so we seem
19:41everywhere it seems that we're getting
19:43conflicts at the moment everybody's eyes
19:45are now on Israel but I'm seeing um some
19:49big political changes happening in Hong
19:53Kong um a removal of freedoms even there
19:57is already but there's more so I feel
20:00and a um rounding up of
20:03dissidents so these things go on don't
20:05they sometimes when when our eyes are
20:07off the ball you know often bad news is
20:10um released quickly while there's some
20:13other conflict you know um for example
20:17here in the UK we had the um um labor
20:20conference you hardly had a word of it
20:22on television for the labor party um
20:25because it was overshadowed massively by
20:27the um or what's happening in the Middle
20:29East so these things are a distraction
20:37they now you're asking about personal
20:39jobs I'm not doing personal questions on
20:41here like this although I do like I say
20:43give the um uh I I do give the um uh a
20:48few in advance readings um which I find
20:52interesting to do H and um and actually
20:54you can't book me for readings at the
20:56moment because I'm absolutely solid
20:57booked anyway but but you can you can
20:59always join me on my workshops um which
21:01are coming up and I do enjoy teaching on
21:03the workshops if you if you want to do
21:05that's the that's what's available on
21:07the and even the nardis are full up at
21:08the moment but also the but the
21:10workshops are there and you're welcome
21:11to come and join me on the workshops and
21:13we you know sometimes little messages
21:14come through on those sometimes
21:16too okay um let's see what we can pick
21:19up now let's just I'm just going to get
21:20another private one let's while you ask
21:22that question let see if there's another
21:23question a private message for somebody
21:25and this again is in if you just joined
21:28this is in in advance reading now this
21:31is just for personal reading it might be
21:33for you it's on at the moment um but it
21:36might be for someone coming in and every
21:38single bit of it has to be taken for it
21:40to be for you right so let me just put
21:44your message in the comments if if it is
21:51you someone's talking to me about
21:54someone who was a
21:56singer it's a lady lady in the spirit
22:00world she had a beautiful voice almost
22:03operatic she wasn't an actual opera
22:06singer I don't think but she gives me an
22:09voice and she traveled the world she
22:11says to me when she was a young woman
22:14but had a short
22:15career and um she and she she tells me
22:20that she had a sinus problem in the end
22:22which had or something like that that
22:24had to stop her singing and she
22:25regretted it and she knew one or two
22:29famous people um in in California and
22:33things like this but she was not herself
22:35hugely famous but I feel as if she she
22:38maybe coached people in in coached
22:43people um she's talking about someone
22:46that worked with her who was a man that
22:48played the piano but he had a he had the
22:52top part of his little finger missing
22:54which made him unusual for a piano
22:56player that could because who would play
22:58the piano with a part of a finger
22:59missing but I'm feeling like the little
23:01finger on my right hand as a part of the
23:04finger missing and yet I could play the
23:07nonetheless um these facts would be
23:11known to somebody there she's um she she
23:15comes close because I feel she helped
23:17you or something she she helped or
23:19helped set up an organization or a
23:22school or something that helped with
23:24people learning to sing and she wants to
23:27give her love and the person that's
23:29listening to this that knows this woman
23:32and understands that business about the
23:34the little pinky finger as the Americans
23:35call it a bit missing on the piano
23:37player's finger unusual where would you
23:40know that that has to fit for this to be
23:42true this reading with you um says that
23:45you're about to you're embarking on a
23:47career you're embarking on a career in
23:50which you're trying to sing and he's
23:52giving you lots and lots of
23:56encouragement okay so that's a that's an
24:00one so so um I have to give you what I
24:03get and but put it in the all of them
24:05have been accepted so far when the
24:07spirit draw close they these things can
24:10be extraordinary accurate sometimes um
24:12and uh I ask you to please though if it
24:15is for you give us the comment don't
24:16email me with these comments put it in
24:18the comments of the of of here so that
24:21um we can um lift the uh vibrations of
24:24people and know that the spirit is true
