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The video is about the process of developing an r63 game in Roblox, including creating the location, designing the interface, and implementing gender transformation features. The creator showcases animations and gameplay, but mentions that the game won't be released due to the risk of being banned.
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The YouTuber is making an r63 game in Roblox and shows the process of developing the game from start to finish.
The game will have everything required for the genre.
The YouTuber starts by choosing the starting location and building it.
They use beta functions in Roblox Studio, including a material generator, to create textures for the game.
The video section discusses the changes made to the lighting, room size, and bed placement in the Roblox game, as well as the addition of interface buttons for changing genders in the game.
The type of lighting in the game was changed to a more modern and better one.
The room size was reduced and the walls were insulated to improve the gaming experience.
A bed was added for multiplayer gameplay, with models placed in both corners of the room.
Interface buttons were added for changing genders in the game, with the possibility of adding more in the future.
The creator explains how they created a new skin description for the game, including animations for male and female characters.
They extended the male avatar upwards and downloaded walking animations for men from Roblox.
For the female character, they took animations from the catalog and transferred them to Roblox.
They had to download the animations to their account in order to use them in the game.
They created a button (later corrected to a text sign) to activate a special animation, which is triggered when pressed.
The video creator showcases a game they made in Roblox where they fulfilled the rule 63 concept, allowing players to transform into different genders and play as them.
The creator activates a button that allows the player to break dance anywhere on the map.
The game is not uploaded anywhere to avoid being banned, and the creator plans to keep it for personal use.
The creator thanks the sponsors and mentions investing money in closed projects for personal rest.
00:00and Hello everyone With you berries, you screamed with them
00:02and this is not clickbait, I’m
00:04really making an r63 game in roblox
00:07In the literal sense of this meaning, we all
00:10know that such games have a whole genre in
00:12roblox so I won’t be the first to
00:14do this But I will be the first who
00:15will show the entire development process from
00:18start to finish of such a game without
00:19censorship, it will be tough, but you will see the result
00:21in the end, the game will have everything that is
00:23required for such a genre. Well, let’s
00:25start by choosing the starting location
00:27for development. I thought a little and decided that
00:29the game would have to be made. completely on my own,
00:31so I started with an empty map,
00:33I’ll do the location myself. Okay, I’m deceiving, there
00:35is a spawn here that is at least not an
00:37empty location, but the rest of the map
00:40still feels empty. First of all, I
00:42just started building the location. But these are
00:44still flowers, over time I will
00:45increase the degree actions that already I think you
00:47understand the place for the gameplay, I decided
00:50to deploy it in a cozy room So I
00:52depicted a rug on a wooden floor and
00:54put walls with a wall texture, a
00:55problem arose and so I upgraded
00:57my roblox studio by turning on some
01:00beta functions for the word beta means
01:02secrecy in Among the functions of roblox
01:04Studio, I unlocked a material
01:06generator that can generate the
01:07texture of materials based on a text
01:09description; there is no wallpaper texture in roblox,
01:11so I asked the neural system
01:13to generate it and the walls turned out to be
01:15suitable in principle, so I
01:17left them, but accordingly, like any
01:18normal room, I placed the ceiling and
01:21on top of the ceiling an invisible lamp will shine,
01:23this is not a bug, but secret features of
01:25Roblox, if anything However, the lighting of the fur
01:27doesn’t look very nice, so
01:29I radically changed the type of lighting in the
01:30game to the most modern and the best one,
01:32I got the spawn from underground, I
01:34tested the game, it looks like
01:36the room is too big So I
01:38reduced it and also insulated the walls
01:40to get rid of this unpleasant
01:42effect from the street, the insulation was successful,
01:45then I made a bed in which you can
01:47play together with friends or with
01:49other players. If you understand what I mean,
01:51I put turtlemen for convenience so as
01:54not to overdo it proportions of the models, I
01:56placed these bed models in both
01:58corners of the room to introduce this
02:00possibility of large multiplayer, I
02:02pulled Total Men out of the captivity of the room and
02:04started working on the interface and
02:05also on the scripts, as we know
02:08ru63 should predispose to change genders
02:10directly for the game itself So I
