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Polo G raps about his success and the struggles that come with it, reflecting on his journey and his anxiety in "RAPSTAR."
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Polo G talks about his success and the challenges that come with it.
He mentions picking up another bag and making a lot of money.
Polo G reflects on his rise to fame and how it has changed his life.
He expresses his longing for the old version of himself.
The lyrics also touch on the fear and potential that others see in him.
Polo G talks about his success and the pressure that comes with it.
He mentions making a lot of money and being high up in the clouds.
There's a reference to potentially drowning and getting loud during intimate moments.
He talks about the pressure to always deliver strong verses and the toll it takes on him.
Polo G mentions anxiety and the desire to leave when asked if he's okay.
00:12new deposit i picked up another bag like
00:14 it i'm a cow while i'm in it
00:16i had planes flying crowds screaming
00:18money counting shane's clanking i
00:20guess the size sound when you're winning
00:22i ain't joking do it sound like i'm
00:24kidding i've been making like 2
00:25000 a minute so high up through the
00:28clouds i was swimming
00:29i'm probably gonna drown when i'm in it
00:31i bet she gonna get loud when i'm in it
00:33and we might have a child after we
00:36she can't get near me
00:37only i'll give a conversation to a
00:39siri my parents are married
00:42yes i'm winning clearly i'm the chosen
00:44one see my potential so they fear me
00:46lately i've been praying god i wonder
00:48can you hear me thinking about the
00:50old me i swear i miss you dearly stay
00:52down till you come up i've been sticking
00:54to that theory
00:55every day about it i'm exhausted
01:11new deposit i picked up another bag like
01:13 it i'm a cow while i'm in it
01:16i have planes flying crowds screaming
01:18money counting shanks clanking like
01:19that's the size
01:21i ain't joking do it sound like i'm
01:23kidding i've been making like 2 000 a
01:26so high up through the clouds i was
01:27swimming i'm probably gonna drown when
01:30i'm in it
01:30i bet she gonna get loud when i'm in it
01:32and we might have it
01:34reverb never put out a weak verse
01:36homicides when we learn i'm stuck till
01:38my feet hurt when putting them streets
01:41white t's turn burgundy t-shirts looking
01:43for some real he's stuck in the deep
01:45surface anxiety killing me
01:47i just want to leave when they ask if
01:49i'm okay it just make everything seem
01:52trying to explain
02:01shut the i mean please don't talk i
02:04don't been through too much and i don't
02:05need another put that on every water sky
02:08for every bottle
02:09bmw new deposit i picked up another bag
02:13 it i'm a cow while i'm in it i had
02:15planes flying crowds screaming money
02:17counter shanks clanking i guess
02:19that's how it sound when you win
02:20i do it sound like i'm kidding i've been
02:23making like 2 000 a minute
02:25so high up through the clouds i was
02:27swimming i'm probably gonna drown when
02:29in it i bet she gonna get loud when i'm
02:31in it and we might have a child when
02:35when i'm finished when i'm finished
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FAQs about This YouTube Video

1. What are the main themes in Polo G's 'RAPSTAR'?

The main themes in Polo G's 'RAPSTAR' revolve around success, struggles, journey, and anxiety. He reflects on his personal journey, the challenges he faced, and the anxiety that comes with his success.

2. How does Polo G express his struggle in 'RAPSTAR'?

Polo G expresses his struggle in 'RAPSTAR' through his lyrics, where he talks about the difficulties and obstacles he encountered on his journey to success. He addresses the challenges and hardships he faced along the way.

3. What emotions does Polo G convey in 'RAPSTAR'?

In 'RAPSTAR', Polo G conveys a mix of emotions including triumph, frustration, and anxiety. He shares his feelings of accomplishment, the frustrations of his journey, and the anxiety that accompanies his success.

4. What is the significance of Polo G's reflection in 'RAPSTAR'?

In 'RAPSTAR', Polo G's reflection holds significance as it provides insight into his personal growth, the lessons he learned from his struggles, and the impact of his success on his mental well-being. It gives depth to his artistry and relatable content for his audience.

5. How does Polo G address anxiety in 'RAPSTAR'?

Polo G addresses anxiety in 'RAPSTAR' by sharing his personal experiences and the impact of his success on his mental health. He opens up about the anxiety that comes with fame and how it affects his life and mindset.

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