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This video tutorial provides an introductory guide on how to use Quantumult X, a powerful network tool for proxy and circumvention functions, including downloading and importing subscription links for v2ray and trojan nodes, and enabling wall circumvention.
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This section introduces how to download and open Quantumult X on an Apple device.
Quantumult X is a powerful network tool with a proxy function.
It is a paid app priced at $7.99.
To download it, you need to log in to the App Store with a US Apple ID account.
The video also mentions the option of using an airport website for the subscription.
This section explains how to import and manage subscription links in Quantumult X.
You can delete imported subscription links by clicking on them.
Manual import of subscription links is also possible by copying the link and pasting it in Quantumult X.
You can test the delay of nodes to see if they can be used.
It is possible to switch between different nodes and enable circumvention.
This section explains the three circumvention modes in Quantumult X and how to import subscription links.
There are three circumvention modes: all proxies (global mode), regular mode circumvention, and all direct connection (no circumvention).
The rule mode diverts traffic from domestic websites to directly connect to foreign websites, saving more traffic.
Long pressing the button allows for deleting nodes and subscription links.
To import subscription links without a subscription link for Circle X, a resource parser needs to be added.
This section explains how to add a resource parser in Circle X and update it.
Open Circle X on the mobile phone and go to a specific location on a website.
Copy a line of code and paste it in the configuration file of Circle X.
Save the configuration file and update the resource parser.
If there is a network error, enable circumvention before updating.
Use other software like Little Rocket to enable circumvention and update the resource parser.
After a successful update, import the subscription link and test it.
This section explains how to import v2ray or trojan subscription links and node links in Quantumult X.
Enable the resource parser to import v2ray or trojan subscription links.
Show the successful import of the subscription link.
Demonstrate how to import and use node links for self-built nodes.
Explain the process of converting the website and copying the node link.
This section explains how to import and use node links in Quantumult X.
You can choose to use Circle X or v2ray as the client.
After selecting Circle X, turn on the switch for the resource parser and save.
The imported node links can be tested for delay and used for circumventing the wall.
To import Circle X node links, convert the website into a subscription link and then import it.
00:00Hello everyone, welcome to my channel.
00:03Today our introductory method of using Circle
00:18After opening it, let’s take a look. The
00:20full name of Quantum X is Quantumult X. We call it Quantumult X.
00:25It is a powerful network tool.
00:27This video mainly introduces its proxy function, which is the circumvention
00:35Quantum v2ray trojan, etc.
00:39It is a paid app. The price is 7.99.
00:43We need to log in to the appstore with an appleID account from the US area to download.
00:48If you don’t have an appleID account from the US area, you can watch this video tutorial.
00:53Next, we will introduce how to download Circle X
00:56We open the Apple phone.
00:58If you are using an iPad, the operation method is similar.
01:02Then open the app store
01:05and then need to log in to a Meiqi apple ID account. I have already logged in and search for
01:10quantum X here. Then you
01:14can click to buy. I have already purchased this. You can download it directly. After the download is
01:22this is the icon of circle X. We click to open
01:33and then click to continue.
01:35This is the interface of
01:48If you don’t have an airport website, you can also use my airport website.
01:53We open the airport website. The
01:56airport website first needs to be purchased before it can be used. Then
01:59we click on the subscription center
02:04and then find the selection application.
02:06We click
02:08here. There is a subscription link with a circle X. We choose
02:12if everyone uses it. The airport website does not have the subscription link for Circle X.
02:15We will introduce how to import it later.
02:18Here we select Circle
02:37How to delete? We long press this place and it
02:41will pop up. Click to delete and it has been
02:47deleted. Let’s
02:48import it again.
02:51Open the airport website.
02:54We just imported it with one click. Let’s
02:57introduce manual
02:59import. We copy the subscription link of circle X. It
03:02has been copied.
03:05Then open the circle