02:12added two interface buttons
02:13indicating the player switches to
02:15any of the genders, perhaps in
02:17the future I will add even more of them so don’t
02:19panic, everything is fine, I added repair
02:21events through which a signal will be sent
02:22from the buttons to the server where the
02:24transformation will take place on both
02:26buttons, different signals will be sent in the
02:28form text and on the server
02:30this Trigger will be processed
02:31depending on the text sent to the
02:33script. I create a new skin description,
02:35copy some aspects of the player’s skin and
02:37already make my own edits. For example, in the case
02:39of a male gender, I extend the avatar
02:42upwards. Meanwhile, I also downloaded
02:44walking animations from Roblox for men. and
02:46for a woman, in order to fully comply with the
02:48animation style, I took it from the catalog and
02:50transferred it to roblox, I had to download it to
02:52my account in order to use them in the
02:53game, this particular stage was very difficult
02:55because it was difficult to apply the animations as a player in the
02:57script, but I solved it.
02:59The animation was not direct, but through created
03:01folder, I don’t know why there are so many dances with
03:04bubbles in order to load
03:05the animation normally, but after that the Test was successful,
03:07this seemed to me not enough And I also
03:09added with it the standing animation and the
03:12corresponding catalog animation packs,
03:13now this immersion has become even greater,
03:15but finally I started I myself
03:19created a button to activate a special
03:20animation, oh shame, it’s not a button, but a
03:23text sign, which I quickly corrected
03:25and when I created this part of the interface,
03:26applying the same data to it, I
03:29placed the button next to the selectable
03:30genders. And the script will
03:32send a signal to this button in the same script but with
03:34different text in the main script, I
03:36placed the necessary conditions and when the
03:38animation button is pressed, the
03:39necessary actions will be played,
03:42I made this special animation long
03:44before this video, so I propose to
03:45show the result itself, which you
03:47can play yourself, oh, I forgot, you
03:50won’t be able to because Roblox
03:52I'll definitely be banned for this If I post it on the open
03:54spaces of Roblox But I'll show it anyway
03:56and what am I clicking Goodbye YouTube I'm going to
04:00dance this button activates the hot
04:02project Dance So you can break dance
04:03anywhere on the map and what's the
04:06main promise I've fulfilled I'm officially
04:08made rull 63 a game in roblox who didn’t
04:11know but ru 63 or rule 63 is a
04:14rule that says that for every
04:16male character there is an analogue
04:18female version and vice versa, which is
04:21basically what I did, you can transform
04:22into different genders and even play for them
04:25like I already did I said the game I won’t
04:27upload it anywhere, otherwise they’ll ban the game, I’ll keep the game
04:29for myself and I’ll play it myself at night, if
04:31I update it, then
04:33such games are made only for myself, so I
04:36think that’s all, if you have any
04:38questions, you can write them in the
04:40comments and also put a Like if you
04:42were excited by the Gameplay of this game,
04:43I thank the sponsors of this hentai
04:45industry, namely the boy’s desk of the
04:48bald Tajik Builder Tula and Saxlife,
04:50as well as Kotofey, special thanks to everyone After all,
04:55I invest all the money in the bustier list in personal passes on
04:57such closed projects, which has a good
04:58effect on my personal rest I wish you
05:00all the same rest Uda
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FAQs about This YouTube Video

1. How to develop an r63 game in Roblox?

Developing an r63 game in Roblox involves creating the location, designing the interface, and implementing gender transformation features. The process includes scripting, animation, and gameplay design.

2. What are the risks of releasing a game in Roblox?

Releasing a game in Roblox carries the risk of being banned, especially if it includes content that violates the platform's guidelines. It's important to consider the rules and regulations before releasing any game.

3. Why won't the game be released by the creator?

The creator mentions that the game won't be released due to the risk of being banned on the platform. This decision is made to avoid any potential issues and to adhere to the guidelines set by Roblox.

4. What features are showcased in the video about developing an r63 game in Roblox?

The video showcases the process of creating the location, designing the interface, and implementing gender transformation features in the r63 game. It also includes demonstrations of animations and gameplay.

5. How can one design the interface for a game in Roblox?

Designing the interface for a game in Roblox involves creating user-friendly menus, buttons, and HUD elements. It's important to consider the overall aesthetics and functionality while designing the interface.

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