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This video discusses the horrific and sadistic murder of Suzanne Capper, a 16-year-old girl in the UK, who endured days of torture and abuse. The perpetrators, including the ringleader Bernadette McNeely, subjected her to unimaginable pain and suffering. Despite showing good behavior in prison, Bernadette was released in 2014, sparking outrage.
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This section introduces the case of Suzanne Capper, described as the most sadistic murder in UK history, and highlights the lack of media coverage due to the extremely horrific nature of the facts.
Suzanne Capper, a 16-year-old girl, was subjected to days of torture.
The case is often compared to the infamous murders of Junko Furuta from Japan and Sylvia Likens from the US.
The lack of documentaries and media coverage is attributed to the unbearable facts of the case.
The speaker acknowledges the difficulty of discussing this case due to its extreme brutality.
Suzanne Capper's unstable home life and lack of attendance at school had a significant impact on her life.
Suzanne's mother walked out when she was 14, leading to erratic school attendance.
The local authority may be partially to blame for not providing support and intervention.
Suzanne spent a lot of time with Jean Powell, who she saw as a motherly figure.
There are additional residents in the house who are also involved in the case, including Glenn Powell, Clifford Pook, Anthony Dudson, and another person.
Glenn Powell is Jean Powell's ex-husband and was always present at the house.
Clifford Pook is Jean's younger brother who helped with the family business.
Anthony Dudson is Bernadette's 16-year-old boyfriend.
The fourth person is not mentioned in the subtitles.
Suzanne Capper finally gathers the courage to leave Jean's house, but her mother turns her away, which proves to be a pivotal moment in her life.
Suzanne's mother refuses to help her when she tries to leave Jean's house.
Suzanne manages to find another place to stay with her stepdad.
Jean and Bernadette blame Suzanne for everything that goes wrong in the house, even when she is not there.
They blame Suzanne for the outbreak of pubic lice in the house.
Suzanne Capper was subjected to unimaginable torture for four days, including being whipped, beaten, burned, and having cigarettes put out on her face, while being forced to stay awake through the use of amphetamines and listen to the same song on full volume repeatedly.
Suzanne was tied to an upside-down bed frame with electrical cord and left without food, water, or toilet breaks for four days.
The torture was not only physical but also psychological, with Suzanne being forced to listen to the same song on full volume repeatedly.
The perpetrators injected Suzanne with amphetamines to keep her awake throughout the torture.
The neighbors could have potentially heard Suzanne's screams, as the walls were not thick in the house where she was held.
David discovers Suzanne tied up and tortured by Anthony and Jeffrey, but refuses to help her escape.
David visits Bernadette's house and finds Anthony and Jeffrey there.
Anthony and Jeffrey proudly show David Suzanne, who is tied up and severely beaten.
Suzanne pleads with David for help, but he refuses.
Suzanne Capper suffered severe burns and injuries, but remained polite and grateful for help.
Suzanne's hands were badly burnt and she couldn't hold a glass.
Her legs and feet were severely injured.
Despite her pain, Suzanne thanked those who were helping her.
Suzanne's burns were so severe that her parents could only identify her through a fingerprint.
The video discusses the lack of information about the six perpetrators of the murder and the absence of a clear motive for their actions.
The video mentions that there is limited information about the background and upbringing of the perpetrators.
It is noted that all six perpetrators were declared sane at the time of the torture, false imprisonment, and murder.
The motive for the crime remains unknown, although the perpetrators claimed it was revenge for pubic lice.
Bernadette McNeely, the ringleader, was released in 2014, despite her involvement in the murder and her questionable behavior in prison.
00:00hi everyone welcome back i hope you're
00:01all doing well so today's case
00:04it's gonna be a heavy one it has been
00:06described as the most sadistic murder in
00:09the uk ever and after looking into the
00:12facts of this case i think that
00:14description is justified today we're
00:16going to be talking about the absolutely
00:17horrific murder of suzanne kappa suzanne
00:20kappa was just a 16 year old girl and
00:22she went through some of the most
00:25horrific things she went through days of
00:28torture she went through things that no
00:30human should ever have to go through
00:32this case is often compared to the case
00:35of junko furuta from japan and then
00:37sylvia likens from the u.s so if you
00:39know anything about those two cases i
00:41think you kind of know the case that
00:43we're going to be talking about today
00:44because all three of those girls they
00:46were so young and they went through some
00:48of the most horrific things i've ever
00:50heard of and when i started to research
00:52this case i thought i knew it but then
00:54when i looked into the case when i was
00:56doing my deeper research i realized that
00:59i didn't actually know that much about
01:01this case i didn't know the full extent
01:03of suzanne's suffering and for some
01:05reason this case doesn't really have
01:07that much coverage online or in
01:09traditional media and i was shocked
01:11because it's quite a big case from the
01:13uk like you would think that there would
01:15be a lot of documentaries a lot of
01:17people making videos on it but there
01:19isn't apparently the reason as to why
01:22there are no documentaries on this case
01:24is that the facts are literally that bad
01:27the facts are too hard to handle and i
01:29will admit the facts are very difficult
01:31to hear i mean i was even hesitant to do
01:33this case because it is really that bad
01:36but i just feel like this case needs to
01:38be heard it needs to be given the
01:40coverage that it deserves but i do have
01:43to give a very big warning on this case
01:46it's not going to be for everyone we're
01:47going to be talking about horrific
01:49torture basically and if that's not for
01:52you then completely understand because
01:54this is not going to be an easy case to
01:55hear i feel like i'm going to struggle
01:57to actually keep it together in this
01:58video because it's that bad so please
02:01just prepare yourselves if you're not in
02:03a good place mentally
02:05maybe just skip this one it's just not
02:07worth it before we get on to today's
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05:06i truly mean that i know i say it every
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05:10without all of you i wouldn't get
05:11opportunities like this and now let's
05:13jump into today's case suzanne kappa was
05:16born in 1976 to her mother elizabeth she
05:20had one older sibling who was her sister
05:22michelle and she grew up in the mosten
05:25area of manchester in england now
05:28suzanne didn't have the best start in
05:30life her dad wanted absolutely nothing
05:33to do with her and her mom did soon
05:35remarry after that relationship split up
05:38to another man who became suzanne's
05:40stepdad however this was not a happy
05:43marriage either because elizabeth
05:45suzanne's mom and her stepdad would
05:48constantly argue it was a very volatile
05:51relationship it was not a good household
05:53to live in there was just always tension
05:55in the house there was always an
05:56atmosphere and this was a huge source of
05:59stress for suzanne now suzanne growing
06:02up was described as a very high spirited