24:31and I'm back online I've got a camera
24:34here so Prima humor is powerful to to
24:38rise vibrations I agree we need and I
24:40think the spirit was just done that
24:41because I turned my camera on and off uh
24:44I think it's probably overheating but uh
24:47that's true and also yeah actually
24:48that's very serious that's very true
24:50isn't it you know the the importance of
24:53humor is is really important because
24:56when you look at these um
24:59is is called coffee with cig I promise
25:02um when you look at these um religious
25:07leaders the thing that seems so bad
25:10about them all is they've got no sense
25:11of humor and when you do actually meet a
25:15really spiritual person like when you
25:17meet a a guru and things like that like
25:20my book be happy the whole thing that I
25:23enjoyed about meeting sharavana was his
25:25sense of humor you know and really what
25:28is religion all about it's really about
25:30bringing us to the joy of life isn't it
25:32not to the horrors of O of of hatred for
25:36others you know who in their right mind
25:39would kill anybody in the name of God
25:42you know it's all about um it's all
25:46about Joy Isn't It ultimately H and I
25:50think we there will be a situation where
25:53things will change and I do think Chris
25:57I think
25:58primi Baba is here I I I haven't got I
26:03asked the Nardi about when would pressi
26:07come right whoops I'm trying to just
26:09remove yours and those that don't know
26:12pressi prasi
26:14is well he's the the next Avatar to come
26:19whether it's pressi or he comes in
26:21another name um I feel that I asked the
26:25Nadi when would pressi come and he said
26:27you you will know that Nardi said to me
26:30it will come to you in a dream you will
26:32know for certain so I don't know for
26:34certain I haven't had that dream yet um
26:38and but I just have a gut feeling that
26:41not just one but multiple great people
26:45will come into this world to help get us
26:47back on track we really need it don't we
26:49really at the moment we really need it
26:52um but ultimately no great teacher no
26:56guru no second coming and things like
26:58this has can ever change people's hearts
27:01only we can change the human heart but
27:03nobody can do it it's the hardest thing
27:05in the world to change the human heart
27:06they say um only we can do that and the
27:10only time that we will get peace in the
27:13Middle East surely is when um is when
27:17the human heart has changed when we
27:18start stop having religions of hatred
27:21and uh we we look for love and as you're
27:25saying there you know love is his form
27:28that is the that is the that is the
27:31nature of the Divinity ultimately when
27:34it's all dissolved when everything's
27:35Stripped Away when all this our lives
27:37are finished and we've moved on and hit
27:39all this what's happening today has
27:41become history is still the only thing
27:43that remains is love when the earth is
27:46gone that's all that will remain is
27:49love okay how more comments
27:54here um also yeah yeah but then so do
27:59the other religions also speak about
28:02deceivers and I think in the world today
28:05there are many many gurus I mean I don't
28:08expect you to me think me as a guru
28:09really I'm just a thinker and a a
28:11psychic but um many of the people that
28:14come as gurus can often lead you on a de
28:16deceived path or be self deceived
28:19themselves and and not understood and
28:22you don't want to follow anyone in my
28:24opinion follow yourself follow the god
28:27within you cuz we have our conscience
28:29don't we we have our own ability to
28:31attain Enlightenment each one of us can
28:34link with the Divine if we can find that
28:36absolute ultimate Stillness within us um
28:40that where there is the unmanifest God
28:43as it were and then that God vibrates to
28:46create us and everything including our
28:48selves uh then we're on the path aren't
28:51we and nobody can do it for you that's
28:53what I nobody can do it for you nobody
28:54can become enlightened for you nobody
28:56can tap you on the forehead and you
28:57become an enlightened person it can't
28:59work like that you know it can only
29:00happen if we have to do it for ourselves
29:04and whether the world's full of joy or
29:06the world's full of Horrors we have to
29:09seek out our own salvation as Buddha
29:12said in his dying words seek out your
29:14own salvation with with diligence
29:17eagerly you
29:21know oh there's one hostages released or
29:26rescued I've had my own thoughts about
29:28this just just hope they don't get in
29:29the way this just see if I can get I