03:46Go back and you
03:48will see that this is the subscription link you just imported manually.
03:52Click this place to expand or collapse.
03:56If you have other subscription links, you can add more. You
03:59can add multiple subscription links.
04:02After the addition is successful,
04:03let's take a look at the node. Click this icon.
04:07You can test the delay of the node to see if the node can be used.
04:12Displaying these two values ​​​​after the node indicates that the node can be used.
04:19If no value is displayed, it means that the node
04:24may not be available. Like this node may not be available. The currently selected one may not be used.
04:29It is the first node in Hong Kong.
04:32We can also switch nodes. We can switch like this.
04:36We select the first one
04:39and then we click this button to enable circumvention. Click Allow
04:47and enter your fingerprint or password. If the
04:51VPN icon is displayed here, it means that circumvention has been enabled.
04:56Let’s try it. Take a look and see if you can open YouTube. If you can
05:02open it, it means you can bypass the wall. Let's take a look at the
05:11bypass mode. There
05:13are three modes in this circle
05:22Three buttons pop up.
05:24There are three circumvention modes. The
05:27currently selected one is all proxies,
05:29which is the global mode. The
05:32second one is regular mode circumvention.
05:35The third one is all direct connection, which means no circumvention. Let’s
05:38switch and give it a try. Click on the second one.
05:41This is the rule mode to circumvent the firewall. It
05:45diverts traffic from domestic websites to directly connect to foreign websites.
05:48This will save more traffic.
05:51Let’s take a look at the third mode.
05:53Long press this button and it will pop up.
05:56This yellow button is all directly connected.
06:00It does not go through a proxy and does not circumvent the wall.
06:03We usually choose the rule mode to circumvent the wall, which
06:06is the intelligent diversion mode.
06:10This mode to circumvent the wall will save more traffic.
06:13If you need to turn off the wall circumvention, click this again.
06:16This button is a switch for circumventing the wall.
06:21This node has been closed. If it is no longer needed, we can also delete it. You can
06:24long press this place to delete it here. You
06:30can also delete it in this click here and
06:32then click the node resource.
06:37A list of subscription links will be displayed in this place. Add multiple subscription links.
06:42If this subscription link is not needed for the time being, you can uncheck this check
06:47so that it will not take effect.
06:49If necessary, you can check
06:51it. If you still need to add a subscription link, you can click here
06:55to add multiple subscription links.
07:00Let’s subscribe this first. To delete a link,
07:02slide this place to the left.
07:06This is to refresh, which is to update the subscription link.
07:09This is to delete.
07:15We have just introduced how to achieve scientific Internet access by importing airport subscription links.
07:20The airport website I just used has a subscription link with a circle X.
07:24We can use one click. Importing is very simple.
07:28If the airport website you are using
07:44does not have a subscription link for Circle How do we import the link? At
07:47this time, we first need to add a resource parser.
07:53We open this website and find
07:56here. There is an add resource parser.
07:59We copy this part of the code
08:02and add it in the circle X at this position.
08:06We can open it on the mobile phone. This website,
08:10then go down to find this location, add the resource parser, copy this line of
08:17and click this button. The copy
08:20has been copied successfully. Then open the circle
08:36An editor can also open the configuration file for editing.
08:40Click here
08:43and click OK.
08:45We click this icon
08:49here to quickly find the location of the configuration file.
08:52We need to find this location. Click here and
08:56it will quickly jump to
08:58this location. We paste
09:06this here. One line of code means that the resource parser
09:09has been added successfully. Then
09:13save. After saving, we need to update the resource parser.
09:19Click up on the node resource. Click here.
09:25Down here there is a resource parser. We click update.
09:32After clicking update, if this error occurs,
09:35then It means there is a problem with this network.
09:37We first need to enable circumvention before we can update it.
09:41If this Circle X software has an import node before,
09:46we can enable circumvention. We can enable
09:50circumvention in Circle For nodes,
09:54we can also use other software to enable circumvention
09:57and then update the resource parser.
09:59Here I use the Little Rocket app to enable circumvention update. Open
10:04Little Rocket