06:05girl a very gentle girl she was
06:07extremely polite and considerate and she
06:10was the kind of person that would just
06:12always go out of her way to help others
06:14however what absolutely breaks my heart
06:17is that all suzanne wanted in life was
06:20to be loved because she didn't know that
06:22she didn't know that at home and she was
06:24just always looking for others to accept
06:26her to love her and she never really
06:28ever found it but not only did she grow
06:30up in that environment where there was
06:32just always an atmosphere mom elizabeth
06:35actually walked out on suzanne and her
06:37sister michelle she just walked out and
06:39left the two girls with their stepdad
06:41and as you can imagine that really
06:43traumatized suzanne i mean her
06:45biological dad already doesn't want
06:47anything to do with her and now her
06:49biological mom has just walked out
06:51because she doesn't really care and
06:53suzanne was approximately 14 years old
06:55when her mum walked out
06:57and very very sadly her life would only
07:01get worse from here because from the
07:02moment that her mom walked out on them
07:04suzanne and michelle then did not have a
07:07permanent home they moved around between
07:09their step-dad's house friends family
07:12they would occasionally stay with
07:14wherever their mom was but they didn't
07:16have a home they were just sleeping on
07:19people's sofas who would let them they
07:21even spent some time in the care of the
07:23local authority it just seemed like no
07:26one wanted to deal with suzanne and her
07:28sister michelle it just seemed like they
07:30just kept getting passed around and no
07:31one really wanted to deal with them and
07:33this really did have a huge impact on
07:35her life because as soon as her mum
07:36walked out at the age of 14 from the
07:38ages of 14 to 16 suzanne pretty much
07:41didn't attend school her attendance has
07:43been described as erratic and she would
07:46just never turn up which i mean of
07:47course she didn't she didn't have a
07:49stable home she didn't know where she
07:50was sleeping every day i feel like
07:52school is probably the last thing on her
07:54mind and it doesn't really come up that
07:56much in this story but i've got to say
07:59the local authority
08:00um i definitely to blame a little bit
08:03for this case we're not going to get
08:04into that too much today though because
08:05we have a lot to get through but i just
08:07feel like the local authority should
08:09have been able to see okay these two
08:11girls are not really attending school
08:12they don't have a stable home maybe we
08:14need to look after them so now we get to
08:161992 and suzanne is 16. and this is when
08:20suzanne starts to spend a lot of time
08:23with a woman called jean powell now jean
08:26pal was 25 years old she was a mother of
08:29three and she knew suzanne because
08:31suzanne had been babysitting for jean
08:34since she was the age of 10. and as
08:35suzanne got older she started to spend
08:38more and more time at jean's house i
08:40mean of course she did she didn't have a
08:41stable home and she knew jean so she was
08:43spending a lot of time there and it said
08:46that suzanne started to see jean as kind
08:49of like a motherly figure because she is
08:51older she's 25 suzanne's 16 at this time
08:53that is a big age difference when you
08:55are 16. she is looking at jean as that
08:58parental figure the one that has taken
08:59her under her wings and suzanne was
09:01spending more and more time with jean
09:04and her three kids and it said that
09:06suzanne at times would call jean mom
09:09suzanne was completely taken by gene
09:11because like i said earlier all suzanne
09:14wants in life is to be loved to be
09:16accepted to have a family and she
09:18thought that she had that in jean
09:20however tragically jean was not that
09:23person to suzanne because spoiler alert
09:26jean is evil jean worked as a drug
09:29dealer and she was a part of quite a lot
09:31of criminal activity to be honest like
09:33her house was a revolving door of
09:36criminals like people trading stolen
09:38goods stolen cars drug deals going and
09:41everything jean's neighbors have
09:42described her as someone that had a
09:44temper she was very volatile she was the
09:47kind of neighbour that if you saw them
09:49you would run back in your house and she
09:51has been described as a wolf in sheep's
09:54clothing because on the outside she
09:56would seem all charming nice caring but
09:58on the inside she was manipulative
10:01dominating just pure evil really and
10:05something that gene did a lot was use
10:07people and take advantage of them
10:09unfortunately this is exactly what she
10:11did with suzanne she saw suzanne's
10:14kind-hearted nature and took advantage
10:16of it so like i said suzanne was
10:18babysitting for jean but suzanne did it
10:21completely free because jean never paid
10:24her suzanne would also kind of be the
10:27cleaner of the house as well and again
10:30jean would not pay her and suzanne like
10:32i've said already a million times all
10:34she wants is love all she wants is to
10:37get that attention that she needs and
10:39craves and at this time suzanne sees
10:42jean as this motherly figure so she's
10:44like of course i'm gonna do all of this
10:45for you for free like of course i am
10:47you're my mom at one point as well jean
10:50even convinced suzanne to drop out of
10:53school and become a cleaner and then
10:55jean took all of her wages so jean not a
10:59good person at all and unfortunately it
11:02would be suzanne's relationship with
11:04jean that would lead to the tragic
11:06events of today's case however jean is
11:08not the only evil character in today's
11:12case there are actually quite a few six
11:14in total and the next evil person that
11:17suzanne met was a woman named bernadette
11:21mcneely and if it's possible bernadette
11:23is worse than gene so bernadette is 23
11:27years old at the time and she is also a
11:29mother of three like jean and she had
11:32just moved into a house that was
11:35literally a couple of doors down from
11:37jean so because they literally lived
11:40basically next to each other that is how
11:43jean and bernadette got to know each
11:44other and bernadette was also a neighbor
11:47from hell she was another person that if
11:50you saw her you would run back into your
11:51house because bernadette would quite
11:53often get into confrontations with the
11:56neighbors and there was even one
11:57neighbor where bernadette threatened to
12:00burn down their house now she didn't
12:02burn down their house but she did set
12:04fire to their clothes hanging outside
12:07that were drying so uh yeah that is the
12:09kind of person that she is not the kind
12:12of person that anyone would want to
12:14associate with
12:15maybe apart from gene they were
12:17basically the same person they were both
12:20evil to the core they were kindred
12:22spirits and they became best friends
12:24they were both manipulative they both
12:26lacked remorse they were both out for
12:28themselves and they started to spend a
12:30lot of time together i mean they were
12:32best friends and because suzanne was
12:35spending a lot of time at jean's house
12:37this is then how suzanne met bernadette
12:40and this is where we need to talk about
12:42gene powell's house number 97 langworthy
12:45road and this house has been described
12:47as a house from hell it was a hot spot
12:51for drug dealing but also drug taking
12:54and like i said it was full-blown
12:56criminal activity coming out of this
12:58house you named the criminal activity
13:00and it was going on there there was just
13:02stolen goods everywhere there was
13:04industrial weighing scales in the
13:06kitchen for obviously all of the drugs
13:08the place was just a mess as well there