29:31just going to bear with me it's a bit
29:33slower this
29:45way I want to say I feel I don't want to
29:48I don't like to say that most are dead
29:49already and they're saying they're there
29:51but they're not they've already
29:54gone and um
29:58I get the feeling some will be released
30:00I get the feeling of some small children
30:02that may actually get
30:05released I'm seeing small
30:09um some will be released but most will
30:12not I think unfortunately I'm being hang
30:15on give me give me some more give me
30:17some proper
30:21information I get a feeling it's going
30:23to be released through a third party and
30:25that third party will be Egypt
30:28in fact obviously Egypt's on the border
30:31with um Gaza but um I see Egypt becoming
30:36um kind of a bit of a negotiator in this
30:38because it's it's not tied in with the
30:40Iranian stuff and it's not actually see
30:44Egypt um taking quite a big role in this
30:48presumably because they're going to get
30:49a lot
30:51um uh people running over the border to
30:55escape the destruction because
30:57I see um
30:59Israel Moving them out the north
31:02destroying that moving them a bit
31:03further south destroying that moving
31:05them a bit further south until pretty
31:07much Gaza is literally reduced to Rubble
31:10um and that's where why it's the
31:12conflict's not going to finish because
31:13Israel's only just started
31:17okay let's see if we got any
31:25others so people talking here you're
31:27you're more making comments guys I need
31:29questions so I can put it to my
31:41guides uh Trump again we always getting
31:45um I I've said that I feel that Trump
31:48will get will get in again um already um
31:54I he does make he does make things about
31:56himself and he does make things about
31:58his own party and his own politics but I
32:01I think it's a lot of that's due to his
32:03absolute frustration of seeing the way
32:05um Joe Biden's handling it um whether
32:08Trump will make it worse or not I don't
32:09know he I feel he will get in ultimately
32:11because I think Biden's gonna make a
32:13right hash of things um
32:16uh but the conflict you
32:24see I get the feeling that this conflict
32:27in its serious nature will continue into
32:30the mid middle
32:342025 so by the time the
32:38American by the time the American
32:40elections um come along I think the
32:42conflict is already beginning to settle
32:45down I feel we I'm getting I'm being
32:47told we're going to get a most of the
32:49wars go on forever I mean excuse me I
32:53had coid so my chest lost a load of
32:57cribes because I mentioned CO's
32:59real um yeah I I whereas I feel that
33:04Wars are easy to start and hard to
33:06finish impossible to finish and usually
33:08go on forever just like Ukrainian War
33:10you know everybody was saying oh it'll
33:11be over in a few weeks and it won't of
33:12course um so it will go on indefinitely
33:16all these wars because they never end
33:17really Wars once the problems there it
33:19stays um but I feel the conflict itself
33:23I'm seeing I'm seeing
33:252025 as the last of the heavy years as
33:28it were you know I think it's the last
33:302025 so we got 20 we got two more years
33:33of it I feel um and then I think we I
33:35get the sense that things start to ease
33:38off in the world right um so the
33:43elections yes sorry i' I made a mistake
33:44there someone just said you do I mean
33:462024 sorry I mean in 2024 mid
33:492024 um when the American elections are
33:52happening I'm feeling it's the the main
33:54conflicts dying down but there's still
33:55more rumbles the worst it is over by
33:58them the actual um bomb throwing but
34:01like I say I feel they're going to hit
34:03Iran so that would seem Iran wouldn't
34:06seem right logically because I would
34:07have thought it would gone on longer
34:08than that personally but I'm just
34:09getting the feeling I'm seeing
34:18Trump maybe he does help settle it down
34:21maybe the American election makes a deal
34:23has been made but it's going to get real
34:26bad I think in ter terms of Iran and I I
34:28feel that Iran will be hit probably hit
34:31by American or British or european
34:34weapons being used by the Israelis
34:38too okay let try one
34:43more quite General guys have we
34:47got well that's an interesting does
34:49Kennedy have a
35:07I don't think Kennedy's gonna have a
35:09chance to get to the presidency I've
35:11already said anyway that I feel Trump
35:12would ultimately win it but I do feel
35:15his profile will rise so although he may
35:23winwin um I feel that he's going to be
35:27it's the Kennedy name isn't it that