10:07and enable circumvention. It has already
10:09been enabled.
10:11Now I select the Hong Kong node
10:15and open the circle X. Click Update
10:20to see that the update has been successful.
10:22After the update is successful, a lot of content will be displayed here,
10:27which means that there is no problem.
10:29Then let's import the subscription link and try it. First, we will close the
10:37Little Rocket app
10:42and then we will open the airport website.
10:47We will copy a v2ray. The subscription link is
10:50then sent to the mobile phone. Use the
10:53subscription link just now. I have copied it on the mobile phone and open the
11:27If we save a v2ray subscription link directly, the node cannot be updated. Let's try it and it will
11:33show this prompt.
11:36We need to enable this resource parser.
11:38It supports v2ray or trojan subscription link import.
11:42We turn on the switch of this resource parser.
11:46After opening it, it has been enabled.
11:49Then we click Save to try it.
11:53You can see that it has been imported successfully. This is the
11:55role of the resource parser.
11:57It can import v2ray or trojan subscription link.
12:05This is what we just imported. Let's
12:07see if it can be used.
12:10No problem. When
12:12we click to enable circumvention, we
12:19can see that this is no problem.
12:25This is to add a resource parser to import the subscription link.
12:29Finally, we will introduce how to import the node link. For example, if
12:32you have self-built nodes,
12:35how do we import circle X?
12:38For example, it is like this. The node link
12:41is for vmess. The node link
12:43is used by v2ray.
12:47How to import and use such a link?
12:50When we open this website and go down,
12:54we can convert the website by subscribing to the link.
13:00websites can be used. I use this website here. Convert the subscription link.
13:03This website needs to be opened in order to open it.
13:07After opening it, it will look like this. Then
13:10we copy the node link and
13:12copy it in batches.
13:14If you have many links, you can select them all like this.
13:19Then paste the node link in this place. For
13:24this client, we can choose to circle. X or choose v2ray.
13:30I select
14:03Change it
14:12and then turn on the switch of this resource parser and click
14:17Save. You
14:20can see that the three nodes have been successfully imported.
14:26This is the node link just imported.
14:34Let's test the delay to see if it
14:39can be used. You can see that it can be used. The
14:41larger the value, the more likely this node is. The slower the speed will be. The
14:45smaller the value, the faster the speed may be.
14:51Then click to enable circumvention. You
15:00can see that you can already circumvent the wall.
15:05This is to achieve scientific Internet access by importing node links.
15:11We cannot directly import circle X to use this kind of node link.
15:15First, we need to After converting the website into a subscription link through the subscription conversion,
15:19then import it into Circle X for use. The
15:22above is the entire content of this video, which
15:25mainly introduces the introductory use of
15:28Circle X, including downloading
15:32Circle v2ray subscription link
15:36and then import node link to circumvent the wall.
15:39You can try it. Overall it
15:43is relatively simple. Circle
15:49Stay tuned.
15:53If you have any other questions, you
15:55can leave me a message below the video.
15:58See you in the next video. Bye bye.
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FAQs about This YouTube Video

1. What is Quantumult X?

Quantumult X is a powerful network tool that provides proxy and circumvention functions. It is designed to help users access the internet securely and privately.

2. How can Quantumult X be used to download and import subscription links for v2ray and trojan nodes?

Quantumult X allows users to download and import subscription links for v2ray and trojan nodes by following simple steps. Users can easily set up their preferred subscription links to access these nodes.

3. What are the key features of Quantumult X?

Quantumult X offers a range of features including proxy, circumvention, and subscription link management. Users can also enable wall circumvention to bypass restrictions and access blocked content.

4. Is Quantumult X suitable for beginners?

Yes, Quantumult X provides an introductory guide that makes it suitable for beginners. The user-friendly interface and easy setup process make it accessible for users new to network tools.

5. How does Quantumult X enhance online security and privacy?

Quantumult X enhances online security and privacy by enabling users to route their internet traffic through secure and encrypted channels, providing protection from potential threats and surveillance.

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