13:10was just rubbish everywhere i mean the
13:13house was never really cleaned unless
13:15suzanne did it they were even using
13:18stolen car seats as sofas in the living
13:22room so hopefully i've painted like a
13:25good enough picture of what this house
13:27would have been like somewhere where no
13:29one would want to go however despite
13:31this despite it pretty much being a
13:33house where no one would want to go
13:35there it was always full of people i
13:38mean jean was living there she had three
13:41children i know children are living in
13:43this house this is why i get so angry at
13:47local authorities because it was pretty
13:49obvious what was happening at this house
13:51and there's children living there okay
13:53so we've got jean and her three children
13:55living there bernadette has also moved
13:57into the house
13:58don't ask me why because i don't know so
14:01bernadette and her three children have
14:03moved into the house and i don't know
14:05why they moved into the house because
14:06they had a perfectly fine house a few
14:09doors down and i looked on google maps
14:11because i always do you know whenever i
14:13do a case i always have to drop my
14:14little man and see the area and
14:16everything i like to kind of immerse
14:18myself into the case so i dropped my
14:20little man on langworthy road because i
14:22wanted to see where was number 97 and
14:25where was number 91 number 91 was
14:28bernadette's house and i'll put a
14:29picture on the screen you can literally
14:31see they're just a few doors down from
14:33each other it would have literally taken
14:3510 seconds to walk from one house to the
14:37other so i really don't know why
14:39bernadette has moved in and i've just
14:40got to say at this point there are six
14:44living in this house and we don't really
14:46know much about the children in the
14:48house they don't really come up again in
14:50the story like i don't know whoever they
14:52are i just i hope they weren't too
14:55traumatized by living in that house i'm
14:57sorry we're getting off track here so
14:59we've got jean her three children
15:01bernadette and her three children but
15:02then there are also a few more
15:05residents that would stay at the house
15:09nearly full time they weren't there all
15:11the time but they basically lived there
15:14and the other residents that lived in
15:16the house are the other evil characters
15:19in today's story and there are four more
15:23that are a part of today's case and i
15:25feel like now is a good time to
15:27introduce them and i'm sorry if it gets
15:28complicated but there are a lot of
15:30characters in this story so i'm just
15:32gonna go through them one by one and
15:34hopefully it doesn't get too complicated
15:36so first we have glenn powell who is
15:39gene powell's ex-husband and i don't
15:42know if he was the father to the three
15:45children i don't know possibly who knows
15:48but even though they were divorced he
15:50was just still always there at the house
15:52he would always be there and kind of
15:54basically living there angling like
15:56everybody else was evil not a good
15:59person he had convictions for burglary
16:02theft and he plays a huge part in the
16:06suffering of suzanne which we're
16:09obviously going to get to in a bit next
16:11we have clifford pook who was 17 years
16:14old he was jean's younger brother now he
16:16would always be at the house as well he
16:18would help out with the family business
16:21again another evil person and it's just
16:23crazy because he's only 17. it's oh and
16:26third we have anthony dudson who is 16.
16:31and anthony was bernadette's boyfriend
16:35anthony is only 16 bernadette is
16:38currently 23. and whilst we can accept
16:41that there is a power imbalance here and
16:44there is definitely a power rate
16:45imbalance with the 16 and 17 year olds
16:47so clifford and anthony
16:48that does not excuse what they go on and
16:52do uh but yeah
16:54both evil anthony judson evil and lastly
16:58we have jeffrey lee who was a regular
17:00visitor at the house he didn't live
17:03there as much as the other people that
17:05i've just mentioned but he was there
17:07quite a lot and he would just hang out
17:09at the house and buy and deal drugs as
17:12well and fun fact not that it's really
17:15fun at all
17:16but jeffrey had convictions for stealing
17:19money from his 86 year old disabled aunt
17:22so yeah he's not a good person either so
17:25a lovely group of people like really
17:27just spot on and if that wasn't bad
17:30enough all of that what i've just said
17:32they were all sleeping with each other
17:35so we've got bernadette who is sleeping
17:37with anthony who is 16 so that is creepy
17:42on its own but then anthony is also
17:45sleeping with jean so it's like this 25
17:49year old woman and this 23 year old
17:51woman they're both
17:53sleeping with a 16 year old boy anthony
17:55would just go between the two of them
17:57and apparently his nickname was randy
17:59rabbit it really does just make you feel
18:02sick doesn't it and then jean was also
18:04sleeping with jeffrey and then there's
18:07her ex-husband there and i cannot
18:11if she was sleeping with him but i
18:13wouldn't be surprised maybe bernadette
18:15was sleeping with him as well the only
18:17person that didn't really seem to be
18:19sleeping with anyone was clifford who
18:21was jean's brother he was the only one
18:24that kept it in his pants so it's a very
18:26weird house isn't it and then you've got
18:28to remember as well six children in that
18:31house very weird house lots of criminal
18:34lots of weird sex activity and then
18:37children and when you think about how
18:38many people could have been possibly in
18:40that house at the same time how did they
18:42all fit i mean all six children were
18:44apparently sleeping in one room on one
18:47mattress there were adults sleeping
18:50wherever they could on mattresses
18:52upstairs and downstairs there was
18:54mattresses pretty much everywhere and
18:56this is a small terraced house it's it's
18:59not that big and i just feel like how
19:01the hell did all of these people fit in
19:02that house and this is the situation
19:04that suzanne got dragged into so like i
19:07said suzanne is babysitting for jean
19:09jean is being nice to her but she's not
19:12being nice to her she's just
19:13manipulating her but suzanne doesn't see
19:15it like this suzanne sees jean being
19:18this loving caring motherly figure and
19:20suzanne was doing pretty much everything
19:23for jean and it wasn't long until she
19:25was just completely
19:26sucked into this chaotic household
19:29suzanne's sister michelle also lived in
19:32jean's house for a short time as well
19:34but michelle moved out as soon as
19:36bernadette moved in because michelle
19:39could see that bernadette was evil and
19:41as soon as michelle moved out things got
19:43even worse for suzanne what started with
19:46taking advantage and manipulating
19:48suzanne soon turned into physical abuse
19:52and bullying over the next few weeks
19:54jean and bernadette made suzanne's life
19:56a living nightmare suzanne became an
19:59outlet for both of their frustrations if
20:02anything went wrong in that house and i
20:04mean anything it was always suzanne's
20:07fault gene wood accused suzanne of not
20:09looking after the children properly if
20:11things weren't missing in the house it
20:13was always suzanne suzanne was stealing
20:15stuff gene and bernadette would shout at
20:18suzanne be very verbally abusive they
20:20would beat her up physically beat her up
20:23and leave pretty much her whole body
20:25covered in bruises and suzanne never did
20:28anything wrong the only thing she ever
20:30did wrong was trust the wrong people and
20:33very sadly
20:34suzanne just accepted these beatings she