35:29carries him really but I get the feeling
35:32that he stands a very good chance
35:372026 something around
35:402026 I feel for Kennedy something
35:43significant around Kennedy something
35:45very significant around Kennedy in that
35:47time um and he he may have some um we
35:51may he may have some something to say on
35:54the world stage Okay so it's not now but
36:05later the video in which you mentioned
36:07that there would be terrorist attacks in
36:09Europe I'd like to see the list of
36:11countries where these attacks might
36:12occur thank you well I've already
36:14commented where I feel about that I
36:16think it might be one let's see what
36:18I've seen because I already
36:19saw you see the whole of Europe and
36:22England is a
36:34I'm seeing a plane hijack coming
36:39up so I can't see country
36:43specific but I got hostages on a plane
36:46and it's harder for them to do that
36:49nowadays but I'm seeing um a
36:52plane so we're probably going to see
36:54that in the next months before Christmas
36:56I fed this oh I hate saying these things
36:59sometimes it feels horrible um but I I
37:02feel there's something like that
37:03happening right I feel there's something
37:08that and
37:12um right I'm just going to finish on
37:14this actually because you know all these
37:17horrible things I I I've said it before
37:19but when I was first starting as a as a
37:22medium and I was sitting in a in my
37:24development Circle as it was I've always
37:26had to kind of the gift up to one way or
37:29another but when in my early 20s 22 or
37:32something I was or 23 I can't remember
37:34what it's my long way ago now all those
37:37years ago when I was first sitting and I
37:39I I used to quite often see trans
37:41mediums and I particularly the teacher
37:44that taught me Peter close who actually
37:46came through to me recently in a
37:48spiritualist church and gave some
37:50evidence about himself to prove that he
37:52was there which was interesting he was
37:53he was a lovely man he was the brother
37:55of Brian close who was the captain of
37:57the English cricket team but Peter was a
37:59um a police sergeant and a medium who
38:02had to keep it very quiet and in those
38:04days when we were mediums we we didn't
38:06tell anybody any of us because um you
38:09know it was it was sneered upon and in
38:11business for me it would have been
38:12pretty disastrous and for Peter and
38:15police force it would have been pretty
38:16disastrous but anyway we I sat with him
38:20at in in the circle we sit in a complete
38:22dark room and his guy Rama would come
38:25through and I was at that time
38:28interested in Nostradamus as well and I
38:31would press and press and press Rama
38:34about Nostradamus predictions um and
38:37Rama who was his spirit guide speaking
38:39through him I used to get quite upset
38:43with me it was funny really because he
38:44used to tell me off godness stop this
38:47stop there was complete different
38:49character to Peter which was very
38:51interesting actually but I pressed him
38:53and pressed him and he said well he said
38:56I was saying would there be a nuclear
38:58Holocaust would there be a kind of an
39:00Armageddon Armageddon out of here guys
39:02you know um would that would that happen
39:05and he said to me at that time now we're
39:07talking back in the um early 80s here
39:11when we I'm I'm think I'm talking about
39:13here early 80s and he said the in the
39:16future we're going to see small
39:18countries and he said small countries
39:21such as Iran Iraq and Korea North Korea
39:24he he named those at that time who would
39:27have thought North Korea in those days
39:28he said those three countries would be
39:30the dangers to the world with nuclear um
39:34nuclear problems and but he said but he
39:38said but there would not be a worldwide
39:40Holocaust he said um Nu nuclear holoc
39:44nuclear you know um a nuclear
39:48Holocaust it's I'm getting the words
39:51model I where I'm tuned in a bit and I I
39:53lose my sort of verbal capacity AIT S I
39:56go online talk to all you guys and get
39:59my words all over the place okay but he
40:01said there wouldn't be uh there wouldn't
40:03be worldwide nuclear war but he said
40:05those countries would be would make the
40:08world he said to me the would make the
40:10world come together the these would be
40:13big problems that couldn't be solved
40:18um Everybody working together and he
40:20said at that time we're talking about
40:221981 82 something around then um and and
40:26talked about the the problems with the
40:28world environment that would come which
40:30have happened you know it talked about
