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Ratan Tata delivers an inspirational speech, urging young people to be humble, ethical, and take chances to make a difference; emphasizing the importance of removing barriers to progress and giving back to society, and highlighting examples of successful companies that started with a belief that something could be done.
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Ratan Tata emphasizes the importance of learning, listening, and humility in the transition from a protected environment to the real world.
Moving from a protected environment to an environment of learning and listening is crucial.
Success is dependent on humility.
It is important to remove myths and get things done.
Ethical practices should not be compromised.
Ratan Tata emphasizes the importance of taking chances and making a difference in shaping the destiny of the country.
Encourages not to grow with a view that something can't be done and so should not be done.
Highlights the success of companies that took chances and started from small ideas.
Encourages ethical behavior and holding the value systems for the betterment of the country.
Emphasizes the ability to make a difference.
Ratan Tata emphasizes the importance of humility, giving back to society, and making a difference.
Humility should be your best defense.
Give back to society and your country with the privilege of a good education.
Consider success not just based on personal prosperity, but on making a difference for others.
Emphasizes the continued commitment to the world, oneself, and the people of India.
00:00as you move away
00:03don't consider that
00:05you are coming
00:06out with
00:08a degree which is a privilege
00:13view this moment as
00:15moving from
00:17a protected environment
00:20to an environment where you have to
00:22learn and listen because your whole
00:24world is going to be
00:26learning and listening
00:28your success is going to be
00:30your humility
00:34how many times have you
00:36heard people say
00:37this can't be done
00:41your job
00:43to remove those myths
00:45and to get things done
00:49in many ways we have
00:51been critical of
00:53and saddened by
00:55what has or has not happened in our
00:59to a great extent
01:00this has been
01:02a function of
01:04we can't do this or it can't be done
01:08or vested interest saying it shouldn't
01:10be done
01:13ethical practices being thrown to the
01:16wind and
01:18and subjective issues being brought to
01:20the table
01:23in the years ahead
01:25are going to be leaders of this country
01:27and shaping the destiny of this country
01:32do not let
01:36do not grow with a view that something
01:38can't be done and so should not be done
01:43let me just take a minute and
01:47you look at the world around you
01:51is the are the great successes the large
01:54of this world then there are many and
01:56many successful
02:00or are they the companies that
02:03took chances
02:05where individuals started in garages
02:09where ideas were born
02:13where did microsoft where did apple
02:16where did amazon
02:18where did google where did
02:20facebook come from
02:23they came from ideas that people felt
02:26something could be done
02:29and that they could make a difference
02:32so as you go out into this world
02:36i would hope that you
02:38a would
02:40look at being ethical
02:42and holding the value systems which you
02:44want this country to have
02:48if you think you cannot make a
02:51i'd say you very well can make a
02:53difference if you so desire
02:57that you
02:59are humble as you look forward
03:01if you if you speak or sit next to a
03:04nobel laureate
03:06he never tells you that he
03:08won a nobel prize
03:10other people tell you so
03:13let humility be
03:16your best
03:21and i would say that
03:24you always need to take a view that
03:27you have had
03:28the privilege of a good education
03:30you need to get give back to society
03:34some of the learning you have done to do
03:37for your country and for society
03:41and you shouldn't
03:43merely consider yourself successful
03:46based on the prosperity you gain for
03:50but you should go home at night feeling
03:54if you have made a difference that
03:57is something each one of us can make
04:00we'll have we'll have
04:03failures and we've had frustrations
04:06but it's a continued commitment that we
04:09have to the world around us to ourselves
04:12and to the people of india
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FAQs about This YouTube Video

1. What is the key message delivered by Ratan Tata in the inspirational speech?

Ratan Tata delivers an inspirational speech, urging young people to be humble, ethical, and take chances to make a difference.

2. Why does Ratan Tata emphasize the importance of removing barriers to progress?

Ratan Tata highlights the importance of removing barriers to progress to encourage young people to strive for positive change and innovation without being hindered by obstacles.

3. What does Ratan Tata emphasize about giving back to society in his speech?

Ratan Tata emphasizes the importance of giving back to society, encouraging individuals to contribute to the betterment of the community and make a positive impact on the world.

4. How does Ratan Tata highlight the examples of successful companies in his speech?

Ratan Tata highlights examples of successful companies that started with a belief that something could be done, encouraging young people to see the potential for success and positive change in their endeavors.

5. What does Ratan Tata urge young people to do to make a difference?

Ratan Tata urges young people to take chances, be ethical, and work towards making a difference in the world, inspiring them to embrace opportunities for positive impact and growth.

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