20:38accepted her quote punishments suzanne
20:41stayed in that household even though she
20:43was being physically abused now you've
20:46got to remember that suzanne is
20:47incredibly vulnerable she has never
20:49known love she has never gotten the
20:51attention that she needs so in suzanne's
20:54mind she was probably making excuses for
20:57jean she was probably just thinking
20:59oh like oh she cares about me she loves
21:02me like she wouldn't do this to me if i
21:04didn't deserve it if i just do what she
21:06wants and accept these punishments and
21:08do everything that she wants me to do
21:10maybe she will love me again suzanne's
21:12sister michelle has also said that
21:14suzanne didn't stay because she was
21:17scared of them she stayed because she
21:20wanted to please them however one time
21:23did pluck up the courage to leave and
21:25she tried to find somewhere else to stay
21:28so she went to visit her mom her mom was
21:30living with a current new boyfriend and
21:33suzanne was not allowed to stay in the
21:35house because the new boyfriend didn't
21:37like it but suzanne still turned up at
21:40her mom's house and suzanne was covered
21:43in bruises and i mean head to toe she
21:45had been completely beaten up by jean
21:48and bernadette and suzanne asked her mom
21:51can i stay the night and her mom said no
21:54because of the new boyfriend because he
21:56didn't want suzanne staying there her
21:59mom didn't let her in apparently i don't
22:02know if this is true or not which is why
22:03i say apparently her mom did say to her
22:06that she would have a room ready for her
22:08in a few weeks so come back in a few
22:11weeks but you can't stay right now and
22:14suzanne was covered in bruises and her
22:16mom didn't ask any questions she just
22:19assumed that she'd been in a fight which
22:22was obviously completely wrong because
22:24suzanne wasn't in a fight she had been
22:26beaten up and this is a pivotal moment
22:29in today's story
22:31in suzanne's life because suzanne had
22:34finally plucked up the courage to leave
22:36jean's house she had finally realized
22:40this abuse is not right i need to leave
22:44so she went to her mom and she hoped
22:47that her mom would stand by her just
22:50this one time but her mom
22:52turned her away and told her come back
22:55in a few weeks but tragically
22:57it would be too late by then suzanne's
22:59sister michelle has reflected on this
23:01moment and she has said that if her mom
23:04had done something at this point to help
23:07suzanne things may have turned out
23:09differently suzanne actually did manage
23:11to find another place to stay she stayed
23:14with her stepdad it's just crazy isn't
23:16it that her stepdad is allowing her to
23:19stay in his house but her own biological
23:21mother won't so suzanne for at least a
23:24little while has gone away from jean
23:27however it would not stay
23:29like this for too much longer back in 97
23:32langworthy road jean and bernadette were
23:36that suzanne had left they were
23:38frustrated that they basically didn't
23:40have someone to kick and punch around
23:43they were still blaming suzanne for
23:45everything that went wrong in that house
23:46though even though she wasn't there for
23:48example a pink duffle coat went missing
23:52and they blamed it on suzanne even
23:54though she's not there and then all of a
23:56sudden in 97 langworthy road there was
23:59an outbreak of pubic lice so the std
24:03crabs and of course they found some way
24:07to blame this on suzanne so jean
24:10bernadette glenn and anthony all had
24:12crabs and it was suzanne's fault it's
24:16you're all sleeping together unprotected
24:19do you not think it's that they came to
24:21the conclusion that because suzanne
24:24sometimes shared the same mattress as
24:27them that is how they caught pubic lice
24:30they clearly did not pay attention in
24:33school because that is not how it
24:34happens i can't imagine they did
24:37genuinely believe that it was suzanne
24:39that caused this outbreak i mean they
24:41can't can they but it doesn't really
24:43matter to them they're just looking for
24:45someone to blame but not only this
24:47they want to get revenge they decided
24:50that suzanne must pay for this and this
24:53was apparently
24:55the warped logic behind the tragic
24:58events of today's case and i do have to
25:00give a very serious warning because from
25:04this moment onwards what we're about to
25:07is just it's very difficult it's
25:09inhumane it's absolutely disgusting so
25:11on the 7th of december 1992
25:14jean and bernadette needed to think of a
25:16way to lure suzanne back to the house
25:20because suzanne is still currently
25:22staying with her stepdad so jean and
25:24bernadette turn up at suzanne's
25:25stepdad's house and they told suzanne
25:28that there was a boy waiting for her at
25:30number 97 langworthy road and that he
25:33fancied her and gene and bernadette knew
25:36that suzanne would not be able to resist
25:38this because they both knew that all
25:40suzanne wants is love and they were
25:43right suzanne couldn't resist finding
25:46out who this boy was that fancied her at
25:48the house so she went back with them
25:50however it was completely untrue there
25:52was no boy there no one that fancied her
25:55and as soon as suzanne entered the house
25:58glenn powell and anthony dudson were
26:00there waiting for her the two men
26:02instantly restrained suzanne and dragged
26:05her into the kitchen and suzanne at this
26:07point was absolutely terrified she
26:09didn't have a clue what was happening
26:11once in the kitchen the group made up of
26:13jean bernadette anthony and glenn hold
26:16suzanne captive and this is where the
26:19tragic torture of suzanne kappa began
26:22the first thing they did to suzanne was
26:25to shave off all of her hair the hair on
26:28her head her eyebrows and also her pubic
26:31area apparently because everyone in that
26:34household had pubic lice when they had
26:36gone to the doctors the doctor had said
26:38like you need to get rid of all the hair
26:40you know down there and they were not
26:42happy about this so they wanted to make
26:44suzanne suffer the same and then after
26:47completely humiliating her i mean
26:49shaving off all of her hair everywhere
26:53it's just so absolutely humiliating and
26:55disgusting but not only that they made
26:58suzanne clean up after herself they made
27:01suzanne literally clean up her own hair
27:05that they had shaved off and it doesn't
27:07stop there because unfortunately shaving
27:10her head everywhere was probably the
27:14most humane thing that this group did to
27:17suzanne so following shaving all of her
27:20hair off they put a plastic bag over her
27:23head and over multiple hours that
27:25followed suzanne was beaten
27:29kicked whipped she was struck with belts
27:32belt buckles the group also found these
27:36large wooden
27:37uh it was a spoon and a fork it was
27:40clearly some kind of like decoration on
27:42the wall basically there were these huge
27:44wooden things and they used these to
27:48beat suzanne as well and these would
27:49have been very heavy and they were just
27:51laughing the whole time each of them
27:54took turns to hit suzanne the beating
27:56was so severe that suzanne's arm i don't
28:00quite know what happened to it but it
28:01kind of went limp and that is it it just
28:04hung by her side for the rest of the
28:07torture like she couldn't move her arm
28:09and eventually suzanne collapsed under
28:12this torture she completely passed out
28:15to which then the group
28:17dragged suzanne and put her in the
28:19cupboard under the stairs and just left
28:22her there all night it's hard to even
28:25that happening it's hard to imagine
28:28a human being being able to do that to
28:32human being and it's crazy but it only