40:31the weather changes and things like this
40:33and the earth quakes as well actually
40:36and talked about all these things that
40:37at that time seemed completely illogical
40:41but he said don't fear for the world he
40:44said that in the end there will be World
40:46Peace there will be a better world and
40:49it's that all these things it there will
40:51be world problems but there will also be
40:54World solutions to those problems
40:56people would come together to make a
40:59better world it would take time it would
41:01happen in my
41:04so hope I live a long
41:08time H so I believe it will happen and I
41:11believe we will have a better we will
41:12get through the divisions but how are we
41:14going to do it you know like I said we
41:16got some very serious straight-faced
41:18people taking their religions too
41:20seriously in my mind and seeing the
41:23everybody else's enemies you know we we
41:26need proper spirituality cheerful happy
41:29spirituality we need a likeness of being
41:32not a heaviness of being don't we we
41:35need to be gentler to each other we need
41:37to be more caring we live in an
41:39absolutely self-obsessed world at the
41:41moment this me me Society not just me
41:44too me too me me me me too you know we
41:48got all this going on we have to change
41:50the Human Condition we have to change
41:52the human heart and who can do that I
41:55can't do it to you some Guru can't do it
41:57to you some great teaching can't do it
41:59to it some holy book can't do to it to
42:02you only you can do it can't you only we
42:05can do it to ourselves you know the the
42:08great change the great revolution in
42:11life comes not as some great apocalyptic
42:16that's the word I'm looking for
42:17apocalyptic um Horsemen coming through
42:21the sky no it's nothing like that the
42:23change this the the second coming as it
42:26were is us we are the second coming we
42:30are the godhead we are the the the
42:33enlightened beings you know we become
42:36God we realize our godhead and that
42:39happens one little light at a time one
42:41more lights up one more lights up one
42:43more lights up and that's what we should
42:45try to do so the best thing we can do to
42:48help end this conflict is become better
42:50people to become awake people and to
42:53live by what we um know to be true not
42:57just give lip service to it okay there
43:00we go sounds like a lecture all right
43:02thanks for joining me see you soon oh
43:04and if you're interested a sale have a
43:08look at my um workshops online you might
43:11like it at the psychic. cuk which you
43:13see at the top of the screen there I I
43:15we had some recently they're great fun
43:17they're very interesting and I hopefully
43:19that can help you um learn to go dive
43:22deep into your spiritual World okay
43:24thanks for joining me bye for
43:45now if you look back at my earlier
43:47predictions and in particular the
43:49predictions I made on the the newspaper
43:51the Suns um website I did actually say
43:54on there the actual words were there
43:56will be a flu epidemic linked to biot
44:37and my thoughts
44:39are that Liz truss will make it to the
44:44um be the be the next PM I think she
44:47will actually have a final battle
44:48between her and rishy Shak we've not
44:51seen the full end of Boris Johnson
44:53either I tell you but rishy Shack
44:56will eventually I feel be the next
44:58leader of the conservatives so I think
45:01there's going to be a few conflicts that
45:03Britain's going to be drawn into
45:04including um I think Russia is going to
45:07take some moves against Ukraine I think
45:09she will make it past her Platinum
45:13Jubilee which comes up this year but I
45:16think after that we'll see a sudden and
45:18quick deterioration in the Queen's
45:20health and um I think I think we might
45:23lose the queen towards the end of 2022
45:27there's going to be a huge huge
45:29backlash um uh from Over the Netflix
45:33programs and screening because I feel it
45:35comes out in at a bad time Charles will
45:39come to become King
45:42Charles um but his Reign I feel will be
45:46short and funnily enough actually
45:48another Royal prediction uh came true
45:50Only Yesterday um which surprised me
45:54really because it was such a a weird
45:56prediction I'd made um I predicted in my
45:59earlier videos from uh from 2021 for
46:022022 um that the um that the king I
46:07called it said Prince Charles at the
46:08time because he wasn't actually King at
46:09that time but I said that um Prince
46:11Charles would be hit by an
46:15egg and of course there it is all in the
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