28:35gets worse from here so the next morning
28:37when suzanne woke up gene and bernadette
28:40realized that they needed to move
28:43suzanne out of the house both jean and
28:45bernadette were annoyed at suzanne
28:48because suzanne was screaming i swear
28:52there better be a special place in hell
28:54for those two well for all of them to be
28:56honest how can they be annoyed at
28:58suzanne for screaming
29:00after they have tortured her but they
29:03were annoyed at suzanne screaming
29:05because she was disturbing the children
29:08i know we need to remember here that
29:10there are six children in this house
29:12there were six children when this whole
29:15torture was happening suzanne's screams
29:17were making the children upset so
29:20suzanne needed to be moved and then
29:22bernadette came up with a brilliant idea
29:25because she was like let's just move her
29:28to my house her house was only like two
29:31three doors down and it was empty why at
29:34no point did any of the group think you
29:38know what we've gone too far here let's
29:41let this 16 year old girl go but no they
29:45didn't think that at all instead their
29:47solution was to find somewhere where
29:50suzanne's screams wouldn't be heard
29:52which doesn't really make sense to be
29:53honest because given the style of house
29:55because it's a terrorist house the
29:57neighbors would have been able to hear
29:59suzanne's screams like they would have
30:00been the walls are not that thick which
30:02again is another thing why did none of
30:05the neighbors report this once suzanne
30:07was moved to bernadette's house
30:09bernadette kind of took on the
30:11ringleader role and tragically once she
30:14was moved and once bernadette did take
30:16on this ringleader role things only get
30:18worse and it's just like how how this is
30:21just completely unimaginable as soon as
30:23suzanne was in the house she was taken
30:25to an upstairs bedroom where there was a
30:28bed frame that had been turned upside
30:31down so it was just the wooden slats
30:33that were exposed suzanne was then
30:36blindfolded and forced to lie spread
30:38eagle on these wooden slats and she was
30:41then tied to these wooden slats with
30:44electrical cord and then for the next
30:49suzanne was left tied to this bed no
30:52food no water no toilet breaks and she
30:56was subjected to some of the most
30:58inhumane torture imaginable she was
31:01whipped beaten burned the group would
31:04even put out their cigarettes on her
31:07face and as soon as suzanne showed any
31:10signs of passing out the group would
31:13inject her with amphetamines to wake her
31:16back up and they intentionally used
31:18these drugs so suzanne was awake for the
31:22whole thing which in my opinion
31:24makes this whole thing even worse like
31:26obviously it's still terrible but
31:29forcing her to stay awake during this
31:32torture like why they must have been
31:34getting some sort of kick over the power
31:37they had over suzanne they must have
31:38been getting a kick out of her screams
31:40but it wasn't just physical torture that
31:43suzanne was subjected to she was also
31:46subjected to psychological torture
31:48suzanne was forced to listen through
31:52music on full
31:55volume and she was forced to listen to
31:58the same
32:00over and over and over and over again it
32:05was the same song
32:06full volume on continuous repeat the
32:10song was called hi i'm chucky wanna play
32:14it was a rae song that features snippets
32:17of chucky i'm sure you all know who
32:20chuckie is from the film child's play
32:22and i have to insert a clip of this song
32:25i i just have to to just give you an
32:28idea of what suzanne went through and i
32:32listened to this song it's five minutes
32:34long and i really suggest every single
32:36one of you
32:37go pause this video right now and go
32:40listen to the song kai i'm chucky wanna
32:43play listen to the whole five minutes
32:46and i swear you'll hear this whole case
32:48completely differently because i did it
32:50i listened to that whole five minutes i
32:52put it on my headphones i listened to it
32:54not on full volume but i listened to it
32:56very loud and it changed everything for
32:58me it gave me chills it was just
33:00horrible to try and like
33:02imagine you can't imagine this whole
33:04thing you can't imagine it but when i
33:06listen to it i've only listened to it
33:08one time because
33:09honestly one time is enough i was crying
33:37one up
33:58we're friends to the end remember
34:01this is the end friend
34:05i don't even feel like this case is real
34:07like when i was researching it as i'm
34:09saying everything out loud right now it
34:11doesn't feel real it's like how is this
34:14real how is this real life how is it
34:16that suzanne a 16 year old vulnerable
34:18girl had to go through this not only all
34:20of that physical abuse the psychological
34:22abuse just the complete humiliation it's
34:25hard to imagine
34:26one person doing this to another human
34:29being but then you have to remember that
34:31there are six people that are involved
34:33in this torture six people that have all
34:36made decisions themselves to carry out
34:39this torture all six members were
34:41participating now in the torture so we
34:43have gene and bernadette bernadette is
34:45obviously now the ringleader we have
34:46glenn and anthony and then clifford and
34:48jeffrey by this time have also joined in
34:51on the torture and bernadette was just
34:53getting more and more out of control all
34:56six of them but especially bernadette
34:58were completely out of it on drugs and i
35:00don't know if bernadette likes the film
35:03child's play or just likes the chucky
35:05doll but
35:06she decided to almost take on the
35:09persona of the chucky doll before each
35:13torture session she would go into
35:15suzanne and say hi i'm chucky wanna play
35:18and every time she said this
35:21it would trigger suzanne into a huge
35:23screaming fit she was absolutely
35:25terrified because this signaled the
35:28start of the torture at one point
35:30clifford who was jean's younger brother
35:32found a pair of pliers and decided that
35:35he was going to pull out suzanne's teeth
35:37he started hitting her teeth with the
35:39pliers repeatedly
35:41laughing the whole time he was doing it
35:44and he was doing it repeatedly until her
35:46two front teeth completely came out he
35:49then used the pliers and attempted to
35:51pull out another tooth but the tooth
35:53just snapped in half
35:55leaving the nerve exposed which
35:58left to suzanne in the most excruciating
36:01pain and i just think why like why did
36:04suzanne deserve this to think of all of
36:07the suffering that suzanne went through
36:08i knew i was going to struggle to hold
36:09it together in this video and at this
36:11point the torture had been going on for
36:13three days at this point and suzanne was
36:16not allowed any water she wasn't allowed
36:17any food she wasn't allowed any bathroom
36:19breaks and she was just lying in her own
36:22faces basically and the group decided
36:25that they were fed up with the smell so
36:27they dragged suzanne into the bathroom
36:30and they shoved suzanne into the bathtub
36:33that was full of concentrated
36:35disinfectant they then scrubbed her skin
36:38with a stiff brush
36:40and they were scrubbing so hard
36:43that her skin actually started to peel
36:46off i've honestly just been sat here for
36:48like five minutes i really just can't
36:50pull myself together
36:52i'm sorry i try and not get emotional in
36:54these videos but
36:56it's kind of hard sometimes i don't want
36:58to speak on suzanne's behalf like i
37:00really don't but she just must have felt
37:02helpless and just lost and alone and
37:04just scared and broken just completely
37:07broken so um after being held captive
37:11for days a new person enters the house
37:15and that is 18 year old david hill david
37:18was friends with the group and he'd been
37:20living out of bernadette's abandoned
37:21house every now and again and one day he
37:24just came to bernadette's house to visit
37:26the group he didn't know that suzanne
37:29was there at the time so when david
37:31arrives at the house it's just jeffrey
37:34and anthony there at the time and when
37:35he got there he heard noises coming from
37:39upstairs which was suzanne and he asked
37:42anthony and jeffrey he was like what is
37:44that like is somebody upstairs and
37:47anthony and jeffrey instead of hiding
37:49what they were doing and saying oh no no
37:51one's upstairs like oh no let's go out
37:53like don't listen to that they were just
37:55like oh we're holding suzanne captive
37:57like want to come and look like when i
37:58come and see it was like they were proud
38:01of what they were doing so they show
38:03david suzanne and david is in utter
38:07utter shock suzanne was tied up to this
38:10mattress her head had been shaved she
38:12was beaten to a pulp her skin was
38:15obviously falling off teeth had been
38:17pulled out and she was just lying there
38:19completely out of it and then anthony
38:21and jeffrey turn to david and say oh
38:24we've just got to pop out for a bit can
38:26you keep an eye on suzanne and david was
38:29just left with suzanne now suzanne at
38:32this point was actually still conscious
38:34i don't know how and she had the
38:37strength to actually talk suzanne saw
38:39david as her opportunity to escape she
38:42thought that there was still hope that
38:44she could get out of this alive so
38:46suzanne turns to david and says can you
38:50help me please help me but david told
38:53her that he couldn't david asked what's
38:56your name to which suzanne replied my
38:59name is suzanne suzanne didn't give up
39:02though she asked david please can you
39:05help me please she pleaded with david to
39:08help her but david just replied with i'm
39:10sorry i can't no matter how much suzanne
39:14pleaded with david to help her
39:17he didn't he just sat there and watched
39:19over her whilst she was tied up to this
39:22mattress david has later said that he
39:25was scared of the group he was scared of
39:27what the group might do to him if he let
39:30her go so when the group returned
39:33david just walked out of that house
39:36and didn't say anything he didn't report
39:39nothing now i can understand why david
39:42was scared i mean if you walk into a
39:45house and see someone tied up the way
39:47that suzanne was and see just what this
39:50group of six people are capable of i can
39:53understand you being scared but all it
39:56would have taken was an anonymous phone
39:58call to the police but he chose to do
40:01nothing suzanne was now left with no
40:04hope she saw david as her one and only
40:07opportunity and after five days of being
40:10held captive suzanne's family had
40:14started to wonder where she was
40:16suzanne's family knew that she had been
40:19living at jean's house so michelle her
40:22sister went to jean's house looking for
40:24her but jean said that she didn't know
40:26where suzanne was she didn't have a clue
40:28she hadn't seen her so michelle told
40:30jean that she was going to report her
40:32sister missing and this made the group
40:36panic because they knew
40:38it wouldn't be long until the police
40:40turned up at gene's house and then the
40:42police would then probably end up at
40:45bernadette's house so the group now
40:47needed to figure out what to do and they
40:49realized that they were left with
40:52two choices they could either release
40:56or kill her they knew if they released
40:58her that she would go straight to the
41:01police and tell the police everything
41:03and then they would get arrested so they
41:05decided that they had no other option
41:08but to kill her and then they needed to
41:10decide how they were going to do it and
41:12they decided on one of the worst methods
41:16imaginable they were going to burn
41:20alive and it's not known why they came
41:23to this decision like
41:25no one knows your guess is as good as
41:27mine there are some speculations that he
41:29had something to do with the child's
41:31play movie but we don't know in the
41:33early hours of the 14th of december
41:361992 suzanne was forced into the boot of
41:41a stolen car inside the car were glenn
41:45who was driving then there was
41:46bernadette in the passenger seat next to
41:49him and then jean and anthony in the
41:51back the four of them drove for about
41:53half an hour they were all laughing and
41:57while suzanne was in the boot until they
41:59arrived at a remote woodland area just
42:02outside of manchester once they arrived
42:04at the woodland area they took suzanne
42:07out of the boot she was completely
42:08disoriented she was drugged up she was
42:11starved sleep deprived she had zero
42:14energy to even try and fight back and
42:17the group were at the top of an
42:19embankment and they just pushed suzanne
42:22down the embankment and she fell and
42:25rolled through brambles that were
42:26cutting her body cutting her feet when
42:29suzanne was just lying on the ground at
42:32the bottom of the embankment
42:34bernadette picked up a petrol canister
42:37and just started pouring it all over
42:39suzanne bernadette then instructed
42:41anthony and glenn to set her alight the
42:44two of them tried multiple times but the
42:47fire would not ignite but unfortunately
42:50after multiple times of trying they were
42:52successful and the flames
42:55quickly emerged all over suzanne's body
42:57and as soon as suzanne was on fire the
43:00group just walked away
43:03laughing and joking and as they walked
43:05away they sang the song
43:08burn baby burn and it's just
43:10crazy to me that they tried to set
43:14suzanne on fire multiple times they had
43:17multiple chances to change their mind to
43:22think hang on a minute this is way too
43:25far this is like what are we doing the
43:27group obviously thought that they had
43:29killed suzanne they thought that there
43:31was no way anyone would be able to
43:33survive being set on fire
43:36but they were wrong by some miracle
43:39suzanne was still alive and she was
43:42fighting for her life somehow suzanne
43:45had managed to put the fire out and what
43:48is even more incredible that after five
43:52days of torture she hasn't eaten for
43:55five days she managed to crawl her way
44:00back up the embankment she crawled all
44:02the way until she reached the road and
44:05at ten past six in the morning
44:08she was spotted by a passerby the
44:10passerby was a man called barry
44:13sutcliffe he was just on his way to work
44:15when he saw suzanne on the side of the
44:17road and he could not believe the state
44:20that suzanne was in i mean she's a 16
44:22year old girl she's completely battered
44:25bruised she's naked 80
44:28of her body was covered in burns barry
44:31said that the skin on suzanne was
44:34literally hanging off barry rushed to
44:37help her and he took her to the nearest
44:40house to get help the residents of this
44:42house were michael and margaret coop
44:44they phoned an ambulance obviously and
44:46then they did everything that they
44:47possibly could to help suzanne suzanne
44:50drank six glasses of water but she was
44:53unable to hold the glass up herself
44:56because of how badly burnt her hands
44:58were michael said quote both her hands
45:01appeared like ash her legs were just
45:04like raw meat and her feet appeared to
45:06be badly charred her face was almost
45:09featureless her hands were red raw and
45:12black at the fingertips his wife
45:14margaret instinctively tried to comfort
45:16suzanne and she put her hands around her
45:19but as soon as she did suzanne instantly
45:22pulled away because of how much pain she
45:24was in she couldn't even bear to be
45:27touched also barry michael and margaret
45:30have all said that they could not
45:33how polite suzanne was suzanne just kept
45:36thanking all three of them for their
45:38help for what they were doing even after
45:41everything that she's been through she
45:43still this kind-hearted gentle girl they
45:46were just completely amazed that she was
45:48being so polite i mean oh my god look at
45:51what she has been through she is a
45:53fighter if there is a definition of a
45:55fighter it is suzanne when the ambulance
45:58arrived suzanne was rushed to the
46:00hospital and her mom and stepdad were
46:02notified and when her mom and stepdad
46:04arrived at the hospital it's reported
46:06that her burns were so bad they couldn't
46:08positively identify suzanne the only way
46:11they managed to identify her was through
46:13a fingerprint it was from her thumb and
46:16that was pretty much the only finger
46:18that wasn't burnt the hospital staff got
46:20to work on suzanne and amazingly she was
46:23fit enough to talk to the police and
46:25thankfully suzanne was able to tell the
46:27police exactly what had happened to her
46:30she was able to tell them about her
46:32captivity her torture and about the six
46:35evil people that did it to her but not
46:38long after she told the police what had
46:40happened to her suzanne fell into a coma
46:44meanwhile at 97 langworthy road the four
46:47people that had burnt suzanne bernadette
46:49jean anthony and glenn had just returned
46:52home the group were now joined by
46:54clifford and jeffrey and all six
46:58were drinking as if they were
47:00celebrating 7 30 that morning just an
47:02hour after they had arrived home
47:05the police were at the door the police
47:07stormed the house and they found all six
47:11of the perpetrators that suzanne had
47:14named the four that were a part of
47:16burning her alive hadn't even changed
47:19their clothes they hadn't even cleaned
47:22up after themselves and the group of six
47:25were in complete shock that the police
47:27were already there because they were
47:29convinced that they had murdered suzanne
47:32they did not think that anyone would be
47:34looking for her and they also thought
47:36that there was no way that the murder
47:38would be linked back to them i don't
47:41know why they thought that they're not
47:42the brightest bulbs in the box are they
47:44but even still as they were being
47:46arrested it's reported that gene and
47:48bernadette were laughing and joking
47:51about the whole situation
47:53as they're being arrested all six of the
47:56group denied involvement they denied
47:58everything however the police searched
48:00both jean and bernadette's house and in
48:03bernadette's home they found the room
48:05that suzanne was held in they found the
48:08mattress they found the headphones they
48:10found the tape that was playing the
48:12child's play hi i'm chucky i want to
48:14play song they also found suzanne's
48:17shaved hair in the bin they found a pair
48:19of bloody pliers but then they also
48:23two of suzanne's teeth that clifford had
48:26kept as trophies the group were taken
48:29down to the police station for
48:30questioning all six denied everything
48:32all six were like yeah no we didn't do
48:34this we don't know what you're talking
48:36about and pretty much none of them were
48:38saying anything but then anthony only 16
48:41was pressured by his dad and he
48:44eventually started talking and as the
48:46story unfolded this was how the police
48:50learned the full extent of the torture
48:52that suzanne went through and these
48:54police officers are highly trained
48:56they've dealt with a lot of very
48:58horrific crimes but even to them this
49:01was too much police officers were
49:03breaking down in tears
49:05listening to what suzanne had gone
49:07through obviously all six of the people
49:09that participated are evil there's no
49:12disputing that but i can't help but
49:14wonder would they individually have
49:17carried out these horrific crimes or was
49:20it this group mentality were they egging
49:23each other on were they only doing it
49:25because they were in a group i can't
49:27help but think that but they're all evil
49:29i don't really care to be honest back at
49:30the hospital suzanne was still fighting
49:33for her life she had been in a coma now
49:35for four days everyone her friends
49:38family the hospital staff everyone was
49:40literally praying that she would make
49:42you through however suzanne's injuries
49:44were just so extreme along with
49:47dehydration starvation and severe burns
49:51she had also suffered multiple organ
49:53failures and tragically on the 18th of
49:56december 1992
49:59suzanne passed away everyone was
50:01absolutely devastated i mean for
50:03everything that this girl had gone
50:05for it to end like that everyone was
50:08just hoping and praying that she would
50:10make it through and after everything
50:11that she went through for her to have
50:13the strength the energy to be able to
50:16crawl and get help and then end up in
50:19the hospital i just
50:21really wish that things would have
50:22turned out differently i really do and
50:24following suzanne's death all six were
50:26now charged with murder the trial
50:29started on the 16th of november
50:321993 and lasted for 22 days during the
50:36trial all six turned on one another and
50:39they all blamed the other for everything
50:42like none of them took responsibility
50:44for anything however it didn't matter
50:46there was too much evidence we also have
50:48suzanne's testimony there was too much
50:50against them and the jury found it
50:52pretty easy to come to their decision
50:54they found all four gene powell
50:57bernadette mcneely glenn powell and
50:59anthony dudson guilty of false
51:02imprisonment conspiracy to cause
51:04grievous bodily harm and most
51:07murder these four were found guilty of
51:09murder because they were present when
51:11suzanne was burned alive clifford puke
51:13and jeffrey lee were acquitted of murder
51:16because they were not present at the
51:18time of the burning however they were
51:20both found guilty of false imprisonment
51:22and clifford was also found guilty of
51:25conspiracy to cause grievous bodily harm
51:27as he confessed that he was the one that
51:30pulled out suzanne's teeth given their
51:32murder convictions gene bernadette and
51:35glenn were all sentenced to life in
51:37prison with a minimum of 25 years
51:40because anthony was only 16 at the time
51:43of the murder he was given life in
51:45prison with a minimum of 18 years and
51:48then this was lowered to a minimum of 16
51:51years on appeal clifford poop was
51:54sentenced to 15 years for his gbh
51:56conviction and jeffrey lee was sentenced
51:59to 12 years for his false imprisonment
52:01conviction in a statement to the press
52:03after the trial the detective working on
52:06the case said quote psychological
52:08reports say that these are absolutely
52:10sane individuals it's frightening that
52:12they are such ordinary people there is
52:15nothing special about any of them and
52:17what is just the hardest thing to
52:19process about this case
52:22is why why did they do this we don't
52:25actually have that much information on
52:27the six perpetrators we don't really
52:28have any information on their background
52:31on their upbringing if they suffered as
52:33children in any way because that is what
52:35we dive into in this channel but we
52:37don't really have any information so i
52:39can't really tell you anything about
52:41them all we know is that all six of them
52:44were declared sane individuals at the
52:46time of the torture false imprisonment
52:49and murder and unfortunately a motive
52:51has never really been found i mean i
52:54know the six said that they wanted to
52:56get revenge for the pubic lice but
52:59that is not a reason like i said was it
53:01just the gang mentality were they just
53:04egging each other on were they showing
53:05off in front of one another and normally
53:08at this point in the video i would say
53:10something like and thankfully
53:13this person is still in prison today
53:16but unfortunately that is not the case
53:18for this story because in 2014 just 21
53:23years after the murder bernadette
53:26was released and this
53:29infuriates me more than anything
53:33was the ringleader
53:34why the hell is the ringleader out
53:38apparently bernadette showed good
53:40behavior in prison so that is why she
53:42got released early however in 1996 it
53:46was actually found that she was having
53:48an affair with a prison officer
53:51doesn't really sound like good behavior
53:53to me it's also reported that bernadette
53:56had a romantic relationship with myra
54:02what and
54:04get this bernadette was also friends
54:07with rose west in prison
54:10really and now that she's released guess
54:12who's her best friend
54:14karen matthews i swear all of these
54:17female prisoners in the uk they're all
54:19friends they all get to know each other
54:21like really what the hell it's also
54:23reported that in prison bernadette was
54:25still manipulative i mean shock horror
54:28and apparently bernadette could even
54:30manipulate myra henley and rose west
54:33and i think it's pretty clear that
54:35somehow she manipulated her way into
54:38being released i am sorry but the uk
54:41prison system needs to look into this
54:42like really what the hell how are we
54:45allowing prisoners to manipulate their
54:47way out of prison because apparently
54:49bernadette was released because she was
54:51a model prisoner and that she showed a
54:54lot of remorse i'm sorry i don't buy it
54:56like that is a load of crap and in 2014
54:59she was just released and she was given
55:01a new identity and she was just able to
55:04carry on and live her life and there are
55:07news reports that say that she is now
55:10sharing an apartment block with karen
55:13matthews she's going to be a bridesmaid
55:16at karen matthews's wedding bernadette
55:18and jean were the main people in this
55:22jean is still in prison so why the hell
55:25is bernadette not i mean bernadette was
55:27given 25 years minimum but she only
55:31served 21.
55:33what is the point in giving someone a
55:35minimum sentence if they're not even
55:38going to serve that minimum sentence i
55:40have a law and criminology degree okay i
55:43studied the prison system sentencing and
55:45everything i understand that you are
55:47going to get your prison sentence
55:48reduced on good behavior i get that but
55:51i'm sorry there are some crimes where i
55:54don't care if you are the perfect
55:56prisoner you should not be allowed out
55:59and i'm sorry if the murder and torture
56:01of suzanne kappa is not one of those
56:04crimes then what is there is no way the
56:06bernadette should be out no way in hell
56:08and i don't even care if she's watching
56:09this right now she needs to be put back
56:11in prison and bernadette wasn't the only
56:13one to be released oh no jeffrey lee was
56:16released after only serving five years
56:19remember he was given 12. and clifford
56:21puke was released after eight years and
56:24remember he was given 15. so glenn jean
56:28and anthony are the only three still in
56:31prison for the murder of suzanne capper
56:33and i touched on this slightly in the
56:35beginning but the case of suzanne kappa
56:38didn't receive that much media coverage
56:41and given how sadistic and horrific it
56:44was you would think that it would be all
56:46over the media but one of the reasons
56:48why he didn't get much coverage is
56:50because of the murder of james bulger it
56:52was a horrific murder of a young child
56:55who was murdered by two other children
56:58and it took place only two months after
57:00the murder of suzanne kappa and it also
57:03only took place 35 miles away and the
57:06coverage of the james bulger case
57:08completely overshadowed the murder of
57:10suzanne kappa but even in the years
57:13following the murder this case hasn't
57:15really been picked up by the media like
57:18i said there's pretty much been no
57:20documentaries made on this case and the
57:22bbc and itv make documentaries on pretty
57:26much every single case that has happened
57:28under the sun in the uk
57:30but not one of them has made a
57:32documentary about suzanne kappa and i
57:34couldn't get my head around this it's
57:35like why like this is one of the most
57:38sadistic crimes in uk history like why
57:42did not more people know about this case
57:44however it's thought that because the
57:46crimes in this case are just so horrific
57:49everyone wants to shy away from it no
57:52one wants to pick it up because it's
57:54that bad people literally want to brush
57:58the case of suzanne kappa under the rug
58:00they literally want to pretend like it
58:02didn't happen and i do get it i do
58:04because like i said i was even hesitant
58:06on covering this case because it really
58:08is that bad but this story needs to be
58:10out there it needs to be told people
58:12need to know what suzanne went through
58:14and also people need to know what those
58:16six people did to her and finally i just
58:19want to reflect on the tragic loss of
58:21suzanne suzanne was a gentle young girl
58:24that would do absolutely anything for
58:26anyone she was polite thoughtful caring
58:29and all she ever wanted in life was to
58:32be loved to be cared for to be accepted
58:35on monday the 18th of january 1993
58:39suzanne's funeral was held in manchester
58:41which over a hundred people attended
58:44which included her friends family and
58:46several of the police officers that
58:48worked on this case and a tribute was
58:51made for suzanne which said you will
58:53never be out of our minds we will never
58:55stop loving and missing you and that was
58:59heartbreaking story of suzanne kappa i
59:02wish that this story had ended
59:04differently i really do but let me know
59:06all of your thoughts in the comments
59:08down below and let me know your case
59:11suggestions as well because i always
59:13want to know what cases you want to hear
59:14next thank you again to audible for
59:17sponsoring today's video and i'll see
59:19you all in my next video bye
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FAQs about This YouTube Video

1. What are the details of the horrific murder of Suzanne Capper?

Suzanne Capper, a 16-year-old girl in the UK, endured days of torture and abuse before being murdered. The perpetrators, including the ringleader Bernadette McNeely, subjected her to unimaginable pain and suffering.

2. Who were the perpetrators involved in the murder of Suzanne Capper?

The perpetrators involved in the murder of Suzanne Capper included the ringleader Bernadette McNeely and others who subjected her to unimaginable pain and suffering.

3. What happened to Bernadette McNeely, the ringleader of the perpetrators?

Despite showing good behavior in prison, Bernadette McNeely was released in 2014, sparking outrage. Her release sparked public outrage due to the horrific nature of the crime.

4. What was the impact of the release of Bernadette McNeely on the public?

The release of Bernadette McNeely in 2014 sparked outrage among the public, who were shocked by the release of a perpetrator involved in such a horrific crime.

5. How did Suzanne Capper's case draw attention to the issue of justice and punishment?

Suzanne Capper's case raised questions about justice and punishment, especially after the release of Bernadette McNeely in 2014. It led to public concern and debate about the justice system.

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